Typing Tricks

When writing comments around our blog, there are many different ways you can type to get your message across better. Putting in one or two smilies to express how you feel or changing the text style to make it stand out are some ways of communication you can use on all WordPress.com blogs!

Just follow these instructions exactly and you’ll be good to go! But please don’t spam with “test” comments – those are considered spam and will be deleted.

WordPress Smilies

You may have seen smilies (also called emoticons) around the PHB and maybe other places. On WordPress.com blogs like this one, when you type a certain combination of keys, they’ll be converted into smilies! Here’s a chart (left side = smilie; right side = what to type to create said smilie):

🙂 :)
😉 ;)
😀 :D
😄 XD
>:D >:D
😦 :(
😥 :'(
😐 :|
:/ :/
😮 :o
😛 :P
😡 >:(
o_O o_O
😎 8-)
^^’ ^^'
😕 :?
:mrgreen: :mrgreen:
😳 :oops:
🙄 :roll:
💡 :idea:
🐻 :bear:
🐱 =^-^=

Make sure to type a space before and after your smilie text. This prevents the smilie being accidentally included in the text around it.

Text Styles

Changing the style of your text can be a great way to grab attention, as long as it’s not overused.

Typing in Bold

“Bold” is when you make the characters in your text thicker, like this. Bold text is used to make important phrases stand out, which is helpful for readers quickly scanning through for key points. Here’s how to type in bold:

  1. Type <b> at the beginning.
  2. Next, enter your text (whatever words you want to bold).
  3. When you’re done typing, add </b> to finish it off.

Please note that the PHB staff may use bold text to reply to comments, so please don’t use it for anything longer than a sentence.

Typing in Italics

When text is slightly slanted to the right side, like this, it’s called italics. They can be used to emphasize an important word in a sentence, for example: I love Poptropica. Titles of books, movies, etc. are also often italicized. Here’s how to type using italics:

  1. Type <i> at the beginning.
  2. Next, enter your text (whatever words you want to italicize).
  3. When you’re done typing your message, add </i> to finish it off.

Remember not to overuse them (as in, don’t use them for long passages) or it’ll be hard to read.

Typing with Underline

Underlined text is when words have a line underneath them, like this. However, it’s actually best not to underline text on the Internet because people may mistake it for a link. Bolding or italicizing text is a more web-friendly option. Here’s how to underline your text:

  1. Type <u> at the beginning.
  2. Next, enter your text (whatever words you want to underline).
  3. When you’re done typing, add </u> to finish it off.

Note: Underlining may be used as an alternative for bolding important headings or italicizing book titles.

Like this page? Check out the PHB’s Pop Plus page for more awesomeness!😀


  1. haha104000 says:

    fishy, how can you do those in posts and i can’t. i can only do smilies but no underlining or bolding or italicizing for me. only in comments i can.

    Slanted Fish: Use the tools in the visual editor when writing posts to bold/underline/italicize/etc. Also, the PHB isn’t the place for these questions; just look it up.😛


  3. I also noticed the Logo Change for PHB

  4. awesome page thx for all the guides

  5. Muddy Kid the Smartest Retro says:

    Uh… how do you make words blue so when people click on the blue words they find themselves in a different website?

    • when you comment the box that says website can be what the blue words send you 2 such as your blog or poptropica itself hope I could help

  6. Magic Snowball says:

    This is awesome!!!

  7. Cool🐻

  8. the🐻 is weirder than:mrgreen:

  9. Flickyfriend002 / Fisio14 says:

    Thanks for the tips🙂 this is just like making a html website (my teacher told me that)

  10. Prickly Monster says:

    Thanks for the tips😀

  11. Sleepy Hero says:


  12. Tyson4924 says:

    What happened to the smileys,they look….different,I could remember the🙄😆😥 and 😳 used to move.

  13. bubblebunny313 says:

    aweome!!!!!!!! thx🙂😎❤

  14. Cool!🙂 I was wondering, like, how they did that.😛 Thanks!🙂🐻🙂

  15. Oh, and fishey?🐻🙂😛 I love this blog. Thanks for creating this!🙂😉🐻🙂😀 X)

  16. i want to hear about dummy friends

  17. I miss the old smilies : (

  18. Smart Popper says:

    You forgot🐱, which does🐱 .

    slantedfish: Thanks for the tip! Added.🐱

  19. Thanks So Much
    You Help Me In Almost Everything!

  20. Thanks So Much
    You Help Me In Almost Everything!

  21. moody tuna says:

    (= ^W^ =)
    U U

    found this on the web. so cute!

  22. Speedy Ring says:

    this is so cool love it!

  23. Friendly Comet aka Captain Comet aka Super Comet says:

    How do you make the devils?

  24. Hey, the smileys changed again!😀
    I haven’t been using them for a long time… my comment would go awaiting moderation…

  25. I love emoticons, and all the typing tricks! 🐻⭐

  26. o_O emojis are so cool !!! ⭐⭐⭐

  27. rachel7686 says:

    its nice🙂

  28. wow

  29. I love this blog

  30. 🙄

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