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Facili-Tee, music previews, Avengers, & more

Hey Poptropicans! A new common room has been added to PoptropiCon Island: Facili-Tee, located right outside the convention center! Funny that they released this after the island came out, but at least we have a new common room… that hasn’t happened for the past two islands. :P

By the way, have you found the special “7” balloon in the common rooms yet? It’s quite rare, so it may take several tries, but you’ll win a snazzy 7th birthday costume if you manage to pop it. Good news: the Creators say they’ll be turning up the frequency of the balloon’s appearance, so there’s now a better chance of finding it. :) Here’s a video from HPuterpop showing what that looks like:

Poptropica’s birthday party only lasts through September, so once the month ends, so will your chances to get the special costume and free balloon in the Store – so pick those up quick! Also, you can click here to check out the recap of the PHB’s celebration of Pop’s 7th birthday. :)


Poptropica Music tour page

Poptropica Music now has its own page, which you can find here. It currently advertises the Volume One music album, and while you can listen to previews of the first two tracks there, you can hear previews for all the tracks on their actual iTunes and Amazon pages.

popmusic headerIf you like listening to Poptropica’s music, check out our Behind the Scenes page, where we’ve listed links to where you can listen to these tracks online through Poptropica’s own files! (Be sure to read the simple instructions on the page to get those links to work.)


Mighty Action Force = Avengers?

Have you noticed that PoptropiCon’s “Mighty Action Force” parodies some of the characters in Marvel’s The Avengers? Gold Face is Iron Man, World Guy is Captain America, and Elf Archer is Hawkeye or Black Widow (not to be confused with the Black Widow of Counterfeit Island!). It checks out:

mighty action force resemblances(You can see the Mighty Action Force on PoptropiCon Island billboards, and members can get the printable poster with their own character from the Store. Avengers image credit to We Live Film.)

Anyway, just a heads-up that you can find cool trivia facts like this and more on all the PHB’s island trivia pages, which are all listed under the Island Help hub page. For more PoptropiCon trivia, click here!


Daily Pop: legendary E. Vile & furniture

Among all the recent Daily Pop sneak peeks, these two in particular may be of interest – first is “Props to You”, which features the Legendary Swords villain E. Vile in his spectacular helmet (and your rocket) as decorations in the PoptropiCon convention hall, and the second is a preview of some furniture, most likely as an upcoming feature for Land (Labs). Here they are:

Will we ever see a return for Legendary Swords? They used to promise a battle arena at the end of the quest, but this message has inconspicuously been removed from the ending for some time now (after they failed to deliver on it for three years, I might add :P ). RIP. :(

ls11As for Land, it’s likely we’ll get to play with furniture sometime soon, to further develop the many cool houses (among other awesome things) people have been making — but for now, maybe the PHB’s Land (Labs) guide will help you members get started with this cool feature if you want some tips.


As is typical in these days, the action in Poptropica doesn’t stop — so be sure to check out the other posts on the PHB home page to catch up with all the news! Stay popping, Poptropicans. :D

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Arabian Nights trailer & release date for members!

Hey everyone! The Creators just announced that Arabian Nights, Ep.1: How Bazaar, is coming out next Thursday, October 2 for members! An awesome trailer video was recently released as well:

Wow. Those Forty Thieves are not to be messed with. (But being the plucky Poptropicans we are, that’s exactly what we’re going to do, isn’t it?)

Remember how I said Arabian Nights Island shouldn’t have been made? Well, it turns out, I can’t wait for the island! With all the sneak peeks we have shown you here on the PHB, I hope you are ready for Arabian Nights Island and can’t wait for it too! The PHB will have a guide up as soon as possible after the episode comes out, so stay tuned. And here are some recent Daily Pop pics for the island:

Oh my gosh, the island just looks so great – that trailer gave me the chills because I want to play that island so bad! Wouldn’t you agree? :mrgreen:


Disney Infinity & Mr. Peabody ads, plus more Lands

Hey guys! We already know that the BoxTrolls ad has been showing up on some islands, but two new ads have popped up too. Unlike a lot of ads, these don’t come with a “quest” or “game”, just a video for one and a click for the other.

First up is Disney Infinity, which now includes superheroes. You can find it on Reality TV Island. All you have to do is watch a video to earn your prize, which is a “Bring on the Super Heroes” power. When activated, a screen appears with a few Marvel super heroes, but that is pretty much it.

The second ad is for Mr. Peabody and Sherman, coming to Blu-Ray and DVD on October 14. You can find it on Steamworks Island, and all you have to do is click it to earn your two prizes: a pink Cake Costume and a link to take Penny’s Personality Quiz (which tells you somewhere you should visit).

I mainly wanted to tell you guys about these ads because the pink cake costume would go great with Poptropica’s birthday balloon and costume! Sadly, it wasn’t here in time for the PHB’s party (which you can see the recap for here).

Also, the Creators recently featured some more awesome new Land creations on their Twitter page:

Amazing work! The Creators even said that Big Raptor’s creation was their favorite yet. It’s kind of hard to see, but the interior design definitely is detailed. ;)


Atlantis Ep. 3 in-app purchase, GHD, & more Jeff Heim

Hey Poptropicans! This past weekend, we celebrated Poptropica’s (and Samwow5’s) birthday on the PHC, and the recap post is now up! But a few other things have happened too – so read on for more.

Mission Atlantis: Ep. 3 costs $0.99 on the iOS app

The final episode of the Mission Atlantis trilogy (Ep. 3: Out of the Blue) is now available on Poptropica’s iOS app – but it comes as an in-app purchase costing US$0.99, which is new for this app!


Asked why they put a price on the episode, Poptropica tweeted that it was to pay for all the work and resources that go into keeping the game running. Fair enough – just remember you can still play it for free online! If you need a walkthrough, check out our Mission Atlantis Island Guide. :)

atlantis tweetGalactic Hot Dogs mega-dog game on iOS app

Also on Poptropica’s iOS app is an ad game for Galactic Hot Dogs, which you can find on the map. (It’s been around before, and now it’s back.) To win, just keep running right, jumping over obstacles or blasting objects on the ground (you’ll shoot automatically). Don’t let the robots catch up to you!

When you reach the end, you’ll find that Princess Dagger stole the mega-dog, but she’ll give it back and you’ll get a Jack Transform and Neon Wiener Follower for your app character. Cool! :P

More on Jeff Heim

Recently, PHB reader Captain Spencer sent a little fan email to Jeff Heim (known for making much of Poptropica’s music) and even got a reply (pictured below)! From this, we now know why his Poptropica username is jeffheim88 – it’s his birth year, which means right now he’s around 26! (Btw: if you want to contact him over Gmail, that’s his email name too; just don’t spam him too badly with your love! :P )


Also, we’ve found that he’s not allowed to share what islands will be made into SUIs (sound-updated) next, but we do know that it’ll happen, as the track for Back Lot Island is in the first music album.

And a big thanks to Jeff for reading the Poptropica Help Blog! Thanks for the Facebook mention! :D

jeff phb fbHow many Poptropicans does it take to change a lightbulb?

If you saw the Creators’ Blog post asking this question, well, we can help with that! Blake made a PHB post not too long ago about the BoxTrolls ad currently on Main Streets (such as Mythology or Reality TV), but if you missed it in the onslaught of posts that have hit our blog this week, click here to catch up on how to “balance the BoxTrolls”! The advertised movie comes to theaters this Friday.

Screenshot 2014-09-15 at 5.39.34 PM

Anyway, that’s it for now, but be sure to keep up with all the latest goings-on of the Poptropica world in the posts below! Stay popping, Poptropicans. :)

Recap: PHB’s birthday parties for Poptropica & Sam!

Hey everyone! As you may know, I turned 15 years old yesterday, and Poptropica is seven as of this month! For the occasions, we had a party and invited everyone to join us on the PHC and Poptropica! Check out the recap pics and summary below. We hope you had a great time! :D

7th pop bday

Our new 7th birthday balloons and lucky costumes were flaunted in Multiverse rooms, along with other special effects like fireworks. Plus, we competed in lots of head-to-head game battles!

While the Multiverse rooms were in full swing, the Poptropica Help Chat (PHC) was rocking as well! People were drawing on the Doodle feature and making cool Poptropica Portraits, wishing me and Poptropica a happy birthday, and just having a good time chatting. Most of the PHB authors showed up for the event as well (me, HP, Blake, BT, SD, & Fishy)! And Pixel – you may call me a monkey, but I’m more like a gorilla. Get your facts straight, buddy! :P

I was also hosting a music station on plug.dj where people could take turns sharing their favorite music, so many of us were listening to music on top of chatting on the PHC and hanging out on Poptropica!

Talk about a party – thanks to everyone who came! You made my birthday party special, and I’m sure you made the Pop Creators happy by celebrating Poptropica’s birthday too! Thanks again, and I hope you all enjoyed the party! :mrgreen:


Pop the “7” balloon for Poptropica’s 7th birthday costume!

Hey everyone! In addition to the free 7th birthday balloon that everyone can claim in the Store, the Creators have also released a special 7th birthday costume – and it’s not the usual cake suit this time around! Thanks to my good friends Squeezy Wing & Pixel for the picture on the right:

As explained on Poptopica’s 7th birthday page (which, strangely, has pics from the 6th birthday), what you need to do to claim this lucky outfit is simply to visit any common room during the celebration, find the special “7” balloon (it may take several tries before it shows up, so be patient and keep trying!). Pop it with a click to get the Lucky 7th Birthday Costume! Contrary to the Creators’ claim, the balloon is not golden in color – it’s green and blue!

7 balloon2

(Thanks to Quiet Eagle for the balloon pic!) I’ve got to say though, that costume you get is pretty cool!

7thbday carousel

Anyway, don’t forget that the PHB is having a Poptropica/PHC party this Saturday in celebration of Poptropica’s 7th birthday (and also my 15th)! We hope to see you there with your birthday balloons and lucky costumes – for details on the event, check out the post below! Seven cheers for Poptropica! :mrgreen:

Poptropica’s 7th & Sam’s 15th birthday party!

note: The party has ended; thanks to all who came! Click here for a recap! :)

PopBirthday 2014

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PoptropiCon Ep. 1 out for all today!

PoptropiCon Ep. 1: Line Forms Here is finally is coming out for non-members at some point today: Thursday, Sept 18th! It’s not here yet, but it will be out within the next 24 hours! It’s now officially here!

The Creators finally decided to release the episode to everyone, a week later than expected, since non-members got nothing when Survival Ep. 5 came out for members last week. :( Anyway, if you need help, the PHB has you covered with PoptropiCon Island Guide! :D

con1 carousel

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