Twisted Wizard

Walkthrough by Prickly Dolphin, Fuzzy-B, Slanted Fish

To get Greg off his video game console on Wimpy Wonderland Island, you’ll have to beat the game Twisted Wizard for him! It’s three whole levels of ogre-zapping fun!

Already completed Wimpy Wonderland? You can still experience the fun by going to the Games tab in your inventory and selecting the Twisted Wizard CD!

Starting the Game

Go to your backpack (inventory) and go into the games section and click on the game card for Twisted Wizard. It should look like a CD, as shown in the image above.

Enabling Easy Mode

If you want to play in easy mode, go to your Wimpy Wonderland inventory and click on the Twisted Wizard guide. Your Poptropican will say that you can enable Easy mode by clicking on the wizard on the Start Menu. Open the CD from your inventory, click on the wizard, and it will allow you to enable Easy mode. Click okay to start playing.

How to Play

Build walls and use magic to defend your wizard from the evil ogres! Press the spacebar to rotate building blocks and click to place them completely around your wizard.


You will play as the blue-robed wizard standing in the center of a field. In each round, you’ll be given time (indicated in the upper-left corner) to build blocks around your wizard. Blocks can be rotated by pressing the spacebar, and you click to place them on the field. You cannot overlap blocks (shown by red) and you should aim to have at least two blocks all around you (shown by the black circle in the image below):

Once time is up for placing blocks, the ogres will start coming. If they get close enough, they can destroy parts of your castle. You also need to prevent them from reaching you or it’s game over. To get rid of them, click on the ogres as they approach to zap them with lightning. As you progress through the levels, they will start coming faster, so be on your guard!

There are three total waves (levels) you must get through. At the end of each round, you’ll have time to repair your castle and build more blocks before the next wave of ogres comes through.  When you’ve survived through all three waves and time runs out, you’ll win. Congratulations!

Player Tips

  • By Shaggy Tornado: If two of the ogres show up next to each other, you can click between them so you can kill them both. You might waste time if you click on each one separately.
  • By Hazy Girl: Try building as many blocks as you can for building a castle.
  • By Hazy Girl: If the ogres have red eyes, that tells you that they are moving fast. Defeat them.

If you have any questions, feedback, or comments to add, feel free to comment below. Any tips for the game of Twisted Wizard would be greatly appreciated, too, and if we add your tip on this page, we will acknowledge you.🙂


  1. the best says:

    are you allowed to skip it like the salad thing

  2. the best says:

    I take back what I said

  3. Cuddly Lion says:

    As I’m a member, I know for a fact that before the island was released for non-members, you only had to open the curtains, not do both. I liked the old way better.😦

  4. red jumper says:


  5. poptropicasosship455 says:

    i can’t turn it on easy mode and i still haven’t completed wimpy wounderland. is that why?

  6. poptropicasosship455 says:

    never mind, i beat it without easy mode!

  7. SScatbox says:

    lololololol so hard on the island though I’m gonna go onto poptropica to play now.

  8. Toooooooo hardz😦

  9. it is not working is there a video on how to do this

  10. awesome girl says:


  11. im 12 years old in (2015)

  12. it says you need to enable cheats how do you do that?

    • sosososososo says:

      you have to click the wizard at the main screen at the start

    • DJScratchStep says:

      If you click on Greg after reading the game guide in Wimpy Wonderland Island, he will say he already has cheats enabled. Just click the wizard and a message should pop up saying “EASY MODE ENABLED”. Just click the play button and you should be good to go!

  13. Red Fang says:

    I found out that you have to click on the wizard on the very first screen… I just wanted to add a couple things. You should focus on building a wall with at least one square thick first, keep adding to it to make it a whole lot thicker until you run out of time and/or blocks. Also, if you get a breach in your wall, (like, a hole) then the ogre’s eyes turn red and they get faster and stuff. It might take a couple tries to get it… It took me like 100!🙂 Thanks for making this, it helped me a lot.

  14. Emma-Lynn Nulph says:

    How do u friend someone again if thy give u their username. Pleas help me I need it.

  15. hyper biker says:

    OMG THANK THANKYOU it was soo hard

  16. sosososososo says:

    this is so hard for me !!!


  18. Hey!!!!,Friend me okay my username account is DJrichard7

  19. You want something nearly impossible? Try Water Run on RTV. There is nothing harder!

  20. Fearlesspopper. Skycloak22358 says:

    Hate twisted wizard

  21. lucky bird says:

    OH MAN, I’m the worst at this game!! It’s to hard fr me in the 2nd&3rd rounds!!!!!

  22. lucky bird says:

    And ppl, seeing my gravatar don’t think I’m a boy, I’m a gal!

  23. DancingBeaver101 says:

    I can never get past Twisted Wizard! I’m terrible at it!:(

    • So am I, Twisted Wizard is so hard, why can’t Greg just stop playing the game and try to find his brother like he’s supposed to?! #WorstBrotherEVER

  24. I agree with DancingBeaver101, this game is really hard I can’t even pass the second level.

  25. I want to stop playing the game, but then I don’t I hate that feeling, and I am Nadia, I just put Nadia because I thought we needed to put our birth name.

  26. Annika says:

    This is SO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. shifty bubbles says:

    I finally beat it this past april and I have been stuck on it for nearly 3 YEARS. I finally beat it without the guide.😎I ❤ this guide

  28. Rainbowmagic656 says:

    I only got to the 3rd wave once! This is so complicated. I heard Poptropica is going to update it. I hope they make it easier or optional or something like that. Otherwise I’ll NEVER EVER BEAT THE GAME. Anyway thanks for the guide.

  29. Maganashake says:

    Actually, the trick to tap super fast and build two blocks around you like I did to complete this island

  30. Maganashake says:

    (I defeated it, I failed on the blocks one many times first) for the build the blocks one

  31. Maganashake says:

    Actually,Reality Island is one of the islands I cannot complete honestly.( not like Nabooti) since I completed the other sponsored ones before they were locked.

  32. maroon toes says:

    Twisted Wizard is easy! :mr green:

  33. maroon toes says:

    I mean:mrgreen:

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