S.O.S. Island

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When a whale-watching expedition strikes an iceberg, a pleasure cruise becomes a disaster scene. As the ship sinks deeper and deeper into the frigid waters of the North Atlantic, can you rescue everyone onboard before it’s too late?

sos island


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  • SOS Island is Poptropica’s 24th island. The countdown started on January 20, 2012 and it was released on January 26 for members with a demo for non-members. It was opened to all on February 16, 2012. The Titanic sank in April 1912, almost 100 years ago from the SOS Island release date.
  • The name of the island (S.O.S) is an international Morse code distress signal commonly associated with phrases such as “save our ship.” However, “SOS” does not stand for anything.
  • The Pequod is the name of the ship in Moby Dick as well as SOS Island.
  • For the first time ever, Poptropica Members can play a bonus quest after completing S.O.S. Island. The ship may have sunk, but the adventure isn’t over. It’s up to you to descend to the ocean’s darkest depths and stop a dangerous oil leak before it’s too late!
  • Plus, Members get a Member Gear Pack of costumes and special powers! Members get an additional S.O.S. Island gear pack, which includes Sonar Power and a Fishing Pole.
  • Common room: Daggoo’s Fish Market (Daggoo is a character in Moby Dick.)
  • According to a Poptropica framework file, this island’s code name is “Shipwreck”.
  • Captain Boomer is a reference to Captain Ahab from Moby Dick, being the captain of the S.S. Pequod who doesn’t like the White Whale (resembling a sperm whale). In the end, the White Whale on S.O.S. Island saves Captain Boomer, but in the book, Moby Dick kills Captain Ahab.

Video Guide

For a written walkthrough with pictures, click on Guide at the top of this page.

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  1. When a whale-watching expedition strikes an iceberg, a pleasure cruise becomes a disaster scene. As the ship sinks deeper and deeper into the frigid waters of the North Atlantic, can you rescue everyone onboard before it’s too late?

    Discuss S.O.S. Island here!

  2. This island looks epic! 😀

  3. SOS Island is coming soon! It will be the first island of the section of The Poptropica 2012 Islands.

  4. Shaky Mosquito says:

    um yes i think..

  5. sort of.i thought it was like spy island.

  6. i fugerd out that s.o.s island is the titanic because the the titanica was hit buy an ice burg and it was a inmens boat pluse it sunck the first time to set sail if you people cant tell read the info and look at the pictur agin

  7. I can already play it because I am a member and that guy is right it sorta is like the tinanic because you have to save pepole from the sinking ship,IT IS EPIC DUDES!

  8. I can play it today it has already been released

  9. S.Catfish says:

    Hi I’m stuck on the bottle part. All my poptropican does is shake the bottle forever and ever. What am I doing wrong? Can you please help me? Thanks.

  10. Incredible Bubbles says:

    Should two bottles pop up in the ballroom?
    ‘Cause I only have one.

  11. Hi, I am so looking forward to play S.O.S Island (and the guide) ~~.

  12. Hijuyo guess what i beat S.O.S Island yesterday!!!!!!!!!!:D

  13. Exactly. The worl won’t end for another 5-365 billion years. Along With the Solar System.

  14. shinny runner says:

    I feel like it’s TITANIC

  15. ya bu çok zor biriniz anlatın ya

  16. Magic Onion says:

    HELP ME!!!!! I can’t figure out what the heck the sonar does! I was thinking there would be an explanation after I completed the bonus quest, but I can’t find the 11th leak! The very last one! So, what the heck does the sonar do?

    -Magic Onion

  17. ADeadlyGuest says:

    i thawed the chef, what the heck do i do now?, I’ve been swimming in circles in the ballroom

  18. Now I know what to do next time I go inside a boat!

  19. oogabooga says:

    I accidentally aimed the cork in the ballroom on the ground, now it just keeps going and going and it wont stop, what do I do?

  20. Comacial Owl says:

    How do I get into the open thingy by the exit sign, with out running out og oxygen?

  21. what i want to know is how many people are there to save??

  22. This was the hardest island I have done so far, and the most stressful too. But I enjoyed it anyway.

  23. cheriebell1 says:

    This island reminded me of the titanic. 😥

  24. Grey Paw aka Badboy18176 says:


  25. Invisible belly says:

    SOS means save our souls but I say save our self’s


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