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Poptropica’s 7th & Sam’s 15th birthday party!

EDIT! The party has ended! Stay tuned for a recap over the next day!

PopBirthday 2014

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PoptropiCon Ep. 1 out for all today!

PoptropiCon Ep. 1: Line Forms Here is finally is coming out for non-members at some point today: Thursday, Sept 18th! It’s not here yet, but it will be out within the next 24 hours! It’s now officially here!

The Creators finally decided to release the episode to everyone, a week later than expected, since non-members got nothing when Survival Ep. 5 came out for members last week. :( Anyway, if you need help, the PHB has you covered with PoptropiCon Island Guide! :D

con1 carousel

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Pop the “7” balloon for Poptropica’s 7th birthday costume!

Hey everyone! In addition to the free 7th birthday balloon that everyone can claim in the Store, the Creators have also released a special 7th birthday costume – and it’s not the usual cake suit this time around! Thanks to my good friends Squeezy Wing & Pixel for the picture:


As explained on Poptopica’s 7th birthday page (which, strangely, has pics from the 6th birthday), what you need to do to claim this lucky outfit is simply to visit any common room during the celebration, find the special “7” balloon (it may take several tries before it shows up, so be patient and keep trying!). Pop it with a click to get the Lucky 7th Birthday Costume! Contrary to the Creators’ claim, the balloon is not golden in color – it’s green and blue!

7 balloon2

(Thanks to Quiet Eagle for the balloon pic!) I’ve got to say though, that costume you get is pretty cool!

7thbday carousel

Anyway, don’t forget that the PHB is having a Poptropica/PHC party this Saturday in celebration of Poptropica’s 7th birthday (and also my 15th)! We hope to see you there with your birthday balloons and lucky costumes – for details on the event, check out the post below! Seven cheers for Poptropica! :mrgreen:

Drawing Poptropican heads, Jeff Heim’s account, and Halloween costumes!

Hi Gs,

What isn’t happening in the world of Poptropica? Prepare to have your mind blown with all the new things happening in the Poptropica universe!  :D

Thoughts on Arabian Nights description


We already knew about Arabian Nights of course, but the recent announcement reveals some epic wallpapers and descriptions. As I was reading, however, I found something that sort of peeved me.

In Arabian Nights, players will travel across the desert trying to rescue the Sultan’s lamp from the 40 Thieves. Prepare for an adventure full of magic, treachery, and danger, in a setting like none we’ve ever created!

I’ve made my standing on this topic known, but in-fact there has been an Arabian setting created in Poptropica before. One of the many ports that Skullduggery island has is called Golden Harbor. It has an Arabian theme, thus they have created a similar setting before. Just wanted to point this out. :P

Drawing Poptropicans with Jon Pitcher

The Creators recently posted a video on their YouTube channel featuring Poptropica illustrator Jon Pitcher. In the video, he shows you how he draws Poptropican heads, and how you can make your own. While the camera is a little shaky, I still think that the Poptropicans he drew were awesome. :D

I might just make a video tutorial for drawing my Poptropican style sometime in the near future too. If you liked the video, you might also want to check out the PHB’s How to draw a Poptropican guide. :)

Jeff Heim’s account

I recently asked Poptropica’s sound producer Jeff Heim to make a Poptropica account, to which he responded that he already had one – his username is jeffheim88, and his Poptropican’s name is Lazy Cactus! While he hasn’t completed any islands, he does have membership and apparently believes in Bigfoot. :P He lives in New Hampshire, US, and is a member of the Black Flags tribe.


If you check out his site, you’ll also find a video (using all Poptropica music) where he explains what he does – note the smile when he mentions Poptropica. ;)

 7th birthday/Halloween costumes

You may know about the new 7th birthday balloon that you can get free in the Store, but they also released two new Halloween-themed costume cards – the Egyptian Mummy and the Scarecrow. These both can be found in the Haunted House mini-quest, and are fully costumizable there. It’s quite a mystery why they’re here – for one thing, they should be in the costumes section. Also, does this relate to Poptropica’s birthday? Only time will tell, I guess. :P


 Pop-pop-Poptropican Portraits!



Pop’s 7th birthday balloon: in Store for all!

Hey everyone! Quick post to let you guys know that a new birthday balloon for Poptropica’s 7th birthday is now available for free in the Store for everyone. Happy seventh birthday, Poptropica!


To celebrate, the PHB will be having a Poptropica party on the PHC and in Multiverse rooms – and as an added bonus, I’ll be celebrating my own b’day too! Stay tuned for more details about the party, and in the meantime, enjoy your color-changing balloon! :D


Survival Island vs. The Most Dangerous Game

survival vs dangerous game

In the first three episodes of Poptropica’s Survival Island, you’re trapped in the woods and are trying to survive: first you build a fire, then you catch a fish, then you send a distress signal. The story could have stopped right there, with you being rescued – but instead, it was just the beginning of something a little more sinister… and our quest for survival became a much more dangerous game.

The Most Dangerous Game (TMDG) is a short story published in 1924 by Richard Connell. Since Daily Pops of Survival’s fourth episode and beyond have surfaced, we’ve speculated that the island could take a twisted turn in the direction of this classic literary work — and now that the Survival series has come to a close, let’s take a look at some of the similarities and differences between the two tales.

If you’d like to read TMDG, you can click here for the full story. For our Survival Island Guide, click here. Note that for the remainder of this post, there will be SPOILERS for both Survival and TMDG!

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A Whole New Poptropica Island: Arabian Nights!

Oh I come from a land, from a faraway place
Where the islands freely roam
The oceans are immense and it does get intense
It’s barbaric, but hey, it’s home!
A new island emerges, and the joy just surges
‘Specially from young Sarah tonight!
Come on down, stop on by, hop on your blimp and fly
To the brand new Arabian Nights!


Arabian Niiiiiiiiiights has just been annouuuuuunced!
Oh yes, the logo and the island’s info has just come arouuuuuuuund!
Arabian Niiiiiiiiiights will have three episooooooooodes!
First is How Bazaar!, and robbed from afar, is the Sultan’s abooooooode!

After the forty thieves ransack his city, a desperate sultan has one request: find the thieves’ lair, and bring back his most cherished possession!


*ahem* Okay, enough with the Disney’s Aladdin references, I have a feeling a lot more will be made in the future by my fellow authors. Ah well, just follow me on my magic carpet and we’ll see what else is on that tour page – which is actually not too much more. The only other things we see are a few scenery images, a picture of 1/40ths of the Forty Thieves clan (seen right), and the desktop wallpaper (which features the entirety 40 thieves, if you count closely enough) and the printable poster, both of which you can see by clicking below.

image image

So I don’t know about you, but I’m intrigued… What will the gold cards be? When will the trailer release? When will it come out? Only time will tell.

BT out!

Charlie post, Pop birthdate, more Land & music from Jeff Heim

Hey Poptropicans! This is going to be another mega-post on the many Poptropica-related things happening recently – but while you’re reading the PHB, don’t miss out on the new BoxTrolls ad, Survival Ep. 5 for members, the upcoming “Home” feature, and more news from the posts below! :D

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Poptropica: A Story You Can Play

catcf 50th

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Roald Dahl’s beloved story, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Poptropica has been revealing some of their creative process in turning the timeless tale into one of its many Islands. The second post of what will be a three-part series is now up on RoaldDahl.com, so click here to check it out the whole thing – and here’s a little excerpt from their post:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a beloved story. No wonder it’s been made into two movies and a stage musical (and even other video games). Because we consider story to be the most important part of a Poptropica Island, this, too, was both a challenge and an opportunity when bringing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Poptropica.

How do we re-tell a familiar tale, full of beloved characters and situations, while adding an unpredictable new character: the player? How do we make the player a part of the story without changing the story, but allowing the player the sense of freedom and control that a video game requires?

[To read the rest of Poptropica's entry, click here!]

If you haven’t seen their first post, you can click here to read it, and check out their gallery of behind-the-scenes images on the Creators’ Blog or right here on the PHB. A great story complemented by a great island adventure with its own unique spin – and if you’re planning on playing it, our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island Guide may come in handy! :)

When exactly is Poptropica’s birthday?

Since its third year, every year, Poptropica has celebrated its birthday in the month of September – but never with an exact birthday date mentioned. This year will be Poptropica’s 7th year, and in response to a question from Slippery Raptor, Poptropica revealed over Twitter that Poptropica’s birth took the entire month of September (2007) — hence the celebrations being not on any one single day.

pop 7th bday date

This year, however, they’re planning to have their festivities on the 18th – which is this Thursday! We can probably expect a birthday costume with a “7” b’day balloon, and maybe some balloons in the common rooms. In the past, they’ve also re-released retired items — we’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store for this year’s party! :mrgreen:

More featured Land creations

Poptropica Land: alpha version 2 may have been around for a while now, but the Creators are constantly being impressed by all the elaborate creations Poptropica members are making. Here are the latest to be featured on their official Twitter (click to enlarge images):

If you just can’t get enough of looking at other Poptropicans’ Lands, then check out the PHB post featuring the winners of our Land Construction Contest! And for some tips on getting started with Land, check out our Poptropica Labs/Land guide.

More Poptropica music from Jeff Heim

The PHB has previously mentioned Jeff Heim, Poptropica’s resident (and very talented) music composer — and while the recent release of Poptropica’s first ever music album may be unavailable to some due to cost, listening to Jeff’s Soundcloud tracks is totally free!

If you haven’t checked out his Poptropica collection in a while, you may now notice that he’s added several new tracks, mostly owing to the recent Survival and Mission Atlantis episodes.

In the comments of the “Science Fair” track, you may even notice Jeff’s response to HPuterpop saying that he “uploaded this track in part because I noticed you used it at the end of your Survival 3 Walk-through video”! Awesome.

One of my personal favorites, though, is the jaunty little tune that is PoptropiCon’s main theme. It just builds up to sound really epic as you get into it, plus it can get pretty catchy. :D

Don’t miss out on all the other cool things happening in Poptropica lately — you can catch up with all the PHB posts below! Keep on popping on, Poptropicans.


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