Friend Finder

Friend Finder

Looking for more friends to add on Poptropica? The PHB’s “Friend Finder” page lists some usernames you may be interested in adding. You can add friends by going to the “Friends” icon on Poptropica and typing in the username of the account you want to add, and you’ll be able to view their profile.

Some interesting account names have been posted below. In the comments section, feel free to share your own username and tell a bit about yourself and your Poptropican, and other people might want to add you! It’s also a great place to look for new friends to add to your list. Have fun!

Poptropica Creators

These are some of the individuals who make Poptropica what it is! 

Rare Costume Accounts

Rare Poptropica handhelds, clothes, etc. Just friend these guys and check their closets or what they’re wearing! Credit to Fuzzy-B, SL, Elphangor, Samwow5, Slanted Fish, KeithSammut, and others.


You can costumize their handheld items and other rare clothing!

  • 607jfdummy
  • alfiebro, alfiebro# (change # to any number between 1 and 11)
  • bdummy (check photos)
  • d.dummy5
  • dummy2694
  • dummy2722 (check photos)
  • dummy607jf# (change # to any number between 2 and 5)
  • dummypoptropica# (change # to any number between 11 and 25)
  • dummypoptropican# (change # to any number between 6 and 10, and 101)
  • funodummy, funodummy# (change # to any number between 1 and 8)
  • gdummy1
  • ieges19, ieges20
  • iegesdummy
  • irock195
  • jesterdummy
  • LWdummy
  • kannah12 (check closet)
  • kertdummy
  • picprize
  • ruff460, ruff714
  • ruffdummy2 (check photos)
  • undefineddummy
  • zuzu1234x

PHB Authors

Some of the writers on this Poptropica Help Blog, past and present!

Like this page? Check out more at our Pop Plus collection!

Also, be sure to check out the PHB’s Costumes page for more great Poptropica costume ideas. Anyway, now’s your chance to introduce yourself and your Poptropican in the comments below…


  1. Marco Rlandheliaseth Raagas says:

    nice one!!!

  2. LOL

  3. You can also share your username/username’s here:

  4. Add me
    I am Player858

  5. Tall Cactus says:

    My username- macandcheese520
    I have all 56 medallions (I know some people have 57 but that’s because they did Beta Carrotene, I think)
    I did all of the Pop Quizzes ( Creators- Please add more!)

  6. ArtemisTheGoddessOfTheHunt says:

    which character has the lightning sword? I need to know for a character im making

    slantedfish: That’s from the Lightning Knight costume, which comes with the Nintendo game Poptropica Adventures.

  7. Hey slanted fish, please add me. My username is redpanda3344.

  8. hi friend me im animalawesome6

  9. Here’s my username (judev17)

  10. marin garcia says:

    how do you get someones costume closet I’ve tried everything and still haven’t figured it out! Please help!!!

  11. short feather says:

    user garfield10189

  12. short feather says:

    slanted fish someone has your costume I think there name is green boa

  13. i want to know cool leafs username

  14. The Colt says:

    wiiboy129 is my main username

  15. sunnybunny551 says:

    i didnt get my 75 free credits in saving my account😦

  16. short feather says:


  17. ȶǟʟʟ ɖʀǟɢօռ says:

    I’m barrysanders90

  18. Add me at xxC.E.G.xx says:

    Hi🙂 As you can tell by the name, you can add me at xxC.E.G.xx if you would like. I love fashion, so Im usually, always adding stuff to my closet. I dont think any of the stuff is really “rare,” but I do have things that you might not see very often. Some of the stuff I save to my closet you have to buy from the store, so sorry about that. Heres a list of some of the things you might see in my closet:
    *Aphrodite hair, complete with bangs and earings.
    *Platinum blonde pony tail.
    *Pink chevron shirt
    *Grey shirt (I know, I know, it sounds pretty simple. But its actually pretty cute; its from the winter collection that you have to buy on the poptropica app, or be able to spot on the home island. Its very uncommon that you see someone wearing it.)
    *White and black shirt from the Vampire island. (I am adding this tomorrow, its very rare you see someone wearing this.)
    *Lots more to come!

    Thank you for this list, very helpful🙂

  19. TheDestroyer85 says:

    Username:Big Stomper
    Friend me if you want.
    Completed all the islands. (Almost)
    cool skin

  20. Try dummy01 and dummy03

  21. hello hacker says:

    my username:obiwan123988

  22. Hey Fishy add my dummy, Grand0, thanks😛

    slantedfish: Added!🙂

  23. The Return of Veleanor Volgram D: says:

    When a star image appears on your screen, does it mean someone else friended you?

  24. Hey my name on Poptropica is sassychick1050 go ahead and add me🙂 (username was created when i was like 11 :p) I have plenty of cool stuff also😉

  25. memeboss25 says:

    Hey guys can add me my username is : sassychick1050

  26. any hot dogs i want to get one for my sonic costume so it’s like a chillidog, and so its more recognisable

    • Awesomeness! says:

      Hai guys, Go ahead and add me!!!! Username is lucky58717. I have rares and am the owner of an ASG that I made, But it’s not popular it’s called Linus’sBlanketASG


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