P-Con Ep. 3 (Reign of Omegon) out for all!

Hey Poptropicans! Quick post to let everyone know that PoptropiCon Island, Episode 3: Reign of Omegon is now available online for all players. Check out our PoptropiCon Island Guide if you need a walkthrough, and our PoptropiCon trivia page for all other extras! :)


And when you’ve defeated Omegon, don’t forget to check where you placed on the World Champions Map. May the Mighty Action Force be with you, Poptropicans. ;)

Buttered POPCORN: magazine series 3!

In case any of you saw on Twitter, a little while ago we launched the hashtag #askphn for people to ask questions to the Poptropica Help Network (which includes, among other sites, the PHB and Poptropica Wiki). Well, there is some reasoning behind it. Some of you readers may remember The POPCORN, the PHB fan magazine. Well, with the help of HPuterpop, I’m bringing it back!


That’s right. The POPCORN is back and it’s going to be better than ever! Andrew (HPuterpop) and I are planning some great new stuff, including more graphics to make it more like a magazine. We’re also planning for it to be downloadable, for those who want to read on the go. Also a printable version, for you people who like reading printed magazines. I hope you all enjoy the Popcorn logo above (thanks to Andrew), but we need you’re help to make it special for each issue.

Every new issue of POPCORN magazine will contain the POPCORN logo on the cover, and you guys will get to participate in it in a special way. You can see that the first “o” is popcorn, but the other “o” (unlike previous logos) is just normal. This is because it will be replaced in each new issue with your art! You guys can send in an item specifically for the logo (we would much prefer it to have a transparent background so that it will work well on the cover) and we’ll pick something to put there for each different issue.

To make the magazine possible, however, we need user to send us stuff (questions for the PHB & Poptropica Wiki, fan art, stories, fashion, etc.) through one of the following ways:

  • Email our official Popcorn magazine email: popcorn@poptropicahelp.net
  • Send us stuff on Twitter using the hashtag #phnpopcorn
  • Put them in the comments of this post

When you send us entries, be sure to tell us how you’d like to be credited. (real name, username, Poptropica nickname, etc.) As usual, the types of entries we’re looking for include art, stories, costume ideas, island ideas, questions, and so on – but feel free to come up with anything you consider creative fan work!

We have no official release date concerning the next series of The POPCORN, mostly because we’re not sure how long it will take with the graphics and such, but we’ll be sure to update you when we get more details worked out. I’m really excited to see how this goes and I hope you guys are too! More on POPCORN will come soon, but I figured now was the best time if any to announce this!

Why 24 Carrot Island?


Hi Gs,

I was thinking the other day – what made 24 Carrot Island so special that it became the first SUI? While 24 Carrot BETA Carrotene was cool, it seemed a bit odd that instead of the very first island, the Creators chose such an oddball island as the first to grace with music and a larger screen. Early Poptropica Island was the first island, and it would seem appropriate to start with the first and work your way through updating islands. So why didn’t they do just that? I have a theory; A GAME THEO–

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Poptropica Journal – 8/30/10 – Jeff Kinney

Hi Gs – this post was actually a letter written way back in 2010 to the founder of Poptropica, Jeff Kinney. I actually did send it to him, and it’s pretty funny how some of the Island ideas that I had actually were brought to life later, intentional or not. Read the previous Poptropica Journal here.


Dear Jeff Kinney,

I am your biggest fan, bigger than Gram (founder of Poptropica Productions) who makes Poptropica movies! I love your books to! I am going to read your new book, The Ugly Truth. I am even making islands of my own, Survive Island and Phantom Carnival Island! I wasn’t going to let Monster Carnival Island go to waste! I was REALLY looking forward Monster Carnival Island, but one day Time Tangled came out and I didn’t even notice that it was gone. A year later I read about it on a blog, and how it disappeared off of the blimp. I had just read a book about a bizarre carnival that just appeared over night, and it turned out to be a movie! I thought about and I finally got the results: Phantom Carnival Island! Everything is more than it should be, like in the merry-go-round, the horses turn into dragons!

I am already writing the script for my Survive Island! I will send the scrap book for it soon! I write articles about your islands to! I wrote three articles about Steamworks Island! I have found that creating an island can get a little boring, but then something new comes out of your head, and it’s all fresh again!


I used to be writing a diary/journal for publishing, but I realized that it put to much stress on my life, so I quit. See what I did there? I visited your website, and wimped myself. I also listened to Joshes hit song, and believe me; I see what Gregory meant when he said “sometimes I don’t know about that kid” (talking about Rowley)! I really hope that we could meet someday, but for now, I’m stuck in 3rd grade with a bunch of morons! Just kidding (I really home school). Bye!

Andrew L. Wiles, eight years old

P.S. I also draw to, and like to make posters.

P-Con Ep. 3 for all April 16th, Popstorms, & Working on the Wiki!

Hey Poptropicans! First of all, a reminder that PoptropiCon Ep. 3: Reign of Omegon releases to everyone this coming Thursday, April 16th. This final episode had quite some celebration here last week as the subject of our April Fool’s prank. Plus, check out our Behind-the-Scenes post for some sneak peeks, or Sam’s review for an overview!

There hasn’t been a whole lot of other official news besides Mystery of the Map pages, of which you can read the entire collection thus far on our Comics page. And, if you’ve been keeping up on our Twitter timeline (via the sidebar or by following us on Twitter), you may have seen a few new Popstorms, which are posted from Master Mime’s Pinterest.

Anyway, with the current blogging stalemate, the big thing in the Poptropica community right now is the ongoing community project we’ve mentioned here a few times already as being a new-ish partner site of the Poptropica Help Network, the Poptropica Wiki.

PoptropicaWikiLogoAnyone and everyone is welcome to create a Wikia account and get editing – writing up information, inserting pictures, and more. (Protip: If the ads bother you, just get AdBlock for your browser.)

So, how can you help?

We’re looking to create informative pages for each and every character, itemisland (and to a lesser extent, scene – an area of an island). You can find a page simply by using the search bar at the top of the wiki, and if the page does not exist, you can create it!

From there, you can add in information that you think would be relevant and informative (including pictures), or perhaps fix up bad grammar if you spot any. Wiki editing comes with its own markup (notation you can use to produce various effects like bolding or linking to another page) – here’s a quick guide to a few basics that may help.

The Poptropica Wiki currently has 700+ articles, and we invite the community to join us in creating more. Have fun editing, and see you on the wiki! :)

Hold the Fort-ress (and behind the name: UiPE)

Heyyo peoples, I’m Ultimate iPad Expert and it’s time for some Poptropica news! The Poptropica Creators’ YouTube channel release a new video recently showing off another Poptropica Realms creation. In the video, a Poptropican is showing their process of getting into a Snow Fortress.

I like seeing the mechanics of Realms, including the Pixies and the creature going for the spaghetti. Hopefully all the bugs will get fixed up eventually. Be sure to check out our Realms Guide for more info about Realms! :)

Now for the first ever: Totally unrelated section! :P

I remember reading the Behind the Name posts (of HPuterpop and Samwow5) and so I was like, “I have a weird username that probably could use some explaining.” And now here we are. Anyways, the story begins on a site called Wikia, you may have heard of it considering it’s where the Poptropica Wiki is. I had an account there, which I called “DaranNorrisFan6″. This was basically a rip-off of the username of my brother (who is also on Wikia), which is DeeBradleyBakerFan. (Dee Bradley Baker is a voice actor, as well as Daran Norris).

Anyways, I decided it was time for a name change. At that point, I was in a big Apple fanboy mood and so I felt like doing something iPad related. I was originally planning to do simply “iPad Expert”, but the problem was that Wikia didn’t allow the first letter of a username to be lowercase. So subsequently, I decided to throw in another word at the front, which I eventually decided would be “Ultimate”. “Ultimate iPad Expert” soon became my Wikia name and spread to other sites like Twitter, WordPress, etc. And that is the story of my username!

I hope you all enjoyed my rambling! And stay tuned for more Poptropica news here on the Poptropica Help Blog.

• Ultimate iPad Expert •

PS: I do not have an iPad, neither am I truly an expert at them. :P

Introducing the Poptropica Help Network (wait, what?)

Hi Gs,

Um.. well.. this happened. We decided after a long debate that we’re reverting the network and blog back to the PHN and PHB. The response from the community wasn’t the greatest, as we soon realized.

If you missed it, we changed the entire branding of the site to a catch all term – Poptropedia. New url, new logo, new everything. But things didn’t go as planned, so we decided to scratch it. There are pros and cons from both sides, but ultimately we wanted to go with something recognizable.

poptropicahelpnetworkoverBut now is as good of a time as ever to announce the new hub site for the Poptropica Help Network, featuring links to all of the Poptropica Help sites! This hub is generally just for new viewers or anyone who wants to learn more about the entirety of the community – eventually more will be added, but this is a start! (We may start self-hosting the site, but no promises! ;) )

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know about the revert – tell me what you think! :)



An Ultimate Author with some Ultimate News!

Hello PHB readers, before we get to the news, lemme introduce myself.

UiPE AvatarMy name is Paul P, known on the interwebs as Ultimate iPad Expert (UiPE for short). I joined Poptropica in March of 2011 with the username Paultropica6. Anyway, after playing Poptropica for a while, I decided to join the Poptropica Wiki to help other people learn more about it. Soon after my arrival there, I became an admin and have been helping out there ever since.

Recently, you may have seen that the PHB is partnering with the Poptropica Wiki, which is why you’re seeing me here! I hope to stay here a while and help out with all sorts of new and exciting stuff on the PHB. (We may or may not have some stuff planned *wink*)

Now that you know about me, let’s get to some news! A few of you PHB veterans from back as far as 2009 may remember the Poptropica Help Forum. A fun place where users from the blog could discuss all sorts of Poptropica related topics. Sadly, it was shut down.

PHF 2.0

But, I’m here to announce the new forum! It’s a place for you guys to post fan art, share your thoughts on islands, chat with other users, and more. It’s a simple process of making a Wikia account to join in the conversations (by making a Wikia account, you’ll also be set to contribute to the Poptropica Wiki, where the PHB hopes to create a substantial database of items, characters, and more!).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below. I’d be happy to see you all join us there! Be sure to tune in here for any more news regarding the wiki, forum, and more exciting stuff. ;)

• Ultimate iPad Expert •


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