Sky Dive

Sky Dive is one of Poptropica’s multiplayer games. It’s a kind of racing game where the objective is to jump down from a cloud and land on the ground below safely, but getting there faster than your opponent. It’s similar to the Miniclip game Base Jumping. Here’s an example of what the Sky Dive game card looks like:


Starting the Game

To start a game of Sky Dive, first head over to the nearest multiplayer room. Click on the person you wish to battle. Choose the option “Battle”, and a list of games will show up. Click on “Sky Dive”, which is the fifth game listed, between Paint War and Hoops. The other player will be given the choices “Sure!” or “No, thank you!”. If they choose “Sure!”, the game will begin, but if they say “No, thank you!” or don’t answer you, you’ll need to find someone else to play with you.

How to Play

Your goal is to safely reach the ground before your opponent.

After the signal to go is given, click once to jump, then click again when you’re ready to open your parachute. The first one to get three points wins!


Video Guide

For more Poptropica videos, please check out our YouTube channel, Poptropica Help Videos (PHV).


The two players will be standing on a cloud at the start of the game, waiting for the Go signal. You can’t jump before the signal is given, because that will count as a False Start and your opponent will easily win the round. As soon as the words under the cloud say “GO!”, the players click to jump down.

Since the jumpdown goes really fast, you’d probably get hurt if you fell at such a great speed. That’s why there are parachutes: when you think you’re getting near the end, click again to open up your parachute and you’ll float slowly, but safely, down.

Point System

The instructions for Sky Dive say, “The first one to get three points wins!” In this game, the “points” aren’t really the rounds, like most people think, but are more like “sections”. So the three points, or sections, in this game are:

  • Jump from the cloud.
  • Open your parachute.
  • Land safely on the ground.

The last one, “Land safely”, is the main point: the first one to land safely wins. If you land, but fall into a hole, it’s because you used your parachute too late, which means it doesn’t count even if you got there before your opponent did.


You may also have noticed the word “rounds” in this guide. One “round” in Sky Dive means one falling-down session. After every falling-down session, a winner is announced. After the winner announcement, there is a button that says “Play Again”. If you click on it, you can play it again, causing another “round” to start.

In this picture, Player 2 (right) did not land safely. Since Player 1 (left) did land safely, he automatically wins the round. If both players don’t land safely, or if both players have a False Start in the same round, the game is tied. If one of the players had a False Start, but the other player didn’t land safely, it is also a tie.


Player Tips

  • By SmockersA good way to win is to descend from the cloud as usual. But as you descend, if you see any hint of dark blue (from the mountains) or green (from the treetop), activate your parachute. It will usually end up as you activating your parachute last, thus causing you to win. Hey, it works for me.😀
  • By Calm EagleCome down from the cloud as usual but try to get off the cloud before your opponent. Once in the air, wait til your opponent opens his parachute. As soon as he gets it open, you can open your parachute. Make sure you open your parachute before you get to the tree. If done right, you should get on the ground first!
  • By PopularthunderActivate your parachute once you see the top of the tree.
  • By Cool Panda:
    1. Jump off quickly.
    2. Before you jump, watch out because you don’t want to make a false start. Sometimes when you make it too slowly, or sometimes too fast, you might already lose at this point.
    3. Don’t try to open parcute too quickly.
      The parachute will slow you down too soon. Usually, you might lose unless you have a great amount of luck and your opponent fails to land.
    4. Great place to land.
      The safest and best place to open your parachute would be between the mountain and the treetop. If you go too near the land, you may not land safely.
  • By Silverwolf1: ALWAYS keep your hand on the left mouse button.
  • By Strange Joker: Timing is everything! Make sure to open your parachute at the precise moment.Open it too early and you’ll fall too slow, giving you opponent the upper hand. If you open it too late, you’ll fall and crash.
  • By Zany Dragon: ALWAYS keep your mouse at the ready. Wait as patiently as possible for the words to say GO! then click. Make sure it’s not a moment too soon. Keep an eye on your player and the screen to make sure you activate your parachute at the right time: not too soon, not too late. (The parachute can slow you down if you do it too soon.) What I do is click when I see the treetop.
  • By Mall Manager ClownSometimes the parachutes will open late, so try to open it just when the sky gets whitish. This happened to me several times!
  • By Gentle Spinner: Once your Poptropican is on level with the tree, press and hold the mouse. If you hold the mouse, you basically lose all speed. The more you play with this tip, you will find yourself wanting to descending lower and lower before you let your parachute open.

If you have any questions, feedback, or comments to add, feel free to comment below. Any more tips for the game of Sky Dive would be greatly appreciated, too, and if we add your tip on this page, we will give you credit.😀


  1. Creepy Hamburger says:

    Open your parachute when you first see the tree!

  2. Tall Cactus says:

    Sky Dive is my favorite game! 😀

  3. short feather says:

    I think I am good 39 wins and 7loses click when you are in a balanced area between the sky anad ground

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