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Welcome to Pop Plus, the PHB’s collection of special, awesome, super cool Poptropica stuff! Experience more of Poptropica and the community. Read the descriptions of the many exciting features available, and click on its name to access it!

AvatarAvatar Studio

This official Poptropica Avatar Studio lets you view any Poptropica character by typing in the username! From there, you can save it to your computer or share it on the web.

costumizerAvatar Studio Gift

The PHB’s Avatar Studio Gift is a compendium of usernames that will allow access to rare (typically uncustomizable) costumes by way of the Avatar Studio Glitch (ASG).

btsBehind the Scenes of Poptropica

Take a peek at some of the files that make up the behind-the-scenes of Poptropica and what makes the game tick. Including links to music, backgrounds, and more!

MordredBoredom Busters

When there’s nothing else to do on Poptropica, use this to keep yourself sane. A fun list with a whopping 101 activities to complete while you’re waiting for the next island release!

phcChat (PHC)

The PHC, or Poptropica Help Chat, is great place for meeting friends in the Poptropica community (including PHB staff!), having Multiverse parties, or just hanging out for fun!


A list of cheats, codes, and glitches to unlock special surprises on Poptropica. Includes updated promo codes, Nabooti phone codes, easter eggs, epic effects, and more!


A database of all the original Poptropica comics and where to read them – the Poptropica series starring Oliver & Jorge, Super Hot Dog Boy, Day Zero, and Pandemic Panic.

CostumeCostume Database

A database of the coolest costumes, old or new, obtainable in Poptropica. Get Poptropica fashion tips, view other players’ characters, and show your own for others to take a look at!

Shark Boy CreatorCreators Database

Learn about the team behind every detail of Poptropica. Get insider info on this amazing crew’s real names, photographs, contact information, and how it fits in with their aliases!

daily pop sketchDaily Pop: Sneak Peek Archive

The complete archive of Daily Pop sneak peeks, from the beginning (Nov 2010) to the present. Explore Poptropica’s artistic process and even some unreleased images!

Daily Pop Tour

An article about getting to know the Daily Pop, a fun Poptropica feature packed with comics, games, leaderboards, ratings, and exclusive sneak peeks.

FortuneCookie_posterFortune Cookie Quotes

A list containing all sorts of interesting nuggets of wisdom from Poptropica’s Fortune Cookie, with 50+ quotes as well as other information about the gold card Store item.

Friend Finder

Looking for more friends to add on Poptropica? The Friend Finder lists usernames you might be interested in adding. Also, share your username so others can add you too!

How to: Draw a Poptropican

Learn how to draw a Poptropican character using this clear and simple-to-follow step-by-step guide. You don’t have to be a great artist to master this doodle!


Our clearly labeled Poptropica maps show where to find every location in the virtual world, so you’ll never be lost again. Poptropica’s a big place, so let’s go exploring! Tour

Learn about the benefits of getting Poptropica membership, then decide for yourself whether the benefits are worth the price tag, and if it is, find out how you can pay for it!

Meme Generator for Poptropica Problems

Ever had a frustrating Poptropica moment? Express that with this “Poptropica Problems” meme generator – just click here to make your own. Click here to browse some examples.

Merchandise: A Guide to Poptropica Shopping

A complete list of Poptropica’s merch, from toys to T-shirts and everything in between. Find something you want, or discover the perfect gift for the Poptropica fan in your life!

monster carnivalMystery of Monster Carnival Island

Learn the history behind one of Poptropica’s greatest mysteries: Monster Carnival Island! It was on the Map for a while, then replaced by 24 Carrot, but what else is there to the story?

sharkMystery of Shark Boy

For years, Shark Boy has been a prominent icon in Poptropica, but now he’s being alienated from the game. Find out who he is, where he’s gone, and why!

Ongoing Story Creation

In the comments section of this PHB special, anyone is welcome to join in as we weave an ongoing story, a Poptropica fan-fiction of sorts, told in second-person narrative.

compassOverview of Poptropica Glitching

What exactly goes on in the underground world of Poptropica glitching? Find out in this overview about the awesome account alterations “glitchers” have been using!

Popquiz iconPop Quizzes

Peruse our list of 190+ Poptropica profile quiz questions and answers – you don’t have to log in or come back the next day, and it’s a fun activity to do with your friends!

Poptropica’s Fonts

Fonts in Poptropica are fascinatingly fun and fresh. Learn about the main typefaces Poptropica uses and how you can get them on your computer!

PoptropicaPoptropica: Game Review

An experienced player’s review of Poptropica, where the game’s objectives, controls, interactions, sound, graphics, difficulty, appeal, and more are evaluated for success.

pets2Poptropica Labs (Land)

A look at the past projects of Poptropica Labs, a feature that allowed players to test out what would eventually become Poptropica Realms (see below).

EyesPoptropica Names

See if you can find your Poptropican’s first and last names in this gigantic list of some the possible names you can get on Poptropica!

realms bubblePoptropica Realms

A guide to Poptropica Realms, an exotic create-your-own world full of endless possibilities where you can build your dream home, create crazy landscapes, and more!

DirectoryPoptropica Web Directory

A web link directory where you can browse through all the Poptropica webpages people are advertising, as well as place an ad for your own!

stolensnapshot41Stolen Snapshots

Originally premiering on Slippery Raptor’s Blog, Stolen Snapshots is a puzzle game that puts your Poptropica recognition skills to the test. Can you identify each picture?

twitter iconTwitter

Follow @Poptropica_Help on social networking site Twitter to keep up with what’s going on around Poptropica with links to PHB and Creator’s Blog posts.

phvVideos (PHV)

Subscribe to our YouTube channel (username: MyPoptropicaHelp) and keep checking the Poptropica Help Videos page for new Pop videos organized in simple-to-find playlists!

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  1. Yay im first to comment
    Lovin’ this website! (i go on everyday 😀 )

    Scary Tomato: Cool! 🙂

  2. AWSOME im 2nd 2 comment!! By the way Scary Tomato Im just over10 and im a christian 2! (My dads a pastor!)

    Scary Tomato: Nice. :mrgreen:

  3. COOL
    I’m third to comment. Scary Tomato, I’m loving your website each time I come on. I can’t wait for Nabooti Island. It’s a whole new advernture. 😀 What’s up with that monster carnival thing, Smockers? It’s on the map when Time Tangled was coming soon so I think a long time ago but it never opened..

    -Smart Eye

    Scary Tomato: Yeah, Monster Carnival just mysteriously disappeared. Nobody knows why and where it went… 😦

  4. Ice chickin says:

    awesome website dudes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. bluepenguin says:

    This website is AWSOME. I’ve finished all the islands (thanks to you). But is there anything else I can do since I’ve finished everything?

    Codien: There are a few things you can do. Play games with friends, Customize your character, wait desperetly for the next island to come out. Hmm…Thats about it. Kinda annoying isn’t it?

  6. Ok this is officaly the BEST WEBSITE EVER!!! Like this website = bomb 😀 😀 😀

    The reson im really excited right now is becausee my baby nephew was born today (nov.19) at 5:05 A.M.!! Sorry i know this is off topica but im just so excited! When he’s older i am so gonna show him! : grin D 😀 this is a smiley with its tongue sticking out~~>c|:

  7. serious spider says:

    This site rocks! 🙂
    It gets better by the improvements/updates/posts etc so keep it up! 😉 Should I mention the fact that I’m a Christian, too:?:

  8. This is the 3 best website (after Poptropica and the Creators Blog). But best Website that talks about poptropica and is not Poptropica or the Creators BLog.

  9. Hi. Love your website (also includin’ Poptropica!!). 🙂 Please comment me at:—-, OK?

    ST: If you need to advertise, please do so at our Poptropica Directory. 😉

    • Cool Wing says:

      I just saw you in the Soda Pop Shop! I was Perfect Ninja! With the cat whiskers it was one of my characters

  10. AWSOME!!! Oh its almost turkey day isnt that wierd it just sneaked up on me just like…… BOOM!!! I still dont get how u do the smiley faces.. it says push v1 I did it it just went v1!

    • I found another glitch!


      1. First go to any room(not a chat room)that has a person and two floors.
      (example:windmill in Astro Knights)
      2. Then talk to the person in the top floor. (Example: the black dressed girl.)

      3. Then customize that person and click on the place that the person is in the customizer rapidly.

      4.You should be walking in the customizer.

      5.then click cancel.

      6.You should see a chat and battle bubble

      7. Click chat and the person should answer you. (battle doesn’t work. 😥 But at least you can know a little bit about them. :lol:)

  11. Scary Tomato says:

    Lina – Congratulations! 😀 Please try to stay on topic, though.

    Serious Spider – Thanks for the feedback! 😛

    John – This blog is about Poptropica, but we don’t own Poptropica. 😉

    Zany Moon – Glad you like it here, but don’t advertise okay? 🙂

    White Dolphin – “v1” means “version 1”. You don’t click on the chart, but if you want a clearer picture you should click on the link shown below. 😉 The “icon” shows what smiley you will get when you type the “text” shown.

  12. Calm Eagle says:

    Cool ! :mrgreen:

  13. Codien, Scary Tomato, and/or Smockers,
    I played all the challenges and won them all, but I’m not at 5 stars yet, (PLEASE help me!!) :mrgreen: + 😥

    Scary Tomato: It takes a very very very long time to get to 5 stars. You have to keep winning more and more games to get there, but you can do it! 🙂

  14. When I comment you, please do me a favor, make my face into something nice, NOT EVIL!!!

    Scary Tomato: Your face, or “avatar”, is automatically generated and I can’t change it. If you want to change it, you need to make a WordPress account by going here:

  15. Friendly Heart says:

    Poptropica is the coolest !!! (since the new islands didn’t open yet, i’m kinda bored).

  16. I notice that people finished Spy Island but they can hold that cup with the Fingerprint. Can you explain to me how is that? ❓

    Scary Tomato: The people you saw might not have finished Spy Island. But it could also be a glitch where they could hold the cup even after they finished the quest. I’m not sure how you can do that, though. 😉

  17. Why can’t I hold items like a cellphone or a football? Can you, IDK, make it happen 4 me (tell me a glitch) 😳

    Scary Tomato: I don’t know why, but Poptropica doesn’t let you hold handheld items. 😦 Sorry.

  18. awesome website it’s AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 8) Cool.

  20. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!Scary Tomato for the smileys.:P

  21. Thanks for the advice, Scary Tomato! (BTW, do you have 5 stars?) You are the coolest!! 😆

    Scary Tomato: I only have 3 stars. 😛

  22. This is a really cool website! Its where i go for help on maps and I like the feedback! all in all GREAT WEBSITE! This is one of the five websites i go on everyday: Club Penguin, Big,,, And this one! its awesome.


    • strange whale says:

      Um… Your list of the five Web sites you go on doesn’t include I agree this is a great site, but why would you go here if you didn’t do Poptropica?

  23. Rainbow bird says:

    Thanks for the smileys Scary tomato!

  24. Scary Tomato,love your blog(and poptropica)! I would love for you to visit me! I`m! Thanks!

    Scary Tomato: Please do not advertise your website(s) here. I’m glad you like this blog, but I didn’t make this blog to have an Advertisement Central. 😉

  25. i like the smilies 😀

  26. Hmmm…Advertisement Central. That could be a new section in your blog Poptropica Help Team!

    Scary Tomato: Are you kidding? 😛 The whole purpose of my saying that was to try and stop people from advertising their websites. 🙄

  27. Hey, doesn’t Spy Island just RULE?!!! (By the way, sorry I’m late to comment. And WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SMILIES??? I don’t have it anymore!!!)

    Scary Tomato: What do you mean by saying you don’t have smilies? The smilies shown above work for everybody.

  28. cool!thanks for telling us about the smileys!now i can do bold letters and smileys!tell me if bold letters are againts the rules and i’ll stop.:grin:

    Scary Tomato: Please don’t bold your entire message, that’s for me to do. 😉 You can bold a few words in your comment every now and then but if more than half of your comment is in bold I’ll un-bold the whole thing. Thanks. 🙂

  29. The smilies are awsome! 🙂

  30. sweet site 8)

  31. u rock 🙂


  33. (For Scary Tomato) The OLD Poptropica WEBSITE!!!!! Ask Codien OR Smockers; I bet they know! BTW, in a comment that I saw while scowering this site someone gave his/her username and password just to tell you what it was. Was NEVER GIVING AWAY YOUR USER/PASSWORD one of the rules for commenting you, Codien, or Smockers? If not, PLEASE POST IT!!

    Scary Tomato: I still don’t understand what you’re talking about. From what I know, there was only one Poptropica website and that was Also you can give away any accounts, but only if you want to, and you can’t ask for any from other people. 😉

  34. shaggy tornado says:

    Whats the name of the font?

    Scary Tomato: It’s called ‘Creative Block BB’. 😉

  35. This site is so helpful! i ca’nt beleive it that i found out like a month ago! i wish I found out about your site, when it started!

  36. hey. you guys rock!!! i just came to poptropica and its like AWSOME!! :mrgreen:


  37. i still cant get that font. help!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Scary Tomato: Go to the font’s website shown above, and click the “Download” button on the right side. It will download it to your computer. Then use the guide I mentioned above to add it to your Microsoft Word. 😉

  38. cool!:)

  39. ST, I don’t use Microsoft Word, instead I use WordPad. Do you or anyone else know how to get the font on WordPad?

    Scary Tomato: I think you can do it the same way as you would for Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word was just an example. Try reading the guide mentioned above. 😉

  40. How come Big Nate is coming next year? What happened? BTW, here’s one that my friend doesn’t want:

    Scary Tomato: Maybe the Poptropica Creators had to take longer than they’d hoped to make Big Nate Island.

  41. Director Lion ( Gentle Lion) says:

    Great job on finding the Poptropica font guys!
    Keep on posting and thanks for all the hard work!

  42. I luv ur website it rokssssssssss and wickid

  43. Hi everyone(Im knew on this blog).I know what to do while your waiting for the islands to release; play the games in multi player rooms and try to get your battle rank up. its really worth it. i got 5 stars now! have fun! nice blog btw( by the way).

    name:zany monster/ clothes: vampire cape, tux, spy glasses.
    favorite place : hair club

  44. the red and green elves came out on december 8.

  45. I know why the islands took so long…

    Last time they were going to release 2 islands in fall neither of them were released till december which was shark tooth and in january they released time tangled… I think its because its a hard
    game to program…im starting to make games myself

    Scary Tomato: Cool! :mrgreen:

  46. Hey again! and i mean it doesnt SHOW UP!!! but yea i dont know but any way thiz iz weird but iknow and nabooti is tomorrow so thats cool and yea but anyway i gotta go so bye 😐

    Scary Tomato: The smilies do work – you just did one at the end of your comment, after ‘bye’! 😉

  47. are the avatars rondan? or do u choos them??

    Scary Tomato: They’re randomly generated, so I can’t change them, sorry. 😉

  48. look at this!

    Nabooti Island

    Choose Your Own Adventure: Nabooti Island will be the seventh island released on Poptropica. This island was made in conjunction with the publishers of Choose Your Own Adventure books. [9] For centuries, the Nabooti tribe has been protected by the power of seven sacred jewels, but now, the jewels are missing. The player will trek across Africa to find the missing jewels and return them to the Nabooti tribe. The player will visit pyramids, ancient mines, and giant waterfalls on his/her quest. According to the Poptropica blog, the release of this island will be on December 11, 2008.

    Big Nate Island

    Big Nate Island will be the eighth island released on Poptropica. This island is based on the comic strip Big Nate, written by cartoonist Lincoln Peirce. Enter the comic strip world of Big Nate – a wisecracking kid who holds the all-time record for detentions at his school. The player is on a mission to find a long-lost time capsule which, if found, can save the school from demolition. The player will need help from Nate and his friends to complete the quest. The release date of this island is unknown, though according to the Poptropica website, it will be sometime in early 2009.

    Reality TV Island

    Reality TV Island will be the ninth island released on Poptropica. This island will be roughly based on CBS’s TV show “Survivor”. According to the Poptropica blog, “You’ll [the player] get a chance to appear as a star on a reality TV show, on a faraway deserted island. You’ll have to battle it out with your tribe members, avoid elimination, and become a hero to all of the people in your home town!”. The release date of this island is unknown.

  49. on nabooti island if you find the cell phone, type in 911. you get a police hat but i dont know what its for yet.

  50. Young Tornado says:

    Hahaha, You got here Before Me!
    I was going to say that! ^ ^ ^
    l l l

  51. Cool Font!

  52. Okay. This has GOT TO BE the most extensive Poptropica site out there, including Poptropica. Love it!!!! 😉

  53. hungry crush says:

    :(:) hehehehehe funny.

  54. when are you going to make the item card database??

    Scary Tomato: Hopefully soon. But we’ve still got a lot of work to do every day, like answering comments and posting new news and updating the site. 😉

    • Fast Flame says:

      To help the item card data base check out comment #15 on 911 issue 2. It has a cool link and all you have to do is change one number in the url to another item card.

  55. shaggy tornado says:

    Also if u press control, shift, and s to change ur skin and if u press control, shift, and p you get a pumpkin head.

  56. im so happy to find out how to do the smillys 🙂

  57. For Luigi (comment 23): I visit Club Penguin Gang too! I like CP, besides Poptropica!
    Sorry if I’m off the subject (again, REALLY sorry), but I like Club Penguin, so I can’t help it!

  58. Hey PHB, can I answer comments for/with you? I’m pretty good at Poptropica, even if I started 4 months ago. You don’t have to add me for one of your PHB staff anyway.

    Scary Tomato: Sure, that would be very helpful! All you have to do is state who you’re talking to in your comment and then type in your answer. 😉

  59. Have any of you noticed that there are these invisible platforms in the Nabooti Museum? 😯 If you return all of the jewels, the totem goes away. After the totem’s gone, then there are all of these little invisible platforms in the light. Cool, huh?

  60. Um, Poptropica HB, is it okay if I’m one of your blog staff members? 😯 I mean, that last comment that I posted was interesting to me. Besides, I’ve always wondered how Codien got in the staff. Same for Smockers, too. P.S.: how do you get your Poptropica character inside the picture thingy? I’m getting tired of this one. Also, I love your site! It’s the best blog ever! 🙂

  61. Dear Poptropica,
    My name is Silver Moon. I’m just wondering, how long will it take to fix the problems of the cell phone codes? I’m also wondering, when is Big Nate Island going to be open in 2009? 🙂

    Scary Tomato: We hope that the phone codes will be fixed soon, but maybe they won’t be… we don’t know. Also, Big Nate is coming in Early 2009 – we don’t know the exact date yet. 😉

  62. Oh I learned how to bold! 😆

  63. My poptropica font is not downloading correctly! 😡 Codien, can you help me with this? 😐

  64. ur site is 😎 cool

  65. cusin loves poptrop as much as i do and she had a dream that big nate followes you around everywhere in the island………… 😆

  66. serious spider says:

    Lina: Omg that’s funny how she dreams about Poptropica! I never dream about it. And that’s funny, in a Big nate sneak peek, Big Nate does follow you around! 😆

  67. serious spider says:

    Shiny Leaf: Scary Tomato already mentioned that you shouldn’t ask to be in the blog staff. He chose Smockers and Codien because he trusts them and Codien’s good at doing graphics so yeah….Also, you need to have a WordPress Account to change your avatar.

    64: It’s probably a glitch that the Poptropica Creators haven’t fixed. I find it amusing standing on air after the Totem has gone. 😆

    Silver Moon: Big Nate Island will come out Early 2009. The specific date is unknown.

  68. your blog is so cool i love it so much!

  69. hey this is small bee i just wanted to ask if you can make your own island on what would it be?! well syl!!!

    syl- see you later

  70. alex2000gh243789 says:

    here is a free acount

    user = bamefish

    password = JKPSmw48

  71. Oh. Thanks for the info, Serious Spider! 😉

  72. purple cat says:

    i found a glitch on time tangled island. sometimes when you come out of the viking cave you are still carying the torch! it happened to me once. its really weird!!!

  73. Popular Dragon says:

    Cool Website!

  74. oh really? i we have slow internet (dial-up) so i never watch any videos. 🙂

  75. Lina: yes, Big Nate follows u in Big Nate island, but i dont know why. There’s a sneak peek for this island called “Big Nate and Me!”

  76. Yay, I’m the 81st person to comment! What a lucky number! 😀 Oh, by the way, here’s a poptropica glitch. If you’re in the viking place in Time Tangled, here’s a way to hold the torch from the cave in all islands. First, you put on your glider or/and your warrior mask. Next, you enter the cave. Then, you can just goof around in there, but don’t let the torch go out! Before you exit, take off your glider and/or your warrior mask. And, when you exit the cave, you’ll have the torch, and it never goes out!! It’s such a cool glitch!! 8)

  77. Merry Christmas too all Poptropicans! Oh, and a happy New Year! 😀
    Merry Christmas, Scary Tomato, Smockers, and Codien!! 😀 Hope you get nice presents!! 😀

  78. i like the hand items that you can get when you press Ctrl+Shift+R. Although, it completely changes your character’s outfit. 😦

  79. here’s an account that i don’t want;
    username: vms10
    password: vvvvv

  80. Here’s an account that I don’t want:
    username: artclass3
    password: music
    Merry Christmas, because this is my Christmas gift to all Poptropicans!

  81. Zany Moon: Thanks for the info! 😛

    Silver Moon: Thanks for the present! :mrgreen:

    smallbee: Please stay on topic. 😉 Also no you can’t make your own island. If everyone made an island there would be thousands! 😆 Only Poptropica Creators can make islands.

    Hope I helped!

  82. Good job scary tomato for finding the poptropica font! I love it! 🙂 😀

    Scary Tomato: I didn’t find it, Codien did. Read the “Poptropica Font” section on this page. 😉

  83. How did Codien find the Poptropica font? 😯

    Scary Tomato: He probably has good research skills. :mrgreen:

  84. Where did Codien find the Poptropica font? 😯

    Scary Tomato: I don’t know, but since the link to download it brings you to this font website called, that’s probably where it was found. 😉

  85. Hi too all Poptropicans! You know the torch that you can get in Time Tangled? Well, here’s some sad news.
    The torch does not substitute the glow stick in Early Poptropica! My older brother Alex tried it and it did not worK. It got screwed up! WAH!! 😦 😥

  86. To me, it would be kind of annoying if big Nate would follow you around everywhere in Big Nate Island. The next thing i know, in Reality T.V. Island, there’s a walking, talking, T.V. that follows you around everywhere you go! :O

    Scary Tomato: It’s probably not going to be everywhere… just a part of the quest. 😉

  87. Speedy dolphin says:


  88. scary tomato, i think that your help blog is helpful to all poptropicans!!! 😀 i am just wondering scary tomato, do you think that the name chilly thunder is cool? i think that your blog is better than the trash that they put on wikipedia answers.:D
    (by the way i think that the name scary tomato is cool)
    also, iwonder why poptropicans actaully have no necks. their heads just float a little bit above the rest of their bodies.

    Scary Tomato: Chilly Thunder is a pretty cool name. I don’t know why Poptropicans have no necks, but the idea of floating heads is pretty creative! 😛

    • serious spider says:

      Actually, I like floating heads, although it makes you look like you just got decapitated. 😛

  89. hey guy i think poptropica is a great game and i beat all the islands hey scary tomato have you beat nabooti

  90. Happy New Years Eve!!! 😛 ☺ ☻ ☼

  91. Thirsty Eel: when you post to quickly, then sometimes the comment you did before disapears.

  92. Scary Tomato, what’s an item card database? Does it even have anything to do with Poptropica? 😯

    Scary Tomato: A database of the item cards in Poptropica. (You know, those items in your inventory – they’re kind of like cards.) It’s got everything to do with Poptropica. 😉

  93. Does anyone like the name Shiny Leaf? I also wonder why poptropican’s hands are shaped like circles. Aslo, poptropiccans are actually barefoot!! 😮

    Scary Tomato: Shiny Leaf sounds like a nice name. 😉

  94. Speedy dolphin says:

    I like the name shiny leaf. Also I never relized, that, poptropicans ARE barefoot, they should have shoes so you can custimize them.

    • Cuddly Shark says:

      They have flip flops for Wimpy board walk, but I haven’t found anywhere else you can use them, plus they turn off if you leave the room. I hope they have real shoe items sometime…

  95. Thirsty Eel: i think that the poptropica Creator’s blog is still posting, it’s just that, it’s the holidays, so they’re probably too busy celabrating. And, in America, It’s new year’s day!! 😀

  96. Scary Tomato, i like the Poptropica Help blog toolbar! It looks great with my Google Desktop Toolbar! 😀

  97. Thanks! 😀

  98. Guys, I know why Monster Carnival Island dissapeared! The reason was because of an item leak. What’s an item leak? Well, an item leak is where items start to leak in multiplayer rooms, or anywhere. Some items that were going to be in Monster Carnival Island were spreading around mysteriously. items like devil horns, dragon tails, of goat horns were spreading around. If they had kept Monster Carnival island, you wouldn’t have to work to beat it at all! Anyway, that’s why Monster Carnival Island mysteriously dissapeared. 😯

    Scary Tomato: That’s a possibility. We don’t know for sure if that’s the reason, though. 😛

  99. serious spider says:

    Thanks for telling us Shiny Leaf. But how did you know???

    Scary Tomato: You can read about the item leak here. 😉

  100. You know, that flying power that you get with control,shift, and f5. Well, it is making Poptropica a lot easier. You can fly over the great Booga Shark. You don’t need the jetpack for Early Poptropica. You don’t need the bow tie for spy island. You could fly over those wierd floor-thingies in 24 Carrot. And in Superpower, you can capture Betty Jetty first, but they still think that Ned Noodlehead is the hero. Happy New Year to all poptropicans around the world. (It is January 1 in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A.)

  101. serious spider says:

    Chilly thunder, I know. But I made a new account and tried to fly over booga with the flying power but it actually doesn’t work!!! You’ll know what I mena if you try it. 😛

    Scary Tomato: Probably because they don’t want you to cheat. :mrgreen:

  102. i like the smilies!!!! 😆 😆

  103. Speedy dolphin says:

    I figured out something really cool, you can get costumes and stuff that are hidden on different Islands exp: The Nabooti mask is located in spy island, around the place that you grapple to.

  104. Speedy dolphin says:

    Shiny leaf that is a good guess about monster carnival, but don’t you think they would have told us in their blog that that is why? I think they purposely made it so it would dissapear, but they could have added to the mystery by making those things ( devil horns and other things) appear.

    Scary Tomato: Maybe. Either way, we’re still not sure what happened.

  105. Well, I’m sorry that my prediction of the Monster Carnival Island disappearence was wrong. I thought for sure that that was the reason…

    Scary Tomato: It’s not ‘wrong’, it’s just that we don’t know whether it’s right or wrong. The real reason isn’t known yet. 😉

  106. has any one noticed in early poptropica in the old town, if you go to the area where the ships are and use your jet pack to go as hight and far as you can go there is an invisible platform!!!!!!!! 😀 🙂

  107. Speedy dolphin says:

    Adam,That is Awesome!

  108. Speedy dolphin says:

    Hey, scary tomato, I found a site with cool big nate island preview pics. want me to give it to you?

    Scary Tomato: What’s the link? 🙂

  109. Wow, Adam! That’s so cool! 😀

  110. Chilly Thunder:
    You do need the bow tie for spy island. To defeat Director D., you need the bow tie. The flying power thingy doesn’t work in the B.A.D. Satelitte. hope this helps. 🙂

  111. scary tomato, everyone is talking about this spam thing. i’m just curious, what is spam? why is everyone talking about it? is spam important?

    Scary Tomato: Spam is saying a bunch of random, or off-topic, things. This could include asking questions that have already been answered, to typing gibberish (for example: gvhcvxagcvhbjnkmn!). Nobody likes spammers. 😉

  112. Cool Penguin says:

    I am 12 and a Christian, and I think it’s wonderful that we can say that freely and be proud of what we believe in. I appreciate it.

  113. Speedy dolphin says:

    I am a Christian, and I appreciate that too.

  114. Speedy dolphin says:

    Scary tomato, The link or site for the big nate pictures is:

    Scary Tomato: Thanks. I checked it out, and the Big Nate pictures are actually just from the YouTube videos from VladtheViking that included Big Nate previews with them. They’ve been posted here before, too. 😉

  115. In early poptropica when ur next to the purple giant’s club thing use your flying power(CTRL+SHIFT+F5)to fly up and then straight down and you can move under his club without the golden egg!!! Sorry for such a long explanation. 😛

  116. You can access more Big Nate stuff at Sorry, I couldn’t make a hyperlink for the website.

  117. Speedy dolphin says:

    Shiny leaf I can help you make the hyper link, just put www. infront of, like this, and thanks for the reference, That seems like a great place to go for big nate stuff! 🙂 😉

  118. Oh. Thanks, Speedy Dolphin! 😀

  119. Did any of you know that Poptropica could make a Mechanical/Medevial Island? ithink that they might…

    Scary Tomato: Please stay on topic – this is a warning. Thanks. 😉

  120. Trusty Typhoon says:

    Scary Tomato: shiny leaf IS on topic, she is talking about poptropica! !.! how is she not??????

    Scary Tomato: But this is the Cool Stuff page – not the Poptropica Talk or Island Help one. We’re not talking about new islands here – we’re talking about the Poptropica tools like the toolbar and font. 😉

    • lol hes a boy!;)

      • Lina – You can’t expect everyone here to know each others’ genders. I’m sure Trusty Typhoon didn’t know, so we can forgive him/her about this. Thanks.

    • Trusty Typhoon says:

      Shiny Leaf: SO sorry!!!!!!
      Scary Tomato: i can fight my own battles S.T. 🙄
      Lina: hey be nice, i didnt know. heck, who really cares anyway? i said sorry.

      Scary Tomato: Sorry, just trying to help. 😉

  121. Trusty Typhoon, I’m a boy. Anyway, Scary Tomato, was right, it was on the wrong page.

    Scary Tomato: It’s okay – just don’t comment on the wrong page again. 😉

  122. Speedy dolphin says:

    (Prior to comment 118) Oh sorry about that, scary tomato, I checked it out again an ya they are just pictures from the youtube videos, I will let you know if I find out about actual big nate preview pics though. 😉

  123. Scary Tomato,
    How come you can’t customize hand-held items?

    Scary Tomato: Reason unknown – Poptropica just decided that was how it would be. 😦

  124. Wow, Adam! (#119) The flying power sure can help you a lot in Poptropica! 😀

  125. Speedy dolphin says:

    The flying power works for me but my friend tryed it and it didn’t work, she tryed it with ctrl shift and with out, why isn’t it working scary tomato?

  126. Did you know that when you hit Control+Shift+F, you get a toolbar at the bottom of your screen from google.(If you have Windows Vista Home Basic,like I do)

  127. Scary Tomato,
    I just have a few questions about your blog. Is there a limit on how many comments oyu can post in a day, a year? Also how many warnings do you get, I mean about the off topic thing? What happans if you go beyond your warnings? What happens if you Bad mouth, swear, or curse on your blog?
    (believe though I am not gonna cuss, swear or curse on your blog, ever. I promise)

  128. Scary Tomato says:

    Shiny Leaf – I agree! 😀

    Speedy Dolphin – Only press it once – otherwise, it will go back to non-flying mode. Also, pressing the “F5” key alone will cause the page to refresh. 😉

    Chilly Thunder – Cool. 😛

    There’s no comment limit, but it’s always good to keep what you’re going to say in one comment. You usually get one or two warnings, and if you still continue to submit unnecessary comments they might get deleted and you might get banned. If you say bad things, your comment will be deleted as soon as I can and you’ll probably get banned from commenting, too. If you’ve got any more questions about it you can ask on the About page. 😉

  129. cool!

  130. bony raptor says:

    OMG!! the flying thing is awesome!! you can complete the islands SOOOO MUCH FASTER!!

  131. i cant fly ❓

  132. Thirsty Eel:
    Are you sure that you pressed the keys order correctly? Just in case, the order is ctrl+shift+F5, and if you still can’t fly, then try to delete all of your extra stuff. You can do this by clicking on Tools, click on Delete Browsing History, and then click on Delete Cookies and Temporary Internet Files. Hope this helps. 🙂

  133. Thirsty Eel:Oops, the flying power power doesn’t work any more. Sorry. 😳

  134. thanks for this whole website! it is AWESOME!!!!!

  135. Thanks for the “smileys” 😉

  136. thank-you for helping me through some parts of poptropica

    -and cool website keep it up 😀

  137. koool

  138. These stuff are all cool!8) And whats a font?

    Scary Tomato: A font is a style of lettering on the computer. For example, “Comic Sans MS” and “Times New Roman” are two common fonts. 😉

  139. ST, I can see that you have a new logo. Didn’t the logo used to be a W with a circle around it?

    Scary Tomato: Yes, the W logo is WordPress’s default one. I changed it – it’s really small but it’s a blue circle that says “PHB”. 😀

  140. ST, how did you change the logo of your webstie? I’ve always wanted to do that with my website. ❓

    Scary Tomato: If you’re using WordPress, you can upload the image you want in the General Settings section of your dashboard. It’s also called a blavatar on WordPress. 😉

  141. This is a free account. Anyone can use him if they want to. He hasn’t completed any islands, and he’s dressed up like an army guy.
    Username: soldierguy
    Password: armyguy

  142. Poptropica gets new things ALL THE TIME! ❗

  143. ST,
    What topics do you like of this page?

    Scary Tomato: This is the Cool Stuff page, so obviously the topic is the features this page provides, for example: the Poptropica font, maps, or toolbar. 😉

  144. This is a free account. Anyone can use it if want to.
    USERNAME: 418

  145. Anyone out there can have this account(preferably a girl). She has blonde hair, a tinkerbell dress, a cellphone, a teal belt and a fake tie. Her name is Gentle Whale. I haven’t done any islands with her, so she’s new. Here’s how to get her. Feel free to change her outfit:
    User:SaveTheWhales3 (Do it exactly like that)

    P.S. For anyone who wants a cellphone, use ctrl-shift-r. Be warned, this changes the look of your person entirely.

  146. Have Fun!

  147. Codien, I made a Poptropica that looks exactly like you! It even has your football! The Username is: codien10.
    Password: codien

  148. Curious Octopus:
    Nobody can get a mustache in Poptropica.

  149. Crazy Lion says:

    153 comments, gotta congratulate you guys.

    Free Account

    Username 34419
    Password 34419

  150. Thank you guys for helping me get a phone.

  151. you guys rock!!!!

  152. Fearless Paw says:

    Poptropica Help Blog Staff,

    May I recieve permission to post all keyboard codes, cell phone codes, and glitches posted anywhere on this site here?

    Codien: Only on this page.

  153. Grumpy Wolf says:

    What is the Poptropican Names List?

    Scary Tomato: A list being worked on containing the all the possible first and second parts of Poptropican names. A first part might be “Grumpy” and a second part might be “Wolf”. That’s you! 😀

    • Fearless Paw says:

      That’s gonna be hard. Aren’t all Poptropica names adjective+noun?

      Scary Tomato: They are, so it might take quite a while before the list is published. 😉

  154. Grumpy Wolf says:

    Oh, now I see. But what are Smokers’s and Codien’s Poptropican names (just curious)?

  155. 😥

  156. Fearless Paw says:

    Uh, I spent an hour making a whole list in cluding glitches, keyboard codes, and cell phone codes. When I clicked “Submit” the page went to the top like it always does, but my comment wasn’t there!!!:twisted:

  157. Fearless Paw says:

    I don’t mean to be bossy or rude, fiorella, but it’s just very confusing!

  158. i love poptropica so much!

  159. Flying Raptor says:

    This place is da’bomb! 😀

  160. Hi guys! I am new here and I have completed all the islands! [including big nate island] I have 4 stars on my chart, im nine years old and my poptropica name is cheerful seal.

  161. Trusty Bee says:

    Scary Tomato how do you put in those smiles things??? Anyone who knows please help!!!

  162. cool!

  163. you can do anything you want to do. username:flyby12 paswrd:flyby

  164. serious spider says:

    Trusty Bee,
    You read the table above about smileys and type in either Full Text, V1 or V1. It will become a smiley. 😀

  165. Quick Flame says:

    Hey Scary Tomato, my guy still has the big sword from Nabooti, am I the only one that has it? I would give you my account here but I don’t want people to mess up my clothing, is there any way I can give you it privately?

    Scary Tomato: I don’t know if you’re the only one, but it is very rare. Really cool that you still have it! If you send its info (user/pass) to, we can get it without messing it up for you. 😀

  166. Grumpy Wolf says:

    Quick Flame, you can e-mail the username and password to

  167. username:flyby paswrd:flyby enjoy

  168. I am so angry they got rid of the phone codes 👿

  169. This blog is so :cool:!

  170. Fearless Paw says:

    Uh, I might mention that another name for the Font is Andy? I had it before, and I still do.

    Scary Tomato: Really? I tried Googling “Andy font”, but the previews that the websites showed didn’t look like the Poptropica one. No offense. 😉

  171. HI! I’m new to PHB !
    Um I’m new here -love your website ST CD SMCKS!

    Scary Tomato: Welcome! 😀

  172. Trusty Bee says:

    I love smiles! 🙂 😀 😦 😮 😯 😕 8) 😡 :p

  173. Chris (Poptropica Fan) says:

    YOYOYOYOYYOYOYOYOYOYO :mrgreen: how do you find da pirates?

  174. That It SO Awesome! 😀

  175. My character was made when I was 8. Can I still play the Pirates thing, or does your character grow with you? If I can, something’s weird: I can’t fifnd the new advertisement anywhere on poptropica.

    Scary Tomato: I don’t think it grows with you, so the pirates should be there. Check out this post for information. 😉

  176. Might Fang says:

    Just so you know, I think you have the most amazing poptropica help blog around. Keep rocking dudes!

  177. OMG! Scary Tomato, a minute ago, i just saw u on Poptropica! OMG!

  178. Is Reality TV on real live television?

    Scary Tomato: Reality TV island is based on a show called “Survivor”, which exists in real life. 😉

  179. This is a free account. Anyone can use it if they want to:


  180. hey scary tomato! i’ve seen you on poptropica! cool 🙂 i’ve got an poptropica account that i dont realy want… USERNAME: coolguy PASSWORD: coolguy

    Scary Tomato: Cool! 🙂

    • my popperson’s name is blue dragon by the way. if you see me my favorite game is soup words. thanks for the comment! :mrgreen:
      sorry i ment pop person. oh i have another named purple joker

  181. That font is the coolest!So are the awesome smileys! 👿 😈 🙄 😳 😎 😯 :mrgreen: 🙂 😦 😀

  182. Grey Lizard says:

    There is another smiley. It is: ;cry; Except replace the ;s with :s.

  183. Um, Grey Lizard, that smiley was always there. I’ve tried it way before this and it worked.

  184. he never said it was new

  185. i wanna try one of the emotes hope this works: :mrgreen:
    yay i did it!

  186. Director Ghost says:

    i go on this website everyday 😉

  187. P is for Person
    O is for out standing
    P is for player
    T is for time-tangled
    R is for rockstar
    O is for orange hair
    P is for purple skin
    I is for Ice fishing
    C is for coolnness
    A is for awsome game

  188. Cool stuff! ‘Love Poptropica. 😆

  189. Iwannahavebluehair says:

    How do I get blue hair like Codien’s? I’m a Codien-wannabe. o_o

    Scary Tomato: Dye your hair blue (or any other color) at the Carrot King Diner on 24 Carrot by filling your cup at the left with blue liquid, then clicking “Drink”. 😉

  190. Astro-Knight Sneak Peek Story #1 Part #1. These Stories are very Seceret and Only I Post them every Wednesday. I always Post Astro-Knights Sneak Peeks and Reality T.V Stories Posted by, 24 Carrot Mayor

    The Mayor Of 24 Carrot Island, Sneaky Fox Left 24 carrot island And Went to Astro-Knights.He saw 4 buildings, One was YE OLD PLANETARIUM, the next was a ginormous castle with 7ft tall guards, the next was a little shop. The window said: 70% off all Mutton!!! The next building seemed to be an empty house, but the house had fine luxgurious furniture.He Entered the Store. Then He Noticed a Strange Cyborg Jester Standing in the corner, IT WAS BINARY BARD! He asked him, The Mayor To Help this Island! It is in Danger! The two Of Them,
    Th Cyborg Jester With A Metalic-Eye, Binary Bard and the Mayor of 24 Carrot, Sneaky fox, Travled To Go on an Adventure

    Find Out What will Happen to Sneaky Fox and Binary Bard Next Week On Astro-Knights Island Sneak Peeks! 😀
    -To Be Continued!

  191. This is so awsome! I didn’t know how we could type blod until now!

  192. WOO HOO!!!!This website rocks.Its Da Bomb
    😀 😀 😀 😀

  193. codien what is your poptropica name? exaple: blue dragon

  194. I Love Your Site!

  195. How Come Astro-Knights Island Isn’t Out Yet! 👿 Its Already April Spring!:cry: 😦

    • Fearless Paw says:

      You did that with Nabooti, but I’ll explain instead of PHB doing it.

      If they say the an island will come out during a certain season, it does NOT mean that it will come out on the first of that season.

      • Chatty Parrot says:

        Yeah that is annoying, but astro-knights island probably wont come out for a bit yet :mrgreen:
        and i love the smilies 🙂 😀

      • Green Seal says:

        I hope it comes out in June!

  196. I Love Your Site! It’s Amazing! Extravagant! :mrgreen:

  197. Hey this is my first time writing on a blog, but i just wanted to say I think Poptropica is awesome! I really like the randomize character cheat! 😀

  198. I AM DR.HARE!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the glitch!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  199. poptropica is sooooooo awasome!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  200. SERIOUS FOX says:

    you have to read the cheat on the poptropica help blog.

  201. at this website you will be able to translate what all the (100100)s say copy/paste the 101s from binary bard PS put the 101s in the decode box the first post on the CB says hello the second post says beware black hole it is so cool to find that out!!!

  202. thirsty Eel says:

    when you do the hair trick on etnternet exploreer you can just hit the botons and and tha t when u have the cat hit t and the cat locj like a human

  203. John The Cat says:

    Wowee this and Poptropica are ultimately coolio websites!! I love it!!

  204. Lone Carrot says:

    I love this part of the website!! PS I think that you guys should add the Dr. Hare Glitch on this part, also, just in case. Love Lone Carrot. PPS I totally luv the smileys!! 😀

    Scary Tomato: Dr. Hare’s glitch is on the Cheat Codes page. 😀

  205. bendyhero01 says:

    I can’t email you but for the Item Card Database don’t you just have to go to Poptropica, check your inventory, and copy the names down?

  206. Account I dont want.. Wolfie195
    Password: iluvwolves
    On poptropica, it is Smart Wolf. Enjoy, whoever gets it! :mrgreen:

  207. Wanted to know what you guys thought on this completely random question. My person on poptropica (Sneaky Wolf) has black skin, cat ears, and vampire teeth. Im trying to make it look like a wolf. Do you think I should add the whiskers? I thought it looked cool but I dont want it looking too much like a cat..

    • Fearless Paw says:

      I’d say no. The whiskers have a small pink nose in the center. I’d say that you’d appear as a cat.

      Trust me with this. I’ve been on Poptropica since a MONTH after it was created.

      • Thanks Fearless. Wow, that long, huh? I came on a few months after. So your about 3 months more experienced than me! :3

        It would be nice if it was just the nose without the whiskers..

      • Cool Wing says:

        That sounds like a great costume! I have 3 different ones! Cool Wing-Poptropica Star! Trusty Heart-Earth Person (green and blue clothes) And Perfect Ninja-A pop star/ninja! All of my characters have cat whiskers!

        One more character is Quiet Wolf Which has cat ears and has all white things including skin

      • All my accs have cat features on them lol

  208. Lone Carrot says:

    I never knew u could type bold!! That is so totally awesome!! Anyway……….. thanks Scary Tomato (Comment 195) For telling us where 2 find the directions for typing bold! I thought only u guys who made the site could do that!! U guys rock!!
    Love Lone Carrot

    Scary Tomato: Yep! However, please don’t use too much bold, since they’re meant for the staff. Making a few words bold in your comment should be enough. 😉

  209. Bandit says:

    Maybe they’ll make the map bigger. I think it would help a lot, cause then they could add as many little islands as they want on one big map.
    Oh yes, and although it might be a bit off subject, I got an account on and changed my avatar, so hopefully it turned out well. Its my Poptropica character, Sneaky Wolf.

  210. Pwnsome font 😀 srry it only in caps lol

  211. about that hazmat hermit post… it reminds me of the F4 cheat that puts all those words in the corner of the screen… 😯

  212. Scary Tomato?

  213. Savannah says:

    I`m trying to talk to poptopicans withe the white bar but I don`t know to make my poptropican say it.

    Scary Tomato: You can’t say it.

  214. SERIOUS FOX says:

    mabybye they can make a new map.

  215. if u r a girl u can do the crying emote [ctrl+shift+2] than u put the arow down and while u cry u click.then your eyelashes face down.

  216. I love this website
    You site is great! :mrgreen:

  217. great job finding the front codin!!! 😎
    i made a acount
    hope you like it! :mrgreen:

  218. they might make 2 maps for the rest of the islands. ;-]

  219. this web is 100% awsomeness!!!it helps a lot!!!

    😎 😀

  220. magic claw says:

    look at the poptropica website it now shows the reality tv island add thingy and the astro knights island add has changed!!! now its the prinsess is captured!!! sory if i spell anthing wrong a i am verry exited!!!!!!!! AAAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH

  221. magic claw says:

    this machine flu is it bad or good because I have it!!!!!!yea!!!

    Scary Tomato: If you like it, it’s good!

  222. They should really add another map.

  223. i love the robo half thing!!! it is awsome!!!

  224. crazy flyer says:

    WOOOO!! this stuff rocks! love this site go on every day keep up the good work!

  225. i have a password i don’t want. ps, not all the islands r finished. username: rrratman!
    Password: hello ratty.
    tel me when u use it. i am a girl.

  226. Sleepy Fox says:

    Poptropica should make the map like a book layout, i.e. there would be two islands on the screen at a time and an arrow at each bottom corner (go right for newer islands, go left for older islands). This would mess up the blimp idea, so maybe your poptropican could run onto the page and cannonball dive into the page. After the character is fully immersed,the page would ripple like water. The pro is it would look cool. The con is it would take forever and a year to make a new island. =-(

    Does this entry make sense?

  227. fearless hero says:

    I can’t believe that the potropica store came out already!! and yes, fearless hero is my poptropica name

  228. Fearless Hero says:

    I can’t believe that the potropica store is out already!!!!

  229. this is such a cool website!!!

  230. magic claw says:

    ive been on astro knights! its awsome by the way, there is a coin on the water fountain!

  231. :lol:-wow cool i like it wery much

  232. bonythunder says:

    I know the glitch to hold items that you cant hold(basketball,football,phone,etc):ctrl shift r.

  233. Green ROCKSTAR says:

    :mrgreen: i like This Blog
    :mrgreen: i love PHB

  234. Golden Hawk says:

    101 Boredom Busters: If they haven’t already, getting the Viking Suit might kill some time.:lol:

    ST: Thanks for your contribution, Golden Hawk! 😀

  235. I thought Astro-Knights-Island was suppose to come out today.

  236. i found a glitch!!! all you have to do is catch the cat on 24 carrot island. as soon as the cat drinks the milk press control shift r and the cat has clothes!!

  237. Calm Spinner says:

    How do you solve the door puzzle on astro knights island? 😯

  238. Calm Spinner says:

    Is this in bold? By the way, how do you solve the door puzzle on astro knights island? :confused:

  239. heres an acont i dont want:


    password:hellow peeps

    the password does iclude some spaces and the first letter is capitalized.also the username has no space.

  240. Serious Tornado says:

    Some people say the colerizer is not good because u can use the cheats but you get to make new colours like maroon or light green and turqoise

  241. HI Codien you’re awsome

  242. Speedy Ice says:

    Thanks codien for discovering the font :mrgreen: 😀 🙂

  243. Angry Seagull says:

    yeah the colorizer is soo good u can make turquoise (what i like)

  244. SERIOUS FOX says:

    Guys! You will not believe this but i was in the AstroKnights multiplayer room and i saw someone named Serious Fox! That was my poptropican’s name!

  245. Magic Tornado says:

    that is so cool that ur making a 101 boredom busters in poptropica i’ll go on poptropica WAY more often!! i just cant wait!! when is it coming out!!!???!!!

    ST: Hopefully this summer! I’m working on it. 😛

    • Calm Spinner says:

      I have an idea(s) for 101 Boredom Busters!
      1.Find Glitches!
      2.Buy cool outfits!
      3.Put together costumes!
      4.Play Ad buildings!
      And those are my ideas!

  246. 💡 i hawe idea to make in store a cat,dog and cow costume it bee so awsome i guess 8)

    ST: There is already a dog costume in the Poptropica Store. Cat whiskers/ears are occasionally found in multiplayer rooms. Cows would be awesome! 😛

  247. Calm Spinner says:

    There is 2 secret messages in the comic shop on Super Power island! On the shelf right by the boxes, it says Super Power and Heroes Help. I know it is not much of a message, but it is a message! Sorry if someone already said this.

  248. hungry crush says:

    i love the indiana jones outfit!!!!

  249. magic claw says:

    thanks codein for finding the new items from the store it helped us find these :mrgreen:

  250. I LOVE the pirate outfit! They should do a pirate island!!!! =)

  251. magic claw says:

    ST this is my charactor he looks WICKED

  252. purple paw says:

    hyper star- I like the phantom. it turns you invisible! (almost)

    scary tomato- I like your name! I have two accounts- (I have completed every island on both) on the the first one, my name is purple paw. I like to match my names, so Im wearing cat ears, cat wiskers ( I got them from someone in the club house, so don’t ask me where) and my shirt, pants & skin is purple. On my second account, my name is smart burger and Im wearing the hamburger outfit a brain helmet. ÞØÞTRØÞïçÅ RØÇK§

  253. Um, why are the smilies different??? They go like 😡

    ST: I don’t know, they were just changed by WordPress. I guess they thought these new ones looked better.

  254. Is it just my computer, or did all the emotes in the posts and comments change? Bcuz they look different to me. 😕

    ST: WordPress changed the smilies by default, and I can’t change them back to their original form, sorry. 😦

  255. I love this website 😎

  256. new post and the logo on the dupster locks furmlar

  257. The smileys look different!

    🙂 😦 😀

    See? I think they look different!

  258. I love and i love poptropica help blog too:*

  259. Cuddly Crush says:

    I am so glad I found this blog! I love it!

  260. Rainbow bird says:

    I really cant wait until the how to draw a poptropican thing comes out!!

    ST: Good news, the how-to-draw tutorial is now available! 😀

  261. 101 boredrem busters!smash all the bugs on super power island over and over!

  262. winner123 says:

    I can’t wait till the fire outfit comes out!!!!!!!

  263. magic claw says:

    guys come to this room it will be opened for a long time

  264. I xant wait till Reality TV island comes out too!

    • BlueDragon says:

      It comes out Wednesday, February 24th (for members) for non-members it will come out March 24th stinks for me :/ oh well…

  265. Fearless Panda says:

    I am also a Christian. Rock on!
    Poptropica: Rock on, too.

  266. I think it would be cool if the Poptropica Creators added a “sell button” to the Poptropica Store so you could sell the costumes and cool stuff back to the store. I don’t know…mabey this was a bad idea…

  267. this is an awsome website i go on it every day

  268. this blog is awseome

  269. Zippy Sky says:

    I love this site. I have five stars in battle ranking. I hope they make more islands. I’ve finished all of them except for Astro Knights. Rockin’ website! ^_^

    -Zippy Sky<3333

  270. Comical Penguin says:

    New Cheat i discovered!
    go to 24 karat if beaten create new account.
    go to where u find the cat
    press ctrl shift 0
    its funny but not tellin wat it is

  271. Dangerous Scorpion says:

    i think u should have a poptropicans closet if u have too many outfits. for example if you buy credits u will have alot of cool stuff and costumes. And we could have another closet for the clothes that u could chose from at the beginning when u start an account.

  272. Fearless Lobster says:

    i like the website! keep up the good work!

    1. put on the launcher from the boinicle add
    2. do the cry emotion where you cry and stretch
    3. while your stretching, press the space bar, and you will twist your arm around and shoot and then you will start thinking for no reason (like when somone asks you if you want to play a game and you put your hand on your chin and tap your foot)

    1. in a club house, click on the wall.
    2. you should be pushing against the wall (even though its hopless to knock it down! :P)
    3. click the wall again and you will be smiling while pushing (looks like you’ve still got some hope left! 😉 )

  274. I like this blog,and I have a new thing to do!It`ll bust bordem!If you have the bow-tie gadget on Spy-Island,use it everywhere on the island to be a happy little poptropican!

  275. shiny beetle says:

    this isn’t directly related to anything but…

    I MADE A POPTROPICA LEGO SET!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    it’s the Feed The Shark thingy
    it has a working lego cannon and an awesome lego shark
    oh and 2 palm trees.

    please tell me what you think! 😉

    Hijuyo: That is awesome! 😀

  276. Serious Tiger says:

    About the Multiverse codes used to access old ads, only the Froot Loops one works.

  277. That’s a good idea- I like it!

    And on previous posts I will have to say this:
    I really talk/type too much!

  278. shiny beetle says:


    on 24 carrot, when the cat is following you,
    if you jump, the cat will go into the ground! lol


  279. I got on Almost every day…

    But I still love this website! 8)

  280. It doesn’t work anymore because you have to buy it now. Sucks, doesn’t it?

    1: get the D necklace
    2: look at it. Notice its a backwards D.
    3: click customize on someone
    4: in the customizer, the D is a regular D!
    5: close it
    6: it is backwards again!
    7: dont read this step! its over!

  282. Cool

  283. There is this weird mouth glitch. It makes your mouth keep doing the same thing. (I know that was not the best description, so here is an example: when you jump and your mouth is a circle, like an o, it will stay that way and when you jump up a floor and your mouth is a happy mouth, like a D, it will stay the same and if you say something, your mouth will keep saying things, even when there is no speech bubble.) However, only a few people have it. I have it on one of my accounts, so there isnt a code for it. If you see someone in the club house thats mouth is staying the same after they do something, customize them. They will have a regular smiling mouth. Customize it. Then your mouth will do the same! (notice if you mouse over someone that has a regular mouth, then mouse over a person with the mouth glitch, in the bubble at the top that says your name and battle ranking, in the bubble it will show the person has the same mouth! Do it over and over again and they will keep changing mouthes.) CAUTION: if you log in and you just have a regular smiling mouth, do not worry, just move to get your mouth to be something, because you still have it! 😉

  284. Ha ha ha! I like this website. I finally drew a potropica person! 😀

  285. corncake84 says:

    Brilliant idea!

  286. Nice cheat codes.

  287. I love the santa hat and sack you can get with the cell phone. Especially since its almost Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  288. hocus pocus says:

    I emailed you guys with some boredom busters and the name list

  289. i have a theory. this theory is that there is only one creator. he (or she) must be a genius with computers and have great ideas for islands. they probably have a lot of computers too. also, (s)he may have multiple personalities, which would explain the different people posting on the creator’s blog. don’t get me wrong, i am thankful that the creator(s) made poptropica, but this is a theory. what do you guys think???

    Hijuyo: That isn’t likely, because it would mean the ”Creator” would be lying to us by faking many identities and besides, if you search the PHB we have evidence of real people being Creators. 😉

  290. Cool! I love the pop star outfit too! I even have it!

  291. hi im perfect comet and i love poptropica….it s soooooo fun. i could play EVERYDAY!! 🙂

  292. i love this place but i want membership !

  293. BlueDragon says:

    I decided to write this:

    Poptropica is a great game, you can create your very own personal account. You get to finish awesome islands. You get credits by finishing islands so you can buy costumes and “Gold Cards” at the Poptropica Store.
    Earlyer in the month of february the Poptropica Creators realesed a new feature to Poptropica, the Poptropica membership. With Poptropica membership you can get “it all” such as ALL the costumes and Gold Cards. To get membership you have to pay real money, Poptropica has fallen into the footprints of many, many games.
    I do not like this new feature it is not fair to us “non-members” we have to wait at least one month to access new islands. You cannot get as many great Gold Cards or costumes unless you pay for credits.
    Over all Poptropica is a fun and exciting game, But I am not changing my mind about the Poptropica membership.

  294. Hey another Poptropica font is called Billy Serif

    Hijuyo: Cool discovery, Dynaboa. 🙂

  295. Neat bean says:

    lol :mrgreen lol h h h Haa

  296. hey i got something really cool turn you like a real animal in poptropica! step 1 turn tiny step 2 dissper step 3 get a followers put an animal now your like an animal! remeber your not a animal you just look like one.

  297. clubpenguin4607 says:

    I know a funny glitch that can turn your head red. Go to a multiplayer room, press the “Angry” emote at the top right corner. Keep doing it until you have the emote that makes your head get off. Quickly jump before the emote ends. You know have a red face! However, if you dont move the red face will disappear so keep moving until you get bored with the red face! Enjoy the glitch!

  298. Green Storm says:

    Just an idea for costumes, I think you should create a witch costume for girls and wizard costume for guys. Both could hold wands and the special effect could be different stuff come out the wand. I think that would be cool. Please consider this.

  299. I have an idea for a costume. I think you should create a wizard costume for guys and a witch costume for girls. Maybe they could both wear robes, like in Harry Potter. Also, both could hold wands and the special effect would be different colored sparks shoot out the end of the wand everytime you hit the spacebar. Please consider this. Thanks.

  300. I was also wondering, can you sell costumes and gold cards in the Poptropica store to get your credits back?

    Hijuyo: No, you can’t – that would be unfair.

  301. Another idea: Maybe you should create a Broomstick. When you buy it you can sit on it and fly around as much as you want. It would be for boys and girls too. Consider this too. Thanks.

    Hijuyo: You can fly on a broomstick in the Haunted House:/

  302. This might sound weird, but when you go into the Motel Office on Reality TV Island and the guy asks you if you want a room, is there some way to get money to buy a room for your Poptropican? Just wondering

    Hijuyo: No, that’s not possible. :/

  303. this blog is awesome

  304. blue dragon says:

    ok…Do you want you’re poptropicainian to have ONE LEG? well then get the peg leg from skullduggery…then get either the pink popstar dress from RTV or the black body suit on Spy island. there you go…one leg!

  305. scary scorpion says:

    try this on reality tv when your doing the rope climb press space with a hand held item u can see all the hand emotes that are on the tvs!

  306. HD/HEATHER!!! says:

    ik thiz iz a little random… but ik a glitch on spy island! 😀 go 2 the docks and customize a B.A.D from the nearest B.A.D guy! then… the B.A.D wnt attack u!!!! x] ima not sure if any1z discovered tht glitch… but itz definitely 1 😉 so.. yea… thtz all i gotta say gyz 😄

  307. poptropica so all the time

  308. jaged1235 says:

    I have a cheat you can add. To get the glowstick without the radiation just go into the sewer maze, put on the jetpack, take it off, then go up to poptropica towers. Now you have a glowstick!

  309. Hula-Girl!
    How to get this costume:
    1.Get the Grass Skirt from Shark tooth island(make sure you’re wearing shorts and not pants)
    2.Custumize the Bikini Top and sunglasses from a beach girl on posidon’s beach at Mythology Island(or use the surfer girl card if you have it)
    3.Customize the hair with a flower in it from the desk lady on ST island.

  310. awesomecandy says:

    i think it would be awesome if we could costumize the costumes above 😀

  311. busy starfish says:


  312. camilla279 says:

    Yay! this is a great blog!

  313. Smart Claw says:

    Um… I don’t know how to copy mustaches on Poptropica. I saw a character in a chat room with Poseidon’s mustache and when I tried to custumize it, it didn’t glow. I just want to know how to copy a mustache.

    I don’t want the one from the magician costume.

    Hijuyo: Those characters most likely obtained their mustaches through a game hack, since most NPCs’ facial hair can’t be Costumized.

  314. aaronhui777600 says:

    Why don’t you fit
    into the list?

    Hijuyo: Because the PopMatrix does pretty much the same thing. 😛

  315. Cool Dragon says:

    I Really Need to say this, even though loads have before me…
    This website is the BEST! (Apart from poptropica though)
    All the staff here are so helpfull and all the suff is useful!

  316. Robot Maniac says:

    Hey! I LOVE this website, so I created a “shape” with tons of words on your website for an award!

    To access it, go to

    Hijuyo: Nice! Wordles are cool. 😀

  317. Well lately on my new account i finished 10 island in 2 weeks i mean like its crazy and fun.

  318. Poptropica has been making islands to short,and easy.They should take more time to make islands,to be larger,more advanced,and more action.Also when you beat an island,instead of getting a medallion and 100 credits you should get a costume designer card and 100 credits

  319. this is the best website ever!!!I go on it everyday.My favourite section is the chat section!!!!!

  320. Dangerous Panda says:

    I found this cool glitch that makes you only have one leg! First, you go to Skullduggery Island and hop in your boat. Next, sail to Bouffant Bay and customize the guy by the fern’s peg leg. After that, go back to your blimp and fly to Cryptids Island. When you get there go and customize the rich lady with the poodle’s robe. Pow! You will now have only one leg.

  321. Hijuyo, I have a very important problem. The PopMatrix isn’t working! I get onto it, but it doesn’t show any names of islands or rooms. The search button doesn’t work, either. This is getting really annoying. Can you please fix this?

    Hijuyo: Hi, sorry, I can’t fix it since I don’t own the PopMatrix (Coderkid does). However, the PopTransport (also in the Cool Stuff list above) works very similarly, so try that.

    • Nevermind! Now I see the link. You didn’t say someone commented the link. You said it was in the list above. List of COMMENTS would have made MUCH more sense.

      Hijuyo: It IS in the list of the Cool Stuff page (besides comments).

    • But theres a problem with the PopTransport, too! It hasn’t been updated at all after Mythology island was released!

  322. angry tiger says:

    I have a cool thing, you might already know this but if you go to any sort of dog/cat or animal poptropican than mostly anything you can put on poptropicans you can put on them for example: the Medusa hair, you can put it on a poptropican right so put it on a cat! you can even paperize an animal in poptropica (if you have it).

  323. Barefoot Sun says:

    I really like to put on costumes that no one else in a multiplayer room can customize. It probably makes them think, “That is a cool costume. I wonder where he got it” and in my opinion, it is cool because I am the only one in the room with the costume on. I also like going into a multiplayer room and putting a costume on that someone else can customize, then immediately leaving the room so no one can put the costume on!!! Sneaky, isn’t it?

  324. Mad Eye says:

    When they add more costumes to the Poptropica Store, maybe I should get membership. I know it says with the same face next to it, “If you are a member of poptropica like I am, it will help.” But that is Barefoot Sun who is a member, not me. I created a poptropican named, “Mad Eye,” pretty recently, so I do not have memebership. But I have had a poptropican named, “Barefoot Sun,” for a long time. So he has membership.

  325. Shy sky says:

    i luv beating islands

  326. whiningwhiledining says:

    its not like a family at all, theres probably thousands of, wait, five million users on this websight. were a super family. think of it this way: we could make an army of five million strong. ya, now thats a lot of people

  327. Barefoot Sun says:

    Awesome! 😉

  328. Hey….. What happened to the own poptropican house? No one has been notified that its going to happen. I would like to have a poptropican house. Any one else? 🙂

    Hijuyo: Lots of people want it to happen, as shown in a PCB poll’s results, but any plans on this happening haven’t been announced yet.

    • Scary Catfish says:

      Yeah I thought there was gonna be a house.. Just thought of something..remember in the Future of Time Tangled,Your Poptropican has a house even though you cant move stuff around..just a thought..

  329. i got a talking mouth i finnaly found

  330. alll the island whed whed be a essy game ever and mestery goods to be a boom

  331. speedy Wolf says:

    Im Speedy Wolf in poptropica, n i kno how to get a cool outfit.first go in a chat room if u see a balloon with a orange 4 on it click it n u will get a limited ed outfit

  332. cloudhopper says:

    at the beginning, it shows ASTROKNIGHTS planets! you pull the sword out at a hidden cave at the JUNGLE PLANET! it’s no island, we’re facing….


  333. Man, I really hate how they made poptropica membership. It’s annoying.

  334. Blue Skull says:

    Hi! love your blog by the way; My poptropican is named Blue Skull, and I bet it would be really cool if the creators made a “Recycle Bin” in the game: when you want a refund for a costume you bought. What do you think?

  335. not what i am looking for but cool website i just don’t know how to make my poptropican look cool

  336. Poptropica rocks push F12 and type or ctrl shift r

  337. Jessica says:

    Candy Cane!

    Go 2 the common room @ Early Poptropica and look 4 Yellow Plug.

    Customize her and u have it!

    (Press space bar 2 activate it.)

  338. Awesome.


    How do you change gender, i went from girl to boy and i dont know how i did it!?

  340. cool dude says:

    ok i found out how to get an actuall evil dog costume.first get an actuall dog costume then go to spy island to the docks.then when you see a dog hurry up and costumize it.then put on the body and tail of the dog costume.Ta Da!!!!

  341. i like to play poptropica but im not member 😦

  342. This is a gr8 idea

  343. Hijuyo Please Comment Back Ok. Do you know about this
    Then click Poptropads.

    My Websites:

    Hijuyo: As of now, the Ad Transporter (Poptropads) you have does work, but Poptropica may remove ads from their game at any time, so it won’t last unfortunately.

  344. Rabid Fish says:

    Does ANYONE know what this is???

    Hijuyo: It was an example of what Poptropica Friends might have looked like in its earlier stages of development. There’s no invisibility cloak on Skullduggery Island.

  345. why can’t we keep the laser gun in the common room of wimy board walk

  346. Are you going to update poptransport to include the new islands that have been created since?

  347. Perfect Tomato says:

    There should be an Island called “PopTROOPitaris” where you help the Army hold off Terrorist Attacks in Los Angeles, CA; Dallas, TX; Chicago, IL; New York City, NY; Washington DC; Vancouver, Canada; Quebec,Canada; Toronto,Canada; Mexico City, Mexico; Buenos Aires, Argentina; London, Tripoli, Libya; Cairo, Egypt; England, UK; Madrid, Spain; Athens, Greece; Amsterdam, Holland, Netherlands; Den Haag, Holland, Netherlands; Warsaw, Poland; Rome, Italy; Venice, Italy; Paris, France; Berlin, Germany; Moscow, Russia; Tbilisi, Georgia; Kabul, Aghanistan; Islamabad, Pakistan; Jerusalem, Israel; Amman, Jordan; Istanbul, Turkey, Mecca, Saudi Arabia; Shanghai, China; Tokyo, Japan; Perth, Australia; Melbourne, Australia; Sydney, Australia; Auckland, New Zeland; Christchurch, New Zealand; and Wellington, New Zealand.

    Slanted Fish: That’s a LOT of places! Any reason for all of it? 🙂

  348. Spiderman's #1 Fan AKACuddly Bear AKA Director Bear AKA Super Bear AKA James Kiro says:

    I’ve got some sort of glitch its not really that good but still its funny go to Mystery Train then hope to have hotwheels ad go to where the lady was standing up near the hotwheels ad she should be standing on nothing and you should to!

    The scret is there is a floor behind that she was supposed to be on and the floor was still able to walk on even with an add on!


  349. Shinykid157 says:

    This is still Shinykid. I like your idea Quiet Moon.

  350. speedy bear says:

    icy comet is my poptropica friend!

  351. I like the weather channel. poptropica is fun

  352. Mad Scientist, Mad Tornado says:

    Anyone knows how to go to LEGO Bionicle Glatorian Legends AD ???

  353. CheeseLuver says:

    Hey people! CheeseLuver here!!! Did you guyz become a God/Godess? I did, and just for the people who aren’t I’ll give em’ some facts about it and how it works:
    – To become a god/godess, you need to complete Mythology Island( I recommend using a walkthrough, because this is a pretty hard island. Don’t get frustrated, some minigames take time to complete)
    – To activate your god/godess powers( when you’re done with the island), just wear Hades’s skull crown and Posseidon’s triton and press SPACEBAR on your keyboard.
    – When your in god/godess form, you will be, like, TWICE your normal size, you will be glowing with lightning, AND you’ll be wearing some sort of god/godess costume.
    – Go to any common room and show off! (trust me, I had people following me around the common room when I turned into godess form!

    Have fun with your god/godess!

    PEACE ON EARTH OUT! -disappears-

  354. i cant login any more :,(

  355. Thirsty Shadow says:

    Hey:) my multiverse code is EFA97

  356. What about a page for Poptropica reviews?

    Slanted Fish: That’s listed as Poptropica: Game Review. Others can write reviews in the comments if they like. 🙂

  357. Big Hero says:

    Some girl in a common room had a handheld that looked a green bubble it made trees that made crooked music notes. Does anyone know where or if i can get it?

  358. clubpenguinguy44 says:

    Please log on your poptropica account! And
    please go to Early Poptropica island and
    go left until you reach the green building.
    Jump up 4 stories and when you reach the
    4th story with the flower pot window at the
    middle then click on the left up side corner
    of the window. Now you will receive swirly
    yellow and orange goggles with a swirly
    yellow and orange shirt to customize!!!!!
    Please try this! These are one of the
    best cheats on Poptropica!!!!!!!
    Yeah woo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    😀 😀 😀 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

  359. IcyShell says:

    I also have Monster High Draculaura.

    My elsa is Arendelle223
    draculaura is tinkerbell223586

  360. Hey, where do i find costumes like a mermaid for exemple?

  361. i love it

  362. Poptropica land is the best! It is just like minecraft in poptropica! And minecraft is one of my favourite games.

  363. I like that u can get rlly cool stuff in poptropica btw im kitten0627
    i cant do this!

  364. Hey guys

  365. short feather says:

    ATTENTION everyone reading this go to coconut café on shark tooth

  366. Lashunda Culley says:

    Awesome! Its really remarkable paragraph, I have got much clear idea on the topic of from this piece of writing.

  367. Deandre Munger says:

    If you would like to improve your know-how just keep visiting this web page and be updated with the hottest information posted here.

  368. Excellent blog here! Also your website a lot up fast! What web host are you using? Can I am getting your affiliate link in your host? I wish my site loaded up as fast as yours lol

  369. Thanks for finally writing about >Cool Stuff – Poptropica Help Blog :: cheats, secrets, news, walkthroughs, & more! <Loved it!

  370. Good day very cool site!! Man .. Beautiful .. Wonderful .. I’ll bookmark your website and take the feeds additionally? I am happy to search out a lot of helpful information here in the publish, we need work out extra techniques on this regard, thank you for sharing. . . . . .

  371. Can I use some of these pop plus criteria on my site?

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