S.O.S. Island Guide


When a whale-watching expedition strikes an iceberg, a pleasure cruise becomes a disaster scene. As the ship sinks deeper and deeper into the frigid waters of the North Atlantic, can you rescue everyone onboard before it’s too late?

For walkthroughs on S.O.S. Island, scroll down on this page.

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Released: January 26, 2012 (for members)
or February 16, 2012 (for all)
Common Room: Daggoo’s Fish Market
Preceded by: Ghost Story Island
Succeeded by: Vampire’s Curse Island

  • Island Extras
  • Synopsis from Poptropica
  • Video Walkthrough
  • Written Walkthrough
  • Album Photos
  • Trivia

Island Extras

Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page!

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough written by Super Thunder
Special thanks to Slanted Fish & Poptropica Buddies

Welcome to SOS Island! Your Poptropican will land in a shipwreck. There’s smoke everywhere, and Poptropicans freezing their necks off…

If it were me, I’d say “That sucks… Bye!” and I’d take off on my blimp, but this is Poptropica. So humbly, you risk your life and agree to go into that sinking ship.

Walk over to the door of the Pequod (that’s the ship), and you can’t open it ’cause there’s a giant… piece of ice there. So go to the left, and jump up, till you get to the other giant ice piece hanging above the first ice piece.

Get here, on top of one of the life boats, on the ship. Then, just keep making your way up until you come to a place that looks like this:

That’s the giant ice piece. Click it, and it will fall and break the other piece, leaving you a clear path for the door. Go inside the Pequod and then go up the little staircase. You can try the doors on the first floor, but there’s either something on them, or they’re broken.

Go inside the door marked “Bridge”, and make your way up the stairs. The ship captain will be calling the survivors. Talk to him, and he’ll tell you that he’s going down with the ship, unless all the passengers get rescued. So he tells you to rescue them, naturally.

Click the little knob to the left so it points to the green.

Now you’ll be able to go into some of the rooms on the lower deck. Go out of that room, and look for room 6 to the far left. When you find it, go in.

A guy will be calling for a whale to help him. But… wasn’t it an evil whale that slammed into the ship? Click him to rescue him. Talk to him and you’ll both leave the ship, plus he’ll give you a Whale Song Gadget. How nice.


Then, you need to rescue more passengers. Go back in and… Oh no! The water level is now a lot higher. You need to hurry.

Enter the door marked “Ballroom”. A poor girl is hanging onto a chandelier, because she can’t swim. Ohhhkay…


You say you’ll think of something. Of course you will. You always do, always will. Jump down, and grab the sparkling bottle by the juice bar.



Oh, wait, sorry, got distracted. Get the bottle, and walk swim over to the window on the right.

Click on your bottle icon, and shoot it to the crack on the window.

The water level will rise, and now go to the window on the left, which also has a crack on it. Do the same thing.


The water level will rise, I mean, more than it already has, and you’ll be level with the girl.

Get behind her and push her to the door. Another rescue… Check!

That’s the good news. The bad news is that the ship is now at a 90 degree angle. Any rock climbers here?

To enter the ship, keep going up, jumping on windows and bouncing on umbrellas along the way, and you’ll eventually reach a hole at the top. Go down.


When you get to the part where the water starts, you’ll see this gadget. Click on it.

The water level will rise more, and the box will float up, revealing an entrance in the water below. Sinking ship, little oxygen, high water levels… Does your Poptropican heed any warnings? No, of course not. They barge right in and happily endanger their lives. So go in. D:

It’s the Ballroom! Again! Only it’s more… Well, watery this time. Swim up and avoid those blobs of jelly that are jellyfishes.

Go up to the top, and you’ll find a valve spraying something blue. To pass this puzzle, change the direction of the yellow arrows by clicking on them, and make the blue end of the pipe flow to the red end.

Water pressure builds, and BAM! The pipe goes boom. Going down wouldn’t be smart, so go up.

This next part is another puzzle… but it’s kind of different.

To reduce the pressure, the worker girl will start the pressure. Go the little green wheel on the other side to turn it off.


You’ll need to do this three more times. Pick one color pipe at a time and click the wheel, then follow where the pressure starts, all the way to the wheel on the other end, and click it.

The worker girl will say that she’ll fix the ship. To get her to leave, you have to tell her that the captain told her to get off the ship. When you resurface to safety, you’ll tell her the truth, and she’ll give you a Pipe Wrench.

The Pequod will take a nose dive. Enter the ship again by climbing to the top, then go past the blocked entrance hole you used last time and enter through the side.

Inside, climb the platforms and push the trash around to let you keep moving forward. When you get to the bottom, the fan will fall, and you can push it away. Go down, and into the Ballroom.


From the Ballroom, go into the main hall by going right and entering through the white door. In the main hall, climb up and enter through the open vent, pictured below:

So go in, and once inside, go inside the freezer. Yes, they’re actually measuring your body temperature. After swimming in ice, I would have thought it didn’t matter, but… oh well.

But what comes next is even more hilarious. Break open the boxes, and you’ll find…

CHEFSICLE! I laughed over this for such a long time…

Back to business. Push boxes and crates around to make a safe passage for Chefsicle.

  1. First, shove him right, until he drops down.
  2. Then, get behind him and push him left.
  3. Drop him down once more, and push the crate under him to the left.
  4. Drop that crate and get behind Chefsicle, then push him left.
  5. Push Chefsicle right and drop him.
  6. Shove the crate under him out so it goes off the platform.
  7. Go past Chefsicle without moving him and push the crate down the hole, you going with it.
  8. Push the lettuce box to the left on top of the crate.
  9. Climb back up the pipes to the right to reach Chefsicle, then drop him down.
  10. Push him right, then down, and then put him in front of the oven.

If you make an unfixable mistake, just restart the level by clicking the button in the lower left corner. Anyway, once he’s by the oven, you can defrost him and get out of the ship.


And now… Oh no… 180 degrees around. Just an average upside down ship. Any, um, ninjas around here?

Go back inside the ship by entering through the side on the right. Now you’ve got to save the captain.

You’re completely underwater. There’s a fat chance that you’ll get out, but come on, and just keep swimmin’… first, you’ll be in the completely submerged ballroom. Swim all the way to the left, avoiding sharks and collecting air bubbles.


Next, you’ll be in the ballroom. Swim up to the vent in the top left corner, watching out for jellyfish and air currents that will blow you in a different direction.


Then you’ll be in the main hall. Swim right, and at the end of the hallway, enter through another vent, which will bring you to the galley.


Here, keep swimming and avoid the squids-in-pots, collecting air bubbles along the way. When you reach the exit, you’ll be brought to the bridge of the ship.


The truth is out! Swim left and down, and you’ll find the captain. The completely positive and happy note of advice he gives is…

Wait, how are you speaking underwater – never mind. This is Poptropica we’re talking about. Anyway, poor you guys, dying, and then… use the Whale Song Gadget!

Use the pipe wrench to fix the dial, and whaley will come… EAT YOU?


It resurfaces and… spits you out! Fantastic! Yay!

The captain gives you a medallion for saving his life. Really, you deserve like a trillion medallions ’cause you saved him, Swimless Beauty, Chefsicle and a whole bunch of other people. But oh well. Congratulations!


But wait! There’s more!

Bonus quest (members only)

Pretty self-explanatory. Tell him yes, you’ll help, and put on the hazmat suit! Then, click on the oil leaks. All done!

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂

Album Photos

These pictures are collected in your Poptropica photo album in the profile section. Click to enlarge.


  • SOS Island is Poptropica’s 24th island. The countdown started on January 20, 2012 and it was released on January 26 for members with a demo for non-members. It was opened to all onFebruary 16, 2012. The Titanic sank in April 1912, almost 100 years ago from the SOS Island release date.
  • The name of the island (S.O.S) is an international Morse code distress signal commonly associated with phrases such as “save our ship.” However, “SOS” does not stand for anything.
  • The Pequod is the name of the ship in Moby Dick as well as SOS Island.
  • For the first time ever, Poptropica Members can play a bonus quest after completing S.O.S. Island. The ship may have sunk, but the adventure isn’t over. It’s up to you to descend to the ocean’s darkest depths and stop a dangerous oil leak before it’s too late!
  • Plus, Members get a Member Gear Pack of costumes and special powers! Members get an additional S.O.S. Island gear pack, which includes Sonar Power and a Fishing Pole.
  • Common room: Daggoo’s Fish Market (Daggoo is a character in Moby Dick.)
  • According to a Poptropica framework file, this island’s code name is “Shipwreck”.
  • Captain Boomer is a reference to Captain Ahab from Moby Dick, being the captain of the S.S. Pequod who doesn’t like the White Whale (resembling a sperm whale). In the end, the White Whale on S.O.S. Island saves Captain Boomer, but in the book, Moby Dick kills Captain Ahab.

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  1. Slanted Fish (hi.Juyo) says:

    Thank you Super Thunder for writing this chilly S.O.S. Island walkthrough! 😀

  2. Does anyone know if we receive credits? I didn’t notice anything saying “You have earned 100 Poptropica credits” and I didn’t check to see how many credits I already had.

  3. ShaggyShark says:

    I will explain. First of all, Poptropica did’nt do anything wrong , and they lowered the price to make way for new stuff. Poptropicva is changing, and I’ve been playing since 2007, so let Poptropica modernize.

    • me to and i love the new stuff on it but i mean its Credits! when they first came out i bought the astro knights early access pass and now they are taking half of it away it makes no sense

      • I'm mad at the creators, but i still like cheese :D says:

        I’ve been playing since 2007 too, it was fun seeing all the new islands, but now they make a new one waaaay before you can beat the last one, and now they only give you 50 credits for all that hard work?!!! GRRRRR….. >:O

    • They’re giving 150 credits now. (Yes, it’s real!)

  4. its like the titanic

  5. sos island will be available to everyone on feburary 16

    • #kishon, I tried to access it this morning (by the way, I’m not a member), and it wouldn’t work. I think it might come out this afternoon or tomorrow.

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  11. tacotruck101 says:

    Where is the captain??

    • Shaggy Tornado says:

      Captain is in the bridge. To get to the bridge (also to Pawsrent below) find the opening in the ship in the boiler, go to the ballroom, to the main hallway, to the vent for the freezer, to the bridge. Then just avoid the crabs and wires.

    • donutgiraffe says:

      In the first few sections, he’s in the bridge, but in the last section you’ll have to search a bit. Watch a video tutorial if you’re not sure.

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  19. fearless owl says:

    i must say the blog was helpful but alittle vague. but i like it! i want to be able to figure it out by myself but i get stuck alot

  20. OMG!!! Can you believe it??? For every island you complete now, you get 50 credits! That’s soo cheap and messed up!!! 😦 I liked it better when they gave you 100 credits.

  21. fearless owl says:

    just keep going to the left and dont get hit by the fish with the silerware hats

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    Poor chef! He’s frozen with an orange stuck to his henie, lettuce in his hand forced to stare at an apple! I hope he’s learned the error off his ways! Never again will he make frozen food!

  27. The only thing keeping me playing Poptropica is the old memories about it…
    Btw,I am Shurjo or Shoeless Ice if you don’t know me,I was a frequent visitor of the PHB and Poptropica up until March 2011.Now I visit rarely to check out whats going on,and complete the new islands,as I will never quit Poptropica,no matter how worse it becomes.I have been playing since 2 days after Nabooti Island’s release.2007 I guess…

  28. Firestar says:

    Super Thunder does okay with her blogs, but she doesn’t write them with descriptions. I have two problems with Super Thunder. #1, She always figures out an island and tells everyone how to do it without that person really trying it by themselves. #2, Super Thunder is appreciated to MUCH!

    The Firestarfan

    • Firestar – Super Thunder (and other guide writers) tell others how to do an island quest because that’s why guides are written, if people need any help. You don’t have to read any spoilers if you would rather do them yourself. Walkthroughs are for those who are stuck. Also, Super Thunder deserves the appreciation she gets; she works hard to help others who are grateful. 🙂

    • gloria19012 says:

      Sheesh, patience, man!

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    great guide A+++

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    The blog was really helpful, thanks Super Thunder.
    Yes, poptropica is only giving you 50 credits. It’s sad, I know. But Shaggy Shark has a point. Poptropica needed to modernize, and it had to drop stuff. The credits have dropped because there are a LOT more islands than when I started in 2007. If you got a hundred credits for every one, you’d be ridiculously rich, and would be able to live off the product of the original islands. 50 credits means you have to work for what you want in the store.

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    • gloria19012 says:

      Mikayla, on the left, there is a platform with an umbrella, so jump to that platform. Then jump on the umbrella. you will be launched up. Then, while at the peak of your jump, move your mouse so it is on the rope. (This might take a few shots). Then keep climbing until you are on the platform where the rope is dangling. then jump on the platform on the left. then keep jumping up until you see a rip/tear in the ship. Enter. Happy jumping!


      PS: Friend me! gloria19012

  34. gloria19012 says:

    Where is the captain of the ship at the last bit where I have to save him? I went EVERYWHERE but there is no captain! WTF??

  35. Spotted Toes says:

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    Slanted Fish: Make sure you’ve done all the steps leading up to that part. Check with the guide.

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    Those sharks scare me… They look like they’re part piranha.

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    • They most definitely should be aware of it! Plagiarism is even explained in the “Important!” widget on the PHB sidebar. It’s basically taking someone else’s work and claiming it as your own/not giving credit where it’s due.

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  56. If you have completed Wild West Island, The Shrinking tonic will be useful during “Melt the Chefcicle!”

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    umm… im still stuck at the part where it says “thingy” .. umm .. WHAT THINGY !!! I PRESSED ON EVERYTHING !!

    Slanted Fish: Not sure which part you’re referring to, but the guide pictures may be able to help.

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    Slanted Fish: Yes, it’s the igloo called Daggoo’s Fish Market.

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    • Nevermind, the conflict is solved as it was a mere glitch and I hope nobody gets a potential glitch on Poptropica. I solved it by reloading the page and I successfully had a conversation with Captain Boomer and achieved the goal medal. Thanks for the help and hopefully it potentially assists other people too in future.

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    Slanted Fish: Sorry to hear that. 😦 Try contacting Poptropica support for help; also, note that non-members can’t costumize from their closets, but you can try getting a costume back if you have album photos.

    • djscratchstep says:

      Speedy, sorry to hear about it. You might need to make a new account, but first, do what Fishy said and contact Poptropica Support.

      Fishy, non-members CAN costumize from their closets. I got the Midnight Ninja costume, and I had another outfit in my closet, so I had both, and I was able to costumize with only one. Long story short, you can costumize with only one costume in your closet, but it’s possible.

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