Time Tangled Island

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A malfunctioning time machine has messed up history! It’s your job to go back in time and set things right in this online virtual world. Because if you don’t, who knows what the future will hold?

Time Tangled Island


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  • Time Tangled Island is Poptropica’s 3rd island, released on April 15, 2008.
  • Before Time Tangled was released, it was referred to as Time Lapse Island, then later as Time Twisted Island.
  • In April 2008, there was a Roman soldier on top of a building on Shark Tooth Island who said, “How did I get here? I should be on Time Twisted Island!” He reappeared in the same spot years later in February 2014.
  • Common room: Party Time Tower
  • Time Tangled is the first island to feature sound, which you can hear when you play Edison’s phonograph.
  • Every year, the “Lab” setting of the time device is updated to reflect the present year.
  • The Possible Future (dystopian future) is sometimes green, and other times it’s brownish-orange.
  • Many of the locations will have Fact Monster bubbles, which you can click to learn historically accurate information or other educational facts about the subject. Fact Monster is a Poptropica sponsor and has been spotted in Poptropica.
  • In the island, you will encounter historical figures such as Lewis and ClarkThomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, etc.
  • Aristotle the Greek philosopher can be found in Ancient Greece (328 BC), and when you talk to him, he says, “Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees the others.”
  • Leo’s workshop contains a work-in-progress of the painting Mona Lisa (by Leonardo da Vinci) with a Poptropican head.
  • Professor Pendulum, the guy who created the malfunctioning time machine, can be seen vacationing in Shark Tooth Island‘s Tourist Center.
  • The two men you encounter hiking up Mount Everest, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, are the first confirmed climbers to have reached the summit of Mount Everest.
  • Poptropica Creators: Thirsty Whale, who has not posted on the PCB in years, from Mount Everest, and Vlad the Viking, the name of the Creators’ old YouTube channel.
  • For a brief time in August 2008, there were sunglasses available on top of Professor Pendulum’s lab. You can now get these glasses from customizing the secretary in the Spy Island headquarters.

Video Guide

To see our written walkthrough for Time Tangled Island, click on the word Guide at the top of this page.

Quick Guide

Note: For a more in-depth walkthrough, please see our Time Tangled Island Guide.

  1. Talk to the lady in front of Pendelum’s Lab, then go into the lab and talk to her again to get the Mission Printout. Activate the time machine with the plug at the bottom and step into the bad future. Get the Time Device from your future self.
  2. Go to Mount Everest, 1953 and collect the Statuette of Liberty. Return it at Statue of Liberty, 1882. While you’re there, grab the Notebook on the ledge.
  3. Go to the Graff House, 1776 and grab the bag of Salt Rocks on the chimney. Go to the Mali Empire, 1387 and give the guy in the white turban and blue robes the Salt Rocks. Go inside the building and put together a puzzle to be awarded the Declaration of Independence. Return this back at the Graff House, 1776.
  4. Go to Edison’s Workshop, 1877 and take the Piece of Stone from the chimney. Go to the Aztec Empire, 1519 and return the Piece of Stone. Talk to the old lady carrying a mask and she’ll give you an Aztec Warrior Headdress. Put it on and talk to the guard wearing Edmund Hillary’s Goggles to get them. Go back to Mount Everest, 1953 and return the Goggles to Edmund, who’s wearing a blue coat.
  5. Go to Leonardo da Vinci, 1516 and return the Notebook to Leo. Put on the Glider he gives you and use that to help you reach the hanging Peace Medal.
  6. Go to the Lewis & Clark Expedition, 1805 and grab the Stone Bowl from the beaver’s head when he pops out. Go back down and talk to Captain Meriwether Lewis to return the Peace Medal.
  7. Go to the Great Wall of China, 1593 and grab the Gunpowder barrel. While you’re there, play a memory game with a Chinese guy and when you win, he’ll give you an Amulet. Also, return the Stone Bowl to one of the other guys on the wall.
  8. Go to the Vikings, 831 and return the Amulet to the first Viking. Blow up the blocked cave entrance with the Gunpowder and enter. You’ll have about 30 seconds to grab the Golden Vase at the bottom of the cave. (You can also use the Glider from Leo to reach a bonus Viking Suit in the Vikings time period.)
  9. Go to Ancient Greece, 328 BC and give the vase to the second soldier. Still in Greece, take Edison’s Phonograph from the roof of the Treasury building. Go back to Edison’s Workshop, 1877 and enter the workshop building to return the Phonograph to Edison.
  10. Once all time periods have been repaired, go back to the Lab, then enter the future again. Collect the island medallion from your future self, now happily living in a Sky Home! Congratulations!

discuss time tangled island below~


  1. time tangled is super easy i that i finished it in ten minutes!

  2. Neat Whale says:

    ok, i was just nutting around on TT island and came up with this story. enjoy!
    part one: I walked down main steet on Time tangled island 2 school. “Hey, jenny! u ready 4 the great wall of china feild trip 2day?” my best friend Nikki (or on ultimite pop chat, Amazing Singer,) said 2 me. “Yeah! I can’t wait!” I said. “Its with Mr Gikico, Jen.” Nikki said. I paused and said, “Darn it!!” I h8t mr gikico! hes an alien from astro knights island! EVIL!
    When we got into the skool building, mr gikico said, “Hello pupils. 2day is feild trip. plz pick up lunch on way out. thak you.” he said and walked away. i sighed heavily and continued on my morning work. i didnt care weather my anwasers were wrong or not, because evil alein (thats mr gikico’s name on ultimate pop chat. i haked him. plus i change my grades.🙂 i luv my life) was gonna give me an f— anyway. but yet i was happy 4 the school bus 2 have come. i thought the feild trip would just be 1 thing. but stupid, stupid Neat Whale. when will i learn?
    ok hope u enjoy it! new part coming nxt wednesday so see u soon!

  3. Neat Whale says:

    part two: “Jenny? Jenny? JENNIFER!” someone screammed. “Whoa whoa! Yeah.” i said, my eyelids poping open. “Jennifer, u were asleep the entire feild trip. i demand a report on the gleat wall o’ china next friday. today is monday. that is a week. good bye.” evil alien said. when he walked away, Nikki and my other friends (Rose, Alexis, and May,) came over. “That’s AFUWL! having to do a report? outRAgus!” Rose said dramaticly. No wonder her name on ultiate pop chat was drama queen. “Ah, it’s ok. U know my secret.” i said, and they smiled. my secret was that im from 50 years into the future, and ive gone back in time 2 restore all islands of Poptropica! and i also get 2 go back in time 2 places such as “the great wall of china! who wants 2 come?” i asked my friends, but they all grew silent. okay, fine. i can do this, i might just be lonely. ******* “okay, im done!” i said gleefully. i smiled at the old man and said, “Thank u!” “u r wellcome. plz come again he said as i transported back 2 my home. when i got back to my dorm room, i put my time travel divice down with my essay next 2 it. i hopped in bed. ******* i got up late in the night, just 2 see green smoke disapering. “wha- NO!” i cried, jumping up. but it was 2 late. my homework has been sent back in time, and i now had 2 get the bits!
    ok sry i know its long but new chapter nxt wednesday so c u soon!

  4. Neat Whale says:

    ok lets go!!
    part three: “May! Alexis! Rose! Nikki! Get up and get dressed!!!” I said. “What…?” May whinned. “Is it time 2 go 2 school?!” Alexis asked. “No. My homework went back in time!!” I screammed. “SHUT UP!!!!!” screammed joe (aka annoying kid on ultimate pop chat) “Com’n!! no time 2 lose!!” i screammed. “Whoa!!!!!!”*****”where r we?” Alexis asked. “owww… my knee!!” said May. “ur a poptropican!! u dont have knees.” said Nikki. “Um, guys?” i said. “yeah?” they said in unision. “THERE R SNAKES OUT THERE!!!” i screammed. “get us outta here!!” said Rose. “Ok, off 2 lewis and clark!”*****I got up, dazzed. “Hello. who r u?” said a freindly voice. “umm… hi. have we met?” I asked the woman with long braids. “I’m Saccaguaua,” she said. “how did u get here?” “We got lost… hiking?” Rose said. “we need a paper.” i said. “u mean that?” saccaguaua said. “well that gopher has it.” “DARN!! I rewally need it.” i said. “okay then.” saccaguaua said. “Lewis, can u help me??” “Yes?” said a deep voice. “There is a paper up there and these confused souls,” “HEY!” “say they need it.” “Alright. do u have a stone?” he asked. “uh, here?” said Alexis. “perfect.” Lewis said. “Here Gopher!” he siad, and tossed the stone. the gopher went straight after it. “Here u r.” said saccaguaua. “Thanks!” i said. “1 page down, 4 2 go!”
    ok check back on wednesday 4 a new chapter. l8r!!

  5. Neat Whale says:

    OMG i almost forgot!
    anyway, part four: While Rose held my paper and May thanked Saccaguaua over and over again, (no wonder her name on ultimite pop chat is awesome talker!) i prepared 2 go to vikings. “Ready?” i asked my friends. “Ready!” they said. “off we gooooooooooooooooo…!” ****** “WHO R U?” an angry voice shouted “GAH!” 😮 U didnt tell us we were going here!!” Alexis screammed. “Though it would b cool 2 interveiw them.” i rolled my eyes. “Ok then, smart dolphin, (her name on UPC) what do we do?” Rose asked her. “Neat Whale should know. Jen is the time tangling genuis!” she said. “WHO R U?!” the dude with braids said again. “I am Jenny the Whale, and this is my group. Nikki the singer, Rose the queen, Alexis the dolphin, and May the talker.” I said, bowing. “Ah,” he said. “i am leaf erickson. My group was just off 2 a NEW land.” Leaf said as Alexis snickered. “Um, we need a peice of driftwood with scribbles on it.” May said. “Well, i saw one, thinking it was a map, but it blew into that cave.” “FOILED AGAIN!!” i cried. “Ill get it,” Rose said. “gimme a torch.” she took 1, and headed in. it wasnt long till i worried. “im going in.” i said. “b careful! said May. When i was in the cave, i saw a big gap going down. “Jen? is that u?” a voice called. “ROSE!!” i cried. “i got the paper, but i fell in here.” Rose said. “help me out.” “Gotcha! i said, grabbing her hand and pulling her up. “lets get outta here!” Rose yelled. “My torch is going out.” ****** “Good! UR out.” Nikki said. “Ok! 2 down, 2 2 go!” I said grinning. “We r halfway there!”

  6. SERIOUS FOX says:

    Time Tangled takes a long time to finish,with all those people who need stuff.but the island is really intresting.

  7. part five: “Ok, where r we?” Alexis said rasimg her hands and backing up agentis a wooden wall. “Um, yeah. Neat Whale?” Nikki said, her voice quivering. “I’ll take it from here.” I said. “ok. WERE NOT PAUL REVEERE!” I screammed at the 2 lobsterbacks. they putdown their wepons and walked away. “Stilll, where r we?”Alexis reasked. “Um, durring the Revelution, maybe?!” May said. “Brrrr… Im cold.” she added shivering. “Comn. theres a big red building over there. Fol-” “OW!!!!” “Rose! u ok?” I said. “I st-stepped on a porkupine!” she said, tears peircing her eyes. “U children all right?” came a voice. We all looked up. “N-no.” Said Rose, who was now crying. “Come with me. im John Adams,” he said. “plz come inside.”
    “Rose now had a bandage on her foot and was acctually sipping warm milk. (she doesnt do that much!) “Now, why r u youngsters out so late?” asked John. “We were… uh… going home from the store.” i said. “then we lost a paper about the great wall of china-” “Why?” “long story. anyway, we need it back.” I finished. “O, u mean this?” said Mr.Adams. “YES! that!” exclaimed Nikki and May. “well then, here u r.” he said. “Yes! almost done!” i said as we transported 2 another place.

  8. let’s get on with the story.
    part six: “Ok, what makes u think the last peice of ur homework assignment is in present day?” Nikki asked me as we fell on the concreet sidewalks. “I dont. im going 2 the future, mostly because… well, we live in ways without harmming the earth…” I began. “AND TODAYS EARTH DAY!!” Alexis, May, and Rose chourused. “So we just go inside pendulm’s lab…” i added. “O, u mean that sienticest whos been on vay-k 4 over a year?” Nikki and Rose asked. “Exactly! So we turn on the machine and go 2 the future!” I finished (finally!). ***** “Neat Whale! Its sooo great 2 c u again!” my bff from the future, Tari, (or all-time-ultimeate pop chat, or ATUPC, shes magic flyer.). “Well, u remember ur parents telling u about that homework assignment they got becausesome kid fell asleep? and how ur mom went on an adventure?” I asked. “O, yeah! Momma Alexis tells me about meeting John Adams ALL the time!” Tari said. “Whoa Whoa, IM ur MOM!?” Alexis said, bewildered. “Erm, yes?” Magic Flyer and I said at the same time. “I do NOT get the future.” Alexis murmured. “Anyway, teach is gonna fail me if i dont get the paper back! Help!” I said. “Wait. whats that paper up there?” May asked. “Umm… ono! skool starts in 10 minutes!” I cried. “Wait, that’s the paper on the hover car!” Tari and Rose cried out. “It’s about 2 fall in the water!” Nikki yelled. “Itll fall in the pond-” May began. “and so will my GRADE!” i screammed. “NOOOOOOO…!”
    to be continued…
    sry i know its long but still enjoy!

  9. homework can wait.
    4 the new staff member!!
    part seven: “NOOOOOOO…!” i screamed at the top of my lungs. “It’ll never come bac… AK!!!!” “What the… joe…?” Rose asked. “Yeah, yeah… i stowed away kind of on your adventure.” murmured joe. “Here’s the paper.” he added. “Thanks… i guess…” I said 2 him. “Listen. i know i have been kind of a pain. I just dont go along well in school. Friends?” he asked. “…friends.” I said, shaking his hand. “Uh-oh! U guys gotta get 2 school!” Tari exclaimed. “BYE!!!!” We called as we transported home. ****** “Here’s the paper, sr.” I said 2 evil alien. “What the… NO MARGINS??!!?!!? C-!!!!!” exclaimed evil alien. “Ok…” I said. Until Joe came up and said, “Give her the A+!! she deserves it!!” “Alright. u did seem to use good words. ill give u an A-. Hows that? FAIR?” he said. “yep.” I said, and walked away. this was the best atveture of my life!!
    THE END 🙂

  10. WOW just from this guide i got my medal now i think the hardest bit was the cave…

  11. I found something cool. If you just got out of your blimp, and you start clicking on the crab really fast, it will explode! But it will still put itself together again, rest assured.

  12. stories of how poptropica was started
    look for the first one, EARLY POPTROPICA- the first island under early poptropica island, the second, SHARK TOOTH- beware of sharks under shark tooth island and third, 24 CARROT- where are the carrots? under 24 carrot island. Now here is Time Tangled. Enjoy!😛

    … Jeff headed back to Early poptropica on his motor boat. Then in the distance he could see ANOTHER island. “What a month!” he said to himself “I found one island, completely by accident, and it started a whole town, and now, poof! Its like im making a whole country! And now I found ANOTHER island!” He went over to the island. When he walked on it and peered through the bushes, he jumped back in fright. Gaint puffy balls, wild plants with leaves in all different size and shape and color, and weird trees he had never seen before. This intereasted him, and the second time he peered through, a question swept through his head: what are these?! He was eager to find out. He quickly telephoned the scientist group, a company. It was a group of scientists that were always looking for things. The founder was John Pendulum, head scientist. He told them about and described all the things he saw and told them where the island was. The next day, they came “Extrordenary!!” said one scientist. “Amazing! Ive never seen anything like it!” said another scientist. The head scientist aproched Jeff. “we would like to make a lab here and study this extrordinary stuff.” he said “Be my guest!” said Jeff.

    • About a week later, they had made a lab. Later, when they found out the plants and stuff werent harmfull, they started building more buildings and people moved to the island. One morning Jeff got a phone call. “hello?” Jeff asked. An exited scientist answered. “Yes, we are making a TIME MACHINE! Can you belive this? We finnaly figured out the blue prints for one!” Now Jeff was exited too. The next day he woke up and had breckfast. On his third spoonfull of cerial, he heard a loud siren. OO0OWAAA!!!! OO0OWWWA!!!! O0OWWAAA!!!!
      The siren came from the lab. He quickly ran to the lab. As he got closer, it stopped. The light above the door was blinking red. He went inside to hear a scientist scream, then run out of the machine. Another scientist was standing next to the machine, crying. When she looked up and saw him, she said “come see the future! Its ruind!” He stepped inside the machine. He got zapped. It tickled a bit and then he found himself in a ruind land. There were planes that were crashed, old factorys, broken and ruind things every-where, and every building as far as the eye could see was broken, abandend, and some colapsed and smoking. There was a small sign of wood with somthing writenon it with not very neet hand-writing. It said: “It wasn’t supposed to be this way! Somthing happend in the past that ruind mankinds future. Can you turn back the hands of time and make things right?” Then standing next to him and saw himself but way older. He asked the person “Who are you?” “I am you 50 years in the furture. I am the last man on earth” said the man. “What is this place?” Jeff asked “This is Poptropica 50 years in the future. You are mankinds last hope!” TO BE CONTINUED…

      • “Can you help me repair the past?” asked Jeff “Take this travel device.” said the man as he handed him a time device the size of his pocket. “Now go, the future depends on you!” Jeff bid himself a farwell, and went back to the lab using the time device. But this time, there was an old poptropican that saved the day, and that was him. After he twisted loop-de-looped and zoomed through time figuring out the puzzle and finding the peices one by one, he finally restored the future. As he walked into the lab, everyone cheering about his accomplishment, were going in and out of the time machine. The future seemed like another town because you could just go in and out of it whenever you want. When he went in, he found his future home and wnet in. Him, 50 years in the future, was waiting for him. “you did well.” he said “You have done your part, and it was probably the largest part you could ever hope to play.” Feeling happy, he spent the night at his future home and desided to live there. And the next morning he woke up to have a futureistik breckfast! ☺ THE END

        look for the next one under Super Power Island

  13. th x for the help

  14. clubpenguin4607 says:

    How Time Tangled Island formed:

    It was another day in Poptropica when yet another island formed! “Im starting to think this place has underwater volcanoes..”said one villager who lived in Shark Tooth island. The blimp had yet alot of atention again. Everybody went into Time Tangled Island where two scientists decided to make their time machine. Everybody built stuff and more stuff! The two scientists made their time machine. “It is ready!” said the first scientist! “Here we go…” said the second one. When they came out of the Time Machine they were shocked on what happened to the future! “Aieee! Everyone, the end is the future! the first scientist said. No body listened becuase they were still building…

  15. x Bam-Bam x says:

    OMG thank you i finally finished time tangled!

  16. We are going back to Valhalla City Tomorrow! WOO HOO!

  17. How do you get over the great wall of china?
    I gave the dude the stone bowl but how do I get over his wall????
    any help here?

  18. can sombody help me get the golden vase?

  19. do you want to know how to get the amyulet ? it is not a challenge.go to the great wall of china and go right till you see a poptropican and talk to him and play his game and if you win you will get it.

  20. this guide is clear
    i llllllllllooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee it

  21. i am having a huge problem in time tangled island.now mater how many times i restart the island the thing ends up in a glitch and i can’t even give the king of the Aztec empire his piece of the sun when i have it. can anybody help me?

  22. Golden Chicken says:

    the new update to the islands r too fast can’t control on viking part plz fix

  23. Golden Chicken says:

    i got so close but i sliped in the water

  24. I need help desperately… The bag of salt, I found it, but there’s a problem. I have it to the man in blue, like I was supposed to after I found it on the roof in 1776 AD, then I walked away to get the Declaration of Independence, but when I left, the time was not green, it wasn’t fixed… I went back to the man in blue and talked to him, he lost his salt that I had just returned to him! So, I thought that maybe, just maybe it is back in 1776 AD, so I went to the roof and it wasn’t there either! I’m getting mad because that is the last thing I have to do, and I can’t fix it! What do I do? I went back and fourth between the roof and the man in blue multiple times, I even refreshed like five times. It isn’t working! What on earth do I do?

    Slanted Fish: It may be a glitch – try contacting Poptropica about it or restart the island.

  25. The only part of TT island is that I have to get the golden vase.

  26. Any help getting the golden vase?

  27. Party on poptropica in the time tangled commen room bring your party stuff! Celebrate all the new islands!

  28. LumioseGhost says:

    How do i start up the Time Machine?

  29. Brave Dolphin says:

    Did anyone else notice that the Fact Monster bubble things aren’t there anymore?

    Slanted Fish: Yup, HP mentioned it in one of his posts.😉

  30. TheDevilComes says:

    i thought that the Time Machine would work maybe by exiting the labitory…that was a fail because it was all black on the outside

  31. Nice Pear says:

    Why is Time Tangled island no longer available?

  32. Nyo!Canada_15 says:

    Oh my gosh i had to restart my account and i just got my last item (the peace medallion) i got on here to get help with that
    i watched the video and tried what i saw and i got it!!! thank you!!!

  33. Tall Cactus says:

    Theory of the Day-
    The Oracle of Delphi’s True Identity
    Could the oracle be the Pythia? Actually, there was a lot of Pythias(they got replaced when they died). Anyway, the Pythia was an oracle at the temple of Apollo in Delphi, and always female. It is confirmed during the island that it’s in Delphi, and that it is the temple of Apollo, and the oracle is definatly a woman, so that means we met another famous person during the island. O_O

  34. Ariyana Carpenter says:

    Should the barrel of gunpowder already be lit, because mine isn’t???

  35. mwl0330 says:

    The music at the future fixed time is beoutefull

  36. I Just Need Help Fam says:

    Aye, so I finished this island but like when I go to the future it doesn’t show the new future. Like it’s still the old one. And it’s annoying because I just want to finish this island and no one else has this problem and I’ve tried closing the app and going back in but that doesn’t work so like why won’t it let me finish the island. I’ve done everything. Everything is green on the traveling thing. Why can’t I go to the future.

    • I Just Need Help Fam SOS says:

      So I even reset the island and did it again and it’s still happening. The professor lady who even made the time machine said I finished but my future is still the old on

      • uh… that might be a major glitch. I’d say restart, but you’ve already done that. Um… Maybe Viking reset? That happened to me…
        I have no idea and i am so sorry. If nothing works you should probably report it to the creators.


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