The PHB’s 6th birthday party – and you’re invited!

6th phb bday

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PoptropiCon Island announced!

Hi Gs,

This is a quick post to alert you guys that some official details for the next Poptropica island (which will again be episodic) was just posted to the Creators’ Blog. Get ready for PoptropiCon Island (although we knew about it before :P )! You can find some sneak peeks in the PHB’s PoptropiCon post category, and we’ll be sure to post even more in the weeks to come. Check out the sweet logo below:


Everyone is dressed up for the biggest sci-fi and fantasy convention in Poptropica. At PoptropiCon, the most important thing isn’t what you do — it’s how you look doing it!

I’m really excited for this island — it feels very Mocktropica-like. Also, looking at the description, is the main focus of the island going to be costumes & fashion? Tell me your thoughts in the comments. :D


Atlantis Ep. 2 on iOS, costume inflation, & sticker book

Hey Poptropicans! There’s been a lot of speculation flying around the PHB recently, from Thor’s hammer and Norse mythology connections to Legendary Swords crystals and even Poptropolis shaking! But there’s also some concrete stuff happening that’s worth mentioning, so let’s take a look.

Mission Atlantis: Episode 2 now on iOS app

Mission Atlantis: Fortress of the Deep (Episode 2) is now available on Poptropica’s iOS app. If you don’t want to navigate the treacherous waters alone, check out our written walkthrough (with pictures) or use a video from our trivia page to get you past the fearsome goblin shark and more!


Price hike on sausage costumes

Both the Hot Dog and Tofu Dog costumes, released to the Poptropica Store in 2010, are currently 150 credits each. (With a few exceptions, costumes are generally 75 credits each.) I’m not sure when or why exactly their price inflated, as they’re not exactly the most glamorous costumes out there. :P


(Speaking of the Store, the members-only Ringmaster costume which was supposed to be gone after the Early Access period of Monster Carnival Island is still here, several months later. It’s a great costume though, so hopefully it stays!) Well, at least members can get everything in the Store for free.

Sticker book is here

Also, the Poptropica Ultimate Sticker Collection book is now available, with over 1000 re-usable stickers as promised! You can get it for US$11.69 on Amazon or perhaps your local bookstore if they’re awesome enough to stock these.

In other news, don’t forget the PHB’s 6th anniversary party is this Saturday, July 26th, and we hope to see you there! More information can be found in this post. Thanks for popping by! :D


Poptropolis is shaking again!

Hey everyone! I just went onto Poptropolis Games Island and I saw the island shaking! The island may be sinking soon… once again. The map doesn’t show it shaking yet, but if or when it does, I’ll let everyone know!


I’m pretty sure the island situation will happen like last time: the island shakes for a while, then the Creators make these reports about it, then the island sinks and rises a year later. What do you think? Will Poptropolis be submerged under the sea once again only to rise yet again? Stay tuned for more reports on strange happenings as they come.


Rethinking Thor

Hi Gs,

The topic of discussion lately has been Legendary Swords and Poptropica Lands, but I’m going to bring up something else this time around. A while back I made a “Missing Link” post about a Norse mythology based island. I was using evidence from the DPs (Daily Pops) of the time.

However, that theory fell by the wayside when the DPs were confirmed to be for the Poptropica App as a starting tutorial. I thought that I was wrong.

But, just like the recent cropping up of underground themed sneak peeks, this theme has re-immersed. If you’ve been following along with recent PHB posts, you’ll know that mysterious Norse themed traces have been coming from the yet-to-be-updated Lands. A blue glowing hammer can be found listed in the SUI Poptropica Lands files — and this could go two ways.


First, it may not be meant to be there — it’s just a mistake. That is possible considering that it is the only item listed. If this is true, it means that a separate Norse themed island may be coming soon.


It also could be that they’re making Poptropica’s default theme into a Norse sort of thing. This would also make sense because of Poptropica’s floating blimp and the start tutorial for the Poptropica app. Since Poptropica Lands is not necessarily themed after anything specific, the default theme would be Norse mythology.

And check out this image from Twisted Thicket Island, which contains the same symbol as the hammer mentioned above. As you may know, Twisted Thicket has its roots in Norse mythology, such as the naming of the runes you have to collect, so this further emphasizes the theme. (thanks to ayman351 for the pic!)

norse symbol

I would prefer the prior theory to be true, but it just depends. Who knows what the future holds. :) Tell me your thoughts in the comments.


In order to create, one must first destroy…

…But in order to destroy, one must first create.. I know it sounds like a cat poster, but it’s true.

What’s popping, Poptropicans? Blake here, with a little tidbit of news! You remember the blue hammer from HP’s post a few days back? Well, it appears this will have to do with either Poptropicon Island, Poptropica Labs, or perhaps an upcoming Island based on Norse mythology. (It does look a little like the Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer…)

In a post about (presumably) Poptropica Labs, the hammer is featured in this new sneak peek from the Creators’ Blog, which is titled hammertime.jpg… points to Creators on the pun. Current tally is Blake 2099, Creators 150,000. Wow, I need to step up my game!


So it seems that wizarding, dungeons and loot may be coming to Poptropica! Maybe the hammer will allow us to delete things in Poptropica Labs, since we don’t currently have this ability? Or perhaps it’s part of someone’s Poptropicon costume? This just got… *takes out mace and swings it over head a couple of times* …medieval. Stay popping, Poptropicans.

*holds up Mjolnir*

*is struck by lightning*

The return of Legendary Swords?

Hi Gs,

This topic has been a recurring theme throughout the years, mostly because there has been no avail. If any of you remember, Legendary Swords was a mini-quest released years ago (you can still get it from the store). Legendary Swords ended with a cliff hanger and it was to be continued. But it wasn’t.

In Mocktropica, you can find a piece of paper while searching through a trash bin that shows the villain of Legendary Swords. The paper is crumpled up, hinting that the series will never be continued.

However, Daily Pops before and after Mocktropica’s release had been very suggestive of an underground theme, which is very Legendary Swords-esque. Those sort of tapered off until there was no more mention of them — but with one recent Daily Pop, they seem to have risen again.


The title of the Daily Pop above is “Crystallized” — but the most interesting thing is the description — “The caves have come around again.” Are the Creators acknowledging the seemingly forgotten underground DP posts? If so, are these posts related to Legendary Swords?

And have you noticed all the Legendary things happening lately? Thanks to CaptainSpencer for giving me this lead. Tell me your thoughts in the comments. :)


Blast to the Past, Episode 2: Creators’ Favorite Islands

Hello PHB community, and welcome back to my Blast to the Past series! This episode we look at what the Creators’ favorite Islands are! Some of you may remember this as a week long series on the PCB two years ago from that lasted from July 20th to July 27th 2012. For those who don’t remember this, some of these picks are actually really surprising!

Can you match the Creator with their favorite Island? Remember, these can get pretty surprising.

1D  2C  3B  4E  5A

Ready for the answers? Scroll down to see how many you got correct!

A lot of them are not what you would expect! If you didn’t want to play the matching game, or just want to see the Creators’ picks without having to go check out the answers, here is a list of their picks:

  1. Master Mime – (D) Wild West Island
  2. Dr. Hare – (C) Skullduggery Island
  3. Comic Kid – (B) Vampire’s Curse and Wild West Island
  4. Director D – (E) Cryptids Island
  5. Captain Crawfish – (A) Red Dragon Island

Can you believe that Dr. Hare likes Skullduggery more than Captain Crawfish? Who would have guessed that Director D. was such a fan of urban legends? I also talked to some of the other PHB authors recently and found out what some of their favorite Islands are at the moment:

HPuterpopMocktropica IslandMostly because the references and the style of the island. It really feels like an original island. Also, the boss battle. And the music. And breaking the fourth wall. And the humor and animation and NARFS.

Samwow5 – I like a lot of them, but my favorite is probably Survival Island. I love the episode idea and I love camping, so this island is for me!

Fuzzy-B – As much as I love the look, feel, and story of Counterfeit Island and Skullduggery Island, my favorite has to be Astro-Knights Island because I feel that the game-play and story is the best out of all 39 Islands so far!

How many Creators’ picks were you able to get right? What do you think of their picks, and some of the PHB authors’ picks? What’s your favorite Island? Sound off below with what you think!

Poptropicon member items, Comic Boy, and the return of Lands!

Hi Gs,

What isn’t happening in the world of Poptropica? Prepare to have your mind blown with all the new things happening in the Poptropica universe!  :D

Poptropicon Member Items

Soon after I posted about the upcoming Poptropicon Island, I found a new item in the files titled “Poptropicon Poster”. The button, instead of “use” or “costumize”, is print. Also, this is a Members Only poster/desktop background! (Don’t worry, non-members, we’ll post the background for everyone to download when it comes out. ;) )


In addition, there will also be a pizza puff costume, as mentioned in my last Pop-Con post. :p

Comic Boy

Found by PHB reader Big Kid, this typo on the Creators’ Blog may reveal something about the Shark Boy mystery. As you can see in the picture below, the character we know as Comic Kid on the official blog is labelled as “Comic Boy”:

comic boy

While this may just be a typo, the use of boy in the name suggests that at one time Comic Kid was supposed to be Comic Boy. That said, could Shark Boy’s sudden name change have something to do with original names? Also, could Comic Boy be the answer to the never found username of Comic Kid’s account? If you find anything, be sure to tell us in the comments. :D

The Return of Poptropica Labs: Lands

Something familiar has popped up on the game list lately: lands. This project has been stirring, and the fact that it’s on the game list means that it will be converted to an SUI version.


When I looked into it a little more, I found a strange “hammer” item listed along with everything else. A hammer wasn’t included in the original lands, so what could it’s purpose be here? Perhaps to help build things? :p


This update might mean that lands will be available to all soon. You can get ready by reading my review of the feature here. :D

Survival 4 Video Walkthrough

I recently finished my Survival 4 video walkthrough! :D We used a different one on the PHB this time around because I had mine out a little late, so I figured I should tell everyone who does use them. ;) You can always subscribe to my YouTube channel to get updates whenever I make new video walkthroughs and more fun things. :D

Hehe no shame in self-promotion. ;)



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