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Have you finished all the islands on Poptropica? Maybe you have nothing to do? Play the minigames of Poptropica by yourself or with your friends for entertainment! Click on the game names below for a detailed guide about each one, including video walkthroughs with tips.


On your turn, click on any tile to change it to your color. Your goal is to create a pathway that connects the two sides of your color.


Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces on the playing board by typing or clicking. Every row, column, or 3×3 square must contain one of each digit.


Swap the position of any two adjacent fruits by clicking on them with your mouse. Connect three or more fruits in a row to score points!


Use your mouse to aim and power your shot, then click to throw. The first player to make five shots wins!

Sky Dive

Your goal is to safely reach the ground before your opponent. When it says go, click once to jump, then click again when you’re ready to open your parachute.

Paint War

Drag the gun to aim. Press, hold, and release the FIRE button to shoot at the paint balloons. The first player to pop 7 balloons wins!

Star Link

Click between the stars to link them together and form boxes. You’ll be awarded a point for each box you complete.


Click on a nozzle to release a balloon. The first person to get four balloons in a row wins! You can line them up straight or diagonally.


Spell words by connecting two or more letters. Find as many words as you can before the soup gets cold!

Twisted Wizard

To get Greg off his video game console on Wimpy Wonderland Island, you’ll have to beat the game Twisted Wizard for him. It’s three whole levels of ogre-zapping fun!

Note: There are also other mini games embedded into the Daily Pop, but those are pretty self-explanatory and aren’t exclusive to Poptropica, so we do not have guides for them here.

Games Inventory

You can access a games inventory while playing in Poptropica. To do this, just click on the backpack icon (the inventory) on the top right corner of the gamescreen. There used to be a Games Icon, but it was moved to the inventory when the Poptropica Store came out. To see what the games icon used to look like, click here.

Find Games Inventory

Now click on the dropdown list at the top of the inventory window, and choose the “Games” option (the letters are in white) to access the list of games.

Most games are multiplayer (meaning you play against another player), but Switch and Twisted Wizard (from Wimpy Wonderland) are single-player only. Sudoku can be multiplayer or single-player.

Multiplayer rooms

To meet other players so you can play games with them or chat, you’ll need to enter a multiplayer room! There are a few types.

Common Rooms

Each island has its own multiplayer room, called a Common Room, and only about 6 people can be in a multiplayer room at a time. They are found on the first area of each island (usually called Main Street), and have three floors which you can access to look for other players.

Multiverse Rooms

There are also rooms called Multiverses, and each room can be accessed with a code. To visit one, click on the ‘friends’ icon on the top-right corner and enter in their code, then click Join. As long as the room isn’t too full, you will be let in! A great place to meet up with others who are also online at the same time is at our live Poptropica Help Chatroom (PHC).

A Multiverse party in the Crystal Cavern room!

A Multiverse party in the Crystal Cavern room!

You can get your own Multiverse for free in the Poptropica Store. Click the “Friends” tab, then click “Multiverse” to create your own room. The different types are:

  • Big Brain Factory
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Techno Room
  • Sweet Tooth
  • Crystal Cavern

Keep in mind that if the room is empty, the code for that room will expire. You can re-create a room by going back to the Friends icon, and it will have a different code.

Tribal Common Rooms

Also, each Tribe has their own unique Tribal Common Room. Once you’re part of a tribe, you can enter its exclusive common room, which is only open to the other members of the tribe! To get in, open your profile, click on your tribe’s logo, and click “Join Room.”

Black Flags

The Black Flags’ tribal common room, where you can fire a cannon!

It’s a great way to meet and befriend new tribal mates. Each tribe’s room looks different and has some hidden interactive elements, which you can discover in the PHB’s pages about each tribe.

Invite a player to play a game

To battle against another player on one of the games, first click on the player you wish to battle. You need to be in a multiplayer room. Click the “Battle” option, and a list of games will appear for you to choose from.

Click on the name of the game you want to play (for example, if you want to play Star Link, click “Star Link”). Your character will then say, “Do you want to play Head-to-Head [name of game]?” The other player will then be given a choice to answer: “Sure!” to start the game; or “No, thank you!”

Battle Ranking

When you hover your cursor over a player on a multiplayer room, you may notice stars under their name. This represents their battle ranking, which is earned based on how well you play games. You can also view your battle ranking on your Friends profile.

By default, players start with one star. Win a few games, and your battle ranking may increase; lose some games, and your stars may drop. Players with 5 stars are regarded as truly skilled gamers, since this is hard to earn!

Just like battle rankings, use the 5-star system below to vote on how helpful this article was! Have fun competing on Poptropica!


  1. if i say anything B.A.D let me know

  2. hey guess what! I finished spy island by cheating i used pop-transport when it was really hard!

    Why don’t you try it if you haven’t finished

  3. Oh HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!! LATER DUDES

    Brave Sky

  4. well i was wondering how and where do you get the postage stamp for the application in Reality TV island??

  5. have you all defeated 28 islands yet? I HAVE HA HA BEAT THAT

  6. yea thats awsome🙂

  7. Sticky penguin says:

    I’ve beaten all of the islands! ha ha

  8. short dragon says:

    i want to do something on pop i finished all the worlds but can’t buy membership parents won’t let me and i hate redoing islands what should i do i want the hades staff but i can’t get it all i can do is find somebody who knows!😦

    Slanted Fish: Check out our Boredom Busters page (here) for a list of Poptropica things to do.🙂

    • Get membership, or go time traveling, make a new character, Those are some boredom busters on Poptropica when I don’t want to do my algebra😀

  9. short dragon says:

    and becca if you want to finish all worlds then…PLAY ALL THE WORLDS IT’S THAT EASY!

  10. tyara furzdi says:

    Is’t the membership is free or buy?

    • Poptropica Membership costs money, but you can still enjoy the game without it. (The minigames listed above are free.) Check out our Membership Tour page for more information on what you can get, plus help on deciding whether you want to buy it.

  11. Shinykid157 says:

    Good, I am southern and I get mean, Don’t YOU EVER talk like that on this blog. You can visit just don’t talk like that, everyone wants to keep this blog as cool as a cucumber, which I am going to eat with cauliflower and brussel sprouts

    • Blue Peanut :) says:

      hey peeps. my top 5 games are these:
      1. Sky Dive
      2. Star Link
      3. Hoops
      4. Paint Wars
      5. Soupwords
      Peace! Blue Peanut OUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT!!!!

  12. I love soupwords and sky dive!!!!

  13. Love love love star link, sky dive, soupwords and pathwise.

  14. Yay!!! I love Poptropica games!!!! Skydive…..

  15. Tyson4924 says:

    i have a battle ranking of 3.4 which i am angry because once i had 4.5 then lost 2,just 2 games and it went down to 3.4 and no matter how many time i win games,my battle ranking NEVER goes back up and in total in all games
    Losses-205 i mean i was excepting to have about 4.2 by now,so that just sucks🙄

  16. ♦♬ Melody Kitty ♬♦ says:

    I love soupwords and paint war

  17. Friendly Comet aka Captain Comet aka Super Comet says:

    This is my strategy for Star Link:
    Go all the way along the edge (or as much as you can) and when there’s a square with three lines, move in for the kill!

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