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Have you ever wanted to be the star of a reality TV show? Well, now’s your chance! Duke it out with your fellow contestants and avoid elimination to win the show’s grand prize and become a hero to your hometown in the online virtual world, Reality TV Island.

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Released: February 24, 2010 (for members)
or March 24, 2010 (for all)
Common Room: Billiards
Preceded by: Counterfeit Island
Succeeded by: Mythology Island

  • Island Extras
  • Synopsis from Poptropica
  • Video Walkthrough
  • Written Walkthrough
  • Album Photos
  • Trivia

Island Extras

Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page!

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough written by Mega Boy & Slanted Fish
Special thanks to: Silverwolf1, Smart Crown, Spotted DragonPurplering, Poptropica Buddies

Take a ride in the Poptropica blimp and arrive at “Reality TV Island.”

Tabloid & Application

Walk into the building with the name Mike’s Market and go right until you see fresh donuts and a man reading a blue magazine. Talk to him, and he’ll tell you that “Reality TV Island is on in less than 24 hours! I gotta go!” In a rush, he will run out of the market and drop his magazine. Take the magazine he dropped, and you’ll have the Tabloid in your inventory.

Now click on your inventory and click to ‘Examine’ the Tabloid. Once it opens, click on ‘Next’ and you will find a blue card that says “Reality TV Official Contestant Application”. Click on the application and it should tear off.

The Application form will now be in your inventory. Leave the market and go left until you see the “Motel’s Office” room at the Wayside Motel building.

Pen & Pizza

Enter and head right until you see a telephone on a desk and a bunch of white pens with red tops. Click on the pens. Cheap Pen will be added to your inventory. Use the telephone to dial in this number: 555-7383 (as in “555-PETE”, as shown in the magazine). Click ‘Call’, and someone will answer and say, “Papa Pete’s Pizza. What’s your order?”

Your character automatically replies with, “Um…  small plain pizza.” In response, ‘Papa Pete’s Pizza’ will ask, “Where do you want that delivered?” Say “Motel Room 4B” and Papa Pete’s Pizza will assure you, “Ok, we’ll send a driver right over.” Then exit out of the office. Outside, talk to the woman with a pizza box.

You’ll offer, “Want me to take care of that for you?” Enthusiastically, she replies, “Sure! I want to get home and watch TV, anyway.” She will give you the pizza box and go away. (Tip: If you have the ‘Costume Collector’ or members’ costume closet, you may want to take this opportunity to save the pizza box to your closet!)

Bucky Lucas

Jump up to room 4B, and click on the door. You will knock on the door and announce, “Pizza!” When the door swings open, enter and walk to the right until you see a man. That’s Bucky Lucas, the local celebrity of Wayside Town, which is the area of Reality TV Island you are on. Talk to Bucky Lucas, and he will tell you, “Finally! It took you guys forever to get here!”

He will take the pizza from you and you will be given 3 options of what to say next. Choose the third one – “I could really use that grand prize.” Bucky Lucas will then give you a Postage Stamp. Go to your inventory and click ‘Use’ on the stamp. Stick it on your application card, and you can write something in your application card, such as: “I want to be famous!”

Applying for Reality TV

Exit out of his house, and go right until you see a television store with the name “TV World.”

Enter it and hop up to the third floor, then click on the biggest TV screen. After a few seconds, it will tell you “Last chance to be on the show! Send your appilcation to this address: 123 Star Avenue Hollywood” on the screen. Recognizing this, your player will say “It says to send appilcations to: 123 Star Avenue, Hollywood.” This information will be put on your application card. Also, you can write anything you want on your application to answer the box for “Why do you think you should be on reality TV?”

Once you’re done having fun with that, head over to the blue mail post box next to TV World. Click on it and you will confidently say, “Well, it’s worth a shot!” You will put the application card in the mailbox, hoping to make it in as a contestant for the famous ‘Reality TV Island Show’, based on Survivor.

The Next Day…

“I don’t believe it!!!” you yell. But just then, a helicopter flying by will confirm that this is, indeed, happening. “I made it!!! I’m on the show!” Now get up on that roof and click “start the show” on the helicopter to make it really happen!

Begin the Show

Click to ‘Begin The Show,’ and you will meet all of the opponents you will be facing. (Tip: You might not see them all in one show/season but if you keep restarting the shows/seasons you will get to see them.)

Now click to ‘Begin Today’s Challenge’ (people will get the challenges randomly). For your reference, here is an alphabetical list of possible opponents you may be up against: Betty Brownie, Betty Jetty, Black Widow, Bret Batter, Busy Bob, Cathy Codex, Chef Jeff, Director D, Dr. Hare, Freddy Fry, Grandma Gracey, Grandpa Grum, Helen Hike, Hip Hop, Hippie Harry, Lassie Lasso, Magic Mervin, Merry Muse, Ned Noodlehead, Richie Rebel, Rickie Rock, Sally Score, Sarah Snooty, Sickly Skull, and Slim Slam.

The challenges are pretty simple and you are given instructions before you begin, but here are some tips and helpful information for each one. They are in alphabetical order in this guide, but in the game you will be assigned challenges randomly.

Tips to keep in mind as you play:

  • If you get a challenge you know you’re not good at, use your browser’s “back” button to go back to the “begin” page for that round and click on the button again to get a different challenge. Be warned that this tends not to work on the last round.
  • Watch who votes off whom, and anticipate that they may vote off that person again next round if they can. Vote off the person you think will get the most votes based on this. Be careful – whoever you try to vote off, if they don’t get voted off, they may decide to vote you off next round.

After the end of every challenge, someone will be voted off the show. If you or any other contestant wins a challenge, they will be immune from being voted off for that round. The contestant with the most votes is kicked out of the show.

With all that being said, here are some tips on winning each game!

Balanced Diet

You have to keep your pole balanced. Try to keep the dot in the middle; it gets harder as more food is placed with your pole. As the brown dot (top of the pole) moves, move your cursor toward the opposite side of it to keep it centered.

balanced diet

Boulder Push

Keep left-clicking rapidly on your computer mouse on your boulder rock, as fast as you can, to reach the finish line first.


Coconut Catch

When the monkey throws coconuts, you have to jump and try to catch them before the others do. Stay to the left and center if you can. All coconuts are fair game, but grabbing the bunches of 3 coconuts will help you get to your objective faster, increasing your chances of being the winner. The winner is the first to get 20 coconuts.

Geyser Guess

This game is based purely on luck and chance. You need to select a geyser hole on the ground and hope it doesn’t blast you off. This is just a game of luck, and the same geyser CAN erupt twice in a row! The last player still standing will be declared the winner.

Hang Glider

Your main objective in this mini-game is to avoid the birds and the erupting volcanoes, which will knock you out of the air if you get hit by them. Last one still flying wins. 😀 The best way to win is to stay just behind a group of gliders so that you can better fly out of the way of obstacles. Always stay near the top of the screen unless there is a bird coming. When the volcanoes lava is starting to make a ball, stay away! When it is done erupting, speed forward.


Basically, you have a sling-shot with a rock and you have to pull back to hit any of your opponents’ plates. Whoever’s plate is the LEAST broken after the 3 rounds, wins. Aim for the plates with the least damage, and pull the slingshot just halfway for the lower plates and farther for the top row of plates. The person with the most of their plate left unbroken is the winner!

Mountain Race

The objective of this challenge is to reach the top of the mountain before your opponents do, but you have to watch out for and avoid the rocks as you run uphill. If the rock is falling from the air, click below to duck; and if it’s sliding downward, jump to avoid them.

Keeping yourself a little farther to the right (higher) works best even if you get hit once or twice, because most of the overhead rocks will miss you. But you still have to jump over the rolling rocks!

On the Line

Click the left click on your mouse and your fishing pole automatically will go down and come back up. If you’re lucky, it will return with a fish. The winner is the first to get 5 fish. Look for fish ABOVE your hook. Also, consider the speed of the fish and the speed of your fishing line when reeling the hook in. Click as soon as your line can come close to any fish’s mouth. You can time its rise again to try to hook it.

on the line

Pole Climb

The objective of this challenge is to stay on the poles and move right or left, while trying to avoid the falling coconuts. Click right or left to dodge the falling coconuts. Tip: When a coconut just goes down on one of the poles, jump to that pole. Always watch the top of your pole for coconuts. The first to reach the top of the pole wins.

Shot Put

Click the angle to where it reaches 45 degrees, so it should be right in the middle. Click again when the power bar is full. Whoever’s rock goes the farthest is declared the winner.


Click to aim your puck to the center of the target. There are three rounds. The objective is for your puck to be at the center of the target at the end of the 3rd round. On the first round, if you aim your puck to the center of the target, the other challengers can knock your puck out of the target in the next 2 rounds – prevent them from winning, and keep your puck in place!

Select a long shot (long arrow) for the first shot, or bank it hard into one side to go around your opponents. Get close and don’t shoot too hard. Because you are the last player to move your puck at the end of the last round, you need to make that shot count the most!

Totem Hop

Just stay on your totem and if your totem starts to shake, click on another one until you’re the last one standing. Keep in mind that you can’t jump long distances, so be careful.

Turtle Shell Toss

All you have to do in this challenge is to throw your coconut into the turtle shells; the larger, closer turtle shell awards you 10 points, while the smaller, farther one gives you 20 points. There are three rounds. Match your mouse with the angle your opponents throw at if they make a 20 point shot, so that you can cash in on the same amount of points they get just as easily.

Throwing at a 45-degree angle will almost always guarantee three hits on the 20-point shell. (You can set your cursor at the center of the palm tree to get this aiming point.) At the end, the challenger with the most points wins. If there is a tie, a “Tie Breaker” [rematch] will be played until someone misses.

Water Run

The objective is to fill your jug with water from the waterfall, then bring it back safely without spilling it. You must stand on the red-and-white circle on the right to have your water counted for your score. First to 100% water filled wins.

Watch out for the boar, who may attempt to knock you down. If the boar hits you, your water jug will be emptied and you’ll need to go back to the waterfall on the left to refill. Fill your bottle COMPLETELY full so it will only take four trips (one less than full) to fill your container to 100%.

And the winner is…

You! (Hopefully.)

If you didn’t win the show, try and try again until you do.

Once you have been declared the victor of the reality television show, click ‘Return Home.’

rtv win

Congratulations, you have completed Reality TV Island! You will be awarded the Reality TV Island Medallion and credits to spend in the Poptropica Store. (Tip: If you ever want to restart the show and play the challenges again, all you need to do is take a ride on the helicopter! But remember: You can only win the Store credits once.)

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂

Album Photos

These pictures are collected in your Poptropica photo album in the profile section. Click to enlarge.


  • Reality TV Island is Poptropica’s 11th island. The island was released on February 24, 2010 for members, and March 24, 2010 for non-members.
  • Reality TV Island is based on the hit reality game show Survivor. In 2008, the Creators’ Blog had a poll asking what type of island players would like to see, and one of the popular options was called Survivor island.
  • Some of the contestants are characters encountered on the previous ten islands: Betty Jetty, Black Widow, Director D, Dr. Hare, and Ned Noodlehead.
  • Common room: Billiards
  • The TV show Bucky Lucas was on (and the one you later appear in) is called Reality TV Island, just like the island’s actual name.
  • Like Monster Carnival, Reality TV Island disappeared for a short while from the Poptropica Map. Fortunately, it did eventually come back. However, it kept getting delayed, and was originally intended to be released in the summer of 2009, before Counterfeit Island, which ended up being made available online before RTV Island.
  • Papa Pete’s Pizza is a parody of Papa John’s Pizza. Players are supposed to deliver the pizza to Bucky Lucas. (Tip: You can save the pizza box to your costume closet while you’re still holding it, if you want to keep it to wear later!) There is also a Papa Pete’s Pizza car in Zomberry Island.
  • The Tabloid contains references to other Poptropica islands: Super Power Workout, Shopping for Sharks, Dancing with Director D, Secrets of the Mimes, Cooking with Dr. Hare, Battle of the Bards, Dating the Black Widow, Black Widow in Style, Spy Sports (as in Sky Sports), and [not an island] Poptropica Planet (likely a reference to Animal Planet). The front page advertises “The Bard’s Secrets to Success” and “Dr. Hare: Is he still in space?”
  • You can squash the cockroaches crawling on the motel walls.

it’s been real



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    • Turtle Shell Toss: It’s where you have a ball, then, you aim for a shell. There are two shells: A large, closer one worth 10 points, and a smaller, farther away one worth 20 points. a tip: match your mouse with the angle your opponents throw at. if they make a 20 point shot, just click your mouse. BAM! 20 point easy as pie. Also, go for the 10 point shell in the first round. that way some points will back you up. Note: there are three rounds.

      • No. Click on the middle of the palm tree for all of your shots and you get 20 every time! Starting with 10 means getting half the points you should be getting.

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    Try Again Cheat:

    Before you start a challenge, save your game at base camp. If you lose, quickly X out and reopen Poptropica and try again. Repeat as needed. Be very quick, though: once the base camp reappears for the voting ceremony, the outcome of the challenge is permament.

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      Binary Bard’s happiness goes down to 0%.
      Black Widow runs around and covers her ears.
      Bret Batter’s bat falls down.
      Bucky Lucas exits his room.
      Busy Bob hears the noise and bangs his desk.
      Cathy Codex hears it and hides.
      Chef Jeff calls 911.
      Dr. Hare’s rabbot crashes.
      Director D suddenly screams and runs out from Headquarters.
      Freddy Fry’s pan drops.
      Grandma Gracey and Grandpa Grum run around their house.
      Helen Hiker falls down the hill.
      Hip Hop stops break dancing and runs out.
      Hippie Harry shouts: “What’s that noise?!”
      Lassie Lasso falls off her horse.
      Magic Mervin starts to make the beeping sound go away.
      Miss Muse feels dizzy.
      Ned Noodlehead covers his ears.
      Richie Rebel’s motorcycle falls down quickly.
      Rickie Rock runs to Hip Hop.
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  69. I have some hints for the minigames!:

    Balanced Diet : As the brown dot (top of the pole) moves, move your cursor toward the opposite side of it to keep it centered.

    Boulder Push : Your most rapid clicking will almost always be successful

    Coconut Grab : Stay to the left and center and time your jumps to get groups of single coconuts or preferably groups of three. (More than two others will usually get in each other’s way.)

    Geyser Guess : This is just a game of luck, and the same geyser CAN erupt twice in a row!

    Mountain Race : Avoid the rocks as you run uphill. Running farther to the right (higher) is an advantage even if you get hit once or twice, because most of the overhead rocks will miss you. But you still have to be aware of the rolling rocks!

    On the Line : Click as soon as your line can come close to any fish’s mouth. You can time its rise again to hit them.

    Pole Climb : Click right or left to dodge the falling coconuts.Tip:When a coconut just goes down on one of the trees jump to that tree.

    Shot Put : Click to aim at a 45-degree angle (the middle). Click again when the power meter is close to the top. (Best score is 55-60.)

    Shuffleboard : Select a long shot (long arrow) for the first shot, or bank it hard into one side to go around your opponents. Get close and don’t shoot too hard.

    Turtle Shell Toss : Throwing at a 45-degree angle will almost always guarantee three hits on the 20-point shell. (You can set your cursor at the center of the palm tree to get this aiming point.)

    Totem Hop : When a totem starts to shake, you have time to leap to another (click on the one you want to jump to).

    Water Run : Jump the obstacles and avoid the boar. Fill your bottle COMPLETELY full so it will only take four trips (one less than full) to fill your container to 100%.

    Hang Gliding: You fly across the sky and avoid the volcano erupting and birds Tip: Always stay near the top of the screen unless there is a bird coming.(Another) Tip: When the volcanoes lava is starting to make a ball,STAY AWAY!!! When it is done erupting, speed forward.

    Knockout: Each player takes three shots. Aim for the plates with the least damage, and pull the slingshot just halfway for the lower plates and farther for the top row of plates.The person with the most of their plate left is the winner!

    Hope you had fun and hope this helps!

  70. Thanks a lot for this guide! I really needed it! I hate Hip Hop and Betty Brownie!

  71. strange whale says:

    I have a question about this blog but I don’t know where to put it, so I’ll just put it here and please don’t (virtually) yell at me if there’s somewhere else I’m supposed to be posting this.

    If we finish an island before the guide for it is posted on this site, can we type up a guide about what we did and e-mail it to you, or do you only want members of the PHB team making guides for this site?

    Hijuyo: You’re welcome to send in any contributions to the PHB at We appreciate the help and support of our readers! 🙂

  72. For Turtle Shell Toss , when there is a tie breaker the shells will shift position , so watch out.

  73. Woo! I’m a 4-Time winner! It’s great to get that sense of accomplishment, but I wish you could get a hundred credits every time you won. 😦

  74. cool belly says:

    The grandma throuh the rock the farthest!!!lol lol lol!

  75. For the fishing part, the Black Widow got five fish in just as many seconds. What the heck? And also how the heck is that even possible?

    Hijuyo: Maybe she has great fishing skills we never knew about. 😛

  76. Everyone says:

    Mountain race guide: Stay on the line where the third last person on the top is. You only have to jump on falling rocks!!

    Water run guide: Fill your jug with water, be with someone until they jump, jump high too, the boar will be there.

    Totem hop guide: When a totem starts to shake your standing on, jump to a close totem. Not too far, you will slip and fall down.

    Shuffleboard guide. Do not go in the center of the target on the 1st or second round, just go close to the target, (someone will push you out of the target) and prepare for the center in 3rd round.

    On the line guide: grab the fish by the fishes mouth.

    Pole climb guide: If your draw with someone near the finish, go on the flag before your opponent your with.

    Hang glider guide: just stay on the top left corner and then when a bird comes, just go down. The volcanoes won’t touch you.

    I hate Slim Slam and Betty Brownie and Busy Boband Bret Batterand Lassie Lasso and Richie Rebel and Cathy Codex and the oldies. But Sally Score and Ned Noodlehead are kind. Director D Betty Jetty Sarah Snooty Sickly Skull and Merry Muse are Ok. All the other i sometimes like and sometimes not. Helen hiker and Magic Mervin are ok too.

  77. I used to like helen hiker till she started voting me off…lol! i beat RTV 6 times! yay!

  78. Meeeeeeeee says:

    BTW for the Turtle Toss game, just put your cursor (pointer) directly in the 20 point shell, but don’t click. The shells take turns going up and down so when the 10 pointer is down, click your mouse.
    100% success rate…faster too…

  79. this island isn’t fair at all, I always get eliminated.

  80. Everyone says:

    I extremely love Reality TV!!!!!
    I disagree if they say it’s the worst. It’s the best!!!!!!
    Water Run is the Hardest.
    I am the best at it though,i win a lot of times!
    Thanks for the walkthrough.
    It’s the best, even the island too!
    Love this!!!
    Reality TV is the best!

  81. Speed of Light says:

    I bet Reality TV alot of times like 13 times! Yay!!

  82. Speed of Light says:

    Minigame Guide:

    Boulder Push: Click rapidly and speedy to be first in the finish line to win!

    Coconut Catch: Catch coconuts with bunches or three or single! But don’t catch bombs!Stay away from other people, and it’s a game of timing too so remember to catch it before your opponents do!

    On the Line: Just fish and you have to catch it by the fishes mouth, you can remember the speed of the fish above so you can click and catch.

    Totem Hop: When your totem shakes, jump on another stable totem. It gets more harder later on. Jump to your closest stable totem-you might slip and fall into the sea.

    Balanced Diet: This is very tricky. Keep your pole balanced! More fruit more harder. Put your cursor to the opposite of the dot. Keep it in the middle most.

  83. really helped

  84. friendlycrumb/evilnitsuj says:

    Reality tv island is soooo hard…….

  85. Rosemary says:

    Does it matter who we vote for? Or just vote for like the ugliest one, or the one who alsmost won?

    Hijuyo: If you vote for the one who almost won, it would help because it would eliminate competition.

  86. Popular Cloud says:

    Ugh! It’s SO frustrating when you almost win the challenge and they vote you out! I’m just terrible at Balanced Diet! Otherwise, I think this island is super easy! 🙂

  87. Pirate Axe says:

    Hee…… I have a follower Hummingbird, and she shows up even if none of the characters do. Like at the beginning screen for the TV challengem before you see your competition, she’s just flittering round, oblivious to the world. 😀

  88. Pirate Axe says:

    OMZ! It’s BALLOON BOY! *points to TV and runs off*

  89. Lone Shadow says:

    Gah that stupid Sally girl keeps trying to vote me off!

    Even if I do stink at everything and haven’t won a game.

    I seriously am going to vote off Sally and That one hiker…. Heheheh
    VoTe OfF tHe OnEs ThAt AlMoSt WoN,
    cHaNcEs ArE hIgHeR fOr YoU tO wIn!!

  90. Grandma Gracey hates me!

  91. Strangelookingfoodisthebest-tasting says:

    Guess what? You can just hop on the plane, and then you can on the top, and your Poptropican will go crazy!! IT’S SUPER FUNNY!

  92. day dream kat says:

    thanks for your help im glad that you had some time for others thnx again

  93. Beefy Whale says:

    coconut catch is the easiest

  94. i wish poptropicans coulod have houses cause we’re all HHOOBBOOSS!!!!!

  95. Has anyone noticed that everyone on RTI is obsessed with the televisionary components? NOM!

  96. Hyper Plug says:

    I just found best glitch ever

    have mythology power karate kid and gullivers travel. right when u wake up they next day and u have been chosen to go to RTV island, when u start flying away be small gulliver and hit spacebar a couple times

    after loading it says end of day one undefined won todays …..
    and everyone but you is male and has a black afrow! best glitch ever!!!

  97. Young Beetle says:

    I think that Mega Boy helped out alot with the guide!!!!!!1

  98. Little Toes says:

    the inside message on the tabloid is by Blabby Gabby lol 😀

  99. There’s a trick to RTV island.

    You need: Either the Gulliver’s Travels ad Item
    or Minimizer and Hades crown.
    Minimizer and Hades Crown is better.

    Put on Minimizer and Hades Crown. Play RTV island. If you are playing coconut catch, press space bar. You get almost all the coconuts before most others have barely reached 5! Press spacebar again if you are playing Coconut climb or hang glider. Being small gives you a definite advantage there.

  100. Ugh. Stupid Sarah Score. Whatever her name was. SHE ALWAYS VOTES ME OFF NO MATTER WHAT. 3 words- I. HATE. SARAH.

  101. Beat my record!

  102. Shaggy Peanut says:

    Grampa Grum is a Moron. During Hang Glider, Granpa Grum headed STRAIT for a bird. Also, on Knockout, Grum smashed his own plate! I know it’s Random, but this is ridiculous.

  103. In the hang glider challenge there is a “cheat” to it. All you have to do is go off screen. Oh yeah, I’m also a 6 time winner! Bout to get my 7th!!! Hijuyo, have you noticed that you can go off screen and eventually you will win no matter what?

  104. Alex (Icy Catfish) says:

    Once, Slim Slam voted himself off!

  105. Alex (Icy Catfish) says:

    How do those CPUs push their boulders so fast? I’ve always considered myself a professional button-masher( when I play Galaga, I can tap the fire button so quickly it shoots faster than it does when you hold down the button), but I still rarely beat that minigame, and when I do it’s by a very tiny margin. Does pressing the button too fast make the game slower?

  106. Strange Fox says:

    thank you so much! the help a lot. I am so terrible at this island though; I always manage to get to like fourth or third, then lose, or fair miserably on round one. lol

  107. I like Helen Hiker, Merry Muse, Sarah Snooty, Betty Brownie, Rickie Rock and Sally Score. Any ways, how do you do the balance diet? Any time I put my mouse into the middle when count down, my stick falls over. HELP!!!!

  108. I had to try to win MILLION times and FINALLY!!! i won! xDDDD

  109. Thank you!! I finally won because of the guide!! Everyone is awesome. 🙂

  110. Thankz! :mrgreen:

  111. someone random says:

    it’s like total drama island
    P.S if u dont no it’s a cartoon real ppl like and ppl vote and get kicked off like this game

  112. On Totem hop something crazy happened! Dr.Hare, Betty Jetty, and music girl started dancing! LOL! Is that CRAZY or WHAT!

  113. Chilly Fang says:

    I hate it! There was a time that Ned Noodle Head always win. >:O

  114. PropeciaPRO says:

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    prostatic cancer nioxin

  115. Woah! I’m really digging the template/theme of this site. It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s tough to get that “perfect balance” between usability and appearance. I must say you have done a very good job with this. Also, the blog loads very fast for me on Chrome. Outstanding Blog!

  116. Yeah this totally helps, especially if you want to become a reality tv star. Thanks for the valuable information and looks like a really funny game to play!

  117. Golden Sponge says:

    Did it with no help

  118. I hate hang glider. Whenever there’s a volcano erupting and I’m at the top of the screen, this random bird comes flying at me at 300 mph, and I can never dodge it in time.

  119. cool skull says:

    i have a glitch in this island! when your in the game and its time to vote off someone press Ctrl+Shift+4 then when you do the action you will like be frozen

  120. justadoo444 says:

    Me, Dr. Hare, Slim Sam, Hippie Harry & Hip Hop 4th Day. Hippie Harry is hard, but I beat him by a hair in most games.

  121. Poptropica gal says:

    I love it ur a gr8 help thnx

  122. Serious Shadow says:

    UGH i hate this island! I keep losing! 😡

  123. forgetmenots511 says:

    also im magic dolphin

  124. Tough Bear says:

    Do you know how to get all four pictures?

  125. break dance says:

    I’m back. Listen- NOBODY SHOULD HATE HIP HOP!

  126. Hip Hop, you’re so cool, Hip Hop, you rule!

  127. This is so cool I beated Director D in 1st place in shuffleboard!

  128. Here is my own.

    there is….

    On Monday:
    Fine with trinity and beyond
    Tis nuclear ballards to magic mervin
    on my greatest hits of TV

    On Tuesday:
    bad hammerhead sharks from shark tooth island
    who art thou make any excuses
    on the freestyle blog

    On Wednesday:
    Director D shows thy true self
    Fun but thou spy’s are bad
    on my greatest hits of TV

    On Thursday:
    black widow returns to reality TV
    I shall solve thy case
    on gentleburgers blog

    On Friday:
    the carrots are one of Dr hares food
    carrot cakes are so tasty
    on my greates hits of tv.

    Cool bite? mine to finish the rest please?

  129. CheesePie says:

    LOL so like Total Drama Island cant w8 2 finish it

  130. CheesePie says:

    Finally, I won! People are admiring me! I feel so famous!

  131. daddysgirl says:

    Hip hop is kind of…lame, no offense. I personally like Director D., although he usually always wins and i dont get to:( and hes kinda mean too

  132. daddysgirl says:

    I HHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEE betty brownie! under that cute little face shes a devil!!!!!!1 she hates me!

  133. I found a cool trick! Go inside the Reality TV Helicopter. Then, Jump DIRECTLY UP. You will land on the spinning circley thing. You will make an animation normally found in COMMON ROOMS.

    Now: for a GLITCH! When selcting someone to vote, or when you are in the spot before a challenge, use the “Ctrl- Shift- 1,2,3,4” trick to make an emote. When you do this in these spots, you will end up stuck in the emote until a challenge starts or you are voted off.

  134. My favourite game here is Water Run!

  135. i was playing this but i didn’t go on this guide so i was at the phone thingy and i was doing the 77 pete number but i did it wrong 2 and i did it a 3 tjime and it said i dailed the wrong number so that is depressing

  136. This is the first island I chose :’) And I didn’t look at the cheats 😀 I wanted to know (after I completed island) how you figured it out 😀
    “Great Minds Think Alike”
    ~ Zippy Shadow

  137. xrunningwildx says:

    It’s a little stupid that you can vote for yourself to be ‘voted off’ o.o

  138. I hate Grandma Gracey!Under her nice compliments she’s EVIL!She won challenges,voted me off,and so on! 😡

  139. Why can’t I say something before or after the challenge? Every other opponent gets to!

    • i know right one time i got voted off but in the challenge i am last so i thought it because of what i said but what did i say?

  140. I saw a glitch in totem hop where betty brownie and black widow were left and then when black widow was in mid air and then the two do many ridiculous actions. And while they’re doing that, they’re heads don’t move😂😂😂😂

  141. Thanks soooooooo much for the guide!!!!!!!!! I just couldn’t figure out the phone number.

  142. Haniya says:

    Did u know that if u stand on the rotating thingy on top of the helicopter u start spinning and screaming????

  143. hatersloveme4897 says:

    Hip Hop is mean.

  144. hatersloveme4897 says:

    And the lawyer guy is mean too.

  145. hatersloveme4897 says:

    Director D voted me off and Merry Muse 🙂

  146. Red Ice says:

    Hey, good news! I just won on Shot Put, and I usually loose on that game! 😎 🙂

  147. Red Ice says:

    I have a trick for the Hangliding game. Move your character up out of the screen. LOL

  148. Red Ice says:

    Did you know, sometimes Sally Score’s 1 on her shirt is backwards? LOL :laugh: 😀

  149. Red Ice says:

    I was playing Knockout, and some silly things happened:
    1. Freddy Fry and Cathy Codex’s eyes her shut on their plates! LOL 😀 =]
    2. Both Black Widow had 72% of plate left, and I won! 😎

    • Red Ice says:

      Sorry if you don’t understand. it really was, “eyes were shut” and “Both Black Widow and I”.

  150. Red Ice says:

    I just won RT, and I have a bunny balloon. Two funny things:
    1. When it goes into the blue page after the challenge, The string shows up.
    2. On the CONGRATULATIONS, YOU WON! page, the balloon is on the screen!
    LOL 😀 =]

  151. wookywok says:

    I wrote on my app
    “Because the plot requires it”

  152. hatersloveme4897 says:

    Look SCREAMER!,blame it on the love of rock and roll,hip hop and break dance.Stop being trolls!!I am gonna tell Slanted Fish or Cool Bite if you do not stop.

  153. hatersloveme4897 says:

    I have a glitch.

  154. Young Flame says:

    I was about to win the totem game but then i fell. the two other people just started DANCING! I know it was a glitch but i was like RUUDE! BTW it was Hip Hop and Sarah Snooty. Their heads kept coming off and their legs kept disappearing and i had to quit the game to get them to stop.

  155. Tyrese'sstory/hatersloveme4897/hatersloveme2490 says:

    You know gangsters rule,hip hop,SCREAMER!,blame it on the love of rock and roll and break dance,when I look at your comments,I find them mean and annoying,I will tell Slanted Fish to ban you guys from commenting and ban your accounts.

    BTW:My new account username is hip-hop7549 and guess who I’m dressed like.

  156. Here is a song I made for Reality TV island. (to the tune of 12 days of Christmas)

    On the first day of Reality TV
    We just gave to them.
    And Ned Noodlehead Becomes a hero.

    Who would like to finish the rest?

    • Sticky Horse says:

      Nevermind. I’ll finish them.

      On the second day of Reality TV
      We just gave to them.
      Freddy fry cooks 2 burgers
      And Ned Noodlehead becomes a hero.

      • SCREAMER says:

        That was cute, but what about the third part?

      • I got one.

        On the third day of Reality TV
        We just gave to them.
        Speedy Spike wins 3 games (in a row)
        Freddy Fry cooks 2 burgers
        And Ned Noodlehead becomes a hero.

        Who else would like to finish?

      • Sticky Horse says:

        Got it!

        On the fourth day of Reality TV
        We just gave to them.
        4 Contestant battle each other
        Speed Spike wins 3 games (in a row)
        Freddy Fry cooks 2 burgers
        And Ned Noodlehead becomes a hero.

      • That was cute.

        On the fifth day of Reality TV
        We just gave to them.
        Gangster Dude’s a DJ
        4 Contestant battle each other
        Speed Spike wins 3 games (in a row)
        Freddy Fry cooks 2 burgers
        And Ned Noodlehead becomes a hero.

      • Great! how about

        On the Fifth day of Reality TV
        We just gave to them.
        Magic Mervin makes some music
        4 contestant battle each other
        Speedy Spike wins 3 games (in a row)
        Freddy Fry cooks 2 burgers
        And Ned Noodlehead becomes a hero!

      • On the 6th day of Reality TV
        We just gave to them
        6 Paintings of Dr.Hare
        4 Gangster dudes are DJs
        Speedy Spike wins 3 games (in a row)
        Freddy Fry cooks 2 burgers
        And Ned Noodlehead becomes a hero!

      • Great! How about!

        On the 7th Day of Reality TV
        We just gave to them
        7 More Players Get Awesome.

      • On the eighth day of RTV
        We just gave to them
        8 History books
        7 More Players Get Awesome.
        6 Paintings of Dr.Hare
        4 Gangster dudes are DJs
        Speedy Spike wins 3 games (in a row)
        Freddy Fry cooks 2 burgers
        And Ned Noodlehead becomes a hero!

      • Muddy Kid says:

        On the ninth day of RTV
        We just gave it to them
        New contestants in the RTV show.

      • Who wants to finish?

  157. blah balh blah says:

    i got kicked out on the last day by the granny on the fruit thing i hate granny

  158. blah balh blah says:

    in one round everybody voted for betty jetty. betty jetty even voted for herself!

  159. Argh! This is soo hard! I keep get voted off 😥 Im about to try it for the fourth time! Wish me luck, because I’m gonna need it 😥

  160. where’d you get the hair from

  161. @hiphop LOL YOU ROCK

  162. awesomeagent001 says:

    what about fish thingy

  163. This island is cool i love the little reality tv games

  164. i knew how annoying that geyser game was going to be cause i suck at luck

  165. I >3 this guide thank you but I didn’t use the guide. My sister used the guide and told me what I was supposed to do. Like,” Put 555 – PETE.” I didn’t know what did PETE meant. But she told me put the numbers that spell PETE and it was 7383. The full number was 555 – 7383.

  166. I completed the island 10 times the medallion said 10 – Time Winner. That’s my favorite island.

  167. When I wore the Pop Star Costume I was keep getting voted off. But I won it 10 times in a row. He was Hip Hop and I was Pop Star. But he and Merry Muse voted me off the most. I hate those two. And those two were: Hip Hop and Merry Muse.

  168. Yeah Betty Brownie voted off herself too.

  169. My favorite is Geyser Guess, Shot Put, and Boulder Push. Oh, and I also hate Busy Bob, the lawyer.

  170. Silly Pelican says:

    Dr Hare voted himself.Hehe. 😆

    • Wild Shark says:

      You know-If other contestants vote themselves off this is a GLITCH.

      Slanted Fish: It’s not a glitch; the game was just programmed so there’d be a chance they’d vote themselves off.

  171. Oh yeah now 12 islands I finished. And now 16 – Time Winner

  172. sweetgirl516 says:

    hello this helped me a lot
    thank u

  173. yo guys this is wt I wrote on my application

    because i am a poptropican and i must collect all medals as my goal.i am also a hardcore gamer

  174. oh lol dr hare and bald dude are here

  175. This island rocks

  176. Gavin Nicolas Warnken says:

    One day Silver Dragon notice his friends playing POPTROPICA.So then when he came home from school he made his own account then he went one the island reality tv. He loved to do all the fun games on reality tv.he didn’t care if he got voted off he just loved the fun games.Silver Dragon just wanted to have fun on the islands and have a lot of friends to compete games with he loved poptropica.A Poptropican is what he wanted to be
    if you want to friend him 24warnkeng

  177. Gavin Nicolas Warnken says:

    Do you know what I hate most about reality tv when you start to vote and you didn’t win the game there’s this person that will vote you from the whole game like Dr.Hair and Sally Score what’s with the people you didn’t even do anthing to harm them
    if you want to friend me 102466

  178. coolpaw99 says:

    I really noticed that is in geyser guess u should stand in the middle every time. I always win like that!

  179. wow these guides for poptropica are amazin!

  180. Kaylaaaaa24 says:

    When i go to drop the letter off in the mailbox it wont let me because the add next to it is interfering with it! What do i do? Thanks

  181. Pikanite says:

    Grandma Gracey and Grandpa Grum hate me. I’m always voted off my them!! Old people dont like me…

  182. Pikanite says:

    I WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last contest:Geyser Guess with Lassie

  183. redgrape says:

    the dude who says i will sue u is really bad on my computer so i suggest if its the same that u try to keep him in the longest then beat him at the last game hope this was helpfull

  184. I got voted off twice on the 6th round, twice on the 1st round and once on the 7th round. 😦 I want to give up!

  185. I GOT VOTED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  187. it helped me but not all of it

  188. I have tried to beat the show 73 times ( i have been counting) And I haven’t won yet!!!!!!!! I am so frustrated!! Any hints or cheats?

  189. I hate reality TV island says:

    I hate this island. it makes me wanna cry,smash something, even I almost hit my laptop -_- I HATE REALITY TV ISLAND OR WHATEVER IT CALLED

  190. When I play Geyser Guess I put my mouse over someone and the get out.

  191. A quick tip. I’ve noticed that if a Poptropican votes another off (like tries to) for example, Grandma Gracie tries to vote Betty Jetty (am I correct?) off and fails, the next round Betty Jetty will try to vote Grandma Gracie off. This way I knew that if I tried to vote Grandma Gracie off, I wouldn’t be the only one and this would increase the number of votes off for Grandma Gracie which means she would be more likely to get voted off. When you try to vote someone off, they usually try to do the same to you. So try to vote off the other poptropicans that the other poptropicans want to vote off.

  192. I Love Poptropica Reality Tv Island

  193. Blue Octopus says:

    in the geyser game the first round is luck but if you stand on the plate that the geyser shot up from last it never explodes on you

  194. Hey, I have a way to know if you were voted off or not before the voting ends.
    Here’s how: After you vote, watch your friend screen carefully. If you see a camera, (or the outline of one if you’ve already beaten RTV) and there are three or more people, then you have been voted off. If not, then you’re safe…. for a while.
    P.S. Obviously this only works if you didn’t win.

    slantedfish: It only happens the first time you get voted off, hence the “voted off” photo you get in your album. 😛

  195. Have you noticed that when you jump in the helicopter you leave the guy behind??? Also jump on the helicopter blades and you will be surprised

  196. Hang-gliding glitch: Move ur mouse all the way down under the screen and ur character should follow. You shouldn’t be able to see your character. He/she will dodge all obstacles. (Yes, even volcanoes).

  197. poptropca downd tv lsand

  198. When i went into the market the man with the magazine wasnt there

  199. FoodLover says:


  200. PopGirl13011 says:

    Hahahahahha I just realized you can draw on the application card! 😀

  201. Maganashake says:

    But I still keep failing….

  202. TheRiftedOne says:


  203. TheRiftedOne says:

    I played it again and Betty Jetty voted herself off what

  204. I am so unlucky, every single time I play, I get voted off the show on the first day. 😦

  205. The Decoder Mime says:

    Lol. I was in he middle of playing RTV,and I was about to start a contest (day 4) and it took me back to the menu! So I clicked back twice,and I competed Mountain Race WITH THE SAME PEOPLE! Literally! They all looked the same and I couldn’t tell who was who! They had black Afros,black pants,and white sleeveless shirts! Then At the base camp, they still had white skin EXCEPT THEIR EYES. It was freaky!

    Hijuyo: Lol, that’s glitch from Poptropica.

  206. Here’s a super cool one, On like day 4, I clicked to do the challenge, BAM! it’s at the end and I WON! WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING!!! 🙂 THANK YOU GLITCH!

  207. Red Ice says:

    That is sooooo funny, The Decoder Mine!

  208. Red Ice says:

    Yay! Funny! :proud:

  209. SCREAMER says:

    You know, Heather, Wilbur, Raymond, Sasha, and Rusty. You have to start talking not much about Gangster Dude. This is not just about him.

  210. :proud:

  211. hatersloveme2490/hatersloveme4897/hip hop lover/17-time winner of Reality TV island/Poptropica girl with 2576 friends with membership/has all 35 medals/knucklehead5249 call me any of that. says:

    You know I don’t think they’re here anymore.

  212. Aw yeah, 8 million hits! (Nothing but net)

  213. Muddy Kid says:

    They were my friends and they tried to be nice to everyone.

  214. correction 11 million


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