Which Island Are You? Quiz

island quiz

Here are a couple of testimonials from our original post to show you how much our quiz has helped Poptropicans everywhere find an island to identify with…

From Silver Wolf:

Steamworks Island! The description was actually kinda accurate.

From Starving Cereal (SC):

Whoa! 😮 Astro Knights is my favourite?! I thought that was Mystery Train but I guess my opinion is wrong thx popfleed

From sportyeel:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island. I can’t believe how accurate that description was!

So, what were your results? React in the comments below!

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A New Author Claws His Way In: Purple Claw!

Hey there, Poptropicans!

As you’ve probably read in the title, I’m the newest author here on the PHB. I’m really honored to be here, and I’d like to thank Fishy and the whole team for giving me this great opportunity!

I’m John, but you can also call me Purple Claw, which is my Poptropican’s name. I’m also known as PC, Pea Sea, and Mr. Potato in the Poptropica community, but you can call me whatever you want, as long as I’m comfortable with it. 😛


If you haven’t heard of me, here’s a little about myself:

I first played Poptropica in 2013 in my school’s computer lab. After that, I forgot all about Poptropica, but I was re-introduced to the game a year later. It wasn’t until 2016 that I became more familiar with this community, and I decided to create my own blog, called Clawtropica! If you’re interested in more of my story, I encourage you to read my MPIP!

Some of you might know that I briefly quit blogging recently, but during those few days, I realized how much I missed blogging about my favorite game. So, after two days, I came back (that was fast, I know). And the very next day, I was invited to become an author for the awesome Poptropica Help Blog, so here I am now! I promise that I’ll write interesting and fun posts for all of you Poptropica fans.

So, I’m a 14 (almost 15)-year-old boy and I live in England. Besides Poptropica, I’m a fan of many other media, from TV shows like Steven Universe and Adventure Time to comics from the DC Universe. I also like animals, trees, my friends, my family, French fries and many other things.

If you’d like to talk to me, I’m on the PHC most of the time! I’m also on Twitter, DeviantArt, and YouTube, but the best places to reach me are WordPress and Discord. I also blog on another awesome fan blog called A Quota of Poptropica, created by our very own Happy Lobster, and I co-own the Poptropica Bloggers Network alongside my fellow buddy, Hyper Gamer.

As I’ve said before, I’m really excited to be a part of the PHB, and I’ll strive to make this community even more fun! I’ll see you guys soon!

🐾 Purple Claw 🐾

Playing Through Spooky Islands: As Told By GIFs!

Earlier this month, the PHB launched PopFeedz – a Poptropica parody of Buzzfeed – which we later revealed was an April Fools’ prank. Since many of you enjoyed the posts, we are re-posting a few of them on the PHB this month for people to re-visit or to enjoy for the first time! 

Sometimes playing Poptropica can get pretty intense. Do you remember playing some of those scary islands, like Monster Carnival or Zomberry, for the first time? Well, this post is going to relive those experiences through the glory of GIFs.

Warning: this post contains spoilers for the following islands: Monster Carnival, Zomberry, Twisted Thicket, Vampire’s Curse, Ghost Story, Great Pumpkin, and Cryptids. You’ve been warned… now let’s get to the GIFs!

  1.  After landing from your blimp and seeing the island for the first time:


  2.  Encountering weird creatures like Big Blue and the zomberries from Zomberry Island:

    giphy (1)

  3. Putting on your mask for the Halloween party on Great Pumpkin Island:

    giphy (4)

  4. Seeing pieces of furniture move in the cheap inn room on Ghost Story:

    giphy (6)

  5. Ghosts on Ghost Story Island got you like:

    giphy (7)

  6.  When the Jersey Devil appears in the window on Cryptids Island:

    giphy (8)

  7.  When you’re about to step out of Mother Leeds’s house in New Jersey after seeing the Jersey Devil:

    giphy (2)

  8. When Christopher, from Vampire’s Curse, bites you and you become a vampire:

    giphy (9)

  9. Looking for the black lightbulb in the Haunted Lab on Monster Carnival:

    giphy (10)

  10. When the plot twist is revealed:

    giphy (3)

  11.  When the Nökken surprises you from behind the thicket:

    giphy (12)

  12. Firing the antidote to the zomberries be like:

    giphy (13)

  13.  When you hear Fiona’s voice for the first time:

    giphy (5)

  14. When Linus keeps insisting the Great Pumpkin is coming:

    giphy (14)

  15. Because nothing’s better than a good jump scare, right?


  16. But despite everything, at the end of the day, it’ll all be worth it. You survived. Be proud!

    giphy (11)

If you enjoyed this post, which was originally posted on PopFeedz, check out the rest of our prank site (or our recap of it!) Stay popping, Poptropicans.

The Silver Lining: A New Author Shines Through

Hiya everyone!

I’m Silver Wolf, the newest author on the PHB, but you can call me Wolfy. I’ve been blogging for over four years now, and I’m super excited to join the other great authors here on the PHB!

I started playing Poptropica way back when I was in elementary school and I remember when there was only one page of islands on the map. I didn’t even know guides/walkthroughs existed at that point!

It wasn’t until 2012 that I truly discovered the magic of the Internet and decided to start my blog, Poptropica Tips for Poptropicans. I’ve been playing Poptropica, blogging, and visiting the PHB ever since!

Although Poptropica is up there in my lists of interests, I have a lot of others as well. I’ve always loved animals — I mean, my name is Silver Wolf after all — and I’ve been a vegetarian for around three years. Ironically, I chose a canine for my name despite my favorite animal being a feline. 😛 I’m big into reading (like Harry Potter) and video games (like Overwatch, Elder Scrolls, and Life is Strange). I also share my photography and drawings on my DeviantArt.

Anyway, I’m thrilled to be here, and you’ll see more of me here soon!

-Silver Wolf out

New Pop Drop: Cavern Chases, Pretty Places, and Many a House Prop

Hey Poptropicans! Slanted Fish here with some CAVERNOUS news.

Prepare to be amazed… we’ve got a LOT of Poptropica Worlds sneak peeks today, featuring the rumored (now confirmed) Crisis Caverns Island, the new animated running style, and some furniture/decor for the upcoming player houses!

Before we begin, I’d like to acknowledge that the pictures below come straight from the official Creators, who recently contacted many bloggers in the Poptropica community with a Pre-Beta Worlds Kit and invited them to share its contents with everyone. While we can’t give away the kit itself, we can show you the amazing artistry within it, which you’ll find below. Click the images to view them in full size.

Among the sneak peeks is this look at a chase scene in Crisis Caverns, with elements like a relentless boulder and worm pits – the monster worm from an earlier sneak peek!


At some point in the caves, you’ll encounter a pit of magma – and more of those spaghetti worm creatures! (Also, what is that nose-shaped light spot on the character’s face? The new avatar doesn’t show any noses, but did he get his ripped off or is he just weirdly sunburnt? 😛 In any case, I’m digging the new running animation.)


But Crisis Caverns isn’t all danger and running-for-your-life madness. Check out this gorgeous, serene palace area – possibly the lair of the Mole King from a much earlier sneak peek, though it was mentioned that that character idea was scrapped. (This island has been in development for years!)


Looking on the brighter side, we also see this exterior of Crisis Caverns, possibly the Main Street area (first scene). Signposts label this as Caldera State Park, possibly named after the Valles Caldera National Preserve in New Mexico, or simply after a caldera, which is a large volcanic crater usually formed by a major eruption.

In this picture, we see some bison, a cabin, the entrance to an underground mine, the visitor’s center with some park flags, wax pots (whatever that is), and a signpost to a geyser named Old Reliable (most likely named after Old Faithful in Yellowstone).


Last of the sneak peek pictures, and unrelated to the rest, we have a look at some decorative items for player houses. From a Booga shark statue to at least twelve different styles of chairs (not all pictured), and even wallpaper designs, there’s a ton to select from. Which ones will you put in your home?


The Poptropica Creator Captain Crawfish also included a letter to recipients of the Pre-Beta Kit, which talks about what we can look forward to in Poptropica Worlds:

Poptropica Worlds is an all-new game, built from the ground up to give you the Poptropica you’ve dreamed of. That means a seamless gameplay experience between your web and mobile devices, with a single account. A re-imagined interface that ensures the smoothest controls possible no matter where you’re playing. Even richer customization options for your Poptropican. All this and still the same humor, adventure, and fun that you expect from Poptropica.

Want examples? How about…

  • Your very own house! Decorate your space to be as unique and creative as you are.
  • Deeper options to customize your Poptropican’s look, and new choices arriving all the time.
  • Crisis Caverns: our grandest island adventure yet, with astonishing underground mysteries and creatures you have to see to believe.
  • Enjoy new gameplay mechanics, and feast your eyes on jaw-dropping art and animation.
  • Keep your account! Your classic Poptropica login will automatically work on Poptropica Worlds.

All in all, I think this #NewPopDrop is looking and sounding spectacular, and I’m excited to get to play Poptropica Worlds this spring! Are you??


Looks like these guys are!

What other features would you love to see on the new and upcoming Poptropica Worlds? Leave your feedback in the comments, on blog posts, or on social media (and be sure to tag Poptropica) – the Creators are really interested in hearing your thoughts! 😁

Stay popping, Poptropicans!


Poptropican Meme Face Mondays: The Grand Finale

Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultimate iPad Expert here.


That’s right. Welcome everyone to Round 70, the grand finale of PMFM (Poptropican Meme Face Mondays)!


PMFM has lasted 17 months, with 70 rounds (plus a couple of specials) and a whopping 250+ meme faces (if you include birthday memes and others – 213 if you don’t). It’s honestly kind of crazy at this point.

Really, as cheesy as it is, I couldn’t have made PMFM what it has been without all of you. All of the readers, commenters, and especially those who asked for meme faces: you kept this going.

My mission for this series has been to bring a little fun and happiness to everyone. And whether or not PMFM achieved this for you personally, I appreciate all the support it’s gotten that has has helped keep it alive for so long.

But as we all know, everything must come to an end at some point, whether we like it or not. And so, in case you hadn’t picked up on the word finalePMFM is officially over. But that is not all…

Just over two years ago, I made my first post here on the PHB after a set of unexpected events. This brought about something in my life. It began a new chapter. Although I had been in the community before, I’d never been quite as involved up until then. Here, where there were so many great people, I met many who, to this day, are some of my best friends.

But now we’re here. In just two years, I’ve watched authors come and leave. I’ve watched a lot of change in the community, for both good and bad. Yet regardless of flaws, I still love this community.

That said, the time has come for me to leave this community.

There are plenty of reasons I can give, but primarily, I’m just not the same person anymore. I suppose there’s an aspect of “growing up” that is bringing me to this place. I’m learning to drive, I have a couple of job interviews this week, I’m going to nationals for debate, I’ve been improving my health greatly, and I also get to vote this year. All new to me.

This isn’t to say I don’t like Poptropica or the community, or that I think it’s just for kids or anything. I still love Poptropica and this community. I still love so many of the great people. I’m just not the same person I was.

So it’s time for me to move on. After today, I’m leaving the PHB, the PHC, and basically just leaving the community as a whole. I’m sure I’ll stop by occasionally, but for all intents and purposes, I’ll be gone. I hate to make it so sudden, but this is just how it’s going to be.

I wish luck to the community, the PHB, whatever deserved author replaces me here, and to everyone who reads this message. You have all forever made a mark in my life which will never leave me. You’ll be in my prayers. Thank you.

And with that, Meme King out. 👑

• Ultimate iPad Expert •

The new theater showings may make you fidget more…

Hey Poptropicans! First of all: Happy Easter! 🐣🐣 Poptropica Worlds has yet to be risen, but in the meantime, the Movie Theater is here to be resurrected from your forgotten memories…

We’ll get to the news after Poptropica’s Easter bunny, Dr. Hare, does his hoopy dance. 🐇

Preludes are ridonkulous and I should just get to the point? Okay, okay…

The Movie Theater on Home Island (both online and on the mobile app) has been updated with some new videos, including the following (as noted on the Creators’ Blog):

  • 😎 Schaeffer McLean — See this 12-year-old skateboarder go on awesome adventures
  • 😁 Batman Unlimited — Watch as Batman swings into action to save Gotham City
  • 🤓 eScape — Check out this science fiction, video game-based adventure
  • 😂 Fidgetmore —  Giggle with this animated series starring Fidgetmore School’s teenagers

There is something else that they haven’t mentioned: each video is now preluded by a 15-second ad for the Nickelodeon series Hunter Street, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to escape it. It’s unnecessary to see it over and over again, and I strongly urge Poptropica to change this so it doesn’t need to be viewed more than once.

The lineup for the theater videos has also changed a little, with the Types of Teachers one at the forefront, and it no longer autoplays (although the prelude ad does). This is an improvement from the PHB’s last post about the theater, and I even mentioned that being one of the better videos, so it’s great to see that recognized! However, I still hope to see more improvement with regards to categorization of the videos to make it easier to find something tailored to each person’s tastes and demographic.

Anyway, what do you think of the new videos and changes to the theater? What kinds of videos would you like to see? Comment here with your thoughts! The Creators like hearing feedback from the players, so remember that your input matters. 😉

Stay popping!