Poptropica Problems Meme

Ever had a frustrating Poptropica moment? Express that with this “Poptropica Problems” meme generator* – just click here to make your own. Scroll down below for some examples, and feel free to post your own in the comments! The instructions are listed below. 🙂

*starring MT’s hot Poptropican, Happy Wolf

Create your own:

  1. Click here to visit our Poptropican meme generator site for this particular image.
  2. Type in your situation by filling in the spaces for the top and bottom text. (Pointers: Be funny, be creative, but don’t be rude!)
  3. Pick the language (English only for this blog) by clicking on its flag.
  4. Copy and paste the web URL (link) to share it with people!

Note: We are not responsible for other memes shown on the rest of the meme generator website, but you can browse those as well if you want.

Post a comment below if you’ve made one and link to it, plus browse others’ creations! You may post these on your own website or other sharing service if you link back to Poptropica Help (that’s this website). Have fun! #PoptropicaProblems

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  1. Hope you enjoyed these memes and making them! You’re welcome to share your own versions by commenting on this page. Have fun! 😀 -slantedfish

  2. strange beetle says:


  3. ★Brave Tomato★ says:

    Well… I made one. It’s not that good, but I’ll post it anyways.

    Everytime I go on Vampire’s Curse, I end up muting my computer.

  4. Muddy Sinker says:

    Here’s my meme: TRUE STORY..

  5. Muddy Sinker says:

    MY multiverse related meme :

  6. Serious Shadow says:
  7. cleanshark says:

    I don’t really understand this concept that much…

    • They’re like regular internet memes. The character pictured has a certain “theme” associated with it: in the case of this one, they’re Poptropica Problems. Generally, the top text says something that appears like a good thing, and then the bottom text states what the problem with it is. There are plenty of examples you can look at to get the idea. 🙂

  8. Muddy Sinker says:
  9. Serious Shadow says:
  10. Perfect Melon says:
  11. Happy Feather says:

    where do you the the “i ate a shark shirt”??? i had it and then i made a new outfit! ive been looking EVERYWHERE for it!! Help please!

  12. Calm Penguin says:
  13. not a real problem u can have but kinda funny.

  14. Grrr, I always play Twisted Thicket Island, but I can NEVER get back so I have to start it all over again! It’s a real problem.

  15. So, yeah

  16. Shaky Crown says:

    My first attempt.

    Slanted Fish: Haha, nice. 😛

  17. help, this is real! when i have a handheld item for instance the sword from the templar knight, and i go to the friends section and after i exit the item i hold any item gets raised up, its annoying but heres the catch, but i still dont like it when i head some where else like when the hand points left saying go left or go up or go right or go down it is normal but when i click on the friends section, it happens all over again

    • I am not sure what you mean, but it just sounds like a glitch. I’d suggest not opening (avoiding) the friends section as much as you can, but if you do need to access it, then at least you can fix the problem by having the cursor point at one of the directional areas (eg. “go left”).

  18. lol heres mine!!! PLEASE click i think its so true! xD

    Slanted Fish: Haha, good point. 😛

  19. Here’s mine. It;s not that good.

  20. Here’s mine!
    First time.
    (i don’t know how to do links so just copy/paste.)

  21. Oh, wait, there it goes!

  22. Here’s one, for the Charlie and the Chocolate Island.

  23. χXAηα.σƒ.тнє.ʀυιηѕ.Xχ says:

    Okay, now that’s just awesome..! xDDDDDDDDD

  24. Fishy here’s my comic, hope you like it. It was already premired on my blog the other day. So I hope it’s premiered again 😀

  25. WHY WHY (in the very corner) im a lonely hawk there’s echoes e.e..everywhere

  26. Sticky Crush says:
  27. smart turtle says:

    I dun no if it would be considered good but its a recurring thing.

  28. poptropica


    Yes I know I am very funny


  30. Shifty Walker says:

    Shrink ray island. Gets stuck. Later finds restart button after new account is made. 😦

  31. Here’s my meme:
    It’s never happened, but if it did, I would faint.

  32. Walter Mellon says:

    I have a very good point to make:

  33. Here’s mine:

    I can relate to that…

  34. Shaky Bee says:
  35. MysteryGirl21324 is my Poptropica username add me!! says:
  36. palominohorse says:
  37. Nervous Bean says:
  38. i completed all islands and i brought enough stuffs from my credits but now i have few credits and i still want to buy classic follower pack and electrifier ,but now there is nothing to complete i already have completed earth pig,haunted house and dr hare secrets lab too

  39. Funny Sun says:

    Made one!!

  40. I bet there’s someone out there who knows how this feels.

  41. Small Starfish says:
  42. Young Flame says:

  43. Young Flame says:
  44. Young Flame says:

    These two relate to each other.
    Post if you can relate, think it’s funny, or have suggestions to improve.

  45. Cool Bubbles says:

    I think it’s awesome! I love your memes! Please friend me! My user name is BellaLucy101!

  46. Thirsty Fish says:

    Gets awesome ad item;
    It’s gone…

  47. wow i love all these memes. i love memes. i am a meme.

  48. Clean Shark, News Reporter says:

    I have a new one: A problem that we’ve all experienced.

  49. I was playing this mini quest and when I won, I didn’t get the 50 credits!!
    I’m not blaming you guys, but come on, Poptropica Creators.

  50. Scary Plug says:

    My meme’s about Reality TV Island 😀

  51. izabel barnes says:
  52. ThePoptropicaFanficStoryteller says:
    I’ve made five accounts (i play it my own, of course) and I forgot all the usernames and passwords. UGH.

  53. ThePoptropicaFanficStoryteller says:
  54. ThePoptropicaFanficStoryteller says:
  55. Brave tooth says:
    i found out the problem and fixed it but true story

  56. Mine is here:
    It’s about credits.

  57. Mine is here:-

  58. captenphineas says:
  59. Pop'n'Winx says:
  60. Here’s just my text- about to finish island, computer shuts down

  61. Cuddly Lion says:

    I gots one, I thinks it’s funnyz…

    Not to funny but I think it’s ok!

    Do you guys like it?? 🙂

    Note. This never happened to me

    Kind of like the director d one

    This happen to you guys once or twice?

    Slanted Fish: Haha, nice. 😀

  67. Mine:

  68. Giant Leopard, King of Strawberry Lemonade says:

    Here’s Mine:

    …True Story

  69. wimpykidfan says:

    how did u get that shirt happy wolf?

  70. wimpykidfan says:

    and what’s your username?

  71. I have another

  72. Perfect Dragon says:
  73. Perfect Snowball says:
  74. haha104000 says:
  75. IcyFoxPoptropica says:

    (I know, they’re not all funny. The Skullduggery one is the only one I had a real issue with.)
    Skullduggery Island-
    Early Poptropica-
    Shark Tooth Island-
    Time Tangled Island-
    24 Carrot Island-
    Super Power Island-
    Spy Island-
    Counterfeit Island-
    Astro-Knights Island-

  76. Loud Lizard says:

    I really need help my common rooms don’t work at all I tried it this morning and it worked but only for five minutes, now I’m back to phase one again. Help me please!

  77. NEW ONE this is how i feel about the hydromedusai ever after i completed it

  78. Spotted Monster says: yup this happens all the time

  79. Invisible Grape says:

    My Survival Island meme (Curse you eccentric hunters!) 😡

  80. Skinny Ice the DJ Samurai says:
  81. Trusty Biker says:

    Here is my meme. I know it’s not really good…first one!

  82. Trusty Biker says:

    Ok, so I tried to make a newer and better meme but it didn’t work. Here’s what it was:

    Buys Colorizer in store for 250 credits

    Realizes there’s Pigment Balloons and 24 Carrot Island’s Drink Machine

  83. perfectcoyote says:
  84. rainbowss yum says:
  85. I had this once in Poptropica Realms and it’s frustrating.

  86. Couldn’t do it I’m on iPad. Could some body do this: Bought Shrink Ray For 250 Credits! Now It’s Free! Bottom line: I WANT A REFUND

  87. invisible coyote says:

    In the spy island, I am trying to go in the attic of the eye doctor shop and I just end up entering in through the shop entrance. What can I do so I can get into the attic

  88. I’m having trouble logging in to my account in google chrome, well I can log in but I can’t play. I log in and I will see my homepage for literally a millisecond not even that. There will be this popup saying “in order to have a personalized homepage I need to save my game.” After that it bumps me back to the sites homepage. Please help!!

  89. have a new meme guys

    slantedfish: Actually, it used to be 100, then 50, now 150 – but never 75. 😉

  90. Brave Owl says:

    This happened to me when I was nine or ten or something:

  91. Super Comet says:
  92. Happy Panda says:

    I created this by myself! I hope you enjoy it!

  93. Quick Wing says:

    I have one, but my device keeps glitch ing, so…. top line: *On Ghost Story Island* Im not afraid of anyth… Bottom line: *Hears Voice* What the…..AHHH! *shuts laptop*

  94. short feather says: here”s mine true story I hate it

  95. short feather says: THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED ON ASTRO KNIGHTS this happened to my freind

  96. greedyshadow says:

    Those are what Greedy Shadow struggles through (most of them).

  97. Star Burkhart says:


  1. […] and even generate your own memes out of frustrating Poptropica moments. Create and share yours on the meme’s page. Plus, it features MT’s Poptropican Happy Wolf. […]

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