PopCon 3: Reign of Omegon now available for members!

pcon3 members

There comes a time in every Poptropican’s life that a special kind of challenge faces them. Tyranny may try to rule, but it is our sacred duty to protect the world no matter the cost.

Reign of Omegon, PoptropiCon’s epic final chapter is now available for members! The guide for this episode isn’t avaliable yet, but stay tuned for it coming soon! In the meantime, if you’re having trouble with the previous two episodes, check out our PopCon guide here! (Reign of Omegon’s guide will be there too when it’s complete!) 

Non-members, the prediction according to Poptropica is that Reign of Omegon will release for all April 19th. Think of it as more time to prepare your battle gear. ;)

As for members, go ahead and join the resistance! A hero is needed! And after your done, don’t forget to see your ranking on the world champion map!

BT out, and have fun! :)

Hey, that’s me! (Poptropica ads on Funbrain)

Hi Gs,

Quick post to tell you that there is an ad campaign for Poptropica happening on FunBrain.com, and some of the most prominent figures in the community are featured – including widdle old me!

These ads can be found here, and feature people like Slanted Fish, Shaggy Tornado, and Spotted Dragon. I’m so honered to be a part of the campaign! (The ads alternate, you’ll have to refresh the page a couple times to see them all on the site.)

So here’s a challenge for you – Identify who all the people in the ads are! Leave your guesses in the comments, and I’ll follow up the winners in the next post I make! (shh totally not making you find them so that I don’t have to :P )



Poptropica Help Network: it’s back!

Hi Gs,

A couple weeks ago, I announced a big project – the Poptropica Help Wiki. A few days later, I got an email from the chairman of the Poptropica Wiki, AwesomeOrange89, suggesting a business and community opportunity. It’s safe to say that we are now officially in a network with the Poptropica Wiki, along with the PHC, and my video walkthroughs. The site for the network will be up soon.

poptropicahelpnetworkoverFor some of you oldies, you may remember the original Poptropica Help Network. We had a forum (which the wiki will now provide) the PHC, and the PHB.

So wait, we’re merging with the Poptropica Wiki? Yes, the first ever Poptropica fan site is now on our side, with hundreds of articles written about Poptropica and a great community of avid Poptropica lovers. I’m now the executive manager on the wiki; I’ve been cleaning it up since I got the privilege, and you may notice the tidy new theme and homepage. If you wanna know how to contribute please read this post I made on the blog over there.

We need your help! Let’s get these two sites in sync; please head over to the wiki and contribute!

I hope you guys are excited as I am for this amazing opportunity in the Poptropica community – the PHN will be the ultimate Poptropica fan network!



Attack on Realms & MotM Recap Mayhem!

 Guess who’s back (back, back)
Back again (back, back)
Blake is back (back, back)
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What’s popping, Poptropicans? Whew, haven’t said that in a while. And it’s good to be back, thank you for the background music, Blakettes! You guys aren’t getting paid for this, remember. Oh, stop by the kitchen on your way out of the office, there’s some leftover casserole from last week if you want it!

So anyway, what’s popping, Poptropicans? Blake here, but enough of my ramblings, let’s get on to the news! First up, for you Attack on Titan fans, there’s a new Realms video that… I guess KIND OF relates to the show? I dunno, I’ve never really seen it. Anyway, check it out:

Anyway, I know the Comics page on the PHB lets you read Poptropica’s graphic novel in full, but for those of you who are just too lazy to click it, I’ll now be covering every last page that’s gone down on the Creators’ blog since we last covered it. It’s gonna be like the Nations song all over again… (And the award for most outdated reference goes to…. me!) Keep in mind, this will include pages 26 to 48, but you can always look on our Comics page for the entire novel!

Click “read more” to see the pages.

[Read more…]

BTS Overview & Theory: PoptropiCon Ep. 3

BTS - Poptropicon 3

Hey everyone, and welcome back to our BTS Overview & Theory series! This time, we’ll be covering PoptropiCon Ep. 3: Reign of Omegon, written by the entire PHB staff (including myself of course). Special thanks to Brave Tomato for helping out a ton this time around. Be sure to check out the last BTS post, which was for Galactic Hot Dogs Island.

WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW (but that’s what you want, isn’t it?)

Overview of evidence

Before we dive into this complicated mess, we should go over the basics. Below is the official description of the episode.

Omegon has taken over PoptropiCon, and he won’t stop until he’s transformed everyone into a hench-bot. Only you can acquire the powers of the Mighty Action Force to battle Omegon and free the convention goers. Join the resistance today!

There haven’t been a whole lot of Daily Pop images for the final episode of P-Con, but do check out our Daily Pop Sneak Peek Archive page to see what we do have!

PopCon3Let’s start off with the items we found behind-the-scenes that will be used during the quest! These items include comic178, comic367, a bow, gauntlets, an old shield, a shield, and soda.

They don’t tell us much, but it’s something! Maybe the comics give us insight on how to defeat Omegon and the bow, shields, gauntlets, etc. are weapons that we end up using? Maybe…

Below, you can see the layout of the theater. However, the name of this scene has been changed to the throne room, which makes what we have to say next all the more likely.

Judging by what can be seen above, the theater/throne room seems to have turned into Omegon’s base after he crashed into the convention from where we left off in Episode 2. Sadly, we don’t have a lot of dialog to go along with this scene.

Poptropicon theater bts text 1

Again, this doesn’t give us much to work with, so we will just move on. Below is the layout of the HQ.

In the third image above, there seems to be a portal of some-sort. As we dig deeper into the island’s secrets, this portal might start to make sense. Anyway, you might be wondering who’s HQ this is. Well, since we have already assigned Omegon’s “HQ” to the theater/throne room, this scene must be a hideout for the survivors of Omegon’s arrival. The dialog below seems to back up this theory.

What our character is going to do in the island is definitely becoming clear. Rescue the Mighty Action Force, collect their weapons, etc.

Next up is the Processing Room layout.

Based on the images above, this scene appears to be where the MAF is trapped. Of course, this means we will probably have to sneak past guards.

Poptropicon processing bts text 1

As we suspected, prisoners seem to be in this room.

Finally, we have the Menagerie layout. If you don’t already know, a menagerie is a collection of wild animals kept in captivity for exhibition. Similar to a zoo.

As well as the processing room, the menagerie looks like it will contain a prisoner or two, since there is a cell shown above. While there were multiple cells in the processing room, there is only one that can be seen in the menagerie. This could just be a coincidence, but it could also imply that this cell is special. We might get captured or it might just be the final prisoner we have to save.

Poptropicon menagerie bts text 1

Judging by the dialog, it looks like the Elf Archer will be trapped in this room. :P

That’s all for the behind the scenes files, but we can’t forget the special sneak peeks that have been released on Twitter! The following images are some of the cool sneak peeks.

They aren’t much, but they hint at a lot. The first two images seem to be the different comic books, mentioned with the other items at the beginning of this post. The comics seem to clarify that we use the MAF weapons to defeat Omegon once and for all.

Omegon’s presence in PoptropiCon brings up a lot of questions that can revolve around a story: Why is Omegon real? If Omegon had always been real, why have people not noticed until now? As a matter of fact, if he was always real, why does he look almost exactly like his newest version? If he wasn’t, what caused him to be real? Would the heroes be real too? What did bring him to a comic convention of all places? Some of these questions we’d have to delve deeper into the script to figure out, but we believe we (well, mostly BT :P ) have an answer to the last of those questions.

Remember at the end of Spoiler Alert (which was Ep. 2), when Omegon’s said “I have come to destroy the Mighty Action Force”? Hmm… When Spoiler Alert begins, of course, you see everyone excitedly go inside the convention center, but then the camera pans over to a spotlight featuring the silhouettes of the Mighty Action Force, pictured below.

spotlighted heroes

There might be more to this than the Creators simply playing around with the camera. It may explain how Omegon was brought here through a very drastic misunderstanding. The Mighty Action Force spotlight may have made Omegon think that the real Mighty Action Force heroes are inside the building. As a result, Omegon decided to target that place to terrorize the people inside for praising his nemeses so much.  And continue his evil plans there, because why the heck not?

Similar to PoptropiCon’s plot, did you know that a comic-book/movie villain actually hijacked a convention back in 2013? It may not be as literal as Omegon’s hijacking of his own cosplay contest, but something close to it did happen. In the San Diego Comic Con (or SDCC), over at Hall H, Marvel was promoting the movie Thor: The Dark World, which was to come later that year. Suddenly the power comes out and back on to reveal fan-favorite villain, Loki’s, actor, Tom Hiddleson, dressed and acting in character. Unlike Omegon’s serious appearance, this appearance is more so to excite the fans and have a little bit of fun. Below is a clip from the appearance.

Of course this brings up another question for PoptropiCon. Could Omegon’s appearance all be an act? This is unlikely, but we should still consider the possibility.

Final Theory

In PoptropiCon Island – Episode 3: Reign of Omegon, we’ll pick up where we left off, when the real Omegon has crashed into the convention. His goal is to transform everyone into a hench-bot and to destroy the Mighty Action Force. Your Poptropican has to save the MAF from their prison cells and retrieve each MAF member’s main weapon. By gaining knowledge about Omegon through comic books that you have gathered, you are able to combine the power of each weapon to defeat him (presumebly by breaking his Omega Crystal). Combining the weapons gives you the power to create Alphaon (however, we aren’t exactly sure what role he will play).

Remember, the final episode of PoptropiCon Island is coming out Thursday, March 19 for members (tomorrow) Thursday, March 26th! It’ll probably then release to everyone three weeks later, on April 16th (keep in mind that these dates may change). Be sure to get your island extras from PoptropiCon’s tour page as well. Con on! :D

~The PHB Staff

(P)interesting ads: Home ‘Oh’ follower & more

Hey Poptropicans! On Main Streets of SUIs like Time Tangled, you can find an ad for the upcoming Dreamworks movie Home. Watching the trailer awards you a follower of the alien character “Oh” from the film (who has the voice of Sheldon Cooper!). (thanks for the tip, Cuddly Knuckle)

home ad

Over on the Poptropica mobile app, there’s also an ad for Night at the Museum 3: Secret of the Tomb! In the mini-game, all you have to do is keep running right and jumping over museum artifacts to avoid the suddenly-alive triceratops skeleton. Once you’ve carried the tablet to safety, you’ll be awarded a Dexter Rider and costume (Cleopatra for girls, Sir Lancelot for boys).

That’s not the only app update – Survival Ep. 5 (“Escape!”) is now free on iOS! That means that they’ve now gotten rid of all in-app purchases, and every downloadable island is now free.

By the way, thanks to the Poptropica Creators’ official Pinterest for the Night at the Museum pics above! We’ve mentioned this social media venture before, but since then, Master Mime (Jon Pitcher) has really taken off with the whole Pinterest movement, from pinning St. Patrick’s Day signs in the Poptropica font to linking to the PHB’s Comics page (where you can read Mystery of the Map in its entirety!).

So spread the word: follow Poptropica on Pinterest! :D

pitcher pinterest

Plus, check out this behind-the-scenes early art for Arabian Nights, Episode 3 – another shot of the “unimpressed teenage daughter” princess with her “clueless dad” the sultan. If you haven’t already, you’ll want to read BT’s theory, because word is that even the illustrator of this piece confirms it’s “dead on” with the island’s story!


Stay tuned to the PHB for what’s popping in Poptropica! :)

Realms update: pixies, hammer abilities, weather & more!

realms promotional

Hey guys, BT here speaking from the newly updated Poptropica Realms. I make this post for you guys to get the scoop on the new updates and features!

Firstly, you can get a free Realms Builder costume with the promo code GOREALMS. But moving on – as you can see here, I’ve gotten myself into quite a bit of a pickle – in the form of these Twilight Pixies.

freaking fairies

They’re almost like the dryads from Twisted Thicket – except even more freaking annoying! They like to swarm you and take away 10 Poptanium pieces per hit in the night and the first few minutes of sunrise. As a result, you’re forced to either try to combat them with your hammer, or do what I did and make a little hidey-hole to keep away from them if a lot are looking at once. Sometimes, if they do steal your Poptanium, and if you’re quick enough, you can hit them with your hammer while they are fleeing and you can get the stolen Poptanium back!  These new additions can be pretty tricky, so watch out for them!

After being able to dodge the pixies by waiting for day time to come, I decided to go to a land realm to mine to make up for the Poptanium the pixies stole. Luckily, I reached level 5 so I was able to destroy the ground via Ground Pound below me much quicker- and I hope to gain more hammer abilities as I continue to level up – the Hammarang and the Super Jump.

ground pound

However, as I was going through my day pounding the ground and being careful to avoid water and lava, a 10 second rain storm came and went – weather had been added to Realms, and I had the misfortune of forgetting to bring an umbrella.

Thirty seconds passed and another rainstorm hit, this time, with thunder in the background – yet no sign of lightning. Sheesh, we’re in such a rainy place, aren’t we?

Also, the snow realm has well, snow, the sand realm has sandstorms, the swamp biome has acid rain, and the lunar biome has… meteors. So yeah, better have some kind of safe spot for the latter two.

rain weather

After the rain came and went, dusk was beginning to fall, and I knew that the Twilight Pixies would return again and try to take my Poptanium away. As I built my shelter underneath the ground, I leveled up, and I was greeted by this random Viking guy.

random viking guy

He’s been tutoring me on things that I somewhat already knew from my experience with Poptropica Land, along with advice to help with the new updates. I don’t know who this is or where he came from. I believe he was the original master creator but I don’t think I’ve leveled up high enough to confirm it. However, I did see someone wear his cap so I’m guessing he is the master creator, and his costume is the reward for reaching level 15.

After a bit, I did get hungry so I got out my hammer and formed an apple at the price of 1 poptanium piece. I found that I could now eat the apple – and in fact, any food- and it would regenerate my health quicker - perfect for the times I’d accidentally fall into lava! There are also more interactive props to play around with, so explore all the props you can!


So with these new updates to Realms, the worlds has grown more diverse and dangerous, adding on new challenges and objectives as you create and destroy the worlds around you. Have fun, Poptropicans!

BT out. ;)

GoRealms code, Poptropica on Pinterest, & PopStorm 18

Hey guys! Quick post to announce that Poptropica Realms recently got a big upgrade of features, which we’ll be getting into soon here on the PHB. For now, you can enter the promo code GOREALMS to get your own free Realms Builder costume!


Also, the Poptropica Creators officially have their own Pinterest board.

pop pinterest

Instead of Zeus being the face of their account, Master Mime (also known as Jon Pitcher, as you can see on our Creator Database page) is the star. You can view and follow it here, but unlike their other social media sites, they’re more focused on re-pinning random Poptropica things from others. (Update: They’ve started posting some of their own fun stuff, like this St. Patrick’s Day promo!)

pinterest pop

Of course Jon Pitcher also has his own Pinterest account, which has a board that features all of the Creators’ PopStorms!

Speaking of PopStorms, number 18 has been released! This one, entitled Classes of Glasses, depicts many Poptropicans with glasses that match their own style. :P

popstorm 18

Last but not least, Poptropica says they’re hoping to get their mobile app out to Kindle Fires by June 1. Great news for all the Kindlers out there!

Anyway, have a great weekend and be sure to check out other recent PHB posts for the latest happenings in the Poptropica community! :D



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