BTS Overview & Theory: Galactic Hot Dogs

BTS - Galactic Hot Dogs

Hey everyone, and welcome back to our BTS Overview & Theory series! This time, we’ll be covering Galactic Hot Dogs Island, written by myself (Spotted Dragon), Samwow5, and HPuterpop. Be sure to check out the last BTS post, which was for Arabian Nights, Episode 2: Lair of Thieves.

WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW (but that’s what you want, isn’t it?)

Overview of evidence

Since there have been so many Daily Pop sneak peeks for GHD Island, we won’t list them all here, but we have listed some below. Be sure to check out our Daily Pop Sneak Peek Archive page to see them all! Remember to click on the images to enlarge them.

Let’s start out with items. Below are all the items that will be used in the quest, or at least all that we could find. They include an egg, fuel cell, fruit, gelatin salad, giant spoon, guano, map-o-sphere, the island medal, and a seed pod. What most of these items will be used for, we aren’t entirely sure, but we might be able to piece everything together later on in the post.


Pretty cool items, huh? Now let’s focus on scenes and dialog. Below we have included all the important scene designs for the island.

Again, pretty cool, huh? The designs are a perfect mix of Poptropica and Galactic Hot Dogs. :)

We have the layout of the island down, but what about its storyline? Below we have put together all the important pieces of dialog and other text. Again, click to enlarge.

Judging by the text, we seem to start the island off in the Space Port, or at least start to meet the characters there. It also looks like we will help Cosmoe in a food truck contest among other things.

We also found a major piece of music that will be used throughout the adventure. Click here to hear it!

Before we wrap things up, since this island is based off something that is not Poptropica-related (Galactic Hot Dogs), there is of course going to be some sort of ad building for the franchise, like on Red Dragon Island (Magic Tree House), or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Those islands each have a building to promote the books. Below is an idea of what the GHD Store should have… in store for us.

Other than getting a glimpse at the GHD series, it seems like we will be able to customize the characters’ costumes too, since there will be mannequins inside.

Final Theory

In Galactic Hot Dogs Island, we will meet Cosmoe and Humphree and try to help them win the food truck contest. Along the way, we’ll run into trouble and meet Princess Dagger. We will most likely have to go around the island trying to help them perfect their Mega Dog and perhaps somehow bring peace to the galaxy. In our travels aboard the Neon Wiener spaceship, we’ll explore exotic planets, battle Jack-robots, and maybe even get to enjoy a hot dog. Maybe.

Remember, Galactic Hot Dogs Island is coming out Thursday, January 29 for members! It releases to everyone three weeks later, on February 19. To infinity and beyond!

~SD, HP, and SW5

Realms guide, P-Con Ep. 3 peeks, & more behind the scenes

Hey Poptropicans! Poptropica Realms has been out for a while now, and the Creators have even posted a few of their favorites – but if you want to learn more about what your magical hammer can do, how to level up, and more, check out the PHB’s Realms Guide!


Ok, shameless guide promotion aside…

Despite the abandonment of the Daily Pop, there have been a lot of juicy sneak peeks over on Twitter this week. In addition to the Omegon poster Blake posted, they’ve also shared a couple of comic pages for the upcoming PoptropiCon finale – Ep. 3: Reign of Omegon.

On the first page, Elf Archer attacks the villain Omegon’s charged crystal, bringing him down from the sky. The second page introduces Alphaon, a character created with the combined powers of the Mighty Action Force and possibly the kryptonite of Omegon.

Also, we finally have some release dates for P-Con! Ep. 3: Reign of Omegon comes out February 5th for members, and Feb 26th (3 weeks later) for all. GHD Island comes out this Thursday for members!

Speaking of GHD Island, the Creators also tweeted this behind-the-scenes early sketch of a flying creature we’ll be encountering, with ‘baby’ and ‘proud mama’ poses added in for good measure. Plus, stay tuned for the PHB’s BTS Overview & Theory post for Galactic Hot Dogs Island, coming very soon!

ghd sketchesLast but not least, Poptropica tweeted this cute little Popstorm sketch (#12) with the caption “Birds of a feather….” Aw, aren’t they pretty. :D

birds popstorm12

That’s all for now, but be sure to catch up on the posts below for the latest Poptropica news! Stay awesome, Poptropicans. ;)

Sponges out of water, Remarkable Realms, and Omegon poster!

What’s popping, Poptropicans? Blake here, with another – well, a few pieces of Poptropica news. First up is the new ad on Super Power Island, based on The Spongebob Movie: Sponge out of Water! You could say that this is a pointless cash grab that is clearly not going to be any better than the one released in 2005. All rants aside, though, I’d like to personally thank Prickly Monster for the ad alert.

Now, am I just deranged, or is it SO WEIRD seeing a Nickelodeon ad of any sort on Poptropica? Like really, seeing the words “Krabby Patty” in Poptropica font just killed me with laughter for some reason. Anyway, Sandy, or.. *grabs Spongebob Lingo Dictionary* ..The Rodent.. okay.. will tell you that Burger Beard has stolen the Krabby Patty formula. You’re then taken to the ad game’s start screen, instructing you to run, jump over the cannonballs, and stay behind the pirate ship.

Now, don’t get upset if you don’t beat it on the first try. I didn’t, and I had Spongebob and Patrick behind me laughing at my every failure. Once you get through the cannonball onslaught, you’ll be awarded with Ice Cream Rain and a Bubble Hat. Really? No square pants? I was really hoping for some square pants here… Anyway, check out the above pics for what they look like!

Next up, after visiting Spongebob and the gang, it’s time to head onto the Realms side of Poptropica! The Creators are doing what they did with Lands by showcasing people’s works! First up in their new “Remarkable Realms” blog series is this recreation of the Taj Mahal by Bronze Singer:

Screenshot 2015-01-27 at 7.34.18 PM

That’s the one they posted on the official blog, but over on Twitter, they’ve featured several more awesome Realms. One is clearly from a Golden Fang, but the others are not credited.

And now, to wrap it up, are you ready for the REIGN OF OMEGON? That’s right, the Creators tweeted a sneak peek of what appears to be the printable poster for PoptropiCon: Episode 3 (with a tag to the Twitter handle of our very own Brave Tomato!). Stare at the awesomeness of Omegon, and worship in the “Avengers: Age Of Ultron” name pun that even I wouldn’t have thought of…

Screenshot 2015-01-27 at 7.38.54 PM

Anyway, that’s all for now! Stay popping, Poptropica- *is taken down by Henchbots* Wait, what are you guys doing? I’m an author! I’LL SUE!

*a small shadow appears in a cloud of smoke*

Yes.. Stay popping, Poptropicans indeed… 

Strange Things: Magic, missing Daily Pops, & Realms to all!

Hey guys! A lot of strange things have been going on in Poptropica lately.

First of all, there is a new ad popping up called Strange Magic! The ad can be found on islands such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Main Street or in between places. All you have to do to earn your prize is watch its movie trailer. Girls get Fairy Wings and boys get a Staff and Imp costume.

If space bar is pressed while wearing the wings or staff, a short scene will play out where an imp will appear on screen and your Poptropican will fly.

strange magic

Speaking of “strange”, if you’ve checked out the Daily Pops recently, you may have noticed that sneak peeks haven’t been posted on their usual schedule. In fact, there haven’t been any new sneak peeks at all this week, and a couple of days in the past couple of weeks have been skipped as well.

There have only been 9 sneak peeks in January when there should’ve been 17 at this point (one for every weekday). Here they are below:

The most recent image was Head Games: What’s in the box? and was uploaded on January 16. It seems to be for Galactic Hot Dogs Island, but that’s not the point. :P

Even though the Daily Pop schedule has been sporadic this month, the PHB has all of the images that have been uploaded ready for you to view on our Daily Pop Sneak Peek Archive. ;)

Lastly, as you may have seen in the updates to HP’s Poptropica Realms postPoptropica Realms is now open to all! Check out the PHB’s Realms guide for an in-depth look.

realms carousel

Lots of stuff has been added to HP’s Realms post below, including some strange hats relating to biomes that can be found in Realms, its theme music, and a video tour from HP himself. :)


Poptropica Realms is now out!

Hi Gs,

The Creators have just released the new Poptropica feature “Realms” – which is basically Poptropica Land, but now with separate worlds and an apparent universe that is yours to do what you want with. Check out the PHB’s Realms guide for an in-depth look on this new feature!

Don’t worry, non-members won’t have long to wait (update: it’s now open to all!). You can check out the new feature for yourself over on Poptropica, as well as this first look in the video below:

UPDATE: According to Poptropica’s Twitter, 1000+ Realms were created and 7000+ scenes were saved just in the first evening of the launch! They also tweeted this sneak peek of hats based on the various biomes, possibly coming soon…

biome hats

There are 7 biomes (Forest, Snow/Ice, Desert, Swamp, Lunar, Fire, Crystal) – the latter two are members-only and the latter four are new. Each has its own ambient soundtrack (no more chirping bird noises!); plus, you can listen to the awesome main theme on Jeff Heim’s soundcloud:



Galactic Hot Dogs Island trailer, paper craft, & new PCB header

Hey Poptropicans! Galactic Hot Dogs Island is well on its way, and to give everyone a dose of amped-up energy, the trailer video has been released – check it out:

Well, Creators, you had me at noodly Poptropica arms. If nothing else, that should get us on board the Neon Wiener! Scheduled release dates could change, but right now, it looks like it’ll be departing January 29 for members and February 19 for non-members.

ghd dates

Plus, you can now print out and assemble your very own Neon Wiener spaceship paper craft from the island extras section of the official Tour page! There’s even an item card in the Store for this.


Also, joining the Poptropica makeover bandwagon, the Creators’ Blog header has been updated with the “poppy” Poptropica logo! RIP palm trees and curly vines, which are once again tossed aside in favor of puffy clouds and the iconic yellow blimp.

PCB header change

Lastly, remember when PHB reader Pixel went on a mission to complete Early Poptropica Island hundreds of times? Well, earlier this month, Pix reached the milestone of 1000 completions - and found that with 4-digit numbers, the last digit gets cut off. Anyway – congrats! :D

1000 earlypop

That’s all for now – stay popping, Poptropicans. :)

Ads: Odd Squad & BoxTrolls, plus new pop quizzes

Hey guys! PHB commenter Cuddly Knuckle recently gave us a heads up on two new ads on Poptropica, which can be found on Main Streets such as those on Spy Island and Early Poptropica.

Let’s look at the Odd Squad ad first. All you have to do is watch a quick video to earn your prize! Boys get the Agent Otto costume and girls get the Agent Olive costume.

ad 1

The other ad is for the BoxTrolls, and again, all you have to do is watch a quick video! Afterwards, you will get the BoxTrolls Transformer. When you click “transform”, all the Poptropicans near you will become BoxTrolls!

ad 2

Also, remember those new pop quizzes that HP mentioned? Well, they’re finally popping up! This one here asks if you would ever join the circus, and the other one shown in HP’s sneak peek asks if you like poetry. For a list of all the pop quizzes available, check out the PHB’s Pop Quizzes page!


That’s all for now!


Poptropica portfolio: Chris Goodwin

Nate Greenwall isn’t the only one posting his Poptropica illustrations – I recently stumbled upon the site of Chris Goodwin, an illustrator/designer working for Poptropica, whose online portfolio can be found here. This post comes in three parts. As always, click to enlarge the pics!

Perhaps the most interesting section is character design: designs for E. Vile’s robots from Legendary Swords (as well as some props seen in P-Con: Ep. 2), a huge collection of characters (including several unreleased ones – some possibly for Ep. 3 of PoptropiCon!), unused flying ace designs (the corner suggests they were for the Virus Hunter minigame, Nano-Combat Training), ideas for Max McGullicutty’s look in Survival: Ep. 5, and finally, rough drafts of robots for Game Show Island.

The next section is concept art – ideas for various parts of the game. Here we see color plans for areas inside Joe’s body on Virus Hunter Island, shape ideas for “air creatures” in his lungs, a look at an extravagant (though unused) virus bug, several sketches of dark scenes, racer cars we’ve seen before as a scrapped idea, a Legendary Swords doodle, the Monster Carnival common room, and a sketch from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Island.

Lastly, there’s a section devoted to scene illustrations – most of these are already in the game, though the one of the cabin is not (but it seems to belong to the unnamed geological park island).

The rest are: the tutorial island in the Poptropica app, Ephraim University (both exterior and interior) from Mocktropica, Soundstage #1 on Back Lot, the Hemlock Herald newspaper room on Ghost Story, a hallway door and post office common room on Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, and the bonus quest on Twisted Thicket. Seeing them each as one big scene makes it all the more awesome. <3

Poptropica sure is beautiful, and Chris has made some really creative contributions to the game we know and love. Enjoy the Chris Goodwin collection, and stay popping, Poptropicans! :D


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