Usually when you call somebody “yellow,” you’re calling them a scaredy cat, but this tribe takes it as a compliment. When you see yellow, you’d better run! They plan to swarm to the medal stand in the Poptropolis Games.

official tribe colors: black & yellow

Common room

~thanks to Poptrickia for the image! click to enlarge.


What is it, a mechanical beehive? You enter from the middle of the first floor, but on either side, you can interact with a teleporter machine – which simply teleports you to the other machine! You’ll walk out flashing yellow-green for a few seconds, whether you entered from the right and came out on the left or vice versa.

The second floor seems to be a command center. On the third floor, you’ll find yellow holograms on either side – a Poptropican dressed like a bee on the left, and an image of the Earth on the right. Sitting in the center is a grand helicopter designed like a bee! You can even step on the propellors at the top. This place is sweet as honey!

What’s the buzz with the Yellowjackets?

Did you know? There were originally going to be costumes for each Tribe, but although they never appeared in-game, the design for the Yellowjackets later inspired the costume of Omegon from PoptropiCon Island. Read more about it here!


Check out this gallery of Yellowjackets concept art from the PHB’s Daily Pop sneak peek archive, plus take a look at the Yellowjackets’ teleporter marchine in action!

visit our Tribes page to learn more about the other tribes! 🙂
are you one of the Yellowjackets? show your support in the comments below!



  1. First comment! Yellow Jackets FTW!

  2. Super Bubbles says:

    They are not getting my medal stand. Have you ever heard the song Black And Yellow ?

  3. Im a YJ wooo

  4. can you make yourself look like the bee in the common room?

  5. Go the Yellow jackets! Since i’m in the tribe yellow jackets, heres one thing to say about the tribe…….. THEY.ARE.AWSOME!!!!!

  6. Go the yellow jackets

  7. yellow jackets rule

  8. Gentle Spinner says:

    There should be another tribe based island. like, the tribe members have to battle other tribes. But its all real people battling each other. That would be a lot better than poptropilis games!

  9. Yellowjackets’ common room is kinds=a a mix of Nanobots and Nightcrawlers.

  10. I like this yellowjackets, but i’ll always be a nanobot. 😄

  11. hatersloveme4897 says:

    yellowjacks rule also

  12. There’s also a teleporter in the ground floor!

  13. GEEZ why do you peeps have to argue about dis stuff???
    (BTW Pathfinders FTW)

  14. Yum honey…Wait,maybe I shall visit this place,honey is yummy 😄

  15. I thought FTW meant Find The Way

  16. hi. Please note that i'm made of chocolate,so that means i'm edible. PLEASE DON'T EAT ME because i'm actually your candy god angel. but you can call me magic snowball since that;s my poptropican's name is. says:

    Yellow jackets song
    we are bees
    with a sharp sting!
    we will sting the others!
    with our bling!
    we are speacial
    sting to win!
    that’s what we do!

  17. hi. Please note that i'm made of chocolate,so that means i'm edible. PLEASE DON'T EAT ME because i'm actually your candy god angel. but you can call me magic snowball since that;s my poptropican's name is. says:


  18. cheriebell1 says:

    honey is bee vomit………… you learn something new everyday.

  19. cheriebell1 says:

    EVERYBODY! Stop all your fighting and face the fact! Nanobots is the awesomest tribe! Always have been, always will be.
    NANOBOTS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I was about to join the Yellowjackets because my favorite color was yellow, but I figured out it’s not about color it’s about what tribe you choose. People and Members on Poptropica if you didn’t start the Games, try it. It’s very fun. And even if you lose, try again. P.S. I chose the Seraphim.

  21. And honey isn’t bee vomit. It’s actually something that bees give off called honey. It’s very yummy and sweet.

  22. I completed 13 islands. Working on Cryptids island now.

  23. now 14 islands because I completed Mythology Island

  24. Dear Tribes,

    Please forgive my comrade, Gentle Spinner of the Pathfinders for the rude comments. I know that pathfinders is 1 of the tribes with the least members. but I want to highlight something else.
    The creators only created tribes for fun, but i think we got the wrong idea by making fun of other tribes. In my honest opinion, they should delete the tribes and give poptropolis a similar but diffrent plot. (like poptropicans against invaders or something, just saying. I think that’s a weak plot too.). *salutes poptropicans with no tribe* I’ve been to all the tribes’ common rooms and they’re all as nice.I stand beside all poptropicans fighting for peace and are against tribal war.

    Yours truly,
    Friendly Lion of the pathfinders, flying squid, wildfire, seraphim, yellowjackets, black flags, nightcrawlers and nanobots.

    p.s. Thanks for reading it. I’m honestly a neutralist, so the order of the tribes is just by coincidence.

  25. Wildfire Rules, Other’s Tribes Drules!

  26. Young Brain says:

    Yellowjackets rule !!!!

  27. oh snap! yellowjackets won against wildfire I just played poptropolis game and I was yelowjacket! we won! yellowjackets for da win!

    • black flags rule says:

      just because you won the island and your on the different tribe it doesnt go on our progress im in black flags i won not yellow jackets so that means who wings does not matter on other people game

  28. I like black flags {because thinknoodles is in that tribe} but I will always be yellowjackets!

  29. Thomas Zhou says:


  30. Thomas Zhou says:


  31. Crazy Tornado says:


  32. Love Peace & PARTY says:

    No all of you are***!!!!WRONG!!!!*** SERAPHIM ROCKS!!!! We are also known as angels. P.S. quit arguing and face the facts. SERAPHIM IS The BEST. p.p.s. friend me u.n. singsong8521

  33. Wildfire is the frikin best

  34. My favorite thing is that all the other vehicles in the Yellowjacket commons are shaped like hornets, then there’s just a Vespa scooter sitting there completely unmodified.

    The joke being, of course, that “Vespa” is the scientific genus of yellowjackets. :p

  35. I love how I ruined this tribe by saying that honey is bee vomit.

  36. Tall Cactus says:

    Yellowjackets FTW!

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