Twisted Thicket Island Guide


A quiet seaside village has been attacked by mysterious beings that dwell nearby. You are chosen to enter the dark woods and confront the creatures. But beyond the forest’s edge lies a world of magic and danger, where the only thing more twisted than the tree trunks is the truth.

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Released: April 12, 2012 (for members)
or May 2, 2012 (for all)
Common Room: Bjorn’s Smorgasbord
Preceded by: Vampire’s Curse Island
Succeeded by: Poptropolis Games Island

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  • Synopsis from Poptropica
  • Video Walkthrough
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Island Extras

Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page!

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough written by Super Thunder & Brave Tomato
Special thanks to Slanted Fish

Welcome to Twisted Thicket Island, home to a jungle full of pesky creatures, mysterious runes, and beautiful trees that might just get chopped down.

That’s the members only lumberjack Lumberjerk outfit. Go right, until you get to the construction area. Apparently, it’s a “hard-hat area”, too. Talk to the official-looking dude in the white hat and sunglasses.

Your job is to go into those scary woods, and track down the creatures. Do you do it? Of course you do! Go right, after the white hat guy, and you’ll come to this orange see-through tunnel. Go up.

Continue going up, and go right. Go down the stairs, and you’ll come to these scary woods you’ve heard of. Ready or not, here I come, creatures!

Go right and enter the thicket. First, you’ll see something in a tree that looks like a glowing acorn. Grab it – it’s a Lesovyk Rune.

twisted thicket1

Go right a little more, but then, a bunch of tiny dryads will come up, and clump to you, and carry you away if you don’t move fast. Most of Twisted Thicket is made of strategy and quick-thinking.

To get past the dryads, but still be able to pass through the high trunks, you need to let some of the dryads pick you up. However, shake them off with your mouse when there are too many.

This is just enough for your Poptropican to become a little lighter, so you can float past the trunks. Move quickly, however, because those dryads come fast. Also, remember that navigating is hard with dryads; the main advice is don’t stop moving. They’ll come at you and stick, if you do stop. Also, remember that they can pick you up, but they can also carry you down.

After the dryads, you get a small break. Just go up the branches.

After the branches, you’ll come to some green vines. This is just some vine hopping, but the pesky elves will start chopping away at the vines when you get to them, so jump quickly to the next ones!

twisted thicket2

Eventually, you’ll have to go up. Go up and right, again avoiding the little elves.

As you go right, and try to hop on a vine, you’ll fall. But don’t worry, there’s a branch there to catch you, so when you land, you can get the Kobold Rune. Then keep on going right, up the branches, and go right.

twisted thicket3

Now you’ll come to four long vines. Don’t worry, this is a bit like the Pole Climb game from Reality TV Island. Just climb up, and jump to a different pole if an elf appears on the one you’re on.

twisted thicket4

Once you reach the top of the vines, you’ll be at the treetop. There is a sort of pattern involved here. Dryads will fly in a formation. This is the order in which you have to do it to get past them.

1) Jump. The dryads will make a loop once, then when they turn red, jump.

2) Duck. The dryads will, like the first time, loop, but this time they’ll come a little higher. Duck to avoid being stung.

3) Walk in when empty. The dryads will loop, and you need to walk in the center when there’s an opening. Then, walk out of the center, when there’s an opening again.

4) Walk in the opposite way. This is the same step as the third, only now the dryads will be going the opposite way.

Repeat this pattern until you can go right. If you get stung by the dryads more than three times, you’ll have to start over.

Next come… The trolls! For the first troll, jump on the little platform to avoid the boulder.

Then, go right, and when the boulder is gone, jump on his back to get to the upper level.

For the second and third trolls, you also just need to go platform hopping, to avoid the boulders when they come by you, then hop on their backs to get further up.

When you’re finally at the fourth troll, jump on the platform and wait. Then, the boulder collapses on him!

Fail, troll. Jump on the boulder, and continue going up. As you’re going up, get the Jotunn Rune.

twisted thicket5

Now, beware the Nokken! It can turn invisible, but still, you can see its footprints. Its tiny, red, glowing, evil footprints…

twisted thicket6

If you see that near you, move as fast as you can! Go right, avoiding the Nokken.

Caution: Just because you’re underwater doesn’t mean you’re safe. Those “currents” you see are actually the Nokken! Watch out for those currents (bubbles moving speedily in one direction)! Oh, and those green seaweed-like plants underwater could sting you a bit.

When you get to this glowing stone, pick it up to obtain the Nackrosor Rune.

twisted thicket7

The next part involves running away from goblins, which, like the dryads, go in a pattern. But, of course, you’ve got to move fast! Remember to do low jumps for small objects and mud on the ground (which slows you down), double jumps for tall obstacles, and don’t jump when there’s a little goblin hanging. Go right, quickly, and don’t worry about the arrows – they can’t hurt you.

twisted thicket8

Towards the end, you’ll see the Dokkalfar Rune sitting up on a basket. Jump up there and get it.

twisted thicket9

And then you’ll zipline away to safety, while the little goblins jump to their little deaths!

twisted thicket10

Okay. You get a break. After those dangerous dryads, evil elves, treacherous trolls, nasty Nokkens, and good-for-nothing goblins… now, you end up in front of a tree. And it’s a big one, too.


You’ll need to open that passage. Now, this is where those rune stones come in. You need to click on the little shapes in the trees in the order you have found them (look in your items for reference in which runes you got in order). The order is Lesovyk (the acorn), Kobold (the twig), Jotunn (the mushroom), Nackrosor (the tree), and finally the Dokkalfar (the stump), conveniently in order from left to right!

The branches will open up and reveal a secret passage. Let’s go check it out!

twisted thicket11

But when you walk in, there are a bunch of woodland creatures in there. Knowing their bad reputation, you freak out. However, they look at you and do nothing, except for the Nokken, who’s dozing off.


(Hey, everybody! It’s our old friend, Mr. Freakout Guard Elf!)

However, after the camera pans on you, it goes to an elven girl, who WELCOMES you to their area.


Okay, now these creatures have got some explaining to do. Go and talk to the girl and she introduces herself as the elf queen. She also says that this thicket is the last refuge of the magical world. Umm… there are supernatural things in other islands too, ya know. But, well, your world, I see. Hmm. Maybe this thicket isn’t as twisted as we thought.

However, she mentions that this is all because of human construction, and you appropriately sport a concerned “I feel bad for you” frown.


You’ll ask “Humans forced you here?” She replies saying that the modern technology has destroyed their homes and took away most of its magic.

(Awkward how she mentioned that while I’m carrying a chainsaw. I didn’t do anything! This was just part of the costume!)

The orb is the source of the magic in the thicket. It’s the only way they could defend themselves, and it has to be protected.

Suddenly, as if on cue, ropes appear and humans start sliding down. It’s the lumberjerks! The official-looking dude from before, called the developer, returns and thanks you for bringing them to the heart of the forest. And that’s not a good thing. Cause they’re going to breach the thicket of its magical defenses and bulldoze this place to build this giant casino.

Suddenly, one of the lumberJERKS swings his chainsaw and DESTROYS the orb!!!


(How is the Nokken able to sleep through all this?? Must be a heavy sleeper.)

A worker points out the magic that has been destroyed. The lumberjerks laugh, the Elf Queen is stricken, and the developer tells his lumberjerks to take away the last of the magic.


With that, the lumberjerks and the developer pick up pieces of the shattered orb and take off.

After those jerks are gone, the Elf Queen will give you an Amulet, saying it’s the last bit of magic in this realm. And also says that you must use it to stop the Developer and save the forest!

She’ll say to take the tunnel to stop the developer and the lumberjerks. (Although all of those guys are developers, for this guide, we’ll separate the boss guy from them by calling him the developer.)

Then, she and the other woodland creatures turn to stone, left helpless without magic. And that was when the Nokken woke up, finding he is now made of stone. The troll is even able to put on a sad face before he is turned to stone.


No! This can’t be! You know that. You run off to the right.

Three construction vehicles pass you right on by, and they’re heading for the thicket! You need to stop them! The camera will for a second turn to the wrecking ball, the device threatening to destroy the magical realm. Now, it’s time to use that magic.

Put on the Amulet. Three icons will appear on the bottom left of your screen. One will have the image of a dryad, one of a gnome, and one of a troll.

  • If you click on the dryad, leafy wings will sprout and you can fly (again)!
  • If you click on the gnome, you have the speed of Speeding Spike of Super Power Island, able to catch up to those speedy vehicles (and sport a patched hat while doing so!).
  • If you click the troll, you grow in size and have their strength.

Okay, you need to use those powers strategically.

First, use Gnome Speed to catch up to the wrecking ball vehicle. Once you’re on top of the vehicle, use Troll Strength and push on the little crane thing that goes up. It’ll be pushed down thanks to your newfound magical strength.

Then, use Dryad Flight to reach the top of the crane where the wrecking ball is and pull the lever. The wrecking ball will land on the bulldozer.

Jump down and use Troll Strength and click on the wrecking ball. You’ll throw it at the neighboring right vehicle, where a lumberjerk guarding the fuse box will be knocked over.


Now, use Gnome Speed again to reach the orange vehicle and jump on top of the fuse box. Use the Troll Strength again and click on the fuse box, and you’ll destroy it!

This causes a chain construction vehicle accident. You’ll jump up to the driver’s door and stomp the developer out of his seat. You’ll return back to your normal human self and the developer apologizes.


(And that, kids, teaches us a very important lesson about the forests and the environment!)

To prove his apology is true, he gives you some of the Shards of the orb back! Yay!! Now, you’ll need to return it to the Elf Queen to restore everyone back from stone!

You’ll arrive back at the heart of the forest and use the orb. The area will shine for a second…


…and the orb (well, what’s left of it) returns to its rightful place, turning all the creatures back to normal! Well, the Nokken goes back to sleep…

The Elf Queen is awake again and you kindly return the amulet. She thanks you for returning the orb and saving the forest. With that, she gives you the Island Medallion and credits for the Poptropica Store! Congratulations! 😀

(Tip: To leave the forest, you can go through a new tunnel to the right, past where the big troll is. Keep going through the path and you’ll come to a spot where you can “go left”, which will bring you back to the construction zone at the beginning. From there, just keep going left until you reach the blimp.)

Bonus Quest Time! (members only)

Just when you think everybody’s happy again, all of a sudden, the Elf Queen starts changing from transparent to solid over and over again. The magical orb is still missing some pieces! And they’re all over the thicket!

The Elf Queen will return the amulet to you. Might as well wear it. She’ll ask of you to go to the tunnels and find the orb shards through there. Go to the tunnel on the right and wear the amulet. Select Gnome Speed and run through the spider webs. Enter through the tunnel there.

You’re at the place where the Nokken stalked you. Go up the vine and go left until you reach this gate:


Enter through the gate. While still having Gnome Speed, run through the ladders to the other side. Once you’re at where the mushrooms are, use Dryad Flight and fly up to the first orb shard. One down, four to go. Use Gnome Speed again to exit the castle and exit the area through the tunnel you came from.

Once you’re back in the tunnels, use Dryad Flight to fly up to the next floor. Continue going left and at the wall, fly up to the right. You’ll encounter a huge boulder. Now, use Troll Strength to push that boulder out of the way. You’ll call the boulder a “pebble” and push it out of the way. Sound familiar? Looks like our characters have been listening to Hercules’s cliche sayings back in Mythology Island. Enter through the tunnel.

Now, you’re in Troll Land. Use the Fairy Dryad Flight to fly up to where these vines are. Watch out for the spikes! Navigate through the vine maze and you’ll encounter a random hanging boulder. There is an orb shard hidden behind it!


Get on the surface of the vine and use Troll Strength to push that boulder so you would be able to grab the shard. Two down, three to go. Exit the area from where you came from (the cave without any skulls)

Continue going right. Another spiderweb. Time to use Gnome Speed again and go through it. Enter through the tunnel.

You’re in a new area. Put on those fairy wings (Dryad Flight). As you go along, you might wake up a couple of li’l dryads in their homes. Luckily, they remember you as a friend.

Fly over the first floor holes, fly to the second floor, then use the Gnome Speed to take care of the rest of the run (the stoned areas fall when you go on them). Three down, two to go. Exit the area.

Fly up and to the right (the left leads to the construction site, and you don’t wanna go there until you’re done) and enter that tunnel.

You’re in the vine area. Use Dryad Flight and go left until you see an area that says “Dryads Only”. Continue left and fly up and to the right. There’s the next shard! Four down, one to go! Exit the area.

Go down a lot until you reach the area of the first time you flew up (between the first and second tunnels mentioned). At this intersection, fly up and enter the arrowed tunnel.


You’ll see the Trojan… Deer? Huh… are the Creators trying to tell us something???

Fly up and to the left, over the open hole, and a shard will fall. Well, you can’t exactly get it yet. Get to the ground on the other side, and use Troll Strength. There is a battering ram (with an actual ram head designed on it) nearby. Jump to the other side of the ram and push it to the right, until the Trojan Deer gets crumbled and you can get the last shard.


Ta-da, you now have all the Shards of the orb!


Go back to the heart of the forest and talk to the elf queen. She’ll thank you once again for returning the orb pieces and returning the full magic of the forest.


Congratulations! You’ve finished Twisted Thicket Island! Now you get to enjoy this cool animated gif of a Twisted Thicket snail from Poptropica artist Nasan Hardcastle:

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂

Album Photos

These pictures are collected in your Poptropica photo album in the profile section. Click to enlarge.


  • Twisted Thicket Island is Poptropica’s 26th island. The countdown started on April 4, 2012 and the island was released on April 12 for members with no demo. It opened to all on May 2, 2012. The login screen had a mob of goblins jumping, running, and throwing arrows.
  • Common room: Bjorn’s Smorgasbord
  • In Greek mythology, a dryad is a female spirit of a tree, which is not quite like the tiny flying critters portrayed in Poptropica.
  • Many things in this island were inspired by old folklore and mythology, such as the names of runes like Dokkalfar and Kobold, and the Nokken water spirit.
  • According to a Poptropica framework file, this island’s code name is “Woodland”.
  • At the Construction Site, when you go to the top floor of the first structure and flush the toilet, then jump while it’s flushing, you’ll be teleported to the beginning of the construction site.
  • Poptropica Members can play a bonus quest after completing Twisted Thicket. The woodland’s magical essence has scattered across the land. It’s up to you to use your newfound powers to collect the missing shards and return them to their source.
  • Members get an additional Twisted Thicket gear pack, which includes Lumberjerk Costume, Troll Power, and Dryad Follower. The Lumberjerk Costume is ONLY available during Early Access! (“Lumberjerk” is a pun on the word “lumberjack”, as these characters are portrayed as jerks in the quest.)
  • See if you can find the hidden creature in this Twisted Thicket promo video from the Creators!

for the beauty of the earth



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      • Avalon the Great (aka Friendly Dragon) says:

        It’s tough, huh? My best advice is just move fast and know where he’s going to pop up next. Once you get through the second pool, he’ll stop following you. I just finished it today after putting off trying it since opening day. xD Scared me to bits, personally. But don’t worry, you’ll get it!

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      Slanted Fish: You should, but if not – friend someone who is wearing one and costumize it from them. Or you can restart the island or check your inventory to make sure it’s there.

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    • If you’re in the room with the Elf Queen, go all the way right, past where the troll is, and you’ll be in the Tunnels. Navigate through them (no obstacles; pretty much a shortcut), and you’ll eventually exit to the construction site. There is a hole there if you ever want to go back.

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    I was in a point where I had glitched into the ground right by an obstacle I had to get over to escape the nokken and I thought I was screwed until I started moving and twitching uncontrollably and somehow glitched all the way up the rock thing. All Hail The Glitching Powers!!!

  64. Funny Dragon says:

    when i started the island i talked to the little kid and he said there were goblins so i bought a new knight s armor and sword #l=LordOfTheRings

  65. djscratchstep says:

    Periodic tips for if you get stuck: On the first dryad part, let most of them lift you up, then hold the left mouse button, and shake them all off.

    • djscratchstep says:

      If there’s trolls on a game that you play on the computer, then there must be INTERNET TROLLS! Had to get that out. lol

  66. Squeezy Starfish says:

    Anyone wanna do the nokken for me? I’ll give you my account info on email

  67. ok…. this was like SUPER helpfull even though i cant rlly get past the vines. ( ugh super hard darn elves ) so um thx you rock! 🙂 c: :3

  68. hi im back so imma save twisted thicket for later ( aka im a MAJOR quiter ( but dont worry ill go back moooooo) so ya )

  69. the nokken TOTALLY creeps me out when it got me ( wich was just now….) i almost cried dont judg meh couse it be creepy. i got chils when i saw it….

  70. can some one tell me how to get past that darn nokken?! it is so hard POPTROPICA HQ HELP ME OR GIVE ME A BREAK!

  71. stripysundaeees says:

    YAHOOOO! I completed it! I’m so happy! It is by far my favourite island and the hardest also! The nokken was my most frustrating part along with those pesky dryads!

  72. thnx for the help PHB!!

  73. halosunshine230 says:

    lol, and i am still trying to get past those little wicked dryads! Frustrating! :/, i just cant seem to get my thinking right, haha!

  74. skinny toes says:

    Why cant i move whenever there are red pawprints my person just freezes and the nokkin gets me

  75. skinny toes says:

    im just quitting the island i cant get past it

  76. Sporty Bird (imprincess5) girl says:

    I haven’t done this island yet but I will start doing it soon. I’m gonna hate the nokken….But I’m a member and I want that amulet so bad!


  1. […] Tips and Tricks app. If you’ve downloaded the app, make sure to update it and receive the Twisted Thicket Guide for free. Not only will you now have the Twisted Thicket Guide, but the rest of the island guides […]

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