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Welcome to the Poptropica Help Network‘s (PHN’s) FAQ section, for frequently asked questions. Rather than asking something that has already been answered multiple times before, please use this to search for the answer to something you may be wondering. (Tip: Use Ctrl+F on your PC (or Command+F for Macs) to easily find a search term on a web page such as this one.)

Network Questions

This section contains answers regarding the Poptropica Help Network, which includes this blog (PHB), our chatroom (PHC), our YouTube channel (PHV), and our Twitter (PHT).

May I join the Poptropica Help staff?

We appreciate your eagerness to help us, but we would prefer to choose for ourselves whether one is ready for a job with us. It may depend on criteria such as whether a staff position is available (on the PHB, we accept up to ten staff at a time), friendliness, how familiar you are with Poptropica, how actively you participate in our community, etc.

Besides, you don’t have to be a staff member to help out in other ways, such as replying to questions you see posted by others in the comments. Additionally, the PHC (Poptropica Help Chat) may be a great place for you to get to know other Poptropicans, including some PHB authors.

We’re currently not looking for new staff writers on the blog, but we would appreciate help over on our Poptropica Help Wiki! You can pitch in on this community project by adding and improving pages for items, characters, scenes, and islands in the world of Poptropica.

Additionally, if you would like to help us create video island walkthroughs for our YouTube channel Poptropica Help Videos (PHV), contact us for more details.

Are you guys the Poptropica Creators?

No. Please refer to our Poptropica Creators Database for more information about them. The PHB and its various networks are made and maintained by fans of Poptropica. If you would like to contact Poptropica, go to the contact link on the Poptropica homepage.

May I use some of the PHB’s content on my own website?

We worked hard to create our content (that includes everything from articles, tools, graphics, etc), and we do not want it stolen. Please, do not copy and paste directly from us without our permission – this is a serious offense called plagiarism.

If you wish to use anything, please ask first and give credit to the Poptropica Help Blog clearly at the top and hyperlink to our site. However, we would much rather you link site visitors directly to the PHB page in question.

Do I have to pay to use PHB and other Poptropica Help networks?

Nope, our services are completely free for you to enjoy! It doesn’t cost you anything.

Where do you get all those sneak peeks from?

Our sneak peeks are mostly from the official Poptropica Creators’ Blog. That’s the website the creators of Poptropica use to show us sneak peeks of upcoming islands and other cool stuff. You can also view special sneak peeks with the Daily Pop, and occasionally, some behind-the-scenes looks into Poptropica’s code.

There’s a new update you haven’t posted yet!

You can contact us about it, but it’s likely that we’re in the process of posting about it, or we won’t see your messages before posting the news. After all, we’re capable of checking for updates, just as you can. However, if you leave a tip we hadn’t known about yet, we’ll give due credit.

Why are there ads on the Poptropica Help Blog?

We run ads to keep this site running, but please note that we have no control over what ads are shown or where they are placed. If you find them intrusive, you can use an ad blocker on your internet browser to prevent seeing them. Additionally, logged-in WordPress.com users will not be shown ads on our site.

Poptropica-Related Questions

We try to help other Poptropicans with any problems they encounter with Poptropica. You can read the official Poptropica FAQ by clicking here, or try to find your question answered below. Here are some commonly asked questions and answers about Poptropica:

How do you go to different islands?

Go to the Main Street of the island you are on. Walk around until you see a rope dangling above you. Climb up that rope. It will lead to a blimp. Click on the blimp to travel. A map of Poptropica’s islands will show up. Simply click on the island you wish to go to, and the blimp will take you there!

How do you beat this island?

Check out the quest guides on this blog, they might help! They can be found on our Island Help page. We also have video guides, maps, and trivia pages for every island. If you still need island quest help, comment on the island’s page that you’re stuck on.

What is Poptropica, and what is the link to play it?

Poptropica is an online game, and this blog was made to give people help about Poptropica. In Poptropica you can do quests, customize your character, play head-to-head games with others and more! It’s an awesome game, so if you don’t have an account yet, we recommend for you to sign up as soon as you can! Visit Poptropica.com to play!

How do you talk to someone?

To talk to someone, just click on them! NPCs (non-player characters) will have automated dialogue. If you want to talk to another player, you have to go to a multiplayer room. Select a player to talk to, then click on the word “Chat” above their heads. You will be given 3 possible questions to ask the player. Choose one by clicking on it. Then 3 answers will be available to the other player. Wait for their reply while they consider which option to choose.

How do you get the jet pack?

Go to the Aircraft Graveyard on Early Poptropica Island (located past the Purple Giant in the sky), then move right and go past the brown aircraft and land on the white and red jet. Now jump off the white and red jet and you should land near, if not on, a yellow table. Sitting on the table should be a silver jetpack, walk over to it to get it! You should now have obtained an item – “Jet Pack”.

How do you change your name on Poptropica?

Once your account has been created, you can’t change its name. If you really want a different name, you can create a new account, but that would mean starting over. For a list of Poptropica names possible, click here.

Is <insert name here> Island real?

If it isn’t one of the islands that have already been released, or one of the islands that according to the Poptropica Creators will be released in the future, then it is probably, and most likely, just a rumor. Refer to the question-and-answer above for information on future islands. However, it is possible that the rumored island may one day be released. But there is also a chance that it may not be – so we will just have to wait and see.

I saw someone wearing this cool thing in a multiplayer room. How do you get it?

Click on the green shirt on the top right corner, and then click on the person wearing the thing you don’t know how to get but that you want. This will take you to the Costumizer screen with that person. Select what you want to wear, and then click the “Accept” button at the bottom of the Costumizer screen. (Note: Some items may not be Costumizable. However, you can add the person as a friend and use the Customize Anything glitch from our Cheats page to get anything they have on!)

Why won’t the game let me keep my advertisement cards?

Item cards earned through advertisement games are usually labeled as ‘For a limited time only.’ This means after the advertisement is gone from the game, so will the rewards. Some people are able to keep the rewards by earning them, then not logging in even long after the ad has disappeared.

I’ve won multiplayer games so many times, but why do I still not have 5 stars yet?

It is very easy to get the first few battle ranking stars, but once you reach around 4 stars you will notice it takes longer to get a higher ranking, which is why it is so rare to have 5 stars. Some have won over 100 games and are still only 4 stars in rank. We don’t know how long, or how many wins, it takes to get to 5 stars, but if you keep winning more and more games your chances to 5 stars will be bigger and with hard work and skill you may be able to achieve the honorable 5 stars rank. Good luck!

What are the phone codes for the cell phone from Nabooti Island? Are there any promo codes? Also, are there any glitches and cheats on Poptropica?

For a full list of phone codes and other glitches, click here for our Cheat Codes page. There’s all kinds of codes, including a randomizing glitch, the brain helmet, customizing anything, and more!

I’m having trouble with having the game automatically save for me like it should. I know I got a certain item, but when I logged back in it was gone! What can I do?

Try going to [Tools] (it should be at the top, in your browser) [Delete Browsing History] – Then delete the cookies and the temporary internet files. This is called clearing your cache. If that doesn’t work, it’s a glitch that may make you to be unable to finish the island.

In multiplayer rooms, why are some people called “Name Unknown”/ Why is my character called “Name Unknown”?

If people are being labeled as Name Unknown, Poptropica probably isn’t working properly for them. If you have this problem, read the Q-and-A above (#14) to see how you can fix the problem. If it won’t work, you might need to create a new account.

I forgot my username/password, is there any way to get it back?

If you forget your username, probably not, so make sure you keep your details somewhere safe in case you need them! However, if you know your username and have an email address associated with your Poptropica account, you can type in your username, then click OK. It will prompt you about forgetting your password. You can then get your password reset through email.

Why does Poptropica have membership? How can I get membership for free?

Poptropica makes money off of selling membership (as well as putting up ads in the game). Money is needed to support the website, and if they don’t earn that money, they may not be able to keep Poptropica running. (Think about it this way – It’s better to have membership in Poptropica than no Poptropica at all.) Also, you don’t have to buy it if you don’t want to, but you can still enjoy the game itself. You can’t get membership for free, unless someone else is nice enough to buy it for you (if that happens, be sure to thank them!). For a more in-depth look into whether buying membership is worth it, click here to our Membership Tour page.

When was Poptropica made? Who created it?

Poptropica was officially launched on September 2007. It was created by Family Education Network, a division of Pearson Education, Inc. Jeff Kinney, the author of the bestselling Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series, is also the creator of Poptropica.com (as stated in the back of some of his books).

Do I have to pay to play Poptropica?

Anyone can sign up for a Poptropica account free of charge, but paying extra money for Poptropica membership gives you added benefits in-game.

There’s something wrong with my Poptropica account!

We’re sorry, but because we are not the Poptropica Creators, there is nothing we can do to help since we cannot change the game itself. You can try contacting them through the link on the Poptropica homepage. If something’s wrong with an island quest you’re on, such as missing items, try restarting the island.

My character is stuck somewhere and I can’t move! I’m trapped and there’s no way to get out.

Log into your Poptropica account and use the PopTransport tool to teleport to any other location. Note that you will have to go back to wherever you were to continue what you were doing, but at least you won’t be stuck anymore. If this does not work, contact Poptropica.

What is the promo code for the Lightning Knight and Medusa Surfer costumes from the Nintendo DS video game, Poptropica Adventures?

The code is different for each game that is purchased, and it can only be used once. It would be unlikely that someone who paid money for the video game would just give away their code, because only one Poptropica account is able to unlock the costumes. If you bought the game, you can find your unique code at the back of the instruction booklet.

Do you have a question of your own that isn’t listed here? Post a comment below or use our contact form and we’ll try to answer it for you. You should also check first to make sure it’s not a question that we have already answered before by reading the questions above, reading the official Poptropica FAQ, and searching the rest of our blog with the search bar at the top. If all else fails, contact Poptropica about your issue.

(c) Poptropica Help Network


  1. maroon rock says:

    i can never seem to get bety jety.i can fly but thats never enough.what shall i do?

  2. Scary Tomato says:

    Maroon Rock – To defeat Betty Jetty, chase her through the skies by flying. Try to avoid the green smoke she throws. After some flying Ned Noodlehead should appear and knock out Betty Jetty. Then you need to handcuff her and she will be brought back to the County Prison. ;)

    And also, don’t forget to check the quest guides on this blog if you need more help on doing island quests! :D

  3. Nice site! check out my poptropica one. http://shakyclub.blogspot.com.

  4. poptropica ruler45 says:

    how do you hold that cup in your hands

    • Angry Mosquito says:

      hears how you can hold stuff in your hands you could press ctrl shift r. you can also get hand items buy going to the poptropica store and buy one for 75 credit points.

  5. Scary Tomato says:

    Poptropica Ruler45 – The cup is no longer available, and those who were able to get it don’t have it either. (It was available for a short time, and the next time someone who had the cup logged in, it was removed from them.) If you’d like to see it’s “history”, check out this post from the archives: http://poptropica.wordpress.com/cool-new-stuff

    • cyragemOFFICIAL says:

      I just accidentally had the cup hand-held item days ago… I visited 24 Carrot Island, went inside the Carrot King Diner to change my hair color several times, went out of the shop, then proceeded to another island. When i reached another island (not a sound-updated island), i got a cup in my hand. I was surprised when that happened.

  6. hi.Juyo (Scary Tomato) says:

    Lindsay17 – I don’t know either. If anyone does, please comment!

    The only way I know is that, since the Costumizer tool can be used in multiplayer rooms, if you see a person wearing the cat ears or whiskers, select to Costumize them, and choose to wear the cat whiskers and ears. ;)

    • as far as i know, the only way to get the whiskers is to customize them from another player. i got them from a player on 24 Carrot in the movie theater.

    • Calm Spinner says:

      I don’t need credit, but there was an old glitch where you could customize the cat on 24 carrot island. But you can’t do it anymore. :sad:

    • silverwolf1 says:

      I think that the Creators gave them away one Halloween. There were dummies between Main Street and whatever was after that. Now the only way is to customize it in multiplayer rooms.

      (I am not 100 percent sure.)

    • Zillions of people have it in the chatrooms! It’s not THAT hard to find. By the way, Silverwolf1 is probably right.

      Hijuyo: No, I’d say cat parts are pretty hard to find in chatrooms (it’s still possible, though). And to Silverwolf1’s theory, the Halloween dummy costumes did not include any cats (I know because I was around when they were released).

    • Thats because those are membership items so you have to becomea member to get the wiskers and the ears

  7. Lindsay17 says:

    hi! my name is “Young Star” on poptropica
    anyway, how do i get the cat ears and cat whiskers? i saw people in chat rooms with them. I tried clicking the shirt icon then clicking whiskers the cat, but it didn’t work! plz try and answer my question.
    PLEEEASE!!!!!!!!! :)

    • Angry Mosquito says:

      you can probally get them at the new haunted house island if you go inside the house on the first floor not the basment you’ll find a wite cat that talks and mabey it will let you custimize him. or if that does not work then you could e mail poptropica or just try to costimize the person who has them agian. from angry mosquito

    • Copy Cat says:

      I have the cat ears and whiskers saved in my closet. Friend me with the username: proserpine3

  8. Lindsay17 says:

    thanks so much, I hope u can find out:)

  9. Lindsay17 says:

    this is what my character “Young Star” looks like:
    grey skin
    shark suit
    and the hair u get from the punk(with out the skull headband).
    but i just need cat ears and whiskers to complete!

  10. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  11. jumpyjumper says:

    how do u get cat ears and whiskers to wear

    i have seen people with them but how do u get them

    plz tell i really want them

    plz do u know

  12. Scary Tomato says:

    Jumpyjumper – please read ALL other posts before asking a question, to avoid asking the same question.

    Anyway, I’m currently trying to find out too, but I can’t find how yet. Right now all I can suggest is that you use the Costumizer tool on any players you see wearing cat ears/whiskers.

    Thanks for the compliment, Alex! :D

  13. victoria gelmi says:

    i got cat ears and wiskers thanks though i just costumized with a girrl ta

  14. Hi, I was just wondering what are people soppused to do in choose your own island thx!

  15. Yellow Catfish says:

    We keep getting “Sorry, that room is not available.” Do you know why this happens? The first day it was out, we could go anywhere on Super Power Island, but now this error comes up. Thanks.

    Also, can we suggest new islands? We would like “Fantasy Island” based on a Knight, Princess and Castle theme!

    • Incredible Monster says:

      Haha, it seems like the “Fantasy Island” really did come out! (you know, astro-knight island?)

  16. Scary Tomato says:

    Yellow Catfish – What room are you talking about?

    Also, yes, you can suggest new islands, BUT if it’s only imaginary or wished for, please say so! People might read your comment and think it was for real, and when they find out it isn’t, they’ll be blaming you for saying it was real!

  17. Yellow Catfish says:

    The main room where this happens is on Super Power Island, you get your cape, mask, and ID, and run past the policeman (click on “Go Right”), and then instead of going into the next section of Super Power island, where the villains are, it says, “Sorry, that room is not available right now.” We get this on a regular basis, but not every time.

  18. Scary Tomato says:

    I’m not sure why that happens, Yellow Catfish. That message doesn’t appear very often for me, but it occasionally does. Maybe you should keep trying to go to that place until it lets you. :P

  19. Uh HI i love this post,but one question did Choose your own adventure come out it. I thought it might be for a short time because i was in holidays and couldn’t go to the internet. so i missed some of the spy stuff, i guess. Are the goofy glasses needed for spy island?

  20. Can there be an island called cartoon island like some cartoon have come to life by Dr.Hare and are doing what ever to that island and we have to stop them? By putting back in to cartoon then we have to defeat Dr.Hare FOREVER! i’m Cheerful Sponge in poptropica.

  21. can there be an island called animal island, it will be sort of a forest island and poachers are trying to kill all the animals and we have to find the poachers. But the poachers locked all the animals and we have to find where the animals are and find many difficult thing on our way. After we realse the animals the poachers capture us and we have to escape than lock the poachers and send them to a wild jail. Not bad eh?

  22. Oh another question do we need to have the things i mmissed to complete the spy island? Like the sunglass i m wooried

    • All Hallow's Undefined! says:

      You don’t need the Goofy glasses (on a dummy in the glasses shop) or the sunglasses to complete the island. I registered in 2009 and I still solved it!

  23. CYOA Island did not come out yet. I wouldn’t think you need the Goofy Glasses. They’re just a bonus item. If you still want them, I’m pretty sure you can still get them.

    Also, this isn’t a place to suggest islands. You should contact the people who make Poptropica. I’m not sure if you can hope for either of those islands unfortunately. :( Some cartoons have copyrights and other mumbo jumbo. Violence can’t be on Poptropica either. I’m all for exploring through a wild animal jungle, though. :)

    I’m sure you don’t need the sunglasses either because they’re gone.

    Sorry for acting like a backseat mod, though. Oh, yeah. Try to put everything into one post. ;)

  24. Jumpy jumper says:

    do u know how to get fairy wings?

    and when u cozzi with them u cant get them

    and do u know how to carry things plz asap

    • if you need to carry something (tthis does work but you change your whole outfit in order to do so) just press ctrl+shift+R and you can get a thing that you can carry.

  25. Scary Tomato says:

    Jumpy jumper – I have not seen any fairy wings. Where did you see them? Were they in a multiplayer room? If they were, you should have been able to use Costumizer to get it. (What do you mean by ”cozzi”?) Also, the only thing you can carry is the golden trophy bonus, which you may have read about here: http://poptropica.wordpress.com/2008/07/31/nims-building-and-trophy-bonus/. And you can’t get it anymore too. As far as I know, it is not possible to carry other objects. ;)

    Adrija, you’ve posted 4 consecutive comments in 10 minutes. Try to keep everything you’re going to say into one post, and don’t rapidly post all at once. :P

    Thanks for helping out Smockers! :D

  26. oh yeah you are right but after i posted them it i had another ideas sorry. I finished all the island, but my friend in school said there is another island called Arabic island is that true?

  27. Scary Tomato says:

    Adrija – Okay. To solve that problem, when you think you’ve typed up a comment to say, think about whether there’s anything else you’d like to add. If there is, add it. When you’re sure you’ve added all you need to say, submit your comment. ;)

    As of today, there is no Arabic Island in Poptropica, and the official Poptropica Creators Team have not mentioned anything about an Arabic Island either. So to answer your question, I don’t think there is one. :P

  28. Yellow Catfish says:

    I found the fairy wings at Shark Tooth Island in the Coconut Cafe. But now that Super Power Island is out they aren’t there anymore.
    We really like the idea about the jungle island too!
    Smockers, we’ve really tried to figure out how to contact the makers of Poptropica, but haven’t been able to find a method so far. Do you know how to contact them? Anyone?

    Scary Tomato: I don’t know how to contact them either. Anyway, what did you have in mind to tell them? :P

  29. I know how to get the cat ears and whiskers. All you have to do is go to 24carrot island and go to the the old farm. When you go into the house get the bowl go to the Dinner place and click on the waitres and ask for milk shell give it you for free.when you go back into the house your person wiil octamactly put the milk down. go upstairs and click on one of the handle to turn on the wayer when you do that the cat will jump out and run around. Chase him dowmstairs and he will drink the milk and calm down he wiil then walk around and fallow you.click on the shirt and click on the cat you can then put on the whiskers and stuff. IF you want you can go to the guy with the ballons and mabey hell have a gray one so you can look like the cat. im sorry if i did this wrong its my first time doing this if I send this to poptropica please send this to scary tomatos blog.

    Scary Tomato: This doesn’t work. Have you tried it before posting this? ;)

  30. Oh, whoops. :/

    I don’t really know… sorry. :(

  31. hey i saw this guy with a cool dragon outfit but the customizer wont work on it T.T i think the dude wit dragon outfit work for poptropica i wanna wwork for them too

    Scary Tomato: What dragon outfit? Do you mean the Viking suit, or what? :?

    • Incredible Monster says:

      I think that you mean the dragon costume form the Poptropica Store. You can’t costumize things from the Poptopica store! But then again, your comment was before the Poptropica Store Came out. maybe it was a glitch that kept you from costumizing. Or a costume taht wasn’t really a dragon suit, instead, a viking one, like Scary Tomato said.

    • Well I think he means the dragon outfit in the Poptropica Store. I saw one there.

  32. on the super power island whenever I try to pass the police gut the new room dosent load the screen just says “sorry, that room is not available right now” what do I do?

    Scary Tomato: Have you gotten your Super Hero ID yet? If you did you should be able to pass the policeman on Main Street. If you haven’t, go talk to the person in the Masks & Capes building to get your ID. If that’s not what you meant, please be more specific.

  33. Omgzukosmiled says:

    I love poptropica!!!!!!! its not as good as clubpenguin tho…

  34. ivyjulie6 says:


  35. yeah when i tried it,it worked sorry. :(

    OK my picture ingnores me I DONT HAVE A UNIBROW! :_

    Scary Tomato: Ok. That picture is your avatar. It is automatically generated for everyone, and every person’s avatar is different. If you have your own WordPress blog, you can go to your Dashboard to change it.

  36. nervous lizard says:

    In choose your own adventure island does anyone know what you will have to do? Also if you cannot get cat ears and wiskers by the shop owners cat how do you get them?

    Scary Tomato: Choose Your Own Adventure Island isn’t even here yet. Of course we don’t know what we’d have to do there. :P To get the cat whiskers and ears, if you see someone wearing them, use the Costumizer tool on them to wear the ears and whiskers. ;)

  37. Hi im back and i want spy island to come out too!!!

  38. ivyjulie6 says:

    In Super Power Island I defeated Betty Jetty and Ned Noodlehead knocked her down…but HE got the medallion! Why did he get it instead of me? I mean I know I traded it for a hot dog but why did he get it?? I did most of the work flying!

    Scary Tomato: Ned Noodlehead is supposed to get it, don’t worry. It’s part of the storyline, so Poptropica wanted it like that so you had to get a hot dog from the City Park to make it more interesting. :P

  39. Purple Chrush says:

    this is cool ( my names at the top in poptopica) how do you get the spyglasses because when i use the t-shirt button and clik on the glasses it won’t let me have them. i just started this

    Scary Tomato: They were a bonus item. I don’t think you can get them anymore, though.

  40. Scary Tomato U rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    Why is my icon is a circel w/ glasses?!?!?!

    Scary Tomato: That icon is your avatar. Everyone’s is different. You can’t change it unless you have your own WordPress blog, and if you do have one, go to your Dashboard to change it. :P

  41. Hey scary tomato!!!!

    I Know Hot to get the cat suit


    Scary Tomato: Oh really. What part of Time Tangled Island? Could you be more specific? Or do you not know?

  42. Scary Tomato How do You get the Cat In time tangled island

    why do other popropicans have the camo skull t-shirt black vest and indiana jones suit???

    Your site is awsome!!! :D :D :D :D :D

    Scary Tomato: Do you mean 24 Carrot Island? You have to chase it downstairs, move around it. Read the 24 Carrot quest guide for more information. Also, some people have those clothes because you could customize your character into them before. It was in the Arrive Lounge, and it’s gone now, and you can read about it here: http://poptropica.wordpress.com/sunglasses-arrive-lounge-and-choose-your-own-adventure. Remember, they’re gone now, so don’t have high hopes. And also, don’t post so much at once. I had to merge your posts together, to not make it look like spam.

  43. oh hi when it said that they updated some things, that means spy island is coming very soon maybe on sunday!

    Scary Tomato: Yeah, maybe. :D I hope it comes soon. When it does, though, you’ll have to wait a while for the quest guide to be written, because first I have to find the time to do it.

  44. omg this is weird i saw this guy in the daliy papers(super power island)and he had like bat wings!!!they were black!!!i trided to get them by the green shirt button,but it didnt allow me!!was it a bonse item??

  45. nervous lizard says:

    There was this kid in poptropica and when I asked him to battle me it took forever to load and kept saying ‘waiting for other player’. Is this the kid or my computer?

    Thanks, Nervous Lizard.

  46. Scary Tomato says:

    Tall Joker – That wasn’t a bonus item. That person probably got it from Costumizing one of the NPCs (non-player character). I don’t know which NPC, though. I’ll try to find out.

    Nervous Lizard – I believe it would be that kid. Sometimes they don’t click the “Start” button, and you have to wait so long for it to load.

  47. it doesn’t matter if the guide comes late i will enjoy my time exploring and i have a cheat for super power- a glitch ca i post it? I will if you tell me so

    Scary Tomato: Thanks for asking for my permission. Yes, you may post it, but please do it on the Super Power Quest page. (Other readers, just because Adrija can do it doesn’t mean you can. Ask first please.)

  48. nervous lizard says:

    I wonder why poptropica decided to rash the idea of a Monster Carnival? It sounded cool!

  49. nervous lizard says:

    I know where all joker got those wings! they are on shark tooth island in the tomb. If you keep trecking through you should find a man who says hes a fruit bat!


  50. oh thanks nervouse lizard to you now my poptroica looks like a fruit bat!

  51. scary tomato one more Q.i saw a guy with a space suit.bonse or non bonse?

    Scary Tomato: The space suit came from a long time ago. Those who were able to get it still have it, but you can’t get them anymore. And by “bonse”, do you mean bonus? If you do, then the answer is no, I don’t think it was a bouns item. ;)

  52. nervous lizard says:

    oh that space suit was from ages ago when there was an add for rolos and you got a space suit. He must have had it for a very long time!!!!!

  53. nervous lizard says:

    hi scary tomato, why have there been no recent posts on the blog? Is Poptropica to busy working on spy island to post more? If so could you try and post about something in poptropica that hasnt been posted on the official blog?

    Thanks, nervous lizard

  54. super power, what is candy island

  55. Scary Tomato says:

    Nervous Lizard – If I’ve got nothing to post, then I don’t post anything. That’s just the way things work. :? But that doesn’t mean I don’t do any work. As you can see, there are so many new comments everyday, and I have to either delete or answer them all. ;)

    Amanda – It’s an island that Super Power made up. As far as I know, it doesn’t exist, and the official Poptropica Creators never said anything about a Candy Island, either.

  56. nervous lizard says:

    To Scary Tomato,
    on YouTube there on apple jacks racing cars where you win trophies and helmets. What is apple jacks and how do you get to it.
    Thanx alot, Nervous Lizard

  57. Scary Tomato says:

    Nervous Lizard – Apple Jacks was an advertisement building (like the Nim’s Island one, as you may remember), which happened a couple months ago. It is not there anymore.

    When it was there, one would go inside the building and get a team shirt from the referee inside. Then they could play a game called “Race to the Bowl”, and if they mastered the game they would win a racing suit (with a helmet) and an Apple Jacks trophy. All items won from it are now gone.

  58. th8nx!

    Smart Eye

  59. Tough Claw says:

    I know why your customizing thing might not work. I’m pretty sure you can’t copy prize/required items

  60. i saw people and they are holding saws in their hands. how do u get them? :-0

    Scary Tomato: I’ve never seen that. I’m pretty sure you can’t get them through Costumizer because you say that they were holding them in their hands. Costumizer doesn’t let you get handheld items, but if you see those people you can try using Costumizer. I don’t know where any saws came from.

  61. Mitchell Brett says:

    Thanks guys you helped alot and thanks to Scary Tomato you rock!!


  62. i know how to get the bat wings go to shark tooth island and go to the ruins and go inside and go to the 2 room and jump of the vine and you will see a man dreesed up as bat and then click the green tshirt and click on him and get the batwings

  63. thanks jack but nervis lizard already told me how to get them.Anyways,i know how to complet spy island!ill post here in a while for the quest.
    hey!seems like ill be a little longer but dont worry,ill post it up here for sure!

    Scary Tomato: Thanks for offering to do that. You can post your guide and I’ll help you edit it and add more details and such. :D

  64. Rainbow bird says:

    On spy island first go to director D and get the decoder. Then translate the message you get from yhe spy on top of the headquarters. Then go to dr.Spygalsses building. Then take the eye test but whatever he points to point to the opposite.

    Then he will go to the upstairs room then you will have to go outside and find the door on top of his building. Next go inside and he will give you a suit that will make you invisible. Then go to the dock and get the message from the guy in the trash can it will say on the roof and that is where you put on your suit you got. Then go to the roof and get inside. Go past the dogs then fine and free the Spy you find.

    He will give you a laser pen you will need to free the oter Spy. Then go to the topee terrace and go to the building with lots of shock lights then climb it all the way up to the roof. Next click on the bars and use your laser pen to open it. Then go inside it then free the other Spy. He will give you a bowtie that will help you reach high hights.

    Then go to the balding avenue and get the message from the green spy you see. Go to the B.A.D bistro and become a cheif next click on the guy sitting on the table he will give you his cup to fill. Then take it and go to the kitchen And escape him through the vent. Get to the door and leave.

    Scary Tomato: Excellent guide! Thanks for taking the time to write it. :D

  65. Mitchell Brett says:

    Thanks Rainbow Bird for the cheat!!


  66. Rainbow bird says:

    Then go to the balding Avenue and use your bowtie you got and use it on the very top of the brown building with the lights on. And then use your bowtie to hook it on the very top of the grey building and put on you invisible suit and get past the B.A.D agent and then hook on very top of the building on your left. Next hook on to the antenna on the building to your right. And go inside the pipe. There you will find a cerry bomb tree then click on the bomb and use the flowers that make you go higher.

    Push the bomb on the flowers and keep doing that until you reach the top and there you will find a cage with an agent in it. Put the bomb close to the cage and it will open. After click on the agent and she will give you glasses that make you see ivisible lasers.

    Then go to the topee terrace and get to the B.A.D control center. Next put on your glasses then get past the lasers and then keep going past the many lasers until you make it to the very top. Click on the door you will see at the very top. After keep going past the lasers inside until you get to the top. Then click on the computer then type the paswords in the computer. Passwords are 1.laser 2.hair 3.removal.

    After click on the teleporter light. And then you will find out that director D is behind all this B.A.D stuff. Then defeat him going to all the yellow circles you see and he will send robots to try and shock you. Get to the circles and the robots will destroy it. Try to gey all 4 robots to destroy all 4 circles. After thats done go to the very top of a thing you can stand on and keep jumping up and down until Director D is defeated. Next you will be at the headquarters. Get the medallion from the guy in the glasses.

    And then congratulations for you have finishd Spy island!! And by the way I finished Spy island the first day it came out! I hope that this cheat was very helpful for you.

  67. Rainbow bird says:

    Guess what! There is a new game in the 2 player room!! It called soupwords so why dont you go and play soupwords!

  68. Hi.My name in poptropica.com is Bronze Fire.And can anyone tell me how to get the skull hairpin?

    Scary Tomato: I think you can Costumize (green shirt button) it from a Poptropica character somewhere inside one of the underground places in Early Poptropica Island. :P Or, you can just Costumize it from a player in a multiplayer room if you see them wearing it.

  69. rough burger says:

    hi ur blog is awesum :lol:

  70. Rainbow bird says:

    Hi everyone! When Nabooti island comes and I figure it out early I will post the cheat for it here if you want. And also big nate island.[If that’s OK]

    Scary Tomato: That’s nice, but don’t post it here. When Nabooti Island comes out, I will put a post saying “Nabooti Island: Online”. Then, once you’ve completed the quest, that is where you should post your walkthrough. Thanks!

  71. Clothes Minded says:

    I have seen a lot of people wearing a black vest, and I always try to use the customizer in multi player rooms, but I never do it in time. Do you know where to get the vest or how?
    Oh, and on poptropica I’m Tough Sneeze, and if you need help on missions I’ve done them all so ask away.
    Oh and the funny glasses are in both the spyglasses shop and in super power in the sewer room,lower the water by turning the red spiral knobs until the water is as far as it can go,then you will see them on the drain.

    Scary Tomato: I think you mean the black vest that spies wear, right? There’s a spy on Main Street (Spy Island) who roams around the Headquarters and the Hair Club. That spy is wearing a black vest. Use the Costumizer on her to get it. If that’s not the vest you meant, then try looking around to see if you see any Poptropica characters wearing it. If you do, use the Costumizer on them! :)

    im going to defeat the nabooti island in one day by looking in youtube muahahahahah!!!!!!!

    Scary Tomato: Don’t type in all capitals, please. And it also takes time for videos to be made for YouTube … so how would you know you could do Nabooti Island in one day? ;)

  73. poptropica is taking forever to load….. what should i do?

    • volcano spike says:

      Try clicking the stop loading button , wait a while load and see what happens.
      if it works I am glad to help , if not maybe try a specialist maybe he’ll know [ tip :it may be your computer/laptop]

  74. Clothes Minded says:

    Thanks, Scary Tomato, it worked perfectly!

  75. Clothes Minded says:

    Monkeyboy50, a lot of times it will load slowly with me, but I check by seeing if it does that with any other websites if so you might want to try restarting the computer, if not you should try a different browser, Mozilla Firefox, Windows, I have Google chrome, it works great! Hope it helps!

  76. well it is just the main streets because they won’t load but everything else will
    oh and i do have firefox

  77. mm….i saw that naabooti island and big nate island is coming soon.but why didnt i see them in the map?i didnt see any page two!

    Scary Tomato: They’ll be on the map soon (no one knows when yet!). And, what page 2? Nobody mentioned any page 2 … there’s still enough room on the map, you know. Even if there wasn’t, they could make the islands smaller!

  78. Clothes Minded says:

    MonkeyBoy50 sorry that usually works for me. Maybe something else will work, sorry.

  79. Who is big Nate Last time I went to poptropica it said comeing soon: Big Nate Island I think he is a comic or smoething but all I know is Calvin and Hobbs.I wonder what it will be like with an island like that.

    Scary Tomato: “Big Nate” is a comic strip. You can go here to read them: http://www.comics.com/comics/bignate/archive/. And here’s a description of Big Nate Island from Poptropica: http://www.poptropica.com/bignate_island.html. That’s all I know right now.

  80. Rainbow bird says:

    Hi everyone did you guys hear that on the creators blog they said their making another island it’s called TV island.

    Scary Tomato: It could be called TV Island, but we don’t know the exact name yet. It’s probably “Reality TV Island”, because that’s what the Creators’ Blog called it.

  81. Clothes Minded says:

    Does anyone know when the new islands come out yet, if you do or when you do could you tell me please? Thanks!

    Scary Tomato: No exact date is known yet, but Nabooti and Big Nate are coming this fall, and the TV one is coming after Big Nate.

  82. If clothes minded gets this, than I’m happy. I listened to what you said and got Google chrome. now poptropica works for me. If it wasn’t for you, I’d still be stuck in the super power “daily paper” section. Thanks a bunch!

  83. Clothes Minded says:

    You’re welcome, It was no problem considering i had the same problem.

    Scary Tomato: Thanks for helping others, that’s great! :D

  84. Clothes Minded says:

    I was just on and they put the new islands on the map! I’m so excited for the new Big Nate island!
    Today I was reading the creators blog and I found the mask, but I’m not quite sure how to get, Can anyone help?

    Scary Tomato: The mask is at the Rooftops of Spy Island. You probably need your grappling bowtie to help you out. When you see it, just click on it and you will be wearing it! Check the homepage for more details. ;)

  85. Nevermind but thanks anyway! If anyone wants to know how to get the LEGO suit, it’s actually the racer suit without the helmet. To get the helmet off, go into the customizer with anyone, than click on the helmet and it should be gone. Sweat blog Scary Tomato!

    Scary Tomato: Thanks for sharing…

  86. mysterycrazy says:

    How do I get the exclusive Nabooti mask? To see a picture click on this link: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_AkTCxo8C1Ys/SN1WfhAuxWI/AAAAAAAAACg/4fgG10K6OUk/s1600-h/treasurehunt.jpg or http://blog.poptropica.com/. I need some help.

    Scary Tomato: Check the homepage of this blog. ;)

  87. Are the Funny Glasses still there from the last Treasure Hunt? I can’t seem to find them.

    Scary Tomato: Try these instructions: http://poptropica.wordpress.com/goofy-glasses. Good luck! ;)

  88. Clothes Minded says:

    The funny glasses are still there. They are in Spy island in the sewer. To get them you have to go into the bathroom and into the pothole. When you go in if you jump on the middle log you will see a red dial, click on it then when you get all of the way down go to your left and on the sewer drain are the glasses. Hope that helps!

  89. nervous lizard says:

    theres a new apple jacks advertisment!

    Scary Tomato: That’s right. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, it’s a big poster with an Apple Jacks video in between places.

  90. I have seen people with purple bat wings… but when ever i go to costimize there gone or they changed it…. how do i get them… my poptropica name is “Yellow Joker”

    Scary Tomato: Read comment #49, Nervous Lizard has already explained it. (The comment # is number on the left side of your comment. This is comment #91.)

  91. Clothes Minded says:

    I was wondering, since on the poptropica map it says the new islands come out this fall. Does that mean that they will be coming out soon, or just between fall and winter?

    Scary Tomato: It means that it’s coming out sometime during the fall. ;)

  92. Clothes Minded says:

    Ok thanks!
    Has anyone heard of a website called dizzywood? It’s fun! (Poptropica is cooler though)

  93. heyy thanks for making this website!

  94. Scary Tomato says:

    Clothes Minded – I’ve tried to play Dizzywood, but I found it extremely confusing so I don’t play. That’s okay though – there’s still Poptropica!

    (Guys, please try to stay on topic – so next time don’t post about Dizzywood or other non-related things.)

    Kitty – You’re welcome!

  95. Clothes Minded says:

    Scary Tomato, This website has helped me so much!Thanks for creating it! B)

  96. Rainbow bird says:

    Scary tomato, how come in multiplayer room you have to work super hard on the games just to get even a bit of the 5 star

  97. I don’t know Rainbow bird!!!

  98. Scary Tomato says:

    Rainbow Bird – That’s because having all 5 stars in battle ranking is a big honor, and not many people have it. If it was really easy to get 5 stars, many people would have 5 stars and it wouldn’t be as special!

  99. heyy is it hard doing this website?

  100. Scary Tomato today when I went to da Party Tower i got Sorry That Room Is Not Avalible

    • Calm Spinner says:

      Hi, Panini and Chowder! What happened to you is just an occasional thing that happens in Poptropica. Oh, and your website isn’t working right… when I clicked it it said you might be trying to trick me and is that true?

  101. MythicalJedi says:

    i cant get betty jetty i can get close up to her but i cant seem to get really close and bump into her and for spy island i do the eye test right but he doesnt say the thing he is suppose to say

  102. read the quest, MythicalJedi!!

  103. Scary Tomato says:

    Kitty – It takes some time to answer most everyone’s comments every day, but it’s quite fun to run this blog, and it’s nice to know I’ve helped out a lot of people. :)

    Panini and Chowder – It’s sometimes like that. Just try going to another island’s multiplayer room instead. ;)

    MythicalJedi – Like Mitchell Brett here said, read the quest guides if you need help. Here’s the one for Super Power Island, which is the one that you need:

  104. love poptropicas realality telivision island! I hope i get voted off!

    • SCREAMER! says:

      One time when I logged in, there was a screen that said: “Oops! Sorry, we lost progress.” The screen also told me to either choose another character or go back to the title page.

  105. Clothes Minded says:

    What do you mean, Super Power? It’s not even open yet.

  106. nervous lizard says:

    Yes! Super Power Island IS open! A post on the official Poptropica Blog says
    Super Power Island
    Now Online!

  107. trusty feather says:

    I Love The Site!!!Oh and do you know when Big Nate island will come out,my sister and I can’t wait to play it!
    It’s me again,I also wanted to ask how you grant the wish with the fairy wings, my freands told me they have the fairy wings and can’t grant the wish!
    U Rock!!!
    SCARY TOMATO ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Clothes Minded says:

    I asked Super power,that’s his name,what he meant because he was talking about Reality TV Island, not Super Rower Island. He said that he wanted to get voted off.

  109. Scary Tomato says:

    Trusty Feather – Please, please, please keep your comments in one. To answer your questions:
    Big Nate Island is coming this fall (2008). Exact date is currently not known.
    There is no wish to grant. You heard a false rumor…

  110. trusty feather says:

    Thanks Scary Tomato!
    What do you think nabooti will be like
    Do you know the creator of poptropica’s name?Just wanted too know

    Scary Tomato: Can you please keep all your comments in one comment, instead of submitting a comment after every sentence? Anyway:
    Description of Nabooti Island can be found here.
    No, I do not know the creator’s name. There are numerous creators on the Creators’ Blog though, and they all have nicknames (Shark Boy, Comic Kid, etc…).

  111. Clothes Minded says:

    Is Reality TV going to be an actual island?

    Scary Tomato: Yes. :)

  112. trusty feather says:

    Thank’s for the information scary tomato,U rock!!!!

    Scary Tomato: You’re welcome! :)

  113. black star says:

    ===THIS SITE ROCKS!===
    Your site rocks!!!I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This site is cool scary taco!!!

  114. Clothes Minded says:

    Scary Tomato, Is reality TV actually going to be an island?

  115. magic lagoon says:

    How do you fly??????????????

  116. Scary Tomato says:

    Clothes Minded – Yes, Reality TV Island is real.

    Black Star – I’m glad you like this blog, but please don’t spam!

    Magic Lagoon – Read the instructions here:
    http://poptropica.wordpress.com/super-power-quest to find out how. ;)

  117. hi scary tomato again it is sarah the wild horse is my name on poptropica.com you can have my account user lindaabc12 pass maggie1 thank you sarah

    Scary Tomato: I don’t need your account, but thanks for sharing. If someone else wants it, they’re welcome to have it. ;)

  118. Rainbow bird says:

    Everyone, I have a poptropica person to I don’t want. Whoever wants it they can have it. user:Rainbowbird3 pass:MariaRainbow

  119. Sockman369 says:

    hey on spy island any time I want to go somewhere it goes to a blue screen why and how do I fix it

    Scary Tomato: Is the blue screen the loading screen? If it is, that means it is loading. Wait a while and you should be at the place you tried to go to. If that’s not what you meant, then go down to read comment #123.

  120. nervous lizard says:

    Poptropica Creators Blog says that pumpkin heads can be found (using customizer) in multi-player rooms. It pecifically said: ‘Find somebody with a pumpkin head and join the masquerade!’
    I have one!

  121. Thanks Nervous Lizard! I edited my post to fit your statement.

  122. Rainbow bird says:

    Sockman369, That happend to me to. It is just a glich. I fixed it by loging out on my file and not swiching users. Then poptropica on my file was fixed. I think it happens because I played on poptropica to much

    • Calm Spinner says:

      Yeah, once I was in my Multiverse, and I was playing for so long, then when I tried to Chat with someone, it took a lonnng time and the questions that came up said this:
      This is the first default question.
      This is the second default question.
      And the third.

      So when I tried to leave, it said address not found and it wasn’t even on Poptropica anymore.

      • Magic Moon says:

        A couple years ago we were talking about multiverse rooms and Green Seal/ Sparkle Star came to mine and after a while, it kicked me off too. :(

  123. scary tomaoto,

    ive seen people with raceing suits im wondering how to get them and where.

    yours truly mr.fire3

  124. Scary Tomato says:

    Mr. Fire3 – They came from the LEGO advertisement building. This building is gone now (sorry), and so are the suits. However, some people might still be able to wear the suits because they hadn’t logged in for a long time and it was still on their person. It’s not in their inventory, though.

    You can read about it here: http://poptropica.wordpress.com/2008/09/20/lego-adventures-and-upcoming-islands/#comments

  125. i’ve been round poptropica and i see people wearing things from what looks like nabooti island are they just there to tell us what to excpect or are they real people in like example america who have it before us.

  126. Smart Wolf says:

    Hello. My name is Smart Wolf, call me Wolfie. I was just wondering what a non-player character is? If they are things where you can costomize your character then could you tell me where to find them?


    • Wolfie, a non player character (NPC) are the poptopicans on the streets such as Shark Boy, big nate, and the fruit bat guy. You can’t chat and battle with them unless you use a glitch that can be found on boredom busters. Now players like you and me aren’t NPC’s because we can chat and battle glitchless and we control our characters. Hope this helps! :)

  127. trusty feather says:

    Can you FIND the pumkin,without copying somebody?

  128. Scary Tomato says:

    Wolfie – A non-player character is basically a character (a person/animal) in the game that is computer-controlled. You and I and all of us here (the readers) are Poptropica players. A NON-player means they’re not a player, which means they have to be computer-controlled! :D

    Trusty Feather – Not that I’ve heard of, but if you can, I’ll let you all know. ;)

  129. Smart Wolf says:

    Oh ok. Thanks for the info! :)

    I’m also trying to find the cat ears, does anyone know where to find them WITHOUT copying somebody?

    Thanks :D


  130. No, we have yet to find them. :( If you do no someone that does, or if you want to meet with me to get them, I’ll need your time zone, and a time and place to meet.

  131. howloween quen says:

    is there going to be a chinese theme where you get to battle a dragon or somthing?

    p-s-love the blog!!!!!!!!

  132. Clothes Minded says:

    Hey people any updates on the new islands? :)

  133. Scary Tomato says:

    Wolfie – Togor explained it pretty well, we haven’t yet found out how to get cat ears without copying it from somebody. :P

    Clothes Minded – Not yet. Check the Creators’ blog and this blog everyday to know what updates we currently know of. ;)

  134. Smart Wolf says:

    Howloween – Not that I’ve yeard of, but maybe sometime they’ll come up with something like that. Although they already had a Chinese theme in the Time Tangled Island quest. If you’re all hearing these things from random people, don’t beleive everything someone tells you. Maybe there will be, maybe there won’t be. ;)

  135. Clothes Minded says:

    Wolfie, I think you can get the cat ears (mask) in Super Power Island in the costume shop. Hope it helps! B-)

    Scary Tomato: I don’t think the cat ears are there… they never were. :?

  136. Clothes Minded says:

    OK, guess I was confused.

    Scary Tomato: That’s alright. :D

  137. Rainbow bird says:

    Hi everyone, there is a new stand on every island. It has a banner saying Happy Halloween! It also has halloween costumes under it.

  138. Clothes Minded says:

    Cool thanks for telling me(us)!

  139. Scary Tomato says:

    The costumes will only be here this weekend though. If you want them, you’d better hurry… ;)

  140. Rainbow bird says:

    Nice new picture for your blog Scary tomato!

  141. Scary Tomato says:

    Thanks Rainbow Bird and Nervous Lizard! It was designed by Codien, who is now another staff member of the blog. He’s mostly the awesome graphics guy. :P

    I’ve also blended in all the quests on one page, so if you need to look at a quest guide, go to the top, look for something titled “Island Quests”, and click. Then you will be brought to a page where you can choose which quest guide you want and click its link. I did that so it wouldn’t look so messy up there. ;)

  142. nervous lizard says:

    I like the new logo! Help blog sounds alot better!

  143. Hello!Your blog has helped me a-lot!!!

  144. Clothes Minded says:

    I was wondering if for Halloween Poptropica might have a party or something like that?

    Scary Tomato: That’s a cool idea. I’m not sure whether we’re having one or not, though. Poptropica hasn’t been known to throw parties yet. :P

  145. Tiny Scropian says:

    HELP! Poptropica glitched up on me and now all my items except the ones i were wearing are gone, i can’t save, whenever i exit a building i just spawn where my blimp is, and my name is unknown! I already tried another character, but that one doesn’t work either! What do i do?

    Scary Tomato: That’s not supposed to happen… my best guess is maybe your computer isn’t saving the game every time you leave Poptropica. Try running a virus scan to check your computer.

  146. Tiny Scropian says:

    Never mind, it’s fixed. it was a problem with vista. Now i’m playing on the computer with Window XP and it works fine.

  147. Young Tornado says:

    Whats the quest?
    I’ve never heard of it. Is it new?

    Scary Tomato: Each island (for example, Spy Island) has a quest, or mission, that goes with it. The people of the island are in trouble and you must do things to solve their problems. ;) There are quest guides on this blog if you need help.

  148. Could you come up with an island like prehistoric island where you have to save the dinosaurs from extinction?

    Codien: This is a really good idea. You should send this to poptropica or something.

  149. nervous lizard says:

    I heard that this: poptropica@computergames.co.nz
    was Poptropicas email address, is this true?

    P.S. I doubt it.

  150. Barefoot Tummy says:

    I saw this blog and it looked cool so I decided to sudmit a comment. My poptropica name is Barefoot Tummy, and I saw someone with dragon ears but I couldn’t get them someone told me that you could get them by E-mailing someone and filling out some forms is it true?

  151. Scary Tomato says:

    Nervous Lizard – It’s possible, but since I don’t have any proof, I doubt it is… :-|

    Barefoot Tummy – I don’t know where these “dragon ears” are from, but you never fill forms and E-mail them away for Poptropica items. So, it’s not true. ;)

  152. Barefoot Tummy says:


  153. White Rock says:

    How comes Ned Noodlehead is called Comic Kid on the Poptropica Creators’ Blog? Also, its the same for Edmund on Time Tangled Island, he’s called Thihrsty Whale!?!?! Do you think that the creators forgot the names of their characters? The only characters who have their names right are; Shark Boy,Dr.Hare,Director D and Vlad the Viking. Weird isn’t it? My name on Poptropica is White Rock. Please answer.

  154. Scary Tomato says:

    White Rock – I don’t think they forgot the names, but you’re right, it is strange. We’re not sure the Viking on Time Tangled Island is actually named Vlad, though.

    I think that the names are different because it’s that Creators’ nickname, and even though, for example, Comic Kid shares the same avatar as Ned Noodlehead, they have different names. So they want to use the same image but keep a different name. ;)

  155. Barefoot Tummy says:

    If the question about the cat ears is still going around, I think you have to be a girl to wear them, because my cousin could wear them.

    Scary Tomato: That’s interesting. I’m not sure if you can’t wear it because your character is a boy, although it’s possible… but we still don’t know where cat ears originally came from. :P

  156. Barefoot Tummy says:

    Glad I could be of service.

  157. Rainbow bird says:

    Help me! in the multiplayer room I am a 4 star but when I play the games if I win or lose my star is still the same. It wont change! Whats going on!!

  158. Barefoot Tummy says:

    Rainbow bird if you read some of the previous comments you would know that it is really hard to get the fifth star.

  159. Rainbow bird says:

    I mean even if I lose it won’t move

  160. Barefoot Tummy says:

    That happens to me to.

  161. Clothes Minded says:

    You can get Tinker bell outfits now if you read the Creator’s blog it says where.:P

  162. I’m coming to this site more often!! :P :) :lol: :mrgreen: :???:

  163. Rainbow bird says:

    Do you know how the creators put a blue backround behind a charactor Scary tomato? Because I want to try and do that wth my charactor.

    Dear Rainbow Bird,
    There is a simple way of doing this. When in Poptropica click on the Customizer button (Top) and then click on another Poptropican. Then when the customizing screen comes up. Take a screen shot (PrtScn). Then paste into a editing program (E.g. MS Paint).

    There. Your Poptropican with a blue background.
    Hope this helped

  164. Rainbow bird says:

    Thank you Codien! It helped alot!

  165. Young Tornado says:

    I noticed the winner of the Halloween contest
    Had like grey-ish shades around he’s eyes.
    So I Thought you Couldn’t change your eyes.
    So I tried changing my eyes… But it wouldn’t Work!
    How did He do it?

  166. Young Tornado says:


    When you put 2 > < ( I put them the wrong way purposly ) it deletes what you put in between. Here what I meant tot say.

    Plus, I’ve never the (Insert Island name here) heard of the Quest,
    Is it even Real?
    I’ve finished Every single quest but never this one.

    • The only reason the greater than and less than symbols dissappear is because comments are in HTML format. To learn more search it up on Google.

  167. Young Tornado says:

    Thats why on # 149 what I said makes me look like a dummy.

  168. Scary Tomato says:

    Young Tornado – I think maybe he got the eyes from a non-player character, but I’m not sure. Insert island name here means to insert the name of an island, for example, Shark Tooth Island. The question would then be “How do you complete the Shark Tooth Island Quest?” Do you get what I mean? ;) So, “insert island name here” isn’t a quest. Hope that helped.

  169. Scary Tomato, my name on Poptropica is Big Turtle. I’ll try to spot you in a multiplayer room on Poptropica!

  170. scary tomato’ on a website they said that underwater island,candy island,volcanoe island,hawaii island,and army island were comeing out.

    is that true???????????????

  171. Scary Tomato says:

    Zade – Thanks Zade! I hope to see you too! :D

    Noisy Raptor – As far as I know: No, that is not true. The Poptroica Creators have NEVER mentioned those islands before, so it’s just a false rumor. ;)

    Nervous Lizard – Cool. Well, the only way to post a picture in your comment that I know of is to make a Photobucket or Imageshack account and give your picture a link, and then paste it into your comment. :)

  172. nervous lizard says:

    Yes, Scary Tomato, those eyes did come from a non-player-character. I got them from a guy on Early Poptropica. Id post a photo but I dont know how.

  173. thanks sorry it took me so long to write back i was in school.

  174. p.s when is nabooti island and big nate island comeing out?

  175. Rainbow bird says:

    Noisy raptor: So far no one knows when those islands will come out. Scary tomato does not know that also. He already told everyone he just a player like us.

  176. Clothes Minded says:

    Scary Tomato, how did you decide who would be on your wonderful staff?

  177. Young Paw says:

    Hi, I have a technical question ( I think) whenever I log in, I’m in a multiplayer room, and when I try to exit,it goes to a blue screen with vines crossing, and the vines keep crossing, I oncewaited for three hours, and it was still like tha, please help :S

  178. Scary Tomato says:

    Noisy Raptor – Rainbow Bird is right, I don’t know when they’re coming out, and not only that, but this question has been asked and answered (by me) many times already. :roll:

    Clothes Minded – I can tell whether someone is suitable for the jobs or not, so it depends. I think I have enough staff members for now, though. ;)

    Young Paw – That would be the loading screen. It is sometimes very slow. If it’s still like that, exit Poptropica, refresh the page, and try again. :P

  179. scary tomato your cool.

  180. Young Tornado says:

    There not even finished the two they already started, but now there making two more…?

    Scary Tomato: I don’t know why either. :? I hope they can manage it though. :P

  181. nervous lizard says:

    I really want to watch he new Poptropica video but my broadband just ran ou so I can’t! Grrr.

    Scary Tomato: I’m sorry to hear that. :( I hope you’ll be able to see it soon, because as Mitchell Brett says below, it’s really cool.

  182. all i can tell you nervous lizard is that it looks really really cool!

  183. poptropicacheats101 says:

    On the new Poptropica video there are ghosts on Nabooti Island and you can play as Big Nate on Big Nate Island!

  184. Barefoot Tummy says:

    What new video?

  185. I love your website.

    I can’t seem to get through 24 carrot island.

  186. poptropicacheats101 says:

    The new video on the post “Froot Loops Diving and More”

  187. Rainbow bird says:

    Phoebe, if you need help with an island go to the island quest page.

  188. gabbyrox97 says:

    I have beat every island do far. Im sooo looking foward to big nate and nabooti island

    Scary Tomato: Cool. :mrgreen:

  189. ypung paw is the same as me scary tomato when u click go up to betty jetty it takes so long to load up!!!!!!!!!!!!:=s

    Scary Tomato: I understand long-time loading is extremely annoying. Just be patient and it’ll finish loading soon, then you can continue playing. :P

  190. hi.im wondering if you know anyhting about a wafle cone in a middle of a street cuz i heard roumers about non multiplayer people and there waering wafle cone suits.do you know them?

    Codien: WOW. I didn’t. Make a guy with him wearing it and send his User and Pass here so we can check it out. Or is this just fake :P

    Send it or thats just silly. Lol but it would be funny.

  191. Barefoot Tummy says:

    There aren’t any waffle cones but there is a cart in super power island were you get a wall-e wish list and you can customize to get an elf costume.

    Scary Tomato: That’s right. :)

  192. Love the ‘site

  193. nervous lizard says:

    theres a new post on Poptropicas blog about a view from a spaceship. This might be related to the ‘spaceship meets castle’ post. Keep it comin’ Poptropica!

  194. Young Hero says:

    OMG guess what people!!! I FOUND A SECRET MASK!!! It’s in spy island and where you go on your way to the garden and then go to the pole with lights on the left(<) Then go down till you see a red building and you will see a mask in the middle of the wall. I haven’t checked it if it’s still there but dont blame me if it’s not there please. I know it has something to do with “Make your own adventure” (my poptropica name is on top) I love this poptropica website!! It has all my questions but this is just to tell you if you didn’t…

  195. serious spider says:

    Young Hero, we already know that. :)
    It’s not there anymore. it was an exclusive mask. Btw, it’s Nabooti Island now.

    Scary Tomato: I’m not sure if it’s still there or not. :P But the description of the mask from the Poptropica Creators was that it was an “exclusive mask from the upcoming Nabooti Island.” Hmmm… :)

  196. Calm Eagle says:

    Does any one know how to get the trash can hat in spy island?

    Scary Tomato: At the Docks of Spy Island, use the Costumizer on the spies hiding in the trash cans. They’ll be wearing trash can hats, which you can Costumize from them. ;)

  197. Clothes Minded says:

    It is so cool! Now on Poptropica instead of coming soon it says Nabooti Island is coming very soon and Big Nate Island is coming early 2009!

  198. what was before the customizer in poptropica

    Scary Tomato: There was this “Friends” button, but I couldn’t access it so I didn’t really know what it was for. :?

  199. susan71625 says:

    i really like your website too sacry tomato but how do u answer the questions do u go to skewl cuz i looked at ur about page and it said that u were twelve and u must be really smart cuz like when i wuz readin the commeits so i would not ask the same questions and u were using a lot of instresting stuff!also can u speak chinese?

    Scary Tomato: Of course I go to school. :lol: I’m not very good at Chinese, but it’s okay. ;) But please stay on topic, you can ask these on the About page not the FAQ page.

  200. hi scary tomato! luv ya site. its reely helpful!!!!!!!!!

  201. when i go 2 poptropica it goes to mainstreet than i go back and back than 4 seconds l8tr it says retuning player or new player all over again than when i go on a diffrent computer it all works than when i go back on my computer and i have no items anymore so that is a relly thu problem do u no how to help

    Codien: The first thing i would do is to go [Tools] – [Delete Browsing History] – Then delete the cookies and the temporary internet files.
    Tell me if it still has a problem.

  202. FOR NUMBER 17!!!
    I may know why that happens. It did that to me too, and once wouldn’t even let me in Poptropica…it just said that room is not avaliable or error connecting or something. The culprit for me was Norton Antivirus. I uninstalled it and replaced it with something else and I am fine.
    By the way, Scary Tomato, do you know how to contact the Poptropica creators by any chance???

    Scary Tomato: I can’t guarantee they’ll respond, but you can try sending a message through YouTube to VladtheViking. ;) That requires a YouTube account though.

  203. susan71625 says:

    nabooti island is now online!


  205. scary tomato what does your poptropican look like?

  206. sc (can i call u that) please tell me what your poptropican looks like i luv u and i want 2 see if i can spot u

  207. codien i still have aproblem with it from liz

  208. susan71625 says:

    i know where 2 get the map friendly whale.go in nabooti museum and go down to the statue that contains the jewls and a woman will be there click on her.after she explains some details she will ask u would u like 2 try 2 help nabooti island u say im in!then she will give u a map of africa.

  209. coden i know this is really a random question but r u a group of people of just 1 if so are u male or female if ur a boy no affence its just a girl at my school is called that

    Codien: Well its me, Scary tomato and Smockers at the site too. I am a boy and Codien isn’t my real name. :P Just my internet name. But thats cool that people actually have that name.
    Scary Tomato: Yep, we’re a team of three. ;)

    • Gentle Sponge says:

      Are scary tomato and smockers boys too?

      Hijuyo: I (previously known as Scary Tomato) am a girl (though ST was a boy Poptropican), and Smockers is a boy.

  210. hi its me kel again just 2 let u know
    another random question on nabuti island there is said 2 be a giant turtle or something is it true?

    Codien: Yes in the Kaya Forests :P

  211. susan71625 says:

    omg this blog helps so much!poptropica is so awesome!!!!!!club penguin is stupid.keep up the good work scary tomato,smockers,codein!

  212. How do you get the fairy wings in poptropica I saw a lot of people wearing them and i wanted to knoe cause im really big in the fantasy thin likewizards and dragons and fairys to much info but yeah i just wanted to know! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!! :D

    Scary Tomato: They were available from an advertisement a while back, but the only way to get them now is Costumizing from multiplayer rooms if you see them. ;)

  213. michitoco88 says:

    scary tomato and the other persons(lol),i heard about a secret room in poptropica.it shows a video in poptropica that theres a secret room between the turtle shell and the pom pom tree.do you know anything about this?

    Scary Tomato: You mean in Nabooti Island’s Kaya Forests? No, there’s no secret room there. ;)

  214. Green Moon says:

    I saw a person with a wand in a chat room. It spartkled and I wanted to complete my cat-fairy costume (still trying to find those whiskers!) but I couldn’t get it through the customizer. Does anyone have any idea where it came from?

    Scary Tomato: That’s probably from the Tinkerbell advertisement building from about a month ago. ;) You can’t get them anymore, though (because they’re handheld items).

  215. Blue Rider says:

    Why does it say its-December 22,2008 5:04am-when its-December 21,2008 2:04pm? :?:

    Scary Tomato: It’s in Hong Kong’s timezone (GMT +8). We probably don’t live near eachother which is why there is such a big time difference. ;)

  216. SabrinaStarr52 says:

    I sent in a meesage but it never showed up! How long does it take to moderate. Because mine was just asking for help! So anyway if it never shows up:
    I have been having trouble with SuperPower Island. Every time I go on and try to go into a diffferent room it pushes me back. It doesn’t said ‘Error’ like it has to other people it just won’t let me go! What do I do?

    Scary Tomato: Do you mean that it didn’t let you go from Main Street to Down Town? If so, maybe you haven’t done everything it requires in the quest. Try this guide to know what you have to do: http://poptropica.wordpress.com/island-help/super-power-island-quest/.

  217. nervous lizard says:


  218. You know the cheat 2 get hand-held items? (CTRL+Shift+R) Well, is it possible for the people who work 4 Poptropica to remove that?

  219. Zany Moon : Yes it is possible for the poptrop creators to remove glitches ( e.g. being able to customize the cat on 24 carrot )

  220. SabrinaStarr52 says:

    Thank you Scary Tomato, even though I’m pretty sure I did every thing right. I will tri again then come back here if I need more help.

  221. SabrinaStarr52 says:

    Sorry, I tried it and I had done every thing. And in won’t let me go into Down Town form the First place. I don’t know why…

  222. hannah6yearold says:

    y is big nat island not working i can’t click it, i love this game i hav betn al the islands and can not get on big nat island,
    i would love for Scary tomato or som other fan to help me thank you
    hannah 6 year old

    Scary Tomato: Big Nate Island hasn’t been released yet. ;)

  223. SabrinaStarr52 says:

    Ok I tried it again. Scary Tomato or anyone else I need serious help. What I need to now is: Is the Prison on main street? Because on mine it isn’t. If it is in down town well I can’t get there. There is a police officer by the Down Town sign and he says I need to talk to the Prison warden but WHERE IS THAT? because it sure isn’t on main street. Please help me I really need help! I don’t know what is happening! I’m sorry I am posting so much… Please reply ASAP!

    Scary Tomato: It’s on the left side of Main Street (past the Comic Shop). ;)

  224. SabrinaStarr52 says:

    Thank you! I finished the mission. All because of you. Thanks again. I wish you can fly everywhere…

  225. SabrinaStarr52: But then it would be to easy to finish the rest of the islands! Like in nabooti, fliying up to the guy who you have to beat in manacala! :wink:

  226. is there a prize you can win? many people said when you are done with all the islands you get a prize. any way your site is so amazing!what do i do now that i am done?i come to your site everday. you 3 and everyone helped me finish poptropia. so here is a character that finished at least 2 islands that i do not want (i mean the charecter) : bushr16/tamaexpo. happy wishes everyone!

    Scary Tomato: Well, you win a medallion every time you complete an island, but that’s it. ;)

  227. I have a question. how come there are no comments from Codien or Smockers that they wrote before they became staff members? :neutral:

    Scary Tomato: There were… I think Codien’s are gone now but Smockers did comment in older posts. :?

  228. Speedy dolphin says:

    How did Codien and smockers become authors?

    Scary Tomato: I could trust them, so I chose them. ;)

  229. Speedy dolphin says:

    oh Adding on to comment 231, I was wondering because I wanted to know how I could become one.

  230. Speedy dolphin says:

    What are hits and how do you get them scary tomato?

  231. i saw these people with torches in their hands, i tried to use the costumizer but it didn’t work. how did they get it?

    Scary Tomato: It’s a glitch with the cave on Time Tangled. Sometimes when you exit that cave (in the Vikings’ time zone) you can still hold the torch. ;)

  232. michitoco88 says:

    speedy dolphin,scary tomato isnt anding any more authers until he needs more help. also Coiden and smockers became authers by well i really dont know that too and also hits are when somebody viwes your page and try to stay on topic there scary tomato i ansered him is this ok? :P

    Scary Tomato: Thanks. :)

  233. Speedy dolphin says:

    Oh Ya I figured, Michitoco88, but I was also just curious when i asked. Thanks for answering for me. :)

  234. Speedy dolphin says:

    Is there a certain topic we are supposed to stay on, scary tomato?

    Scary Tomato: For this page, FAQ, the topic would probably be asking questions about Poptropica, or helping people find answers to their questions. ;)

  235. 229 Re: Like what?

  236. i’ve seen people in multiple player rooms but i dont know how to get it!How do you??? :???:

  237. Speedy dolphin says:

    Scary tomato, how come the Poptropica creators haven’t posted for a while? The last post was December 24.

    Scary Tomato: I don’t know. They probably have nothing to post for now – but there’ll probably be some news from them soon! ;)

  238. Grey Lizard says:

    I think I know a way to e-mail Poptropica! Sign up for the Big Nate e-mail thing. When they email you, check the e-mail address it came from!

    Scary Tomato: I don’t think they check that E-mail, though. It’s probably one of those automatically-generated ones. ;)

  239. but why would u want 2 email poptropica when u could just chat here?

    Scary Tomato: This website is actually not related to Poptropica at all. The Poptropica Creators don’t read this blog. ;)

  240. i’m sure these help a lot of beginners to poptropica!! :wink:

  241. Speedy dolphin says:

    How do you change your picture on the side were you comment, scary tomato? cause I am getting tired of this face one.

  242. what do i type on my poptropican phone to get the ploice hat and belt?

    Scary Tomato: 911. ;)

  243. XxKissNessxX says:

    Smockers: your poptropican is cute :oops:

  244. serious spider says:

    Speedy Dolphin, you need to sign up for wordpress and it looks like you already have. Because your picture is not a dfault one

  245. Wow, I was wondering for a long time how to get the viking suit. :-) Oh yeah, PHB, it’s me Mighty Crab.

  246. Tall Joker- The npc you get it from is the boy with batwings in shark tooth island by the bone(underground)

  247. scary tomato: thank you for answering my qustoin? but when will big nate island come out?

    Scary Tomato: It will come out in early 2009. The exact date is unknown. ;)

  248. no one Knows When Big Nate Island will come out except the poptropica creators.

  249. Speedy dolphin says:

    Thanks, serious spider, and no I haven’t signed up for wordpress, and if I did, I would probably pick a different one.

    Scary Tomato: Then why is your picture not like one of the default ones? :?

  250. Speedy dolphin says:

    What is the number on the phone for the santa hat and bag scary tomato?

    Scary Tomato: 1225. ;)

  251. shymonkey says:

    what is the phone number for the nerd clothes?

    Scary Tomato: 1337. ;)

  252. sacary tomato:on poptropica do some bonas items go away because the sun glasses arent there any more?

    Scary Tomato: Yes, some will eventually go away. ;)

  253. serious spider says:

    Speedy dolphin. Your picture doesn’t look like a default one though??? For exmaple look at mine, compared to yours.

  254. Speedy dolphin says:

    Scary tomato (replying to comment 251.) I have no Idea. (I thought it was a default one though.) It is kind of strange because I don’t type anything in the website box since I don’t have one.

    Scary Tomato: The avatar usually depends on the E-mail address… maybe the E-mail address you enter in is also being used by someone with a WordPress account? I’m not sure. :?

  255. Speedy dolphin says:

    Serious spider, Yours is a default one? I thought those weren’t, and again I have no idea why mine isn’t default. Might have something to do with my computer or the type I have.

  256. shymonkey says:

    every time i type the number on the cellphone from nabooti island for the little cellphone i really want it but it says invalid number but when i was in early poptropica i saw a girl in the soda shop with a football.how could that have happened?

  257. shymonkey says:

    i have another question.on poptropica creator blog there is a new blog and it looks like you r in france.what island is that suppose 2 be?

  258. Speedy dolphin says:

    Shymonkey, some of the phone numbers for items don’t work write now, and the football comes with the glitch were you press ctrl+shift+R and it randomizes your charactar you might or might not get it though, if you don’t get it just keep trying again, also they have posted what island the france one might be on the home section of this blog, it said it is part of a french themed island. Hope this helps!

  259. Speedy dolphin says:

    Oh you actually can get the handheld phone by doing the Ctrl+shift+R thing too, though you might have to try more than once.

  260. serious spider says:

    Shy monkey, we think the Poptropica Creator’s are planning a new Island and the island seems to be about France.

  261. serious spider says:

    Speedy Dolphin – Actually I thought mine was default because you see lots of shapes in nearly every-ones avatars. But it might be your computer that makes your avatar different. The only ways I know is to change your email adress, in the boxes or sign up for wordpress. :)
    NOTE: If you type a differnt e-mail address, it might turn into a different shape.

    Scary Tomato: Yours is default. I thought Speedy Dolphin’s wasn’t, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

  262. on me and nate that the creaters showed here capton salty was not on there? im confuuzed about that.

    Scary Tomato: The person Cap’n Salty doesn’t appear in the video, but the building does. ;)

  263. Grumpy Wolf says:

    Smarrt Gamer, we don’t know that yet, but I will look forward to that date. ;)

  264. Update the 8th question. Add the rocket themed one and the french themed one.

    Scary Tomato: Thanks. The “rocket-themed one” is the same as the medieval/mechanical island, though. ;)

  265. sorry scary tomato but what is the number for the belt and the sord?

    Scary Tomato: There isn’t a code for that. If you need the list of codes, check this guide:
    http://poptropica.wordpress.com/cool-stuff/cheat-codes/. ;)

  266. sorry last time i cheeked there was but its gone:)scary tomato thank you you rock!

  267. Lucky Flipper says:

    When deleting your cache, does everything you have in icluding other islands get deleted, too?

    Scary Tomato: No, nothing like that. It just helps create more space on your computer or something, so that Poptropica should work better. ;)

  268. How do u get the paw print t-shirt?

    Scary Tomato: Complete the Pink Panther 2 mission. (It’s only temporary, though.) For more information, see this post: http://poptropica.wordpress.com/2009/01/27/another-big-nate-comic-and-pink-panther-2-mission/. ;)

  269. kisskissxxxx says:

    omg they have a new island and its coming this spring!!!

  270. codien is that your real name or just your poptropica name

    Codien: Neither

  271. #61: That’s weird

    You could only change your picture if you have a wordpress account

  272. nervous lizard says:

    Hey Scary Tomato, in multiplayer rooms when I wave my mouse over my poptropican it doesn’t show my battle ranking? Help!!

    Scary Tomato: It might be a glitch on Poptropica, so it’ll probably be fixed soon. Try reading Q-and-A #14 above for help on technical problems. ;)

  273. serious spider says:

    The thing that is happening to Nervous Lizard is happening to me too. Either way that is coincidence or the poptrpoica Creator’s really did remove the battle ranking.

    Scary Tomato: I hope they didn’t really remove our battle ranking!

  274. Scary Tomato,
    Is it true that astro Nights island is going to open before Reality T.V. island? What is Taking Big Nate so long?

    Scary Tomato: We don’t know if it’s opening before or after… yet. :(

  275. serious spider says:

    Relax, ST, I think my computer stuffed up that day. I can see my ranking now.

    Scary Tomato: That’s good to know. :)

  276. chilly thunder I found some what ofa anser on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poptropica it says Astro-Knights
    Astro-Knights will be the ninth island released on Poptropica.[10] The king and queen of the island have been kidnapped and taken somewhere into space. The player must assemble a space vessel and use it to rescue the monarchs. The release of this island is set for Spring 2009 and is planned to come before Reality TV Island.[11]

    Reality TV Island
    Reality TV Island will be the tenth island released on Poptropica

  277. #21 that’s a great idea!

  278. Fearless Paw says:

    Someone above asked for a “Fantasy Island”
    involving a king,queen, and princess. Similar to Astro-Knights Island.

    My point is that it seems that there is a small chance that the Poptropica Creators are viewing this blog.

    What do you think?

    Codien: Maybe they are…
    Scary Tomato: I don’t think they are, but you never know. :P
    Codien: I Hope they are. :D

    • Calm Spinner says:

      They are! One time I was reading the creater’s blog, and they said something about this blog! No joke! It said something about changing formats here.

  279. Perfect Flame says:

    Your site rocks Scary Tomato

  280. kisskissxxxx says:

    where did the music shirts on poptropica come from??i thought that maybe they came from one of those arcades like the disney 1s so i went 2 every island and i did not see them…where did they come from???

  281. Big Nate Island is the one that was after Nabooti Island.How come u put Astro-Kights Island?

    Scary Tomato: Big Nate already came out. ;)

  282. Fearless Paw says:

    kisskissxxxx: The music shirts are of the different new girls outfits. The paragraph on this site about it reads:

    Poptropica has made many new items as informed by katie. These items include many new vests,new shirts, and also new pants for the ladies! There is also a new pink tie. I havent seen any of the new clothing from Poptropica but it seems like they are good!

  283. Grumpy Wolf says:

    Comment #280, I think they look at this blog because that’s why they got rid of the F5 feature. I think it was a close Poptropica Creators’ secret.

  284. Fearless Paw says:

    I have something to say that backs up what I said on Comment #280 and what Grumpy Wolf said on Comment #287.

    Try googling any of the following:

    Poptropica Help
    Poptropica Blog
    Help on Poptropica
    Best Poptropica Blogs
    Blogging Poptropica

    Poptropica Help Blog is always one of the first 3. I could continue naming things you could put in the search engine, but it will take forever to write them.

    So, the Poptropica Creators probably googled one of the above or some term that isn’t here. Then, they clicked on one of the first things they saw to find out what secrets had gotten out, what people thought of poptropica, etc.

    What do you think?

    Scary Tomato: That’s possible. I don’t know for sure, of course. I wish the flying cheat hadn’t been fixed! :D

  285. Where would they put an ad building on Big Nate? I dont c an empty space on Main Street. :???:

    Scary Tomato: For now I don’t know, but we’ll find out when and ad arrives there… ;)

  286. on super power they just added more space but big nate is a cartoon island so it might not have any ads

  287. ALICE COOL says:

    i luv poptropica

  288. Fearless Paw says:

    I’d like to mention a way to get the goofy glasses. Here are the steps:

    1. Take the blimp to Spy Island.
    2. Walk down Main St. until you see Dr. Spyglass’s eyewear. Click “ENTER”.
    3. Walk down the row of dummies until you reach the one at the far right. Click on it.
    4. Click on the goofy glasses. You now have them!!!

  289. Fearless Paw says:

    I have even more proof that Poptropica Creators might be viewing this blog.

    Popfan Comment 97 on the Costumes page asked for white and blue shirts for the girls. Now, there are now vests in that color, which got added only recently.

    Please reply, PHB.

    Scary Tomato: That is possible! I hope they are… :D

    • Fearless Paw says:

      You know? If I was a Creator, I would go to this website, because ALMOST all the other ones are very disorganized. Just saying.

    • spitsy spider says:

      Even stranger, I saw a comment on Legoless’s blog, saying sometihng about wanting a grapple bow for Spy Island. And another commented, that they wanted a laser pen or something which could melt metal. And it really did happen. I’m pretty sure the comment was written back when Spy Island was still not released.

    • Calm Spinner says:

      And once I saw someone say they wanted a laser gun on Astro Knights, and now we have Laser Lances. And that comment was made in May.

  290. My items are all gone when I log in. I have already beaten all the islands except Big Nate. I had a few items in the beginning, but now they are gone. I already tried deleating browsing history but it did not work. Any more suggestions? HELP!!

    Scary Tomato: Did you click “Save and Quit” at the bottom-right corner of the screen just before logging out? Make sure you do! ;)

  291. Yes, I have already clicken ” Save and Quilt” when I just started, but after I got onto Big Nate, it wanted me yo save again and my items from all islands were gone!

    Scary Tomato: You need to click “Save and Quit” every time you leave Poptropica; they don’t automatically save for you. ;)

  292. I have clicken the button every time I leave Poptropica.

  293. Oh man, I really hope Poptropica doesn’t start MEMBERSHIP!!!! AHH!! I never knew that they were planning to until I read your link!

  294. Around poptropica, I see alot of people holding wands. How can you get them and where?

    Scary Tomato: They were from previous advertisement buildings, such as Tinkerbell and Wizards of Waverly Place. It’s not possible to get it at the moment.

  295. my friend said u can costumize the crab on time tangled island.is that true??? :-\

    Scary Tomato: Never was true, and probably never will be. ;)

  296. Hi there! I am Miss. A2. I saw that the sign that says like Astro-knights island is coming on in spring, but it never did, It is almost summer already! So do you know when Astro-knights island is going to open? And do you know when is reality tv island coming on? LOl! thx for answering! :)

    ST: Actually, summer officially starts at around June 21, so AK Island isn’t late yet – but if the Creators don’t speed up, it might get delayed (no offense). Reality TV is coming later this year. We don’t have exact dates for either island yet! ;)

    • Invisible Drummer says:

      Poptropica Help Blog Staff

      I am wondering if you will allow me to answer
      questions on the PHB. Like a little extra help because there’s only four of you. Thank you.

      Invisible Drummer

      ST: Of course you can! You don’t have to be a staff member to help; you can easily reply to people’s comments if they need help. That would be great! :)

  297. Clothes Minded says:

    I’d just like to say to Hollowlog that if she wanted it she could use the character customizer(T-shirt button :D) to get the fairy wand. Thanks!

  298. Clothes Minded says:

    Is Poptropica really going to start membership?! :( I LOVE POPTROPICA! Thanks!

  299. hey scary tomato ur only 12 WOW u seem to know ALOT about poptropica

    ST: Thanks! :P

  300. Clothes Minded says:

    Actually I think it was fixed. it was having problems due to the high “traffic” rate for the new island,AK, early opening. Tomorrow it will open for all, but I think the traffic will have passed by then. :D

  301. Calm Spinner says:

    Clothes Minded: Actually, no, you cannot customize the fairy wand through customizer because it its a hand-held item. And I highly doubt they will start memberships, since the “super-special” outfits turned out to be sold in Poptropica store, as you know, and can be bought with credits.

    Scary Tomato: I love your work and if I’m not aloud to help people like this than :oops: SORRY! And this blog is awesome! :mrgreen:

  302. Fierce Stinker says:

    Hi i am Mimi my poptropica girl is called fierce Stinker

    But did you know where is Binary Bard ??
    Where did Dr.hare go??

    i aam the same age as you and i live in Hong Kong too!!
    I am a girl!!

    Ps you rock your blog!! and i really love this blog!!Dude you rock!!!

    ST: Thanks! To answer your questions, Dr. Hare probably perished in space with his rabbot. Binary Bard may have also died, but nobody’s sure about either one yet. ;)

    • ⚡Purple Sword/Grey Lizard⚡ says:

      The princess said that without the orb, he would be trapped in his fortress forever.

  303. hi! im jack! hey do you know how to get on the ice planet on astro-knights? hmmm?

    • Calm Spinner says:

      I do! First, to get on the planet, lure the space sharks away, by shooting at them and leading them to the black hole.If you need help with the rest, just ask, or read the guide! The guide is on the Island Help page. :wink:

    • anser my kweshtin!

    • Calm Spinner says:

      Here’s how you complete it:

      After you get on, jump from block to block and watch out for the Mechanical Piranha by either ducking (this is the hard way) or jumping really fast. After you go right, climb to the top of the mountain, watching out for the giant snowball. When you find the Blue Knight, who’s name is Sir Garwin, and ask him all of the questions optional until you get a Force Shield. Then, fight the TigerCopper by using the Force Shield to bounce off the snowballs, but not the icicles. The icicles can damage the Force Shield, and when the Force Shield is completely gone, it has to recharge, so when it is, you can’t bounce anything off, so it will mean you got freezed.

      Sorry if this is hard to understand, but there is a guide on the Island Help Page, under Astro Knights, and you can read the Ice Planet Part.

    • Calm Spinner says:

      Oh, and this is probably more welcome on the Astro Knight pages.

  304. Fearless Melon says:

    My cousin and I both have poptropica accounts, and when we both go into the same multiplayer room, I can’t see her character and vice versa. Do you know what’s going on?

    • Neat Whale says:

      Yes. It is because, if there is more than six poptropicans in a room, than the other person will go into a diffrent one. This is why it is so hard to throw parties or meet in poptropica. But I’ve done it a few times… it’s possible. Keep trying!

    • Fearless Melon, think of how many people go on Poptropica at the same time. There are millions of multiplayer rooms. The best way to meet up is through the Multiverse. At least one of you will have to buy it. To send each other the codes, you must do it by instant messaging.
      (texting, phone calls, e-mail, etc.)

  305. Cheerful Claw says:

    Nope. There used to be this little trophy on the map, but not anymore.

  306. um when i do the puzzle on the puzzle door theres always a spot still gray what do I do? thanks Comical Skull

    ST: Follow the guide; it has a diagram to help you complete the puzzle door properly. ;)

  307. Orange Tummy says:

    There is a new advertisement, Disney Bed knobs and Broomsticks

  308. Hunted House Came out!!!

  309. nervous lizard says:

    Heres a guide to haunted house:
    go to the roof and chase the bat with the key until you get the key, then go to the left of the roof and unlock the door go into the house and go right to a ghost cat, the cat will tell you to get 4 treasures. go to the middle and jump on the knights head, and get the axe, then use it on the ice in the freezer, get the ice. then go to the dining room an click on the spider above the witch picture get the broom-stick and take it to the top level. go to the chest and click on it, this is the combination: Far right- up, middle- down, left- up, bottom- left, middle- right, top left, that’s the code.
    then go to the clocks in the bedroom and then click on them, this requires a lot of patience. wait for both clocks to ring at the same time twice then a lamp will appear in the fireplace below, go to the basement where you arrived and fill it with oil. go to the basement again and complete the boiler puzzle, stand on the boiler and float to a shelf to get the poison, go to the cat and then go outside to the angel statue and go down the hole next to it, you win!

  310. How do I change my password?

    Hijuyo: Log on to Poptropica and click on the star icon in the top-right corner. When an interface opens, click on ‘Change Password’ and enter the necessary information. :)

  311. How do i get credits from another account?Beacause i have many credits on my second account and i need to get it to my first account.Please reply.

    Hijuyo: Unfortunately, you can’t transfer Poptropica credits from one account to another. ;)

  312. hey hijuyo, i need a blog author for my blog. would you be interested to join? but keep in mind, it is on blogger. so you might have to make an account on blogger unless you have one (it is very simple! just fill out a username/ pass, email, and i think thats it!). otherwise, if you have any questions, pm me on the PHF chat, or email me.

    Hijuyo: Cool blog, but much as we’d like to join, we are often busy with the PHB and other life matters, so we won’t be able to help much. :(

  313. oh. ok. thanks anyway. :(

  314. Hey when is Counterfeit Island released publicly?

    Hijuyo: January 4th, 2010. ;)

  315. Can I paste a link of your island help page on my website?

  316. Comical Hawk says:

    I love This site a lot it made me want to make one and Hijuyo, im happy your a christian just like me :))

    Hijuyo: Awesome; I’m so glad this is inspiring to you! :)

    • Gentle Sponge says:

      Hey, I’m a Christian too! Maiby someday us Christians could have a meeting in a multiverse room.

  317. Comical Hawk says:

    I figued out how to make you have the name “Name Unknown” Just log in to your account then hit the back button,then hit the forward button and you will show up as “Name Unknown

  318. I think we should go on strike about membership! Lol! :D Why does ever site have to get membership!?!??!

  319. I agree about returning items. We NEED refunds!!!!

    • cleanshark says:

      Yeah. I hated that there were no refunds in the store. Luckily, since I have Membership, sorry I had to rub it in. :( I get every item in the store for free, and every item I got with membership will be removed from my backpack, and I’ll get a refund!

  320. I need help! MY 5 year old loves this game; I don’t know much about it. Anyway, apparently he got pushed into the water at The Docks and we can’t find a way out of the water. Can anyone help, please?! There have been a lot of tears shed over this and I don’t know how to fix it for him!!
    Thank you –

    Hijuyo: If you mean the docks on Counterfeit Island, just swim all the way to the right side until you reach land again. Jump back up to get out of the water and have fun playing! ;)

    • Thanks but I don’t think it is on an island; he is surrounded by tall rock walls and can only go so far left or right. Any other ideas?! And thanks again!

      • Ocean Clover♣ says:

        He probably is on Early Poptropica Island… Also, I think, once, someone, a long time ago. Hmmm… I really don’t know how to solve it, though.

      • Magic Moon says:

        I think that happend to me 2… I dont know how I got out. what island was he last on? OH! try to do the poptransport thingy!!!! There’s a link to it on the right side of the site Hope this help

    • If it’s spy island, swim until he sees wood or a ramp, jump (it may take a few tries), and then jump up avoiding BAD agents.

  321. flyingpie says:

    Why won’t the game let me keep my advertisement cards?

    Hijuyo: Advertisement cards are only available for a limited time. :P

    • Happy Fang says:

      One of my 8 accounts has a bunch of ad cards,about a dozen or more that the ads have come and passed years ago and I still have them!!

      Hijuyo: If you don’t log in for a long time after the advertisements were supposed to be gone, you might be able to keep some.

  322. Ocean Clover♣ says:

    I have a question. On Astro-Kinghts, whenever I enter the Ice Planet, a note pops up and says…
    “We seem to be experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later.”
    And I can never enjoy the iciness of the ice planet! I have AK completed on my main account, but because of this glitch in the system, I can’t complete it on any other of my accounts! I was just trying it on Grumpy Wolf, and I worked really hard to get those space sharks out, and now I have to redo them again because of stupid technical difficulties!!! Has this note ever come up with one of you guys, and if so, how do you get it away?

    • I have some ideas.

      1. check your internet connection.

      2.try it on a different island.

      3.contact the creators.(At the bottom of the poptropica screen is says “contact us”)

  323. After reading you site, Your site is very useful for me .I bookmarked your site!My Home free battery

  324. poptopaica is a fun game i love playing it i play poptopaca when i have free time

  325. Hi guys I have a question. Where do you get the beards aside from the ones in the poptropica store,and the dog costume scary tomato used to have and all the stuff like that.


    Hijuyo: You can either Costumize them from other players if it is possible, or use hacks to get such items that you can’t normally get in the game. ;)

  326. Arrg (me again)

    can u get the real copy cat B4 u can get the clones?

  327. thanks hijuyio

  328. Cool

  329. for first off my character is named hyperhawk on poptropica. i have the pirate hat from the membership deal the creaters had. the time tangled animal mask. the half metal face. the mouth glitch(it makes your mouth move at all times). the suit and tie with a lab coat(on spy island in the spyglasses store). the pharoh belt. the devil wings and tail. a yellow guitar. the grim reaper robe.

  330. Popular Cloud says:

    Please help:

    How do you change your picture next to your name?
    Thanks :D

  331. Popular Cloud: Either make a wordpress account and select your own or use a different email. WordPress lets you pick, dif. email doesn’t. Also I notciced that on Q7 Have doesn’t have the h . :
    You should ave acquired an item called “Warrior Headdress”.

  332. iLikeTheDark says:

    I haven’t come to this site for a REALLY long time, but now I’ve logged in, and to say the truth I preferred the previous theme.
    No problems witht is one, really,but the other one seemed more… friendly.

    Hijuyo: That’s okay, this theme is easy to get used to. And it’s blue like Poptropica. :D

  333. Popular Cloud says:

    Please help:

    I went on Spy Island and I know that I have completed it, but when I went to talk to the people on Main Street, their hair kept disappearing. Please tell me what’s going on!

    Thanks! :D

    Hijuyo: Check to make sure Director D is locked in a cage in headquarters to know you’ve completed the quest! If not, go back and defeat him again, then make sure you save the game. ;)

  334. alyssa the vampire says:

    Poptropica is different!!! If you enter you or your parent’s e-mail, they can give you your password!

  335. Popular Cloud says:

    Hijuyo, I was wondering what do you have to enter on your keyboard to take a picture? (I have a Mac)
    Thanks! :D

    Hijuyo: Command + Shift + 4 for a screenshot. It will be on your Mac’s desktop. ;)

  336. I LOVE POPTROPICA…..i’m thanking the poptropica help team for bringin the news for freeeeeeeee

  337. OK so..i can get to any island, but when i try to go to the next page of the island by clicking “left” or “right” on each side of the screen, it takes me back to the log in screen and wont let me go to any other part of the island than the main part or screen. Can anyone help me?

    Hijuyo: This seems to be a common Poptropica glitch. I’d suggest playing on another computer.

  338. On Friendly Melon I did a glitch that kinda got me a boy gender. =P lol

  339. Ayesha123Play says:

    Everytime I try to enter a room I get “This Room Is Not Available.”
    Why is this?

    Hijuyo: There may be too many people in the room already. Try logging out and logging back in, playing on another computer, or attempting to re-enter the room.

    • Ayesha123Play says:

      Actually I found out something interesting.

      I use Mozilla Firefox and it gives me that message. When I use Internet Explorer it lets me.

      Is there any possible cache, cookies I need to activate in firefox?

      Hijuyo: I’m not sure, but since it works on Internet Explorer for you, then I would suggest just using that.

  340. Whenever i log onto my account, it says: it appears your game data has been lost for this session, Why does it say that and how can i stop it for good?

    Hijuyo: After you are done playing, you should click the “Save and Quit” button in the lower-right corner and click to log out. This will save your progress so data will not be lost.

  341. hey. How long do our comments stay in moderation when we comment on dis site? :D

    Hijuyo: It depends on when your comment was submitted. It could be approved within hours, or maybe a week or so if I’m away/busy. Usually, though, it takes no longer than a day to be moderated. A PHB staffer will read over your comment and decide whether to approve or delete it. ;)

    • Wait, if you choose which comments to approve, then why are some insulting to the site? I remember in the “chat” section, someone named Black Mouse or something kept saying “ur site sucks” and stuff like that. Can’t you delete it?

      Hijuyo: Yes, but chose not to so we could show them how we didn’t appreciate such comments. The person later told us they were sorry they had said such things, so it also serves as a warning to others.

  342. Slia Toronto says:

    When I try to log into my account, I receive a message that reads, “An error while connecting to the Database occurred. Try a bit later.” I have waited about an hour and I still find this message in the corner of my screen. Is there anything else I can do? Or can I only wait and try again later? D:

    Thank you for taking time to read this and possibly answer. I would e-mail the creators but I have often done this with other errors and they never reply.

    Hijuyo: Great Pumpkin Island was just released to the public, so there have been a huge rush of people trying to log in at once, causing Poptropica’s servers to crash. Don’t worry, it’ll probably work fine within a day or so. ;)

  343. when i go on to my account, i go to its the great pumpkin,charlie brown, then i go to the far left or far right it takes me to a different screen. so i click on left or right, and it TAKES ME BACK TO THE TITLE SCREEN EVERY TIME!!!! ITS JUST SO FUSTRATING!!! HOW DO I FIX IT???!!!

    Hijuyo: Try playing on another computer. It sounds like your computer may be having difficulty loading the game.

  344. My credits are disappearing even though I am not purchasing anything. Has anyone ever heard of that happening? Is there any way I can get my credits back? I just joined yesterday and am still trying to figure this all out! :)

    Hijuyo: Credits shouldn’t disappear unless you make a purchase with them. Check your Store items to make sure you haven’t bought anything. Otherwise, it could be a glitch on Poptropica’s part.

  345. Purple Ice says:

    I have a question!! My friend told me that on poptropica you can play the same island more than once on different levels. Is that true?? And can you play multiple levels on an island that you beat before the update? Thanks in advance!!

    Hijuyo: As of right now, it’s not possible to replay islands, though this feature has been rumored.

  346. When is the next island coming.

    Hijuyo: Most of the time we cannot answer this question, but keep checking back on our blog for news if the Poptropica Creators reveal any exact dates.

  347. ♥~CharlotteUsher~♥ says:

    Answer to question 15: People login, then log out, then go back. They get name unknown.

  348. I randomized my poptropican..but how do i put her back to the way she was before?

    Hijuyo: You will have to find the parts of her old costume all over again, unless you already have it saved with the Costume Mirrors item from the Poptropica Store.

  349. guadis102609 says:

    I have a poptropica Membership But forgot my password to log in on my game n i haven’t gotten on in 7 months how do i get my password back n did my account get deleted?

    Hijuyo: Yes, accounts that are inactive for six months are automatically deleted. Since your account doesn’t exist anymore, you probably don’t have the membership anymore.

  350. Victoria R. says:

    How do i get to the stuff i bought on the poptropica store

    Hijuyo: Go to your inventory and at the top, select the category “Store Items” from the dropdown list.

  351. green65543 says:

    Hey, um I really need a guide for cryptids island, so any assistance is good! Thanks!

    Hijuyo: Click here for our Cryptids Guide. We also have guides for other islands on our Island Help page, so check that out if you need to! :)

  352. *~iKawaiiNinja~* says:

    There’s a glitch in my computer. In poptropica, the screen was cut off and I couldn’t see, like the whole place or screen. That;s why in Suerpower Island, I can’t, like, flush down the toilet to beat that sewer man villian person thing. How do you fix it?

    Hijuyo: You may have your browser view zoomed in. Make sure the zoom is at 100% (normal level).

  353. Hey,PHB! I just wanwted to ask,were was the PHB created?I want to use the website you used to create the PHB because the PHB is really cool.

    Hijuyo: This blog is using a blogging platform called WordPress.

  354. Serious Horse says:

    Hi,Hijuyo.I just wanted to know,how did you make your character say:wecome to scary tomato’s weblog on your header on the April fools post? (http://poptropica.wordpress.com/2011/04/02/april-fools/) ?

    Hijuyo: That was made before I knew of the Poptropica dialog font (Creative Block BB; search for the free download if you’d like – typing is a lot faster), so I did it the slow way – taking screenshots of Poptropica speech bubbles and cutting and pasting the letters. x)

  355. I saw this poptropican with a strange kind of gum that turns you into different colors!

    Can you tell me where i can find this color changer gum?

    Hijuyo: This is probably the Wunder Tonic which was released during the Wild West Island sneak preview stages and is no longer available.

  356. Barefoot Sun says:

    Soooooo cool! Everything I want to know about poptropica is what I can find out here!

  357. Nice Cheetah says:

    Hijuyo,I wanted to ask,is it ok if I use your walktroughs?If so,here is how they will look:
    Source: http://www.PoptropicaHelp.Net

    {*The …’s are the walktrough text.}
    Anyways………….what do you say?May I?PLEEEASSSEEEE???????

    Neat Cheetah

    Hijuyo: It’s cool that you find our guides helpful enough to want to share, but we’d prefer if you only posted a link on your website that led to the guides on our website. In other words, the content itself should be viewed on the PHB.

  358. Simple last wish says:

    Hey, i don’t know if this question was aked already, there is just too much stuff to look through. In spy island in poptropica, everytime i want to go to the hair barber place, it just takes forever to load, then logs me out, how do I stop this?

    Hijuyo: For better performance, you might want to try using a different/better computer and making sure the web browser you’re using is updated to its latest version.

  359. Please answer this says:

    Hijuyo,can I please use your guides for my website?I PROMISE to give credit to yall!

    Hijuyo: This question is the second one addressed on the Network FAQs. You can link to our website but may not copy and paste our content on yours.

  360. Simple last wish says:


  361. I made my character small with the grow and shrink ad which isn’t displaying anymore, and now he’s stuck on small. How do I get my character regular-sized again?

    Hijuyo: Try using the ‘Minimizer’ item from the Poptropica Store to shrink and unshrink your character.

  362. dear poptropica owners
    a long time ago there was a cool feature that made you big and small. i turned on big and left it on big.so now the feature has gone away and im stuk with being big. so i cant complet river stiks on mytholygy island i am sad . help me get big again.

    Hijuyo: First of all let me correct some mistakes – we are not the Poptropica owners, the river is named Styx, and I think you want to get small again, not big. With that said, you can use the Minimizer item from the Poptropica Store to make your character’s size significantly smaller.

  363. Perfect Jumper says:

    Um… Hijuyo? I don’t have this problem anymore, but when I had the regular Internet Explorer, and went through the areas that have advertisements on signs, I would get logged out and taken to the main page that has the “New Player” and “Returning Player” buttons. When my mom switched to the Mozilla Firefox browser, I didn’t have this problem anymore. Why was this happening?

    Hijuyo: Maybe your Internet Explorer wasn’t updated to its latest version, which could cause problems when browsing the web. It is always recommended that you update your web browser whenever there is a new version.

  364. I recently updated my flashplayer and now poptropica will not let me log in.
    I cannot even create a new character. I get an oops page that I have to right-click on to resolve the problem, but that is not helping.

    Hijuyo: Updating usually makes things better, so the problem probably isn’t your flashplayer. Maybe try playing on a different computer or using a different web browser updated to its latest version.

  365. I bought a bobblehead from the poptropica store. It was fun for a while, but then I tried to take it off, and it wouldn’t get off! So, I deleted the card, thinking that it would get rid of the bobblehead, but it didn’t, so I tried to buy the card back, but it wouldn’t let me. It’s getting really old, and really annoying! Do you know a way to take it off?

    Hijuyo: Go to your Store Items in your inventory and select the “Turn all special effects off” button at the bottom of the screen.

  366. i hate it how sometimes parents won’t let you do stuff like give an email for a game. and i have a question… i have 500 credits but it still says i have to buy 500 credits. but to get a membership you only need 500 credits. so i’m confused.

    Hijuyo: Maybe you can ask them to let you have your own email address. Also, you never “have to” buy credits. Membership cannot be bought with credits, only real money. They are just extras in the game.


    I think I”m the only one here who has NO IDEA how to take a screenshot! Can you explain it? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaase?

    • On Windows, use the ‘Print Screen’ button (usually labeled PrtScn) and then ‘Paste’ (Ctrl+V) onto an image editing program (eg. MS Paint). Then Save (Ctrl+S) to your computer. On a Mac, press the Command+Shift+3 (or 4 instead of 3 if you want to crop first) keys together and look for it on your desktop.

  368. Sam Smith says:

    I am playing shrinkray island and think there is a program bug. I was under cjs bed and logged off. The next time I logged in my character ran to the left and tried to push the fan. I had no control over my character. I can’t get him to go the other direction, or to jump or anything. My mouse pointer was on loading/saving turning round and round symble. Please help me! I have enen tried logging out and back in and still no control over charater.
    Thank you!

    Hijuyo: Sounds like a stuck location. You should try using the PopTransport tool (click here) to try and teleport away to another location, where you will be able to control your character.

  369. I am running Vista with Firefox 5. When I visit this website: http://www.poptropica.com using Firefox, and select a character and try to enter the game, I get a message saying: sorry, but it appears that your game data has been lost for this session…. It then goes on to give instructions on how to reset the Local Storage Setting for Flash ( setting it to ask for permission to store data). Howerve, after following the instructions and reloading the page, I get the same error message. When I use Internet Explorer, Flash always asks for permission to store data on the computer, and after allowing it to do so, I can play the game.

    But with Firefox, it never displays the box to ask permission to store data, and I cannot play the game. What can be wrong??


    • popstarfanz101 says:

      Maybe there is something wrong with Firefox or your computer. Ask family of friends if they can check out what.

  370. meeeeeee says:

    my first time on poptropica and i already don’t know what to do???????
    i am making my poptropican and every time i move her the eyes keep half closing and i don’t know wat 2 do (note this happenseven when i make the eyes open while standing that is)

    • I think that’s supposed to happen (isn’t there an option to have your Poptropican’s eyes half-closed all the time?). And what do you mean by “when i make the eyes open while standing”?


    HELP! My poptrpican can’t get off her horse. She can’t travel onto the hot air bloloon/blimp thingy because the horse is too heavy. The tired passenger tells me my poptropican needs a horse to deliver the messenge, but I ALREADY HAVE ONE!? And my follower animal thingy is stuck flying near the greeting sign of Wild West Island. ANY IDEAS!? I already tried to refresh the page again, but it still won’t work!

  372. i was on shrink ray island and got up to where the fan was.Then i made it go down and turned it on then i saved my game because i had to leave. I went on later and i was on the other side of the fan and i could not get back over the other side to continue or exit the island.so what can i do to get back and the boloon wass on the other side please can you answer and tell me a way i can try.

    • popstarfanz101 says:

      Look for where my question was answered on how to get back to the beginning of an island instead of restarting it. That should help!

  373. To maddy: Go next to the lamp, turn the heat up, and when you go back to the room, knock over the trash can and jump on the floating trash, over the bed, and over the fan. You are not required to do this untill later, but my character was in the same situation, and I found it neccasary.

    • i wasnt upto that bit yet though it was erlyer in the game when you have to get the usb thing from under the bed

  374. To: Maddy
    I know, but if you follow my instructions, you should be able to get over the fan, start it, and retrieve the flush drive. Even though that is a later step, I had to do the same thing, when I couldn’t retrieve the flush drive. :) Hope this helped!

  375. My friend’s Poptropican went crazy! We were together, working on his account. When we where in the kitchen in Shrink Ray island, a warning popped up, and then his guy started thrashing and kicking randomly and no matter where we clicked he wouldn’t stop! Then he pulled out the handcuffs from Super Power island and started hitting himself! And after that he took out a sword and knocked himself down! For a second ther were crosses over his eyes,and then he jumped up and started all over again. I know it sounds crazy, but I promise that it’s true! I’ve got videos on my phone to prove it. Now my friend is too scared to go on Poptropica anymore! PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  376. If during a game in poptropica u click the red x to close the windows internet without logging out will your account be deleted????because for some reason mine did i accidentally clicked an x and then tried to loggin again but it says my username doesn’t exist………………………………i know for sure that i type evrything correctly because when i made the account i wrote down my username and password……………………………………please help!!!!!!!!!!!

  377. marielee says:

    hi. when i created my poptropica i didn’t look at the screen name i choose and wanted to know if i can some how change the screen name

    Hijuyo: You can’t, but if you want a different one you’re welcome to make another account.

  378. Can I move my saved game to another computer? When I log into another computer it says I don’t have anything saved.

    Hijuyo: If you have a game saved with a username and password, it should work on any computer you enter it on.

  379. so annoyed says:

    there is something wrong with my wildwest island!!! the bank is always there!! i am up to where you come from the underground place (there is a cow so random) could u please tell me how to make the bank blow up? i know its not possible but el mustachio won’t blow it up!!!

  380. OOPS!
    Sorry but it appears that your game data has been lost for this session!Please try returning to the home page ad logging in again. To prevent this error from happening again, try the following the steps below:

    1)Right click in this window and select settings. (global settings or just settings????)
    2)go to local storage tab (folder icon) (not there…)
    3)make sure never ask again is NOT checked and move the storage size slider to 100KB or higher. (what???????????)
    4)click close and try logging in from the home page.(……….)
    BACK TO HOME PAGE(this is inside a blue box)
    **if you’d like to RESET your game session data and continue playing as a new character, please select your gender below and we’ll create a new look for you. (I’ve tried this and the box just pops up again)
    BOY(in box) GIRL (in box)
    (All My PCs are showing this including my New Windows 7 Brandnew Laptop.

  381. If you are not a member on poptropica, can you still wear the costumes that you buy?

    Hijuyo: Yes, you can.

  382. Will there ever be music on poptropica!?!

    Hijuyo: There are already some music/sound effects found in Poptropica, like in the piano mini game on Great Pumpkin Island.

  383. i cant seem to finish an island so i want to leave and go to a different island but will i have to start over the island i left then? cuz im at the last stage and it was very hard to get there and to get to the blimp ill have to leave. Is it possible to continue at the same place?

  384. troubledH says:

    Why can’t I enter multiplayer rooms? :(((((((


  386. i tried saving my game but it came up that an error had occurred and that i should try again later ……… i have tried several times later over the past couple of days but it still doesn’t work does anyone know how to fix it ?

  387. Larry Winer says:

    As of the past couple of days my daughter is having problems logging into Poptropica using Safari with Parental Controls turned on. When I turn off Parental Controls (not a good solution for us) then it works fine. When turned on I get the message “Adobe Flash was unable to establish a connection to Poptropica. Please try again or try a different browser.” I have tried various items in the “Allow access” section of the Parental Controls, but nothing it working other than turning off Parental Controls completely.

  388. How come some items in the Poptropica store don’t stay there forever? Like the Time Freeze and the Holiday Ball? Or other member items that are gold cards such as the Steamworks Mech Pilot?

    • I say there could be any reason. Perhaps they wanted room for more items. Or maybe the items for there for something new but they decided to get rid of them. I also say that if your having troubles with that, you should just try to get it while it’s there. Okay?

  389. Got it fixed. Thanks

  390. Why didn’ t Poptropica release Monster Carnival Island? Did they think it would be too scary for some of the users?

  391. ComicalEel says:

    For some reason on ‘legendary swords’ whenever I press the space bar nothing happens and when I use a sword I bought is the shop the sword just gets lifted but that has no effect someone PLEASE HELP ME!

  392. Hi I love Poptropica and I hve recently been playing the Shrink Ray Island mini game. And I won like the pack of crayons where you can change the colour of your poptropican. So i used it had some fun but now i can’t go back to normal!!! Whats happening?

  393. Rachel, go to one of the first Poptropica Islands. (I think it’s Early Poptropica) and walk around until you find the balloon stand. Clicking on the balloons will change the color of your skin, and I think the default skin tone is on there. :) Hope this helped!

  394. i cant see any other players, i was chatting with my friend on the phone, and she told me to meet her at some place in wimpy wonderland, and she said she was siting on the couch, as was i, BUT SHE COULDN’T SEE ME AND I COULDN’T SEE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have no idea if its my computer or the website is having problems…but i really want it fixed, i dont care what i need to do, to do it.

    • Gentle Sponge says:

      You can only see each other in multiplayer rooms. I call them chat rooms.

      • Yeah.Only meet her in a common room.If she’s not there,go back outside,and come back in.Hopefully at one point you’ll see her!!!!:)

  395. I’m new to iMac, and my son desperately wants to play Poptropica.
    Please don’t laugh…..but….
    How in the Bloody Blue Blazes can I download Poptropica to my new Mac 21″.
    I am all thumbs at this…please help…for the kids!!

    Hijuyo: You don’t download Poptropica. You just need to have an internet connection (and since you’re here, that means you do), and go on the Poptropica.com website.

  396. maggiemoo says:

    Okay guys so I’ve been having a problem on Poptopica lately and really want your help! So i’m on shrink ray island and i am in the girl’s house, shrunken. but i’m stuck! im in her bed area and where the tipped over trash can is. But it won’t let me go to the left cuz the fan is all the way down and i can’t get over it to press the button. and it won’t let me go to the right just cuz im not supposed to yet. and i can’t get on the bed. It won’t let me to that either. Also one last thing: i am aware that there is an air vent but when I click on it it say i can’t do anything with it yet. So how do i get out!? i can’t reach my balloon to go to another island so im completely stuck! is anyone else having this problem? Can you help me? Thx sooooo much!

    • Alyssa AKA Muddy Ice says:

      Ok so press the home button and there should be a island like vampires curse click on it and then go back there and you will be in her bed room not stuck good luck!

  397. I was wondering if you could make a new island about werewolves and in the island you get bitten by on and at night you turn into a werewolf and you can controle the time with a metter that says night/day.

  398. CleanWhaleAsItIs says:

    Hi. I can’t battle or chat the people in the multiplayer rooms. Why?
    I am Clean Whale.

  399. CleanWhaleAsItIs says:

    I can’t chat or battle in multiplayer rooms. Why?
    I am Clean Whale.

  400. hi

  401. I am a college student who plays Poptropica with my little sister, and we have been playing together for over a year now. Recently, I have been getting the error message “Adobe Flash was unable to establish a connection to Poptropica. Please try again or try a different browser.” My computer is relatively new, but Poptropica has worked on my computer before and I have no parental controls on my computer. What can I do?

  402. Anonymous says:

    will the account be closed when you are 16

  403. That’s not true. I started my account three years ago at “15”, and it’s still active.

  404. I’m trying to log onto poptropica but a little error message keeps popping up saying to right click and change your local storage amount to 100 kb or higher but I have an apple computer and when I right-click, nothing like that comes up… Help!

  405. i am getting a message -adobe flash was unable to establish a connection
    if i try to login, if i make a new acctount it works and if i login on my laptop it works – i have tried using IE , chrome, and firefox and get the same message on all – all my plugins are updated

  406. Gentle Sponge says:

    Can you make a Pixie world where you actually get to be a fairy? I just LOVE fairies.

  407. How many accounts can you have per computer?

    Hijuyo: The limit does not exist. :)

  408. The last time I played my poptropica account was about a year or two and it’s still there dosent it take 6months to delete an account? Why is my old poptropica account still there?

  409. Jesse Weaver says:

    When I try to make a new account, I can never get any of the places you can go to load. I have tried multiple times over and over trying to change this. I do not know how to fix this and I am sure other people are having this problem too.

  410. YELLOW RUNNER says:

    i want to know cheats on astro-knight island.can anybody help me ?

  411. my bottle cap is not going the right way on sos island even if i aim

    • I know. That happened to me too. You have to aim it carefully. I eventually got it so I think you’ll be able too.

  412. Alyssa AKA Muddy Ice says:

    On Twisted Thicket how do you get across those bats? 1st bats at the begining???????????????????

  413. Lillian Webster says:

    Ok, so I need help. I have been an active Poptropica-player for a few years now. And I go on every so often to complete a newly opened island. Yesterday, I went in to Poptropica to play Vampire Curse, except there was a problem. I signed in with my username and password, and then the site directed me to a page that asked me to sign up for Poptropica. Then, when I wouldn’t accept that, it said that my ‘game data had been lost for this session, please try logging in again.’ So I did. On my laptop, and desktop. Didn’t work. I tried this morning, afternoon, and night, and it still does the same thing. I want to keep playing on that account, because I’ve completed the most islands on it. Can someone help?

    • popstarfanz101 says:

      Oh gee. I think your stuck there unless there is a customer service sight for poptropica. If there isn’t, you probably have to get a new account.

  414. I don’t like having to start over on islands after I’ve already completed them. How do I get to the blimp when I’m all the way over to somewhere else without starting over on the island?

    • the fastest way ive found is to oped your back pack and click a mini island, travel to it and once there leave, making the map appear.

  415. I wonder: If you can give the potropica owners ideas for islands just by doing this.

  416. On Astro Knights island I’m stuck on where you have to ride the unicorn. Anyone have some kind of strategy to that or something?

  417. You know,when I found out they were making S.O.S Island I thought they were doing an island about the Titanic!!!

    • popstarfanz101 says:

      Dear James,
      LOL!!! You’re SO funny!!!
      I don’t know why but when I heard they were making S.O.S island I thought it was going to be about a mystery. Kind of like Counterfeit island. I love mysteries. I’m going to be a detective when I reach college. I can’t wait!!

      • Actually, the island is based on the book “Moby Dick”. Not that I read the book, I read Dork Diaries 4: Tales from a not so graceful ice princess! But the photo where you save the whale boy’s caption says “Call me, Ismael”, Which is the first sentence in the book. The boat is called “Pequod” or something like that,and the captain and whale are enemies. :-)

  418. what to do if poptropica says adobe flash was unable to establish a connection to poptropica

    • popstarfanz101 says:

      Dear jo,
      I had that same problem on the computer I’m using to post this. You can either click that to download it or if you have another computer, try using that.
      Hope this Helps!!!

  419. Kayla (small tomato) says:

    it won’t let me go in the windows in wimpy wonderland. i tried everything. what do i do?

  420. It keeps on saying there’s something wrong with my adobe! How do I contact the creators?

  421. justadoo444 says:

    I’ve seen the newest post to tell what Poptropolis tribe you’re going to join in the Sidebar. What is the Sidebar?

    Hijuyo: The Poptropica Creators’ Blog’s sidebar is the blue vertical division on the left, where it contains said poll and links to more Poptropica content. :)

  422. how do you add friends on poptropica friends?

    • popstarfanz101 says:

      well, you need to like click on your poptropica person’s head on the top of your poptropica screen. Then, you need to click this sign: +

  423. Dangerous Berry (Ivy.City) says:

    I need some help D:
    I went into the tron mini world and it put the tron suit on my character I took it off and my character is male now. I cant costumize any female items and when I went to the shop all the female costumes were replaced with male ones.

  424. Dad of Two Players says:

    My kids use poptropica. One son finds, in both IE and Chrome, that Flash freezes up and you get a script message so he can’t play after logging in. However, I have one son with no problems in the same browser using his own account. Any idea how one account behaves one way and the other behaves another way?

    Hijuyo: Are they using the same computer? If not, use the one that it works best on. If they already are, maybe it’s an issue with the account – perhaps try another one? Or try another browser, such as Firefox or Safari.

  425. poptroica updated their site, and i can no longer see which islands i have completed. this is frustrating it used to be under the store link on the website but is no longer there. :( help

    Hijuyo: This info can now be found in your profile, which is in the Friends section.

  426. Golden Sponge says:

    Scary Tomato isent your walkthroghs Cheating?
    Forever and alway
    Golden sponge

    Hijuyo: Walkthroughs are for when you’re stuck on an island and need help on what to do. You don’t have to use them unless you want to. Poptropica itself even makes their own guides on an app.

  427. popstarfanz101 says:

    Just because I haven’t been on my poptropoica account, I can’t remember my password. Isn’t there someway to access the account again?!

    Hijuyo: Only if you had an email attached to the account – you may be able to reset your password via email.

  428. I want to download Poptropica for my other computer ince it wont connect to the internet. I there a link to get it? Please!

    Friend me: jellybeanskittlez

    Also am stuck on the end of counterfeit island and I cant win! I keep loing the painting and i cant get the strange guy up high enough!

    • Tania Muro says:

      just catch the paintings.when black widow gets mad(when she turns red)that gives u a few seconds to lift the guy up.keep doin that and you will win

  429. Cuddly Sponge says:

    On Counterfeit Island I got the medallion and when I go to all my medallions it has a sign that says “und” and it doesnt count on all of them I have done?

  430. Tania Muro says:

    On an island i went in the advertisement of tron:uprising.i was a girl when i came in.But when i finished playing the advertisement it changed me into a boy!My skin turned white my hair black and curl.What should I do!!??Please dont try 2 email me.i cant seem to log on

  431. cleanshark says:

    I have a question Hijuyo, how in the world did you upload images from the Creator’s Blog? I want to know how to do that!

    Hijuyo: You can copy and paste them into posts or upload them via their image link. If you have more blogging questions, please look it up elsewhere – this is a Poptropica blog.

  432. charlotte brown says:

    I was once in a common room and copied a cool musket off of another character. The musket was exactly like the one lewis had in time tangled island. I lost it and until this day am trying to get it back. Can you help me with that?

    • popstarfanz101 says:

      Dear charlotte brown,
      Maybe if you try going to Time Tangled island you’ll find it. If you can’t, you better complete the island. If you do that and look closely enough for Lewis, surely you’ll find it.
      Hope this helps!!!

  433. Hey I have a question, when I play on google chrome and only chrome, the sides of the game (where the ads are) turn into the game?

    Slanted Fish: I don’t think it’s about whether you’re using Chrome, but the side ads don’t always appear on every page.

    • popstarfanz101 says:

      Dear Sydney,
      I know how that happens cause it happens to me every time.
      Sometimes either your computer is trying to find out what to load or
      the ads won’t show up so it shows that instead. Hope this Helps!!

  434. dotti11(Bendy Typhoon) says:

    My character is stuck in Twisted Thicket and trying to push something and I am unable to do anything or even move. I tried to use PopTransport but there isn’t an option to go to Twist Thicket. Help!

    Slanted Fish: Unfortunately, since it’s not an option, you might want to try going to another island, then coming back to Twisted Thicket.

    • popstarfanz101 says:

      Dear dotti11,
      Wow!!! Yikes!!!! Try clicking restart island. I know it will start the whole island over. But that’s probably your only option.
      HOPE this helps!!!

  435. i am still logged in to my account yet i forgot my username. how to figure it out before logging out

    Slanted Fish: As of now, I don’t think you can. If you added any friends, try asking them if they remember what your username was when they added you.

  436. las vegas should be the next theme for an island………my username is emory522

  437. ya ur right about da multiplayer one because im tried sooooo many times and won sooooo many times, but i haven’t yet gotten 5 stars yet. ive won more than ten times, and i am STILL at the end of four stars

  438. Maroon Lightning says:

    YA TOTALLY im still on battle ranking four and ive been working so hard. i think im never gonna get tp battle ranking of five. >.<

  439. Young Tiger says:

    i got a poptropica game card and put in the code correctly. but when i pressed enter for it to go through it said unable to go to host. And when i went to the page after i clicked Get Membership it said. Sorry there is an RMS erroe no transactions going through. Please Help!!!!

  440. how do u get the ball in the hole in the game in wimpy boardwalk in poptropica?

  441. are common rooms multiplayer rooms??????????????:) just wondering
    and i was wondering why i can’t log on and i’ve been playing for ever i have not played for like 2 months but just got back on just wondering:):):):):)!!!!

  442. also when I go to create a new charecter they don’t even have me create a password or a username it’s wierd then i can’t play with my charecter again:(:(??? why is that????????

    Shaggy: The reason behind why that happens is because you haven’t saved your character yet. To save, click the “Save” button in the bottom-right corner. ;)

  443. HELP! I can’t log in to my Poptropica account on my computer anymore. Nobody can log in to their account on my computer. I can get on to the Poptropica site, but when I try to log in it says that Adobe Flash was unable to establish a connection and everything. I can log in to my account on other computers and poptropica used to work on my computer. I really need help I don’t know what to do!

  444. hey! does anybody know where i can get the “i ate a shark” shirt? i have been looking for it EVERYWHERE! Help please!

  445. popstarfanz101 says:

    Poptropica isnt loading!! Help!!

    • dangerous tummy says:

      How do you figure out what the bones are supposed on mythology island. the riddle was 15 bones of acient men take back six but still leave ten?

      • Remove 3 bones (left, bottom, right) from the first group of 5 bones, leaving 2 that form a T.
        Take away 1 bone (right) from the second group, leaving 5 that form an E.
        Take away 2 bones from the third group (top, bottom) to leave 3 that form an N.

    • Tania Muro says:

      its probably just ur computer

  446. Tania Muro says:

    help!i was playing poptropica until i decided to go i the tron ad.I WENT IN AS A GIRL BUT WHEN I CAME BACK OUT I WAS A BOY!what do i do?

  447. On Poptropica I get on my blimp and click travel but I stay there. What should I do? Do I have to finish the island or something?

    • You don’t have to finish the island to leave it. When you climb up the rope to the blimp and click travel, it should take you to the map, where you can choose another island to go to.

  448. er, I’m sort of stuck in Cryptids >.<
    There's a glitch I think, and like, on the far right side of the island, by Mews' mansion, there's that river, and somehow, I got stuck in there, and I can't get out, because it's too high to reach, and it won't let me go left…how do I fix this? o/o

    • popstarfanz101 says:

      Wow! I’ve finished that island and never had any trouble with what you are. I don’t understand how that could have happened to you.
      Maybe you should contact Poptropica Customer Service if there is one.

  449. OPHI know right.

  450. popstarfanz101 says:

    Doesn’t everyone hate it when you get stuck in the middle of an island and you can’t get back to the blimp without clicking restart island?

  451. popstarfanz101 says:

    How come some of the people who are leaving comments have bolder writing? Help!!!!

    Slanted Fish: Staff on this blog can edit comments, like what I’m doing here, so we write in bold to distinctly show our reply.

  452. Hi, I’m Red Lizard. I’m new to Poptropica.com. I find this blog helpful. Thanks.

  453. Maroon Lightning says:

    HELP!!! whenever my person walks, runs or jumps, there’s an orange dot with black outling in my person’s hand! it will not go away! how do i get rid of it?!

  454. when i get on poptropica it will not save i do not have an account but it wont let me make one what flash player plugin do i need to get

    Slanted Fish: You’ll probably need the latest version of Adobe Flash. You can download it from the Adobe website.

  455. I like Poptropica(r) sor far cause I am a new joiner, but everytime I try to save my stuff, like, when I make my new username and password, it always says ” An error while connecting to the database occured. Try a bit later”. I always try later, but still the same thing. Can someone please help me with this? I have a Windows 7 computer…

  456. So far, I’ve captured Betty Jetty, Copy Cat, Speedy Spike and Ratman. :)

  457. I hve capturd every1 excpt forr Betty Jettty I was rong on my otha commnt :\

  458. Rainbow Star says:

    Hi its me Rainbow Bird! I was wondering how do you get rid of your poptropica account because I have one I barely used and I don’t want it anymore.
    User: RainbowBird13

    Slanted Fish: You can’t delete your Poptropica account. If you don’t want it anymore, just don’t go on it. :P

  459. I cant log in to poptropica it keeps on saying “error” can someone help!!!

  460. I seem to be having a problem with poptropolis games. when I got to the power lifting, it won’t show the little meter with the moving target. I just stand there, I don’t even have the weight in my hands!!!

    Please help,
    Spotted Wolf

    (Yes, after many years of thinking, I FINALLY figured out my real name. Spotted Wolf. ;-))

  461. Help! i’v completed S.O.S island and when he was giving me the medallion it froze, so i logged out then logged back in. When i clicked on inventory it says i do not have the medallion but when i click on people it says i have already finished the island.

    • You can try talking to the captain again to see if he’ll give you the medallion, and check your profile to see if the medallion for SOS Island shows up in the display of how many medallions you’ve earned. If it does, it’s just a glitch that it doesn’t show up in your inventory even though you have beaten the island.

  462. i’ve been trying to get on my account and login in but it said Adobe Flash wasn’t able to establish a connection and other stuff so what shpuld i do fools?

    Slanted Fish: Update your Adobe Flash player and watch who you’re calling fools…

  463. great issues altogether, you just received a emblem new reader.
    What might you recommend in regards to your submit that you simply
    made a few days in the past? Any positive?

  464. Something just happened…

    I logged off wearing a white sash and a hotdog.
    I logged on wearing a ghost story medallion and a time freeze clock.
    Why did this happen!?!?!?!!?!?

    Slanted Fish: It could either be a glitch or you logged into a different account?

    • Fearless Heart says:

      No. It was my account. Hmmm… well I did have time freeze and the medallion in my inventory, but why do you think they could have been on me!?!?!?!

  465. Fast Sinker says:

    Sometimes when I’m in a common room, a little star appears out of my head. What does that mean?

  466. One of my friends has this really cool pink and green hair style, but I can’t find it in costumes and it won’t highlight so I think it’s from one of those advertisement game prizes, but I’m wondering if there’s some kind of code or cheat I could use to get it?

    • I think the hairstyle you’re referring to is the one of Venus from Monster High. It’s from a retired advertisement building, but you can access it with the Poptropica Ad Transporter tool (click here) – scroll down and select Monster High Party: Venus.

  467. Blue Peanut says:

    Thank you!! i did it now!!

  468. Blue Shell says:

    I know someone already asked this, but nowadays, they got rid of the poptropica “minimizer” feature. So, I’m stuck being big, your answer is no longer valid, and I don’t know how to turn back small again. Please help.

  469. hi lone hawk here does anyone know the code for medusa and lightining knight in optropica ds

    • The code is different for each game that is purchased, and it can only be used once. It would be unlikely that someone who paid money for the video game would just give away their code.

  470. Blue Melon says:

    On poptropica, I was able to change my clothes. But when I try to change my clothes it loads for a long time. Please help!

  471. Greedy Pear says:

    My customizer doesn’t work. It worked 2 times, then when i tried to do it again it just said loading and I couldn’t quit out of it, so I had to exit the game completely, quitting out of the browser. i tried again and it didn’t work and whenever I try to do the customizer, the customizer window pops up and says “Loading” and it just stays like that forever until I quit out of the browser.

  472. Perfect Fish says:

    i reset time tangled island but all i got was a blue screen like the sky and a down direction arrow. my character isn’t visible anywhere and i can’t leave. can anyone help?

  473. Perfect Fish says:

    oh wait my character was just falling through the sky and finally landed. is that supposed to happen?

  474. Perfect Fish says:

    my island medallion didn’t come back. is this normal for a restart?

  475. Rainbow Star says:

    What if you have a poptropica account that you want to donate because I have one and I think it would be nice to let someone have it. Hey Slanted Fish you should make a page specifically for letting people give unwanted acounts away. ;)

    • Sorry, but since people can change passwords, it probably won’t work very well. People might also just take the account without saying thanks. If you don’t want to play with your account anymore, just leave it be – you never know if you’ll want to return to it one day! :P

  476. I saw someone with pink and green hair in a common room but couldnt customize it, and it also wasn’t in the store! How can I get it?

    • I did answer this question already but here it is again: I think the hairstyle you’re referring to is the one of Venus from Monster High. It’s from a retired advertisement building, but you can access it with the Poptropica Ad Transporter tool (click here) – scroll down and select Monster High Party: Venus.

  477. What are you talking about?

  478. Brian Gagnon says:

    How do you get a musket belt for a pirate on Poptropica? Can someone please help me? I’m trying to make an awesome pirate costume but I need this one last item.

  479. Young Shield says:

    Hi. I have a question regarding my avatar’s costume. Where can i get a black suit with a blue tie? If anyone knows, pls. reply. Advanced thanks!!!

  480. yeah slanted fish i agree with you :)

  481. Lucky Moon says:

    Sometimes when I enter a common room, my poptropican will sparkle. What is this?

    • Fearless Rock says:

      It’s just a common glitch. The “Sparkling” effect is a member item retrieved from the snow globe in the Shrink island Shrink shot. Apparently a member or a former-member as put this item on, to every user it’s different, the sparkles end up in them!

  482. Curious Spinner says:

    I need help. My poptropican always follows my mouse. Even when I’m not clicking the mouse button? I keep on falling in “Vampire Curse Island,” because of the fact that my poptropican follows the arrow when it changes the screen to Count Bram. Then I fall off the towers and ledges and I have to try again. What should I do?

    • try signing out, and then sign back in. once you try that, if it’s still acting up, reload the page once more. if it’s still not working, contact poptropica and request a search for glitches.

  483. cats r awesome says:

    hello. i have a cat costume! you can customize it from me. my username is qwertyuiop46636. add me!

  484. raykawolf says:

    I know how to hold black juice cup AND how to get cat whiskers and ears.
    To get the juice, go and fill up your cup all white at the ice cold drinks station. While you are drinking press Ctrl/Command Shift and S. The mouse should be swirling, so click the back button and you’ll be holding a cup of black juice.
    As for the cat…
    Click on the cat and then click on friends immediately. Click on the first friend and scroll to the right for a long time until you cannot see them anymore—you have to pass at least five people. Then, you click on the little blue customizing shirt next to the trash can and plus icon, and a standing cat will appear! You can customize the ears and whiskers, but sadly nothing else, like the tail:(

  485. Most of the time, when I go to customize, it won’t load and I have to refresh the page because it won’t let me hit cancel or accept either. I’ve gotten it to work a couple times, but I’m trying to use the porter costume and doesn’t work. Help!!!

  486. Purple Rhomb says:

    I’ve been wondering,why can’t I play “Poptropolis Games” Island in 2013?I try to open it,but it’s blocked….

  487. Quiet Moon says:

    I’m having trouble opening Poptropica, whenever I try to open anything beginning with http://www.poptropica.com/ it will redirect me to an error page. I’m unable to get on the membership page, and the main site although my computer is working except for those sites. Can somebody tell me what’s wrong and how to fix it?

  488. Popularcrown says:

    Where can i sign up for the staff?

    Slanted Fish: Please refer to the first FAQ on this page.

  489. you know there is a way to change your name? when you first make an account, click ‘change all’ and it’ll give you a new character. I usually just click that a bunch of times until I get a name I like,then customize my character from there :)

  490. Billy-Bobjunior says:

    i brought a game card for a membership but it keeps says come back later what should i do.

    Slanted Fish: It may be a glitch; try contacting Poptropica about it.

  491. I_am_a_one_directioner_4eva!!!!!!! (Niall is awesome!!!!!!!) says:

    I have a question. I completed 24 carrot island a while ago and now it has colour and I have to do it again but I still have the medal. Are all the islands eventually going to upgrade to the newer version of poptropica and will I have to do them again?

  492. How can I get to the rat guy? My character’s a girl and it’s not letting me into the Mens’ Bathroom (which is where the Rat Cave is). What do I do? {{{Super Power Island}}}

    • The entrance to the sewers is available in whichever bathroom you’re allowed to enter (the girls’ one in your case). Check out our Super Power Island Guide if you need more help! :)

    • The girls’ bathroom is usually the one that works. Once you get there, you must enter the seaward and then go in different places inside and click on the wheels. The wheels will change the height of the water and allow you to step onto certain platforms and keep pressing wheels until eventually you are brought to an entrance. Go inside and you will find the rat man.

  493. You can change your poptropican’s entire look with three presses! It is a glitch, and it’s awesome! I consider it “The Poptropica Look Generator”. Hold down “command” on a mac or on a PC hold down “Ctrl” and shift, and r. Have fun with your new look! (do this multiple times until you find the look you favorite)

  494. on shrink ray island when i’m about to be launched into the window it says “jumping off this book ramp would fly me through the window. i would need a pretty good reason to do this crazy thing” IM SOOOOOO FRUSTRATED!!!!! HEEELP MEEE!!!!

  495. I’m playing on Virus Hunter Island and I was fighting a boss in the brain center last night and it was getting late and so I quit for the night and I finish the boss in the morning and… NOW I CAN’T LEAVE THE BRAIN! HELP. The nerve thingy that you shock to open passage way is on the OTHER SIDE. Any help would be great..

    Slanted Fish: Try contacting Poptropica about it!

  496. silly glove says:

    How can I ask the creators if they can make The Hunger Games Island?

  497. when I go down say like a hole it takes me somewhere else like on spy island I cant finish it cause with the eye glasses shop when he tells me to go up stairs it just keeps me down stairs even when I go upstairs and go into that room do you know how to change that?

    Slanted Fish: Not sure what you mean, but check out our Spy Island Guide for help. If it’s a glitch, contact Poptropica.

  498. The items that I am getting from promo codes aren’t showing up in my shop inventory! Help?

  499. in shrink ray island i was up to the part when you have to drive the car out the window but when i tried to put the battery in the car it wouldn’t let me is there a glitch or something please help

  500. Hey, i just made an poptropica account and ..i don’t really know what to do except walk around and chat. May you please help me?

    • Each island has its own questline, and walking around and discovering things progresses you further into each story! If you need help with what to do, we have walkthroughs for every island on our Island Help page. Use the yellow blimp to travel to new islands. :)

  501. Whenever I go to Poptropica website it takes me to the island tour page, not the login page. I’ve tried everything and it still won’t take me to the login page!! So if you could help I’d appreciate it.

  502. When I put in my username and password it loads and goes back to the page that says “New Player” and “Returning Player”. What’s happening?

  503. I need help someone answer this as soon as possible.everytime I long on to poptropica and I go on to an island it keeps going ont to the main menu so I have to make a new account.i can tell u theres nothing wrong with my computer because same happens at school and cousins and there must be something wrong please help.

  504. Hey my blimp is stuck in the poptropica map. I can only access 24 carrot island, but I completed it. Any Advice?

  505. Why isn’t my blimp working?

    Slanted Fish: Check out the latest PHB post where I address this issue. :P

  506. i got on poptropica and tried to get on a island but it took me back to the main screen why did i do that???? -.- its rly anoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  507. this is very informational! good work.

  508. Hey everyone!!!!! I am Sunshiney44. You can friend me at Supersingerstar1. If you have any questions, please reply here to ask me. I am also a champion for Early Poptropica, Shark Tooth, Mystery Train and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Islands. Thank you and God bless!!

  509. i made a new charecter because i lost my username and password and i clicked enter poptropica and clicked on mocktropica and it load for a few seconds then took my back to the title screen saying are you a newplayer or a returning player!!

  510. Elizabeth164 says:

    My players eyes r closed and wont open.it looks really ugly. how do i open her eyes?

    Slanted Fish: You can press Ctrl+Shift+R to randomize your character, but it’ll change the whole look (including eyes).

  511. I can’t access my photos anymore. I think it may be because I saved a photo of the Return to Oz ad items. Is there a way to fix this problem? I am Phiell1.

  512. tikal8d says:

    Why do my comments say “Your comment is awaiting moderation?” ~Tikal

    Slanted Fish: It means the comment must be approved before it shows up on this site.

  513. Bony Catfish says:

    Fishy, May I please use this for my website. I promise I will credit you.

    Slanted Fish: Be sure to give credit to the Poptropica Help Blog with a hyperlink at the top. ;)

  514. May I please use this for my blog? I promise to link back and credit you.

    Slanted Fish: Sure; thanks for asking first. :)

  515. - Anonymous - says:

    Help! I’ve completed Survival Island Episode 2: Hook, Line and Sinker already, and I went to return to the island to remove the fishing rod from my Poptropican, but I cannot leave the island to get back to other islands on the map! Please help.

    • On SUIs (sound-updated islands, such as Survival), you can travel to other islands by clicking on the Menu button in the top right corner and clicking on the yellow blimp to be brought to the map with all the islands. :)

  516. Strange Bug says:

    Hey there Slanted Fish can i become a PHB staff?

    Slanted Fish: Please refer to the first Q&A on this page.

  517. Haley H. says:

    Hey! I’ve seen that u reply like inside the comment with bold letters, how do you do that without adding another comment? I have a blog and I want to do that too, it would be super helpful! Thanks! :)

    Slanted Fish: Refer to the PHB’s Typing Tricks page, and also, edit a comment to add to it.

  518. i dont know why but my poptropican is shorter than average people and i dont know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  519. Small Kid says:

    My backpack won’t load in any of the islands! I can’t get any of my items in order to complete an island or my costumes. Please help!

    • Are you in a sound-updated island {otherwise known as an SUI}? Sometimes in those the backpack says ‘Under Construction’. One time with mine, even after I left the SUI, it still wouldn’t load. If that’s the case, be sure to refresh your page, log out and log back in, or exit out of the page completely. I hope this helps! :mrgreen:

  520. BRAKJ GJWCP says:

    I changed my character’s costume using an npc (non-player character) standing in the room. Now, I want to change my costume back to my casual clothes, but it’s not working. Help!

  521. ChickaBAM says:

    When I move to another spot it takes me back to the home page like is this a glitch?!!
    I have been looking all over for the answer but I couldn’t find one.

  522. blue lightning says:

    how do you refresh?

    Slanted Fish: Click on the refresh arrow button near your web address bar.

  523. Slanted Fish, how did you insert the Avatar Studio picture in your sidebar?

    Slanted Fish: HP made a post about this on the PHB, which you can read here. :)

  524. In the Early Poptropica common room, a ring of stars appeared around my character and then not too soon after, sparkles appeared on my character. Any ideas why? >_> My Poptropica name is Kenyotah.

    Slanted Fish: It’s just a glitch – it usually disappears when you leave a room. :P

  525. KittyKatThunder says:

    Friend KittyKatThunder if ya want 2 have cat stuff. I have the complete outfit.

  526. when i try to reset my password because i forgot it says this “Sorry, RMS no longer supports login”. What does it mean
    please help

    Slanted Fish: I’d suggest contacting Poptropica for help. :P

  527. how do you remove ads in poptropica

    Slanted Fish: You can’t – besides, some ads award prizes or have games. :)

  528. Can someone help me every time I try to log in with my already created account the screen goes black and then takes em back to the same home page It is so so so fruterating

  529. I was just about to battle Zeus in Mythology Island. So my page is loading. But it won’t stop loading. I tried refreshing the page and relogging. It brings be back to the same place. I can’t play any other islands as well.

  530. I love Poptropica! I play it whenever i’m online, but i don’t ALWAYS finish or complete an island. I just like getting cute new clothes! :P

  531. How do I mine a door in poptropica realms??? plz help!! btw my thing is Muddy Hamburger

  532. How do you put your Poptropican on the sidebar?

  533. because i could not comment anywhere else,i have here so,i started a Poptropican band but i did not decide a name so call us the pop-band meet us every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday even thouh sometimes not here on fridays, keep your eyes peeled!! :) if you can ( RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) you can come and see me my band is not here :( but im just practising luckly;):) so come ( in the shark tooth common room ) now

  534. Everytime I click to go to an Island or room or store or anything, it takes FOREVER to load. I have to keep relogging in. but still loads for forever. HELP? I’ve been a dedicated potropican since I was around 9 or 10 I am now 15 xD

  535. This happened with my old account too, whenever i try to go to another island the loading screen is just there forever, i’ve tried clearing my browser history and i’ve created a new account but it still keeps doing it!

  536. lizzard says:

    i am having trouble with the transition between two scenes. the poptropica loading thing just keeps loading. iv tried restarting the page but nothing seems to work. help?

  537. Invisible Brain says:

    I logged in my account and clicked in the Mystery of the Map Island, however the poptropica icon just freezes in the middle of the window. I’ve pressed the reload button but then I have to enter my username and password again. However, it doesn’t work at all. So, I’ve tried to press the ‘previous page’ button, the window reloads again, but I do not have to sign in again. Still, the icon just freeze in the middle, again. I was trying to use a new player, which I could successfully get in the island. But I want to use my own account because I don’t want to lose any records. I was using chrome and I’ve tried to use other browsers as well. But it just. won’t. work. :( I’ve played the demo of this game before, I like the idea of this island, but now I was a bit disappointed of the loading problem. Can anyone help?

  538. Christopher says:

    When dose poptropicon 3 come out to people who are not members of poptropica

    slantedfish: It’s already out for everyone.

  539. what if there where poptropica houses

  540. strange heart says:

    i am one wimpyboard walk and i cant beat himalayan hurl i tried like a thousand times bu i still cant get it right help me

    slantedfish: You need Rowley’s lucky rabbit’s foot – see our Wimpy Boardwalk Guide for more details. ;)

  541. jose0954 says:

    What in the world am i suppose to do.Yesterday i went on poptropica it worked now today July 8,2015 it says cant load plugin and i dont know what to do i have a windows 8 plz help me.

    slantedfish: Make sure your Adobe Flash is updated, and keep trying – or contact Poptropica support!

  542. I recenetly got the vanish thing for my outfit (its pretty cool) but when I go into my game, it doesn’t show up and it was 250! I don’t want to have wasted my coins on something that doesn’t work! It says I have it on and when I go into my friends list, it shows I do too. But in game, I don’t. Help?

    • FairyTale says:

      @Grace It might be a glitch, I have the phantom power too and it works properly. Why not reload the page or log our from poptropica and log in again or use a different browser. But if that doesn’t work either I guess you need to contact poptropica about this.

  543. how do you restart your adventure? I play on computer. Can anyone help me?

    slantedfish: Go to your map (or settings for colored islands) and click “restart island”.

  544. Hey, just wondering, but is there a specific way that this blog sorts the comments? Hope you can answer soon.

  545. My sound never works on poptropica and I have no idea why? my volume is always max but it never works!

  546. Can I create an account on the phone app so I can play with the same character and achievements on the computer so I can play on more islands? Or do I have to make a completely different character to play on the computer?

    slantedfish: You can import your look from the computer to the app, but other than that, everything is separate.

  547. Blue Starfish says:

    How do you post a picture in the comments box?

    slantedfish: Post the url of the picture on a separate line in your comment (without other words on the same line).

  548. How do u log in to your old account in the app?i downloaded the app,when i opened it it only says “new player”

    slantedfish: You can’t connect your online account to the app, but you can import your look. :P

  549. When you buy the minimizer from the store how do you grow back again?

  550. Spiderboy0717 says:

    I’m on Escape From Pelican Rock and there is a dog that has latched itself onto my butt. I can’t get it if off. Help.

  551. Can I PLEASSEEE be able to transfer my account to another

    slantedfish: Sorry, that’s currently not possible.

  552. Barefootfire says:

    I used the phantom card and I can’t turn it off! My poptropican is stuck somehow a phantom!

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