Daily Pop-In: Promo Codes & Prizes

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Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultimate iPad Expert here to bring you the new Daily Pop-Ins! That’s the event where, every weekday starting July 27th and going until August 7th, you can log into Poptropica and enter a promo code that will only work on that day to receive a prize. More details in this post.


[Fri, Jul 31] Today’s Daily Pop-In code welcomes a new prize! Enter in the the code WHOOPS to get an extra special Fart Gun. :P

Enter in the code before Monday at 12 pm EST, when it disappears. And of course, Tune in on Monday, and every day next week, for new codes!

PS: Sorry for getting this code out so late, WordPress’ new editor didn’t load. Finally got it out, though. :D

[Thu, Jul 30] Today welcomes the code LOVEPOP30 to give you a 75 credits! Put in your code by tomorrow at noon EST tomorrow, when it disappears. And, of course, tune in each day to this post for all of the other codes.

[Wed, Jul 29] The brand new code for today is HIGH5 and earns you an extra special 5 credits. Thnx Creators. XD Put the code in while you have the chance and be sure to tune in to this post for more codes! We know it feels like a joke – but Poptropica promises it’ll get better, and that “tomorrow’s prize definitely be worth more than 30 credits” (see tweet).

[Tue, Jul 28] Today’s code is GIMME50 and earns you 50 credits. Be sure to enter the code today before it disappears! And remember to tune in here each day for Daily Pop-In codes!

[Mon, Jul 27] The first Daily Pop-In is released, at 12pm EST! The first code is SURPRIZEME and earns you 200 credits, so be sure to enter the promo code in on Poptropica today before it’s gone.

And of course, tune in each weekday to this post to learn about the next Daily Pop-In! I’ll be updating this post every day to keep you posted on the current code and prizes, with the newest at the top.

What do you think of these daily prizes? Comment below.

• Ultimate iPad Expert •

PHB Review: Arabian Nights Island


Hey Poptropicans! Slippery Raptor and Slanted Fish here.

Welcome to another PHB review! We last had Mystery of the Map (which was reviewed by HP & UiPE) but now, it’s time for Arabian Nights Island to be in the hot seat!

Warning: This review contains spoilers for the island.
If you need a walkthrough, check out the PHB’s Arabian Nights Island Guide — with pictures!

Episode 1: How Bazaar


Overall, this episode is pretty good. Let’s start with the soundtrack. The soundtrack was very fitting, giving off a feel for Arabian culture and the grandiosity of their civilization.

Meanwhile, the story focused on finding the Forty Thieves and putting a stop to their thievery. The hideout was done cleverly: it wasn’t the obvious cave, but something much more intriguing, with the “open sesame” scene at the end reminiscent of the beginning of Disney’s Aladdin.

Some of our favorite moments include hanging around the palace while the guards were gossiping and then surprising them with a smoke bomb, and watching one of the thieves struggle to steal the slow camel when trying to pull it into the hideout.

Moving onto the characters, they were creatively made to look like Arab people in the ancient times. In my opinion, the best one was the Sultan himself. The scenes, too, were really made well, especially the bazaar scene. This also presented a nice challenge— the cave maze and the trading. Smoke bombs added to the coolness factor, and the animations – the curling smoke effects which were used throughout the island in different colors – were pretty neat too.

Episode 2: Lair of Thieves


This episode was pretty cool! Let’s start with the scenes, which were amazing. From the cells to the sanctum, everything was nice and detailed, particularly the treasure room.

The quest itself was just the right amount of challenging. PHB author Samwow5 pointed out in his review of this episode that he felt like he was a spy. A spy indeed! Sneaking around the thieves sure made us feel stealthy and cool. The crafting part was also a creative touch to the gameplay.

Seeing the prisoner and later the Vizier disappear in a cloud of smoke for calling upon the wrong lamps made for a dark yet excellent plot. The Vizier’s sacrifice tugged at our heartstrings, and we wonder whether the unfortunate characters were really killed off (it certainly seems so, which might be a Poptropica first) – though thanks to the Sultan’s time reversal at the end of the third episode, the Vizier lived (though probably not as a high palace official).

The characters were great, too. The Master of Coin (who looked like Binary Bard), master thief, and Brutus had amazing designs and details. Last but definitely not least, the soundtrack was awesome. The spine-tingling feeling of the music made the episode even better.

Episode 3: Careful What You Wish For


Months before the release of this episode, PHB author Brave Tomato made a theory about the final episode — and she turned out to be right!

Scheherazade’s character had great depth, from being a simple merchant’s daughter to becoming a princess, which turned out pretty badly for her as her father, now a Sultan, barely paid her any attention. It didn’t end there: driven by her desire, she became the leader of the villainous Forty Thieves, and then, at the height of her criminal career, wished to be turned into a genie!

Out of the three episodes, this is our personal favorite. Why? Scenes were made very well and every inch of it is very detailed. The spot-the-difference game was pretty challenging. This episode also brought back the trading and crafting elements from the previous two episodes.

Samhal, too, was a comical character, with his mischievous wit coming into play at every corner. From making a woman who wished to be beautiful into a copy of himself, to turning the Master of Coin into a treasure chest because he wanted to hold all the wealth for himself, to having the recurring camel fall in love with a palace guard, it was hilarious to watch the story unfold.

The story was funny, but it also left behind a well-delivered cautionary tale against greed, especially as it wrapped up in the final, heartfelt scene with the Sultan and Scheherazade on the stone dais.

Plus, we loved the Aladdin references.

Thanks for reading our review of Arabian Nights Island! Overall, we’d rate it a 9.5/10.


Let us know in the comments what you thought of Arabian Nights! :D

Shaun the Sheep ad, Pelican Rock, & Jeff Heim’s Poppie

Hey Poptropicans! SFish here with the latest Poptropica happenings.

There’s currently an advertisement building for the Shaun the Sheep movie (in theaters August 5) on Main Streets. Inside, you can customize two fluffy sheep costumes, interact with other players like in common rooms, and grab two prizes: the Woolly Blow, a gun that adds a poof of sheep hair to the heads of characters you point at, and the Sheep Belch, which makes you belch comically.

(Thanks to Slippery Raptor for the ad pics!)

The Shaun the Sheep ad is on the Poptropica mobile app as well, but the prizes are a Timmy Follower (Timmy being a sheep character) and a sheep piggyback item. (Thanks to Anonymous for the tip!)

Meanwhile, the Creators haven’t posted many Daily Pop sneak peeks this month (slackers :P just kidding), but a more recent one gives us a peek at the name of the prison facility in the unnamed prison island: Pelican Rock – possibly modeled after the Pelican Bay State Prison in California.

Well, we’ve seen seaside jails on Ghost Story and Super Villain Island, and they haven’t worked out too well… wonder how this one will hold up. ;)

Finally, a bit of post-Poppies news: check out the Poppie trophy Spotted Dragon sent to Jeff Heim, which he constructed (with a few scissor mishaps) and posted on social media! :D

(Plus, you can get your own Poppies Participant paper craft like this one on our event recap post!)


Congratulations to the Monster Carnival Island Main Theme for winning Best Soundtrack among the PHB readership. If you haven’t already, check out the list of all Poppies winners here, plus click here for a recap of the event with pictures – and Captain Crawfish’s reaction! :)

– 🐟 SFish 🐠 –

Poptropica: Make “rare costume” glitches obsolete!

Hi Gs,

I’m touching on something mildly controversial today, and some people will hate me for it – glitch trading. Poptropica’s trading community has become a monster. No, I don’t want your weird hat that looks like a football got shoved into an ostrich’s mouth.


Seriously, guys. What is cool about having weird looking costumes? What does that prove? I get messages every day asking me if I want to trade some of my “rare” items in my costume closet – which by the way, are uncommon, not deformed. For someone who knows how the game works internally, it’s sorta useless to try to trade these things with me.

(By the way, if you have any rare pepes to trade, that’s a whole nother ballgame. Contact me for more info ;) )

But for real, I don’t see why it’s such a big deal nowadays. However, that’s not what I’m here to talk about. Instead, this is my opinion on how to fix glitches – glitches like the Avatar Studio glitch, the SUI Costumizer glitch, and the eye expression glitch.


I want to talk about a little game called Terraria, which if you didn’t know is one of my favorite games. They recently came out with an update involving 800 new items, new NPCs, better artwork, etc – but that’s beside the point. The point is, in the update before that, a game breaking glitch had come to the surface – hoiking. It was a way of transportation that exploited the game’s way of making sure players wouldn’t get stuck in blocks. It was the fastest way of travelling ingame – until the new update. They literally made it so minecarts could go even faster than hoiking, therefore making it obsolete.


This is what Poptropica needs to do – instead of having a glitchy reputation, have a smart one. Make a card that allows you to have different eye expressions, make costume trading possible, and make more things costumizable. Make glitches obsolete not by fixing them (some of which can’t be fixed without extensive redesign), but by making them unnecessary in comparison.



Recap: the Poppies Awards Show & PHC Parties!


Hey Poptropicans! Didn’t we look snazzy on that header? Well, the first ever Poptropica awards show, the Poppies, is now over, but we hope you had a blast at the red carpet! Thank you to everyone who made nominations and voted – you guys made an impact in the results for the event, and for that, you can enjoy this Poppies Participant paper-craft trophy created by Spotted Dragon! Here’s the link.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Blake’s PHB post for the announcing of the winners, which includes HPuterpop’s livestream with several others on the PHB staff. During the party, we also had several Multiverse rooms filled with impeccably dressed Poptropicans, and the PHC (our chat) was pretty lively in anticipation of the winner announcements. Check out the recap montage! :D

poppies 2015 recap

To give everyone a better chance at being able to make it to the celebrations, we hosted an after-party as well, about half a day after the first one. In addition to the Poppies, we also celebrated the PHB’s 7th anniversary. Happy birthday to the Poptropica Help Blog! The Multiverse rooms were filled with balloons, soda pop, and lots of lag. But at least we were having fun! :mrgreen:

Poppies 2015 afterparty

Also, thank you to everyone who voted for me as Best Author; I’m deeply honored. :’) Spotted Dragon even sent me a foldable Poppie for my award, and it looks pretty Oscar-esque! <3

poppies trophy

Again, don’t forget to check out your Poppies Participant award at this link. If you print it out and make it, do send us a photo by email, blog, and/or leaving a comment on this post to let us know! (Also, if you can prove your Poptropican name is Golden Dragon, the winner of the Best Poptropican Name category, SD will personally send you your own Poppie.) ;)

If you enjoyed chatting on the PHC (Poptropica Help Chat; our official PHB chat hangout), remember that you can always come back to it any time (not just during official parties!) to hang out with other Poptropicans and have fun (within the boundaries of the chat rules listed on the page, of course). The link is xat.com/thephc, or you can access it by going to the “Chat” page from the navigation bar up top.

And no awards show would be complete without a few shout-outs: here’s to Jeff Heim, possibly the first Poptropica Creator to ever comment on the PHB – and it was in the spirit of the Poppies!

jeff heim comment

A shout-out also to Captain Crawfish, or shall I say The Award-Winning Captain Crawfish? Not only did he win the Best Creator category, he made a subtle reference to it in today’s Creators’ Blog post about the Daily Pop-In! We may like to nom crawfish here, but we love you too, Captain.

the award winning cc

It’s been a great event, and we here at the PHB hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Thanks especially to Slippery Raptor for the initial idea, for turning the annual PHB birthday celebrations into something more. Again, check out Blake’s post and HP’s livestream for a list of all the winners.

:star: Thanks for popping in, and have a stellar day! :star:

Poppies 2015: Announcing the Winners

Hello, Poptropicans. Welcome to the most fabulous night in Poptropica, maybe even awards, history. Tonight, your winners will be revealed for the first ever Poptropica awards ceremony, The Popp- oh, it’s already the day after the show? Okay.

poppies winners blake

Anyway, what’s popping, Poptropicans? Blake here, with no Poptropican news this time; more of a recap. As you can see by the title, today I’ll be recapping the winners from last night’s awards phenomenon, the Poppies. Let’s head straight into the awards, shall we? Please welcome, to present our first award, Thinknoodles and- wait, what do you MEAN none of our presenters were invited? I’m going to have to announce the winners BY MYSELF?!

Well, as you know, HPuterpop did also host a livestream announcing the winners, along with several other PHB authors, which you can view here…

But if you don’t want to sit through two hours of talking, don’t worry – Blake’s here to announce the winners right here in one post. For the first award, Best Creator, please welcome Blake!

*room full of snazzily-dressed people clap*

Thanks, it’s great to be here tonight with all of you.

A Creator is someone who puts everything into their work. Zeus, Captain Crawfish, they all work to keep Poptropica running. Tonight, we honor one of those Creators with the first Poppie ever. And the winner for Best Creator is… *opens envelope* Captain Crawfish! Your Poppie, along with everyone else’s, will be along to you sometime soon. For our next award, Best Dialogue, please welcome Blake (again)!

Thank you, it’s nice to be invited. If anything shapes an Island into a classic, it’s the dialogue. And tonight, we determine the best dialogue of Poptropica. You guys have voted, and tonight the winner of Best Dialogue is… *opens envelope* “And you! You set me up! Man, I can’t stand anyone in this room.. well, except for me. Me, I like,” spoken by your player on Counterfeit Island!

Now, in typical awards shows, you don’t have time to announce every single category with a presenter and everything. So, to imitate these award shows, I will now rapid fire seven winners in one go. Seriously, there are like 18 of these.

  • The winner for Best Dressed NPC (Male) is Director D!
  • Poptropicans voted Aphrodite for the Best Dressed NPC (Female)!
  • Best Island, with PoptropiCon Island winning over Mystery Train by a single vote!
  • Golden Dragon was your pick for Best Poptropican Name! If anyone can prove to us their Poptropican name is Golden Dragon (via screenshot, Avatar Studio link, or username), let us know and we will send you (via email) a Poppie paper craft made just for you!
  • The soundtrack Poptropicans everywhere voted into the winner’s circle for Best Soundtrack is the Monster Carnival Main Theme!
  • You guys spoke, and we listened. Ghost Story Island is your winner for Best Storyline!
  • It’s so good to be bad, and Zeus proves it by winning Best Villain!

Now, onto our next award, Best Fanart! The winner for this category is… MasterPinpey’s “Poptropican Villains” from Issue 23 of the Popcorn!

Only 7 more categories to go, and next up is Best Fansite! Now normally, you would all vote for us here at the PHB, but you chose… hey everyone, it’s your friend Thinknoodles!

Now, on to Best PHB April Fool’s Prank! And the winner is the Omegon Takeover!

Now for another rapid fire! Categories 14-18 coming at you, and then I’ll see you back here for the final award, Best Author!

  • The votes are in, and Issue 23 was the fan-favorite issue of The POPCORN!
  • Readers like you voted Poptropican as the Best Wiki Article!
  • Don’t tell anyone, but I actually agree on this one. Galactic Hot Dogs Island was voted as the Worst Island!
  • Poptropicans decided on Big Belly as the Worst Poptropican Name!
  • Everybody seems to hate many moments on Poptropica, but it was decided that 7 Islands becoming Members only was the worst!

And now, for the final award. The role of an Author is to be loved by many, and to be angered by few. To work and make the blog the best it can be, and to have fun doing it. Tonight, we honor the BEST of us seven with the Best Author award. And the winner is…

IT’S ME, EVERYONE! Just kidding, it’s actually Slanted Fish! You deserve it, Fishy!

Well, that’s all the awards we have to give out! Click here for further Poppies-recapping, with pictures from the party (and after-party), right here on the PHB!

Okay Timmy, now that that’s over, call Francisco to cut me out of this tuxedo.

*Sorry boss, but Francisco’s out for the day!*

So I have to stay in this for tonight? I already lost a bet that I’d win Best Author, and now I have to wear this dang princess outfit for a week longer!


App-date with chat, Balloons, MotM Island & costumes!

Hey Poptropicans, SFish here with news on the Poptropica app (P-App-tropica? I’m crediting fellow PHB authors Slippery Raptor & Spotted Dragon for the puns and pics in this post ;) ).

App-arently, the Poptropica mobile app for iOS and Android has just gotten another app-date. The first thing you’ll notice is Dr. Hare’s app-solutely wacky Mystery of the Map assemblage on the icon. That’s because Mystery of the Map (MotM) Island was just added, for free – and if you need a walkthrough with pictures, check out our Mystery of the Map Island Guide!

In addition, two new costume packs were added, both for MotM Island. There’s the Mystery of the Map Bundle Pack, which is $0.99 like most costume packs on the app, and a second Viking Feast Pack which is free – and contains some new costumes that don’t exist in the online version: Gravy Gnasher, Bruised Basher, and Sausage Smasher!

Also, the Multiplayer Arcade (App-cade? Should I stop with the puns?) has been updated to include chat, which works slightly different from the online version. In the picture below from the Creators, you can see that when people ask you a pre-scripted question, you can choose to reply, give a greeting, compliment, or ask them a question.


And as you can see from the picture, the multiplayer game Balloons can now be played in the Arcade. (Hey, it’s Balloon Boy! He must be app-alled to find himself still in the sky after all this time…) For our walkthrough with tips, check out our Balloons Guide.

That’s a pretty big app-date for the app, but it’s not the only update going on in the Poptropica universe! In case you missed them, check out the PHB posts below for the latest happenings:

Stay popping, Poptropicans, and see you on the red carpet for the Poppies awards show coming up! :)

–SFish 🐟

The Daily Pop-In begins next week!

What’s popping, Poptropicans? Blake here, with a bit of Poptropica news.

(I lost a bet today, so I’m unfortunately going to have to wear a princess costume and pink wig for the next 24 hours, from the time of this post. So, um… presenting Her Royal Highness, Princess Blake… I guess. Actually, on an unrelated note, can we get some Princess Blake fanart? I’d love that.)

Anyway, back to the news. The Creators have announced that they’re starting a new promotion! It’s called the Daily Pop-In, and it rewards you for logging in to play Poptropica!


How this works is that each day (starting next Monday, July 27th, through Friday, August 7th) when you pop in (hah, get it?), you get a code for an item, a costume, maybe even credits! Sadly, I don’t need credits when I have membership. Oh, the irony: You get it all, and then you lose this. But judging by the limited edition gold Pop Star in the picture, they might be re-releasing retired exclusive costumes, and that might be something to look forward to!

Also, voting for the Poppies is still on, so cast your votes! You have two more days (at least in American time) to vote in Best Author  ANY CATEGORY! Be sure to vote Blake for best author for free cookies. Any author would be glad to have your vote. After all, we do everything we can to make the PHB “The Best it can Be!” Ooh, that’s good. Someone make that our slogan.

Anyway, that’s all for now! Stay popping, Poptropicans, and I’ll see you at the Poppies party over on the PHC! Take care!

(Wow, I actually didn’t end a post with my outro. Feels weird. This wig also feels weird.)


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