Skullduggery Island Guide


Set sail for adventure! Outwit cunning pirates and battle fierce sea monsters in the biggest Poptropica quest yet. Build your ship. Assemble your crew. Rule the sea!

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Released: May 20, 2010 (for members)
or June 17, 2010 (for all)
Common Room: The Broken Barrel
Preceded by: Mythology Island
Succeeded by: Steamworks Island

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  • Video Walkthrough
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Island Extras

Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page!

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough written by Zey-shomi
Special thanks to: Slanted Fish, Super Thunder, Vicyorus, Nameless, PopBuddies, & Pixel

When you arrive on Skullduggery Island, you’ll see that the fort is all destroyed.

Fort Ridley

Go right ’til you arrive at this small hill, then click to go right. Talk to the girl and she’ll say she wants someone to fetch her coin. Go under the hill and click go left. When you get there, pick up the Doubloon (a type of coin that pirates use).

sk dubloon

Go to the shop and press “Use” on the doubloon to get a Bag of Feed for chickens. Then head right until you see this shelf with a Broken Mirror on top. Click on it and she’ll say you can have it for free.

skullduggery mirror

Exit, then go left until you see this guy with chickens. Press “Use” on the Feed and he’ll give reward you with a Chicken.

Then go right and up the hill and go even more right till you see a guy with bugs destroying his crops. Click “Use” on the Chicken and he’ll reward you with a Blue Candle.

Head further right till you see a bunch of rocks. Jump on the rocks till you reach the top and go right to find the mansion. Go inside the mansion and head right to talk to the governor. He’ll give you a message that has some part that will only be able to be read under the blue candle.

Click “Use” on the blue candle and he’ll show you the rest of the message.

Now, exit and go back to the first part of Fort Ridley. You’ll see a building with a soldier holding a musket. Climb up the building to find the telescope.

Press “Use” on the broken mirror and you’ll have to keep looking through the telescope until you see a small raft.  (Hint – Scroll the telescope all the way left.)

Press the mirror icon in the bottom left corner when you see the raft and you’ll shine a signal. Then he’ll respond back and a message will say he’s approaching. He comes back and he gives you his raft.

There are only two other guys on it for now, but don’t worry, you can expand your crew later. Right now, though, let’s find the map pieces!

Bouffant Bay

To find the Map piece here, you talk to this one guy who says it’s on 312 Hanging Fern Way. Go right till you find hanging ferns. Remember… 3-1-2 is the order you need to hit.

  1. 3rd fern
  2. 1st fern
  3. 2nd fern

sk ferns

When you hit them in this order, a map piece will fall. Grab it. You will need to assemble the rest of your Skullduggery Archipelago Map by finding all the map pieces on various islands in this archipelago.

Parrot Port

To find this Map piece, you need to talk to the parrot. He’ll tell you to jump in the sea and then come find him.

sk parrot

Jump in the ocean and then go on top of the second building (not including the tower). He will be on this window. Then he’ll tell you to clog the vent and see where he went. Go to the building to the right with the vent. Stand on it to clog it, and then go right and jump in the last palm tree where the bird is in.


Then he’ll tell you to go to the tower, and you’ll find a friend. There will be a pirate and he’ll award you the map piece if you bring back the parrot. To find the parrot, you need a Cracker, which is in the top left corner of the pub (location indicated by the red outlined square in this picture):

sk cracker

When you’re outside, press “Use” on the cracker and the parrot will fly to you. Then click on the pirate and he’ll give you the Map piece.

Golden Harbor

To get this Map piece, you need to light the lamps in a specific order: the first, second, and fourth.

Count the lamps and then do this. Light the fourth lamp first, which is right next to the gate. Then light up second lamp, which is on the first building. Next, light the first lamp, which is the first lamp you saw when you came.


If you light them up in this order, the map piece will come out of the gate next to the fourth lamp.

Pirate Outpost

To get this one, you need to go to the very top of the place. Jump on the post and pick up the Cannon Starter Kit at the top near the cannonry, just under the Jolly Roger flag.

sk cannon kit

You will also need to find an explosive barrel somewhere in the middle of the place. Push the explosive all the way down under the golden tooth of the skull. Click on the cannon a little left of the big skull.

When it hits the explosive, the gold tooth will fall out and then there will be a map piece sticking out.

Dragon Cove

In the water, step on the first dragon head. You will get the Mallet.


Bang the gong with the mallet. Then move the man with the fishing pole to where the fish jump. When he catches a fish, he will give you a map piece.



You can also upgrade your ship by visiting the merchant at “Ship Shape” in Dragon Cove. It’s recommended that you upgrade to the next best ship as soon as you have enough doubloons, because it will hold more cargo and move faster.

You will also receive a discount from the sticker price of the next ship depending on how strong your previous ship was. Once you buy a new ship, your previous one will be gone.

 Image  Ship Name  Price  Cargo
sk raft  Raft (default)  —  20
sk jimmy rigger  Jimmy Rigger  3,000  60
sk carabelle  Carabelle  9,000  200
sk sea sultan  Sea Sultan  30,000  600
sk the koi  The Koi  90,000  1,800
sk steaming fury  Steaming Fury  300,000  5,000
sk phoenix warbird  Phoenix Warbird  1,000,000  6,000

Although people have reported being able to defeat Captain Crawfish without the Phoenix Warbird, it is still recommended that you get it because it will make your final battle with him much easier than if you were using a weaker ship.

Skullduggery Island

You will need to gather doubloons (1 million or a little less) to buy the Phoenix Warbird at Dragon Cove. Again, it’s recommended that you upgrade to the next best ship as soon as you have enough doubloons, because it will hold more cargo and move faster. Note that you will need patience, as it will take quite a while to gather all those doubloons.

You will also need doubloons to assemble your crew. It’s best to buy all four crew mates (you can find people asking prices to be hired on every island except Golden Harbor) to beat the many enemies that will come. Here’s the list of all the crew mates:

  • Cook (default)
  • Cabin Boy (default)
  • Cargo Master (found at Bouffant Bay) – gives extra cargo space depending on your current ship model; costs 15,000 doubloons
  • Navigator (found at Parrot Port) – increases ship speed; costs 12,000 doubloons
  • Cannoneer (found at Pirate Outpost) – loads cannons quicker; costs 20,000 doubloons
  • Shipwright (found at Dragon Cove) – repairs ship without docking; costs 20,000 doubloons

The Cargo Master will be of use early on, but for the other crew members, it’s up to you whether you want to get them now or at the end.

Tips for Making Lots of Doubloons Easily

The best way to gain a lot of doubloons is to go from island to island in a clockwise direction, buying as much of the cheapest item as you can, then selling it all on the next island where it becomes most expensive and buying max of the cheapest again. Also, remember to collect salvages from the waters. If some other ship begins shooting at you, it’s best to run away rather than get beat.

Buying & Selling: What & Where

  • Parrot Port – Buy: Grain, Sell: Medicine
  • Pirate Outpost – Buy: Spice, Sell: Grain
  • Dragon Cove – Buy: Silk, Sell: Spice
  • Bouffant Bay – Buy: Medicine, Sell: Silk

Other Doubloon Tips

  • Sell your salvages at the next island you dock at to clear more space for the suggested item you need to buy. Buy the max amount you can because you will profit at your next stop.
  • Don’t stop to buy/sell anything at Golden Harbor; it’s not as profitable.
  • When you go to the Pirate Outpost to sell the grain, steer your ship carefully and near Fort Ridley, in case you have to dock, because that area is filled with pirates. Try to avoid Skullduggery Island as well, since there are more dangers in that area, and only go there when it’s time.
  • If you don’t mind risking your ship’s health, you can attack the sea monsters and other ships to earn extra doubloons and cargo when you defeat them. Otherwise, avoid them.
  • You can get a loan at the Golden Harbor bank if you’re in a hurry for some doubloons, but keep in mind that you can’t take out any more loans until you’ve paid it back. Also, you won’t be allowed to buy a new ship if you don’t pay your loans, so be wise if you decide to take any out.

Battling the Boss

After you have assembled your crew and purchased the Phoenix Warbird from Dragon Cove, go to Skullduggery Island, which will show up when you have gotten all five map pieces.

Captain Crawfish’s ship will appear near Skullduggery Island. Keep trying to hit it with your cannons and don’t let him get out of your sight because he will keep healing.

If he only has a little health left and you have a lot, run your ship into his. It drains health from you and him very quickly, so only do this when he has a tiny bit of health and you have a lot. He will die quickly.

Once you defeat him, go back to the Governor in Fort Ridley and talk to him. He’ll give you a Map to the Treasure and a Bone Shovel.

Taking the Treasure

When you return to Skullduggery Island, walk six paces east (right) of the flag you see. Use your bone shovel to dig up the treasure, and Captain Crawfish will appear once again…

…but his ship falls apart because of your crew. When you leave, you’ll be awarded the Island Medallion plus credits to spend in the Poptropica Store. Congrats! You’re a true hero! You’ve rid Skullduggery Island of all forms of… er… skullduggery. 😀

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂

Album Photos

These pictures are collected in your Poptropica photo album in the profile section. Click to enlarge.


  • Skullduggery Island is Poptropica’s 13th island. It was released on May 20, 2010 for members and June 17, 2010 for non-members.
  • Despite the name Skullduggery Island, it is really made up of several islands – Fort Ridley, Dragon Cove, Bouffant Bay, Parrot Port, Golden Harbor, Pirate Outpost, and then the actual Skullduggery Island at the end.
  • The word “skullduggery” (sometimes spelled skulduggery) means “trickery” and may have been chosen because of the iconic skull-and-crossbones of a pirate ship’s Jolly Roger flag.
  • Common room: The Broken Barrel
  • There are many white clouds over the Skullduggery seas, and some of them have interesting shapes, such as a heart, skull-and-crossbones, smiley, fish, whale, bone, etc.
  • Former PHB author Coderkid discovered from Poptropica’s code that this island would haveoriginally been called Pirate Trade Island. A framework file in Poptropica that shows the islands’ code names does refer to Skullduggery as “Trade.”
  • The ship’s names are, in order: raft, Jimmy Rigger, Carabelle, Sea Sultan, The Koi, Steaming Fury, Phoenix Warbird.
  • Some people have reported being able to defeat Captain Crawfish without the Phoenix Warbird (although the Warbird is recommended). However, in the cutscene, your ship will display as the Warbird.
  • Before the island was released, starting May 3, 2010, members received two exclusive items: The Skullduggery Teaser Trailer and a Skullduggery Pirate costume.
  • An official book for Skullduggery Island was released on November 8, 2012. The first two chapters can be read for free on Funbrain. At the end of the preview, you’ll get a promo code for the Skull Pirate costume (the code is SkullBook).

~we are the pirates who don’t do anything~



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    3. When you see CC’s ship, move in circles to avoid most of the cannonballs.

    4. If CC’s ship is going nearer and nearer to your ship, RETREAT if you ship has low health. CC isn’t stupid.

    5. If CC’s ship is behind you, click just a little in front of your ship. Your ship should excape the cannonball if it is fast enough. If CC’s ship still goes nearer, the cannonball will eventually hit it because the cannonball goes behind you.


    • I have one too! I know CC isn’t dumb, but if you lead him towards the rocks near golden harbor, you might be able to get him to bump into them! I did that fighting one ship once, and he lost a lot of health.

  56. jonathan says:

    i am almost finished the new island skullduggery. it is very cool and great

  57. Pirate Axe says:

    I’m calling my ship with 1 cannon and 200 cargo space the Lady Carmabelle. Classy, non?

  58. LOVED IT!!!
    Battling with Crawfish was weird…we kind of bumped into each other then filled each other full of cannonballs 😛

  59. hyper cloud says:

    I only got 500,000 doubloons then I loaned the other 500.000 to get the phoenix warbird. BUt I still haven’t paid for my loan.

    • Green Noodle says:

      you should’ve done what i did… i just went around the island buying then selling then buying then selling and every time i got enough for the next ship i bought it. and every time i had enough for the crew members i hired them! so there you go.

      GrEeN nOoDlE

  60. pokeman25 says:

    finding the mallet was really easy I just jumped on the dragon and then clicked

  61. lucky ele says:

    where can i find the bank?

    Hijuyo: The bank is at Golden Harbor.

  62. Ummmmmmmmmmm…….. What does the cargo, you know, the grain, the spice, do?

    Hijuyo: You can trade with merchants on other islands and earn more doubloons by buying such cargo for low prices and selling them at another island for a higher price.

  63. Green Noodle says:

    Captain Crawfish is easy to beat if you keep going round and round around the island he follows you so go around like 3 times then anchor yourself and turn around he’ll anchor himself and start shooting at you. shoot back! click rapidly and in about 5 seconds you won the fight!

  64. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I just got attacked by a puff fish! You know, the kind of fish swells up to defend it self? I had NO IDEA that they could attack!!

  65. What does ‘Trade In’ mean? When you talk to the ship trader, when you click a ship, it says trade in in the box where it shows the ship. WHAT DOES TRADE IN MEAN!??!

    Hijuyo: It probably just means trade; exchange; turn in.

    • Ok, maybe, but it subtracts the REAL amount by, say, 7,500? It subtracts the real price! Like, the Pheniox Warbird was 1,000,000. NOW, it’s only about 950,000! And it says Trade In, then a – thingy! It must mean subtract or something.

      • Trade in means to trade your ship with the new ship. However, since your ship might be damaged, your current ship only costs one forth of what its original price is. But your ship shoudn’t be enough for a new ship. So you’re acually buying and trading at the same time. Hope that helped!

      • Thanks Shifty Crush a.k.a. Roary! That helped! I was SO confused!

  66. GAH! Either Poptropica was being evil or there was a glitch, but every time I tried to exit Bouffant Bay, a storm cloud that was hovering over the island kept zapping me into oblivion! My ship sunk about 4 times before I gave up and closed the window.

  67. i hate those ships at sea -.- they keep attacking me! my doublonsss!~ T.T

  68. I won all of the island, even Skulldruggery Island

  69. Wow I now finished all the islands

  70. goldnflame says:

    There is a pufferfish by the way. hit it when it is big. There is a worker on the dragon cove. he repairs your ship at sea.

  71. goldnflame says:

    i like the octupus. it is easy to kill. I defeated it with the jimmy rigger and gained 7000!!! 🙂

  72. goldnflame says:

    pufferfish give about 10000. 😀

  73. skullduggery island was so hard and it took like forever. 8(

  74. Angry Carrot says:

    Great guide! It’s helped me a lot with how far I’ve come (I’m not finished yet).

  75. Super skull says:

    It hard but there is a person for hire at dragon cove go past the ship builder guy ( left) and keep going tillyou see a person that’s the person (he fixes your ship while on the water it’s awesome) 🙂

  76. Jeffrey N says:

    another way to defeat captain crawfish is to lower ur anchor and fire rapidly and he will lose help, it works thats how i won

  77. Kronos, God Of The Titans says:

    I finished the map, and just bought the pheonix warbird. Skullduggery will be mine!

  78. Athena, Goddess of Skill, Wisdom and War says:

    When docked at Bouffant Bay, find the hay bale near the dock hanging on a rope and slate of wood. Jump onto the slate of wood and keep jumping up til you find the tallest platform,where the machine on which you found the hay bale is, and click the lever that operates the machine and then again jump on to the machine, which will slowly sink down to the ground. Once on the ground, a political-military type man will thank you for getting the hay down on that hot day. He will then tell you to talk to his wife, the debutante-aristocrat-Dolley Madison type woman who is on the balcony. She will give you a clue to finding the map piece in Bouffant Bay!!! *Footnote: even if you have found the map, you may still do this!*

  79. Once i baught the jimmy rigger for 3,000 and i got all the map map pieces and then i went to skullduggery island there was nothing there.When i tried to get out of the island cc was there and guess what i was so scared i tried to get away from him and i did! I went back to the main island.

    anyway the guide awsome as lol 🙂

  80. Meeeeeeeee says:

    The plural of octopus is octopi…weird but true

    Anyway the walkthrough and tips really helped me.

  81. wow this really helps but i stink @ it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. zany spinner says:

    all did to defeat CC was just fire rapdily!
    i didnt even lose 1 of my health!

  83. Phantom says:

    I need some help. I finished the whole island up to the part where I finished beating up Captain Crawfish and now I have to go to Fort Ridley. But when I go; it doesn’t load and the vines go all over the screen. I tried to return to the island to make sure I defeated CC; but he wasn’t there. And every single time I can’t load Fort Ridley…
    Help? D:

    Hijuyo: Try using another computer that might load Fort Ridley faster, so you can continue with the quest. 🙂

    • Phantom says:

      I don’t think it has to do with the speed. I left it there. Until vines covered the whole thing; and nothing happened. And my computer is already really fast. I’ll try my dad’s laptop today.

  84. Seafudge says:

    I was attacked by a puffer fish! Twas odd

  85. Little Flyer says:

    This is an awesome guide! Thanks so much!

  86. Mistina aka Shaky Crown says:

    Should I get the crew first or the Phoenix Warbird?

    Hijuyo: I suggest going for the warship first.

  87. vinvin69 says:

    nice huh love it

  88. Hey, I just discovered how to destroy enemies (except Captain Crawfish) without a cannon. It’s simple: force them to run into the rocks off Golden Harbor!

  89. A TIP TO PEOPLE WHO ARE HAVING TROUBLE WITH EARNING MONEY! Keep upgrading your ship. Yes it costs a lot of money each time but you earn that money back quickly and then you are one step closer to beating Captain Crawfish.
    Hope it helps,
    Red Crush ❤

  90. Cheerful star says:

    This is probably a stupid question, but whre is the govener? I talked to everyone and they just dont give me anythinggggg!!!!!!!!!HELPPPPP!!!!!!

    Hijuyo: The governor is on the far side of Fort Ridley, inside a house up on top of some tall rocks.

  91. Zey-shomi says:

    Ya know, it’s not hard. Just very long.

  92. I need help bad!
    I went to the secret island before reading the walkthrough! I don’t have a ship, and I just want to take a break from this island, BUT I CANT! I am stuck on the island, and whenever I try to leave I get killed by that ship! I am so annoyed because i cant do anything! I am seriously considering making a new acount if I can’t figure this out soon, I just want to do another mission, but again, I”M STUCK! Is there a way to ask the designer if he can teleport me back or something? Thanks, Please tell me what do…:(

    Hijuyo: You can teleport yourself out using the “PopMatrix” developed by Coderkid. Click here to use it.

  93. lolkutiepie says:

    I beat the Crawfish guy, and I didn’t know wut to do after that xD But this guide helped me get another 100 credits,YAY TO ZEY!

  94. Sorry guys if it’s not that descriptive, but this was at like late at night, and it’s a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG quest. I can’t remember EVERYTHING of the island. :L

  95. Oh yeah, btw, it says Bone Scythe, it’s Bone Shovel, sorreh. And it’s actually best to get crew members first, because they help really well to get dubloons and cargo and stuff. Another easy way to get dubloons is by killing those sea monsters. The octopus isn’t that hard, you guys just probably just don’t have a good aim.


  97. Angie anon says:

    I FINALLY COMPLETED THIS ISLAND THANKS TO U!! after like 5 days or so..yea or mayb 4..or 3 ..eya watever all that matters now is that IM DONE!! THIS WAS THE FIRST ISLAN1D I HAV DONE THAT TOOK MEE MORE THAN A DAY!!

  98. a way to get doubloons really quickly is to
    go to golden harbour, and get max grain, which is 15 doubloons per piece,
    then go to pirate outpost and sell it for 40 doubloons a piece
    to beat captain craw fish run into him and start firing cannons really quickly!
    it took me about 30 seconds to beat crawfish with this technique
    p.s. you’re blog is the best!!

  99. Mangkokolam says:

    hey guys just a tip:
    1. whenever you have the money buy a new ship-shape upgrade

    WHY:’ll get a discount on your next upgrade which means a discount on the Phoenix Warbird

    2. each upgrade has more cargo space which means you get to trade more which means more money faster

    and…. to get even more cargo on your ship hire the “cargo master” who is in the ware house (on second floor) on the island with the hanging ferns.

    PS: He costs 15K doubloons

  100. thanks for this:)

  101. Weird… I tried defeating captain crawfish with the steaming fury and he immediately got half his health back when he should have died. What the heck? I’ve defeated him before using the warbird, but why can’t I defeat him with other ships even though I have the skill?

    Hijuyo: Other ships are weaker, so it is much easier to defeat Captain Crawfish with the Phoenix Warbird.

    • The designers made it so that CC gets health back.

      I know programming.

      They probably just typed in

      if (CCsShip.Health < 0 && player.ship.level < 6) {CCsShip.Health = 50%}

      The CCsShip.Health represents the health of CC’s ship.
      The player.ship.level represents the player’s ship’s level.
      The 50% meant the health CC’s ship gets.

      I am not lying.

      But am I talking too much?

      Note: I am Shifty Cruch a.k.a. Roary

  102. Bouffant Bay

    To find the Map piece here, you talk to this one guy who says it’s on 312 Hanging Fern Way. You go right till you find hanging ferns. Remember… 3-1-2 which is in the order of which you hit.

    1. 3rd fern
    2. 1st fern
    3. 2nd fern

    Where do we go?
    This part confuses me..

    Hijuyo: At Bouffant Bay, walk right until you see some ferns hanging on a house somewhere. You then jump up to touch those ferns in the order 3-1-2.

  103. Mr. Cat says:

    I love Skullduggery Island so much. I even downloaded the Skullduggery Island wallpaper.

  104. Prickly Clown says:

    I got money faster by just looking around for salvages, not buying anything, and then selling it all. Then I bought the cheapest boat, which holds so much more stuff and is faster and nicer, and then got more money, bought the next boat up, and so on and so on until I had enough money to buy the warship! It is so much faster!

    • poptropicalover says:

      it also works if you go around in a counter clockwise direction buying the cheapest good, then going to the next island it will be the most expensive. it is much faster then that, i used to use your method untill i found out about this one. cha-ching!$$:)

  105. Greedy Panda says:

    HAHAHA i finished it!

  106. thanks for the guide Zey-shomi.

  107. kjuhyhhyhyh says:

    thx a lot!

  108. lucky bite says:

    i couldn’t have finished it without this guide.

  109. omg! great help!

  110. ms. cool says:

    thanx for the guide! would have been the only island i didnt finish

  111. attack-of-the-50-foot-panda says:

    this is an awesome guide but to get the most help go through all the comments. they rlly help!! (its also a good idea to take notes like i did 🙂 )

  112. attack-of-the-50-foot-panda says:

    😦 my game wouldnt load so i had to reload it and b4 i had like 6000 doubloons now i have 300 😡 grr i m maddddd

  113. attack-of-the-50-foot-panda says:

    i was sailing to golden harbor when i saw clouds shaped like a 🙂 !! and b4 i even saw 1 tht looked like a heart. all the clouds should be shaped ; it would be cute

  114. calmpear1389 says:

    It is so easy – because I used cheat engine. All I need to do now is to fight the pirates on skulldugery island!

    Hijuyo: Whatever Cheat Engine is, it sounds wrong and you probably shouldn’t have used it to play. It doesn’t seem fair.

  115. Well, I didn’t want to spoil this, but probably the best way to make money is:
    1. Sell everything you have at the begining (Follow step 2)
    2. Now that you’re empty, start buying everything to fill the ship:
    a. Parrot Port= Buy: Grain. Sell: Medicine
    b. Pirate Outpost= Buy: Spice. Sell: Grain
    c. Dragon Cove= Buy: Silk. Sell: Spice
    d. Bouffant Bay= Buy: Medicine. Sell: Silk
    3. When you go to Pirate Outpost to sell the Grain, drive CAREFULLY and near Fort Riddley, in case you have to dock, because that area is filled with pirates.

    Ahoy n’ Avast
    Icy Sun

  116. Some advice – once you’ve bought the Pheonix Warbird, you shouldn’t worry about getting blacklisted from the Golden Harbor bank. You probably won’t need another loan anyway.

  117. Poptropica Helper says:

    Tip 1: When in war with Captain Crawfish, keep circling around the island and Captain Crawfish will have to turn around and he won’t be ready so you can attack him with cannons.
    Tip 2: I recommend getting the crew first because they will help you a lot and then after you have gotten the crew, get the ships.
    Tip 3: Also, I agree with the walkthrough, buy the cheapest thing to the max on an island and go to the next island in clockwise and sell that cargo to max and buy the cheapest thing on that island and go to the next island etc.

    Hope I helped!

  118. well that gets me far! thanks! ps to the peeps who cant earn doubloons easily,(i can) just wander around the sea a lot while avoiding monsters and cap. crawfish and you will get lots of stuff and money . and all the stuff u dont need, go to the trading post and get doubloons 4 it!

  119. Hey, I know a faster way to get the Phoenix Warbird. Ok here is how. You can buy the Carabelle Ship or the Sea Sultan ship to gain a lot of cargo from the ocean. When you have 300 out of 300 or 600 out of 600 cargo, you can sell the cargo from a different island. It gets you alot of doubloons. Thats a tip. I didn’t completed the island though. I was just giving you a tip. I got all four people from the islands though. Now I need to make 1 million doubloons to get the Warship. Good luck Everyone! Prickly Dolphin out!

  120. Hey thanks, Prickly Dolphin. I tried that with that Jimmy Boat but it takes forever. I guess I could buy one of your choices.

  121. I was stuck in this island 4 sometime because Zey. shomi didnt write anything about the cannon starter kit in Pirate Place. I had to go to wiki-answers for that bit. I suggest he edits it or something…

    Hijuyo: Actually, he did put it in the guide. You could have saved yourself the extra searching if you’d actually read what was on Zey’s guide.

  122. At the end, I had like, $998,588 on Skullduggery isand. I went to Golden Harbor and got a loan: $20,999 is how muc I loaned. Then I had $1,000,000 something. I bought the Phoenix Warbird and beat the island. Now, I still need to pay back the loan. Do I have to pay back the loan? This is bugging me sooo much.

    Hijuyo: It’s probably a good idea to pay back the loan, now that you’ve finished the island anyway.

    • Hey I know another tip. To get so much doubloons for the warship, you can attack ships by getting them to follow you and make sure they get by rocks lots of time. Then, collect their cargo. You will get
      60 out of 60, 90 out of 90, 300 out of 300, 600 out of 600, or 900 out of 900. I attacked a octupus once and I gained alot of cargo and sold it at an island. Remember, do not restart the island when you have completed it. Here is another tip. Get a loan from the Golden Harbor Bank and grab some more doubloons. I am so closer to getting 200 thousand doubloons. Yay me!

    • No, Keep it, I have 9,905,898 Ds, No more paying HEHE!


    • Hey thanks alot Prickly Dolphin. You are very helpful. Thanks for the tips. You are very smart. Hmm, sometime today you will complete the island. EVEN ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone will love to test your tips. By the way, defeating Captain Crawfish could be hard because he could keep healing. KEEP TRYING GUYS YOU WILL GET IT!!!

  124. Attention Everybody, it will not take forever once you keep working. Here are some more tips. Tip: get your crew first before getting the warship. Thats what I did. Tip: save so many doubloons. Tip: sell all your cargo when you have a lot for doublons. Tip: do not restart the island because then you will have to do all the work again. Tip: Visit the Golden Harbor for a loan limit. When you see the loan limit, type in the loan limit and the bank will give you. Remember, you get to keep it for 20 days. Pay back your loan if you need a new loan. Tip: remember, if you log out without saving, you will lose some doubloons. Remember to save the game when you are done. Tip: buy some cheaper ships to help you collect so much cargo. Those are some tips. Hope I helped. Good luck Everyone! Prickly Dolphin out!

  125. Whoa, thats alot of tips for getting a lot of doubloons. Thanks Prickly Dolphin. I don’t believe it! A lot of us are going to get the island completed. Prickly Dolphin, thanks again. I will try it. Thanks again Pricly Dolphin. Good luck Everyone! Hazy Girl, Out!

  126. Um Prickly Dolphin, thanks for the wonderful tips. Now I need to defeat Captain Crawfish. Thanks so much. Waterfall Blue out! PS My character’s name is Lucky Sky.

  127. Um, I am so closer. I will let you know when I get 1 million doubloons, Hazy Girl and Waterfall Blue and Hi.juyo. Prickly Dolphin out!

  128. Once I had my loan Past due, and they still let me take out loans. Hmm, must be a glitch or something

  129. Sorry, didn’t get my million doubloons. So though. I hope I get it today.

  130. Hey guys, here is another tip. Attacks ships that have low life or attack any crabs, octupuses, or pufferfish to get so much doubloons. Today I am going to be able to finish the island if I can defeat Captain Crawfish with the warboat. Be careful when you attack ships. They could make you lose your doubloons. I wish you good luck guys.

  131. Whoa, thanks Prickly Dolphin. I will do that next time.

  132. Thanks alot Prickly Dolphin! You are so very helpful.


  134. Good luck Prickly Dolphin!

  135. I wish you good luck Prickly Dolphin!


  137. Hooray!!!! i completed the island!!!! Phew! That was a close one! Now how did Captain Crawfish knew my name Lazy Fish? Thats ok. He is now gone. Well that means I completed all the islands. Early Poptropica through Shrink Ray Island is what I completed!!! Hooray!!!!!

  138. Now I got to return my loan of doubloons

  139. I completed all the islands up to Shrink Ray Island Skullduggery Island was the last island I needed to complete

  140. hot doggie! :-) says:

    awesome! it really helped a lot! now all i have to do is earn dubloons 😦 not fun but thanx 4 the tips!

  141. hot doggie! :-) says:

    awesome! it really helped a lot! now all i have to do is earn dubloons 😦 not fun but thanx 4 the tips!

  142. Silver Sky says:

    I finished this island in about 3 hours, not counting the breaks and meals I took…weird, I tought this island easy. Didn’t use the guide much, but it’s well written 🙂 Actually I enjoyed earning Doubloons…and I hated to be in debt, so I never loaned from the bank…

    P.S. I bought ships first and a couple of crew after that, then concentrated on buying more ships.

  143. Icy Lightning says:

    I’ve been working on this island ever since it came out! Finally I’ve beaten it! WOOOOT!

  144. Mistina aka Shaky Crown says:

    i had the wierdest glitch! when i was docked in bouffant bay when i went to set out in my the phoenix warbird it went right through the island while it was surrounded by storm clouds!! wierd 🙂

  145. Mistina aka Shaky Crown says:

    i meant PEOPLE keep saying THINGS

  146. strawberrykiss says:


  147. I feel really dumb asking this but what happens if i dont pay my loan back in time? I really need to no.

  148. i think skull dudgery is fun

  149. growlithe99 says:

    It’s not challenging to get the 1 million, but the boss is SUPER HARD. I could actually beat the boss if he couldn’t heal himself.

  150. OMG! i absolutely CANNOT that’s right CANNOT get 1000000 dubloons. i got all the pieces and i went to visit skulldugerry island and when i left all the ships went after me and because i never upgraded (due to dubloon issues) i never got cannons and so i died heaps quick and again and again and each time i lose more and more dubloons, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

    • Chilly Star (GoldRock23) says:

      Tip: Save your game before you leave an island. That way, if you sink and lose cargo or doubloons, you can just close Poptropica, and go back onto it from the point you saved your game!

  151. where is the bank and how you buy the ships and the canon?!

  152. Mistina aka Shaky Crown says:

    How can you say things when you’re on the sea because when i’m on the ship attacking ships say things but i can’t figure out how to say things back!

  153. okay so,i get a lot of doubloons and cargo but it won’t let me trade how do i get it to work?

  154. Q:how can you destroy boats with a raft?

    A:First,drag them towards you when you see sea rocks.Last,When they hit it and can not move,your work is done!:D

  155. I defeated Captain Crawfish,guess what?He could not hit me!!!!!hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  156. Shoeless Shadow says:

    The easiest way to win is to collect as much salvage as possible, (I find the most salvage around rocks, and in the top corner by D. Cove) and go around and sell the max. amount of stuff that is highest priced. I don’t worry about buying, and remember, Never get a loan!!!!

  157. katlin white says:

    this is the best website ever 😀

  158. zoe lanier says:

    this island was hard it took me 2 days usaly i bet 5 islands in 2 days thanks 4 writing this walkthrough for every island this the best website i ever descovered 😀 i love this website it is awesome

  159. Immediatly, I had two goals: trade up for a new ship, and get the map pieces. After I unlocked Skulldugery, I tried to make a pass from Golden Harbor to Pirate Outpost. Well, I passed a tad to close to skulldugery (make that, SOUTH of Skulldugery, not even the route) and I ended up getting destroyed by Crawfish. The worst post, I was at ship #2 (you have the original ship, that at the Dragon Cove, the cheapest ship), the Jimmy Rigger. I tried to deal with him with my one cannon, but I got to close to him, and sunk.

  160. Magic Onion says:

    I’ve clocked in about 3 1/2 hours into Skullduggery and I’m at the Koi, the second largest ship (the Steamboat is small but powerful)

  161. FEARLESS OWL says:

    thx super skull,i couldnt find that guy on dragon cove island. it was frusterating.

  162. FEARLESS OWL says:

    i can fight cc now!i always get so excited when i do a boss level.even before i start it. 8)

  163. wolfbrotheryeahh says:

    oh my gosh thank you soooo much!!! (i still haven’t finished it) but I have three other accounts and I had NO idea how to clock this island!! THANK YOU!

  164. Dangerous Fire says:

    I need a trading guide, it’ll be really useful, i have some of it…
    Dragon cove:Sell spice, buy silk
    Pirate place:Sell grain, buy spice
    i need the rest! i’ll be really helpful to me

    Hijuyo: I believe there’s one in the comments on this page.

  165. Dangerous Fire says:

    nvm, got the rest

  166. oh yeah this
    is pretty hard

  167. matthewergc2014 says:

    I wonder how long it took the fastest person to beat this island.

  168. ηicøℓα / ραη∂a says:

    An easier way to beat Captain Crawfish is to anchor yourself. He will and run into you, draining both your and his health, but his more, and then you just fire as many cannonballs as possible onto his ship. He will be stationary the whole time and it’s really quick. (;

  169. awesome thunder says:

    i was able to beat crawfish with the ship one less of the biggest

  170. Beefy Coyote says:

    I have the guide book!To collect doubloons quicker with out stopping(unless your ship got damaged).Start at golden harbor and go from there to pirate place and counter clockwise.If you collected all the stuff in the water,then go to a island and do it again!

  171. zany horse says:

    man i tried and i tried im not looking for 50 paragraphs [but thanks for the help] i just whish ther was a way to skip the battle………is ther?? some one please answer!!!!!

  172. Lool

  173. gentle ice says:

    if you want to make big money buy silk at dragon cove and sell at bouffete bay.
    then buy medicine at bouffete bay and sell it at dragon cove .
    and repeat, and repeat, and repeat

  174. Wait, you didn’t gave me credit for the tip to get money! That’s unfair!!

    • Actually, I did. You signed your comment as “Icy Sun” and you’re mentioned in the credits. I’ve changed it now to your other comment name (Vicyorus) in case that was what you wanted.

  175. izzyjezza says:


    You are in danger
    You need to defeat Crawfish
    Can you still win now?

    Thanx 4 the walkthrough it dont bother trying 🙂
    I went 2 dragon cove and the women at the trading post’s clothes hadnt loaded so she was wearing a singlet and shorts.

  176. jack fidh says:

    i can get 1million doubloons

  177. shawnie says:

    question:how do you sell a ship?

  178. I like cheese :D says:

    hey umm i just beat C.C. and im at skullduggery island, but i dont have the shovel… where do you get it? Please help! 😦

  179. How many days can you have a loan for?

  180. Red Leopard says:

    I can’t defeat Crawfish do I have to sink the ship or what?

  181. I have never completed this island, or steamworks, so I decided to just get it over with already haha
    Im on my real day 2 in the game Im on day 50 something, I have just over 300,000 dabloons!! :DD Almost half of a half way there you guys!!

  182. My trick for doubloons is I roam above of Dragon Cove and a pufferfish,crab or octopus start attacking me and I go near a whirlpool and they go in there.While their stuck I shoot them and they die,Guess what?They give out lots of doubloons!The pufferfish has the most!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


  183. I finished every island except Lunar Colony (which is out for members) and Skullduggery(almost done).

  184. Here are some tips for my 1st trick:The octopus can get out of the whirlpool sometimes so watch out.Tip 2:If you go near Pirate Outpost be careful because there are alot of pirate ships.Tip 3:Don’t kill sea monsters until you have the Carabelle,Sea Sultan or Koi.Last Tip:Watch out for stormclouds if you dock at Bouffant Bay.


  185. This was the hardest island for me . You guys are really, really good at explaining and writing walkthroughs

  186. strange beetle says:

    for me, this island was very easy

  187. ShadowIncarnate says:

    Well. That took me last night up to this morning ( I slept in between of course, xD). Thanks for the guide, I never would’ve done it without it.

  188. I can’t find the person at Pirate Outpost. Where us he?

  189. I got stuck in a big huge rock and I can’t get out 😦 please help me!!!I got stuck all the way to the right on Fort Ridley please help!

  190. If I click restart will I have to do re-do the whole island again?

    Slanted Fish: Yes, the Restart button resets all your progress for that island only. It can be helpful if a glitch prevents you from anything.

  191. Can you go to Skullduggery before defeating Captain Crawfish?

  192. Thanks for the guide! I now feel safer crossing the sea but I’m still afraid of meeting pirates.

  193. What happens to your old ship when you buy a new one?

  194. I’m scared to go to the Pirate Outpost again because thereare lots of pirate but I need to trade!

    • Look, you don’t have to go thru ALL the islands mentioned in the guide, but it’s the fastest way to get money (I know that because I was the one that discovered the chart of sale that’s posted here). If you want to go to Pirate Outpost just go, as near as possible to Fort Riddley, and don’t stay too much time in waters near to that island.

  195. Which island can you buy the new ships?

    Slanted Fish: Dragon Cove. 🙂

  196. Mjukitsu1245 says:

    i forgot to save my game that i lost over 1M dubloons…. 😦

  197. Hey i completed every island on poptropica want to add me i am i5871 i am also a member!

  198. Golden Octopus says:

    Thanks a ton This was one of the islands i couldn’t figure out!

  199. hey slanted fish, whats your poptropica username? i want to be friends with you. mine is ejoyb99

    Slanted Fish: My Poptropica username is hi.Juyo 🙂

  200. WERTYUIOE says:

    how many crew members are there? i know about the cannon firerer and the navigator and the repairguy but is there anyone else?

    Slanted Fish: There are 4 – one available on each “island” except Golden Harbor. Fort Ridley gives you 2.

  201. WERTYUIOE says:

    fort ridley? isn’t that the place where my blimp is? there is crew there? what do they do?

  202. WERTYUIOE says:

    ohhh ok i get it now your talking about the cook and cabin boy. ok i was just asking about the ones you buy.

  203. I GOT ALL THE CREW!!!!!!!!!!!! im sorry im excited! 🙂

  204. aaaaahhhhhhh! ok i was joking around and made a loan foor 0000000m then i went to buy a ship and the ship guy said i have to pay off my loan!! what do i do???

  205. neva mind,,,,…… i had to pay back 0 doubloons heeheehee

    • Pay loan, Buy Ship, Keep getting until you got like 500,000, get a loan of ALL nines, get the ship, never pay the loan

  206. WERTYUIOE says:

    easy way to get money. go around the islands clockwise,like you said, and bye 10 of the cheapest thing and sell the max of the most expensive. it really works!!

  207. Icy Speck says:

    Sigh……i don’t want to do this island………but i have to………sigh…..

  208. WERTYUIOE says:

    this island is very frusterating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im getting impatient saving money for the warbird so im trying to defeat him with the steamship any advice on how to do that?

    • The only way to defeat Captain Crawfish is with the Warbird, sorry.

      • Icy Speck says:

        Actually, lots of people have defeated him with the steam ship, but it would be way easier to use the Phoenix Warbird.: Hint hint:

    • If you want Some more Money , Try Going to the “Dragon Cove” On the Sea not really on the Dragon Cove and Just Sail Around it Until you see The Puffer Fish
      Its Big It can give you 10 000+ Doubloons And for the Kraken you get 5 000+ Doubloons and Giant Crab is Between 9 000 and 12 000 Doubloons

    • 1 More thing, Your Health Bar can be a Monster/Ship Sensor too Like for Example : THERES A MONTERS NEARBY BUT YOU CANT SEE , YOUR HEALTHBAR POPS OUT WHEN THERES AN ENEMY INCOMING

    • My way is a bit unorthodox. I first do what most people do and trade then I buy the 30,000 ship because searching will be much easier then I scavenge for some some treasure (the risk is greater but it’s also advantageous because you won’t need to waste money unless your ship gets sunk) and then after having enough money I hire a navigator, shipwright and a shooter. It’s a long process but it will help you greatly. I then go near the Dragon Cove until the enemy finds me. After having experimented for countless of times, the sea monsters are the ones that usually go there (squid, lobster, puffer). They are much easier to defeat than the pirate ships and the treasure they leave when you defeat them is much greater than those lying around. Once you defeat them, your cargo will immediately be filled so just go and trade. Once that is done, go and defeat sea monsters again until you have enough money to buy a much better ship. I repeat, the risk is higher if you try this one but it gets the job done faster.

  209. Icy Speck says:

    wertyuioe, hmm that sounds FAMILIAR. wink wink

  210. Icy Speck says:

    Okay lets settle this: Slanted Fish, can you defeat Captain Crawfish with the SteamShip? Please awnser before too late.

    • I don’t think so, but some people have reported being able to defeat Captain Crawfish without the Phoenix Warbird (the best ship). However, the game itself tells you to use the Phoenix Warbird to defeat him.

      • OMG. It was after a had Membership for Game Show (Love the music for it’s trailer and the island btw) I started it and it was 3 days I got The Koi, ( I completed it in 5 days) And I had my crew, and I started to hit him with cannons,
        he had this much life ___ and then wham, his life got all the way filled up again

  211. I wonder why that thing comes up when you travel to a new island with ur ship that’s saying ‘DAY 1’ or someting like that….

    • Every time you travel to a new ‘island,’ another ‘day’ passes. It’s just to show you how many ‘days’ your ship journey has been. Maybe if you want to redo the island, you can try and beat your record. 😛

  212. Blue Peanut says:

    hey slanted fish and/or hijuyo whats your username? i want to be your friend

    Slanted Fish: My username, which you can also find on our Friend Finder page, is hi.Juyo 🙂

  213. Blue Peanut says:


  214. Thanks. Well, I already completed it, My sister just needed a page.

    • blue peanut :) says:

      i just fought captin crawfish and a second before he sunk he grew back more than half his health while i sat there dying!!!! SO UNFAIR!!!!

      • dude, you dont know what i have been through WHEN I FIRST SAW THAT NEW ISLAND I WAS LIKE LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THYEN WHEN I GOT OUT OF THE ISLAND (IN MY m1 SHIP) I DIED INSTANTALY

  215. this the only island i have left im sooooo happy!!! I already have the steming fury!!! YAY for me!!!!!! 🙂 😉

  216. I once finished this island in one day! 😀

  217. Blue Peanut :) says:

    WOW!!!!!!! How is that even POSSIBLE?!?! I’ve been working on it for at least 4 weeks!!!

  218. Did you know that I had almost defeated Captain Crawfish without the Phoenix Warbird, can you believe that?

  219. pierocks123 says:

    (Don’t worry, not talking about the walkthrough, it’s really good)
    I have the Phoenix Warbird, and I am trying to find Captain Crawfish. He used to show up all the time whenever I tried to dock at Skullduggery. Now, I can’t find him anywhere and I have to waste my time fighting little tiny ships that are run by pirates with stupid names, like “Jean-Luc the Vengeful.” AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!! HELP!! 😦

  220. i cant get the cannon to explode. its not lighting up. plz help!!!

  221. the explosive disapeared!!!!!!!!!

  222. i just did probably the most stupid thing ever in the history of stupid things on poptropica. i have the steaming fury and i was looking at the ships and then clicked buy on one of my opld ships! then of course i got the steaming fury back but now i have hardly any money! im so stupid:(

  223. do you have any advice for getting pufferfish and octopuses and crabs?

  224. neat dragon says:

    thx for this im almost done

  225. coolstar says:

    Why this island is so hard!!!!!!!!!!

  226. Nice Whale says:

    Will you keep buying and selling again and again until you earn enough to pay your debt and buy the ship and to hire crew?

    Slanted Fish: Yep. You can also kill things for doubloons.

  227. helenwhygao says:

    How long will it take for me to get to the point when I can get the Phoenix Warbird and the whole crew? This is taking FOREVER!!! (I don’t have a great deal of patience-at least, not anymore.) It’s been sooooo long and I just want it to HURRY UP and GET GOING!!!!!

  228. helenwhygao says:

    This is taking FOREVER!!!

  229. sofirofi20 says:

    I can’t get past the explosive barrel part. HELP!

    Slanted Fish: You need to push it down until it’s under the golden tooth of the skull.

  230. Yellow Comet says:

    You should add to the tips:
    ~DO NOT land at Skullduggery Island before you should. I did that once and I had to take three tries to get away from C.C.

  231. UGH!captain crawfishis hard to beat! T~T

  232. Good written walkthrough could you make a video walkthrough for skullduggery

    Slanted Fish: There’s a link to the videos at the top of our Skullduggery Island page.

  233. Serious Boa says:

    Wanna ask something, HOW LONG WOULD IT TAKE TO COMPLETE THIS ISLAND!!! i just know its going to take long but what would be the minimum number of days to complete it?

  234. Serious Boa says:

    I really don’t whats wrong with my in almost every island!First, however i had 2000 doubloons and now its ZER0000! How can i complete this Island?

  235. wild gamer says:

    here i s how you deaft captin crawfish you will need the war ship, navigator, cannoier,, and the ship fixer. you must ram him them rapily fire at him at first it wil look like your loser but if you keep doing what i said you will defeat him

  236. LONE WOLF says:


  237. Comical Turtle says:

    Hey did anyone notice that the ships match the islands. The islands are like actual ports from the time this island would take place and there is a ship that matches it. The raft goes with Fort Ridley, the Jimmy Rigger with Pirate Outpost, the Carabelle with Parrot Port, the Sea Sultan with Golden Harbor,the Koi with Dragon Cove, and the Steaming Fury with Bouffant Bay.

  238. That really helped me uh lot!!!!!!!!!!

  239. Actually at Pearl Harbor you actually can get something good from there besides get a loan. The Grain is the cheapest there

  240. Perfect Moon says:

    I never get loans, its too confusing. I always search for salvage!

  241. Perfect Moon says:

    OMGOSH, I CAN’T GET OUT OF DRAGON COVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whenever I try, a pirate AND a sea monster FREAKING surround me and KILL ME!!!!! What advice do you have?

  242. Perfect Moon says:

    day 50…

  243. Perfect Moon says:

    im almost done! but im on day 77……………………………

  244. The best way to kill sea monsters are by bashing them into the rocks near Golden Harbor.

  245. Perfect Moon says:

    Day 80… I still can’t beat Capt. Crawfish!!!!!

  246. Katniss:)20(Nervous Dragon) says:

    Dis guide helps but the creators made it take SO LONG to finish the game! UGGH!!!

  247. hatersloveme4897/hatersloveme2490 says:

    What happens if you don’t pay back the loan?

  248. hatersloveme4897/hatersloveme2490 says:

    Finished in 55 days!

  249. hatersloveme4897/hatersloveme2490 says:

    Before I did it in 57 days.

  250. hatersloveme2490/hatersloveme4897/hip hop lover/17-time winner of Reality TV island/Poptropica girl with 2576 friends with membership/has all 35 medals/knucklehead5249 call me any of that. says:

    I meant 51.

  251. Catryn419 says:

    do you need to get the whole crew?


  253. crazy kid313 says:

    Shoud I do loans or not?

  254. crazy kid313 says:

    day 101,in need of serious help

    • Popular Glove says:

      I found that there’s heaps of salvage around Golden Harbour, so I just sail around there until my cargo is full, then I sell everything off at the trading post. Don’t go too far from the Harbour though, in case you get attacked or something.

  255. So I was trading at the Island with lots of cannons (Can’t remember it’s name) And I went back to my ship, clicked embark, then it went to the part where your in birds eye view and I couldn’t see my ship! Nor could I move or re-dock! so I went and logged out and logged back on and showed up at the Parrot island with a lot less DB then I had when I left, and a different cargo, though I had the ship I had bought not to long before I was having trouble. (The forth ship on the was to the Phinox) I went back out to sea again and I still can’t see my ship or move. What should I do?

  256. Tall Eagle says:

    by the way , i had started the island earlier before I knew about the guides but I didn’t remember but I went back on and this guide is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!

  257. Clean Hawk says:

    at the top right of your map there are a hoard of monsters who contain about 7-8000 each

  258. how do you get under the bridge!?!?!? i’m stuck =(

  259. Purple Socks says:

    what the what? i got the whole map and i still don’t even have enough to buy the jimmy rigger!! it’s gonna take me forever to get a phoenix warbird!!! 😦

  260. Tough Star says:

    Actually, sell your silk at Golden Harbor! You can get 32 doubloons per unit!

  261. Actually golden harbor is good enough to trade with as it sells grain cheaper than the grain at parrot port. Plus there are many salvages there.

  262. i need help

  263. JLBblue2003 says:

    Hey, i have a question, but i dont wanna try it unless i know, if i did take out 1,000,000 doubloons from the bank, and bought the ship, and didnt pay the loan back, could i still buy the ship and defeat crawfish and what-not? (i hate saying what-not, but whatever :P)

    Slanted Fish: I think you might need to pay your loans back before you can buy, but I’m not sure.

  264. JLBblue2003 says:

    and would it be good to keep getting new ships? or should i just save for the pheonix warbird…?

    Slanted Fish: I’d suggest upgrading to the next ship whenever you can, because it makes it easier to earn doubloons.

  265. Purple Socks says:

    omg!!! i just steered my ship toward skullduggery to destroy captain crawfish, and he wasnt even there!! so i got to dock at skullduggery without even killing him!! What the what just happened???

  266. My last island so far..

  267. Tip: While battling Crawfish, anchor, wait for him to smash into you, fire all your cannonballs, and get away QUICKLY.

  268. zippyberry12 says:

    You actually DON’T need the Warbird to defeat Crawfish. You can also defeat him with the next ship down, which if I remember properly is called the Steaming Fury.

  269. Golden Dragon says:

    Hey my name on Poptropica is Golden Dragon. My username is Cinderhella. You can add me if you want. I finally completed Mocktropica today and I realized I had one island left to do. Skullduggery Island. I was dreading it because I’ve never actually fully completed it before and I know it takes such a long time to do. But with the help of this guide, I FINALLY finished all 36 islands made so far. Thinking back to how I only made a new account two weeks ago, I realized, I have no life. But that’s okay.

    However, contradictory to this guide, I only sold Medicine at the Parrot Port. I did not buy anything, so my cargo was empty until I reached Golden Harbor, which is where I bought the max amount of Grain. This creates more efficient money-making. Also, since there is a lot of cargo spilled on the way to Golden Harbor, I would collect it all as much as possible, then sell it all at the Golden Harbor. This method is a bit more efficient with money in the long run.

    So anyway, I finished Skullduggery Island all in one day. On the Island itself, I used 65 days to finally defeat Captain Crawfish and dig up the treasure. What about you?

    • I’ll probably take about the same amount of time as you, but I don’t know for sure. I’m on day 62, and all I have to do to beat the Island is muster up enough courage to fight. (And dig for the treasure, obviously. But that doesn’t take courage.)

  270. tip:if your being chased by a pirate ship go towards an island in a zigzag motion.that way the cannons wont hit you

  271. this website is me bff

  272. I’m at day 238 and only have 5801 doubloons!!! Im so freaking annoyed:( is there a secret or cheat to help me get money…FAST??? Please tell me ASAP!!!!!!!

  273. Golden harber does have use for trading I sell my medicine at Parret Port and buy grain at Golden Harber for the lowest price it changes each time but every time its lower priced than Parret Port.

  274. good island guide 🙂

  275. King_Godzilla77 says:

    um i noticed that the prices change randomly, is that normal?

    • The prices for the different islands’ trading posts do change randomly, but what’s cheapest and most expensive stays the same. Buy/sell in a clockwise direction (as explained in the guide) for max profit. 🙂

      • Michael Hornak says:

        actually not true parrot port’s cheapest thing is grain and sometimes it changes from lowest to second lowest.

      • Michael-
        Yeah, it’s constantly switching spots with spices, which can be annoying since I have (er, had) a three-island trade route because it made me the most money. Here are the islands: Dragon Cove, Bouffant Bay, and Parrot Port. I sold spices and bought silk at Dragon Cove, I sold silk and bought medicine at Bouffant Bay, and I sold medicine and bought spices at Parrot Port. What was annoying was that spices were always around 20 doubloons a piece. I don’t have to worry about it anymore because I’m at the boss fight, but it got a little annoying.

      • Super Club says:

        Hey Poptropicans! I know I just commented this, but if you sell medicine at Parrot Port and buy grain at Golden Harbor (instead of selling medicine and buying grain at Parrot Port, as suggested by the guide) you will make a bigger and better profit! 🙂

  276. PopTropameateur says:

    I saw a cloud in the shape of a 🙂 and also thanks for the guide…i am still trying to get sea sultan then koi then fury etc. :):):):)

  277. Magic Peanut says:

    A few random tips and pieces of advice:
    – The cargo with the lowest price will have the highest price at the next island clockwise.
    – I recommend not loaning from the bank. You end up losing money with interest, you could forget about it and end up with too much to pay back, and it just ends up being a big ‘ole mess. Trading, as said in this (amazing) guide, is the best way to make money.
    – Speed is good, but accuracy is better. Don’t shy away from a fight if they have more cannons, because the other pirates in the sea have terrible accuracy. Run in a zigzag motion while shooting slowly and carefully and you can take down a ship much more powerful than you.
    – The enemies aren’t very smart, either. Try to get them to blunder into storms or rocks for easy victories.
    – Sea monsters have a small range. Even with only one cannon, you can easily take them down if you keep moving and stay away from their arms/claws.
    Good Luck!

    • Hungry Toes says:

      omg u r a genius, thanks Magic Peanut, and hey, whats ur poptropica username…i wanna add u. mine is “hellomiss9”

  278. This helps so much! And this site is so much easier to use than some of the others I’ve used, I’m wondering if you check everything a few times. But one correction I do have, I was able to get grain at Golden harbor for 13 doubloons, so the costs might be a little randomized. Thanks for the help!

  279. I cant get the doubloon..

  280. Creampuffqueen says:

    People say that this is the second hardest island on Poptropica (other than Astro Knights), but looking at the walkthrough here, its not very hard in general, the hard part is getting the doubloons. Some people I know are able to finish it in a day or less, others take a few days, while others take weeks. Just remember, dont give up, and dont try to defeat Captain Crawfish while you have the Sea Sultan. 🙂 (My randomness of the day)

  281. Dignity AJ says:

    Is it ok just to get at least a million doubloons then get the warbird? I mean, getting doubloons isn’t that hard, not like you HAVE to fight the ships until you meet captain crawfish.

    Slanted Fish: Yes, but it’s easier to get doubloons with better ships, so I recommend upgrading as you go.

  282. I got all the crew members by Day 7 on a RAFT!(you read that right).

  283. Hungry Toes says:

    u know..its more profitable if u buy grain from Golden Harbor and sell at Pirate Outpost than buy grain from Parrot Port

  284. fashionista1152 says:

    where is the bomb that u put under the tooth????? the guide says in the middle of the place….. what does that mean?????

    Slanted Fish: It’s somewhere in the middle of the island; jump around until you find it.

    • donutgiraffe says:

      If you fall left off the place where you get the cannon kit, you will end up nearly right on top of it. It’s a big barrel labeled ‘explosives’.

  285. golden harbour can make a profit randomly

  286. Poptropica Player says:

    Actually i know a tip to get 1million doubloons to buy the Phoenix Ship.If you have 100,000 doubloons go to the Pirate Fort.Then go to the Trading Post and Buy the few priced item there and that is the Spice right? buy it 1,000 items.Then go to the Dragon Cove Port in the top of Pirate Fort then go to the Trading Post,Click Sell in the Spice then put 1,000 You get loads of money.After selling the Spice buy the another few priced item there,Should be Silk? or The Medicine? Cant remember then go to the Bouffant Port located ————–> of the Dragon Cove Port.Too lazy to type but just follow the same steps to get to 1 million.I literally tried it and it worked.It may be seem boring but also,if you want to defeat:The Octopus,The Puffer Fish, And the Giant Crab,lure them in a very rocky place and then trap them there like : (octopus)[rock](you) if he’s near on freeing in this trap lure him again and trap them once more,if you have cannon,use your anchor to stop the moving of the ship and shoot the Octopus,Puffer,and the Giant Crab.They give you 1,000+ Doubloons,300+ or 200+ of Spices,Medicines,Silk and Grains. 😀 they will be useful to up your items to sell them and get to 1 million doubloons.Hope This Helps.Tell me if you have any parts you dont understand,i’ll fix them for you.Thanks 😀

  287. Poptropica Expert [NOT] says:

    The FIRST time I completed this island it took me only 4 hours. My cousin, who completed a bunch of islands, didn’t complete this island! [Makes me feel good.]

  288. I passed Skullduggery in 1 day, no lie! Thanks Zey-Shomi! Could you reply to my comment please? I’ve completed all of the islands!

  289. the koi can atcaully hold 2,700 cargo not 1,800!

  290. price also lower as you go up with your doubloons

  291. skullduggery to hard I only got the second ship and I unlocked skull island with the blog

  292. White Lobster says:

    I think that the best way to earn doubloons faster is to go halfway through the money and get the other half as a loan from Golden Harbor. I tried that and got through the island in 2 days.

  293. poptropicans I’m leaving to another see you guys in three days!

  294. It’s not called Pirate’s Place its called Pirate’s Outpost. Just to let you know

  295. please keep making more guides I use them all the time

    Slanted Fish: We have guides for every island on our Island Help page. 🙂

  296. red flyer says:

    thanks this was great but can you show which islands are which because I went to parrot port first thinking it was the other one

  297. I buyed phoenix ship by the first raft we get it for free . I died only FIVE times in game .

  298. Red Stomper, Pirate Captain says:

    Never a’ chance ol’ Crawfish shall pass me! I’m a too good

  299. Calm Dragon says:

    Yeah I know did you see the way captain crawfish’s ship falls so hilarious !

  300. ARGGHH I’m stuck bc the other pirates keeps sink me down! Suggestions please!!

  301. hey! everyone here is saying how quickly they beat the island, so i think im doing something wrong ahah. i started this island maybe 2 years ago? i did a lot at a time and then i guss i forgot about it. so now im back at it, ive been sort o avoiding skulldugger since t always seemed so daunting. so i have the pheonix ship, and ive leit been trying to defeat crawford all afternoon (its about 10 pm right now oops 🙂 ) AND I STILL CAT DEFEAT HIM WHAT AM I DOING WRONG OMG is there a strategy to beat him?

  302. Serious Bird says:

    I am also Serious Bird why would I lie about that? Anyways can someone help me? what should I do about not being able to get the dubloon, just give up on the island? I think it’s some kind of glitch

    Slanted Fish: You might want to restart the island (click on the map in the corner and press restart).

  303. (Thanks for all your help!!!) I don’t know why but it won’t let me get the cannoneer lady. I have enough doubloons, but it ain’t workin’! Maybe I have the wrong person? #TroubleWithSkullDuggery

  304. How do you fire cannons??

  305. Looks like I have to treat this as another game and SLOWLY make my progress….

    • djscratchstep says:

      *cough* Just like Prison… *cough* Or OP Prison… *cough* on Minecraft… *cough achoo* No offense to those who like it, though…


  307. this is a really good guide but golden harbor sells grain very cheap

  308. Quick Sun says:

    Please help me, I really need help.

    Whenever I go to get the doubloon, the new Poptropica settings or whatever prevent me from going under the hill. It teleports me on the opposite side of the mountain!

    Is there anyway to avoid or fix this? I was really looking forward to doing this island after seeing everyone else chatter about this excitedly.

    slantedfish: Sounds like a glitch – try playing on a different web browser or computer, or restart the island.

  309. Why do i need so many Doubloons!?!?

  310. press the mirror icon in the bottom left corner when you see the raft and you’ll shine a signal. Then he’ll respond back and a message will say he’s approaching. He comes back and he gives you his raft. i did not understand this part i am only 9 i am still stuck on this part how to do this i saw the raft and down it was written that hey there s a raft out there then what to do i am still stuck

    • xxxxxxx says:

      if you have the mirror, then when you click on the telescope, the mirror should be in the bottom left corner. when you see the raft, click on the mirror and it will signal the raft.

    • xxxxxxx says:

      if you don’t have the mirror, then it is in the general store on the top right shelf. 😄

  311. i am still stuck
    please help me out

  312. The review was helpful on the last part and I give this a 5***** stars!A tip is that have the highest in one cargo spot and trade at the next port the cargo so you can get more of what you have!

  313. i couldn’t do it so i gave up………

  314. Um … if i buy the crew first, then the ship, will i lose my crew? :O

  315. Um … i bought the crew first. if i buy the ship later, will i lose my crew?

    • Poptropica Help Blog says:

      No, you won’t. The crew transfers instantly to the next ship you buy, so don’t worry! 😀

      • m.p2003 says:

        whenever I try to go over the bridge after I have gotten the doubloon it keeps taking me back under the bridge instead of main street. please help.

      • m.p2003 says:

        please can someone help me. my problem is on my first comment I made.

      • xxxxxxx says:

        to m.p2003, if it’s not working then you could try restarting the island. the button to restart is on the map.

  316. I found it easy to make money here by traveling back and forth between Parrot Port and Bouffand Bay. (Sell silk and buy medicine at bouffand bay and vice versa.) I make about 1,000 doubloons each trade by buying and selling 60 units each.

    • xxxxxxx says:

      I found it easy to do this:
      Parrot Port – Sell: Medicine
      Golden Harbor – Buy: Grain
      Pirate Outpost – Buy: Spice, Sell: Grain
      Dragon Cove – Buy: Silk, Sell: Spice
      Bouffant Bay – Buy: Medicine, Sell: Silk
      There’s also a lot of salvage around Golden Harbor as well.

    • djscratchstep says:

      Sam, you said you make about 1,000 dbs (doubloons) each trade? Going from Parrot Port to Bouffant Bay, I sold all my silk and bought all the medicine I could carry (my max was 60, too) and according to my calculations, you can make 1,140 dbs. So you’re close to the exact amount…

      • djscratchstep says:

        Going from Bouffant Bay to Parrot port only gives you 480 dbs, so I personally think it’s not the best idea… although when adding them together, you can make 1,620 dbs, so I might be wrong…

  317. I found a super easy way to sink other ships and sea monsters- lead them to red rocks, whirlpools, and storm clouds.

  318. Quick Kid says:

    I got max profits from going from Bouffant Bay to Parrot Port with medicine.

  319. Astrid/Purity says:

    I’ve actually never ever bought stuff from the trading post. I either salvage stuff or kill stuff for the loot and doubloons. I never take loans either. I know I’m probably shooting myself in the mast, but I beat the island in two and a half hours, so it works.

  320. hope this works

  321. SENPAI PLS NOTICE ME! says:

    I have no idea how people can finish this in just a day. I visited this island again yesterday and honestly, this guide has been extremely helpful.

    It says I have a loan and it’s due in 9 days. I have a lot of doubloons already, I’m ready to pay the loan. Although, my only problem is that I don’t know where to pay or how to do it. Who do I owe? What is life? Why do I crave pizza?


      Okay, I bought a new ship. I thought the debt will be gone by buying a new ship. Aaaand, of course, I’m wroooong. HALP. The fricking debt is getting higher. I’m dying. How do you even?


      Nevermind, I never knew it was supposed to be paid on the Golden Harbor. Sorry for these pointless comments. :/

  322. Yash Jain says:

    To defeat sea monsters, you can hide behind any island where you can attack them but they cannot attack you.

  323. You should get grain from golden harbor, it’s cheaper.

    slantedfish: However, it’s not as efficient for selling in a clockwise direction. 😉

  324. do you need the Phoenix Warbird to defeat captain Crawfish? Or is the whole crew plus the Carrabelle enough?

  325. YolokittenLol says:


  326. Can i defeat captain crawfish with a sea sultan and the whole crew?

  327. Thanks to this guide,i was able to complete Skullduggery easily!

  328. Really I suggest when you have the Sea Sultan if better killing sea monsters for usually 20,000+ DBS!! I have the Koi, going to get Phoenix Next. Also, be careful with loans, each time the limit of money WILL GO DOWN quickly, instead, rely on getting ur own DBS!

  329. This totally helped me thx!
    I aslo friended yo!

  330. Minecraft21 says:

    AWESOME SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    This really helped me a lot!!!!

  331. Rose-Riddle says:

    Hi! – Popular Glove here, one Question:-
    What does the loan person mean on skullduggery island…. “If you dont pay your loan, then you will be Black Listed”. And I was like Whaaat?!
    What in the jellybeans does ” Black Listed ” mean? If you answer i would truly appreciate it! Thanks! 😀

  332. I wish I was brave enough to battle Captain Crawfish at the very end but I’m too chicken! The medal is so close, yet so far…

  333. how to get to the top of the thing to get the cannon starter kit?

  334. No need to go to the banks or should we go to the banks in Golden harbour????

    slantedfish: You don’t need to take out any loans at the bank. If you do, be prepared to pay them back. 😉

  335. The parrot port should be buy grain , sell medicine can someone change it?

    slantedfish: That’s what it says in the guide…

  336. getting the guy that fixes the ship is best actually

  337. Hi i realised that the prices will change for parrot island or something because it was spice then now it is grain its very weird

  338. Fearless Fox says:

    ummmm how do you get those coins.

  339. Funny Dragon says:


  340. crazy heart says:

    i can never finish this island because I can’t get enough money for new people and a new ship

  341. crazy heart says:

    I can not get past this island because enough money for a new ship or new people.

  342. I didn’t even complete it…*sigh*. I don’t have the patience.

  343. LOL

  344. NOOOO! I glitched into the rocks!!!

  345. I completed escape from pelican rock! YESSSS!

  346. instead of skipping golden harbor buy nothing at parrot port and buy grain at golden harbor and collect salvage between soooooooo much salvage around the rocks

  347. Nice Lobster says:

    I went to the pub but all the pirate said was “This cracker be hard as rock! How am I supposed to eat it with no teeth?”

    Is this island for members only or something?

    slanted: No, it’s not members only. Read the part of the guide titled “Parrot Port” for how to complete this part. 😉

  348. Nice Lobster says:

    that parrot! it keeps going back to the barrel when I spawn outside Petey’s Pub. Glitch?

  349. Nice Lobster says:

    😄 I hit myself with my own cannon 😀

  350. djscratchstep says:

    With the doubloon tips you gave us, I now call this Exploit Island.

  351. djscratchstep says:

    My tips for going through Skullduggery Island:
    1. Another commenter named Sam said he got about 1000 dbs (doubloons) per trade by buying medicine and selling silk 60 units each at Bouffant Bay, and I found it makes a whopping 1,140 dbs. so I find it best to go between Parrot Port to buy silk and Bouffant Bay to sell silk.
    2. DO. NOT. SINK. If you do sink, you can lose doubloons, so when saving up, avoid all fights, whirlpools, and stormclouds.
    3. Try not to shoot forward when going forward, it can end up hitting the front of your ship. (Port, if I’m correct…)
    4. If there is any more trouble you have, I find it best to restart the island, and if it’s something that you think might just be you, and the guide still doesn’t help, look at other commenters.
    5. Try not to go near Pirate Outpost, because there tends to be a lot of people wanting to fight around there.
    6. Pick up any salvages, even if you have full cargo. Free doubloons for days!

    • djscratchstep says:

      More tips:
      7. Get the cannoneer and the shipwright. Fire cannons at Crawfish faster and heal more. Cargo master is best for trading, and the navigator is up to you.
      8. Buy the next ship BEFORE you trade. That way, you save money. Spending tips OP.

    • djscratchstep says:

      9. When you finally get 1,000,000 dbs, don’t buy anything. Unless you still need to buy crew members, though.

      slantedfish: You mean buy the ship when you get to 1 million, right? 😉

    • djscratchstep says:

      10. Before fighting Captain Crawfish, dock at Skullduggery Island on the map. It keeps you from having to go back a long distance when you die.
      11. I managed to defeat Captain Crawfish by staying anchored at the dock of Skullduggery Island with the Warbird, and he would run into me, but with the cannoneer, I spammed the mouse and shot every 5 cannonballs, and they would take, like, two seconds to cooldown.

  352. djscratchstep says:

    Of the few problems I’ve had with this island, mostly doing with not enough doubloons, which I’ve gotten around, I can’t seem to get the 5th map piece. I’ve got the one with Ft. Ridley, part of Parrot Port and part of Golden Harbor, another one with the rest of Golden Harbor, another one with Bouffant Bay and the rest of Parrot Port, and another one with Dragon Cove, but I can’t find the one with the Pirate Outpost. I’ve gotten the map pieces on all except Parrot Port, but whenever I come out of Petey’s Pirate Pub after finding the parrot the other times, I try to use the cracker, and all I see is my character, Trusty Bear, saying, “The parrot would probably like this, but there’s no point in giving it away.” Any help?

    • djscratchstep says:

      The help is not needed anymore. Turns out I wasn’t reading close enough. Gotta read the fine print, am I right?

  353. im definitely not getting the phoenix. 1 MILLION COINS??????????? That’ll take me a billion years, im getting something cheaper :S

    slantedfish: It’s very hard to defeat Captain Crawfish with anything other than the Phoenix Warbird, though.

  354. i’m so stressed out! was crawfish supposed to quickly refill his life halfway when you destroy his whole life???????? that kept happening to me. if this doesn’t hapen to anyone then this is the WORST glitch ever. so annoying ) 😦

    • djscratchstep says:

      Can I get back to you on that? I’ve been using a computer that doesn’t glitch at all. (Except for my character passes through the ground on Poptropica Realms.) I can tell when something’s a glitch and when it’s not.

    • djscratchstep says:

      It is NOT a glitch. He does that at 1/4 health, and refills to halfway. Just stay anchored, spam cannonballs, and try and stay in a place where Crawfish can’t run his ship into you as much.

  355. ok i give up. if it weren’t for my computer glitch I would have already defeated captain crawfish

  356. i finally defeated crawfish!!!! but this time his life didn’t randomly fill halfway. wierd. :l

  357. Everytime I click to go left to get the doubloon it just puts me back in the blimp. What do I do? Does anyone else have this problem?

  358. Lazy Rock says:

    Everyone’s like “I beat this island in 12 days!” “I beat it in 9 days!” And I’m just here like: “I beat this island in 273 days.” .-.

  359. white whale says:

    this island is my favorite one.this guide is awsome

  360. short feather says:

    it took me 70 days to compleet this

  361. Super Club says:

    Hey Poptropicans! I’ve got a tip for you! Like the guide says, sell medicine at Parrot Port. But here’s the deal; DON’T buy grain there. Prices there change so that it may not be the cheapest all the time. Instead, go to Golden Harbor to buy grain. There, you are guaranteed for grain at a very inexpensive price. For me it’s usually 12 doubloons! Good luck, I hope this helps!

  362. I beat the island in 2 days with this guide!

  363. Fast Tiger says:

    I did the opposite. I fought monsters and ships so i didn’t have buy any thing and sold all my goods. Faster money and no cost to me.

  364. Muddy Paw says:

    Shouldnt we buy grains at golden habour? It’s so expensive at parrot port.

  365. took me a YEAR to finish this island… 😩

  366. So do you have to sell and buy the max of the types of cargo you want to sell at each port?

  367. elizabeth says:

    that happened to me before [when l was checking out how the cannons worked

  368. DGAMERKID says:

    because of the tips i collected 106,054 coins and defeated captain crawfish:)

  369. Here are MY tips for Skullduggery Island-
    Don’t go to the main town in the middle because lots of pirates like to be violent around there.

    Go and sail around golden harbor sometimes because (I guess lots of ships sunk on the rocks) there will be lots of salvage there. But be careful to avoid the rocks.

    First get the navigator from Parrot Port, then by a ship, so if a ship wants to attack you you can go a bit faster. Then I suggest buying the rest of the crew, because it makes your ship better, and it dosen’t cost as much as much as the real boats.

    It will take quite a while to earn all those doubloons, so I suggest the easy way- go to the three islands in the top right corner, including parrot port.

    Here is an easy way to get tons of doubloons. If you go to, say, Parrot Port and is trying to sell what you have at the best price they can give, and you don’t think its enough, then just go back to your ship and then, click Parrot Port right after you see your ship on the water again- and maybe (maybe not) there will be a higher price. If not, (or less) just try the method again. (Note: There is a limit to how high the price can be, so if you see that the price is staying the same, and not going higher, then just sell it at that price.

    These tips may have not worked well for you, (I’m sorry) But I’m happy for the people that did. Thanks! -Poptropical

  370. Tough Dragon says:

    Okay, It might have been just a glitch but, i had 34,000 doubloons and was at the ship shop to buy the sea sultan, i noticed the jimmy rigger was -450 doubloons, so i clicked it AND IT GAVE ME 450 DOUBLOONS! thinking i was lucky i went back to my ship, and realized it had taken my ships AND doubloons!

  371. crazylightning says:

    trick: pick up salvages around Golden Harbour and don’t buy ANYTHING
    you’ll save your moola and you’ll get more money from selling that stuff
    I just got 11,438 from selling medicine I picked up at GH and i didn’t buy any of it
    it also helps to do all of your selling at Parrot Port

  372. RoughSeal says:

    Instead of buying grain at Parrot Port I went to Golden Harbor and bought it, it’s much more profitable. Plus it’s on your way to Pirate Outpost, so it’s not like it takes up too much more time.

  373. DancingBeaver101 says:

    This guide is awesome! I ❤ it! 🙂

  374. DancingBeaver101 says:

    This guide is great, but just one suggestion. Is there a trading guide so people can make the most off of their cargo? Maybe there is, and I’m just missing it, but it would really help!

    • @DancingBeaver101 – Yes, check out the “Buying & Selling” section of this guide. The general rule is to trade in a clockwise direction, filling your stock with the cheapest item and selling it all at the next stop, where it becomes the most expensive item (yielding you a profit). 😉

  375. To this day,I maintain that this island isn’t as hard as people say Tim is. It’s just very long,and can take several sittings to get through. It’s more of a grinding game in the middle part IMO

  376. u guy can talk to me anytime u like and please tell me all of your names i wanna be all of your friend and tell me where your gonna hang out next

  377. um, people come and go. sorry bud.

  378. To beffy rider,
    My username is serablackfin will you friend me? whats your username?

  379. chefcurry says:

    lebronc23 beefy rider

  380. i know

  381. um, well, im moody tuna, and i like minecraft, poptropica, thinknoodles, dan tdm, and little lizard. i always look for new ways to continue my story, new ways to interact, and new ways to be known.

  382. I’m obsessed with Minecraft! I watch tiny turtle and little lizard on YouTube! Yay another person who watches and plays Minecraft Yay!!!!!!! 😀 :O 🙂

  383. I LOVE MINERAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I’m 13 and my parents still(UGH!) don’t let my use YouTube or anything like that.

  384. chefcurry says:

    sorry i meant beffy rider


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