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Hemlock Harbor is a town with a secret. Restless spirits are said to haunt its shores, but no one knows who they are, what they want — or how to get rid of them. Can you hunt the ghosts of Hemlock Harbor and uncover the mystery that will set them free?

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Released: December 15, 2011 (for members)
or January 12, 2012 (for all)
Common Room: Visitor Center
Preceded by: Game Show Island
Succeeded by: S.O.S. Island

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Island Extras

Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page!

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough and pictures by Brave Tomato & Slanted Fish

Welcome to Hemlock Harbor, a town rumoured to be rampant with ghosts. Pick up a shaker of Salt from the superstitious guy on the left. This may seem odd right now, but you’ll need it later.


Next, head left and you’ll be at the entrance to the cemetery. When you walk further, your character will hear something. Then the gates will open… revealing a tour guide. Thank goodness. He’s just about to tour you around “haunted” places, when the ma-magi-magistrate busts him. Mr. Tour Guide will run off and his Pamphlet will conveniently land into your hands.

ghoststory3 copy

The magistrate will tell you to find a place to reside for the night, but you really don’t have anywhere to go. For now, talk to the mopey-looking guy on the left. He’s looking for his uncle’s grave, but can’t find it.


Head back to Main Street on the right, and enter the newspaper building, The Hemlock Herald. Ask the lady to let you see the archives, and she’ll allow you with no worries. Enter the room marked “Archives”, then click on the box marked “Cemetery Plots”.


Laugh at some of the names if you like, but keep turning the pages until you see the name Silas Moon. You’ll automatically highlight his name and the place he’s buried.


Go back to the cemetery. Talk to the mopey nephew, and to thank you for the favor, he will give you his Room B Key – a key to a room at the inn! Great, you have a room to spend the night now.


Head to the right again, past Main Street this time, until you see the inn. Enter, and a woman who looks like Edna Mode from The Incredibles will be relieved to know that a room became available for you, and says something about “preparations”. Odd. Go upstairs into room 2B, the one you have a key for. Click on the bed and you’ll try to fall asleep.


During a fun first-person POV cutscene, you try to sleep, but things keep moving on their own! You can’t sleep, you’re getting scared, and you decide to investigate.

Go to the closet and click on it. The Edna look-a-like will fall out and run to her hubby. Augh! Tricked! That’s not funny, guys. You threaten to let the magistrate know, but they apologize. Then, the Edna look-a-like will say that in order to find one of the ghosts, you should play her favorite song on the violin.

ghoststory13Go back out into the hallway of the inn and go over to where the piano is. Click on the Violin and Music next to it to take it with you.

ghoststory14 copyExit and jump up to the roof of the inn, then click use on the violin. Move the bow back and forth to play the song. Don’t worry if your bow starts glowing, that’s normal. Keep your volume up for this part, and enjoy the tune!


After playing the song, you’ll notice a movement in the window of the mansion.

Go down and talk to that weird ghost hunter guy. He’ll say he saw what’s going on in the window too. However, the magistrate will take him away. Again. After he and the magistrate has gone, pick up the Binoculars by the tent.

ghoststory17 copyGo back to the roof of the inn and use the binoculars. You’ll see an elderly woman open the curtains temporarily and close them again, and then she’ll beckon you over.


Go over to the mansion and enter through the storm cellar. You’ll see creepy dolls and a sheet covering a sewing dummy. Go to the right a little more. Attempt to climb the stairs, but they’ll fall apart. Jump up and push the small crate off of the larger one. Push them both until the bigger crate is just about near where the stairs resume, and climb up.

You’ll pass by a fireplace with a picture of a happy couple. Ah, Poptropican love. Go up the wide stairs and enter through the door. Go to the right until you see a telescope, and look through it for a bit.


As you exit, you’ll hear (literally hear) a woman’s voice asking “Are you looking for someone?” Don’t worry. Someone’s not in your room. It’s just the game.

Of course, with the impeccable manners you have, the first thing you ask is if this woman’s a ghost. She says she’s not, but she’s here to take care of some unfinished business. And she’s going to help you with your ghost hunting journey. She tells you to see Jane, the baker from the Gingerbread House, and say that “Fiona” sent me.

ghoststory22Exit the mansion and enter to the bakery on Main Street. Talk to Jane the baker and tell her that Fiona sent you. Ignore the other two wacky responses.

ghoststory23Jane will press a button and reveal a secret cabinet with an impressive array of ghost-hunting equipment: a Thermal Sensor, a Thermometer, an EMF Detector, and a Camera – all of which she gives to you.

(If you want, you can see the wall of peeps who visited the place. You can see that one of them is a bit show-offish and puts his picture on a frame. One of them is even one of the Poptropican stand-ins in the sneak peeks! So that guy’s name is Abe.

…sheesh. How come all of the NPCs have normal names?! Oh well. Brave Tomato is fine. But still.)

On your way out, grab the plate of Hot Cross Buns from the table.

Your character will decide that the cemetery is probably the best place to go ghost-hunting, so head over to the cemetery on the left, and enter through the gates.

You’ll be in first person view again, but this time, it’s more annoying. Go forward by clicking straight arrows, or click the rounded arrow to change your direction. Check the map to watch out for dead ends.


Go forward, forward again, turn to the right, go forward, turn to the left, and enter through the gates marked A. Go up and you’ll see a psycho-looking woman telling you to hide because some guy in a cloak is coming. One of the ghosts mentioned in the pamphlet leaves a rose in front of a grave.


The camera will be flashing in the bottom right corner, so click on it to be brought to your inventory, and click use on your Camera. You’ll see a black and white screen. Aim for the hooded guy leaving a rose to take the Photo just as the man runs off. Good shot, though!


Exit the cemetery (you can click on “H” on the map to be brought right back to the start) and revisit the newspaper building, The Hemlock Herald. Use the photo, and the newspaper editor will reward you with some Money.

ghoststory27You should store this in the bank. Exit the newspaper building, and enter the bank. Go all the way right and down to the bank vault, then click use on the Money while standing in front of the security guard. He’ll lead you inside the bank vault.

ghoststory29 copy

Inside, the security guard’s dog will start digging away at the ground, bothered by something.


The thermal detector will flash in the bottom right corner. Use it, and scan the area underneath where the dog is digging. You’ll see a ghostly figure hammering away at something.


Okay… something is down there. Or someone.

In the meantime, go outside near the Hemlock Herald news building. You’ll see a group of undercover ghost hunters carrying newspapers, including tinfoil hat guy, the guy who sells souvenirs, the guy holding a camera, and the guy who carries salt. It turns out that your photo has made front page news.

The magistrate will walk over and says that it was probably just another hoax. He also yells at everyone to go home. Everyone else runs off, and the magistrate warns you that he’s keeping his eye out on you.


Meanwhile, a boat docks near the shores of the manor with the woman in the window.


Go over there, and you’ll see the boat’s sailor, who’s looking for a room. Give him your Room B Key, and he’ll thank you by letting you use his boat anytime.


Get on the boat and head to the left. Dock at the lighthouse there.

ghoststory34As you enter the lighthouse, grab the unlit Torch. It’ll be helpful once you get inside.


Enter the lighthouse and equip the Torch. Stop by the lit torch to light your torch, then start going up the stairs. Jump two times upwards, then duck, minding the winds that can both knock you over and put the fire out. When you reach a new staircase, duck the first chance you get on there. Watch out for the gaps. Keep this up until you reach the top.


When you get up, you’ll wonder about the temperature, and the thermometer will flash in the bottom left corner. Use your Thermometer to place it on the wall. Then, go to the right a little and up the ladder.


You can shine the lighthouse’s light around, and if you check the top-right corner you’ll see an Alcatraz-like prison. Jump off the lighthouse and get on the boat. Head over there, but watch out for the rocks, and dock at the prison.

ghoststory38Enter the prison, and click use on the EMF Detector. Head towards the right and take the elevator to floor H. The EMF detector will be in the orange area when you get there.

Go to the right until you see the warden’s office, and enter. You’ll have to click use on your EMF Detector again, or you can use the Thermal Sensor. Either way, you’ll notice that someone is on that rocking chair!


Okay, you’re right in front of a ghost right now. Don’t panic. Instead, use the Hot Cross Buns. The spirit will walk over and eat them. He also says that you aren’t Prisoner 24601 (that’s a reference to Les Miserables!).


The spirit of the warden will give you a mugshot of the escaped prisoner, which also tells you which cell he was supposed to be in. After a bit of explaining from the warden, take the elevator to floor D and head towards the right until you see Cell 8. Go in… go over to the bed…

…and the warden traps you there! Oh great. He wants you as a living replacement for a dead prisoner.


Push the bed out of the way and you’ll see a hole. Go through it.

Using the thermal scanner, you’ll see someone in the top right corner. It’s probably the ghost of the escaped prisoner! Go along the tunnel path. Along the way, you’ll pick up Sardines, a Pickaxe, and a Note to Prisoner.

ghoststory41Read the note and talk to the prisoner to get the backstory about some guy named “Flatbottom” and another named “Valiant”. The plot thickens!

Then, go back the way you came and exit the tunnel. Now, you have to get out of there yourself. Use the pickaxe in the cell, and you’ll end up outside the cell. Yes! Get out of this horrible prison island!


Board the boat and head towards the regular land. You’ll notice that the thermometer has dropped! Get back in that boat and head back to the lighthouse. You have to use the torch, but there’s no wind bothering you now… although there is a floating torch ascending the steps…

Go up the stairs, and at the top, you’ll find the spirit of the lighthouse keeper crying over a mistake that caused the restlessness in his afterlife.

He’ll also say that the remains of the boat he was responsible for crashing are north of the lighthouse. Exit the lighthouse and go on the boat. Travel north, and the light from the lighthouse will illuminate a horrible wreckage scene. Oh my goodness…


Examine the wreckage and you’ll find a Locket. Go back to regular land. When you land, examine the locket, and you’ll find the note forged by Prisoner 24601 on behalf of Flatbottom’s trick:


Oh… oh my gosh. Fiona?! New love?! Wasn’t the woman who scared the bajeezles out of me named Fiona? Go into the manor and follow the same way you did before. This time, after you enter the door, go left and up. Fiona is by the bed.

Talk to her, showing her both the locket and the note to the prisoner. She’ll freak out.

Fiona says that the ring that this Henry guy gave her is at the bottom of the fountain, and then she’ll walk off sobbing. Get down and pick up the Scrapbook, then examine it.


The story’s coming together even more now…

Go to the fountain on Main Street, and you’ll find a bird guarding her nest there. Use the Sardines to drive her off, then click on the object shimmering in the nest. It’s the Ring!

ghoststory44Now, go left and enter the cemetery. The directions you should take are right, forward, left, forward, forward, forward, right, and enter through gate B. Run over to the right and enter the engraver’s shop. Click “use” on the ring in front of the engraver, and he’ll tell you that Flatbottom used it to propose to Fiona but was rejected.

You ask what Flatbottom’s job was, and the engraver tells you to go to the archives and look up August 18, 1929 for the whole story. (By the way, if you click on the owl in Cemetery lot B, the tinfoil hat guy will jump and mistake the hoots for the sounds of the spirits. Uh…)

Anyway, exit the cemetery and head over to the Hemlock Herald news building on Main Street. Inside, enter the Archives room and click on the microfilm resting in the right corner.


Turn the cranks until it says 1929, then click zoom. Turns out, Henry Flatbottom is the magistrate!


Lot A. Hmm… wasn’t that near where that cloaked figure was? Was that… the magistrate?! Well… we’ll have to see!

Go to Lot A of the cemetery (just click A on the map in the corner). Go to the left until you see a fancy grave. Push open the lid… and out comes… a ladder?! Hop in and investigate.


You’ll encounter another labyrinth, but to find your away around, just follow the pink rose petals. Use the map in the corner to watch out for dead ends and see what direction you’re facing. If you did it right, you’ll encounter a ladder up.


Go up the ladder. It’s a secret passage from the tree stump! You’ll hear footsteps and hide.


It’s that cloaked guy… and he… he…


…sneezes. You’ll come from your hiding place and confront this guy. You’ll follow him into the stump, and end up back in lot A. Chase him around until you see him where you first saw him: the covered grave he placed the flower on.

Once you get there, you’ll take off his hood, shake the salt into his eyes (told you it would be useful!)… and it IS the magistrate.


He tries to go off-topic, asking you to leave. You go off-topic from HIS off-topicness and say that he’s responsible for the death of Valiant Lovejoy by sending the fake letter. Oooooo….

The magistrate says that he liked Fiona as well and had to betray his best friend to try to marry her. Yikes, Poptropica’s first love triangle. And also… he says something that you DIDN’T know.


He keeps sending the roses to try to plead forgiveness for the death, but it isn’t working for him. A gust of wind blows, blowing away the cobwebs, clearly showing Fiona’s name on the grave…

And the spirit of Fiona comes out from behind a grave! She says that she forgives him and thanks him for his confession, at which point the rest of the spirits come over too. And… look who joined the party of four spirits and two mortals!

It’s Val-Val-Valiant!

Fiona approaches closer to Valiant and says that she thanks us for giving the restless spirits the chance to finally rest in peace. They disappear, along with the other spirits. The magistrate will thank you for helping him find peace between the spirits and himself. For that… he gives you the island medallion and credits to spend at the Store!

Congratulations! You have finished Ghost Story Island!

Well, before I leave, I might as well make a donation for myself to Fiona.


RIP Fiona, Valiant, and all of the other spirits I met. ❤

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂

Album Photos

These pictures are collected in your Poptropica photo album in the profile section. Click to enlarge.


  • Ghost Story Island is Poptropica’s 23rd island. The countdown started on December 12, 2011 and it was released on December 15 for members with a demo for non-members. It was opened to all on January 12, 2012.
  • Prisoner 24601 is a reference to Jean Valjean from Les Miserables.
  • Common room: Visitor Center
  • Salt is believed to protect from evil spirits, as used by one of the citizens on Ghost Story Island.
  • In the archive task of the Hemlock Herald building where you turn the handles to search through old newspapers, a box in the lower left corner is labeled “Balloon Boy articles” – Balloon Boy is a running gag that started with Counterfeit Island. Also in the archive room, there are boxes labeled “errata” (meaning printing errors) and “lorem ipsum” (a common placeholder text).
  • This is the first time you hear a Poptropican speak, and it’s Fiona sneaking up behind you asking, “Are you looking for someone?” Many players have reported being scared by the sudden unexpected whispery sound!
  • The poster of a ghost with a red circle and slash on it (found on Main Street) is a reference to theGhostbusters icon.
  • Valiant wears the same outfit Bert from Disney’s Mary Poppins wore during the part where they visit the cartoon world.
  • On November 21, 2011, a members-only Ghost Hunter Suit was released, but it had to be earned as a prize from the “Spook Central” mini-game. Several ghosts were scattered across Poptropica, and you were given a Plasma Net, Ghost Files, and an EMF detector to help you track them down. The Headless Horseman was on 24 Carrot, Sweet William’s ghost was on Shrink Ray, the Bell Witch was on Wild West, Deogen was on Steamworks, and the Brown Lady was on Skullduggery.




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    Hijuyo: Yes, Brave Tomato originally published it there and told us we could put it on the PHB. This guide also links back to ST’s blog and credits the author. 😉

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  66. I had my heart racing and I screamed when i heard that old lady too. But thank you for the island guides I always come to this site for help.

  67. Creepy Bird says:

    I was playing based on this, and I went back to the lighthouse and the temperature didn’t drop! Did I forgot to do something?

  68. Barefoot Wolf says:

    When i was playing the violin the progress bar didnt move. I moved it side to side but nothing happened at all. Did i do something wrong or is it some kind of glitch?

    Slanted Fish: Maybe you’re not moving it enough, so keep it moving side to side until the progress bar moves!

  69. Icy Speck says:


  70. gloria19012 says:

    At the bit where I get out of the tree stump, I do n’t hide or anything. I am just standing there. Can you help me? My username is gloria19012.

    • Maybe it’s a glitch – are you able to move? What needs to happen is that your character walks over to the other person staking out at the graveyard, and you both hide so you can spy on the cloaked guy.

      • gloria19012 says:

        There is no other person!

      • There should be. Make sure you’ve done all the steps leading up to that part, because you can’t really skip around or you may miss something. Check the guide for more details.

      • gloria19012 says:

        Yes I can move, I even went back into the labyrinth and restarted the island!

      • gloria19012 says:

        I restarted the island from scratch… Wat do i do now?

      • You follow the guide and complete the island.

      • gloria19012 says:

        @Samwow5: Duh, I meant that what do I do cause I did follow the guide, thanks to your FANTASTIC advice and I get the same problem! Now what do I do?

      • Make a new person I guess, and I was not being mean to you I thought you didn’t know.

      • You do not need to make a new account if you’ve restarted the island. Follow the guide in the right order and you will eventually reach the point where you need to take a picture of the cloaked character. When you’re there, a girl will automatically come up to you and say that the spirit will be here any moment, and both of you hide.

        Your cursor won’t allow you to move until he appears and you are prompted to take a photo. If this doesn’t happen, make sure you have followed ALL steps leading up to this point. Also note that after you exit the labyrinth, you still need to go up a short distance to see the girl. Standing around isn’t going to do anything.

      • slanted fish i think she means when you have to go somewhere in the fog and the guy comes and he sneezes i think that was the part.

  71. the blonde girl who was first hiding behind a grave,waiting for the cloaked spirit,the one who forgot her camrea so you take a picture.

  72. tank u for this guide guys i lov-… lik-… ur good

  73. WERTYUIOE says:

    where do i find fionas scrapbook?

  74. Icy Speck says:

    fiona didnt drop anything what do i do!!!?? i tried logging off and then on but it didnt work!

  75. Icy Speck says:

    please help i still cant find it!

  76. Massive Star says:

    this island scares me,but i finished it anyway

  77. Please help me! When I went back to the lighthouse after escaping from the prison, it didn’t mention the temperature, so now I can’t see the ghost in the lighthouse. I tried logging out and in again, but it didn’t work.

    Slanted Fish: Try going back to the mainland (the area that isn’t the prison or lighthouse), where you started the island.

  78. Will you hear the violin music when you are playing the violin with the volume on?

    Slanted Fish: Of course. But if you turn your volume off, you won’t hear any sounds from the game.

  79. where is the lady running the newspaper place ? i dontknow where she is

    Slanted Fish: Inside the newspaper building, keep moving around until you see her.

  80. I don’t want to be mean, but this is NOTHING THAT I WAS LOOKING FOR!!! 😦 I was looking for what to do on S.O.S. Island! |:(

    Slanted Fish: Then you’re on the wrong page – this is the guide for Ghost Story. For SOS island’s guide, click here.

  81. i cant find the scrapbook

  82. Lillie Klipsch says:

    I almost had a heart attack when she talked!!! i thought my girlfriend walked into my room!!! thats what she sounds like when shes trying to be “suductive”. lol my life is screwed!!!!!

  83. Hey this was very helpful usually takes hours to through these thank you@

  84. Jumpy hawk says:

    after you get the ring and go to the cemetary im following the direction but its not working

  85. Jumpy hawk says:

    im following the directions right but its not working it takes me back to gate H please help me and tell me if im doing it wrong right forward right forward forward forward right enter

  86. Read my new name. It’s only for a limited time!

  87. Silver Hero says:

    the photo that has a frame and appears in the inn room is a copy of a photo that appears in the old house in new jersey on cryptids island.

  88. There is this weird glitch for me and i got two of everything! Haha!

  89. wah0ooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i finished it!! i call the last part
    The gathering of the ghosts!

  90. Dangerous Claw/Friendly Rock says:

    That woman scared the living DAYLIGHT outta me!

  91. i’m stuck in the lighthouse part… i can’t see the ghost in the lighthouse.. what should i do?!?!?

  92. guide helped me soooo much :}

  93. Dangergirl says:

    I love the Les Mis reference.

  94. Prickly Snowball says:

    Hahaha I nearly peed my pants when I heard “Are you looking for someone?”

  95. What should I do if I accidentally do the prison thingy before the lighthouse thingy?

    Slanted Fish: Go back to the mainland, and if you’ve set up the thermometer, it should have dropped.

  96. Lazy Rider says:

    i did two islands wit you help thank you!!!!

  97. fierce wolf says:

    that was the best island i have ever completed( : thanks

  98. itstoostrangeforme says:

    I have no idea why, but I could Chat, Battle, and Friend Edna and that other guy. Some person named Maroon Rider…

  99. ANONAMOUS says:


  100. thank u sooo much on this terrific walkthrough. i completed the island 2 in days!!!!! im always on PHB when i need help. thx.and just @ let u know, my octogon might look angry, but im not. 🙂

  101. Thanks a million

  102. jahmir white says:


  103. Perfect Sky says:

    thanks for the guide i use flower power and i cover the grave full of flowers hahahahahah! thanks

  104. Renee Honda says:

    I’m having trouble with the part where you talk a picture of the ghost with the rose. Every time i click on the camera it disappears and does nothing. What should i do? Please Reply as soon as possible.

    Slanted Fish: Try contacting Poptropica about the glitch.

  105. Icy Skunk says:

    Hey why did Fiona look solid and look old when you see her at the old house? At the end she is transparent and young! BTW the “Are you looking for someone?” part scared the living DAYLIGHTS out of me! D:

  106. Yellow Comet says:

    Where is the scrapbook?

  107. I’m sorta confused even though I finished the game. How come Fiona is dead while I got to talk to her in the beginning?

  108. LOLLADY says:

    where can i find the lady who is running the newspaper?

    Slanted Fish: She’s inside the newspaper building on Main Street, the office of the Hemlock Herald.

  109. dman32397 says:

    my follower is in the center of the map when i’m on the boat LOL

  110. dman32397 says:

    I clicked use on the ring again and Fiona and the guy who says that he has returned were invisible and I thought Wtf!?!?!?

  111. OSDJKOSD says:

    I love this island! Sad story, and strange. Very mixed up!!! 😄

  112. Ok so I don’t understand what happened… Fiona was engaged to Henry Flatbottom and then his best friend Valiant Lovejoy (aka, the magistrate) liked Fiona so he faked a note to Henry that made him leave town where he died in a boating accident that was caused because the lighthouse dude took a nap? And Valiant also promised some prisoner he would break him out but actually tricked him into digging into a vault. And the warden is all upset about that. That bit seems so completely unrelated…. Help me understand!

    • Henry Flatbottom is the magistrate, not Valiant. Fiona loved Valiant, and Henry was Valiant’s friend, but Henry also liked Fiona and chose to betray Valiant in order to try and win Fiona’s heart. Henry sent the false note in the locket to Valiant, tricking his friend into thinking Fiona didn’t want him anymore so that Henry could be with her. However, Fiona only loved Valiant, and rejected Henry when he tried to give her a ring. It turns out Fiona is a dead spirit, and the magistrate (the cloaked guy in the cemetery) has been trying to plead forgiveness for the death of Valiant. Valiant died from the shipwreck caused by the lighthouse keeper who had taken a nap on the job, and he had been on that ship because of Henry’s forged locket note thinking Fiona was telling him to get out of her life. Kind of confusing, but I hope that helps. 😛

      • If Fiona was actually a dead spirit, why did we see Fiona as alive and not see-through like the other ghosts?

      • I’m not sure about that, but my guess is that they didn’t want to give the story away before the ending when you find out that Fiona was dead.

  113. Elissa67590 says:

    Idk if this is a glitch but whenever I use the ring infront of the magistrate after I finished the island, the ghosts appear again except for Fiona and Valiant. So there are now 5 medals in my items and it says I finished the island 5 times. And there are floating speech bubbles lol.

  114. dargeous curmb says:

    it glitched on me when i got the locket it woud not let me in the house where fiona is

  115. I accidentally did things in the wrong order. I went to the prison first and did the stuff there and then went to the lighthouse. I put up the thermometer but its not going off! Help!

  116. LittlePadfoot says:

    it wont let me give hi the hot cross buns on the table its just “i wonder if ghosts can eat food” then im stuck in the wardens office

    Slanted Fish: Make sure you’ve done all the steps prior to that point in the guide, and check to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

  117. thanks so much! I wish I knew your username i would like to make you my friend!!! love xtra comments!! -Fearless Bear (popkornns)

  118. Angelica-Fresh says:

    Umm, is it normal that I have two lockets?

  119. where is the Cementary Plots

  120. hatersloveme2490/hatersloveme4897/hip hop lover/17-time winner of Reality TV island/Poptropica girl with 2576 friends with membership/has all 35 medals/knucklehead5249 call me any of that. says:

    that floating torch and when the girl talked are like the scariest parts!!!

  121. this helped me SO MUCH thank yo ufor helping me pass the island bless you

  122. awesomeguy112 says:

    the violin part gave me the creeps! :o.

  123. It really creeps me out that the woman in the old house was Fiona but she’s dead already o-o

  124. ShyJumper says:

    When I talk to the Editor lady she says ” Back so soon? Have you found any evidence yet?” And won’t let me go to the archives after I talked to the man wanting to know where Silas Moon was buried. Is it just me having this problem?

    Slanted Fish: Check the guide and make sure you’ve done everything prior to that point!

  125. awesomeguy112 says:

    Whenever I try to enter the lighthouse for the first time, (when the boat guy comes) I click on the ENTER on the door, but the poptropica screen is white and it has a “!” on it. PLEASE HELP ME 😦

    Slanted Fish: There may have been a loading error. Try refreshing the page.

  126. hi. Please not that i'm made out of candy,so that means i'm ediable. PLEASE don't eat me because i'm actaully your candy god angel but you can call me magic snowball since that's my poptropican's name (add me as kkool223) says:

    the talking never scared me

  127. The lady will not come out when I exit gate A…?

  128. When I enter room where the telescope was, I click it when I was viewing there this voice ” Need any help ” and press close then Fiona appears. It was pretty strange.

  129. My mom has my family put a pinch of salt everyday. I know its weird, my mom come from a family where they think ghosts are everywhere. Sorry if I am being off-topica

  130. Funnyman1594 says:

    LOL!!! TOTAL GLITCH HERE!! AFTER I FINISHED THE ISLAND, I AM STILL HOLDING THE SALT!!!! 😄 😄 sorry about the caps and exclamation points

  131. What? After I got the medallion I clicked the ring to use and he gave me another medallion!! 0.0

  132. Thank you for the answer BT. I really needed help.

  133. AHHHHHHH!!!!!! I tried what Rover did and after that… my screen went up and down, even when I move and go on another island!!!!

  134. Now I can’t go anywhere! Somebody PLEASE reply!!!

    Slanted Fish: If you’re stuck, use the PopTransport tool to teleport to another island, and then come back.

  135. whres the scrapbook? i cant find it no matter where i go

  136. WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! SADDEST ISLAND EVER!!!! *cries flood in my room*

  137. Friendlyfire245 (My poptropica username). says:

    Yay! Completed the island, though most of it freaked me out. Very sad/happy ending. c:

  138. Comical Leopard says:

    I had my volume all the way up when it said ”Are you looking for someone!?” very helpful though

  139. i like the part when there a woman said are you looking for somone and idk why fiona died

  140. ghost story make you not scare but im scared

  141. Claura1023 says:

    Ummmm, where do you need the salt? o.0

  142. Savannah says:

    If Fiona is dead who was the lady at the manor!???

  143. DarkMisteeX says:

    I payed my respects to Fiona by playing her favorite song :I

  144. DarkMisteeX says:

    Wait.What was the salt for? o.O

  145. Thx! Rlealy hlpd!

  146. Orange Grape says:

    Thanks PHB for the walkthrough! It was so eerie yet cool! I loved how you did the ending with the flowers

  147. How did I see Fiona if shes dead!!??

    • Quick Fang, (AKA awesomeness) says:

      Shes a ghost, but your poptropican probably just thought she was solid when you saw her. equip your emf detector once you get to the woman in the window part next time. =) for me, it started going nuts!!

  148. I was playing and I logged off for about 20 minutes to get a snack, and when I came back and logged in I couldn’t find the scrapbook! But I don’t want to have to start the island over after I’m almost done with it. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!! I could really use some advice!

  149. my older sister is afraid of this island even thoughwe did it in a differnt acount

  150. cool panda says:

    wait when i go past the ppl who start talking about the newspaper the old guy never appears.

    • You need to click on the people chatting about the newspaper, which will instigate some dialogue, and then the magistrate will come along and shoo everyone away.

  151. cool panda says:

    should i restart the island?

  152. Orange Carrot says:

    I couldn’t find hot cross buns. When I clic to the plate my carecter is saying ” I wonder if ghosts can eat food.”

  153. I need Help! This blog is great but im stuck at the part that u have to go through the maze ‘ follow the petals ‘? PLZ HELP

  154. pinkpuppy says:


    • Well…SAME !I play the Ghost Story in my other character.AND THAT VOICE FREAKED ME OUT!!!!!And when I play my favorite character,I just cover my ears and FINALLY I didn’t hear that CREEPY voice again.Thank goodness to myself…

  155. Big Turtle says:

    ok, so if at the end of the island, it reveals that Fiona had died. If she died A FEW YEARS AGO, then HOW DID YOU TALK TO HER EARLIER IN THE ISLAND?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  156. Dangerous Sponge says:

    i cant find the tour guide at the beginning. help! what do i do?

    • The tour guide from the beginning is at the cemetery entrance, but you’ll need to walk a bit towards it before your character hears something and the guide appears.


  158. Dangerous Sponge says:

    i cant find the scrapbook! help!

  159. Silver Bubbles says:

    How is Fiona dead when we just talked to her in her creepy house?

  160. I got two lockets…

  161. Omegasonic2000 says:

    I just have a doubt. If Fiona was a ghost… who was the old living lady we saw at the mansion?!


  163. Flickyfriend002 says:

    It gives me creep till I can’t sleep Q,Q the sound’s stuck inside my head :C

  164. Flickyfriend002 says:

    Also a tip: NEVER PUT UR VOLUME FULL. that’s all thank you 😀

  165. Hyper Club says:

    *When in Fiona’s house*
    Me: NOPE! Creepy dolls! NOPENOPENOPENOPE!!
    Me: *sees telescope* Telescope! :D! *Makes it clear and starts looking around* So, I think I’m looking for someone…
    Fiona/Poptropica: Are you looking for someone?

  166. does anyone know how to get rid of the spaceship follower from the goldfish thingy?

    Slanted Fish: Go into your inventory’s Store items and click “turn off all special effects”. 🙂

  167. slipperysky says:

    i didnt get any hot cross buns! what do i do? please help asap

  168. Sleepy Hero says:

    This is easy to beat.


  169. Popular Heart says:

    does anyone else love playing the violin on this island and love that song it plays?

  170. While I was doing the second labyrinth… I got lost… DX And then, I somehow found my way back to the beggining… ^-^

  171. Cool Ghost says:

    Fun fact: if you click on the dummy in Fiona’s storm cellar, you’ll find out that it’s only a sewing dummy, and your character will say: “Phew… it’s only a sewing dummy!”, then it will laugh.

  172. Hyper Gamer says:

    Yes, just completed the island. It glitched at the end and played the ending again. I ended up with 2 medallions for this island. Now my island medallions count says “Ghost Story Island completed 2X”

  173. where do u find the salt?

  174. mad oh wait i got a new account says:

    i already completed this islan but i changed my password and forgot itnow i have to try to the islands agian

  175. I used the love potion on Fiona at the end. And she didn’t up ending with Valant

  176. abbycool2 says:

    how do you tell tht the thermometer dropped? srsly i cant even… 😦

  177. i did this one part before i read that part of the walk through. i was looking through the teltscope and i had the volume all the way up and i heard a voice say are u looking for someone? i got so scared! my sis was watching me play and she automatically looked at my closet and then looked back at me! then i read the guide and it said don’t worry no one is in your room it’s just the game

  178. Hi! Love your blog 🙂
    For some reason after I make the photo front-page news and I talk to the tinfoil hat guy, the magistrate doesn’t appear. 😦 This means the ship won’t dock and I won’t be able to continue! I tried talking to him multiple times and going to other places and trying again, but the magistrate still doesn’t appear! Help?

  179. When I see the group of newspaper people the sheriff dude doesn’t show up… What do I do?!

  180. xd i jump to when the old girl talked i’m a new poptropican

  181. this was rely helpful thx

  182. I beat it! Now all I have to do is figure out what to do next…

  183. Young Singer -Nariko- says:

    DID SHE GO well…. die… on purpose?
    and she turned younger…?
    much confuse.

  184. djscratchstep says:

    Lol when i was doing the violin part i was hoping that it would be Lindsey Stirling lol

  185. omg thank you so much for your help!

  186. omg i finished the island yay

  187. djscratchstep says:

    LOL! When I was doing the violin part, the bass drop on a Lindsey Stirling song was playing, so I thought I was playing Lindsey Stirling music.

  188. djscratchstep says:

    Another thing: If you look at the book when the warden locks you in the cell, there’s a pickaxe imprint in the book. So that’s how Prisoner 24601 escaped!

  189. djscratchstep says:

    *reaches end of island* But what if spirits were not kill? would they still be living lives on a daily basis? *illuminati triangle basses by in a millisecond* here’s footage we found: *shows rickroll video 🙂 *

  190. The old guy who’s supposed to tell the group to go home and “is going to keep his eye on you” won’t appear in my game. 😦 and i even wanted to finish the island without coming here but i couldn’t figure out what to do next and found this glitch.

  191. Cool! i didn’t know Poptropica had a guide forum. Also i really liked this island, one of the best ones yet in my opinion. It has a great story with some interesting twists along the way as well. ^-^


    slantedfish: This fansite (the PHB) isn’t official, but we do have guides for all things Poptropica! 🙂

  192. Hi PHB authors! I love this blog, and it’s the only one I use. I’ve seen others before, but this is ultimately the best choice. I’ve always wanted to be a Poptropican blogger or something of the sort, and your blog is like a dream come true ;)! Thanks so much guys!

  193. Scary Onion says:

    OOOhhhh my gosh the voice was so scary I had the volume off and it was really loud I thought my balloon was talking to me!!!!

  194. thanks guys! love your blog (your blog and thicknoodles is the only blog i use) this place kinda creeped me out 😮

  195. Sticky Icicle says:

    Loved Ghost Story Island. ❤

    Despite all the creepy stuff going on there, I'm giving it a 10/10 😛 Lol.

  196. I ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACK WHEN FIONA SAID,”ARE YOU LOOKING FOR SOMEONE?”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  197. alandbrooke2015 says:

    I cant go into the archives.why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    When the lady said “Looking for someone?” after I looked through the telescope I got so freaked out 😛

  199. Its saying I’m not finished the game and I’m thinking it has to do with the fact that we didn’t use the salt

  200. the magistrate never shows up to tell me that he’ll “keep an eye on me”, which in turn doesn’t allow me to get to the part with the boat. help!!! (i triple-checked that i completed all the previous steps and i dont know what to do!)

    slantedfish: He should be in the Main Street area – if not, contact Poptropica support for help!

  201. Cool Foot says:

    I can’t seem to push open the lid of the grave. When I stand beside it and try to run to push, i just run down the hill! 😦

  202. thanks I needed this!

  203. ☠Jacob_Da_Boss☠ says:

    “Are you looking for someone?”
    I had no idea that was in the game and my volume was all the way up. I didn’t think it would be capable of doing so, but Poptropica legitimately scared me. xD

  204. Brave Axe says:

    Help! The lighthouse ghost won’t appear! What do I do?

  205. Yo! I’ve made Beast Boy from Teen Titans Go! on poptropica. too do this you go to home island building that you change outfits in and you color your skin bright green and color your hair dark green, and then you get the pointy elf ears on Night Watch island in Carnival costumes shop then you buy the Rock Singer and get the black jacket then you get the scientists shirt from Super hero island and you get the black pants from the guy in a suit in the spy island headquarters. . .you can add his shades on for Beast Boy too look cool, I have done it and he is currently my player

  206. female luna says:

    thxs i always get stuck

  207. red lizard says:

    I forgot to get the hot cross buns! what do I do now!

  208. Rough Icicle says:

    that love story though!!! ❤

  209. lucky bird says:

    Hey fishy! I didnt hear Fiona’s voice! Aww, I played this island just for that! So plz help meor somebody just put a vid in youtube! I so badly want to hear that voice! 😦

  210. Popular Runner says:

    Actually the Edna-look a like and her husband seem to be modeled after Janine and Louis(?)from Ghostbusters 2.Their outfits look almost exactly the same!

  211. nalCnivlaC says:

    When ever I go to H in the cemetery and I go up to hide the camera doesn’t flash and I get stuck in an infinite loop of Shh I think hes comeing back

  212. how do u get the ghost hunter costume?

  213. thx for the guide

  214. Bendy Flyer says:

    I can play the ghost story song on the violin.🎻

  215. PLEASE HELP after i talk to the people looking a the newspaper nothing happens!! The magistrate dude never comes to yell at us and os the boat is never docked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already restarted the island and got the same problem. I followed all the steps!

  216. NekoWhoLockian says:

    I actually cried at the end…so sweet!

  217. Okay so I’m not really a fan of love stories and this one had me confused. Can someone please explain it to me?

  218. skinny toes says:

    i literaly thought i was going to die when i heard the are you looking for someone omg be still my beating heart

  219. skinny toes says:

    aw so cute i love it

  220. ok

  221. Yeah I’m Like a Boss


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