Soupwords is one of Poptropica’s multiplayer games. It’s a fun and educational word game that is much like the game Boggle. This is what the “Soupwords” game card looks like:


Starting the Game

To start a game of Soupwords, first head over to the nearest multiplayer room. Click on the person you wish to battle. Choose the option “Battle”, and a list of games will show up. Click on “Soupwords”, which is the first game listed. The other player will be given the choices “Sure!” or “No, thank you!”. If they choose “Sure!”, the game will begin, but if they say “No, thank you!” or don’t answer you, you’ll need to find someone else to play with you.

How to Play

Spell words by connecting two or more letters. Find as many words as you can before the soup gets cold!


Video Guide

For more Poptropica videos, please check out our YouTube channel, Poptropica Help Videos (PHV).


A bowl of alphabet soup will be in the center and letters will be layed out 4 x 4 grid, which means there are 16 letters. Players must spell words with the soup by connecting 2 or more letters together. There is a time limit of about one minute. During the game, players must try to spell out as many words as they can – and the more letters, the more points!

Point System

Points are awarded at the end of the game, and you get points only for words that actually exist. In the example shown below, “LAE” is not a word, and does not get any points. In the same example, “LEG” is a word, and therefore receives 6 points because it has 3 letters.

As you can see, the amount of letters means double for the amount of points. Dizzy Panda’s “WOOLIE” received 12 points because that word has 6 letters in it (6 x 2 = 12). Scary Tomato’s “ALES” gets 8 points because that word has 4 letters (4 x 2 = 8).


Player Tips

  • By Shaggy Tornado: Try to submit words you know exist, try to make them long, and hope you get lots of points.
  • By Shiny Leaf: Sometimes, when you can’t find any words, try to think of words that you think are words. For example, once I typed in quip, and I didn’t know that it was a word, but it still counted it!
  • By Neat Ring: Try and add an S to a word if you can. It gives you more points.
  • By Isabella: Add an ending to each word, such as “ed” or any suffix.
  • By Neat Whale: Think of words you know exist that are uncommon or long. The longer or weirder the word, the better!!
  • By Penguin GirlTry as many different ways to spell the word as possible. For example, “r a t s” could be “rat”, “rats” , “star” “tar” or “at”.
  • By Calm Spinner: Don’t ignore little words just because they are little. Try and find as many words as you can, but remember to take all of the words you see.
  • By Smart GamerIf you don’t know or can’t find long words, enter as many easy words you know.
  • By Neat Whale: Sadly, most of the time, when I’m far in the lead (which I usually am!), people will just drop out. So make sure to wait for them to post just to be safe.
  • By Sparkle Star/Green Seal: If you find common parts and endings of words such as -ide, look for a letter or two to finish the word. For example: you could make plenty of words if you found t, r, h, w, etc. connected to -ide.
  • By Cuddly Scorpion: Practice this game by playing actual Boggle. The games are incredibly similar. Also, look through the Scrabble dictionary – there are tons of miniature words in it, that can potentially determine the course of a game (for instance, “aa”, a type of lava).
  • By Zany Dragon: Keep an eye out for any words, and I mean ANY words. You can add an s, a suffix, a prefix, etc. to a word to get more points. Make sure you keep an eye on your opponent’s score, too. If it looks like they have a long word that you don’t have, look for it!
  • By Icy Lightning: Try switching your words around! Example: You see a word like pan and you switch it around and you get: nap! And that earns you about 12 points already!
  • By Nice Bean: There’s no limit on your words, so go all out. Go for anything you vaguely think is a word. I just wasted so much time trying to spell “heinie” that I lost those points.

If you have any questions, feedback, or comments to add, feel free to comment below. Any tips for the game of Soupwords would be greatly appreciated, too, and if we add your tip on this page, we will acknowledge you by name. Thanks!😀


  1. do ties count?

  2. Prickly Monster says:

    Just won a game 72-32😛

  3. Prickly Monster says:

    Wins: 203 (legit)
    Losses: 9
    I’m only a LITTLE addicted to this game.😛

  4. ♦♬ Melody Kitty ♬♦ says:

    Wow, i’m such an idiot..
    Once I got the world ”Lebanon” but I accidentally clicked an ‘o’ so it became ”Lebanono”, and the game game me no points xo
    Thanks for teaching me how to play, before, I just used to click random letters and was so confused😛 I love this game now, I mean you can see me asking players play ”Soupwords” !😛
    (Also once I was doing so well, but then my opponent left the game :c )

  5. One of the reason why i like soupwords is because I like the feeling of finding good words like it feels so good when you find tough words and long words like yeah!!

  6. I am a proud member of Poptropica's Finest says:

    Are people allowed to use bad words? My opponent did, and she actually got points for it, which is how I could tell what it was.

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