Friend Finder

Friend Finder

Looking for more friends to add on Poptropica? The PHB’s “Friend Finder” page lists some usernames you may be interested in adding. You can add friends by going to the “Friends” icon on Poptropica and typing in the username of the account you want to add, and you’ll be able to view their profile.

Some interesting account names have been posted below. In the comments section, feel free to share your own username and tell a bit about yourself and your Poptropican, and other people might want to add you! It’s also a great place to look for new friends to add to your list. Have fun!

Poptropica Creators

These are some of the individuals who make Poptropica what it is! 

Rare Costume Accounts

Rare Poptropica handhelds, clothes, etc. Just friend these guys and check their closets or what they’re wearing! Credit to Fuzzy-B, SL, Elphangor, Samwow5, Slanted Fish, KeithSammut, and others.


You can costumize their handheld items and other rare clothing!

  • 607jfdummy
  • alfiebro, alfiebro# (change # to any number between 1 and 11)
  • bdummy (check photos)
  • d.dummy5
  • dummy2694
  • dummy2722 (check photos)
  • dummy607jf# (change # to any number between 2 and 5)
  • dummypoptropica# (change # to any number between 11 and 25)
  • dummypoptropican# (change # to any number between 6 and 10, and 101)
  • funodummy, funodummy# (change # to any number between 1 and 8)
  • gdummy1
  • ieges19, ieges20
  • iegesdummy
  • irock195
  • jesterdummy
  • LWdummy
  • kannah12 (check closet)
  • kertdummy
  • picprize
  • ruff460, ruff714
  • ruffdummy2 (check photos)
  • undefineddummy
  • zuzu1234x

PHB Authors

Some of the writers on this Poptropica Help Blog, past and present!

Like this page? Check out more at our Pop Plus collection!

Also, be sure to check out the PHB’s Costumes page for more great Poptropica costume ideas. Anyway, now’s your chance to introduce yourself and your Poptropican in the comments below…



  1. Hey I just met you (or not)
    And this is crazy (but then, who isn’t?)
    But here’s my username (slantedfish)
    So add me maybe?

    You can read a bit about me on the PHB’s About page. Use this comment section to talk a bit about yourself and share your username! 🙂

  2. Feel free to add my second account if you are feeling low on friends.
    User: takemyhome

  3. My account is sleigh

  4. Funny, all of the dummies have the name Silver Thunder.

  5. If anyone wants to add my poptropican that has the Monster Carnival items the user is crazy.unicorn

  6. Serious Shadow says:

    Add me please! I have a Poptropican with really cool items. My username is voldemort:D. I found out about those dummies a long time ago.

  7. вaтcaт cσcσ says:

    It’s CW (Cool.Wing, an old PHB Authoress) here. If you guys wanted my username for my main account its: daytail1

    Happy adventuring.

  8. Alfiano says:

    i have one dummy ^.^ alfiebro 😦

  9. Alfiano says:

    alfiebro up to alfiebro11

  10. Alfiano says:

    alfie_fonz my backup/alfie_fong1 is backup too. gabriel_fong3 is my brother vege34 is my brother and thats it lol

  11. Herman Toqem says:

    Who wants my username?

  12. Cool! The usernames were leaked onto the internet, so I figured since they were public, may as well compile them into a nice list for people. 🙂

  13. I’ve got a dummy..
    Username: LWdummy

  14. masterdjay says:

    I got a dummy too.
    Username: dummypoptropican101

    • Cool; added to the list. Thanks for sharing!

      • KeithSammut says:

        I’ve got a dummy too irock195

      • KeithSammut says:

        I’ve got alot of dummies : ruff460, ruff714, zuzu1234x, ieges20, ieges19

      • KeithSammut says:

        Hey I have a new glitch !!!!

        NO MOUTH AND CLOSED EYES GLITCH (works in 2014)

        – First open your poptropica account,
        – Then open this link ( on another tab,
        – In the space type “americanamerican”,
        – Click load,
        – go back to your poptropica account,
        – press F5,
        – then when the little window appeares, click continue.

        Reminder My account username is KeithSammut

      • Fist off, why would u tell a glitch to everyone and know it will ONLY GET PATCHED!!!! That was an idiotic move by you, it did not only ruin a great glitch but also ruined it for people that like to keep it secret….. Now it’s Patched! Thanks a lot! I hope you don’t get anymore glitch because I’m scared u will tell everyone again. I’m sorry if I offended anyone or u Keith….But this is simple common sense :/

      • I’m sorry, I kinda went into psycho mode there….XD

      • KeithSammut says:

        Have another new glitch: another dummy username: ruffdummy2 (photos)

        RIO AD AND MIKELALTMN : (Warning this still works in the year 2014)

        – First open your poptropica account,

        – in another tab open this link (,

        – now close poptropica,

        – open this Rio ad link in another tab (, or the D.C Diner link (

        – in the Rio ad, you are suppose to see the costume of the first account in mikelaltmn-pop.

        – Now open a new tab and go to your poptropica account.

        This cheat is suppose to give you Director.D’s hair (un customisable), a dog face and a TNT in your hands.

        username is KeithSammut

      • Sticky Burger says:

        I had one, til’ I gave it to someone who really didn’t deserve it because he took it and changed my pass in settings -_- (so depressing)
        Username: BlackWidowCreator17 (member), (rare account)

      • I have a dummy, jesterdummy

    • cleanshark says:

      Master Djay, where have you been? I need you to come back!

  15. Poptropicaisthebest says:

    Whats a dummy?

    • They’re like Poptropican versions of clothing mannequins. For example, there are some in the Super Power Island “Masks & Capes” store, and the point is to customize clothing from them. In the case of dummies listed on this page, they were cheats performed by those who were able to, and they have rare clothing you can customize from, even handheld objects.

    • like in night watch island go to the carnival costumes you will see dummies with costumes on press on them and you will be able to get that costume.

  16. Slippery Dolphin says:

    Hey guys! It`s really cool that you made this page. Did you know that I was on Poptropica at the EXACT same time they added the friend thing? Cool huh?
    Please add me my username is Beautiful1794. This website rocks!


  17. Dangerou Bug says:

    I don’t get how you’re suppose to customize the person’s poptropican after you add them to your friends..

    • ShortBrain says:

      You click on them in your friends list, leading to their profile thingamabob. Then you go to the corner of that area and click on the Customize t-shirt, which is under the plus button you just used to add them.

      • Wow! I’m not the only person who uses the word ‘thingamabob’! 😀

      • Gentle Feather says:

        I use thingermajiga.

      • Wo, Green Boa, I use the word thingamabob lot’s! P.S, my usernamez are Awesome80885,
        Awesome80884 + HamishPomPom ( my best friend, no offence to brendan (and Padraig))
        Oh my glob I just used brackets inside brackets!!!!

      • Gentle Hero says:

        lol i use thingamabob and thingamajiga (oh and this spanish long words like parangaricutirimicuaro,otorinolaringologo,pajarocaripocapote, etc….)

  18. strange beetle says:

    if anyone wants to be mah friend, my username is maxandruby657; embearising, right? 😛

  19. no name says:

    hi.. i’m fabgirl160… haha i watch max and ruby sometimes when my little bro is

  20. Thanks!!! Slanted Fish(But I still not used to your new name)

  21. phineacostume is my account!!!!(but you can’t costumize the wrentch though cause I tried it and it didn’t work) But good thing you know to put it in
    By the way, my username is: sporty_shark (And if you are interested in my Nabooti mask please add: mathmaster)

  22. Heh heh heh *evil laugh* I’m gonna go on an adding spree

  23. Calm Penguin says:

    hi! My username is Calm567!!! I only add real friends in life AND people who finished 10 islands or up!!!

  24. Thanks for the info.

  25. Oh,and if you want to add me,my username is supershadow7547.

  26. Creepy Rapter says:

    Add me! I’m Creepy Rapter, and my username is Cooldude24525! I’m a member! Don’t you like my costumes?

  27. Cool Flame says:

    add me my
    username is miniman4536/ lorax1231

  28. please add me! i m ginny1737 and i have beaten 20 islands! my friend is abc14852 so she has beaten 24 islands! please add me!!!!! please!!!!!!!!!

  29. captenphineas says:

    my username is captenphineas

  30. strange beetle says:

    i have beaten 21 islands, and my username is maxandruby657, and my second is 007pancho! Please add me!

  31. You can add my username: MashMan123
    Poptropica Avatar Studio:

  32. Creepy Rapter says:

    ARGH! I can never get a beard or mustach on the dummies, but everyone ELSE gets them somehow! PLEASE HELP!!

    • Creepy Rapter says:

      How do I get that? Can you costomize it off another poptropican?:.(

    • Super Leaf says:

      No. Go to “Cool Stuff” In this blog.Then to “Pop Transport” Go to an Alvin and the Chipmunks AD. It should be island like and do one of the games. It will give you a parsailing outfit. 😉 Hope this guided you through

  33. kittyluvr says:

    my username is rachel9041 … i hav a cat costume in my closet :3

  34. bre8240

  35. Mad scientist, Mad Tornado(costume hunter) says:

    This page is A-W-E-S-O-M-E-! My username is chiko12. 😉

    Plus: one of the dummies has the Hades staff!(I can’t remember, I added all of them) See you!! 🙂

  36. strange beetle says:

    i changed my costume! 😀 maxandruby657 is my username, and I beat 24 islands!

  37. shaggycurmb says:

    please add me my username is giphip

  38. My little sister, martha9994, has like ALL the personality quizzes! She didn’t get one today!!!

  39. shaggycurmb says:

    quizzes done

  40. how can i get a beard? i really really want one! that or a hades staff or captain crawfish sword or one like it thanks! 🙂

  41. my user name is sahlim

  42. now almost all of my friends turned to dummies help!!!

  43. toughraptor says:
  44. My username is: wimpykid2675, please don’t laugh at it. I made at around when Wimpy Wonderland came out, to be honest, I was 10 when I made my account! LOL!

  45. Wow. My name is Brave Eye, watersupplyrox is my username.

  46. Perfect Gamer says:

    My username is perfectgamer115. Rare costumes!

  47. Thanks!

  48. Perfect Gamer says:

    Slanted fish how did you get closed eyes on your Scary Tomato account? Please respond! I want closed eyes!!

  49. Thanks.

  50. HI can anyone help me costumize poseidon beard or other beards?id really appreciate it and i can give you some super rare handheld items to costumize in return! but i wanna get some cool beards!

  51. cheerful whale says:

    hi thank you so much! email this email and i will give you the username(i try to kepp it a secret so nobody steals em )

  52. hey thanks so much! send an email and ill tell you my username also i can give you even more items if you tell me in your email the site i can go to,thanks!

  53. How do you hack(change) you players name with your account?

    • Oh you can’t. thanks for asking Big Storm 😆

    • Actually you can hack it but no one knows right now

    • Nunna Yo Business says:

      There is no way you can hack your name because the programmers probably fixed it. Poptropica doesn’t allow custom names because this is to prevent any user name abuse and real-life personal information in-game. Plus, your account’s name will be permanently stuck until you create a new account.

      Slanted Fish: Some people have been able to do it though. For example, look up the account thejesus1.

  54. How did you get a dummy?

  55. iknow how how to ge berds

  56. Mighty Shadow says:

    thanks for this!! my username is daisyv019, and also daniela040

  57. Mighty Shadow says:

    oh, i forgot theres an account with the tinkerbell costume called tinkerbellcostume

  58. Mighty Shadow says:

    ^^^^sorry, its actually tinkerbelloutfit

  59. Undefined Undefined says:

    Some of my friends are dummys, even though they really aren’t.
    Some mysteriously don’t have heads!

  60. Undefined Undefined says:

    Can I trust the creators that Triton is one? NO. My name keeps changing, right now it’s poptropican. And that’s his name. Poptropican. And, he has a shirt. The surfboard is “costumizable”. So do I trust him? NO.

  61. Mine have no heads, and I have a dummy. I am the master of all glitches, btw.

  62. I can clone anyone. So beware if you give a username and you think you are rare.

  63. Serious Bubbles says:

    i have the talking mouth! i just got it from a person in a common room i didn’t think it would work since the creators fixed that glitch but it did my username is murad1234 if you want to add me!

  64. Wait a minute. Wheres Green Seal and Neat whale?

  65. If someone wants a rare friend add avbue.

  66. Poptropican Lizard says:

    Hello. I am not going to say my username, it contains personal info. But I will say that I look like a wizard and I am Poptropican Lizard. If you want to add my friends:
    Noisy Comet: safaimoo987
    Short Chicken: par267
    Barefoot Icicle: picklecookienob
    Striped Bear: legaleaglescout
    Test account: peacelovemusic123456

  67. Actually no, I got the glitch before I knew the Super Secret item’s password and on there is your user, I got lots of my items from ieges and other people. I probably only took the screwdriver from you because Veprex got rid of it. I have no problem with you, I know you want to be rare. We all do. You are one of my best friends for telling me, and I should call you the God of all glitches.

  68. Undefined Undefined says:

    Sorry if I already posted this, but I have pale skin and golden hair, and I usually wear around my closet items, but the most common are a naughty scholar, a wizard, or Curious Bee (idea belongs to Super Thunder’s blog). You can find my name, too, and it could be: Undefined Undefined, Red Lizard, Poptropican, or Poptropican Lizard. You can call me Red Lizard.

  69. Undefined Undefined says:

    I am going to do an awesome thing for my b-day, in 11 DAYS! I will dress up just like me and I look very fancy on my B-day!

    • goldenrunner131 says:

      Hi Red lizard! Your birthday is In 11 days, so does that mean it’s on Constitution Day? If so, that is really cool. Oh, and my username is GoldenRunner131

  70. Mad scientist, Mad Tornado(costume hunter) says:

    Guys, does anyone know how to get Zeus Bolt? I added some acounts that have it, but I still can’t costumize it.

  71. I could do it for you…

  72. Good job Sl, we need to be like friends. Fuzzy-B, he has the right to act like he doesnt take it from other people, because to us, he is our master, and we get stuff from him (I don’t). But because you discovered the glitch, I guess you could be the leader, and the others can be the masters. I really don’t care. I just want us to be happy. I can’t believe we are worrying about this when we have this amazing glitch on our hands. let’s be kosher.

  73. Skipaleeto says:

    please tell me how to do robot glitch

  74. and i really want to do the robot glitch

  75. by the way on september 21st happy birthday samwow5 aka tough icicle

  76. now i am

  77. by the way if you want to add me my username is Skipaleeto

  78. i wish i knew how to do game show robot glitch

  79. please tell me

  80. the cheats NOT in the super secret items dosent have the robot glitch

  81. please if u tell me how to do the robot glitch i promise ill never bother u again just put it on the blog so only i can see it please

  82. How do you get a dummy costume?

  83. I’ve got a name hack.

    Every time you go back to the main screen and you click the foward right arrow your character changes and his/her name is Red Lizard.

  84. sam wow 5 please give me the login to your blog or at least tell me how to turn myself into a robot.Please.{*(

  85. omgblahbt909 says:

    aig60 dude what is your usename so i can ad you my acont is omgblahbt2

  86. Ask SL not me. P.S I’m not a hacker, I just do glitches.

  87. my name is unknown, just as my breath, just as my soul. says:

    I have an idea why thirsty whale might be inactive, because the creator who is now captain crawfish, couldn’t be captain crawfish until skullduggery island came out, so he was thirsty whale. (you can find him on time tangled) That’s my theory, please reply, I want to know your thoughts slanted fish.

    • We don’t know for sure whether a person on the Poptropica Creators team writes posts under multiple aliases. Perhaps they just thought the name “Thirsty Whale” wasn’t special enough, since any Poptropican player could get that name while signing up.

  88. Who owns the account ” Fast Shadow ” ? if you do please reply you’re username, Thankyou!!

  89. hey guys look at account user name micolo21 its so cool bye!

  90. Undefined Undefined says:
  91. Undefined Undefined says:

    Ummmm… Anyone here named Mighty Whale, with a heart top, purple skirt, and pink headband? my room code is:



  92. Joseph Nicholls says:

    Add me! I’m a member and I completed 29 islands and I have lot’s of costumes that you can costumize in my closets. My Username is: Joey.eyeball

  93. Hi, I’m Cool bite and I’m turning twelve In two months.
    If you want my username it is: theresa1456

    Thanks for advertising.

  94. Blue Wolf, username SeaOfDreams. I’m offline on weekends, rarely- VERY rarely- on when it’s the weekend, really.

  95. ummm add me i got cool cotumes like hades staff Darkrai768

  96. add me i got hades staff Darkrai768

  97. anybody know how to get zeus double bladed lighting bolt?

  98. How do you get a Gravatar icon picture for your username?

  99. How do you do do those glitches (Or hacks.) I need help with that.
    Username: vampkitteh1
    I am terrible with the names I pick.

  100. Shaky Crown says:

    For the BlackWidowCreator username the capital C for Creator is actually lower cased…

  101. Add me, Add me. I’m the cool one.

  102. can you do it for me?

  103. my username: nickzen
    Glicth afro guy: afroboycreator

  104. Shinykid157 says:

    Hi, Friend me Shinykid157, As of Oct. 10 I have a school costume with a book, I have complete 29 islands, and have had a membership. I belong to the Seraphim tribe.I shall have 46 pictures, it should be a Counterfeit one. (With balloon boy) I should have 72 (or possibly more) friends. So if you friend me, you should see that

  105. Hi!
    my username: sakura_o8
    poptropican: magic walker

    add me! I want friends! 😀
    I’m Filipino.
    I have completed 28 Islands.
    I belong to the Wildfire Tribe.
    Not a member.
    I prefer to wear a flat cap.
    I am average height.
    My favorite type of ball is the 8-ball.
    I don’t bite my fingernails.
    I have faked sick to stay home from school
    I would rather be trapped in a room with spiders.
    I get to school by car.
    I have never seen snow falling.
    I haven’t used someone else’s toothbrush.

  106. Hey Hey Hey My name is Blizzardpop but im a girl on it cuz it was my bffs Lol

  107. add me my username is j.lee21 to j.lee37,poptropica128756,black9050,here are some girls acount poptropicagirl128756,poptropicagirl3513 AND poptropicagirl82920.That is it.

  108. vampires are in poptropica now

  109. i’m determined2beatpoptropica anybody can add me :D!

  110. jikeymiley

  111. Add me plz! My username is wii2230!

  112. HEY!!!:)
    This is my username : QuickStarIsAwesome (Cool name, right)
    As of 11/11/12 This is what I have
    18 completed islands(Early Poptropica-Wimpy Wonderland, but not Skullduggery though, thats challenging) And the Twisted Thicket one.
    I should have 72 friends
    I live in AR, United States of America (U.S.A.)
    I belong to the Black Flags Tribe 😀 They’re awesome.
    I have 57 photos ( I might have more)
    I have no outfits ( I’m not a member 😥 But I want a Poptropica Game Card to get credits)
    I don’t mess with my mood (But usually I’m happy, excited,goofy, sleepy or ill)
    My battle Ranking is 1 because I don’t go into multi player rooms often, i explore
    My membership status inactive
    My account has 1025 credits (I love to save DUH 🙄 )
    My favorite kind of movie is horror (BOO 😮 )
    I would rather have a cat as a pet (The pic is cute, MEOW!)
    I would rather travel to the past
    I haven’t faked sick to stay home from school
    In the Sun,I tan

    I’m wearing…The highlighted bangs,The Japanese Hair (From Red Dragon sumo wrestling thing) Curled bangs,some really light pink lips, a green hoodie-jacket, a blue Mythogoloy Island Shirt,A sword, (Explorer= needs sword!) A blue plaid skirt from, I think Cryptids Island,A glass from Spy, and a red backpack

  113. I might be wearing a Brave Tomato outfit, She is awesome :mrgreen:

  114. StaraptorXD says:

    can i copy the usernames?

    • Not sure what you mean by that. You can’t use these same usernames to create a Poptropica account, because they’d already be taken. If you just wanted to add these usernames to your friend list, then of course you can – that’s what this page is for! 😛

      • StaraptorXD says:

        i mean like can i copy and paste onto my blog

        Slanted Fish: You may, but please give credit by linking back here. 🙂

  115. my characters name is Happy Horse. i have 2 player’s the other one is Orange Cloud. their usernames are Molly43r1 and Ginger1540. i completed all the islands. i am in the Flying Squid tribe and i completed poptropolis games 6 times. i have 30 nice outfits and i have lots of customizable handheld items saved in my closet. i have a battle ranking over 4 stars. Friend me

  116. Gentle Feather says:

    Hi,I’m a new player. My name is Gentle Feather, my feet tickled when I heard it and It made me laugh 😀 !
    Well My Username is GentleAsAFeather (B.T.W. I put the words uppercase to help you see.)
    I have not passed any islands yet, I’m working on the one that has magical goblins and such
    I’m located in the U.S.A. I will not tell you my state, I don’t want to get detailed.
    I belong to the Flying Squid tribe, I have no photo’s or costumes YET
    I have 0 friends, I will add some friends and friends from this blog
    I feel happy, I always am LOL
    My battle rank is 1, I’m not a battle person,I want to pass at least 25 islands, or pass one AND then battle.
    I don’t have membership, I don’t even know what that is, I just know that there are members things in the store
    I have 75 credits, That’s not a lot, I’m doing what Quick Star is doing, Saving, I only know what kind of Things that have gold in the background, I need 500 credits; Balloons, and the bee follower, I think the followers have a heart and a butterfly(SQUEE)
    I only have 3 answers, I don’t like to play practical jokes, I am Left Handed (Unique!) and i don’t have an imaginary friend
    Friend me, and good luck friending the others(So your computer doesn’t get slow from the many friends on this page,) Thanks Hi.juyo

  117. Gentle Feather says:

    Wow, Those are yours?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? That’s awesome, how do you make a dummy?

  118. POPular Cloud says:

    Wait on Are you a spender or saver? I meant saver. Phew!

  119. POPular Cloud says:

    How Shinykid?

    • I logged on, I was a magician( I DONT HAVE IT EXCEPT WEN I WAS A MEMBA) and dummy eyes. I had an idea to randomnize Shiny. She turned to a dude. My sister was WTF!!!! 😮 Cuz when you randomnize a boy, he has boy features. WHen ya randmnize a gal she has gel features. So l logged back on I was on elmer coz i was on wild west. She was the way i wanted her. She would wear all the suff i got from the store skirts and hair and stufff, I went to multi player room to custiomize someones curly hair. I couldnt gey it, Then i customized a boys shirt BINGO! So im med bye!!!!!!!!!!

      I know i spelled some wrong

  120. Super Leaf says:

    Hello! My name is TheWarrior2012. I’m a huntress.

  121. Poptropfan says:

    OMG! This is all bogus!
    You can’t costumize with any of the costumes! Wow, SO dirt cheap, PHB you wasted your time putting this garbage up!

  122. deathcat0505 says:

    Hi everyone. My username is Deathcat0505. Please add me? I need more freinds………

  123. Gentle Ice says:

    So, Anyone likes to friend,

    Friend MEEEE!!!

    Username: ctran15900745

  124. If anyone wants to add me,my names are xplus,keerthu3, and hestia11429.

  125. How do you create a dummy????

  126. CoolBeastly Guy says:

    Hiiiiii!!!!!! My username is CoolConman1 and I have 30 rare ad costumes.(Also, Slanted Fish, I didnt know you were a girl!)

  127. add ieges36 and salvi1253,salvi1256,

  128. Clean Hammer says:

    Hey! I’m clean hammer, and my username is missi168. I am a blonde poptropican who is looking for friends. I am Seraphim tribe, so especially seraphim people, please add me!

  129. Hey… Add me! My username is Hungry_fish… The capital ‘H’ is required and the dots is required too, it’s supposed to be three dots like these …)

  130. Dr. Magic Onion, Poptropicatologist says:

    Dr Magic Onion is the awesome olds01!

  131. Calm Penguin says:

    I got the athena sword in costumes!!! add me calm567

  132. creepyeye says:

    my username is maymay1959 if u wanna add meh

  133. creepyeye says:

    hi my if you are interested in cosumizable hand helds and lots more add me my username is maymay1959

  134. Golden Bubbles says:

    My username: TheAnime123. I’ve only been playing 15 minutes.
    I am wearing that really poofy bang. Gamer girl hair, That black and white striped shirt from Rochelle’s dorm from Monster High Ad. The black skirt from Venus’s dorm and the Lemonade Mouth guitar.
    Friend me, I will friend you too.
    I live in the U.S.
    I belong to the Black Flags
    My battle ranking is 1.9
    I’d rather take the elevator even though I have clausterphobia
    I do my homework right after school
    I have a short temper.
    So umm, bye.

  135. can not … xp

  136. friend me jack172172bobtodd1

  137. cleanshark says:

    Friend me, my username is dinoshark32 ! I completed all 32 Islands! 😉

  138. Now I know how to become a dummy! 😀

  139. Cool Octpus says:

    Anyone want to add me my username is zama-air in my costume closet I have Serious Shadow Beard Cheat including other beard the been discovered by me and a the robot from gameshow not membership card costume.

  140. coolclaw315 says:

    i’m gg315 on poptropica

  141. poptropican says:

    My username is jenny13535. Add me!

  142. Dear staff,

    I was randomly reading old posts,and in one of them (2009 Halloween contest) I saw Sparkle Star/Green Seal participate,but she left HER USERNAME WITH IT. It’s Sparklestar1188.


    Sticky Clown.

  143. fearlessnoodle says:

    Hi, I’m Fearless Noodle (i love the name)! You can add me with my username, alainacc1. If my characters name isn’t Fearless Noodle, then we have a problem. My closet is mostly costimizable (pardon my spelling) so feel free to use my outfits.

  144. bobo_fruit says:

    my username is bobo_fruit

  145. add me
    y username is tintin278

  146. I’m a girl and my username is Tess4778.
    But you can’t have my password. -.-
    srry -__-
    😀 But you can BE (bee lol) my friend 0__0

  147. Brave Axe says:

    my username is superman1788 and of course,another poptropican username:iloverafliizzuddin

  148. Comical Turtle says:

    I completed all the islands except Poptroplis (it sunk before I got the chance) and my username is mddyrls. Friend me if you want!

  149. dangerous eye says:

    can u guys make a Megaman ZX costume?

  150. plss add me,most of my friends are Inactive.the username is Watersnake12

  151. hatersloveme4897 says:

    Little Heart
    Orange Hero
    Noisy Dragon
    Beefy Speck
    Friendly Lion

    2 Wildfires
    3 Black Flags
    Now I’m going to make a girl.

  152. hatersloveme4897 says:

    HAHA I HAVE 1793 FRIENDS!!!! 🙂 🙂 😛 😛 😀 😀

  153. Comical Turtle says:

    My username is mddyrls, friend me! I’ve completed all the islands except Poptropolis (it sunk before I could complete it).

  154. benrav9 says:

    which user for the dummies has the captain crawfish costume again

  155. Cool Smarticle says:


  156. Creepy lizard says:

    Add me; kristinaahx
    My characters name is Creepy Lizard

  157. Hello Poptropicans

  158. Add me is you see me my gameplay name is FunnyHawk

  159. 🙂 Honestly add me: erwasdf123 ive completed 14 islands 😛 SBAM!

  160. hello my username is RaOneStorm.

  161. Hay who said they had a XP costume or whatever its called.By the way what is their username?



  163. Cool Smarticle says:

    I have a dummy! Username is Kert245 .

    Also Kert and #s up to a point and inbetween are some cool accounts…… I think they might be those dummies from 2009-2010.

    Also, Ruffrare and #s up to a point are pretty cool too! I like Ruffrare8 . 😛

  164. Hey and happy claw can u tell me how to get that blue with lightning costume on poptropica?Like did u use a promo code because i tried to custumise it and u can’t custumise what ather people got from the store?

  165. Sorry happy claw i spelled ather instead of other and i tried to change it.

  166. prickely singer says:

    add me! im goony1212

  167. Fast Crumb says:

    Hey i have many costumes right now i am wearing a cute girls dress add me i am cuteglitter1000

  168. Hey yal i’m warning u that sometimes when u get on ur account too many times u may cannot get on it!For real it happened to me!

  169. Mad Lightning says:

    I have the lightninng knight costume you have to buy the poptropica ds game! also add i am joshliza

  170. Could you put my username in the rare accounts? It’s riley208730.

  171. Fishy did u notice all the dummies are back to regular poptropicans now?

    • Cool Smarticle says:

      You sure? I just checked them. They’re still dummies.

    • Cool Smarticle says:

      Actually, I think Sam’s right. 😯 One of them was playing Poptropica recently, and now they’re not a dummy anymore. 😯

  172. Magic Seagull says:

    first of all how DO YOU MAKE A DUMMY AND IF YOU SAY YOU CLONE ONE THEN HOW?????? second of all my username is ozzzzz2 and my avatar name is Magic Seagull please friend me!!!

  173. hatersloveme4897 says:

    Mine is knucklehead5249,how does she look?

  174. Agent YKW says:

    Started trying to read all these comments – got a little ways through and gave up. Hope I didn’t miss anything too amazing!

    Add me @winterdolphin: I have a really cool elf costume – not really rare, but I like it. ❤ And I sparkle. *u*

    Also, I have the Lemonade Mouth costumes from the promo a while back: winterdolphin# 30, 31, and 32, I think, for the girls. The guys, I don't remember. I'll have to dig them up. xD

  175. Shinykid157 says:

    It’s Shinykid157!
    I got hacked, thurned into a boy, but can still wearsome girl stuff and all of my store item stuff.

  176. why can i not customize fuzzycontest1 zeus’ costume?

    Slanted Fish: Unfortunately, the Creators made some things not customizable.

  177. Nunna Yo Business says:

    And I’ll be waiting in the front door. Now move it!

  178. thersty hawk says:

    i’m on a kindle

  179. com join a multiverse room! me fuzzy-b and princess_farah!

  180. Cool Smarticle says:

    Fishy! I found another dummy!

    User is Kert245! 😀

  181. Elphangor says:

    Uhh… How did you get the usernames to my top secret accounts listed under “Rare Costume Accounts?”

    The usernames were:

    robodanse – Robot Costume prize from Game Show Island preview game (Money Ladder)
    4thbirthdaypoptropica2 – cake costume from Poptropica’s 4th birthday
    3rdbdayhappiness – clothes from Poptropica’s 3rd birthday
    dr.harehairbot – Dr. Hare costume & plush
    hadesstaffrules – Hades costume
    cloudynoodles – spaghetti & meatballs costume
    chumchum’scookies – monkey costume
    handyglove4569 – pie on face, Poptropica guidebook in backpack, and more
    dogwhisper76583 – Nessie Hat from Cryptids Island preview
    waileyrale327 – big colorful afro
    fhdujh – white lightning bolt (handheld)

    These are only 12 out of the 34 rare costume accounts I have, but I would just like to know – how in the world did you get them?

    *You don’t have to remove them or anything, I just want to know how you got them…

    Slanted Fish: I found them listed on a Dinkypage while I was Googling for Poptropica stuff.

  182. Young Flame says:

    OMG! I just found my Poptropican on my other account’s friend list. I WAS A DUMMY! I didn’t do anything!!!!! WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?

  183. my name on poptropica is mad biker friend me username 777jesus2

  184. poptropica rocks says:

    HEY IM facebook4ever9 TY

  185. im a person who wants to look for cool outfits and handheld things but lots of them are like SUPER cool but i cant costimizie them for some reason please tell me why because they put them up but they dont work

  186. I found two dummies.They are ieges19 and ieges20.

  187. Also if you take off the shirt on dummy607jf2 you get the robot glitch costume!

  188. epicegged says:

    I’m back and I’m going to tell you my costumes 1. Hades 2. Triton 3. Zeus 4. Hobo
    5. Green guy 6. farmer kid 7. Greg from diary of a wimpy kid 8. alien scientist 9. tough cat
    10. soccer kid 11. Phineas 12.bug from batman 13. Bane from batman 14. lab guy
    15. lab guy 16. super cat 17. voldemort with with hard hat 18. voldemort on vacation
    19. lightning knight 20, 21,and,22 are mixed 23. forest dude 24. Ron Weasly from harry
    potter BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  189. my friend creepy hamburger turned himself into a mannequin but still has legs o_o

  190. if you want to add me my username is 2awesome4u75 and my name is orange panda

  191. StanleyIsManly says:

    Can anybody make a Dummy of the white ninja limited edition from 2009.Thanks.

  192. Here’s my profile

    -I haven’t broken a thing that is not mine
    -I don’t have a good singing voice (I don’t sing)
    -I have been on a roller coaster with a loop-de-loop (scream ride at six flags magic mountain)
    -I am average height (5.3)

    Thats all I have to say.

  193. Add me on Poptropica ^.^ Username:AngelBeast14
    Yes with the capitals 😀

  194. Friendly Popper(Bulldog) says:

    I have a rarae account!User:Dude38764

  195. mine is kononon

  196. Red Lizard says:

    Thanks for making my Poptropican cool! With the dummies I added, I am now Red Lizard, Bursting with Rarity! (did you know one dummy has a few items from M.A.P?)

  197. Silver Cloud says:

    Somehow I got a kind of glitch friend or something. While I was on Shrink Ray Island, the game kinda bugged for a minute after I finished. And somehow, I ended up putting Mr.Silva on my friends list. Weirdest thing is that they’re some girl named Maroon Rider, they have a green star under their name, and all their pictures are the same as mine since they became my friend. Any clue what that’s all about?

    • spotted monster says:

      I don’t know what that is about, but I know her username. Maroon Rider’s username is undefined

  198. My user: aphrodite*jade
    My name: Icy Comet!
    Add me please!

  199. I found a new glitch

  200. hahahahahahahahahahahaha


  202. hi i was just wondering can you add me?
    im 14 my username is : pizzao_o (no spaces)
    i just finished SOS island i dont have much islands but i have alot of cool friends
    p.s i already added you so thats it or me Tnx. 🙂

  203. do any of yall like the old teen titans because i defanetly do!

  204. Invisible Bubbles says:

    I’m DorothyOfOz25 please add me!

  205. user:awesomevamp6
    add meeeeeeeee!

  206. what is the pinokio dummy username anyone can answer plz I need it!!!

    Slanted Fish: The account pinocchio70 has the Pinocchio costume.

  207. hey i am a girl poptropican my username anika2516 if u add me i have completed 34 islands and i have 135 photos if u go to my closet i have alot of costumes if u see me wearing a birthday cake outfit that means its my birthday please add me p.s i talk a lot lol

  208. Donutlover94 says:

    Hello! pls add me! my username is: Donutlover94 thx : )
    Btw- teenage daughter of hades I would love to be friends with you! pls add me

  209. sillywilly1120 says:

    pls and me sillywilly1120 cool robot helmet custimizeble

  210. My username is moses6192. I need some help finding a pen I saw in a common room! I have one on now I got off of one of the dummies listed above. The one I’m looking for has pink feathers and poka dots, hope you can help. :]

  211. Never mind the pen I’m good without it. :]

  212. Midnight the cat says:

    I have seven accounts. They are angela.brown, angela.brown# (change # to 1-5) and
    You can add all of these if you want. Their clothes are in their photos if you customize them.

  213. my username is raqk, ive been playing poptropica since there was only 1 island, but ive had to make a new account, since i started playing when i was 7 and forgot my password sometime over those 5 years.
    some of my other current accounts are
    raqk0, raqk1, raqk2, raqk3, raqk4, raqk5, raqk6, and raqk7
    (oh yeah theres also 24/7_multiverse join his room at brl38)

    • Hey raqk THANK YOU SSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO much for the talking mouth!! By the looks of it your a male but I still want you to see my outfit, so please friend me! My username is moses6192 please friend me!

      • By the way raqk please post a comet next time you check this website. I would like to know if you added me or not. Thanks

      • nice account! I friended you. BTW i changed my mouth, but check out the account movingmouth if you want my old mouth back!

    • most of those accounts besides my main one are useless… i use most of them as a replacement for the members only closet.

  214. hi. Please note that i'm made of chocolate,so that means i'm edible. PLEASE DON'T EAT ME because i'm actually your candy god angel. but you can call me magic snowball since that;s my poptropican's name is ( add me as kkool223) says:

    Hi! add me as kkool223 🙂

  215. my user is yummyumyum2
    friend me please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  216. friend me my name is killkoley give me your username two

  217. Can you please remove my username from this? All my stuff is leaking……

    Slanted Fish: Okay. 😦

  218. Silly Rider says:

    epic costume 🙂 zeus master bolt, fluffy blue cape, peg leg, other stuff xD

  219. red jumper says:

    My username is:screwacttack?

  220. what happend to shark boy

  221. Keith Sammut! says:

    Hey check out this username: (KeithSammut) It’s a merman, with blackwidow’s hair.
    Go to it’s closet and you will find FUZZY-B’s costume!!!!!!!!!!!

  222. Keith Sammut! says:

    how do you get closed eyes??!!?!?!?!?!?!?

  223. How did theCodien get a custom Poptropica name? And how can a Poptropican be changed into a dummy?

  224. Got a cowboy suits…. ghalib46

  225. Hey hi.Juyo, I’ve got 2 dummies!

    – ieges20
    – irock195


    irock195, is un costumisable. Use the no mouth Glitch with the avatar studio, and you will have it + an extra dog mouth

  226. Little Dolphin says:

    My Username is: DerpyCorgi
    I change my outfit frequently, but I don’t have a closet, so check back frequently!! 🙂

  227. Well, I have more account that I own:

  228. foxgirl58.1 says:

    thank god I needed that robo face!

  229. its ok if it happins with one problem

  230. hey im grace2153

  231. everyone add thinknoodles and graser and tybzi and grapeapplesauce i will give you there names first thinknodles will be thinknoodles like how i typed it like that next graser will be graser8 like that next tybzi TYBZIFreind like that finaley grapeapplesauce grapeapplesauceFreind like that o wait i forgot aslo strauberryjam is strauberryjamFreind like that evjoy the names comment me agein if it works ok guys make sure aslo you know the wesite if you are new at poptropica save progreess comment your name i will do it thank you if your a youtube plz record when you are giving them out ok from me joshua peisach 4-53 plaza Rd fairlawn new jersey bye….

  232. guys dont forget stacysays i found 2 stacysays stacysays 1 and this is the one i made stacysays 2 ok bye

  233. Fierce Knuckle says:

    My username is bunnyhi4 (I know I know lets all laugh at my username) And I’ve been on poptropica before they had friends and had only 9 islands 🙂

  234. freaind me




  235. How do u get a zeus staff? I try and try and try 😦 😦 😦

  236. freind me my username is grapeapplesauceFreind

  237. Cuddly Lion says:

    which one has the i ate a shark shirt???

  238. mine is imcool10000o

  239. ADD ChickenarefromChickfaalay and ADD chickenarefromKFC

  240. My username is lula4schmidt freand me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  241. Tall Whale says:

    Friend me I am cool

  242. me:CartoonSage

  243. Frend smellyrat4 and your find something great!

  244. im emogirl191933 add me guys…….

  245. My username is:Heart_Attack105

  246. Add me anyone if you want to! #pantherswagger
    My username-Astraya20

  247. Quiet Toes says:

    Hey guys. I’m Quiet Toes. My username is Quiet_Toes. I’m new. But I will complete islands soon. Thanks a lot.

  248. Does anyone know any dummies that have the full costumes of the following:

    Captain Crawfish,
    Director D,
    El Mastachio Grande,
    Gretchen Grimlock,
    Black Widow,

    BTW: my membership account is blackwidowcreator17.

  249. I need creator dummies!!! 😦

  250. abbotcostello says:

    Where did you get the dummy with rabbot ears and green eyes I been wanting that for so long…

  251. Fierce Dolphin says:

    how can i get zeus’ lightning bolt like the one he has mythology island

  252. katertot60 says:

    add meeeee!!
    user: katertot60

  253. Massive Raptor says:

    KeithSammut can u share more dummys I just loveeeeeeeee yours

  254. Massive Raptor says:

    my username is shark21 I beat 37 islands and I never did a pop quiz want proof add shark215

    • Keith Sammut says:

      Nice Account Bro !!!

      • Keith we need to talk on the chat now says:

        Keith Sammut I need to speck with you on the the chat. your going to kill it if you don,t remove it. so please we need to talk.

  255. hey guys i forgot my user and i had completed 22 levels but my friend has me added is there a way to see the user then i think i could guess the password

    Slanted Fish: Click here for a PHB post that explains how to find usernames. 🙂

  256. hey
    i added you.
    my username is moneymoney338

    • I’ve added you,you are my 5000th friend,really!My username is knucklehead5249 for proof that I have a lot of friends!

  257. Add me if interested. I am Phiell1.

  258. Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

    If you own an account listed on this page, can you request it to be removed? I Know people can use the Username Finder, but not everyone knows about that…

    • Yes, you can, but keep in mind that the sharing of these accounts is beneficial to many costume hunters and other Poptropicans, so to unlist one would be keeping people from something cool. This page exists to list interesting accounts for people to friend. 🙂

      • Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

        I understand, but it’s really rare, and I’m just wondering because numerous attempts to take it….

        With the Username Finder on Poptropica I guess it doesn’t really matter, I was thinking about it after I posted my comment.

        And I was also wondering because my Cousin said she’s thinking of getting Membership, and she doesn’t want her username here if it pops up (Even though she generally doesn’t have rares).

        Thank you for the reply though c: I’ll also let her know.

  259. that was awsome


    add me im, imcool10000o
    i should be white and furry and black juice in my hand

  261. crazycheetah says:

    is irock195 a dummy

  262. MassIveRaptor says:

    any1 kniow a dummy for the trees on your head

  263. MassiveRaptor says:

    hey fishy, shark boy username is not sharkboycreator anymore it’s sharkguycreator

  264. MassiveRaptor says:

    Hey fishy can u put these users in the friendfinder poptropicacontest2,poptropicacontest3 and poptropicacontest5 they are all galikc hotdogz costumes

  265. MassiveRaptor says:

    hey fishy can u put these users in the friend finder poptropicacontest2 poptropicacontest3 and poptropicacontest5

  266. 123aswathy
    add me
    completed all islands available for non members

  267. Goodybear6

  268. I’m a 12 year old demigod. My father is the king of the gods. I kicked his butt in Mythology island. Add me slantedfish6

  269. spotted monster says:

    jcwarw# (replace # with 12, 13, or 14) those are some more dummies

  270. spotted monster says:

    If you look up ieges13 in the avatar studio, their name is hero of poptropica

  271. spotted monster says:
    • Bethan says:

      Just checked all these and ieges# (replace the # with any number between 1 and 41 except 34) seems to work. They’re a pretty eclectic mix of costumes aren’t they? Doesn’t seem to be any theme, just a load of medium-rare to rare items/clothes.

      *friend me: bebbybubbles99 for a gothic/villain themed clothes*

  272. My username is Slantedfish6 add me. BTW, my daddy is Zeus

  273. I have a rare account!
    Username: rought

  274. Frosty says:

    Add Poptropica6thbirthdaycostumeaccount to get someone wearing the poptropica6thbirthday costume (this person will always wear poptropica6thbirthday costume)

  275. my username is jmjmjmjm360

  276. Brave Octopus says:

    add me:

  277. I’m slantedfish6, so add me maybe. I’m also the daughter of Zeus

  278. swordlovergirl10 im here

  279. im hear swordlovergirl10

  280. Magic Moon says:

    ok, I have to know where to get the mermaid tail, it killing me. I also need to know how what the glitch is for the avatar studio-refreshing thing? it only works like 50% of the time… does it only work for dummies???? helpp!!!!

    -Magic Moon

  281. I change my avatar a lot but I always wear gothic or villain themed clothes so if that’s the kind of thing you’re interested in costumizing then add me: bebbybubbles99

  282. Bethan says:

    This is sort of unrelated but I just added Brave Tomato (1313cookie) as a friend and if they ever read this can I just say I agree completely with all of your outfits. All oF THEm.

    *has a goth girl freak out and walks away*

  283. captaincrawfish500 says:

    could you also tell me on how to get the monkey face like what everything173 has. that would be awesome!

  284. Hey guys! I have a rare dog outfit! Add me as a friend please!

  285. Friend me everyone my username is jmjmjmjm360,

  286. umm… massive leak?

  287. you can add me:hoanganh12345

  288. my username is like linda4535 and i am very popular and have lots of clothes in closet so like add me

  289. xxrobotboy says:

    Want a few rares? Well, just friend XxRobotboy. I’ve got a beard, rope, early poptropica shirt, horns, and many other cool things 🙂

  290. ♫★Scary Plug★♫ says:

    My username is redwasabi. xD Add me and check out my closet, I just knew how to get rare stuff.

    Btw does anybody have a zeus dummy? The whole costume must be cuztomizable. Please reply if you have one. Thanks! *desperate*

  291. Silly Pelican says:

    Do you have a girl rockstar (1) dummy? I want the bangs so badly 😦

  292. ♫★Scary Plug★♫ says:

    Hey does anybody know how to make dummies the Dummytron is down

  293. nice friend finder

  294. herro der 🙂 im blondie101138 plz add me!!! :))

  295. Hi add looby_lou_x which is cool bite and LP.COM which is strange horse

  296. THE 1ST CPMMENT says:

    CaptainCrawFish500 Use User CoderKid11 to get the Face on Everything173 P.s do the avater glitch with CODERKID11 and take away the Rabot Costume

  297. epicegged says:

    i have a glitch you can do the no eyes no moth glitch with any dummy and you will look like them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  298. PHB just to let you know, the cloudynoodles account has changed. It is not what you say it is. Thanks.

    Slanted Fish: Thanks for the tip; it’s off the list now. 😛

  299. add me user: orangeice456

  300. Add me @ froyoyolo2 on poptropica!!!!!!

  301. jumpy bear says:

    im riley33935

  302. Gentle Sponge says:

    Hi, I’m Gentle Sponge, and I would like to give you my usernames for you to friend. My poptropicans are girls, and my usernames are t7lks, t7lkh, t7lks2, t7lkh2, t7lkhg, and cokacola17. I know I have a lot of characters, but I need them for a book that I’m working on. It’s called The Great Poptropica Mix-up. Slanted Fish, do you think that the creators of Poptropica would accept a book made by someone other than them?

    Slanted Fish: You can try contacting Poptropica about it. 😛

  303. Magic Snowball (Add me on poptropica as kkool223 says:

    Add me!! My username is kkool223

  304. Fearless Penguin says:

    Hey guys! I’m Fearless Penguin and I just realized I have ZERO friends….ekkkk. My user is princessofasgard (Yes it is a Thor reference) PLEASE add me! 🙂

  305. bravedolphin123 says:

    My username is salma26557. Please add me. 😄

  306. Taylor Lane! says:

    Hey Guyzzzz!!! I have Lotz Of Accountz! Here They Arez!: kiara.mccaw1 kiara.mccaw kiara.mccaw2 azaria.mccaw1 azaria.mccaw KatnissEverdeen!!!!!! PeterMallark PennyBigBangTheory1 (I Think not a username btw)ScaryPoptropicaClown Thats All for now! 😀 Add Mesh BTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 ❤

  307. Perfect Dragon says:

    Does anyone know if its still possible to get closed eyes…? I know it was patched, but does anyone know another way?

    • Brave Dolphin says:

      Yes it is. heck this page for reference: It says, “No Eyes, No Mouth (also Cloning or Gender Swap)

      Log into the Poptropica account you want to give no eyes and no mouth to.
      Open the Poptropica Avatar Studio.
      Type KeithSammut19 in the username box.
      Refresh Poptropica. If a message appears, do not hit retry, hit cancel. Also, note that this will replace your current costume with KeithSammut19′s. If you’re a girl, this could change your character’s gender.”

      • Brave Dolphin says:

        Sorry, Check lol

      • Perfect Dragon says:

        Thanks for replying! It took me a few tries, and on the message part I ended up having to hit continue instead of cancel, but it worked! I honestly don’t know how i missed seeing that glitch, ive been on that page a million times 😄

  308. Incredible Flame says:

    If you customize alfiebro11’s paintbrush, stand next to a NPC, press spacebar and you can color them!

  309. hi my username is sonicandpokemom123 yes I love sonic and pokemon

  310. haha104000 says:

    rares you can coustimize off me: breathing mouth, jumpsuit and helmet. username:hadi13067

  311. IcyFoxPoptropica says:

    I was referring to a user’s costume closet, but forgot to hit reply.

  312. IcyFoxPoptropica says:

    I want a Black Widow customizable outfit so badly!!!! What account do I friend to customize her whole outfit? Is there a cheat? Someone answer!

    Slanted Fish: Try the cloning glitch (see the Cheats page for instructions) on her account, BlackWidowCreator.

  313. Calm Toes says:

    my user is nataleeandchisom i have 731 friends so if add me tell me ur username

  314. My username is ZombiMan0921
    Youtube Channel: Poptropica Adventures

  315. Loud Lizard says:

    Slanted Fish add me as a friend! Username: Adventador

  316. Hey Fishy, can I use the dummy and creator usernames on my blog if I give the PHB credit? I was also gonna add link to this page because it’s awesome! 🙂

    Slanted Fish: Sure, and thanks for asking! 🙂

  317. Doesn’t look like dr.harehairbot has them anymore sadly. Hopefully a new name with them can pop up

  318. Sticky Burger says:

    Are you a spender or a saver? Saver
    Do you know karate? A little…
    Can you perform a magic trick? NO, hate magic!
    What do think about thunderstorms? Love them!
    What is your favorite kind of Ice Cream? Shalfonte’s chocolate ice cream
    Do you wear glasses? No, but really want contacts
    Have you cried at a movie? Yes, Fault In Our Stars.

  319. comical monster says:

    add me my user is bibiano8

  320. White Gamer says:

    Mine is Ghalib2004.

  321. Add me Poptropican’s of the world my user:dantebloox

  322. Any one have steamworks mech pilot costume?

  323. Add me jesse27392

  324. Add my Super Rare Account User: Rileycangetsuperrarecostumes1

  325. Please add me I have a few accounts adamsapple_6 npc:ShiftyClown JackTheLantern and SlasherTheDog.

  326. shiftyclown says:

    Anyone know a working dummy with a time tangled or astro-knights shirt?

  327. my username:nafihussain

  328. shiftyclown says:

    Oh I forgot I also have the user RareCollector5000, where I get all the rarest items from dummies. Friend me if you want.

  329. add me im tyler25717 i have lots of rares and i go to the phc

  330. shiftyclown says:

    Hey, Check this guy out: npc:MissingItem

  331. my username is SlantedFish19.i am Shy Horse and i am a 12-year old teen.

  332. Elphangor’s costumes are randomised?!

  333. Can you add my username to the list? It is: rought

  334. Hey, does anyone know an account you can costumize the white lightning bolt from?

  335. Hi i am natedog000009 add me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  336. Grumpy Shell says:

    I have one! ‘santaoutfit’ it makes you friend santa, he can be seen at various times in the Early Poptropica!

  337. perfectcoyote says:

    Which dummy on the page is the one with the rainbow paintbrush from the Ramona ad a while back?

  338. Could you add mine? It’s Dr.FunTimesXD

  339. kurtbushg says:

    kurtbushg is my username

  340. Can someone add me on Poptropica please? username: Flickyfriend002 / Fisio14
    Also my friend asks her username to be post too : najlar

  341. perfectcoyote says:

    Dear Fishy,
    I went through all the dummies on the list and found a colorful handheld paintbrush, then accidentally customized it away. I’m sure I’ve been through them all again but I can’t find it. Do you know which one it is?

    Slanted Fish: Sorry, I don’t – if you’ve gone through all of them again (did you check closets?) and still can’t find it, maybe it was removed from the dummy. 😦

  342. Funny Monster says:

    handyglove 4569 no longer has pie on face

  343. poptropicanterrorists says:

    Sup guys u guys should add me my user is 6870931 as ur friend and to this list i also own a very rare the businessman account and other very rares

  344. speedyfoxpoptropica says:

    ey guys,Im actually new to this blog. If you need friends Add me my name is SpoiledMango a.k.a Shiny fox :). feel free to add me 🙂 (Reposted.) 🙂

  345. Hello invite me my username is hilmy30

  346. My username is Booklove#01. i have a lot of cute clothes that you can use.wbs

  347. My username on poptropica is butterflywing44 no spaces and all lowercase. My name is brave wing.

  348. Sleepy Hero says:

    Hi! My useter is bstwlmc7
    I have a rare dummy for you.

  349. hey,i am Shy Horse(SlantedFish19),12 years old.
    i have 25 medallions,111 pictures,25 costumes.
    113 quizzes,i have 370 friends,and my password is a clue:it is from the store with the word fairy.

  350. Sleepy Hero says:

    Mine is bstwlmc7.This is a rare dummy: poptropicadummy7 (check closet) and poptropicadummy12.

  351. I am popularskull108 or katnisseverdeen108. Add me please

  352. uhm so I’m trynna send a big report but I can’t find my username. …any help with tht. ..I kinda forgot it :/

  353. Can I have this costume on this page sorry no photo but…ok so get the classic hair from girl with the camera on lunar colony island get head phones from guy on lunar with camera get skirt/shirt from cheerleader outfit from store and chew gum (classic flavor ) oh and get ballon pack and get smiley,7 birthday, or 1birthday and if you want get money bag from night watch carnival costumes.i call this style ‘cool nerd’.

  354. My username is: Morrowaj . I’ve had this profile for 4 years now (Which isn’t really very long!) and I love to play poptropica! (But you know that! Duh 🙂 !)

  355. I’m kawaiipanda_ :3

  356. JonathanChandler says:

    My username is johnthedude1 boring right

  357. Comical Lightning says:

    My username is BooksRooks

  358. I finished 41 islands not that I want to boast or anything

  359. Massive Raptor (FS) says:

    NEW 2015: Hazmit Hermit (username: JustinLacy) costume was changed thats all 😄

  360. Massive Raptor says:

    Hey Fishy i can some old accounts that i made in 2013 i knew that they would be rare to have so can you add these to the “Rare Costume Accounts” tab the usernames are

    poptropicacontest2,poptropicacontest3,poptropicacontest5, btw poptropicacontest 4 is the same as poptropicacontest1 but has cosmoe sword so can you add those please?

  361. Massive Raptor says:

    friend s!ender for hyponized Slender Man

  362. Add me i’m bignate13349 i got dr. hare’s costume from 24 carrot island

  363. Mine’s rare:yolohills

  364. i am jassie:) says:

    hey peeps pls friend me! i am jassie:)
    i hopefully(if you like it) have a cool outfit that you can costumise

  365. quickfire251 says:

    heyyyyyyyyyy! this is quickfire251. plz add me;)

  366. Add me! I’m 814pandazebb, and I’m Scary Speck! I like Poptropica and have done all the islands (except the mystery of the map because I’m not a member). Question – is there a way to get credits after you did all the islands?

  367. kawaiipanda_

  368. hello guys plzzz friend me. username is tiny9531 and my room code is CTA92. I would love for someone to come on it especially you slanted fish!!!:)

  369. Small Sponge says:

    Please add Poptropican SmallSponge61. 🙂

  370. ♬ ℳ℮ℓø∂⑂ Ḱ☤⊥⊥¥ ♬ says:

    The user’s Hiba1021, feel free to add! May I know yours too? :33

  371. Mooda Wolf says:

    my username is:
    (make sure to put the period :3)

  372. White Eagle says:

    I’m hoppybunny81, my friend told me about this site and its really cool! Finished 52 islands.

    • moody tuna says:

      its cooler when you hear what happened and used to happen at this blog. also my usernames are moodytuna, popman9422, slmpae, slmpae1, magic11657, and atllama.

  373. Hai I was wondering if there are any dummy accounts with Zeus’s staff? cuz i like really want it 😄

  374. SleepyHero says:

    I am a great poptropican so friend me
    Free good dummy:Anything660
    You can’t wear this dummy but you can try just for “FUN”:FunnyDummy5
    My avatar studio link:

  375. SleepyHero says:

    I am also Rare so add me please bstwlmc7

  376. todays code surprizeme and my user name is glaselkj friend me blake

  377. come to my party cdc73 come everyone ok

  378. hi i’m zoey friend me glaselzo

  379. PHPHPHPHP says:

    How do u get zeus staff?

  380. Please Friend me my username is: theoriginalpoptropicarockstar
    Only place where you will find my username:

  381. strange hamburger says:


  382. Add Me Please
    Username: pinku903

  383. Happy Berry / Pinklove95 says:

    First comment…. Hi ppl My name is Pinklove95 also know as Happy Berry… anyone can add me ^.^, I’m active sometimes

  384. Heyyy If anyone know the username of Scary Plug in the costumes section of this blog it would be really helpful thanks 🙂

  385. veryirked says:

    Hi my username is veryirked, and I don’t live in Montenegro, I clicked the wrong thing and I don’t feel like changing it.

    slantedfish: You can click on the country flag in your friends profile to change your location (including states for the U.S.).

  386. veryirked says:

    Oh also I beat 22 islands and I really live in Pennsylvania

  387. silver fang says:

    hey everyone 🙂 my name is Silver Fang. My username is fang251. I live in India.

  388. Hellooo my name on poptropica is mintylucy! so ya… ADD ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  389. 12635522u says:

    Today or next weekend I will post details and one of these 2 options so you will want to be my friend and here are some details for today:
    1. I have completed 10 islands
    2. I have 218 friends (1 that makes walkthroughs for poptropica and some that make islands what they are today)
    3. Most non-beta islands I have completed 2 times
    4. Working on completing night watch island
    My username is reese11007 and sorry I do not know how to make links 😦
    The 2 options will be that I will do a whole lot more details
    I’ll figure out how to make at least 1 link to my characters
    I have a backup account that has not been used yet and the username is reese11 and for some weird reason has the same password as reese11007! For now that’s all be coming with more news!

  390. Marco Rlandheliaseth Raagas says:

    My username is wevills.

  391. Littlelugia52 says:

    Hey I am littlelugia52 and i really need some friends really bad all of my friends are ether people i found here or are just diffirent versions of me =<

  392. Littlelugia52 says:

    Does anyone watch pokemon is so please friend me my username is littlelugia52 or hugehoho25

  393. No one Likes me says:

    Hi I am MightyDragon27 and no one likes me i have been to every single common room …. .. TWICE!!!! and everyone i meet laughs at me and i really need a friend I don’t have much stuff but if you could friend me i would be really happy =(

  394. Marco Rlandheliaseth Raagas says:

    nice one!!!

  395. LOL

  396. You can also share your username/username’s here:

  397. Add me
    I am Player858

  398. Tall Cactus says:

    My username- macandcheese520
    I have all 56 medallions (I know some people have 57 but that’s because they did Beta Carrotene, I think)
    I did all of the Pop Quizzes ( Creators- Please add more!)

  399. ArtemisTheGoddessOfTheHunt says:

    which character has the lightning sword? I need to know for a character im making

    slantedfish: That’s from the Lightning Knight costume, which comes with the Nintendo game Poptropica Adventures.

  400. Hey slanted fish, please add me. My username is redpanda3344.

  401. hi friend me im animalawesome6

  402. Here’s my username (judev17)

  403. marin garcia says:

    how do you get someones costume closet I’ve tried everything and still haven’t figured it out! Please help!!!

  404. short feather says:

    user garfield10189

  405. short feather says:

    slanted fish someone has your costume I think there name is green boa

  406. i want to know cool leafs username

  407. The Colt says:

    wiiboy129 is my main username

  408. sunnybunny551 says:

    i didnt get my 75 free credits in saving my account 😦

  409. short feather says:


  410. ȶǟʟʟ ɖʀǟɢօռ says:

    I’m barrysanders90

  411. Add me at xxC.E.G.xx says:

    Hi 🙂 As you can tell by the name, you can add me at xxC.E.G.xx if you would like. I love fashion, so Im usually, always adding stuff to my closet. I dont think any of the stuff is really “rare,” but I do have things that you might not see very often. Some of the stuff I save to my closet you have to buy from the store, so sorry about that. Heres a list of some of the things you might see in my closet:
    *Aphrodite hair, complete with bangs and earings.
    *Platinum blonde pony tail.
    *Pink chevron shirt
    *Grey shirt (I know, I know, it sounds pretty simple. But its actually pretty cute; its from the winter collection that you have to buy on the poptropica app, or be able to spot on the home island. Its very uncommon that you see someone wearing it.)
    *White and black shirt from the Vampire island. (I am adding this tomorrow, its very rare you see someone wearing this.)
    *Lots more to come!

    Thank you for this list, very helpful 🙂

  412. TheDestroyer85 says:

    Username:Big Stomper
    Friend me if you want.
    Completed all the islands. (Almost)
    cool skin

  413. Try dummy01 and dummy03

  414. hello hacker says:

    my username:obiwan123988

  415. Hey Fishy add my dummy, Grand0, thanks 😛

    slantedfish: Added! 🙂

  416. The Return of Veleanor Volgram D: says:

    When a star image appears on your screen, does it mean someone else friended you?

  417. Hey my name on Poptropica is sassychick1050 go ahead and add me 🙂 (username was created when i was like 11 :p) I have plenty of cool stuff also 😉

  418. memeboss25 says:

    Hey guys can add me my username is : sassychick1050

  419. any hot dogs i want to get one for my sonic costume so it’s like a chillidog, and so its more recognisable

    • Awesomeness! says:

      Hai guys, Go ahead and add me!!!! Username is lucky58717. I have rares and am the owner of an ASG that I made, But it’s not popular it’s called Linus’sBlanketASG

  420. um hi im wild flipper and my username is starpuppy80 plz friend meh or else!!!!!MWAHAMWA

  421. i have the sickest outfit ever come friend meh and check it out:)PLZ DO PPL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  422. hey guys plz friend meh

  423. mine is 200402487 friend me peeps!!!1

  424. AwesomeFred10 says:

    Add Meh! Im called AwesomeFred10 😀

  425. Ah,the good old days,where all we cared about was not being friends with somebody,but being able to customise this and that and looking cool.

    Actually,not much has changed.

  426. blame it on the love of rock ad roll! says:

    My username is Hiphop,rock it up.
    I won’t tell you my password.

  427. blame it on the love of rock and roll says:

    My username is also Raymond’sstory.
    Friend me and say which contestant in Reality TV I costomized!

  428. blame it on the love of rock and roll says:

    Guess what, guys?
    1. Friend me, Massive Fish.
    (Username: Raymond’sstory)
    2. Leave a reply to which Reality TV contestant I costomized!

  429. My Username Is Riley208730

    Its Me Cheat Dude Someone Changed My Email Or I Am Useing The Wrong One

  430. blame it on the love of rock and roll says:

    So nobody friended me…

  431. Hip Hop

  432. Maybe some people did, but just didn’t leave a reply in the comments. There’s currently no way to track down who in Poptropica has befriended you. 😛

  433. Yes, I did! You were my 400th friend. You are dressed a Hip-Hop.

  434. Brave Axe says:

    i friended you…

  435. Skinny Ice says:

    Gangster Dude!

  436. i friend you, you got one now is me, my username is jmjmjmjm360

  437. Loud Lizard says:

    I didn’t do you feel better?

  438. i friended you Massive Fish

  439. Littlelugia52 says:

    i will friend you so can you friend me i am littlelugia52 or hugehoho25

  440. blame it on the love of rock and roll says:

    Oh, how did you know?

  441. And you only have completed RTV island.

  442. Cool Smarticle says:

    Hi Sticky Clown! Strange Cat! I like Sticky Clown better…… 😄

  443. SCREAMER! says:

    He didn’t finish other islands because he was EXTREMELY busy.

  444. super fluffy rainbow bunny of doom and sparkles! AKA Magic Moon says:

    Hello, poptropicans!! my username is wisesl
    (I know, wierd right? i made it when i was in kindergarten.)
    friend me if you like, i usually have cool outfits (to me anyway), but they may not all be customizeable
    ~ super fluffy rainbow bunny of doom and sparkles! AKA Magic Moon~

  445. Nunna Yo Business says:

    And get to my Big Brain Factory! the room code is BXM43. Hurry before I am gone at 4:00 Beijing Time!

  446. thersty hawk says:

    my username is: epicegged

  447. Are there going to add Blake username?

  448. Comical Turtle says:

    He says it in his first post.

  449. Thanks. Sorry for not reading well.

  450. Badboy18176. FRIEND ME OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!!!! Grrrrrrrr……..

  451. i added you

  452. IcyFoxPoptropica says:

    I like your outfits!

  453. you’re my friend

  454. lol

  455. Happy Panda says:

    Hey everyone! Add me. My username is >jagger<)

  456. mine is dark940

    add if u want my outfits. i do that a lot LOL

  457. Hi guys! long time watcher first time commenter :3. anyway im getting back into poptropica after several years away and noticed some major changes, namely the fact i missed a LOT of opportunities and my binary bard costume was gone. If anyone here knows of a user with a customizable bionic eye or any other part besides the face plate plz let me know.

    -Vivacho Username: coolboy230 ( i have lots of cool stuff)
    P.S. is there any way to get the dr. hare codes to work? i came back to the game right after they expired and with bard
    he was always my favorite (Oh the irony!)

  458. mine is googlesonmoogleson456
    my friend’s is moomonster698

  459. mine is Clubpworld7
    and cool outfits everytime

  460. Who has a dummy account

  461. Add me plz! mailbox360 & english6544 & elsaolaf613 & boytest613 & invisiblehopper25
    I know, I have a lot of accounts, but only one has a membership. I ❤ this blog!!!!!!!

  462. Cool Coyote says:

    what is a dummy account?

  463. I’m a 12 year old demigod, daughter of a Athena, but I’m also a half-blood witch and go to Hogwarts, where I am a Ravenclaw. Hogwarts school year + Camp Half-blood

  464. Cool Coyote says:

    i am a ravenclaw halfblood too! and we have similar ages!

  465. Dummy accounts are mannequins where you can costumize everything from. We have some on our ASG page.


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