Poptropica Web Directory

Poptropica Web Directory

Welcome oo the PHB’s Poptropica Web Directory, where you can browse through the wide range of Poptropica webpages people are advertising, and also place an ad for your own if you have one. Just click on the web titles to take a look. Enjoy surfing the Poptropica web!

Poptropica Help Network

Collectively known as Poptropica Help Network (PHN), we consist of these sites:

Recommended Sites

Besides the ones above, we think these handpicked links are of quality and may also enhance your Poptropica experience. Check them out!

Listed Links

And now for the rest of them – if you’ve got a Poptropica site, we’ll review it and put it here! They are listed in alphabetical order. Please be aware that some sites may no longer be current.

  1. Adventure Time Pop – by Spotted Dragon and the ATP team
  2. All Things Poptropica – Young Flame’s blog about all things Poptropica
  3. Blazing Poptropica – site by Lazy Feather
  4. Brave Eye’s Super Blog – Poptropica site by Brave Eye
  5. Calm Spinner’s Poptropica Blog – come and talk about Poptropica
  6. Cheat Dude’s Poptropica Blog – the happiest Poptropica website
  7. Cheats for Poptropica – by Funny Pear
  8. Cheatz Poptropica – with Fierce Thunder (RockThundera)
  9. Clawtropica – Purple Claw’s Poptropica blog
  10. Comical Eye’s Poptropica Blog – Comical Eye on Poptropica
  11. Crazy Catfish’s Blog – site by Crazy Catfish
  12. Cuddly Knuckle’s Poptropica Blog – a blog by Cuddly Knuckle (Wilbur)
  13. The Curious Poptropican – just some nice glitches and cheats from Cool Bean
  14. The Daily Poptropica – Poptropica glitches, tutorials, and more
  15. Explore Collect Compete – work hard and rise above them all
  16. Grumpy Snowball’s Blog – Jake’s Poptropica cheat blog
  17. Happy Leopard Poptropica Blog – glitches and more by Happy Leopard
  18. The iBOP – the International Blog of Poptropica
  19. Icy Comet’s Blog – explore, read, do… for Poptropica beginners
  20. Icy Fox’s Poptropica Blog – Poptropica help site by Icy Fox
  21. Instant Poptropica Guides – a Poptropica help site by Icy Comet
  22. Invisible Drummer’s Blog – by Invisible Drummer
  23. iPlayPoptropica – iSplazo’s Poptropica blog
  24. Fierce Sky’s Poptropica Blog – a Poptropica blog for the Poptropicans
  25. Fierce Owl’s Poptropica Help – full of help, humor, and happiness
  26. The Flamin’ Skulls – an internet rock band performing on Poptropica
  27. The Super Poptropica Blog – by your friend, Friendly Comet
  28. Fuzzy-B’s Blog – a Poptropica site run by Fuzzy-B
  29. Little Penguin’s Blog – by Little Penguin (LP)
  30. Loud Shark’s Poptropica Blog – Poptropica news by LS
  31. Madhatter53’s Poptropica Blog – the blog of Poptropica and only Poptropica
  32. Mighty the Marvelous’s Blog – the mightiest and most marvelous Poptropica blog around
  33. News on Poptropica – Poptropica news by Static 24/7 (Loud Shark/LS)
  34. Ocean Clover’s Blog! – Poptropica and more by Calm Spinner (Ocean Clover)
  35. The Official Poptropica Glitcher’s Blog – a blog by WimpyKidFan
  36. Pawsrent’s Blog – a Poptropica, LEGO, and Pokemon help blog
  37. Perfect Poptropica – a Poptropica site by Perfect Coyote and Angry Wolf
  38. Pixellated – Popular Storm’s Poptropica blog
  39. Pop and Bop Blog – pop in and bop out (by lula4schmidt)
  40. PopMega – by Mysterious Gamer
  41. Popping Poptropica Help Blog – popping your way to Poptropica
  42. Popping Poptropica Stories – Poptropica stories that make you pop!
  43. Pop-Secrets – Poptropica website by Perfect Owl
  44. PopSecrets – Poptropica website by Popular Boot
  45. Pop-Trivia! – by Fearless Owl
  46. Poptropica! – site by Irfan
  47. Poptropica 411 – the 411 in Poptropica for your needs
  48. The Poptropica 911 – site by Seth Bobitator
  49. Poptropica Area 52 – by Pixel
  50. Poptropica Awesome – by Buttercup4evr & IncredibleEmily
  51. Poptropica Blog Help – site by Korin
  52. Poptropica Blog Made by a Poptropica Cat – site by Silver Socks
  53. Poptropica Diaries – by Super Comet, the diaries of three extraordinary Poptropican girls
  54. Poptropica Directory Supreme – your place for Poptastic updates and sites
  55. Poptropica Excitement Blog (PEB) – exciting Poptropica news from Angry Wing
  56. Poptropica Fan Blog – a Poptropica fan site presenting fan art, stories, etc.
  57. Poptropica Fans – by Happy Scorpion
  58. Poptropica Flyers Blog – by Bendy Flyer
  59. Poptropica Friends – your latest Poptropica news, just a click away! by SmallSponge61
  60. Poptropica Fun Blog – by Clean Shark, News Reporter
  61. Poptropica Fun Zone – up-to-date Poptropica news and fun Poptropica-related activities
  62. The Poptropica Gaming Blog – not just another Poptropica blog
  63. Poptropica Glitch & Cheats Help’s Youtube Channel – by Mashimai (PoptropicaGCHelp)
  64. Poptropica Guide – site by Beefy Sword
  65. Poptropica Help – by Popcoder
  66. Poptropica Help Inc – by Incredible Fish
  67. Poptropica Index – where you can explore and find secrets, updates, tips and more
  68. Poptropica Inside and Out – by Trusty Biker and Incredible Flame
  69. Poptropica Islands – Stormy’s Poptropica cheats and island walkthroughs
  70. The Pop Blog – fun posts, reviews, walkthroughs, and more with Lilly and Mia
  71. The Poptropica Maximum – the brand new source for Poptropica tips
  72. The Poptropica News Blog (PNB) – Poptropica updates in half the time
  73. The Poptropica News-Flash – by Graham, Xexis, and Yui810
  74. Poptropica News Network – the leader in Poptropica news
  75. Poptropica Ninja Blog – by Ninjarex1
  76. The Poptropica Package – giving you the full Poptropica package (by Magic Fire)
  77. Poptropica Paradise – the place where you can relax on Poptropica
  78. Poptropica Party – get this party started
  79. PoptropicaPerfectSky – a YouTube channel full of Poptropica movies and much more
  80. Poptropica Players Blog – Green Boa’s fun Poptropica blog
  81. The Poptropica Post – by Calm Starfish & Incredible Flipper
  82. Poptropica Post Help Site – site by Fierce Panda
  83. Poptropica Press – Funbrain playground by Popular Seagull
  84. The Poptropica Blog with Beefy Ring – by Beefy Ring
  85. Poptropica Rules! – by Dark Eel & Zany Gamer
  86. Poptropica Seeds Blog – by Popular Joker (PJ)
  87. Poptropica Skunk Blog – a helpful blog for new and old Poptropicans
  88. Poptropica Speedy Fly’s Poppin’ Blog – by Speedy Fly & Friendly Gamer
  89. Poptropica Suite – your Poptropica happy place
  90. Poptropica Talk – your news and more on Poptropica
  91. Poptropica Tips for Poptropicans – by Silver Wolf
  92. Poptropica Updates Blog – updates on Poptropica
  93. Poptropica Walkthroughs, Cheats and Answers – site by Golden Crown
  94. Poptropica with Scary Plug – site by Scary Plug
  95. Poptropica Wiki – a Poptropica online encyclopedia where anyone can edit
  96. Poptropican Awesomeness – it has “awesome” right in the title!
  97. Poptropican Guides Blogs – by Silverstar93 & Goldenbutterfly (Maroonfire23)
  98. The Poptropican Newsroom – sitting around a table in front of a camera, talking
  99. Poptropican Wonders – where all your Poptropican wonders are
  100. The Poptropican Info Blog – by Metsfan21
  101. The Poptropicans Blog – by Ferb & the team of awesomeness
  102. Popular Crush – Poptropica site by Popular Crush
  103. Quick Berry Blog – Poptropica site by Quick Berry
  104. Red Gamer’s Blog – by Carl (vaati09)
  105. Red Lizard’s Blog – what’s popping, Poptropicans?
  106. RockThundera’s Poptropica walkthroughs on YouTube – videos by RockThundera
  107. SBC Poptropica Stuff – by ShyFire/BB
  108. Seriousfox’s Blog – by Serious Fox
  109. Shifty Walker’s Help Blog – Poptropica cheats by Shifty Walker
  110. Shiny Leaf’s Poptropica Blog – web blog by Shiny Leaf
  111. Shoeless Comet’s Blog – a site that is awesome to see
  112. Short Feather’s Popup – Poptropica fun for all!
  113. Short Leaf’s Poptropica Blog – SL’s blog for iPods and Poptropica
  114. Silly Sword’s Story – the greatest Poptropica story in all the land!
  115. Silver Moon’s Blog – Poptropica site by Silver Moon
  116. Simply Poptropica – for all your Poptropican needs, by raqk
  117. Skinny Snowball’s Poptropica Cheat Blog – cheats, glitches, and help by Skinny Snowball
  118. Skyninja3’s site – Poptropica blog by Cool Storm (Legodude12)
  119. Slippery Raptor’s Blog – play, blog, collect – all updates by Slippery Raptor
  120. Smart Kid’s Poptropica Help Blog – created by Smart Kid
  121. Smart Leopard’s Awesome Blog – by Maddie (Smart Leopard)
  122. Sonic Rider’s Speedy Poptropica Blog – by Sonic Rider
  123. SuperTalkcam – a YouTube channel made by Tallmeloniscool
  124. Super Thunder’s Blog – a Poptropica site created by former PHB author Super Thunder
  125. Tall Cactus’s Poptropica Blog – news, theories, and more, by Tall Cactus
  126. Tall Cloud – a website where all your Poptropica dreams come true
  127. The TIB Videos – YouTube channel of Tough Icicle’s Blog
  128. Tough Icicle’s Blog – Poptropica site by PHB author Samwow5
  129. Wimpy Kid Fan’s Poptropica Blog – a Poptropica Blog created by WimpyKidFan
  130. Zany Gamer’s Blog – a blog about Poptropica

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  1. Don’t blatantly advertise your site anywhere on the PHB except for this page only. That’s what the directory is for!
  2. Your site must have something about Poptropica in it. It does not have to be a blog. We will accept Poptropica-themed YouTube channels, Facebook albums, and so on.
  3. You may remove your advertisement at any time by just telling us through another comment.

*Try not to use words like “best” in your brief description, because it can get overused, and don’t make this too long (it should fit on one line). If we find your description unsatisfactory, we’ll write one up for you, usually with your internet nickname in it (as you can see above). You don’t have to update us on your site’s authors.

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    ST: Please read the instructions above and provide complete information; thanks. 😉

  2. Green Seal says:

    Oh cool! I’m going to visit these sites now!

  3. Angry Seagull says:

    yeah me 2

  4. i love these link i want to put mine on there
    what do they mean by leave a comment?

    ST: Sure, just fill in the required information through your comment. Leaving a comment means writing a message on this page, like what you did just now. 😉

  5. Angry Noodle’s Poptropican Blog
    Sharkboy.jr (Angry Noodle)
    Add my site please?

    ST: Site approved and added! 🙂

  6. Invisible Drummer says:

    Can you change the xcreepykidx information please.

    Name:Invisible Drummer’s Blog
    Staff:Invisible Drummer,Poptropical Thunder,Bendyhero01,Serious Fox,Skinny Snowball,Grantm56,Cool Wing

    Cheats For Poptropica
    Funny Pear

    ST: Blog approved.

  8. shadowcase says:

    poptropica law
    side notes:the first three posts i copyed from you i didn’t see the thing on the sidebar about no copying so sorry

    ST: Anything that is copied from this blog must be removed, or we will have your site shut down. Sorry.

  9. * Poptropica Forums
    * Poptropica Forums
    * motionman95

    ST: Yay, the PHF! It has now been added to the directory.

  10. Green Seal says:

    Website Name: Poptropica Updates by Green Seal
    I want it to be known as: Poptropica Updates Blog
    Nickname: Green Seal
    Author: Green Seal

    ST: Awesome blog! I’ve added it to our directory.

  11. Click, my name beffysword to see my site!

    Beffy Sword

    Poptropica Guide

    Scary Tomato: Site approved!

  12. maroonthunder says:

    Maroon Thunder’s Poptropica Blog
    Maroon Thunder’s Poptropica Blog
    Maroon Thunder
    Maroon Thunder and Grumpy Ninja

    ST: Site approved, thanks!

  13. Grumpy Ninja’s Poptropica Blog
    Grumpy Ninja’s Poptropica Blog
    Grumpy Ninja
    Grumpy Ninja and Maroon Thunder

    ST: I’ve noticed that your blog authors have changed. Anyway, thanks for signing up with the Directory. 🙂

  14. Fast Flame says:

    Fuzzy-B’s Poptropica Blog Fuzzy-B’s Poptropica Blog Fuzzy-B

    ST: Approved, thanks Fast Flame!

  15. Poptropica Advance Version 1 (the version 1 part is just for fun.)

    Poptropica Advance

    Zany Glove

    (P.S. This iste isn’t very good yet but it will be updated very soon and will be pretty sweet once it gets more post.)

    Slanted Fish: Sorry Zany Glove, the site is not available.

  16. pricklypaw says:

    Prickly Paw’s Poptropica Blog

    Scary Tomato: Added. Deleted from the directory for disobeying the PHB.

  17. SERIOUS FOX says:

    take Binary Bard off PoptropicalThunder’s blog.

  18. hey guys I made a new one. Comments can be made now and the design is a lot cooler. I am very sorry for taking your precious time and I thank you greatly for it.

    Poptropica Advance Version 1
    Poptropica Advance
    Zany Glove

    I thank you so much for this 😉

    ST: Thanks! Blog approved.

  19. Calm Spinner says:

    I have a blog!
    I just created it now. But I will try and figure out how to post links and stuff.
    Here it is:

    ST: Thanks, your blog has been added to our directory.

  20. It feels so cool to have a blog! I used to have one for blogspot, but I lost it.

  21. Golden Eagle says:

    Golden Eagle’s and Cool Wing’s Poptropica Blog!
    Poptropica Tips and Advice
    Authors: Cool Wing, Golden Eagle (so far)

    And I added PHB on the Links. Is that okay?

    ST: Sure, thanks for adding the PHB to your blogroll! 🙂

  22. poptropica hq
    Scary axe

    Scary Tomato: Approved. 🙂

  23. Incredible Fish says:

    Poptropica Help
    Incredible Fish,Drummer,Super Grape and Zany Glove and MAYBE Crazy Flyer.

    Slanted Fish: Blog approved!

  24. Please add Zany Glove to my site, !

    And now I have ALMOST 6,000 comment!!! In the whole blog! Sorry if this is off topic.

  25. pricklypaw says:

    ST, umm…. i’m on the maroon thunder blog now.. plz add me to the list of members of that blog in this directory

  26. How do you add the blog stats and Hits?

  27. Calm Spinner says:

    Oh, and my author name is now Calm Spinner.

  28. speedylizard says:

    can you pleease change my name on from scary axe to speedy lizard?

  29. Speedy Lizard is added to my site, as always,

  30. zippy hippo says:

    poptropica masters blog
    poptropica help blog
    zippy hippo

    ST: Website approved, thanks! 😉

  31. popularthunder says:

    can you post mine guys

    Slanted Fish: It’s not available anymore. 😦

  32. zippy hippo says:

    edit the page i have new authors!
    Curios Dragon

  33. Tkowch2’s Blog
    Tkowch2’s Poptropica Blog

    Hijuyo: Due to plaigarism (the illegal copying of content), this blog has been shut down.

  34. sonicrider says:

    sonicrider’s poptropica blog
    sonicrider’s poptropica blog
    Incredible Fish

    ST: Thanks Sonicrider, I’ve added your blog to the directory. 😉

  35. Popular Crush | | Popular Crush

    ST: Website approved and added.

  36. popularthunder says:

    Incredible fish
    Incredible fish, Drummer3290, Super Grape, Zany Glove, Muddy Dragon, Eddie and, Popular Thunder

    Slanted Fish: Blog added.

  37. popularthunder says:
    Popular Thunder and Speedy Fly.

    Slanted Fish: The link doesn’t work.

  38. metsfan21 says:

    Name: The Poptropican Info Blog
    Name on Directory: The Poptropican Info Blog
    Administrator: Metsfan21

    Hijuyo: Blog approved.

  39. Cool Wing (Element) says:

    Name: iPoptropica
    Admins: Me (Of course!), Jumpy Fire (The Boot), Bootbrother, And Crazy Flyer (Tyrian)
    I know you already visited it but it doesn’t hurt to put it here too. BTW I got another nickname! Element!

    Slanted Fish: It’s no longer available. 😦

  40. Dark Eel not logged in says:

    Poptropica Cheats and Rules
    Poptropica Help Blog
    Dark Eel
    Zany Gamer

    Slanted Fish: Blog added.

  41. Fierce Panda says:

    My New site!!!

    Poptropica Post

    Authors: Fierce Panda, Mad Raptor, Funny Crush, Cool Shadow, Dr. Hare.

    Slanted Fish: Website approved.

  42. my blog! im the only author.

  43. i am the only author on the poptropicaninja blog
    look at these comics i made:

    Hijuyo: Awesome comics, Ninjarex1! Blog approved. 🙂

  44. my blog! im the only author.please put it on here we post about two things poptropica and invaderzim!

    Slanted Fish: It needs more Poptropica content to qualify, sorry.

  45. Detective Sneakyc/Scaryw says:

    Sneakyc,Zany Gamer

    Slanted Fish: It’s no longer available.

  46. Lucky Eye says:

    The things.
    Lucky eye
    Cheerful bird

    I said this. Why did you not put it? does it HAVE to be about poptropica?

  47. Website Name: Poptropica Fans
    Website URL:
    Website Name Shown Above: Poptropica Fans
    Nick Name: Happy Scorpion (Thats my poptropicans name)
    Please add me to your list!

    Hijuyo: Nice work with your fansite, Happy Scorpion! It’s been added to the directory. 🙂

  48. The iBop, which is number 29, needs to be updated. Gazek left a LONG time ago, Lazy Feather was removed, and it now consists of me, Popular Thunder, and Dizzy Bubbles. Please update it when you can, thanks.

    Hijuyo: Now updated. 😀

  49. Can you put my blog on there?

    -poptropica paradise
    -Poptropica Paradise
    -Dizzy Penguin
    -Crazy Flyer(Tyrian), and Serious Cloud

    Hijuyo: The blog’s URL is spelled wrong, but I’ve fixed and added it to the directory. 😉

  50. The PIB’s Forums
    The PIF
    I’m advertisin’ for METSFAN21
    Others: As of now(or know of):Icy Ice

    Hijuyo: Forum added! 🙂

  51. Happy Storm says:

    Website Name: The Poptropica Fun Blog

    What you want your website to be known as: The PFB (The Poptropica Fun Blog)
    My nickname: Happy Storm
    Nicknames of my other authors: Dizzy Penguin, njg28

    Hijuyo: Nice blog! We’ve added it to the directory. 🙂

  52. Advertising for The Poptropica Directory Blog.
    Authors:Trusty Hawk (admin/creator),IkeWB,Dizzy Bubbles.and Me! I’m da graphics guy.

    Name: The Poptropica Directory Blog

    Hijuyo: Nice; blog approved. 😉

  53. Umm Im sorry i gave you the worng link for my blog here it is again
    Me/Tomzilla,Dobu12,Sana all work there now and the name of the blog is Tomzilla’s blog

  54. Fierce Sky says:

    Here’s my blog’s info:
    Fierce Sky’s Poptropica Blog
    Fierce Sky’s Poptropica Blog
    Fierce Sky

    -Fierce Sky

    Hijuyo: You sure put in a lot of awesome effort into your blog! Nice job! 🙂

  55. Here is MY Blogs info:
    Dobu12s web blog
    Dobu12’s web blog

    please put it in(the most i got is only 50)!

    Hijuyo: Blog approved, but please post more about Poptropica!

  56. The Poptropica Project
    The Poptropica Project
    Sporty Seal (a.k.a. Markster)

    Hijuyo: You’ve got a great Poptropica help site there, Markster! 🙂

  57. Can you put my blog on here?

    Hijuyo: Sure, MonsterMan, your blog has been added. 😉

  58. Could add my blog, please?

    -Poptropica Gaming Blog
    -Happy Crush, Serious Cloud

    Thanks. 🙂

    Hijuyo: Cool blog, Elaineyw! Website approved. 😉

  59. friendlyhopper says:

    Can you put my blog here? Poptropica news and more or one auther me.

    Hijuyo: Blog added, Friendlyhopper. 🙂

  60. Website Name: Poptropica Update Blog (PUB)
    URL Link:
    I want it to be known as: Poptropica Update Blog
    I just started up my site so I don’t have anybody working for me yet.

    Hijuyo: Awesome effort with your blog, Charkhole! 🙂

  61. Hi Hijuyo! I love your blog and a friend of mine told me all the good things about it. Keep up the good work around!

    I also have a blog of my own and I wanted it to be in the directory. It’s called the Poptropican Guiders Blogs and you can find it here at

    Hijuyo: Awesome work on your blog, Silverstar93! 😉

  62. whitestar151 says:

    Could U please add me?

    The Poptropiclub
    The Poptropiclub

    Hijuyo: Blog approved. 🙂

  63. I wish I could do my blog but its about CP. 😦

  64. whitestar151 says:


    The Poptropiclub Forums
    The Poptropiclub Forums
    Whitestar151, Tall Walker, Shiny Cheetah

    Also, lots of the links on this page are broken. You should clean it out, just a suggestion.

    Could you please update ‘The Poptropiclub’ ad with the following info:

    The Poptropiclub OR
    The Poptropiclub
    Whitestar151,Tall Walker,Shiny Cheetah

    Hijuyo: Thanks for the tip, Whitestar. The Poptropiclub’s info has been updated, but please put more Poptropica content on the TPC forums. 🙂

  65. Exuse me um i added a new author his name is poptropica 450

    Hijuyo: OKay; updated.

  66. The TPCH
    The TPCH
    Created by the founders of the Poptropiclub, iBop, & Poptropican peoples Blog
    There are nineteen authors ALLTOGETHER, so I shortened it.

    Hijuyo: Website approved. 🙂

    • UPDATE: TPCH: It’s copyrighted under White Star/Dynaboa. Could U put ‘White Star’ or ‘Dynaboa’ the please?

      Hijuyo: Sure, I’ve updated the information. 😉

  67. Hijuyo My blog has changed. It is not The domain was too long so now it is It is still Grantm56’s Blog!

  68. Poptropica Knights:

    staff: Friendly Gamer

    Hijuyo: Congratulations, your blog is the 80th on the list! :mrgreen:

  69. For Popular Thunder’s Blog the name has been changed (Poptropican People’s Blog) and there are more staff members (namely: setew2, MonsterMan, Detective Sneakyc/Scaryw, Fierce Sky, Graham, and metsfan21).

    Hijuyo: Thanks for the update. 😉

  70. poptropica blog
    poptropica blog
    friendly shark
    purple hero,purple grape,smart eagle

    Hijuyo: Blog approved. 😉

  71. The Poptropican Info Blog had some major changes. Golden Butterfly had to go a LONG time ago. Addamos left and Icy is inactive,so they’re all off. Dynaboa joined. Dynaboa is White Star.

  72. Comical Hawk says:

    This is mine

    Poptropica Blog
    Poptropica Blog
    Comical Hawk

    Is it ok for the theme because i think their the same
    If you want me to change i will

    PS:I have links to your site because somewhere on here you said it was ok only to put links

  73. Can you put my blog:

    The Quick Berry Blog
    Quick Berry Blog
    Quick Berry
    Poptropica450,Friendly Hopper,DynaBoa

    Hijuyo: Sure, Quick Berry. 😉

  74. Sorry to bother you, but I’ve got some new info to add.

    Remove Poptropiclub Ad. Turns out that there was already a site w/ the name before us.

    Second, would you please add this new info?

    Poptropica Journal
    Poptropica Journal
    Dynaboa/White Star, Graham, Comical Hawk, Nellaallen, Friendly Hopper

    And this is a new Poptropica Service I created:

    Poptropica help LIVE
    Poptropica Help LIVE
    Dynaboa/White Star, Graham, Comical Hawk, Nellaallen, Friendly Hopper

    BTW, I (dynaboa/white star) left the Poptropica Info Blog.

    I joined Poptropica News & More bu Friendly Hopper.


  75. Comical Hawk says:

    update– owners– Comical Hawk,Ryan, Friendly Hopper.

  76. Man. i forgot to tell you this:

    Update the TPCH info with the following (yes, i changed da site name)

    The PJH
    The PJH
    Dynaboa/White star

    P.S. Do u want me to list the PHB under ‘Cool sites’ on the PJH?

    Hijuyo: Information updated. Sure, we’d be glad if you could link us on your site! 😀

  77. Here are two blogs I am a part of:

    Pokemon of The Week
    Pokemon of The Week

    Pawsrent`s Blog
    Pawsrent`s Blog
    Pawsrent, zippyfish4,Happy Storm


  78. moodyskull says:

    blog of moody skull
    blog of moody skull
    moody skull

    Hijuyo: Blog approved, Moody Skull. 😉

  79. Giant Hawk says:

    My blog: And…
    Giant Hawk;more authors coming soonAlso, how do you get the tabs that say, “cool stuff, 911, etc.” does it cost money? thanks.

    Hijuyo: No, it doesn’t cost money on You can create new pages for your blog from your dashboard. 😉

  80. Giant Hawk says:

    sorry I repeatidly commented.Please don’t delete me.

  81. Friendly hopper says:

    I got another blog Hijuyo:
    Poptropica derict news .
    Main adminstater: Friendly hopper (me).
    Staff: no one.

    Slanted Fish: The site is no longer available.

  82. I’ve also got another Poptropica Site:


    I’ve added you to like I said I would in an earlier post.

    Hijuyo: Thanks, Dynaboa! 🙂

  83. The Poptropican Info Blog has changed a lot. Icy,PT,GB and TH all left. Hyper Star joined.

  84. Poptropica News-Flash
    Yui,Graham,Curiuos Dragon,Tkowch2,Zippy Dude

    Hijuyo: Blog approved.

  85. Iceuni2
    Iceuni2’s Poptropica Blog

    Hijuyo: Blog approved.

  86. Hijuyo, please update all references to me (Dynaboa/White star) to the following: Dynaboa/Striped Melon. Also, I merged the PJH into Poptropica help Live, so you can remove the PJH ad. So, the new Poptropica Help LIVE ad should look like this:

    Poptropica Help LIVE/ PJH Home
    Poptropica Help LIVE/ PJH Home
    Dynaboa/Striped Melon, Graham, Comical Hawk, Nellaallen, Friendly Hopper, Quick Berry

    BTW, add Quick Berry to the poptropica journal listing/ad please.

    And, here is what is replacing the PJH:

    Don’t worry, since I merged the old PJH into Pophelp LIVE, I added the PHB to the links that are listed on Pophelp LIVE.

    Thank you- I just noticed how long of a comment I wrote. Sorry!

    Hijuyo: Whew, long update! Thanks for letting us know. 🙂

    • Yeah, sorry! I guess I can get long winded sometimes 😉

    • Ok, I have yet another update. You can delete my comments from this page when ur done reading this- I realize they do take up a lot of space x).

      Anyway, here I go:

      Poptropica Help LIVE is now Poptropica Assist. Magic Shadow, Quick Berry, Friendly Hopper joined PopSuite. I just thought I’d give u a heads up on that part. Thanks! 🙂 😉

      I think that’s all the updates…..

  87. Comical Hawk says:

    I have a new blog called Pop Mega the URL is It has Comical Hawk and Dynaboa on it, I want to Be known as Pop Mega, Oh and i am a part of Pop Suite so can you add me as a part of it, Thanks
    ~Comical Hawk

    Hijuyo: Directory updated. 🙂

  88. Poptropica Fun Blog
    Poptropica Fun Blog
    Super Shark
    Gadget Girl

    Hijuyo: Remember that this directory is the ONLY page you can advertise your Poptropica blog. Anywhere else is considered spamming, which is against our rules.

  89. How come you have not posted my blog

    Slanted Fish: Your site doesn’t have enough Poptropica content to qualify for our directory.

  90. Why did you get rid of my MSS? (multiverse submission station)

  91. MagicShadow says:

    I have a blog!
    The Poptropica World Wide Web

    Slanted Fish: Sorry, this site doesn’t exist anymore.

  92. roziela says:

    Website Name : poptropica news
    Website URL (link)
    What you want your website to be known as poptropica updates
    Your nickname roziela
    Nicknames of other authors on your site, if you have any roziela

    Slanted Fish: Sorry, it doesn’t exist anymore.

  93. Um, I’m not sure if I posed this blog or not, and it’s not about Poptropica, but… it’s worth a shot, right? My blog is…

    I am the only author, the website name is Ocean Clover’s Blog, I want it to be known as Ocean Clover’s Blog!, and my nickname is Ocean Clover.

    Slanted Fish: Blog approved.

  94. kazookie says:

    Hey, guys! My blog is I am currently the only author there, and my Poptropica name is Shifty Walker. Just put it as Shifty Walker, not Kazookie!

  95. Ok, Coskit joined PopSuite!
    Thanks Hijuyo, I know I make frequent updates.

  96. can you please add my site?

    Green Boa’s Poptropica blog
    Green Boa
    no new authors… yet.
    And thanks SO MUCH if you add this, because I just started yesterday and it’d make my day if it got added, also can I add a link to the PHB on my site? 😉

    Hijuyo: Yes, you’re more than welcome to link to us. Thanks! 🙂

  97. Hey Hijuyo, I’ve got a few updates for you:

    I am the new owner of the iBop, starting tomorrow. No staff yet (except me)- I’m going to hire some.

    Also, please please please update PopSuite’s ad to this:

    Dynaboa, Comical Hawk, Golden Butterfly, Coskit, Friendly Hopper

    And here is my new ad: I made some forums. Well, here I go:

    The iFop
    The iFop (International Forums of Poptropica)

    The categories (20 categories all about Poptropica) are on the right side. New discussions are in the middle. i tried to simplify these forums to the basic nuts & bolts, and the iFop was the product.

    Also, many of my “ads’ on the Poptropica Directory don’t work. Because I deleted them. So, you can wipe out all of my ads that don’t work.

    I hope that this is all of my updates…. I just have so many!

    Thank you, and is this update waaaaay too long?

    Slanted Fish: PopSuite is on the list, but the iFop isn’t available anymore.

  98. Smart Kid’s Poptropica Help Blog
    Smart Kid’s Poptropica Help
    Smart Kid
    Green Boa

    Slanted Fish: Blog approved!

  99. Molly98’s blog
    Molly98’s blog
    Molly/Golden Sky

    Slanted Fish: Sorry, this blog needs more Poptropica content in order to qualify for our directory.

  100. PoptropicaNewsBlog
    Mysterious Gamer
    Dynaboa, Magic Shadow

    NOTE: It’s Kinda new so I really don’t have that much on it.

    Slanted Fish: Blog approved!

  101. * Website Name: Poptropica-seeds

    * Website URL:
    * What you want your website to be known as: Poppy Seeds
    * Your nickname: Popular Joker


    Hijuyo: Great Poptropica website, PJ! 🙂

  102. Popular Joker says:

    Thanks for adding me! I will tell you when I stop posting for good… if that will ever happen!!!

  103. loudshark says: <– can u add this

    Slanted Fish: Blog added.

  104. Please remove all references to me (Dynaboa) on this page. Please remove all ads that I have made on here EXCEPT the PopSuite ad and the iFop ad. PopSuite now belongs to Mysterious Gamer. The iFop ad should be edited as follows:

    The PSF (PopStarlight Forums) | | Frostdragon

    I, Dynaboa, am leaving the internet. All of this is really stressing me out. So, I gave Mysterious Gamer PopSuite & I gave Frostdragon the PSF. I am not on the iBop anymore. I have quit all sites that I am on. Thank you for your understanding. Thanks Hijuyo!


    Slanted Fish: The link doesn’t work, sorry.

  105. Poptropica Excitement Blog
    Poptropica Excitement Blog
    Angry Wing
    Peak/Icy Crab, and BJA

    Slanted Fish: Blog added! 🙂

  106. I have a new author Boy1dr and i got a new domain off a free domain site,it is now, still same site

  107. Peak and BJA aren’t Authors anymore.

  108. BJA and Neat Runner are now working on the blog. You should visit it.

  109. The poptropica project
    The poptropica project
    Elmo Pwns/Ahmed

    Slanted Fish: Blog added, Elmo. 😛

  110. Crazy Tornado says:

    Crazy Penguin’s Stuff Blog
    Crazy Penguin’s Stuff Blog
    Crazy Penguin

    Slanted Fish: Sorry, this site doesn’t exist anymore.

  111. frostyfroffee says:

    Anyone want to work at
    I’m looking for staff – and if I’m breaking any rules – I’m sorry. I just wanted my site to be as successful as the PHB.

    Slanted Fish: Sorry, this site doesn’t exist anymore.

  112. Madhatter53’s Blog
    Madhatter53’s Poptropica Blog

    Slanted Fish: Blog added, Madhatter53!

  113. Can you add my blog?

    Icycomet’s Blog
    Icy Comet’s Blog
    Icy Comet

    Just so you know, I’m still working on some of the guides, so my blog isn’t totally complete yet.

    Slanted Fish: No problem, IC! 🙂

  114. Bony Flame says:

    I’m sorry. I didn’t read the directions carefully. Here is the REAL one.

    Bony Flames Poptropica Cheats

    Bony Flame

    Bony Flame

    Prickly Leaf

    Slanted Fish: Website not found. Sorry Bony Flame.

  115. Take a look at my blog: Cheese, Apples and Peanuts (I know, it’s random. It is and I would like to get some people to join to make my blog better.
    Cheers, Potato Grl (I know, that’s also random).

    Slanted Fish: Sorry, the site is no longer available.

  116. My blog is called ‘The Poptropica and AQWorlds Blog’.
    OR you can type in the search engine ‘Eddiehp123’ to find my blog.

    I would really want people commenting and joining in my blog.

    My blog staffs are me, Golden Eel/Mash Man, Shippy, Flashy123, GreenDragonKnight.

    I have Home, Pictures, Videos, Posts, About, Cool Stuff, Links, Guestbook, Voting, FAQ, Island Help, Poptropica Magazine.

    Slanted Fish: Website approved.

  117. On my blog I don’t talk about Poptropica as much but I talk about Harry Potter a lot so if you like HP and Poptropica and Poptropica bands and music and stuff then you should go to mine!Here’s the URL:

    Slanted Fish: Sorry, it needs more Poptropica content in order to qualify for our directory.

  118. buttercup4evr says:

    Website Name: Poptropica Awesome
    Nickname: Buttercup4evr
    Other authors:IncredibleEmily

    Slanted Fish: Website added.

  119. Website : Poptropica Help Blog 3 (We Moved, Again)
    Authors : Me

    Hijuyo: Just for your reference, the PHB is the original “Poptropica Help Blog” and we are not affiliated to other blogs with the same name. It’s also not appreciated that you didn’t use an original name for your blog.

  120. Website Name: rozielas poptropica page
    Nickname: roziela
    Other authors:we share the blog but i own that page

    Slanted Fish: Page cannot be found and not enough Poptropica content, sorry.

  121. Brave Tomato/Eliza Williams the Huntress says:

    Website name: Brave Tomato’s Blog
    Staff: Brave Tomato (me), Super Thunder, and Red heart

    Slanted Fish: The blog no longer exists. 😦

  122. Hungry Brain says:

    this isn’t mine, i just like it: tab name:
    Poptropica Cheats and Secrets – Cheats, Walkthroughs and Secrets for Poptropica

    call it:
    Poptropica Cheats and Secrets

    url is:

    i dont no who the staff is

    Slanted Fish: Thanks for the recommendation.

  123. The Poptropica Maximum
    Poptropica Maximum
    No other authors (yet)

    If you can check it out I would greatly appreciate it

    – R.O.R.Y

    Slanted Fish: Blog added, Rory!

  124. Grumpy Spider says:

    A lot of these people stopped posting on their blogs for a very long time. I just hate that.

  125. Poptrickia!
    Crazy Dinosaur

    Slanted Fish: Website approved, Crazy Dinosaur! 😛


    Call it: Poptropica Infomatic Blog
    Staff Member: AF

    Slanted Fish: This site no longer exists.


    News on Poptropica

    Slanted Fish: Website added, LS.

  128. I have a blog.But it is still in the works….here is the link:
    Hey Hijuyo,is it ok if I use your guides on my blog?I’ll give you credit.

    Hijuyo: Sorry, please do not copy and paste PHB content directly onto another site. If you would like your blog readers to see what we have word-for-word, simply use a link to refer them to our site.

  129. nice

  130. ShyFire/BB says:

    SBC Poptropica Stuff

    Slanted Fish: Blog added!


    I hope you guys check out my blog! I would really appreciate it…

    Slanted Fish: Sorry, this blog needs more Poptropica content in order to qualify for our directory.

  132. Little Penguin’s Blog

    My nickname is LP (for Little Penguin)

    It’s not much yet cos my blog is under construction , but it would be cool after I’m done editing ! (:

    Slanted Fish: Blog approved!

  133. My new blog is:

    Popping Poptropica Help Blog
    Popping Poptropica Help, Popping Poptropica Help Blog, or Popping Poptropica Assistance
    Magic Onion

    Slanted Fish: Blog approved. 🙂

  134. jcwarw3 says:

    Hey Its jcwarw3 aka NiceDragon come join my blog 😀

  135. Poptropica Glitch & Cheats Forum –
    Tester Beta, 3-D Darren, Mashimai (MashMan)

    Poptropica Glitch & Cheats Help’s Youtube Channel –
    Tester Beta, 3-D Darren, Mashimai (MashMan)

    Slanted Fish: The first site no longer exists, but the YouTube channel has been added.

  136. uh hi im ferb i wanted to know if someone could visit my blog and if the people of PHB could help it become known lol my nickname is smart wing to let u no xD anyway drop by if u want its called thepoptropicans.wordpress.

  137. Did you notice that I commented on your Blog? That means I got on it!! 😉

  138. cleanshark says:

    I did that and commented on it yesterday, but I guess that kinda went for everyone anyway. 😉

  139. cleanshark says:

    Okay, Hijuyo, Codien, I’m waiting for an answer if I can use your glitches or not!!!!

    Hijuyo: If you mean post them to another website, we don’t permit copying and pasting, but you can post a link to our site.

  140. cleanshark says:

    So you mean typing the glitces on my blog and give you the credit? OK.

    Hijuyo: I meant just giving a link to this blog, but not copying and pasting directly from our words. However, if you’re summarizing with your own words, you can do so & credit us with a link.

  141. I don’t know what giving a link means… but I wasn’t planning on pasting it anyway. Can you tell me wat giving a link means???

  142. cleanshark says:

    Really, Hijuyo… what does giving a link mean?

    Slanted Fish: It means putting the URL of the website (for example, the PHB’s is

  143. Check out my website:

    Slanted Fish: Blog approved and added.

  144. Sorry, I posted a reply…

    How’s my site Hijuyo?

    Poptropica WCA
    Poptropica WCA
    Golden Crown
    Fast Lion, Happy Storm, Silver Hero, and Starry Icicle (Multiverse host)

    It’s still in the process of being created… So keep checking on it!

    Slanted Fish: It’s quite interesting so far; good start!

  145. Silver Icicle says:

    Cool site! Wow! I get to be Multiverse host!

  146. Alfiano says:

    Good News! has a competition to win a dummy! Hurry! before someone wins! BTW there will only be 1 winner for a dummy: picprize and one winner for a rare poptropican account ^.^ thnx alfie out.

  147. Tough Icicles Blog
    thats my blog

    Slanted Fish: Added. Thanks for all the contributions you’ve made to the PHB as well, Sam. 🙂

  148. Funbrain Playground

    The Poptropica Press

    Popular Seagull

    Slanted Fish: Website added!

  149. Shoeless Comet’s Blog
    Shoeless Comet
    Shoeless Comet’s Blog

  150. The Ultimate Blog
    The Ultimate Blog
    Ultimate Blogger
    Ultimate Blogger,The Big Boss,Mysterious,MOVIE MAKER!,Brainiac,Goof,Danger Dude,Destroyer,Mega Creator,Hidden Hunter

    Slanted Fish: Sorry, this site needs more Poptropica content in order to qualify for our directory.

  151. ::)

  152. Smart Leopard says:

    Smart Leopard’s Awesome Blog
    Smart Leopard’s Awesome Blog
    I hope you like it

    Slanted Fish: Blog added.

  153. Brave Eye’s Super Blog
    Brave Eye
    No xtra members

    Slanted Fish: Blog added, Brave Eye!

  154. How do you make a blog. Do you have to pay money. I need help

  155. Fearless Owl says:

    Fearless Owl
    Additional Writers: Quiet Drummer, Super Kid

    Slanted Fish: Website approved.

  156. The Poptropica Press gives updates on upcoming islands, has a gallery of cool costume ideas, and provides a virtual marketplace for all things Poptropican.

    My cool blog

    Slanted Fish: Website approved and added.

  158. I made a sort of iCostume.

    Slanted Fish: This site should probably add more content first.

  159. Dr. Magic Onion, Poptropicatologist says:

    Hello! My blog has been up for about a week, I just posted the first two comments, and 3 out of 7 of my views are from the UK! My blog needs HELP!
    Poptropica for Dummies

    • Dr. Magic Onion, Poptropicatologist says:

      I’m sorry, we moved. The new URL is:

    • Dr. 3DS Player says:

      Poptropica for Dummies is sooo much better than the PHB! They stay on topic with their posts, while the PHB can get off-topic, or go into multiple topics, and it gets confusing sometimes.

      Now, that is a personal opinion, but, I have the right, as an American citizen, to voice may opinion.

      ~Dr. 3DS Player

      • Dr. Magic Onion, Poptropicatologist says:


        I’m sorry. Dr. 3DS Player isn’t affiliated with Poptropica for Dummies in any way, shape or island. I’m sorry if this ends up causing contrevery.

        Once Again, I apologize for these harsh words.

        ~Dr. Magic Onion,

      • Dr. 3DS Player: Sure, you’re entitled to your opinion. However, I’m not sure what you’re finding confusing, since the PHB tries to keep everything organized. This is the Poptropica Help Blog, and for the most part we do, in fact, stick to our topic: Poptropica. We may occasionally deviate from it, but not in a way that’s not understandable. Also, not everyone here is American (I for one am not).

        Dr. Magic Onion: Thank you for letting me know. However, I do note that you’re both posting from the same IP address…

    • Dr. Magic Onion, Poptropicatologist says:

      Oh… Then Dr. 3DS Player must be my litttle brother. Looks like he wanted to support me in the cause… 😳

      Fishy, I’ll have a stern conversation with him. Sorry for any confusion.

      ~Dr. Magic Onion

  160. Adventure Time Pop
    Authors: Spotted Dragon (Me), Dr. Magic Onion, and Silver Wolf
    It’s about Adventure Time AND Poptropica

    Slanted Fish: Blog added! 🙂

  161. Clean Shark, News Reporter says:

    Slanted Fish, I’m planning to make an update to my blog or making a new one. It has to do with Angry Birds, and I don’t know if I should mix it in with my regular blog, or make a new one about it. I’m kinda leaning towards mixing it in with Poptropica, but IT want to know what you think.

  162. Here is my link:

    Name: Poptropica Tips For Poptropicans
    Founder: Silver Wolf.
    Authors: Perfect Dolphin, Fearless Fox, Shy Singer, and Big Snowball.

    Slanted Fish: Nice site! Blog added.

  163. New And Inporved
    Staff: Cheat Dude (Me), Cleanshark, Magic Shark, Zamarripa25, Perfect Dolphin And skybluedude
    Site Title: Cheat Dude’s Poptropica Blog
    Commenters: Jleexd, Samwow5 its me i am still at school, sanic, burberry-bags, Cleanshark, Magic Shark, Cheat Dude (Me), Zamarripa25 And Perfect Dolphin.
    My Faveourite Post: New Thing For Backlot Island.

    Slanted Fish: Blog approved and added.

  164. Yellow Comet says:

    Poptropica Private Eye | | Yellow Comet

    Slanted Fish: Sorry Yellow Comet, the link doesn’t work.

  165. I have one! My brother’s blog, it’s called “Grumpy Snowball’s Blog”

    Slanted Fish: He’s already posted an ad for it here. 😛

  166. Can you remove Poptropicano? The new site is Poptropica Index:

    Slanted Fish: Ok. Poptropica Index is now listed.

  167. Can you also remove It’s inactive.

    Slanted Fish: Ok.

  168. Website Name: Poptropica Index
    Website URL:
    Staff Members (Currently): Giant Rock, Mashimai

    Slanted Fish: Site approved! Btw, you no longer need to update us on the staff members. 🙂

    (The on site name changes regularly.)
    Staff: Me (PopLiz.), Calm bear (CalBer)(Uses my account.) .
    Provides Reviews of in game stuff, Reviews of creators posts,
    And original stuff.


    Slanted Fish: Blog added as “Toaau’s Poptropica Stuff.”

  170. iSplazo
    Owner: iSplazo (Alfie Fong)

    iSplazo includes Poptropica Updates, Cheats, Tips and Tricks and Walkthroughs, We even have Stories, Videos, Adventure Time Posts and many more! Well, Thats about it 😀

    Slanted Fish: Website added.


    Mighty the Marvelous’s Blog

    A site for Poptropica ONLY. Nothing personal(if we could resist,anyway).Maybe it still needs some work,but…erm,NVM.

  172. Name: Alfie’s Poptropica Blog

  173. iSplazo Youtube

    Slanted Fish: Sorry, this channel doesn’t have enough Poptropica content to qualify for the directory.

  174. Fishy, why isn’t my blog on ur blogroll anymore?

    • I cleaned up the blogroll a while ago so there’s less links on it. Since your blog isn’t owned by a PHB staff member, it wasn’t given priority over the other Poptropica blogs listed, but at least the PHB blogroll was able to help promote your blog for a while (helping to get it on its feet, and hopefully now you can let it flourish). It’d also be more fair to the other Poptropica blogs that exist, but no worries, that’s what this page (the Poptropica Web Directory) is for.

  175. StarCat says:

    My ,not great,kinda new at this.

    Slanted Fish: You should probably add some more Poptropica content to it. Have fun! 😛

    • StarWolf,Early Poptropica Champion! says:

      Hey,Fishy! You can take down the YFP(my blog) on the directory because,my blog has gotten pretty POPular,and I have a couple people helping.You were right! I am having fun! Anyway,thanks for advertising it!

      Slanted Fish: Ok, blog removed.

  176. StarCat says:

    I added the PHB to my blogroll! that’s not copying, right?

    Slanted Fish: That’s completely fine. 🙂

  177. StarCat says:

    Does anyone have time to help me on my blog as an author or editor? I really need someone to write guides on it.mine are THE WORST!

  178. HPuterpop says:

    Hey Fishy,
    It’s obviously HPuterpop, made a blog, it’s name is HPuterpop’s – playing since 2007

    Slanted Fish: Added it to the list. 🙂

  179. Young Flame says:

    A few things.
    1. I want a blog but I don’t know how to make one.
    2. What would be useful and what do people want to see? What could I do for a blog?
    3. How do I change my gravatar?
    Thanks, Slanted Fish!
    Young Flame

  180. Young Flame says:

    A few things.
    1. I want a blog but I don’t know how to make one.
    2. What would be useful and what do people want to see? What could I do for a blog?
    3. How do I change my gravatar?
    Thanks, Slanted Fish!
    Young Flame

  181. Young Flame says:

    never mind. can you add my new blog?
    Website name- All Things Poptropica
    Website Administraor/Author- Young Flame
    If you want to be an author to my new blog, reply to this comment.
    Young Flame

    Slanted Fish: Website added.

  182. Title: iPlayPoptropica
    Owner: Alfie Fong ( Me xD )

    Slanted Fish: Website added.

    Website name: Pop-Secrets!

    Pop-Secrets is a great website for Poptropicans to find cheats,walkthroughs, special costumes and SO much more!

    Slanted Fish: Website added.

  184. Dear Slanted Fish, I wanted you to know that my Poptropican’s name that was previously Curious Storm, has now been exchanged for the name Perfect Owl. Whenever you have time could you please change the description for Pop-Secrets and make the part that says Curious Storm say Perfect Owl? Thank you.

    ~ Perfect Owl

    Slanted Fish: Ok, it’s been changed.

  185. Hi, I have another website but it’s my friends:
    Popular Boot

    Description: Poptropica Website by Popular Boot. Helping Poptropicans Blog.

    Slanted Fish: Website added.

  186. Hi Slanted Fish, I’m sorry I bother you so much, but I had a stupid question, I was wondering how people got on the list of recommended sites, like what the requirements were, to see if I would ever acquire a spot on the list. So would you mind telling me that? Again, sorry to bother you.

    ~ Perfect Owl

    Slanted Fish: The recommended sites are those that have been popular for a long time and contain lots of original, high quality content.

  187. I’m proud of my blog, but I admit. It’s crummy. I either do fan fiction stuff or copy creator’s posts (and quote it of course). You can check it out and tell me what I need to do to make it better if you want.

  188. Hi, I’m looking for administrators for my website Email me at if you are interested. Thank you!

  189. Club Tutorial
    Tutorials for Poptropica and Club Penguin + MORE!
    Alfie Fong ( iSplazo :p )

    Slanted Fish: Site added.

  190. We’re looking for authors :D:

  191. Nameless UNdefiNEd says:

    Poptropican Awesomeness:
    Authors: Nameless UnDEFiNed, Cool Smarticle, Sleepy Feather and The PAws. (Spelled like that 😆
    About the site: Poptropican Awesomeness, well why wouldn’t you want to visit it?? it has AWESOME right in the title!! Poptropican Awesomeness is about all of the Awesomeness of Poptropica. We keep you Up-to-date with everything new in Poptropica. If you’re looking for Awesome help, this is the place.

    Slanted Fish: Site added. 🙂

    • Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

      I commented this when my site was at about 29 views. Now it’s at 11,973.

      Thank you peeps! It’s an AWESOME feeling xD

  192. Nameless UNdefiNEd says:

    I’m asking for my friend Tyra32311:

    Site: Poptropican Wonders! Where all of your Poptropican Wonders are!!!
    Owners: Tyra32311 and Nameless UnDEFiNed

    Slanted Fish: Site added.

  193. Nameless UNdefiNEd says:

    Could you advertise my site Heroes Of Poptropicans??
    Name: Heroes Of Poptropicans (Link: )
    Owner: Nameless UnDEFiNed, Spotted Dragon, and the HOPpers

    Info: If YOU need to be saved ANYWHERE in Poptropica, the Heroes Of Poptropicans will be there.
    (NOTE: I have a rather large contest going on, the Writer’s Contest… But it’s gotten SUPER SLOW, and I only have one or two entries…)

    Slanted Fish: Site added.

  194. Nameless UNdefiNEd says:

    **Sigh** I know this is a longshot, but I’ve got nothing to lose so I might as well ask… This site isn’t Poptropica. It’s a Teenage Newspaper that doesn’t get ANY views… Not anymore at least. This is the site to give Teens advice, because it seems anyone who helps gives you the wrong info.

    The Teenage Herald.
    About: The Teenager’s site for Teens and Preteens… If anyone’s actually reading.
    Author: Nameless.

    Like I said, nothing to lose, might as well try.

    Slanted Fish: Only Poptropica sites will be added to the directory.

    • Nameless UNdefiNEd says:

      Okay, thanks for responding. Worst you could say is no right? 😆 😆 😳 Thanks… Time to work on that contest.

  195. Nameless UNdefiNEd says:

    The Poptropica Newsroom (LINK: )
    OWNER: Nameless UnDEFiNed AUTHORS: Young Flame and the News Crew.
    ABOUT: The Poptropica Newsroom is the Poptropica blog with it’s own show, that YOU can be involved in!! (Just by submitting a segment!!)

    ~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

    Slanted Fish: Site added!

    • Nameless UNdefiNEd says:

      Thank you!! I can’t belive VHI hasn’t released yet! 😦 This stinks…. Today was the day that was anticipated, so my mom gave me the day from a bunch of extra chores…. This stinks. Now if it’s released tomorrow, I’ll have to wait EVEN LONGER THAN EVERYONE ELSE 😥 😥

  196. Nameless UNdefiNEd says:

    Poptropica News Network. LOOKING FOR AUTHORS!!!!!
    ABOUT: PNN ( 😆 ) … The leader in Poptropica News
    OWNERS: Nameless and Young Flame
    Just started, 1 hit. BOOOO!!!

    Slanted Fish: Site added.

  197. Nameless UNdefiNEd says:

    NAME: As Poptropica Turns (Like the soap As The World Turns) LINK:
    ABOUT: APT is the Poptropica Soap Opera written by Nameless and Young Flame

    Slanted Fish: Site added!

  198. Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

    NAME: PopFlop
    OWNERS: Elphangor and HCM
    ABOUT: The PopFlop will make you FLIP!!


    Slanted Fish: Website added!


    Slanted Fish: Blog added.

  201. Here’s mine:
    Poptropica With Scary Plug

    Slanted Fish: Site added!


    My new poptropica blog!


  203. ohitsalison says: (oh god)
    Poptropica Party (loool)
    “get this party started” (AHAHAHAHAAHAH)
    i don’t have any words to describe it idk i tried to make it look pretty but i honestly don’t use it that often idk could you add it if it’s okay? 🙂

    Slanted Fish: Sure, site added! 🙂

  204. Cuddly Lion says:

    Can you add mine?
    Top Pop
    Looking for authors
    Admin: Cuddly Lion!!!!!

  205. Pricklydragon25 says:

    umm so Slanted fish in this WordPress you told me about is it free or do i have to pay to make my blog because it says here to pay. Please respond back. Thank you 🙂

    • is free, although you can pay for upgrades such as a custom domain (removing “wordpress” from your blog’s URL). is different but also free; however, you’ll need to pay for other things like a domain and webhost. I would suggest starting out with the free and learning how to use it via the the many Support articles available. Since the PHB is dedicated to Poptropica, not the blogging world, I’m not going to be getting into all the details – good luck!

    Pop in and bop out

    Slanted Fish: Added to the list. 🙂

  207. Can some one vist my blog? We are hiring!

    • Yeah mine too the link doesn’t work (Poptropica Perfect, #33) but search it on google guys it has like 1 view a day! Please fix the link for mine;it’s broken and leads to an error page! Thnx Fishy!

      Slanted Fish: Sorry about that! It’s now been fixed. 🙂

  208. Magic Fire says:
    The Poptropica Pacakge
    Creator: Magic Fire 😛

    Slanted Fish: Nice! Site added. 🙂

  209. Someone come on my blog and comment here is the link

  210. Silly Sword’s Story
    Lula4schmidt/Silly Sword

    Slanted Fish: Added. 🙂

  211. Slippery Raptor says:

    May I advertise mine? Here is the URL to my blog. My Poptropica site posts Poptropica major or minor! I also advertise the PHB on my blogroll! 🙂 In advance, thanks Fishy and really love this site!

    Slanted Fish: Cool, I’ve added it in! 🙂

  212. Please advertise this:

    Title: Poptropica 411
    Tagline/ Info: The 411 in Poptropica for your needs

    please add this. I barely have anybody. please be an author

    Slanted Fish: Added, but you may want to add more Poptropica content to the site!

  213. excuse me; but can you please take TS’s blog down. It says cuss words, and has things that include hate content.

  214. Noisy Whale says:

    Site Address:
    Poptropican Staff: Noisy Whale, Bony Owl, Wild Turtle and Invisible Star
    A interesting site for beginners to Poptropica, need more people to write guides and posts.

    Slanted Fish: Site added. 🙂

    Island Walkthroughs and help with Poptropica.

    Slanted Fish: Blog added. 🙂

  216. perfectcoyote says:

    Okay so here’s my site:
    It’s by me (Perfect Coyote) and my BFF, Angry Wolf
    It’s in progress, but it’s inspired by your site and it has walkthroughs and other cool stuff!

    Slanted Fish: Cool; site added! 🙂

  217. Happy Leopard Poptropica Blog

    Name: Happy Leopard Poptropica Blog or HLPB for short.
    Authors: 1shabbymn, Brave Peanut, Grumpy Wolf, Magic Fire, Riley, and Short Leaf.
    Owner: Happy Leopard.
    Walkthroughs, glitches, and much much more.

    I’ll add some walkthroughs soon. I don’t have a screenshot program to take pictures. 😦

    Slanted Fish: Blog added! For screenshots, you can try the Lightshot program. 🙂

  218. Red Lizard says:

    I Have a Blog Please add my blog Slantedfish Here’s link:

  219. Wilbur a.k.a Cuddly Knuckle says:

    Hi, Fishy! I made a new blog (But not quite finished with it… ) Anyways, here’s the link!

    Slanted Fish: There’s no (Poptropica) content on there, though.

    • meganj12345 says:

      I know there’s no content in my blog, but it will soon be about Pop. Also, I don’t know how to decorate my blog’s headline, and make the words a different color than black, so when people click on the colored words, they find themselves in a different post or website!

  220. Brave Dolphin says:

    Here’s my blog 😛 : ~ Bringing you Poptropica news and info as soon as it POPS up!

    Slanted Fish: Blog added! 🙂

  221. Red Lizard says:

    Hey PHB can add my Blog its MrKeith1234 Winner of Halloween Costume contest. Well anyways,m y blog reached 1,000 + hits but now its going downhill again Please add my Blog Thank you and have a nice day


    Slanted Fish: Your blog is already listed here as “Red Lizard’s Blog”.


    Fierce Owl’s Poptropica Help.

    Full of help, humor and happiness!

    (I know there’s not much yet, but of course, that will change with time)

    Slanted Fish: Site added! 🙂

  223. I put a link to here (The Poptropica Help Blog) on my blog, under ‘insparation’ 😉

  224. Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

    Hey, just in case you update this page any time soon, you can remove Heroes Of Poptropicans (16) if you’d like. It’s been shut down for a while. (Oh, and Poptropica For Dummies was shut down too ;c ) Just letting you know. Thanks for letting us advertise here c:

    Slanted Fish: Alright, thanks for the updates! 🙂

  225. Here, Fishy! Cuddly Knuckle’s Poptropica Blog!!!

    Slanted Fish: Alright, blog added!

  226. Guys could you please visit my site it’s #35 it has like 1 view a day and I put hours into it! Thanks! 😛

  227. kurtbushg says:

    author available : my username is kurtbushg you can contact me on this blog if you need me it can be ANY poptropica blog but I would like for the position to be one that I could post so if you need me I will do it NO MATTER WHAT !


    Web Name: Poptropica Inside and Out
    Authors: Trusty Biker and Incredible Flame
    I know it doesn’t have a lot of stuff yet, but we’re working on a lot of pages that should be up by the end of January

    Slanted Fish: Site added. 🙂

  229. Hey Slanted F!!!
    I started a new blog called The Poptropican Newsroom, and I would love for you to add it!
    Tagline: Sitting around a table in front of a camera, talking
    Please add it 😀

    slantedfish: Added! 🙂

  230. Do you ever think of deleting the inactive/deleted sites? I know they’re alot, but I could help you 😛

    slantedfish: I have done that before, but feel free to help! 🙂

    • Ok 😀 There’s three parts: Inactive Sites, Deleted Sites, and Possibly Inactive
      All Things Poptropica-Last post was 6/26/14
      Blazing Poptropica-Last post was April 25, 2009
      Brave Eye’s Super Blog- Last post was August 3, 2013
      Calm Spinner’s Poptropica Blog- Last post was June 5, 2010
      Commercial Eye’s Poptropica Blog- Last post was July 14, 2009
      Crazy Catfish’s Blog- Last Post was June 8, 2010
      The Daily Poptropica- Last post was April 23, 2010
      Grumpy Snowball’s Blog- Last post was November 28, 2013
      The iBop- Last post was August 6, 2010
      Invisible Drummer’s Blog- Last post was September 19, 2009
      I Play Poptropica- Last post was November 1, 2013
      Fierce Sky’s Poptropica Blog- Last post was January 28, 2010
      The Flamin’ Skulls- Last post was September 11, 2011
      Fuzzy B’s Poptropica Blog-Last post was June 13, 2014
      Madhatter53’s Poptropica Blog- Last post was January 16, 2011
      Brave Dolphin: Poptropica
      Club Tutorial
      Cheat Dude’s Poptropica Blog- Last post was November 23, 2014
      Cheatz Poptropica- No posts, just A FEW island walkthroughs
      Icy Comet’s Blog- Last post was October 30, 2014
      Poptropica Guides- There’s no posts, only an About page
      Fierce Owl’s Poptropica Website: I can’t tell if there’s any activity
      Loud Shark’s Poptropica Blog- It’s private, so I can’t tel

      It’s your choice to delete the inactive sites and the possibly inactive sites. But I suggest deleting the Deleted Sites because those links just don’t go anywhere 🙂
      Those were the sites 1-30, and I’ll do them by 30 every day until I’ve done them all 😀

      slantedfish: Thanks – I’ll keep the inactive sites for now, but I’ve removed the deleted sites. 😉

  231. Hey could you please add my blog if you still keep this up. 😛
    by me: Cool Bean
    Just some nice glitches and cheats!

    slantedfish: Site added! 🙂

  232. Website Name: Popping Poptropica Stories
    Slogan: Poptropica stories that make you Pop!!
    I just started it around 10 hours ago, and I am still getting content in.

    slantedfish: Site added. 🙂

  233. WimpyKidFan says:

    Can you add my blog to the directory pls?

    slantedfish: Blog added. 😉

  234. smallsponge61 says:
    Poptropica Friends made by SmallSponge61
    Your latest Poptropica news and other cool things is just a click away!

    slantedfish: Site added! 🙂

  235. Toauu’s Poptropica Stuff has been deleted.

    slantedfish: Thanks, it’s been taken off the list. 😉

  236. – Explore Collect Compete – Work hard and rise above them all
    Please consider adding my blog to the list. Thank you! 🙂

    slantedfish: Your blog has been added! Welcome to the Poptropica community! 🙂

  237. Can you add mine?
    Tall Cactus’ Poptropica Blog
    News, theories, and more, by Tall Cactus

    slantedfish: Added! But please do post more Poptropica content. 🙂

  238. Super Comet says:

    I just started a blog…
    Poptropica Diaries- A site with the diaries of three extraordinary Poptropican girls.
    Note- I just started this blog, so it doesn’t have much content.

    slantedfish: Added! 🙂

    • Super Comet says:

      Oh, and it’s written by, (of course) me, Super Comet!

    • Super Comet says:

      Thanks for putting my site up there! (Maybe this blog won’t just sit with no views except for mine… I deleted the first three blogs that I created because they were just sitting without views or good posts.)

      slantedfish: Putting good content up is an important part of the process – don’t worry about views, and don’t expect them just to come either. 😉

  239. Super Comet says:

    I have a new blog.
    Friendly Comet’s Super Poptropica Blog
    Description- An awesome Poptropica blog made by your friend, Friendly Comet.
    (I know it doesn’t have much content. I’m working on a guide for Early Pop, and it’ll be up soon. Check my first (and only 😛 ) post for the exact date.)

    slantedfish: Added, but more content would be nice! 😉

  240. I would like to change my domain as I have bought a .com domain
    8) Cheatz Poptropica With Fierce Thunder (Rockthundera)

  241. Hello guys i have a Youtube channel that is about Poptropica and i highly recommed you check it out.It is called SuperTalkcam

  242. Poptropica Fun Zone

    At the PFZ, our goal is to provide you with up to date Poptropica news and fun Poptropica related activities.

    slantedfish: Thanks, added! 🙂

  243. Short Feather’s popup poptropica fun for all! link:

    slantedfish: Added – happy blogging!

  244. sorry I meant you I was typing in the dark.

  245. SuperTalkcam-A Youtube channel made by Tallmeloniscool and the videos are anything Poptropica like.
    link hope you add this to the Poptropica web directory thanks!

    slantedfish: Added! 🙂

  246. Can you add mine?
    PoptropicaPerfectSky: A Youtube channel full of Poptropica movies, fashion shows, a cooking competition series, and so much more!

    Would be much appreciated 😉

    slantedfish: Added! Keep up the good work! 😀

  247. most of those blogs haven’t even posted in years. why are they all dead? I only like 10 things on this list lol

  248. Hey guys I uploaded a new video

  249. I have a blog:
    Poptropica Skunk Blog
    “A helpful blog for new and old Poptropicans!”

    slantedfish: Site added! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  250. Friendly Foot (a girl) says:

    Where are the other comments? For some reason I can’t see any…

  251. Hey SlantedFish! I have a blog too! Could you please add it?
    Clawtropica – Purple Claw’s Poptropica Blog
    This blog was nominated for the Poppies 2016! 😛

    slantedfish: It has been added! 😀

  252. Our site is: . It’s called the Pop Blog for short and it’s a blog written by Lilly and Mia with fun posts, reviews, walkthroughs, and more about Poptropica! 🙂

    slantedfish: Added! 🙂

  253. Put my blog on there. It’s the Poptropica Flyers Blog, and here’s the link:

    slantedfish: Site added! 🙂

  254. Bendy Flyer says:

    Now my comments are going to be moved to my WordPress account. I used this one because I never had a WordPress account. I am not going to impersonate, just so you know.

  255. Oh sorry 😳 .I asked for you to advertise my blog on another page I’m so so sorry.Well any way:

    Poptropica Speedy Fly’s poppin’ blog
    Speedy fly
    Speedy fly’s poppin’ blog

    Hijuyo: Website approved. Cool graphics! 🙂

  256. Poptropica Directory Supreme
    Poptropica Directory Supreme
    Strangecrumb 😛

    Slanted Fish: Blog added. 🙂

  257. I really need lots of views 😦 maybe about 1000 views lol heres my website:

    website name: Club tutorial
    website link:
    Website Authors: too much sorry but more infomation in the blog ^.^
    website admin: alfianofong

    Slanted Fish: Sorry, this site needs more Poptropica content in order to qualify for our directory.

  258. Don’t go. There’s nothing there

    my website my blog was going fast now like a snail

    Slanted Fish: Blog approved and added.

  260. Nameless UNdefiNEd says:

    Hey YF, how’s the Advertising for PN@10?? I would ask to advertise it here, but 😆 I have already asked for HOP, PAw, and another site I’m working on. Plus I even asked for TTH (Even though it’s not Poptropica)

  261. I think you still can, but I’ve posted on every blog I work on besides yours and Clean’s

  262. look above I put in a request just to let approvers know 😉

  263. oh and me short feather is the only author

  264. how do yu do those drop down menus like under cool stuff?

  265. I really need to know?

  266. Please refer to the WordPress Support guide on Custom Menus. And if you have further questions about using WordPress, use their Support system – the PHB is not the place for these questions. 😉

  267. Thanks

  268. thanks for the link


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