There are just so many fashion possibilities on Poptropica! This is a database of the best Poptropica outfits compiled by the Poptropica Help Blog, with 100+ original costume ideas for boys and girls from fellow fashion enthusiasts* (and more importantly, how to get them). Enjoy browsing through the collection, and be sure to visit the comments for more (or even add in your own!). Suit up! :D

*Huge thanks to the following for their costumes which are featured here: Chocokat, Calm MoonFuzzy-B, Spotted Dragon, MashimaiAngry Wing, Fearless RockLightningGirl20, Slippery IcicleSuper Thunder & Brave TomatoRainbow, Silly Raptor, Slanted Fish.

Rare Costumes

There’s a trick out there known as the ASG (Avatar Studio Glitch) that people use to obtain rare, un-Costumizable costumes. With the PHB’s Avatar Studio Gift, you’ll find lots of such costumes you can use, and we’re always adding more! Check it out!

ASG gift

But that’s just the beginning – here are tons more ideas on how to put together a snazzy outfit on Poptropica. Feel free to mix and match!

Stylish Trends

Take some ideas from these snazzy, beautiful, and totally “in” styles – you may want these in your costume closet! Or maybe you’ll discover how to get some cool costume parts you hadn’t noticed until now. Go all out or keep it simple, and remember to stay swaggy.

Aqua Hipster

  • Get the headphones and ponytail from the utility worker on S.O.S. Island after you rescue her.
  • The bangs and the lips are from the second girl in Herc’s Hut in Mythology Island.
  • The glasses are on the nerdy guy in Loch Ness in Cryptids Island.
  • Copy the shirt and hoodie from C.J. on Shrink Ray Island.
  • Finally, the skirt is from the girl inside Bobo’s Clown Shop in Counterfeit Island.

Beach Chick

  • Hair: All of the hair is found on Reality TV island. The short hair and side swept bangs are found on the guy standing outside of TV World. The other bangs are found on the girl standing near Mike’s Market. The color? Go to 24 Carrot island and go inside the Carrot King Diner. At the drink machine, mix red and white together until you get this ripe peach color.
  • Shirt: Found on Mythology island on the woman inside Herc’s Hero Hut.
  • Skirt & leggings: Found on Shark Tooth Island on the man who is selling grass skirts. (Click on him and he will give you a skirt. Then, customize with his leggings.)
  • Lei: Found on Shark Tooth Island on the man outside the Coconut Cafe.

Black Pop

  • black popHat & Jacket: Biker (Store)
  • Skirt: Girl goth underground on Early Poptropica Island
  • Polka dot belt: Random person in common rooms
  • Hair: Gamer Girl (Store)
  • Bangs: Pop Star (Store)
  • Shirt from Rock Star 2 (Store)
  • Lips: Makeup table on Back Lot Island

Blue Beauty Belle

  • blue beauty belleWig: Girl at the end of Steamworks Island right before you battle the boss
  • Lips & tutu: Blue Swan Ballerina (75 Credits)
  • Skirt: Blue Southern Belle (75 Credits)
  • Boa:  Girl in yellow on Mystery Train Island
  • Belt from lady outside of castle on Astro-Knights Island
  • Bangs: Prom Girl (75 Credits)
  • Earrings: Pop Star (75 Credits)

Brainy Plum

  • The hair and lips are on the lady inside Herc’s Hut on Mythology Island. The bangs are on the girl next to her.
  • Costumize the shirt and belt from the girl near Aphrodite.
  • The skirt is on the curator in Counterfeit Island.
  • The necklace is on the creepy lady on the upper right ledge inside the mill on Astro-Knights Island.
  • Finally, the glasses are on the lady in Twisted Thicket.

Casual Green

  • Get the hair from the cashier in Mike’s Market in Reality TV Island.
  • The glasses are found on the lady in Twisted Thicket.
  • The lips are from the lady inside Herc’s Hut in Mythology Island.
  • The backpack, pants, and shirt are from the lady outside the ancient ruins in Shark Tooth Island.
  • The coat is from the lady you first meet in Red Dragon Island. The belt is also from her.

Coral Goddess

  • coral goddessNecklace & belt: Triton on Mythology Island
  • Shirt: Aphrodite on Mythology Island
  • Shirt & hair: Lady waiting for the train on Mystery Train Island
  • Earrings: Pop Star (75 Credits)
  • Lips: Pink Swan Ballerina (75 Credits)
  • Bangs: Prom Queen (75 Credits)

Cowgirl Cute (Wild West Island)

  • Find the hair on Annie Oakley in Dos Cactos.
  • The only exception to the island theme is the bangs: they’re on the girl inside Herc’s Hut on Mythology Island, but they’re not necessary.
  • The lips are from the fancy lady in Diamond Plains, as is the choker.
  • The lady next to the outhouse is wearing the skirt.
  • The shirt is on the girl outside the sheriff’s building.

Creamsicle Sun

  • The hair is on Bucky Lucas in Reality TV Island. When you compete, watch for Hippie Harry. Costumize his peace necklace.
  • The shirt and bangs are on the girl sitting on the chair in line for Twin Palms Mall in Night Watch Island.
  • Snag the sunglasses from one of the agents inside the HQ in Spy Island.
  • Head to Mythology Island and copy the lips from the first girl you see.
  • Lastly, the skirt is on the lady dressed in orange outside Apollo’s temple in the Grove of Temples.

Cute Nerd

  • Get the braids from the lady outside the Ancient Ruins in Shark Tooth Island. The jeans are from the shark fin seller.
  • The bangs are from the first lady you meet in Mythology Island, as are the lips.
  • The glasses are in Loch Ness, in Cryptids Island, on the man you see when you come out of the helicopter.
  • The shirt is from the mimes in Counterfeit Island.
  • Find a tie and a backpack in Early Poptropica or an island like that on one of the randomized characters. They’re pretty common.

Dressy Green

  • Get the hair from your navigator on Skullduggery.
  • Add some bangs from Aphrodite in Mythology.
  • Glam up with a necklace from the lady above 312 Fern Way in Bouffant Bay on Skullduggery.
  • Finally, to complete your dressy look, customize a black skirt from anywhere!

Dusty Rose

  • Find the Hawaiian hairstyle on the girl inside a Tourism Center on the Main Street of Shark Tooth Island. Also on her, copy the lips and skirt shown in this outfit. (For an alternate skirt, you can copy the skirt from the man outside of the pub in Loch Ness in Cryptids Island.)
  • Then, head to Skullduggery Island and characterize the lady who lost her husband’s shirt and frilly neck scarf.
  • For your traveller’s bag, move your blimp over to Night Watch Island and enter In The Now. Your bag is on one of the mannequins.
  • Finally, to get the bangs, the girl with the braid will be happy to lend you her tresses.

Electric Blue

  • The hair is on the girl in the movies line in Vampire’s Curse Island.
  • The bangs are on the girl near your blimp on Reality TV Island.
  • Dye it a dark blue at the Carrot King Diner.
  • The sunglasses are on the lady in the Control Room in Super Villain Island, and the lips are on the “pink lady” near the train station in Mystery Train.
  • Snag the vest from the girl inside Bobo’s Clown Shop in Counterfeit Island, and copy the sidebag off the guy herding chickens in Skullduggery.
  • A new addition, the shirt is on the girl inside the tent outside Twin Palms in Night Watch Island.
  • Finally, the skirt and leggings are on the girl to the right on Main Street in Cryptids Island.

Female Scientist

  • female scientistJacket: Scientist on Super Power Island
  • Lips: Biker (75 Credits)
  • Dress: Lady in B.A.D. Bistro on Spy Island
  • Hair: Random players in common rooms
  • Glasses: Girl near The Fjording on Twisted Thicket Island
  • Bangs: Fan on motel roof on Reality TV Island
  • Clipboard: Scientist in Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab

Golden Ball

  • golden ballBangs & belt: Purple girl in Herc’s Hero Hut on Mythology Island
  • Lips: Yellow Swan Ballerina (75 Credits)
  • Skirt: Gold Royal Ball (75 Credits)
  • Shirt: White Prom Queen (75 Credits)
  • Necklace: Aphrodite on Mythology Island
  • Hair: Vampire Girl 3 (75 Credits)

Goth/Dead Dude

  • Get Hades’ crown and belt from Mythology Island.
  • Get the scar and the scythe in his hand from the Haunted House.
  • Get his mouth to be frowning.
  • Change skin color to black (Early Poptropica pigments, Ctrl+Shift+S cheat, or Colorizer from the Store).
  • Add a black and pants.
  • The skull shirt is from the goth guy on Reality TV Island’s Main Street.
  • The shades are from the secretary in Spy Island HQ.

Green Goddess

  • Hair: this gorgeous hair piece is found on the girl you see when you first enter Counterfeit island. These bangs are found on Reality TV island. The side swept bangs found on the guy outside of TV World and the normal bangs found on the girl near Mike’s Market. The dark brown color was made with the colorizer but can be mimicked at the drink machine inside the Carrot King Diner on 24 Carrot island.
  • Shirt: This shirt is found on Mythology island on Hades.
  • Belt: This white belt can be found on Mythology island on the surfer next to Aphrodite.
  • Skirt: The skirt is found on the girl who you see when you first enter Counterfeit island.


  • jailerHat – use the Biker hat (Store)
  • Hair – use any classic wavy hair, you can find this almost anywhere. You can go right and copy the hair from the girl on Shrink Ray or from costumes in lightninggirl20’s closet
  • Lips – any classic lips, such as Biker lips
  • Jacket – use the Biker jacket
  • Pants – use any grayish black pants (you can use the ones from Vampire 1 costume)
  • Belt – optional, use the black bands belt from the girls Vampire 1 costume
  • Shirt – villains from Super Power Island county prison

Magenta Ball

  • magenta ballHair: Veruca Salt on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island
  • Necklace: Golden Harbor on Skullduggery Island
  • Skirt: Magenta Royal Ball (75 Credits)
  • Shirt: Beach girl on Mythology Island
  • Belt & bow: Merry Muse on Reality TV Island
  • Lips: Girl in Herc’s Hurt on Mythology Island
  • Earrings: Pop Star (75 Credits)
  • Bangs: Prom Queen (75 Credits)


  • Make your hair a lightish pink.
  • Using the Mythology Surfer (Store), get the Poseidon top and necklace. Also get the belt if you want.
  • Get Gamer Girl’s hair. (Store)
  • Use a Geisha’s bottom skirt. (Red Dragon Island)
  • Now, make your skin as close as possible to the color of the skirt.
  • Get the Fairy Queen (Store), and use her lips and bangs which include a tiara.
  • Get the Swamp Monster’s fin. (Store)
  • Get the bubble follower from the Classic Follower Pack (Store).

Mischievous Schoolgirl

  • Schoolgirl skirt and shirt from Cryptids Island
  • Cheerleader’s lips and hair (Colorless lips? No way. Pink lips! Braids? For sleeping. Ponytails? Totally!)
  • Vampire Girl 3′s bangs (Perfect hair? No, bangs!)
  • Mythology Surfer’s Lightning necklace
  • Prom Queen’s side bangs
  • Equip the Silly Streamers!


  • Costumize the head from the Minotaur on Mythology island.
  • Find the mouth anywhere. It’s kind of hard to find, so if you can’t find it, use a different mouth.
  • The wings and the tail are from the Little Demon costume in the store.
  • The sword is from the Pirate Captain costume in the store.
  • The eyepatch is from Captain Crawfish (Skullduggery). (may not be customizable)
  • You get the one leg from the “One Legged Race” cheat on the Cheat Codes page.
  • The body is from the Swamp Monster costume in the store.
  • Last but not least, the vines come from the Pumpkin Head costume in the store.

Nature Green Poet

  • nature green poetShirt & lips: Girl inside Herc’s Hero Hut on Mythology Island
  • Skirt: Girl near the blimp on Counterfeit Island
  • Belt: Green Pop Star (75 Credits)
  • Hat: Tour guide by the underground tunnel on Counterfeit Island
  • Bangs: Prom Queen (75 Credits)
  • Hair: Gamer Girl (75 Credits)
  • Scarf: Pilot on Nabooti Island

Nature Lover (Springtime Special)

  • springGet Fairy Queen tiara and classic wavy hair
  • Use classic lips (Flower Power ones if you want)
  • Use green Prom Queen dress
  • Use Flower Power!
  • Get Hummingbird follower (Classic Follower Pack)

Pink & White Wedding

  • The hair is on Aphrodite, as are the bangs. (Mythology Island)
  • Dye your hair a light blonde with yellow, white, and a dash of red in Carrot King Diner on 24 Carrot Island.
  • The lips are on the first girl you see in Mythology.
  • The necklace is on Triton, next to Aphrodite. The belt is on him as well. (Mythology Island)
  • The shirt and skirt are on Athena. (Mythology Island)
  • Finally, it’s not necessary, but if you want a flower, get one in the store on the clown.

Pretty Polka

  • Hair: The bangs, blush and earrings all come together and are found on the girl when you first enter Mythology Island (the skin tone lips are found on the same girl). The braids are found on Shark Tooth island on the girl on Ancient Ruins. To get the color, go to 24 Carrot island and inside the Carrot King Diner, mix yellow and white at the drink machine until you get this light blonde color.
  • Dress: Go left when you first enter Nabooti island. This dress is found on the girl near the box marked “AIRMAIL.”

Princess Hunter

  • Buy the Fairy Queen costume and get the hair with the green earrings and the pink lips.
  • Go to Mythology Island and enter Herc’s Hero Hut. Get the violet woman’s crown.
  • Go to Astro-Knights Island and get the princess’s gown.
  • Buy the Robin Hood costume and copy the dagger, bow, and quiver.

Purple Punk

  • Hair: Vampire Girl 3 (75 Credits)
  • purple punkPurple star: Backlot Island makeup table
  • Jacket: Biker (75 Credist)
  • Belt: Lady by the blimp on Red Dragon Island
  • Shirt & lips: Girl in Herc’s Hero Hut on Mythology Island
  • Bangs: Prom Queen (75 Credits)
  • Skirt: Violet on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island

Semi-formal Red

  • The hair is found on the Black Widow as the inspector on Counterfeit Island.
  • The bangs are found on the reporter on top of the motel in Reality TV Island.
  • Change your hair color to a reddish brown in the King Carrot Diner in 24 Carrot Island.
  • The glasses are found in Twisted Thicket, on the lady in the mainland.
  • The scarf is found on Grandpa Joe in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island.
  • Customize the shirt off of the “mysterious man” in Counterfeit Island.
  • The lips are found on the first lady you meet in Mystery Train Island, on the hill.
  • Finally, customize any black skirt.

The Slanted Fish

  • slantedfish2015 copyCrown and blush: Fairy Queen costume (girls) from the Store
  • Tail: Chemical X goblin from Monster Carnival
  • Customize hair, bangs, scarf, shirt, paintbrush, and studded belt from slantedfish (add her as a friend)

Statue of Liberty

  • Get the robes from the Angel costume in the store.
  • Change skin color to green (or blue).
  • The hair is from Speeding Spike from Super Power Island.
  • Use the torch cheat from the Cheat Codes page to get the torch in your hand.
  • Dye your hair green (or blue).

Studious Spring

  • The hair, lips, and belt are on the girl in the purple bathing suit near Aphrodite in Mythology.
  • The bangs are on the girl dressed in green in Herc’s Hut.
  • The glasses and pants are on the mall manager in Night Watch Island.
  • The shirt is on the outlaw in the casino in Dos Cactos, which you can ride to on Elmer in Wild West Island.
  • Finally, customize the tie and backpack from one of the randomized characters on islands like Early Poptropica and Shark Tooth. If you can’t find them on your first try, just refresh the page.

Zombie Rock Star

  • Buy the Rock Star 2 costume and copy the black hair and bangs, purple shirt, and purple guitar.
  • Buy the Gothic Cheerleader costume and get the eye bags and purple lips.
  • Buy the Rock Star 1 costume and copy the jacket and belt.
  • Any pants/skirt would work.
  • Turn your skin to a pale green color.

Characters from Pop Culture

A movie isn’t complete without its costume department’s artistic direction. Learn how you can Poptropica-suit-up as some of the most well-known fictional characters!

Gravity Falls Gang

  • Soos: You can get his hat from the tent guy on Ghost Story and the shirt from the Bigfoot Fanatic costume in the Store. Alternatively, the green video game shirt from a guy on Reality TV also works, and it’s customizable when you friend phbSoos.
  • Dipper: His hat is from a guy on Lunar Colony’s Main Street, and the jacket is from a guy on Red Dragon’s Frog Creek. Simply friend phbDipper and customize.
  • Mabel: Her whole look can be achieved from the start at account creation. You can friend phbMabel and customize her whole look.
  • Grunkle Stan: His fez (hat) is from Time Tangled’s Timbuktu (Mali Empire), the suit from Spy Island, and you can buy Fake Noses from the Store (yes, we know Stan doesn’t wear glasses, but close enough). (Extra: get the Timmy Failure Scarf in the Store and use the ASG on WillyWonkaASG for the cane!) Friend phbStanPines for the outfit. For the beard, use the ASG on ZeusASG. (Double extra: friend StanfordPines2 for Grunkle Ford’s costume!)
  • Wendy: Her freckles are from a lady on Cryptids Island, and the rest of her costume is from the clothing crank on Home Island. To make it simple, friend phbWendy and customize. For a plaid shirt instead, try the Fall Fashion Outfit from the Store – but note that this is red, not green.



  • Utility Belt: Customize the blue-and-orange costume from the Masks & Capes store on Super Power Island
  • Pants: Goth Boy on Main Street, Vampire’s Curse Island
  • Chest plate: Dark Astro-Knight costume (Poptropica Store)
  • Cowl: Bat Guy in the Temple (first room) on Shark Tooth Island
  • Cape: Grim Reaper from Haunted House

The Joker

  • Colors: Green hair, white skin
  • Jacket & Pants: Leprechaun costume (Poptropica Store)
  • Shirt: Dr. Jekyll from Haunted House
  • Smile: Clown costume (Poptropica Store)
  • Hair: Goth Boy on Main Street, Vampire’s Curse Island


  • Bow & Quiver: Robin Hood costume (Poptropica Store)
  • Glasses: Gamer Dude costume (Poptropica Store)
  • Jacket: Rock Singer costume (Poptropica Store)
  • Shirt: Grim Reaper from Haunted House
  • Pants: black
  • Utility Belt: blue suit from Masks & Capes store on Super Power Island

Jedi (Yoda)

  • Shirt & Belt: monk in the Castle Library on Astro-Knights Island
  • Pants: brown
  • Ears: Furry Monster 2 or Elf (Poptropica Store)
  • Green skin
  • Lightsaber: Sky Hawk Warrior (Poptropica Store)

Sith Warrior

  • Hair: Goth Boy on Main Street, Vampire’s Curse Island
  • Shirt & Cape: Grim Reaper from Haunted House
  • Face: Scarecrow from Haunted House
  • Lightsaber: Sky Hawk Warrior
  • Pants: black

Link (from Legend of Zelda)

  • LinkHair: Dye it yellow
  • Templar Knight’s sword (Store)
  • Ears: Elf costume (Store)
  • Pale skin
  • Quiver of arrows & shirt: Robin Hood costume (Store)
  • Green hat: Skullduggery Island

Queen Elsa (from Disney’s Frozen)

  • elsa from frozenHair: braid (and optional bangs) from random Main Street NPCs – dye it a faded yellow
  • Light blue dress, lips: Prom Queen costume from the Store (girls)
  • Skin: pale-whitish color
  • Optional necklace from random Main Street NPCs (non-player characters)

Princess Anna (from Disney’s Frozen)

  • princess-anna-frozenHair: randomize (Ctrl + Shift + R) until you have 2 braids, then add Pop Star bangs and Vampire Girl 3 bangs (both from the Store), and use dull orange
  • Skin: pale
  • Shirt – Royal Ball girls’ outfit from the Store (blue)
  • Jacket – Random Poptropican (Early Pop)
  • Dress – A kimono from a Japanese citizen (Red Dragon)

Kristoff (from Disney’s Frozen)

  • kristoff-frozenHair: Rock Star (Store) & bangs from Cryptids or Reality TV (Main Street), light-ish blonde
  • Skin: pale
  • Shirt – goth guy waiting in line on Main Street of Vampire’s Curse
  • Pants – black

Thor (from the Thor movies)

  • Hair — from the guy in a green shirt in Shrink Ray Island
  • Beard — from the man selling souvenirs in Ghost Story Island
  • Armor & pants — from the knights in Astro Knight Island
  • Cape — from the old superhero sitting on top of The Daily Paper in Super Power Island
  • Hammer — from Monster Carnival Island

Walter White (from the Breaking Bad television series)

  • Hat — from the man in blue clothing in Mystery Train Island
  • Glasses — from random NPCs in main streets (e.g. Early Poptropica)
  • Beard (dark brown) — from the man selling souvenirs in Ghost Story Island
  • Mouth — from random players in Common Rooms
  • Skin (slightly pale) — used Colorizer which can be bought from the Poptropica Store
  • Jacket, sweater & shirt — from the guy standing between the orange-haired girl and the girl in the tent in Night Watch Island
  • Pants — from Leonardo da Vinci in Pop Art Museum in Early Poptropica Island

Wolverine (from the X-Men series)

  • Hair – from the twins standing in front of the circus in Monster Carnival Island.
  • Sideburns – from the guard with a big afro in Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab.
  • Mouth – from the top secretary in the spy headquarters in Spy Island
  • Jacket – from the boy with an ice cream in Monster Carnival Island.
  • Belt – from the man in a coat in Red Dragon Island.
  • Pants – from random NPCs in main streets (eg. Early Poptropica Island).

PewDiePie (Swedish video game commentator on YouTube)

  • Hair — from the pale man in Reality TV Island.
  • Fringe — from the boy with headphones in Lunar Colony Island.
  • Mouth — from random players in the Common Room.
  • Headphones — from the boy with headphones in Lunar Colony Island.
  • T-shirt — from the boy with a slingshot in his pocket in Monster Carnival Island.
  • Pants — from the spy agents in the headquarters in Spy Island.

Barack Obama (President of the United States)

  • obama_costumeHair — from C.J’s dad in the science fair in Shrink Ray Island.
  • Mouth — from C.J’s dad in the science fair in Shrink Ray Island.
  • Suit — from the top secretary in the spy headquarters in Spy Island.
  • Pants — from the top secretary in the spy headquarters in Spy Island.

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III (How to Train Your Dragon)

  • hiccupHairstyle: Bucky Lucas (Reality TV Island)
  • Shoulder Belts: Hercules (Mythology Island)
  • Shirt: Robin Hood (Store)
  • Belt: Robin Hood (Store)
  • Pants: Brown

Astrid Hofferson (How to Train Your Dragon)

  • Hairstyle: Mythology Surfer (girls’ Store costume)
  • Bangs: Customized off of Slanted Fish (user: slantedfish)
  • astridBelt and Shoulder Pads: Minotaur (Mythology Island)
  • Shirt: Customized off of woman on Main Street on Mythology Island
  • Skirt: Minotaur (Mythology Island)
  • Pants: Blue Jeans
  • Axe: Minotaur (Mythology Island)

Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time)

  • princess-bubblegumHair: Gamer Girl & tiara from the Fairy Queen (Store), color: deep-ish pink
  • Skin: pale pink
  • Dress – girl from the windmill on Astro-Knights
  • Extra: Chew some Pop Gum (from the Store)!

Marceline (Adventure Time)

  • marcelineHair: Gamer Girl & bangs from Pop Star and Rock Star (Store), color: black
  • White skin
  • Shirt – Annie’s shirt from Red Dragon Island
  • Pants – Swan Ballerina costume (Store)
  • Extra: pink guitar from Rock Star costume (Store)

Flame Princess (Adventure Time)

  • flame-princessHair: Hypnotic (from Early Poptropica Towers window – see cheats page for how to get it) & bangs from Pop Star (Store), color: red (with a hint of orange)
  • Skin: yellow-ish orange
  • Red dress or red graduation gown from the Store
  • Zeus’s pants or get from male Mythology citizen
  • Extra: Use the Torch power to light up on fire!

Finn the Human (Adventure Time)

  • finn-the-humanHair: blonde, hairstyle from Reality TV (Main Street)
  • Skin: slightly tanned
  • Shirt – guy selling pretzels on Super Power Island (City Park)
  • Pants – dark blue
  • Backpack – any (customize from randomized NPCs on Early Pop)
  • Sword – Rusty Relic from Legendary Swords (Mini-Game)

Rapunzel (Tangled)

  • rapunzel-tangledHair: Gamer Girl (Store) Pop Star / Vampire Girl 3 bangs, blonde
  • Skin: pale
  • Shirt: Fairy Queen (purple) from the Store
  • Dress: Prom Queen (purple) from the Store

Mother Gothel (Tangled)

  • mother-gothel-tangledHair: Vampire Girl 2 & Pop Star / Vampire Girl 3 bangs (Store)
  • Skin: pale
  • Hair color: brown (almost black)
  • Shirt – Jack (Red Dragon)
  • Dress – Male citizen on Mythology (Main Street)

Flynn Rider (Tangled)

  • flynn-rider-tangledHair: Sir Rebral (Super Power), bangs from Cryptids/RTV (Main Street) brown hair
  • Skin: slightly tanned
  • Outfit: Shirt – Pirate Captain (Gold Card from the Store)
  • Pants – Pirate citizen (Skullduggery)

Harry Potter

  • Complete the first part of Red Dragon island until you can get to the treehouse and find Jack. Copy his hair, and don’t worry if your hair is not black yet.
  • harrypotterGo left and copy the jacket, red tie, and white button down shirt from the guy standing in front of one of the buildings on Main Street on Red Dragon
  • Go to 24 Carrot island and go in the Carrot King Diner. Click on the drink stand. Fill your cup completely with black and drink it, and your hair will turn completely black. If you want you can hit Ctrl + Shift + H until your hair turns black
  • Go to Time Tangled island. Go in Pendulum’s Lab and copy the glasses from the guy standing next to the time machine.
  • Complete the Haunted House miniquest by getting it in the Store. When you are done go down and copy the witch’s broom.

Ron Weasley

  • Hair – Mythology Surfer Boy (Store), dye it orange
  • Smile – A Poptropican (Common Room)
  • Scarf – Cowboy (Store)
  • Robe – Graduate (Store)
  • Cape – Masks & Capes Store (Super Power Island)
  • Wand – Handheld Items from Cheat Codes page
  • Skin – pale color

Hermione Granger

  • hermioneGo left and copy the jacket, red tie, and white button down shirt from the guy standing in front of one of the buildings on Main Street on Red Dragon
  • Black skirt: go to Astro-Knights and go right until you go into the mill. Climb up the platforms and copy the girl with the long black skirt.
  • Turn your hair brown
  • Change skin if necessary
  • Wavy hair: from the girl on Avenue A when you go right on Shrink Ray
  • Complete the Haunted House miniquest by getting it in the Store. When you are done go down and copy the witch’s broom.

Lord Voldemort

  • Baldness – Director D. (Spy Island – Headquarters)
  • Mouth – Dr. Jekyll (Haunted House)
  • Robe, Cape – Grim Reaper (Haunted House)
  • Wand – Magician (Store)
  • Skin – White

Ginny Weasley

  • Hair – Cashier (Reality T.V. Island – Mike’s Market), dye it orange
  • Mouth – Cowgirl (Store)
  • Shirt, Jacket – Man to Left (Red Dragon Island – Main Street)
  • Cape – Green Witch (Haunted House)
  • Skirt – A Poptropican (Common Room)
  • Wand – Magician (Store)


  • Hair – Girl on Cryptids Island
  • Beard – from Cheat Codes page
  • Glasses from random Main Street person, or (not pictured): half-moon spectacles from Dr. Dan, the apothecary on Monster Carnival Island
  • Robe – Angel (Store)
  • Cape – Green Witch (Haunted House)
  • Wand – Handheld Item from Cheat Codes page
  • Hair – Gray (Almost White)

Draco Malfoy

  • Hair – Dr. Spyglass (Spy Island – Spyglass Eye Wear), dye it blonde
  • Shirt – Spy (Spy Island Headquarters)
  • Bottoms – Grim Reaper (Haunted House)
  • Cape – Green Witch (Haunted House)
  • Wand – Handheld Item from Cheat Codes page

Severus Snape

  • Hair – Leonardo Da Vinci (Early Poptropica Island – Pop Art Museum), dye it black
  • Shirt – Vampire Girl 3 (Store)
  • Pants – Grim Reaper (Haunted House)
  • Cape – Green Witch (Haunted House)
  • Wand – Magician (Store)

Katniss Everdeen (the Girl on Fire)

  • First, the hair. Customize the bangs from the reporter on top of the motel in Reality TV Island. Go into the Carrot King Diner and turn your hair black, with a dash of blue and red. Suzanne Collins had described Katniss’s hair as dark brown without any warmth. The braid doesn’t seem to be anywhere else except when you first dress your character when entering Poptropica. You can create a new account, put it on, then save and friend that account on your usual one. Then, you can customize it.
  • Do the same with the pants and shirt. They are plain black pants and the shirt is white with a black jacket.
  • Customize the lips from the lady to the right when you enter Mythology Island.
  • The closest pin I could find to her mockingjay pin was the sheriff’s badge in Wild West Island, but if you do not have it, any island medal will do.
  • On Time Tangled Island, go to 1959, Edmund Hillary’s mountain quest, and copy Tenzing’s backpack.
  • Finally, to spend some credits. Buy the Robin Hood outfit in the store and put on the crossbow and belt. Now, you look like your favorite heroine!
  • Also, there’s the Torch from the store for special effects, but you don’t need to have it, of course. Just for fun!

Peeta Mellark

  • Hair – Spy Island Headquarters
  • Mud – Boy at the Science Fair on Shrink Ray Island (chocolate volcano project)
  • Scarf – Coal Miner (Mystery Train Island – Coal Car)
  • Shirt, Pants – Spy in the Bushes (Spy Island – Balding Avenue)
  • Belt – Astro-Knights Island
  • Spear – Handheld Items (Cheat Codes page)
  • Skin – Tan-ish
  • Hair – Gold

Finnick Odair

  • finnickHair, Necklace, Bottom Tunic, Bangs – Triton (Mythology Island – Beach)
  • Upper Tunic, Toga Part – Man Outside Olympus (Mythology Island)
  • Mouth – Poptropican (Common Room)
  • Trident – Poseidon (Mythology Island – Poseidon’s Throne Room)
  • Skin – Tan
  • Hair – Gold (Hint of Brown)

Haymitch Abernathy

  • Hair – Girl on Cryptids Island, dye to really light yellow
  • Beard – see Cheat Codes page
  • Mouth – Bartender at Loch Ness, Cryptids Island
  • Shirt – Spy Island Headquarters
  • Pants – Dark colored
  • Knife – Guy in blue on Astro-Knights Island’s Main Street
  • Cup –  Black juice cheat (listed under Handheld Items)
  • Pale skin

Effie Trinket

  • Mouth – Purple Fairy Queen (Store)
  • Blush, Earrings – Pirate Girl (Store)
  • Boa, Hair – Woman in Yellow (Mystery Train Island – Main Street)
  • Shirt, Dress – Woman in Pink (Mystery Train – Main Street)
  • Mic – Pop Star (Store)
  • Skin – Extremely Light Pink (Almost White)
  • Hair – Light Purple (Hint of Pink)

Gale Hawthorne

  • Hair – Sir Rebral (Super Power Island – Prison)
  • Mouth – Hobo (24 Carrot Island – Main Street)
  • Shirt, Pants – A Poptropican (Common Room)
  • Vest – Add friend: mudmachine
  • Pickax – Handheld Items (Cheat Codes page)
  • Skin – Tan-ish
  • Hair – Really Dark Brown (Almost Black)

Caesar Flickerman

  • Hair – Woman in Brown Coat (Charlie & the Choc. Fact. Island – Main Street)
  • Mouth, Shirt, Pants – Prom Boy (Store)
  • Mic – Pop Star (Store)
  • Skin – Skin Color (hint of yellow)
  • Hair – Royal Blue

Primrose Everdeen

  • Hair, Bangs – A Poptropican (Common Room)
  • Mouth, Flower – Old Man (Mystery Train Island – Main Street)
  • Shirt – Old Lady (Vampire’s Curse Island – Main Street)
  • Dress – Prom Queen (Store)
  • Skin – Skin Color
  • Hair – Gold (Hint of brown)

Rue (from District 11)

  • Hair – A Poptropican (Common Room)
  • Mouth – Red Dragon Island
  • Shirt, Pants – Vampire Girl 1 (Store)
  • Jacket – Guy with Salt (Ghost Story Island – Main Street)
  • Knife – Robin Hood (Store)
  • Spear – Handheld Item (Cheat Codes page)
  • Skin – Brown
  • Hair – Dark Brown

Merida (from Brave)

  • Brave MeridaGreen or blue dress from Mythology, or you can use Prom Queen dress.
  • If you want, add leaves in hair from one of the girls in Herc’s Hero Hut on Mythology.
  • Bow and arrows from Robin Hood costume (Store).
  • Dye your hair red with Ctrl+Shift+H and pale skin with Ctrl+Shift+S (stop when you find the color you want).
  • Any belt would work.

Hunter of Artemis

  • artemishunterAny color prom queen dress you want. (Store)
  • Sack of arrows and bow from Robin Hood.
  • Tiara from the Fairy Queen and wavy hair or whatever long hair you want. (You can also do a ponytail from the Biker if you want the arrows to be more visible.)
  • Optional: Slight glow from Phantom power (gold card in Store)

Velma Dinkley (from Scooby-Doo)

  • Using the Colorizer or something else, make your hair brunette and your skin fair.
  • Go to Red Dragon Island and copy the blond girl’s short hair.
  • Find some square black framed glasses *a must!*
  • Costumize the red Cheerleader skirt.
  • Go to Mythology Island and costumize the top of the girl wearing the orange chiton.
  • Use Fairy Queen light pink lips. (or find any other natural colored/light pink lips)
  • *optional* If you have it, copy the Mystery Train Investigator’s magnifying glass.

Wonder Woman

  • wonderwomanMake your hair black and skin fair.
  • Get any slightly wavy hair, such as the one from the blonde on Steamworks Island.
  • Use the Fairy Queen tiara.
  • Go to Super Power Island’s Masks & Capes store and copy the red suit’s top, cape, and belt (not accurate, but close enough) and the blue suit’s pants.
  • Finish it off with a nice blade or whip. Wonder Woman usually has a whip, which you can get from the Wild West Hero (members) or Rattlesnake Wrangler (bonus) costumes from Wild West Island.

The Big Bang Theory

  • Howard: Shirt from guy in the Queequeg’s on the left (Back Lot, Main Street), hair & pants from goth guy on Reality TV (Main Street), belt from Masks & Capes Store (Super Power)
  • Sheldon: Lightning shirt from signup, belt & pants from Masks & Capes Store (Super Power), hair from lodger guy in front of Ghost Story Island graveyard, lightsaber from Sky Hawk Warrior (Store)
  • Penny: hair, lips, & skirt from girl on Cryptids Island (Main Street, right side), bangs from girl outside Mike’s Market (Reality TV, Main Street), apron from waitress in 24 Carrot diner, shirt from girl outside Astro-Knights planetarium (idea from here)
  • Leonard: Earth Day shirt from Don’t be an Energy Hog game, hair & glasses from people in the line outside the mall (Night Watch), jacket from superstitious salt guy on Ghost Story
  • Raj: Argyle sweater from innkeeper at Hemlock Inn, jacket from tent guy (Ghost Story), hair from signup (dye it black at 24 Carrot)

The Big Bang Theory in Poptropica

Lex Luthor

  • Get the suit from the secretary on Spy Island.
  • Then, get the bald head from Ex-Director D in the cage.
  • For a Kryptonite Gun, pick up the green gun from Laser Tag on Wimpy Boardwalk.
  • If for some reason, you cannot do this, or you can’t be bothered, friend LexLuth and costumise his outfit.


  • Get the blue pants and the red cape from the second blue costume from Capes and Masks on Super Power Island.
  • The Superman Shirt is more complicated. Either create a new character, or friend ManO’Steel.
  • For the hairpiece, costumes the retired hero on Super Power Island.
  • If for some reason, you cannot do this, or you can’t be bothered, friend ManO’Steel and costumise his outfit.

Musical Mayhem

Check out how to deck out in the style of these popular pop musicians!

One Direction

  • Niall: Hair from RTV Island Main Street, clothing from Leprechaun costume (Poptropica Store)
  • Zayn: Hair from standard customizing when signing up (make it black at the 24 Carrot Diner), clothing from Rock Singer costume – jacket, shirt with red tie, pants, mic (Poptropica Store)
  • Louis: Hair from Cryptids Main Street, shirt from Mime on Counterfeit, mic from Rock Singer
  • Liam: Hair and clothing from Cryptids Island Main Street, mic from Rock Singer costume
  • Harry: Hair, shirt, jacket, pants from Vampire Boy costume (Poptropica Store)


PSY – K-Poptropica Style! (adapted from Samwow5)

  • Hair: Cryptids Island (Main Street), make it black at the 24 Carrot Diner
  • Shirt & pants: Prom King (Poptropica Store) – choose from light blue, orange, purple, and white!
  • (Optional) Mic: Rock Singer (Poptropica Store) – if not, get the wand from the Prom King suit.
  • Shades: Customize from the top secret secretary in the Spy Island Headquarters
  • Horse: Dance with the bucking broncos of Wild West Island!


Rare Costume Parts

Add 55990022567 or everything173 to your friends list and look for exclusive rare costume parts in their closets, including handheld items like the big sword, scissors, apple, book, staffs, spears, handcuffs, and tons more.

Check out the users poptropicamouth# (change # to any number between 1 and 27) for some interesting mouths. Plus, check out the PHB Friend Finder page for even more usernames with epic rare costumes!

Also, make use of the Avatar Studio glitch (Ctrl+F the phrase “ASG” on our Cheats page for details) to copy someone’s outfit entirely – all you’ll need is their username. To find out the username of someone on your friends list, watch this video.

Costumed Characters

These non-player characters (NPCs) already exist in-game, but perhaps their costumes will inspire yours or help you find a costume part you like. These character reference sheets, by Poptropica artist Nasan Hardcastle, are organized by island (though not every island is featured). Note that some parts may not be customizable. Also, click to enlarge images!

Halloween Hullabaloo

In the mood for something spooky? Check out the winning entries of past PHB Halloween costume competitions for some haunted inspiration!

Series 1 (2010)

Series 2 (2012)

Series 3 (2013)

Series 4 (2014)

Series 5 (2015)

Tips & Tricks

Need some Poptropica fashion advice? Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  1. Mix and match different costume parts together! That’s the beauty of it – you get to be original. Use the shirt button in the top-right corner to Costumize from another character whose clothing you like, and throw in some stuff from the Store too if you wish. Be careful not to mismatch, though: those goofy glasses aren’t going to go well with that fancy dress.
  2. Have a color scheme. Put colors that look good together, but don’t overdo it – you don’t need to have all the colors of the rainbow on you, or the colors may clash. One or two shades, possibly mixed in with some neutral colors (white, black, browns, grays), can pull off a pretty neat outfit. Get the Colorizer from the Store to have more options for coloring your hair and skin.
  3. Skin: Regular human skin tones are your safest bet, unless you’re going for a bizarre Halloween costume or something. To change skin color, you can press Ctrl+Shift+S until you get the color you want, or visit Early Poptropica’s “Poptropica Towers” and pick a pigment balloon. There’s also the Colorizer.
  4. Hair: You probably don’t want yucky shades like greenish-brown, but whatever you pick, be sure it matches your outfit. Natural colors work best, but sometimes blue or purple hair can do the trick as well. To change hair color, visit 24 Carrot’s “Carrot King Diner” and mix a drink until you get the desired color. The Colorizer will give you more options.
  5. Accessorize. There are tons of accessories available on Poptropica, and most are freely available on wandering characters. Don’t be afraid to try something on; if it doesn’t work out, you can just close the Costumizer window. Add that belt, sword on the side, or those side bangs to complete the outfit you’re working on. Look around and you might just find something that matches. Be inspired by the above costumes, the ideas contained in the comments below, and your friends’ closets.

Do you have a costume?

If you have a costume you’d like to share with everyone, feel free to post a comment below! If you can, tell us how you pieced together your snazzy outfit and post a link so we can see it. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Poptropica Avatar Studio and enter the username of the character. Copy the contents of the “Link” box and paste this into a comment, so we can click on it and see! Or, if you plan on changing your costume later, do this instead…
  2. Zoom and crop as needed on the Avatar Studio, then click “Save Image” to download the picture to your computer. Use an image-uploading web service such as TinyPic and upload the file from where it is saved on your computer. Copy the URL they give you, and paste this into a comment so we can see it!

Now try mixing and matching your very own unique costume set on Poptropica!


  1. Rainbow bird says:

    This is great scary tomato! What a great idea! Thanks!

    Codien: Actually it was my idea. :(

  2. how can i get indain jone clothe for nabooti linke indain jone
    crslty skull.

    Scary Tomato: They were from an advertisement building a few weeks ago. You can’t get them at the moment. :P

  3. icy spider says:

    I used to have a black cat costume but I didn’t have whiskers.
    P.S. Where can I get them again

    Codien: In the future, you will get a chance to become, one with the feline. :P

    • friend fefe3109 and he has both the ears and wiskers and even (but its not a cat tail) a tail!

    • tikal8d says:

      If you want a black cat, friend SisterCath and customise the ears, whiskers and black suit, then make your skin and hair black and customise the tail from the werewolf costume in the store :P ~Tikal

  4. nervous lizard says:

    you should putt ones from adverisements e.g.
    cinimon toast crunch outfit.

    Codien: That is an excellent idea. But, I dont have any pictures of them. :(

  5. you know that one girl B.A.D Bistro and call her Fancy Girl

    Codien: Good idea.

  6. The grey cat thing is great i wish i looked like that! The police guy at the super power island is cool or a superhero. Thats all the ideas I have right now.


    • queentutankhamun says:

      I have an idea with a new cat! Get the cat ears, whiskers and get the mummy’s costume, (but just the body not the head)and change your skin color white, and you have….White Cat

      • purple paw says:

        well now if you finish that race to witch mountian advertisment building, you can just put that on with the cat ears and whiskers to make a white cat. :P

      • queentutankhamun says:

        let me rimind you I posted this in june 2009. BEFORE the race to witch mountain was out.

  7. you guys slould also do the pumpkin head!

  8. Mighty Dolphin says:

    theres also the B.A.D. “minions”

    • Purple Lightning says:

      Yeah! OMG what an idea!!! UR2 smart.

    • Purple Thunder says:

      I clicked on the link for the iCostume and the Popmatrix and what came up was “Phf” Homes for sale, apartments, dating services, chat rooms, airline tickets at the Weird…

  9. Don’t Forget the shark guy in the shark museum in “SHARK TOOTH”.

  10. I have a question: do you ave to be a girl to have a cat costume?

  11. *There is also the people from time tangled like the soldier guy and the guy who found the eyegoggles! (where you get the mask thing!)

  12. icy spider says:

    You don’t have to be a girl to have a cat costume.

  13. Bony Dragon says:

    What about that guy with the shark outfit in the shark museum, or B.A.D Minion. or pumpkin headed dude? Anyway, good guide thing!

    • Padme Amidala: hair;brown, high bun. Mouth;any with lipstick. Shirt;white that stops above the belly. pants;plain white, brown belt Weapon;laser from Wimpy Kid boardwalk

  14. Scary Tomato says:

    Thanks for all the ideas, everyone. But the important thing is that we have the pictures, so if you have a costume that’s not on here, please send it to us at Thanks! :D

  15. skinny snowball says:

    How do you get these costumes?

    Codien: Some of these costumes you can’t get anymore but most of them you can find in Multiplayer Rooms.

  16. How do i get the costumes for the cats?

    Scary Tomato: The only way we know of is Costumizing others from multiplayer rooms. Unfortunately, we don’t know where the cat costumes originally came from. :(

    • Calm Spinner says:

      They came form a really old glitch that doesn’t work now but hen you could customize the cat! But it doesn’t work now. :sad:

      • shiny panda/ pie guy 218 says:

        thanks for notifiying me! i love cats and codien AWESOME GREAT TERIFIC IDEA.

    • Neat Turtle says:

      The cat costumes originally came from when Poptropica released Twenty Four Carrot Island. You were able too costumize from the black cat, Whiskers, owned by Charlie. Now they don’t let us costumize of the cats and dogs of Poptropica! :-( But, maybe someday they’ll let us… hope I helped! Thanks! bye!

      Your friend,
      :-) Neat Turtle :-)

  17. How do you save something in MS Paint as a .png if most of the time it turns into Scrap?

    Codien: Press [Save As], now where it says ‘Save as type:’ press the arrow to pull out other options. Then select this one: PNG [*.PNG]
    Hope that helped.

  18. Bronze Comet says:

    How do you get the black cat costume? and did you forget that you can get a look of the Aztec queen costume?

    Scary Tomato: The black cat costume comes from Costumizing players in multiplayer rooms, but we’re not sure where they originally came from. The PHB team is working hard to get many costumes up on this page, so you might see the Aztec queen’s costume up there soon. ;)

  19. i like the scientest and you guy should really do thirty whale from mount everest and call him “mountain climber”.

    • ovenl2497 not logged in says:

      super power, actually, the mountain climber’s actual name is edmund hillary. i think he was from new zealand, where im from!! :D

  20. I got the black cat again!! :mrgreen:

  21. I have a grey cat costume, but how do you get the black cat? Do you change your skin to black and your hair but how do you get the rest? :?:

    Scary Tomato: Look for them in multiplayer rooms. ;) We don’t know where they originally came from, though.

    • they WERE from A glitch

    • White Thunder says:

      :D I know where the original cat costumes came from! I was one of the first people to discover the original glitch, but this is the new one. ;) First, go to Spy Island and click the cat. Then, quickly click the Friends Tab, click your first friend and move your mouse to the right arrow to scroll through your friends for about 20 seconds without stopping. Click costumize and then you can get the cat ears and whiskers! To get the body, costumize the man on the right of the screen, when coming into the Headquarters in Spy Island, and click his body item. To get the tail, buy the Werewolf Girl/ Boy costume from the store, costumize it and click the tail. Change your skin and hair to black and you are done! :D :D

      If you are lazy or this cheat becomes outdated, feel free to add KittyKatThunder and costumize me. That isn’t my usual account but it makes it easier for you to get the costume as I keep changing it and I’m not a member, therefore I cannot use the Wardrobe. :)

      I hope this helps anyone in the future who can’t get the cat costume,
      -White Thunder :)

        Reply back please XD

  22. 8) Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. You should put the bat costume in.
    (The guy who thinks he is a bat in the ruins at Shark Tooth Island)

  24. Can I help get rare costumes? I already know of a few that you havent mentioned
    like Obama, black cat female version,
    and Elvis. i can show you them but i wont give account they are some of my favorites

  25. Scary Tomato says:

    Super Power and Tough Claw – Suggestions are great, but remember, if you can get a picture of the costume and send it to us, that would be even better. It would also be more helpful, because the sooner we get a picture, the sooner we can post it on this page. ;)

    Isaiah412 – Sure! You can help out by sending us a picture of the costume you want to help with. The directions are just below the costumes. :P

    • Crazy Lion says:

      ya but i sent u guys a pic of da red knight and iz not even up here tho

    • I have no idea how to and I’m not allowed. I have ideas and steps yet not pictures. I sen’t a Princess Tiana yet maybe that’s copyrighted. I can do a Prince Naveen too
      Princess Tiana (Bayou Wedding Dress)
      1. Make a girl with dark skin

      2. Put on fairy queen dress in green and hair. (Black Hair)

      3. Put on the rosy cheeks.

      Viola! NOTE: Talking frogs claiming to be a prince may ask you to kiss them so they’ll turn human. DO NOT KISS THE FROG!

      • ViolaPlayer says:

        Not to be the annoying know it all, but its spelled voila not viola. Viola is an instrument and the only reason I felt the need to correct you is because I play the viola.

  26. awsome scary tomato two thumbs up!!!!!!

  27. skinny snowball says:

    i have a costume! the username is evansneyd and the password is driew

  28. Ummm…im not sure how to post the pictures?
    I can make new acounts and post them with their costumes,but i want to email them to you so no one else uses them…they are kinda cool… might take awhile though.
    if you post your email and ill give them to you after maybe a week or two.

    Scary Tomato: There are instructions on this page. Please read the whole page to because it’s not there for nothing. ;) The E-mail is up there, too. Hope this helps.

  29. ok cool

  30. nervous lizard says:

    Hey Codien, I see for the Grey Cat you used tinkerbells hair! :D

  31. I want my costume to be on there and I will use the 2nd choice
    my account:

    username: mayor33
    password: mayor

    P.S. I am a mayor

  32. Sneaky Eel/Director Eel says:

    Well Can you bring them back please and if so thankyou

    Scary Tomato: I don’t own Poptropica, so I’m sorry but no I can’t bring costumes back.

  33. I cant beleive we have 450 SPAMS

    Scary Tomato: And I can’t believe you’re still continuing to spam even after seeing that. :x

  34. nervous lizard says:

    how did you get a black body for the black cat? (I want to get it!)
    P.S. My avatar may be different today because im using a friends computer.
    Yay its not different!

    Scary Tomato: I don’t know, but maybe Codien does because he put the picture up. However, the spy suits you can Costumize on Spy Island are pretty good, too. ;)
    Your avatar only changes if you put in a different E-mail address. :P

    • Thirsty Dragon says:

      you couold get a furry body at mythology from the minotaur person. that’s where I got mine for my wolf costume.

  35. Scary tomato, how did you get that blue elf costume?
    -super power

    Scary Tomato: It was from an advertisement a while back. There were some blue elves you could Costumize on Main Street. ;)

  36. Thank you scary tomato so much! I was wondering where those blue elves came from! thank you! And also thank you codien for changing those awesome blue elves into the REAL COLORED elves! Real elves are supposed to be green!

  37. Also this question is for codien, Codien, if you are you are from australia how can you speak english?

    Scary Tomato: Australians speak English. ;)

  38. Aussies speak English super power. It’s their national language.

  39. Thanks, Grumpy wolf, I didn’t know that! Also, Nabooti will be out any time soon because the creators said that nabooti will come out

  40. nervous lizard says:

    I just found the black cat suit! it was on the spy lying next to the wire on the roofs!

    Scary Tomato: That’s the full black body, but the spy doesn’t have whiskers and ears and other cat equipment. :P

  41. I have an account, if you want to win islands or battle or chat, you may do so as well
    “yellow TOMATO” like
    “scary TOMATO” and he even looks like scary tomato with the police suit and the blonde hair. Anyways, off topic, remember to not change the character. O.K. so here it is.

    Username: scarytomato33
    Password: tomato

    Remember, do not change the character since he looks like scary tomato!ENJOY WINNING!

  42. did you know you can still get the nabooti island mask from treasure hont WITHOUT costumizing…i went to spot and it was there

  43. Tough Claw says:


  44. Does anyone know/remember where: <this camera comes from? (its an item of clothing) I can’t remember at all

    Codien: Yes the camera comes from Shark Tooth Island. It is on the tourists in some of the buildings.

    • Mighty Ice says:

      *looks into the far top left corner*…….
      ok that is a camera the tourists in some building on shark tooth island wear and you can costumise it.
      I am sure it is in main street.

  45. its cool codien but its pretty much 4 guys..other than the cats. :(

    Codien: I’ll have to make some girl costumes for you girls :P

  46. i made an account with the avatar being happy tomato. all i need is the medal and the white pelice shirt

    thx for listening
    director stomper signing out

  47. You know those rare costumes that might be from Monster Carnival? Once, I saw someone with a brain – helmet – thingy.

    Scary Tomato: Interesting! If you can get a picture, we’d appreciate it if you could send it to us at Thanks!
    That might also be the thing that Legoless, the guy Codien talked to, has.

  48. I want nabooti island to come out says:

    I saw someone with thes sunglasses with a
    microphone attatched![and i clicked on the
    green shirt on the right corner and copyed

    Scary Tomato: That’s probably the glasses from the LEGO Agents suit which came from an advertisement building a long time ago. :D

  49. Sure Shifty Stomper I can do that!

  50. serious spider says:

    I know a really cool way to Randomize your poptropican. Go to Poptropica and press “ctrl-shift-r” and you will get random clothes and costumes and you can keep pressing those buttons. You can get a mobile phone, football, basketball, etc handheld item like that!!! You can also press “ctrl-shift-0” and you will get the shark costume. Also you can change your skin colour anytime just using the buttons “ctrl-shift-s”. Try it!
    PS: If you press “ctrl-shift-p” you will get a pumpkin head!

  51. skinny snowball says:

    tanks serious spider!

  52. That is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    where did you learn this?

    Scary Tomato: That randomizing glitch is cool! I don’t know how they knew but I’m glad they shared it with the rest of us! :mrgreen:

  53. Ya it is cool! I have a umpkin head the orange suit from mt everest and a tennis racket now for my mains clothes

    I love it ty skinny snowball!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. oh… i mean serious spider…oops

  55. Neat Whale says:

    hi! i have an idea. mabey u can put on a santa costume! :)

  56. I have an outfit that I’ve had since Halloween ’cause it’s so awesome: a vampire/ninja/bandit. I look sweet.

    Scary Tomato: Nice. If you want to, you can send us a picture of it (read the instructions above). :P

  57. No, on the costume page you should do the all new “Santa Claus” from nabooti island on your phone! First, if you are a boy, get the red girl elf suit then type 1225 on your phone and then you will have a red elf body, a sack of toys and a Santa hat! Horray! You have a Santa Claus poptropican!

  58. Also, on nabooti, The guards said “I wonder what Vice is keeping in that bag?” Which on is Vice? I don’t know how Vice is!

    Scary Tomato: He’s actually called ‘Vince’, with an ‘n’, and he’s the guy at Giza 1 on the far right side. ;)

  59. hungry crush says:

    hey how do i get the cat outfits?

  60. nervous lizard says:

    If anyone would like a character with that weird hairstyle (big with needles and a skull) than
    Name: legoguy91
    pass: legoguys91

  61. Oh, Thank you! I Didn’t know Vi-N-ce looked so much like a cowboy

  62. sillyrunner97 says:

    omg hunrgy catfish!scary tomato has explain this a lot of times before!!!in the chat rooms you click customizer click on the player with the cat outfit!congrats you should have the cat outfit1

    • I have have the grey cat outfit!
      for the body i used the shark boys body. for the skin i went to the guy with the skin balloons and got grey. and for every thing eles i went to chat rooms.

  63. hungry crush says:

    no no no no where do i find the guy with cat outfit?

  64. serious spider says:

    Hungry Crush,
    There is a cat in 24 Carrot Island and one on Spy Island but the costumizer will not work on them. The only way is to costumize a person in a multiplayer room to get te cat items.

  65. Because my sister(who knows more then I do) was too lazy to do the first set of instructions to put a costumes on this website and I’m afraid someone on this website would mess up my poptropican, I’ll tell you what my outfit (for the vampire/ninja/bandit costume) is made out of:

    -In Spy Island, there were two boy out of three agents you had to save. Use the Costumizer button to get the shirt from the guy wearing the suit.

    -Also in Spy Island, get the mask that covers your mouth from the B.A.D. agents.

    -Get a black skirt (or black pants) from anywhere.

    -From Time Tangled Island, go (on your time machine-compass thing) to the place with the people working on the Great Wall of China. Go passed everyone to the person who wanted the pot of fire-thing. Take his sword belt.

    -Take the cape from the vampire costume (if you can find it).

    -If your using a girl for this (which i hope you do), get the long, straight hair and the long bangs

    Please use this costume. Btw, awesome website.

    -Cheerful Claw

  66. Yellow Hopper says:

    I think it’s really cool how you created these things. I’ll send you the picture of my poptropican when I have time.

  67. I already done with all the Islands thanks to you guyz I can’t wait to come to to the new “Big Nate” Island!!!
    I think Poptropica is awesome! Anyone who has got anything to do with Poptropica is awesome therefore you guyz are really awesome!
    Does anyone of you know how to change the color of your skin besides the “Pigment” booth on Early Poptropica Island???

  68. This Site Is Awesome !!!!!!!

  69. scary tomato can you tell me what does [PrtScn] mean because i have this cool guy to show you??
    Ps please tell me because you never have writen anything about my comments

    Scary Tomato: It means ‘Print Screen’. ;)

  70. For Jovahn: It means “Print Screen” it is next to the “Scroll Lock” in the keyboard.

  71. I hope you make a post that shows all the clothes and accesories of all kinds of Poptropican outfits!

    Scary Tomato: That would take a long, long time… but cool idea. I’ll keep that in mind. ;)

  72. Scary Tomato, you were wrong there is another way to change the color of your skin. You can press Ctrl + Shift + S until you like the color of your skin.

    Scary Tomato: Thanks. ;)

    • 🐬Quick Fang🐬 says:

      Scary Tomato, there’s another way to change the color of skin.go into the Sizzle Tanning Salon on night watch island, and in the far left of the room, when you click on the changing room thingy, it let’s you pick your skin color. On 24 carrot in the carrot king diner, you can do the same thing w/ hair.

  73. I got a cool glitch. When you are logged in to Poptropica, press and hold Ctrl, Shift and S on your keyboard, and you will change colors quick AS!
    Note: Your computer will get slooooooooow, until you stop pressing on Ctrl, Shift and S.
    IMPORTANT: I’m not sure if other players will see you doing this glitch. Test it and tell me if they can see you doing the glitch.

  74. Busy Chicken says:

    i really want to get the tinkerbell costume!
    i have the wings already!

    i also have the cat wiskers for the cat costume!

    that racer is really cool too!

  75. I really want to change the picture on my comment box of a square that has a confused face with my Poptropican. Like how oven12497 change his picture to a snowman?

    P.S. I hope you guyz have gotten the picture of my Poptropican that I sent

  76. serious spider says:

    Yellow Hopper: You need to sign up to WordPress to be able to change your avatar.

  77. Compared to Big Nate and Poptropica, I tried my hardest and I tried my BEST to make Big Nate in Poptropica. If you find a Half yellow half blue shirt please put it on! I thimk it looks just like big nate.

    If you want to see big Nate in poptropica version go on this account!

  78. little melon says:

    Great idea Super Power! My brother’s character looks like Santa now!

  79. Great idea Codien! Will you add more costumes? My sister is now a grey cat!

  80. Dude, Codien. Will you tell me the EXACT DATE AND TIME. That big Nate comes out? Thanks!

    Scary Tomato: (I’m not Codien, but I’ll answer this for everyone) We don’t know the exact date and time of Big Nate Island’s release, only that it comes in early 2009. ;)

  81. I tried what you said oven12497, and it worked! Thanks for the cool move.

  82. Is it possible for you to add an elf costume, a rudolph costume, and a santa costume?

  83. Cool Costumes!!! ;)

  84. serious spider says:

    Yeah! You should add a reindeer costume!

  85. Magic Storm says:

    I made ^ my own cool costume! 2 get it or look at it just look 4 MAGIC STORM in the MULTIPLAYER ROOM called the SODA POP SHOP on EARLY POPTROPICA. See Ya There!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. You should add an agent to the costume database! It would be so cool! :grin:

  87. this is sooo cool

  88. This is my costume:
    A superman shirt, red skirt and red cape. Watch out for me! My poptropica name is Zany Thunder.

  89. oven12497: this is the cheat code to change the skin color.

  90. where is the viking suit on poptropica
    where is the cat whiskers on poptropica

    • tikal8d says:

      Hi jj,

      The Viking suit can be obtained by going to the Viking period on Time Tangled Island, and using the glider wings to fly right from the cave to a chunk of land. The costume can be found there :)
      As for the whiskers, friend SisterCath and you can customise the whiskers and cat ears from there ;)

  91. Cheerful Claw says:

    jj, to find the viking suit, you first have to finish Time Tangled Island. Once you’ve done that, you go to your time-compass thingie and go to the viking age. Then you put on your gliders given to you by Thomas Edison. You go up to the top of the boulder that you got the golden vase from and fly right to another boulder. There is a viking suit.
    The cat ears came from a glitch that was in Spy and 24 Carrot Island (you could get clothes from cats). The creator’s fixed the glitch, but you could still get them in the chat rooms.

  92. thanks cheerful claw

  93. This is how to make a tomboy costume (i have it): get the skull tshirt, get a football from randomizing, get gray pants and if your a girl get a gray tie. Please try it!

  94. well you could go get the costumes from the spies in camouflage and get the gun belt from the police in superpower to make a soldier

  95. When will you update it? It’s been months!
    Codien: I promise just for you i will update it. But i want you to write down as many costumes that have been posted here, and post it here.

  96. Oh, you know how theres the black vest for girls on Poptropica, could anyone make some new colors like blue and white so we can change it up? Oh, and can the girls get more colors for the black skirt with leggings? Every account of mine has a skirt like that.
    I’d also like some new cute shirts, like the pretzel guy on Super Power Island, the one thats blue(shirt under his apron)Could we get them in hot pink or something so we could have more colors with the fake tie and vest.

    Scary Tomato: I think I’ve already told you, we can’t do that because we’re not Poptropica Creators. Anyway, I don’t think you should demand so much from them. Please be grateful with what you have already. ;)

  97. Isabella, is it the grey skull shirt, because i think its boys-only. Or are you talking about the black skull shirt?

  98. Oh, can the girls get purses to carry?

    Scary Tomato: Right now, I don’t think there are any Costumizable purses…

  99. Yay, 100th comment! Is there anyway to get the phone and stuff without totally randomizing your person? 1 person of mine has a phone but it took me forever to get her to look the way she did before.

    Scary Tomato: Sorry, that’s the only way we know of. ;)

    • She can save her clothing in the Costume Collector if she has at least 250 credits.

    • cleanshark says:

      If only we could be able to ask the Creators for more cool clothing on Poptropica, and answers on what happened to Monster Carnival. Codien, how did you hack the game to get that custom name?

  100. i look like james bond user name xxxxxxx password xxxxx

  101. i want to become james bond, but how do you get it on?

    Codien: You have to find the items around Poptropica, mostly on Spy Island.

  102. Magic Storm says:

    I recken u should add the costumes from the recent adds like open season 2 and disney space buddies and the phrineas and ferb and wizards ones.

  103. Fearless Paw says:

    A costume that should be added is Dr. Spyglass (For Boys) and the Prison Warden (For Girls).:idea:

    Codien: Ideas, I’ll be adding more costumes in the given week.

  104. Fearless Paw says:


    It has come to my understanding that you are the maker of the costume database. I made a duplicate character of my own in both genders to show you my cool costume.

    UsernameFor Boys:costumedatabase

    UsernameFor Girls:poptropicahelpblog

    Hope these help!:wink:

    Codien: What would you call them.

  105. im wearing the tinker bell dress and the wand from wizard of werly place!

  106. u could also make an angel costume i would send it to u but my prt scrn button dosent work……
    But here is an acount that might help u:
    u: costume4u p: poptropicahb

    u can choose either the gold braid or the hair with earings.

  107. Fearless Paw says:


    They’re doctors!:grin:

  108. Sweetie Pie says:

    Hey guys, I’m new here, but I have looked at the comments you guys posted. I’ve tried the glitches. They’re very funny. But anyway, I have this blue cool girl costume. Here’s what you do: Get the phone from Randomizing your Poptropican, Get the blue Chinese outfit from Time Tangled (plus the belt), get the new white “tomboy” vest, the two braids (the Indian ones from Time Tangled, the blue Thomas Edison hat from Time Tangled, the blue skin from Randomizing (skin), and any kind of bangs. Every girl should at least try this.

  109. Sweetie Pie says:

    Oh yeah, one more thing. You’ll need a blue backpack to complete you’re blue outfit.

    (P.S. My character’s name is Tall Dolphin, so look around for me on Poptropica for a good idea of what your blue costume should look like.)

    (P.S.S. I’ll usually be on Big Nate Island.)

  110. Sweetie Pie says:

    In fact if anyone can reach the 130th comment TODAY, I’ll offer 4 games: 2 boys and 2 girls! So start writing! :)

    Scary Tomato: Do NOT encourage spamming. I don’t want people repeatedly posting meaningless things here just for some free accounts. They can make their own accounts on Poptropica, or find some on the talk page. :roll:

  111. Sweetie Pie says:

    Here’s something fun to do: Once you give the Chinese guy the bowl, click on it, but don’t let go. Then, after a few seconds, let go. A big puff of smoke will come out of the bowl. It’s funny. You should try it.

  112. Sweetie Pie says:

    Ok, so here are the accounts. Do whatever you want with them because I won’t use them.

    Girl’s Accounts:
    username: SuperStarz78
    password: superstarz

    username: GirlyGirl1720
    password: girlygirl

    Boy’s Accounts:
    username: TomBoy998
    password: tomboy

    username: BraveBoy96
    password: braveboy

    Have fun with them! ( :) )

  113. Sweetie Pie says:

    Anyone who sees my character on Poptropica is going to be so jealous! She looks so cool!

  114. Sweetie Pie says:

    Yeah. Pretty much.

  115. Trusty Bee says:

    I like to dress as the red elf.

  116. Super Hawk says:

    Hey, I’m Super Hawk. I’m what you call a “pro” at Poptropica. I’ve been playing for about two weeks, and beat all the islands completely. I really want to help you guys out, so e-mail me for further Info.

    Scary Tomato: Cool. If you want to E-mail us, you can at We can help each other with Poptropica stuff, or just hang out. :)

  117. I got a brown cat costume! You get brown skin, brown hair, cat ears, cat whiskers, Tinkerbell’s bangs, Boogs body, brown pants and a smile for your mouth!

  118. i saw a few people holding a wand sorta like a wizard wand and i wondered where can you get it?

    Scary Tomato: Wizards of Waverly Place advertisement. The ad building may disappear soon, though. ;)

  119. Fearless Paw says:

    Who’s James Bond and Indiana Jones? Are they NPC’s?

    Scary Tomato: In real life they are fictional story characters. Their costumes here are what they might look like on Poptropica. :D

  120. Fearless Paw says:

    Please post new costumes and how to obtain them.

  121. um scary tomato someday i would like to meet you on poptropica that would be so cool! My characcters name is Red Berry. So if you see me around say hi!;) Thank you so much!
    thank you everyone for the great costumes!……. :)

    Scary Tomato: Cool! See you around Poptropica soon, Red Berry! :D

  122. i know how to get the super man suit first get the z shirt that looks like s ten get red shorts red cape and there :wink:

  123. hey scary i would like to see you on poptropica my name is invisable tiger and i have the high scholl musical suit with the yogos teeth hope to meet you soon :smile: :smile: i go to big nate island

    Scary Tomato: Hope to see you soon, too! :D

  124. hey guys i have a really cute costume idea to make your poptropica person to look like a music lover ok first randomize your person so that they are hold a cell phone. then you have to get the pink or blue shirt that has a musical note on it. next you get a white skirt (or pants). and then (if you want) i think you should have the braided hair! tada! you have a music lover poptropican!

  125. This is a boy’s “cool” costume even If Im not a boy: get any skull shirt, the black jackety thing, the hair that the guy has that is in front of the Yogos building, black pants, spy glasses, black hair. [it’s better to get the dark skull shirt instead]. If you are a tomboy girl you can get this costume if you get a girl hairstyle. Oh and if to complete, get the mouth smile that you get when you get to fly in super power island and tomboy girls, get the grayish black lip smile.

  126. Grumpy Wolf says:

    The idea of a pilot (from Nabooti Island) costume or an African tribesman costume sounds like a good idea doesn’t it?

  127. Loud crush says:

    hey scary tomatoe im loud crush i have brown skin and a new white hat a blue music shirt a pink vest and a black skirt hope to see u in poptropica!!!!!!!!!

  128. I made a costume:
    get the girl’s dress from spy island, the blue belt, blue neclace, long bangs, braids on each side.

  129. um.. well a while ago they averatized the rockstar costumes. Does anyone know if their accually gonna make them. P.S.- they look totally cool! :)

    Scary Tomato: They probably will release them soon! ;)

  130. quick monster says:

    heres a cool costume you get jetty bettys hair and tinkerbell’s bangs on 24 carrot change your hair color to a dark blue color get grey pants get the green elf shirt and the vampire cape enjoy

  131. bendyhero01 says:

    How do you get MS paint and what does it MS stand for. Please respond because I want to upload pictures

    Scary Tomato: Microsoft Paint. It is automatically installed on most computers, including mine. If you don’t have it, it’s okay, there are many other free editing programs on the Internet you could use. ;)

  132. bendyhero01 says:

    I want to upload pictures on my blog. So how do you get pictures and upload it? What other free editing programs? Thanks for helping me.

    Scary Tomato: There are instructions above. (Press “PrtSc” and edit on Paint or something.) Also, you can Google for free editing programs, and you’ll probably find lots of good ones. ;)

    • bendyhero01 says:

      When I press Print Screen SysRq nothing happens? I have a Windows 2000.

      Scary Tomato: Pressing it takes a picture of what’s on the screen for you. To see it, you have to go to Paint or another editing program and click File -> Paste (or Ctrl + V). ;)

  133. You should check this link out it has the new line of poptropica outfits you can also find the links in the

  134. brave flame says:

    when will you update the costumes? it’s been a while.

    Scary Tomato: Eventually, but for now we have to keep the rest of the site updated too. ;)

  135. oliver293 says:

    to get an idiot costume get the medicen man’s hair,sir rebral’s goggles,green skin, branch on your head from man in greece and robe then you have it!

  136. Loud crush says:

    my character is a POPstar! she has a white funky hat,white hair,red lips[by the way she has the curly hair piece],blue music note shirt with the white vest over it and the white skirt with blue leggings you can do it pink for pink people!

  137. ruthrose8s says:

    OOOOOOOOH put up the scare crow and glowing mommy up

  138. ruthrose8s says:


  139. Neat Whale says:

    lol!! im making a Mutt Williams 1. OMG I LUUUVVV MUTT WILLIAMS!!! hes soooo hot!!!

  140. Fearless Paw says:

    We will never complain that CP is better again!

    I’m kinda sad though because the Creator’s won’t be viewing this site anymore. :cry:

    Scary Tomato: But I hope they will still keep visiting! :D

  141. This is a fantastic idea. My favorite costume has to be the black cat. It’s pretty awesome.

  142. The ‘James Bond’ costume is just a guy from Spy Island.

    Scary Tomato: He looks like James Bond, though. :)

  143. You need to put the Dr. Hare costume on here! I got it and it is AWESOME!

  144. neat kiwi says:

    1.Get the brown skin
    2.Go to spy island and get get spy costuem with a tie or go and get the mour cotuem on 24 carrot island
    3.Get the puffy hair from the guy with the basket ball shirt on 24 carrot
    your now Obama!

  145. u guys are the best! Oh yeah i also got the grey cat costume!



  148. Can you please just update it? You haven’t updated it in 1, 2, 3, actually 4 1/2 months!! OMG! :eek:

    Scary Tomato: I’ve already said, the PHB team is busy right now (at least we update the main page for new news). We will try to update it soon, but that may not be for another couple of months. ;)

  149. Angry Seagull says:

    im not a murderer but the best hair is that frizzy hair with skull earings and the scarf to cover my mouth so i look like a murderer

  150. Rough Panda says:

    No, its from the Wizards of Waverly Place ad from a while ago. :)

  151. Those costumes look awesome.

  152. How to get Obama tutorial:You should first have the bald from B.A.D people and then u should get the skin brown and costumize the spy from spy island and there’s obama

  153. This one is for a dog

  154. Sleepy Fox says:

    Did you know you can costumize B.A.D minion’s (lack of) hair style? If you have the colorizer, you can look exactly like the B.A.D. minions with the mask! I don’t think anyone has said this subject before, but if someone did, I’m sorry.

  155. crazy flyer says:

    can you still get indy? i REALLY REALLY WANT HIM!!

    ST: Maybe if you can find his clothes in a multiplayer room, but it’s kind of rare now. ;)

  156. crazy flyer says:

    here is tony stark in iron man suit without helmet (somehow)

  157. Speedy Ice says:

    How do you get the racer costume

    ST: It was from a “Lego Racers/Agents” advertisement building in 2008. The Racer costume is very rare now.

  158. I know how to make two-face from batman!
    1.get the silver face
    2.get rockstar hair
    3.get pirate mouth
    4.get spy clothing[pants and shirt.]
    tada,your two-face!
    [you need to buy the rockstar costume and pirate costume if you havent already.]

  159. Fearless Crown says:

    I got an costume idea! In AK Island go to pweter moon, then cutomize the first alien, then use the colorizer to color your skin and hair exactly to the alien one!
    You can call him Alien guy

  160. hi, im lone moonin poptropicaand thatsthe name of my pretty/cute character (not girly). plus, i know a monk costume and a spiderman (in human form) costume! its on my other acounts so if u want, ill ell u where you can get it.

    the spiderman costume (in human form) :

    1.ur eyes needs to be half way closed and get the white shirt with blue tie and perfect hair on the other man next to the police at super power island by the money bank.
    2. get the really large glasses fom the guy next to the time machine at time tangled.
    3. get the black jacket from another player (not the store) and have a normal light skin color (not white).
    4. get a dark blue pants from another player and get a black hair color (barely brown).

    congratz u got a spiderman costume (in human form)!

    • lone moon again, so here is the monk costume (has to be a boy):

      1.u hav to be bald and normal light skin colored (not white).
      2.get the white robe from the roman guy at time tangled (the place is on ur time travel device at the guy with a helmet next to ‘lab’.
      3.get the small blue necklace from the aztec girl on those steps (not by the gaurds, the front steps).

      congratz u r a monk!

  161. Shiny Mosquito says:

    I have a different cat costume.

    ST: Cool mouth, where did you get it?

  162. Friendly Star says:

    Could I copy some pictures of costumes? I don’t have a website, but I like to show my friends pictures of things like these.

    ST: As long as you or your friends don’t put it on another website without permission, it’s fine. :)

  163. Lone Fang says:

    Here’s a picture of Lone Fang, aka Link from The Legend of Zelda.

  164. Crazy Lion says:

    did u evur notice how on poptropica adz the boy poptropica has no shirt??? i wonder if itz a glitch…………

    if u dont no wut im talkin bout itz da pop. ad on funbrain

  165. Speedy Hawk says:

    It is not working when I press Prnt Scrn. Is there any other way?

    ST: After you press Prnt Scrn, you have to open up MS Paint and right-click to choose “Paste”. ;)

  166. Calm Spinner says:

    I made a girl’s bathing suit!
    1.Get the ponytail.
    2.Get the short blue top that is sorta like a bikini top.
    3. Get the bottom part of the bathing suit from the guy in the well at Early Poptropica.
    4.Get the Red Inner tube from the guy in the well.
    And BAM! You have a bathing suit! Have a good swim!

  167. Golden Hawk says:

    Some ideas:

    1. Santa Claus: maybe with Nabooti phone

    2. Store costumes

    3. Gray Knight: costumize the ones on the Astro Knights castle

    4. Red, Blue, Green Knight: costumize the knights you look for

    5. Tomb Raiders: Giza location in Nabooti, but only if you haven’t finished the location or through multi-player rooms

    6. Ancient Greeks: location in Time Tangled.

    7. Viking: outfit or costumize other Vikings

    8. King and Queen: Astro Knights

  168. here is my characatar as a school girl:

  169. Friendly Star says:

    I have several accounts that I don’t want. Anyone feel free to use them! All of them are girls, though

    Username: Aphrodite*
    Password: Greeky

    Username: Golden Tornado*
    Password: 1234567890

    Username: Em000090
    Password: Evana1

  170. Magic Storm says:

    I’ve seen this really weird hat on random main street characters in early poptropica and, just now, super power. This hat looks like your average top-hat and it’s colour depends on what colour your hair is eg purple hair= purple hat, brown hair= brown hat, orange hair=orange hat. but do realise that when you wear it, it replaces your hair, except if you have a fringe bit. It’s really cool and ultra rare because I’ve seen it only three times; first on early poptropica, 2-3 months ago,on the guy next to the pop-art muesuem, second on early poptropica, last month,on the person who says “welcome to poptropica! If you get lost just look at your map and third on super power, on the person outside party-time tower, five minutes ago. For all three times, the hats were on boys, but girls can wear them too.

  171. nice costumes!

  172. Slippery Lighting says:
  173. Prickly Monster says:

    Here’s my costume:

    I have the vampire cape, the cat ears, the cat teeth, the metal face thing, and the metal eye.

  174. Magic Storm says:

    Hav a look at me on poptropica!
    Mayb u’ll see me around sometime!

  175. Magic Storm says:

    i dont know if this is a glich or not but wen u go to the stats screen and then if u hav a hand-held item from the store, wen you press spacebar u will do the action!

  176. PoptropiCat says:

    PHB should put the alien costume on this list! :P You know, the ones on Astro-Knight Island. I have their antennae and suit and yellow skin. :mr green:

  177. Sweetie Pie says:

    I know I haven’t written in a while, but i have a costume for a vampire :).

    First, get white or light tan skin.
    Second, get a short, black hairstyle (girls get a long, black hairstyle)
    Third, get a shirt from the spagetti place at Spy Island.
    Fourth, get black pants from the spagetti place as well (girls can either get the dress from the girl or a plain black skirt).
    Fifth, get a mouth with fangs, and vwala! A vampire!

    For a grand sweeping effect, get circles under your eyes, a red cape from Super Power, and a glass from the spagetti place (to drink blood). You can get the glass by putting your chef hat on inside the restraunt, getting the boy’s glass, taking off the hat, and escaping. hope you like it! :)

    • Sweetie Pie says:

      Or, to get an easy vampire, go down to the spider pit in Early Potropica and costomize the girl down there. The costume won’t look as good, though.

      Also, girls can use the sad red lips if they want.

      • I kinda did i twist on my vampire (GIRLS ONLY) First use randomizer (ctrl+shift+r) for really white skin then I bought little devil and creepy countess(75 credit each)I used cape of devil, hair and eyes circles of countess. Then I got The dress from the girl at the B.A.D Bistro and necklace(All at spy island) Then i went to early poptropica soda pop shop to look for fangs and put them on.(I did get the glass but I used randomizer (ctrl+shift+r) after I put it on (bad mistake) and i looked for really white skin (Now I cant put the glass back)

  178. dylan97543 says:

    hey i found a glitch to costimise the dog and cat first clic on the dog or cat from spy island then click on the shirt then the store then the astronaut costume and you can cutimise the cat or dog!

  179. funny lightning says:

    ATTENTION all people! i know how to get a Luke skywalker outfit!hard to get but you use
    the race to witch mountain advertisement costumes.1,use all of the “alien suit” pieces.
    2,use the belt from the costume award hazmat suit.3,use the sky hawk guardian laser sword and you become Luke !!!!!!!

  180. i got the black cat costume but dylan97543’s
    cheat didn’t work for me. i did see some people with the spy island dog costumes so either way rock on dude!

  181. I have a costume!I want it to look sort of like a murdurer.Here are the steps of getting it:1.Get hair from the Secretary or the second Spy you rescue at Spy Island and change ur hair color grey.2.Get dark skull shirt from Spider Girl from Early Poptropica.3Get grey pants.4.Get police belt from Super Power.5.Enjoy!f sombody had the same idea,but the costume is diffrt,Im sorry.But if the costume is diffrent,its ok.right?

    • Oh!And for girls get hair and mouth of Spider Girl.Also,I think you guys can put her up there!She would make a great costume!And I have another costume!Combine two Cat and Dog costumes,and you have a Chihuahua!They have pointed ears right?And another costume from them could be a Fox!

  182. i have a hula dancer costume!!(girls only)heres how 2 get it:
    1.find a cropped tube top in a multiplayer room(they come in blue and red)
    2.go to sharktooth and costimize the coconut mans flower necklace
    3.walk to the tourism place and custimize the tourism info. ladys hair
    4.walk to booga bay and get a grass skirt
    5.find bangs in a multyplayer room

    Viola,you are now a hula dancer!

    • o u can find the blue top in nabooti from the girl thats trying 2 get across with her chicken,chicken feed, and fox.u can only find her if u havnt alredy helped her across hoped this helped!! :)

  183. Comical Penguin says:

    If you want the spanish soldier buy the templar knight then go to the aztecs get the spanish soldier outfit the use the sword.
    I did that on one of my accounts.

  184. Magic Storm says:

    I know that I have already put links for pictures of my characters here, but I since I used Motionman’s thingy before hand, and Poptropica has their new Poptropica Avartar Studio(PAS), I thought I’d try the new PAS thing. So here they are!
    (P.S I’m also Happy Paw, but I forget her username and password. Sorry, cos she DID look super cool!)

    MAGIC STORM (my main character!)

    TOUGH STORM (magic storm’s twin sister!)

    COMICAL SUN (magic storm’s best friend!)

    I hope you liked them!

  185. Way to go Codien! Wicked Costumes and you too Fearless Melon for doing the other ones.

  186. I have a costume!It looks like a Scarcrow-Vampire-Skeloten.1.Finish Haunted House.2.Stay at the Ghoul`s Gala.3.Get the vampire cape.4.get the skeloten head and body.5.get the scarecrow hat.And you have a Scarecrow-Vampire-Skeloten!Tip: if you don`nt want to get the vampire cape,use a red cape from Super-Power Island.

  187. I got some awsome costumes for girls

    On the first one to make it a maid add a broom, or a cup for it to be a waitress!

  188. poptropica player says:

    About the spongebob costume,
    I had a poptropican that costumized
    off of Pinochio, and I found this.
    I made it spongey bob! The Pinochio
    thing was out before this. So I couldn’t
    tell you about it.

  189. You guys need to update this page. It hasn’t been updated since June 30th. There are many more costumes now.

    Hijuyo: Remember, you can help too by submitting costumes to ;)

  190. Yeah, I’ll just tell you my costumes since, well, yeah I’m lazy. :D My Tough Skull outfit consists of: Black hair, long bangs, angel wings, a red fairy shirt from that Tinkerbell advertisement, a long, white skirt, and the white wand from the Tinkerbell advertisement.
    My Wild Wolf account is wearing that graduating hat(red) from the High School Musical Ad, black hair, long bangs, red fairy shirt, black vest, a long black skirt, a black cape, and I got the mouth from a major glitch. My mouth keeps talking! It’s awesome. :D

  191. Codien you rock!

  192. Hey, Scary Tomato, how do you upload pictures of costumes? If you can answer soon, I daily (and minutely) check on this blog cuz it rox.

  193. Brave Flame says:

    just wonderin still when will u update this cuz its been a while and all

  194. silverwolf1 says:

    Hey guys! I have a character dressed as Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls!

    Here’s the link:

  195. Ocean Clover♣ says:

    Um… why haven’t you updated this page since, like, July or something? Were you too busy, or did people just lose interest in in because of the iCostume?
    -Ocean Clover♣, Kaleidoscope Centralz Creator

    Hijuyo: We’re kind of busy… :P

  196. skinny snowball says:

    I have a better Indiana Jones costume.

  197. Do you know where you can find a yellow shirt? Solid? If it’s just the top, it’s fine.; :)

  198. SneakyRaptor says:

    I can tell you another faster way to get the nerd costume.

    For nerd costume….
    It’s faster to do it this way if you have beaten Nabooti Island….
    1.Pull out “cell phone” from your inventory
    2.Enter “1337” (911 will get you a police hat and the gun belt)
    3.Click the picture of a green phone
    And there ya go- you have a nerd costume! This works on ANY island, anywhere. It’s probably the best way to get it. Oh, and “411” and “1225” will get you something special, too……….

  199. Cheerful Panda says:
  200. LOL, the “nerd’s” name is Ned Noodlehead from Super Power Island. To get the costume, just go to the Comic Shop and click the costumizer!

  201. McTwisp says:

    Thanks Hijuyo for Adding My Mad Hatter Costume :)

  202. dalton laughter says:

    how can i be dr hare

  203. poptropica rules

  204. The grey cat looks like greystripe from the warriors series :D

    • Silver Clous says:

      i love that series!!! And graystripe is my favorite cat!!! im trying to figure out how to get that outfit. any ideas?

  205. Cool!

  206. Incredible Owl says:

    I got a costume that kinda looks cool. :/
    I used the official poptropica avatar studio for it. lol
    Here’s the link:

  207. I saw a person and they were dressed up as an avatar.
    Skin Colour: Blue
    Head Detail: Blue Ears and Pony Tail Hair
    Hand Item: Bow
    Pants: Leafy Dress
    Shirt: Blue Goat Fur
    Other Features: Lions Tail

  208. Silver Moon says:

    Howie Mandel and Batman’s Penguin are mine I made with out Coder’s MAP. Great costumes on here!

  209. super sun says:

    hears one its my friend,shes the angle of death

  210. catshannah says:

    well iv made the spy girl.
    well you need to randomize the cell phone with ctrl+shift+r most of the randomized characters have it!
    and the coustume is in headquarters,spy island, costomize it from the lady spy.

  211. catshannah says:
  212. HippieGirl says:

    OMG! I made “Ol’ Witch” and its on here!

  213. I found a Na’vi costume! How to make it(Sort of complicated):
    ~Use randomizer to make yourself bald
    ~Get blue skin, using the skin cheat
    ~You need the Robin Hood and the werewolf costume for the bow/arrow and tail. Press SPACE to shoot the bow/arrow.
    ~Go to Superpower island and get the blue superhero shirt and pants.

    Viola! You are one of the Na’vi people!

  214. Oh, I forgot to show a picture of the costume I made! Here:

  215. Lucky Fox says:

    You could do a mummy too with that thing from monster high. I know you have a mummy already but this one has different colors.

  216. I’ve got a question. So I go on poptropica as usual and i see some guys that have Zeus’s stuff. like has lighting blade and has gold armor. I was wondering, is that a glitch of copying Zeus, or did they hack the costume? I tried copying the armor, but it didn’t work. I looked in the poptropica store, but nothing helped. I really don’t where else to look. Please help me!

    Hijuyo: Yes, the costumes were probably hacked by people who knew how to do it.

    • freddie says:

      that was from the Percy Jackson and the Oympians ad on main streets! I gotta say, it’s pretty cool!
      -strange beetle

  217. the cat costume are awesome! 8)

    Next I’ll make a Chuluigi :P.

  219. Cuddly Skull says:

    I know this is off topic but Poptropica is home to the world’s most hilarious in-game glitches and here are three to check for yourself!
    Glitch One: First, complete Counterfeit Island. Don’t worry, the walkthrough will help. Then visit the Haunted House. (If you don’t already have this card, buy it for FREE at the Poptropica Store.) Then click on your inventory and it will say UNDEFINED and have the man’s Underground Tunnel Tickets!
    Glitch Two: Use the Haunted House card and visit. Then return to the grave you came out of. Even though there is no blimp where you are, the Gold Poptropica blimp is right out of range!
    Glitch Three: Once you are on the TV Show on Reality TV Island, find a pair of contestants – one standing behind, one in front. Click the front one so many times repeatedly and then click the one behind once. This shall be BEFORE Elimination, otherwise it won’t work. Then while they are both talking, select BEGIN ELIMINATION. Then, someone will say, “UNDEFINED”. Funny, hey?

  220. I think you should take off the advertisement costumes because ads come and go.

    Hijuyo: Just because they’re gone doesn’t mean they’re not usable. The pics can still be used for reference, and maybe one day you’ll find another player wearing those old ad clothes.

  221. I have a Vacation themed costume at this link:

    Also, the comment by Anonamous on that post had a few costumes also.

  222. Shiny Hippo says:
  223. awesome

  224. ƛԼƖЄƝ ƊƖƤƤЄƦ™ says:
  225. Curious Monster says:

    Harry Potter outift:
    Go to Skullduggery Island, then Bouffant Bay, and customize the glasses from the guy with the quill.
    2. Get the masked hero outfit from the Store and use the black cape for his robes.
    3. Then use whatever shirt and pants you want for harry potter!!!!!

    oh- and you might wanna get black hair.

  226. striped hero says:

    It’s Orellana from Indiana Jones and the crystal skull!

  227. Jojo Spaz says:

    I have the gray cat, but i spiced it up. I put on the fluffy face and the fluffy tail from the werewolf costume.

  228. Jojo Spaz says:
  229. manya145 says:

    i’ve a mythology girls combination costume
    check that at:
    trust me it’s really really cool!

  230. Sneaky Coyotoe says:

    Here’s the link for my Red Queen (from Alice in Wonderland) costume!!

  231. i have harry potter go to the avatar studio and tye popman395

  232. Hyper Berry says:
  233. Friendly Star says:
  234. I made alice in wonderland 2010 costumes on my bands website

  235. my pics are up!

    they are @:

  236. I’m trying to make a girl naruto costume! Does anyone have any ideas to help me with this? Please reply!

    Hijuyo: There is a karate outfit available in the Poptropica Store.

  237. i have danny phenton from dany phantom and to change in to danny phantom make snow white hair biker shirt whithe belt and black pants

  238. GREEN GIRL 2
    (beat astro knights) (better with brown hair)
    1.customize princess’s dress,hair,and her green lipstick mouth
    2.Go to Counterfeit Island,find the tour guide and customize the green french hat(includes hair)
    3. Get A Camera
    (fan girl on RTV,or Shark Tooth Tourists)
    4. Buy Rock Star 1 Outfit
    5. make rock star green and customize her shades and guitar
    There you go a rock star/tourist/princess
    For more help type FunnyPenguin64 on the Poptropica Avatar Studio to see what it looks like
    (even though its not my favorite color)

  239. idk what the name of this outfit is, but it looks good.

  240. Noisy Wolf says:
  241. slippery wing says:

    Thats cool but theres like TONS of costumes on time tangled island theres alot!!!!

  242. Heres a Taylor swift look alike when she premiered her “Mine” Video
    Type in Fastsinger13 in the poptropica avatar studio. (Girl account only)
    How 2 get Taylor look alike:
    1.Make a player with curly blond hair OR look 4 curly hair on Main Street Poptropicans and do the hair color cheat Ctrl+Shift+H to make it blond
    2.Get a red dress:(Customize in Multiplayer/Multiverse rooms)
    3.Buy Pop Star Outfit from Poptropica Store and customize the microphone
    4.Get red lip smile or regular smily face
    Thats it mine has a bookbag on because my 1st day of 9th grade is tommorrow
    PS I also made the green girl 2
    Also I’ll try 2 make a country music star set of costumes

  243. I look like a naruto girl (withhout head band) on Poptropica! Feel free to look for me!

  244. Nikan on another computer -_- says:

    DUN DUN DUN! HE IS ALIVE!!! Ok everyone lets take a ride in the PHB time machine and take a look at the old Hijuyo/ST….. IT IS AWESOME!! Congratz PHB for the 4 mil hits :D So enjoy and YW! :D

  245. I got a great orc costume!

    Hijuyo: Sweet! I’ve added it to the Costumes page.

  246. Beefy Whale says:

    try the new psychedelic shirt, and change your hair color to blue, costumize Hippie Harry’s clothes and accessories except hair & shirt, and surprise! groovy poptropican is ready to rock!

  247. Lone Dragon says:

    Here’s one I hope will be good:

    I call it: “Trade Ship Captain”

  248. Magic Tornado says:

    Do you think my avatar is any good?

    Hijuyo: Wow, that looks epic! :D

  249. awesomecandy says:

    I have a costume of a Dog

    Here’s the link:

    It can be found in multiplayer rooms :D

  250. Popular wing says:

    Hey guys i have an idea! I cant take a pic but i can tell you how to get it. First, Make your skin white and get the cat nose and whiskers, the cat ears and mouth, and get the minotaur’s (minotaur is from mythology) body fur and voila! you have your white cat costume… =^.^= ~ meow <3

  251. PoptropicaFan says:
  252. the coustumes are preety cool

  253. How do you get the red motorcycle helmet?

    Hijuyo: It was from a LEGO Racers ad back in 2008.

  254. Giant Scorpion says:

    I have 3 costumes. Terminator, robber, and a pizza guy :)

  255. WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  256. Angry Wing says:

    Finally! My Poptropican is up here! The Monster costume! It must be from the contest.

  257. Awesomeguy says:

    Where do u get the wings form the firey demon costume??

    Hijuyo: They’re available from the guy dressed in a purple bat costume, somewhere inside the Shark Tooth temple.

  258. Scary Clown from PHC says:

    this is my scary clown

    Hijuyo: Nice, but we recommend giving a web link to a picture of it instead, because you may change the character’s costume in the future.

  259. comical joker says:

    Check my character out in the avatar studio! The Username is emberohgeez. He has green hair and several items from the store, plus great pumpkin island medallion!

  260. striped hero says:
  261. Shiny Hippo says:

    Hey.. Hijuyo did you add some costumes that were entered in the Halloween Contest?

    Hijuyo: Yup, I announced on this post that the 10 contest finalists would get their costumes posted here. :)

  262. Hi-Im MAD about fashion and this blog is realy realy good!

    You should do a fashion page with tips on the latest fashion for every season ( i change myself to match the seasons with the colorizer and some other ad outfits!)


    Roxie Road

  263. Dangergirl says:

    Heres nancy drew with cheese
    (you could call her nancy chew :wink:)

    • Dangergirl says:

      heres how you get it:

      1. Use randomizing cheat(Ctrl+shift+r) to get the shirt.
      2.Use the red checkered skirt
      3.Get the long hair with headband (use a brownish blondish color) the mouse costume and get the cheese

      There! You now have Nancy Chew!

  264. ok here’s medusa (I got the glasses to work on all islands!)

  265. Dangergirl says:
    • Dangergirl says:

      heres how you get it:

      !.randomize to get tie and shirt
      2. use red checkered skirt
      3. for hair, do bangs and long hair with headband
      4.find glasses and (optional) get cheeks
      5. do barbie ad and put on pumpkin.

  266. Dangergirl says:
  267. I have a costume…

    It is supposed to be ‘FBI Girl’

    Username: AFriendlyStar!
    (with the exclamation mark)

  268. Dangergirl says:
  269. This is TenTen from Naruto Shippuden:

    I don’t know if it turned out good

  270. FriendlyShark says:
    • FriendlyShark says:

      Edit from my comment- :D

      1. Poseidon-

      2. Hades-

      3. Alex Russo from Wizards of waverly place-

      4. Max Russo from WOWP-

      5. Phineas from Phineas and Ferb-

      6. Ferb Fletcher from Phineas and ferb christmas vacation-

      It’s a lot,I know.

  271. Hey i can make Obama on poptropica!
    heres how:

    1. make your head bald
    2. turn your skin brown
    3. get a black suit and pants from B.A.D. Bistro

    and there you have Obama!

  272. I lov poptropica !!!!

  273. i figured out how to make Superman!

    1. get pale skin
    2. get curly black hair
    3. get the Superman shirt
    4. get red pants
    5. go to super power island and get the red cape

    VIOLA! You got superman!!!

  274. IrishDragon says:

    I made my guy a Scotsman!

  275. i have a cool Ebenezer Scrooge poptropica costume. just go to the following link:

  276. Frenchy Scottish Girl:

    Skirt & Shirt from the viewfinder guy on Cryptids Island,
    Beret hair from the lady mime in Counterfeit Island,
    Random straight bangs,
    Black vest,
    Black or dark brown hair and skin with a light tan,
    And any handheld item. (I used the free candy cane from the store!)

    Sorry I can’t take a pic, my computer doesn’t like the Print Screen button. ;)

    Have fun being Frenchy Scottish Girl! :)

  277. Hey this is goddess Artemis:
    1.Get yellow bandaged braid search prom Ctrl+Shift+R and colorize any brown
    2.Get goddess tiara in Mythology island Hercules house
    3.Get bow and arrowback from robin hood outfit
    4.Customize dress from prom queen
    5.Finally Activate Gulliverizer

  278. FBI Agent (girl)

    This can usually be found on this account: PurpleKnuckle97

    If what you see does not look like an FBI Agent…it will be

    By The Sea (girl)

  279. Here is how you make a Princess Yue costume

    1.Chage skin tone to apricot
    2.customize Cheerleader lips(the regular)
    3.chnge your hair white andf use gamer girl hair
    4.customize blue kimono and obi with bow from Geisha
    5.congradulations ur princess yue

    here is a pic

  280. ☯☺♥☮☾M☺☺ny☽☮♥☹☯ says:

    The Hobo. (I got the idea from a video game. Intresting isn’t it?)
    Get the boy hat (red with a bit of hair sticking out)
    get the red lightning shirt
    get the black pants
    get the santa bag.

  281. I love the Percy Jackson series, and i just finished the 3rd one. I made a “hunter of Artemis” costume in honor of Zoe Nightshade, for those who know who that is. Here’s the link:

    If you use it, name it “Hunter of Artemis”. Thanks!

    Hijuyo: Cool! I’ve added it in. :)

  282. I have a question. Does the iCostume work? Because, when I tried to use it, it said please wait, but never gave the costume to my account. And I am sure that I entered my username and password correctly.

    Hijuyo: If it doesn’t work, it’s probably a problem with the iCostume, so it’s not your fault. There might be some bugs. ;)

  283. I have a great professor costume
    1 go to counterfeit island and get the assistant curator’s outfit
    2 then go to super power island and get the professors lab coat and hasmat hermit’s backpack
    3 go to astro-knights island and get the monocle and the dager belt
    4 for a clipboard go to dr. hare’s secret lab and costomise the pink professor

  284. i made another hobo if you take this one please call it hobo2 ☯☺♥☮☾M☺☺ny☽☮♥☹☯ gave me the idea

  285. i made a pupie he is made out of the wolf and dog

  286. Quick Coyote says:

    i saw on daily pop there was a sneak peak about hippie costumes …
    does anyone know when they are coming or how you can make your own hippie costume ??
    i have a peace necklace but i cant find i good shirt
    PLEASE HELP!!! :):):):)

    Hijuyo: On Reality TV Island, one of the contestants you may be up against is Hippie Harry. If you see him, you can Costumize his hippie costume! :)

  287. ExtremeGLeek says:

    Artie From Glee
    1 Get the shirt and glasses from the motel guy (Reality Tv Island)
    2. Get the black pants from whever and get the hair from the guy in the tux on the top of the motel

  288. This is my Medusa

  289. hi. can i use my pirate now?

    Hijuyo: I’m not sure what you mean by that, but anyone is welcome to use ideas on this Costumes page for their Poptropican if they want.

  290. cool adult

    if this doesnt work my username is washington781

  291. Swimsuit #1: (Bikini style)
    Hippie Harry’s top,
    Diver in the Early Pop well’s swimsuit bottom, tubie, and mask,

    Mythology Swimsuit AKA Swimsuit #2 (One piece)
    Aphrodite’s top,
    Triton’s (the lifeguard dude next to Aphrodite) skirt
    Braids, ponytail, Mythology Surfer’s braid, or Aphrodite’s hair
    If you want the mask from the Early Pop well guy or sunglasses from Myth. Surfer or one of the beach girls in Aphrodite’s place.

    For Boys: (Swim trunks)
    Simple shorts,
    Make your skin white and get the white sleeveless shirt,
    Any hair, preferably slicked-back (White skin + white shirt = you look like you have no shirt!)

    Pictures will come as soon as I can get them! Also coming soon is:Music Lover boy and girl!

  292. And to see more go to my website :D <—– my website. (:

  293. snehapopstar says:

    I just want to know where i can get this costume – straight hair with purple headband , white shirt with purple flower picture and a purple skirt.

    Hijuyo: You might be able to find it on some of the randomly-generated characters on Early Poptropica Island. Keep going in and out of buildings and their appearance changes (Main Street).

    Mythology hero!! [ hade’s torso, athena’s helmet, hercules back hair not front, Minotuar’s pants and armor, and finally green legs and wings from sky hawk warrior]

  295. ok i made an AWSOME 1 for Alex Russo… This Is The Link: v

  296. Happy Horse aka Lady Horse aka Director Horse aka Singin Girl aka coolgirlcute aka lipglossleah aka Tangled Fan!!!!!! XD says:

    Here’s Princess Rapunzel from Tangled (Her hair doesn’t get cut in my version) –


    is a mix & matched pirate but call it ” Captain Crumb ” ( i am actually Cool Crumb not Hungry Brain)

  298. my poptropica character might change but to make Taylor swift you need:

    hair -bangs from goth boy on reality tv island
    – hair from vampire girl 2 in the poptropica store
    -the front hair from Aphrodite on mythology island

    face-pink or red lips

    clothes- all female outfits, but she usually wears white dresses

    accessories- a guitar or a microphone from the pop star in the Poptropica store

    enjoy! ; D

  299. nice!

  300. Can you please update the costume page???
    -Lewis :)

    Hijuyo: The page gets updated when people send us links to images of costumes!

  301. Hungry Brain says:

    is a mix and matched pirate, but please call it Captain Crumb
    (my real name is Cool Crumb Hungry Brain is my brothers because he has lot of accounts :D )

  302. Hungry Brain says:

    is a mix and matched cowboy, but please call it Marshall Crumb
    (my real name is Cool Crumb Hungry Brain is my brothers because he has lot of accounts )

  303. Hungry Brain says:

    superhero called Super Crumb

  304. Hungry Brain says:
  305. I have one! I call it “Mordred Follower w/ Mech Suit”

  306. How do you put on a costume that you bought at the store in Poptropica?

    Hijuyo: Go to your inventory and select the “Poptropica Store” tab from the dropdown menu at the top, find your costume, and click Costumize.

    • A bit of advice :) says:

      They are all the same costume. :P try using different accounts. The avatar studio shows the costume you are currently wearing just so you know.

  307. I found how to get a blue haired steampunkish girl
    1. finish steam punk island in the freze room costomize the girl with the googles on her head (just her hair though)
    2. get any black skirt
    3. get the blue dragon from the store the one that follows you
    4. rock star 2 broken heart shirt any color works
    5. eye shadow and star thingy from rock star 2
    6. boy cut bangs (you can find in multiplayer rooms)

    there you go

  308. Hungry Brain says:
  309. Popular sky(This is my poptropicans name) says:

    My costume looks cool
    Here’s the link:

    If you see my poptropican Popular Sky in any common room chat to her.

  310. Hungry Brain says:
  311. speedy stomper says:

    this is a random evil guy
    how to get from lemoade mouth thing
    2. gun and bullet strap from outlaw
    3.any black shirt and black pants belt from dr hares secret lab
    5. cyborg face from multi-player room( costumize)

  312. White Axe says:

    you can make a willy wonka costume with the purple prom king outfit (shirt pants and cane) and the sparkly purple hat from the goldfish ad on spy island!

  313. Check out my ruffian ninja!! reply if you think its cool!!

  314. Blue Flame says:

    This is some cyber girl. She is currently my character…

  315. check out AWESOME CeeLo Green costume!!!
    Any “Voice” fans out there? Holla!!

  316. I know how to make a voldemort costume first you need to get bald,next you need a black shirt and pants last you need to be pale and get a wand from magican costume.

  317. Invisible Bee says:
  318. Sporty Speck says:

    hi this is my poptropica person….

    Sporty Speck :)

  319. You guys should make a raincoat costume!!!! :)

  320. Lucky Panda says:

    are there more cooler animal costumes like tigers ?? any wild animals ??

    Hijuyo: There are some animal costumes in the Poptropica Store, including a Tiger Shark.

  321. Harry Potter Party

    Hijuyo: Cool! I’ve added it to the costumes page.

  322. White Axe says:
  323. nicholas dufresne says:

    i love the hp party because i love the new movie and by the way purple thunder your costume is cool

  324. how about a real, true-to-life costume inspired by poptropica?

  325. magicstorm/magicbones says:


  326. can't remember my poptropican name... says:

    alright here it is! I cant decide to call it “Vacation Angel” or “Snarky Angel” or “Casual Angel” or what! but anyway, hope you like it! PS: this is an old account. I dont really use it much…

    so, search this EXACTLY on the avatar studio for my costume!

  327. Sorry it my Selena Gomez thing will change soon but here is 1 that will NEVER change! I PROMISE!:

  328. now i am working on Draco Malfoy :-)

  329. :D

    • FlameSeer138 says:

      How did you get their outfits?

      • you use this guy’s outfit from red front of the magic tree house store….next to get harry potter’s glasses..go to time tangled and use the professor’s glasses. you can use any hair as long as it’s black…YOU HAVE HARRY POTTER! oh and get the broom from the haunted house

  330. Weespotty says:


  331. Weespotty says:

    More ideas:

    Future mesenger.
    He uses his jet pack to get around and the bag to carry letters

    Female Punk / Cool schoolgirl
    You deside what this is…

    Female swimmer
    How I found this was via luck.

    Hunted down by yours truly.

  332. Weespotty says:

    How do you make the green girl outfit?

  333. I am harry potter!!!!!!! bwa ha ha ha!!!!!!

    I created this guy!!!! okay????? ME!

    anyway…ron and hermione arent with me right now… :(

  334. I am harry potter…

    I strange panda…am harry potter

    I have created him….ME!


    look at me!!! i’m harry potter!!!!!!

    yesh….the same one that posted a pic with hermione and ron!

  336. New to poptropica and I can’t put on my costume (Retro Robot) playing on time tangled island…went to store and it says in store list…not sure where to look.

  337. iamtinyp253 says:
  338. NiceDragon ND says: Avatar Dude Made by ND known as Nice Dragon :). u can use a bow and arrow or the dagger from The red dragon island custume…

  339. NiceDragon ND says: Avatar Dude Made by ND known as Nice Dragon :). u can use a bow and arrow or the dagger from The red dragon island custume… :D

  340. annika2435 says:

    Heres how to get rapunzel from tangled to all girls:
    First get the top (purple) of the fairy queen
    Then get the prom queen’s purple dress
    Last, get the vampire girl 1’s hair and make it blonde at the colorizer

    Have fun!

  341. Fierce Dragon says:

    Does anyone have the Fact Monster wings? If so, can you help me get them?

  342. A few minuts ago i saw someone with a red sorry gamepice costume :)