World Record Maintenance and Car Crashes

Heyyo Poptropicans! It’s Ultimate iPad Expert here to bring you the latest Poptropican news. Lotsa unrelated stuff has been happening recently, but I’m here to bring it to you in one post anyways. *thumbs up* *ding*

To start off, this past week’s Timmy Failure prize was the release of the island’s common room, called Maury’s Museum of World Records, which contains multiple wacky world records. And Timmy Failure creator, Stephan Pastis, is showing off some of his comedy in the room, in the seemingly missing “Most Delicious Donut”.

Don’t forget you can also redeem the code BURRITO for a Señor Burrito Follower!

Speaking of Timmy Failure wackiness, the Creators recently posted a little sneak peek of the upcoming island, featuring a car crashed into a house:


In other news, Poptropica was recently temporarily down for maintenance starting Thursday afternoon, the Creators seemed to have everything up and running the following day (Friday morning). :D Hopefully whatever the problem was is all good now, or perhaps they were just working on adding some new stuff behind the scenes.


Lastly, this may not be new news to everyone, but the Creators have finally acknowledged Home Island (or Hub Island or Tutorial, whatever you call it) on their blog, for the first time since releasing it two weeks ago. Black Widow talked a little about the New You shop on the island, and some of the cool features available in the New You shop.

For more info and a walkthrough on this island, check out the PHB’s Hub Island Guide!


Well, that’s all from me. Be on the lookout in the next few weeks for a new series of posts we’ll be releasing. ;) What do you think of the new Timmy Failure common room? Comment below.

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Brand new App-dates & Advertisements!

Hello Poptropicans! Slip here.popapplogo

Yesterday, the Poptropica app received an unexpected update. Read on below for more details!

The first thing you’ll notice is the new app icon featuring Dr. Hare holding a balloon. It’s not a big deal but it’s awesome to point out. :)

More on the update, Timmy Failure Island is now added to the Map. It’s not yet open to all players but it bears an important message. You can now enter the code BURRITO to unlock the Señor Burrito Follower!

More on the update, Poptropica has added three new mobile exclusive costume packs to the Store! They’re not for free but are available for $0.99. The Dangerous Agents Pack contains the Secret Agent, Hazmat Suit and Reporter costumes; the Athletes pack contains the Wrestler, Gymnast and Track Star costumes; and the World and Space Explorers pack contains the Space Suit, Safari Suit and Miner costumes. That’s all of the updates on the app! :)


Speaking of the Poptropica app, PHB reader Anonymous told me that there was a new ad on the app. It’s the CapriSun PushPlay ad! The app doesn’t appear for me, though. (It is probably due to it being exclusive to players in US or maybe within an age group.) Credits to Anonymous for providing the pictures! :)


Speaking of advertisements, there are new Captain Underpants prizes waiting for you when you log-in to Poptropica! The smelly and superb prizes are the Stink Power and the Super Hero cape! The Stink Power shows the Captain Underpants logo and then your player farts after saying “Say hello to my stinky friends!” while the Super Hero cape flies you up and across your screen with the logo!

capt underpants ad

There’s also a Disney Infinity 3.0 advertisement featuring the teaser for the 3.0 update. You just need to watch the trailer and you’ll receive the Disney Infinity Gear with matching shades!


That’s all for this post! Make sure to grab your Timmy Failure poster before it’s gone forever! :P


Slippery :3

Secret sketch, prison peeks, & PHB on deviantArt!

Hey Poptropicans! The Creators recently posted a “super early” sketchpad sneak peek on their blog, featuring a bunch of Poptropicans seemingly eating something in a winter setting, with a sled and Oliver from the Poptropica comics near the center. Take a look:


This seems to be for the second book in the Poptropica graphic novel series, for which the working title is The Secret Society – check out the Q&A we had with Poptropica for more details! (The first book, of course, is Mystery of the Map, which also has its own island.)

Over on the Daily Pop, we’ve been seeing sneak peeks for what appears to be the prison-centric “Pelican Rock” island we’ve mentioned before. From the pics, it looks like it’s set in a seaside city with sushi and ferries, while inside the jail, we’ll be crawling through the cooks’ vents, dodging guard towers, creeping on birds’ nests, and more.

Also, if you like making Poptropica fan art or writing fan fiction (or simply browsing either one), or if you enjoyed the PHB’s recent HPuterpop Fan Art contest, check out We-Love-Poptropica on deviantArt! You’ll get to see Poptropica art like this drawing I recently made of the PHB team…

PHBteam 2015

We-Love-Poptropica is a big (but not too big) community of Poptropicans posting Poptropica-related creations, and it’s a good way to get your Poptropica fan work out there (we also handpick some POPCORN magazine entries through the gallery!). As a plus, I was recently made an admin there. :)

pop dA logo

Several of the PHB staff are members of the group, including: Brave Tomato (1313cookie), Spotted Dragon (SydVC), HPuterpop (TheKeystone), Ultimate iPad Expert, and myself (Slanted Fish).

Anyway, be sure to catch up on the posts below! Stay popping, Poptropicans. ;)

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Your Move, Poptropica Wiki

Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultimate iPad Expert here to bring you some BIG news about the Poptropica Wiki! If you’ve never heard of the wiki, here’s a little definition. The Poptropica Wiki is basically an online encyclopedia for anything Poptropica related that is editable by any user. The wiki, of which I am the head of, partnered with the PHB earlier this year, which is why I am here! :D


Alright, now that you know a little about the Poptropica Wiki, here’s the news. Some of you may know about our mission to Officialize Poptropica Wiki or basically have the Creators endorse the wiki and help us out being sure that pages are all correct. You may also know that Poptropica Wiki is hosted on the site Wikia (similar to how the PHB is hosted on WordPress). Well, a few admins over on the wiki have talked about moving our site from Wikia to Gamepedia. There’s multiple reasons for this move, but the main reason is one involving the officialization of the wiki.

Gamepedia (like Wikia) hosts multiple wikis (online encyclopedias for a topic that are editable by anyone), but on Gamepedia the majority of the wikis hosted are made official wikis by the creators of the games these wikis are made about. This would mean we have a good chance of being officialized. In fact, a community manager at Gamepedia (in our accepted request to be moved to Gamepedia) mentioned that they’d be willing to help us in our quest for officialization!

Anyways, all of this is to say that if you’d like to edit, visit our new Wiki link:

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A Timmy Failure Poster & Whoopsie Survival Strategy

Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultimate iPad Expert here with today’s Timmy Failure prize. You may be asking, “Y u b releasin dis post so l8, brah?” Firstly, you need to work on your spelling. Secondly, we mistakenly thought it had already been posted. Now let’s move on to the actual post (if you didn’t notice I get quite distrac- SQUIRREL! Okay, let’s move on.

Today’s Timmy Failure prize is a Timmy Failure Poster which you can print out with your character on it! The poster itself has a pretty cool design, so be looking forward to what else this giveaway could possibly have in store. :D Of course, be sure to tune in next Thursday for more Timmy Failure prizes!

Remember, Timmy Failure Island debuts September 17th for members, and you can check out our Behind-the-Scenes Overview & Theory post for an exclusive and extensive sneak peek!

Also, over on YouTube, the Poptropica Creators have posted a new video titled Inside Poptropica: Whoopsie Cushion, which you can view below! Myron Van Buren remains oblivious…

By the way, members can get the “Whoopzie Cushion” item for free as part of the Night Watch Island prize pack in the Poptropica Store.

So, what do you think of the Timmy Failure Poster and this Survival Island strategy? Comment below.

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Announcing the winners of HPuterpop Fan Art contest!

Hi Gs,

The time has come. For 10 days, you guys have submitted artwork to my email for the HPuterpop Fan Art Contest. And now, I have chosen three winners…


Third Place

I debated myself about this quite a while, but I had to go with BlazingAngel123‘s icon – it’s just awesome. I love her style and how she made it a square ratio (which is half the work in this case!).


Second Place

I can’t help but make this second place: Spotted Dragon‘s pic is epic. I love the style, the line art, the color – it’s a good blend and just portrays my Poptropican well. Good job!


(and no, I have no regrets for making one of the PHB authors a winner :p)

First Place

The first prize goes to Muzzki! This piece shows my Poptropican (as well as some others) as I would imagine him. The colorful background and overall quality of the piece is to be expected from art by Muzzki, and this instance is no exception!

From the giant light bulb balloon and the overall whimsical feel to this piece, this is definitely my pick. And she even included a pic for my recent birthday!

Thanks to everyone who entered in this contest! I had so much fun receiving art – we got 18 pieces of art in whole – from people I never would have thought to make them! I didn’t expect this contest to be such a hit, but I’m glad it did! We may do something similar to this in the future.

For the winners, you can contact me at describing what you want your profile picture to be. I’ve added the winning pics to three different profiles – on my WordPress, Google, and Gamepedia.

Read more for all the entries (I added my thoughts on each one!)

[Read more…]

Poptanium stashes and TombQuest prizes!

Hey guys! Slip here.

Update: Some players have reported that they land in a spot where Brave Seagull’s Poptanium is inaccessible to them. Fear not, there is another “savings account” Realm by Invisible Drummer over at the code c2tp6! This Poptanium is conveniently stored all in one location. (thanks, Eb!)

Today, we have a brand new Remarkable Realm! We had quite a lot of realms back then but today’s a special one! It is made by Brave Seagull and it’s a Poptanium stash! Boy, that’s a lot of Poptanium!

First, you can visit the realm by entering the code: 9thzx. Now, you can grab as much as many Poptanium bars as you can! This is what the realm looks like:


The first scene has 254 (in my count) Poptanium bars! If you collect them all, (please don’t be greedy) you can get 2,540 Poptanium! (It’s kinda weird that it says ‘100’ but it only gives 10.) Awesome, right? There’s more!

The realm has Poptanium bars everywhere— on the roof, underground, on the fireplace and even the garden! Not only that, if you go to the scene on the left, you will spot a whale with more Poptanium bars in and on it! If you manage to collect them all, you will receive 430 Poptanium! There’s more on the right side. :P


Now, on the right side, there are more Poptanium bars! On a crystal castle, there are 46 Poptanium bars which gives you 460 Poptanium! Amazing! Now, let’s head on to the far right side.


For the next scene, there are two crystal buildings with more Poptanium! The first buiding contains 45 bars which gives 450 Poptanium and the second building has 30 bars which gives 300 Poptanium. In total, you can get 750 Poptanium!


For the last scene, it has a crystal building shaped like a letter “P” and has more Poptanium bars! Here, you can collect 45 bars which is equivalent to 450— now, you have a lot of Poptanium to build your own stash with! :)


Overall, you will have 4,630 Poptanium! Wow, how much did Brave Seagull spend doing all of these?  Now, you can make your own realm creation or make a stash of your own! This realm deserves a big thumbs up. :) Plus, you can always grab the Poptanium again by going to a different Realm and then coming back to this one – no more having to dig for your own Poptanium!

Make sure to check out Captain Crawfish’s commentary in this video! :)


On the other hand, there’s new sur-prizes waiting for you when you log-in to Poptropica! They’re from TombQuest and we’re going to discuss the prizes one by one. :)

The first prize is the Mummy Follower. As what the name implies, a Mummy will follow you everywhere you go. (Extra tip: You can costumize the Mummy’s head if you want to.)

The last and second prize is the Scorpion Swarm. When you use the card, your player wears the hat and when you press the spacebar, a swarm of scorpions will run across the screen. :)

And that’s all of the updates today! Have you received your Total costume yet? If not, better get yours already before it goes! :)

-Slip. :mrgreen:


Things Poptropica Should Bring Back


Hey guys! Slippery here.

I have a new discussion! Let’s start?

Poptropica has brought a lot of new features and upgrades over the years but as time goes by, some of them are left forgotten and abandoned. That’s the topic I want to talk about: things that Poptropica should bring back.


Treasure Hunts

Back in 2008, in honor of the release of Spy Island and Nabooti Island, Poptropica hid bonus items around Poptropica and if you’re lucky to find these items, you’ll receive free stuff! I just hope that they would bring these hunts back in the game.


Back in the old days, Poptropica did countdowns before island releases. The most recent countdown was made in September 2014 (for Poptropica Land). I really appreciate countdowns because I will know the time when Poptropica will update. They deserve to be brought back, too.

Pre-Island Quests/Previews

One thing I really enjoyed in playing Poptropica back then was the pre-island quests. Back in 2010, Poptropica started these previews with the Nessie mini-game for Cryptids Island and was continued until the Nano-Combat Training for Virus Hunter Island. For me, the best pre-island preview was the Spook Central and Money Ladder. There are some of these that are still found in game: Shrink Shot and Prepare for Impact. These deserve to be brought back because it’s fun and gives away rare and great prizes to all.

Want to read more of the things Poptropica should bring back? Read the rest here!


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