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Poptropica Creators – they’re the team behind every detail of the game we know and love. Every island, every item, every idea, everything. They write up the fun posts with special sneak peeks you see on their Creators’ Blog, make videos for the PoptropicaCreators YouTube channel, and lots more. This page is all about those identities – their aliases (Poptropican alter egos) as well as their real life ones.

Let’s start with those whose real identities have been matched up to Poptropica alter egos!

Comic Kid

Jeff Kinney is the founder of Poptropica. You may also know him as the author of the bestselling children’s book series Diary of a Wimpy Kid (which has some sponsored islands on Poptropica). He also mentions being the founder of Poptropica at the back of his Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.

It is not confirmed whether Comic Kid (a retired personality who used to write on the Creators’ Blog) is in fact Jeff’s alter ego, but players have referred to him as such due to his connection with comics. In the game, “Comic Kid” is known as Ned Noodlehead, the comic book store owner on Super Power Island. His Poptropica account is unknown.

Director D

Director D is the retired alias of past Poptropica product development director James D. Lema. His username is DirectorDcreator1, and James Lema’s LinkedIn profile picture used to be one of Director D. Additionally, there is a post on the Boston PIB (Partners in Business) blog (which is related to Pearson, Poptropica’s company) in which he presented a graphic invitation to a ‘Poptropica Lunchtime Seminar.’

On his Twitter, James has made a few tweets referring to his job at Poptropica, including a selfie of his last day at the office, a goodbye gift from a Poptropica artist named Joel, and a signed shirt that read “Director D-Lema” with Director D’s character on it.

Dr. Hare

Dr. Hare is the alias of Poptropica lead developer Jordan Leary –  we know this because his Poptropica username is, simply, JordanLeary. Jordan’s website has an image of Poptropica and describes it as, “This is the big game I’m currently working on.” He has also been quoted in an HJNews.com article about Poptropica. Jordan is the one in the middle of the picture on the right. Also, the developer “Billy Jordan” on Mocktropica Island could be a reference to Jordan.

In the game, he is the villain of 24 Carrot Island, and according to Poptropica: The Official Guide, the idea of Dr. Hare was conceived by Shark Boy (presumably Nate Greenwall; see below) when he was in college and was thinking of a nemesis for his comic book protagonist, Carrot Teen (a radioactive carrot).

Dr. Lange

Dr. Lange is presumably the alias of Poptropica game designer (artist) Ashley Lange, based on their names. Her username is not known, and Dr. Lange’s character appears in-game as the scientist on Virus Hunter Island who sends you into Joe’s body.

Ashley Lange has a LinkedIn profile professing her Poptropica credentials, and she has also posted some of her own unused Poptropica concept art on deviantArt. On Christmas Eve 2014, the Poptropica Twitter posted an unexpected tribute to the then-current authors of the Poptropica Help Blog (that’s us!) – artwork made by Dr. Lange!


Hades is the alias of Poptropica copy editor Mitch Krpata, and his username is HadesCreator1. His LinkedIn page currently has a picture of Max McPatrick, the writer from Mocktropica Island, most likely modeled after Mitch.

We know that Mitch’s alias is Hades because this posting by him on a “Poptropica Assets” page has a Bolas Plant SWF which was posted by Hades on the Creators’ Blog.

Hazmat Hermit

Hazmat Hermit is the alias of Justin Lacy – we know this because his Poptropica username is, simply, JustinLacy. Not much is known about him, and although he used to blog on the Creators’ Blog, the identity seems to have since been retired. In the game, he is the guy standing on the meteorite that crashed into the Super Power Island county prison.

Master Mime

Master Mime is the alias of Poptropica illustrator and advertising design manager Jon Pitcher, but his Poptropica account is unknown. Jon’s LinkedIn profile used to be a picture of Master Mime, a character modeled after the mimes on Counterfeit Island. On Survival Island (Episode 4), there is a Pitcher item with “Jon” engraved on it – a clever reference to this very person.

He also manages the official Poptropica Pinterest page, where the icon is also of Master Mime. Jon’s own Pinterest has a board where he posts Popstorms, a series of Poptropica-inspired sketches.


Medusa is the alias of writer Tracey West, who has authored several Poptropica books. One of these is Poptropica: The Official Guide, where it says that Medusa, a character from Mythology Island, is also known as Tracey West.

On page 116 of Poptropica: The Official Guide, “Medusa” writes, “When I first learned about Greek Mythology in school, Athena was always my favorite goddess. I knew I had to make her a major character when I wrote the Mythology Island script.”

Shark Guy (formerly Shark Boy)

shark boy nate greenwall

Shark Boy (now known as Shark Guy, thanks to a copyright dispute with a wrestler named Shark Boy) is a long-time Poptropica icon whose identity has now been retired (you can read about the Mystery of Shark Boy here). His username is SharkGuyCreator, though previously it was SharkBoyCreator.

He is believed to be the alias of Poptropica illustrator/lead designer Nate Greenwall, whose office looks just like a picture that was once posted by Shark Boy on the Creators’ Blog (the post has since been removed). Nate’s website also confirms his role within Poptropica.

Skinny Moon

Skinny Moon is the alias of the official Poptropica community liaison, also known as Jessica. As of early 2016, she is the face of Poptropica’s social media accounts, and her username is PopGirlJess. Jessica has announced some spontaneous Multiverse parties with fans over Twitter (read about her first one here) and showed up with her character Skinny Moon. Her Facebook account identifies her as Jessica Donsky Devine, which was found from a subtle like on a comment on the Poptropica Facebook page.


Triton has never posted on the Creators’ Blog, but his character once appeared on it in a picture showing a Poptropica Creators’ party. It was revealed through a conversation with Chris Barney, a game designer for Poptropica whose projects include Realms, that he used to use Triton’s character to pop in to common rooms every now and then.

After Mocktropica Island was released with one of the unnamed basement developer characters modeled after Chris, he took up that identity instead of Triton’s. In the game, Triton appears on the beach of Mythology Island and his username is TritonCreator.


Zeus is the alias of Jess M. Brallier, Poptropica’s publisher and the person who runs the Poptropica Twitter (the profile picture is of Zeus), where he frequently connects with Poptropica fans. His Poptropica username is not known, but Zeus appears in-game as the villain of Mythology Island.

Jess once met up with renowned Poptropica player Thinknoodles for a chat in NYC, which you can read about here. He has also generously participated in a Q&A with us (the Poptropica Help Network), which you can read the contents of here.

Other Aliases

These are Poptropican characters who have been recognized as being personas of Creators; however, there is currently no data on who is behind these aliases.

  • Binary Bard used to post on the Creators’ Blog but seems to have since retired. In the game, he’s the villain of Astro-Knights Island, also known as Mordred. His Poptropica username is BinaryBard.
  • Black Widow is one of few aliases who still actively post on the Creators’ Blog, and in the game, she’s the villain of Counterfeit Island. You can also add her at the username BlackWidowCreator. In the past, her identity was speculated to be Jennifer Wood, due to her high-ranking title (managing editor, senior project manager) at Poptropica, according to her LinkedIn profile. Her being female and her skills in copy editing (writing) made her a likely candidate for the alias of Black Widow. However, a conversation with Chris Barney (Triton; see above) revealed that while he could not reveal Black Widow’s true identity for privacy reasons, it was not Jennifer.
  • Captain Crawfish is prominent for being the primary post-writer on the Creators’ Blog, being the voice of the Poptropica video walkthroughs, and more. In the game, he’s the villain of Skullduggery Island. His username is CaptainCrawfishCreator.
  • Gamer Guy briefly posted on the Creators’ Blog as an “intern”, as a joke to promote Mocktropica Island around the time of its release. His username is unknown, but he is represented in-game by Abe, the gamer on Zomberry Island. James Lema’s shirt tweet includes a signature from “Abe”, who may be represented by Gamer Guy. There is also someone named Abe (Abraham Tena) who has worked as a Poptropica game designer, and you can view his portfolio (which contains Poptropica art) on his website.
  • Thirsty Whale used to post on the Creators’ Blog but seems to have since retired. In the game, he’s Edmund Hilary, the first guy to reach the summit of Mt. Everest on Time Tangled Island. His name is possible to get when signing up, but you can find him on Poptropica as ThirstyWhaleCreator.
  • Vlad the Viking used to post on the Creators’ Blog but seems to have since retired. His name is also the username of the old Poptropica YouTube channel. In the game, he’s one of the Vikings on Time Tangled Island.

Other Real Identities

Not much is known about these other Poptropica Creators (both past and present), but for reference, they are listed here with what little information we have of them:

  • Abraham Evensen Tena, Poptropica illustrator (portfolio site)
  • Bard McKinley, Lead Framework Engineer at Poptropica (LinkedIn)
  • Chris Goodwin, Illustrator, Designer, and Interactive Artist for Poptropica (Behance)
  • Chris Messner, Technology Director (LinkedIn), selfie on Twitter matches picture seen in Poptropica’s tweet of Creators in a Google Hangout; a Gmail conversation with him revealed that his username is shreggy
  • Cara Campanelli, Poptropica Customer Support (LinkedIn)
  • Dan Franklin, senior software developer for Poptropica/Pearson (LinkedIn)
  • Dena Bachman, worked with Poptropica comic creators, managing editor (LinkedIn)
  • Jeff Heim, music composer for Poptropica (Soundcloud)
  • JD Kilby, senior multimedia developer for Poptropica (LinkedIn)
  • John “J.T.” Gallant, Poptropica.com Intern (LinkedIn)
  • Kevin McGrath, used to work at Poptropica. “Conducted web and systems testing both on the user and back ends of the children’s Flash video game Poptropica.” (LinkedIn)
  • Kyle Fox, music composer for Mocktropica’s Mega Fighting Bots (LinkedIn)
  • Lance Fry, whose name is occasionally mentioned on other Creators’ LinkedIn profiles (LinkedIn)
  • Lisa Wolfe, L. Wolfe Communications for Poptropica, 773-227-1049, lwolfe@lwolfe.com (from Poptropica’s About Us page)
  • Max Brallier, Poptropica game designer (his website); author of Galactic Hot Dogs
  • Michael Etzel, early developer of Poptropica (LinkedIn)
  • Nasan Hardcastle, Designer & Illustrator for characters, environments, games, and toys on Poptropica (his blog) (LinkedIn)
  • Nate Tufts, Illustrator/Designer working for Poptropica (his blog)
  • Pamela Dixon, Poptropica license manager (Yahoo article)
  • Steve (username may be SteveCreator; his character appears in various Daily Pop sneak peeks)
  • Tyson Burnham, Poptropica motion graphic designer (LinkedIn)

If you have any other information about the Poptropica Creators you’d like to share with us, leave a comment on this page! There are probably loads more people out there who’ve worked with Poptropica, but these are the main ones we’ve uncovered. Stay popping, Poptropicans (and Creators)!😀

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    Slanted Fish: Poptropica has guide apps for mobile devices, which is the closest thing for now.

    • i have a tablet. it’s a Nabi 2 and i hate it. i’m actually glad that the charger broke. P.S. just in case you’re wondering, i’m using my mom’s computer right now.

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  18. charmander923 says:

    My user is charmander923. I have a bunch of stuff from Binary Bard(face,eye,pants,suit), Captain crawfish(hat), and Dr.Hare(belt and tail).

  19. You know in this picture- https://poptropica.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/ac379f24-2a5c-11df-b1da-001cc4c03286.jpg?w=504&h=338 the person at the back was working on Skullduggery island. I’m so smart. (Puts hands on hips and grins)

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    Slanted Fish: If his name isn’t “Master Mime”, it wouldn’t be him.

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    fact monster’s photos look a lot like pixel

  23. Golden Star says:

    On Jennifer Woods Linkedin it says that the people part of poptropica are Jennifer Wood, Dan Franklin, Christopher Barney, Billy Belfield, Chris Messner, Jordan Leary, Ashley Lange, Karl DeBisschop, Mitch Krpata, & Lance Fry. Do you know who those people are Slanted Fish?

    Slanted Fish: Yes, some of these people are listed here as Creators.

  24. poptropicalover says:

    I was thinking of doing a poptropica blog. Do you have to ask for permission from the creators? If so, who should I ask?

    Slanted Fish: No, you don’t have to seek permission to get started.😉

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    Slanted Fish: This account’s name is Yellow Cheetah, not Vlad the Viking – so no, sorry.😛

  26. I had just finished survival island episode 1 and it took me to the 2nd episode. I saw pages and tried to click them but nothing happened. Then I went farther and rocks started rolling at me, I went along with it for a while, but then decided I should check the walkthrough. I realized this wasn’t exactly normal for most players so I walked around the little bit of island I could actually walk on, and on the tree where you should of engraved your/ my name, read “Creator Steve was here”. What should I do?

    Slanted Fish: Sounds like a glitch – try logging out and then back in again, play on a different web browser, and/or change computers.

  27. the Medusa one’s username is: medusa

  28. TrueGamer1873 says:

    I’m going to friend all the creators

  29. Poptrickia states that Captain Crawfish is also Jeff Kinney

    slantedfish: Poptropica has confirmed on Twitter that he isn’t.😉

  30. Dr Lange’s real name is Ashley (Ashley Lange) and she is the 2D designer

  31. I think I found the “test poptropican”, his username is baldman


    If I have a question about what I find on the Creator’s Blog, is this the place to ask about it?

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