Cryptids Island Guide


An eccentric billionaire is promising a big reward to whoever can prove the existence of cryptids — hidden creatures. The hunt is on for Bigfoot, Nessie, and other legendary beasts. But watch out: you’re not the only one in search of these monsters…and your competitors will stop at nothing to find them!

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Released: December 20, 2010 (for members)
or January 18, 2011 (for all)
Common Room: Bert’s Bed & Breakfast
Preceded by: Great Pumpkin Island
Succeeded by: Wild West Island

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Island Extras

Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page!

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough and pictures by Super Thunder & Slanted Fish
Special thanks to: EmoEyedFreak & Spotted Dragon

Welcome to Cryptids Island, where you’ll be on the hunt for mythical beasts and legendary creatures! You will arrive on Main Street. Walk right and a guy will hand you a Reward Flyer, which explains that local billionaire Harold Mews is offering a million dollars for proof of the existence of cryptids.

Head right, past the fancy houses, and climb up the tree with money stuck in it.

money in tree cryptids

Hop up and grab the Five Dollar Bill.

Now head back to Main Street and enter the General Store. Click ‘Use’ on your newly-found $5, and you’ll be able to buy a Sports Drink! (Everything else is just too expensive!)

Go back to the lane with the fancy houses, and give the Sports Drink to the thirsty gardener. He’ll decide to take a break and give you his Gardening Shears to hold.

(Just for fun: You can use the shears on the bush in front of the rich lady’s house. She won’t be too happy, but at least you can make a leafy masterpiece!)

have a sports drink

Now, head all the way left, past Main Street, and over to the park area. To the left, you’ll find the girl holding onto a hang glider, and at her request, be sure to give her a push by clicking on her.

push hang glider girl

Next, jump up the house and find the person sitting in a hot air balloon to the right. Cut his rope with your Gardening Shears and you’ll obtain some extra Nylon Rope.

cr balloon

Now go to Kitty’s Kites on Main Street and click ‘Use’ on the Nylon Rope. You’ll get a brand-new Kitesurfer X250! Go back to the park and go all the way to the edge. You will surf for a while and… lookie here… it’s Gretchen Grimlock, the villain of this island who’ll do anything for Mews’s million dollars. She’s like the updated Betty Jetty: she’ll throw fire balls at your kite, burning your connection to the kite, and… you’ll sink. (Aw, not my new kite!)

cr sunk

Fortunately, the Mews-copter comes in and saves the day! That’s the last thing you see before passing out. Later, you’ll wake up, lying down on a nice comfy bed…

mews bed

Yay, you lived! Anyway, Harold Mews will come tell you to meet in the foyer. (That’s right! He’s talking to YOU!) First, you have to drink the water that should be on your nightstand.

Exit the bedroom, and enter through the door on the lower right. Since Mews isn’t here yet, check out all the videos. When you’ve watched them all, Mews will arrive. Tell him you’ll help him in his hunt.

mews excellent

Exit the mansion and run to the right. Check out that totally rad private helicopter!

mews helicopter

Hop onto the Mews Corp helicopter and pick a destination. You can go in any order, but I’m doing them in the easiest order – so Loch Ness, here we come!

Loch Ness

Go right, to the Pub. Inside the pub, grab the matches and talk to the dude who looks like this:

Play a game of darts with him. Click and hold to drag the dart back, and release to throw. Aim for the center if you can, but if you land in the outer slivers of the circle, you can still earn points.

cr darts

After you win (don’t give up, you can win), he’ll give you a Rowboat Ticket for a ride on the Li’l Ness. He’ll also upgrade your Ratty Darts to Osprey-feathered Darts.

Go back left, and under the bridge, there should be a guy with a yellow jeep. Talk to him, then click on his tire. Blow it out, and he’ll give you a Rugged Camera.


Now go take a ride on the Li’l Ness. Take a picture of the thing that looks like Nessie.

Go back to the Mews mansion, and show Mews the picture of Nessie. You will find out it’s fake: just some truck tires floating in the pond!

Go back to Loch Ness, and talk to the liar from the rowboat. He will go away, scared that you’ll call local police for tricking you. Now, go back to the pub and talk to the guys who are hanging out. Play another game of darts, and if you win, you’ll get a Submarine Ticket.

Now you get to drive a submarine! Head back to the water and show your ticket to the man by the submarine. Deep-sea diving time! Steer the sub down to the lower left, and take a picture of the weird-looking Nessie:

cr sub

Return to the pub and show the guys the picture. They will show you a newspaper article about Oh! Looks like another fake. Sigh. But not wanting you to feel bad, the man gives you Peregrine-feathered Darts.

You’ll play another game of darts, but the reward promised is a LIE!!! But the bartender, feeling bad for you, will give you a Penny Whistle.Go on the Lil’ Ness, and go left.

Go left again. Blow the whistle. And…. NESSIE!!! (Doesn’t it look CUTE?)

cr ness

Take a picture, then head over to the Mews Mansion! The Nessie case will be confirmed.


Now go back to your helicopter, and go to the Himalayas.

Once you arrive at the Himalayas, go up a bit, until you see the Sherpa guide who’s carrying a big load on his back. He looks like this:

Climb up the mountain with him. In this part you will have to run and click the next ring so you can get safely up without falling. You’ll go first, then after hooking your rope to the next ring, the Sherpa will follow. Move when the winds aren’t blowing against you, so it’ll be easier.


You will arrive at a monastery. Go inside, and talk to the monk in the far right corner. He won’t let you take Bigfoot’s scalp as evidence, but he’ll give you a Lantern. Light it with your Matches from the pub at Loch Ness.

Then go outside, and climb a little bit up. Talk to this monk:

You will play a quick game, where the objective is simply to get your piece, the Yeti, to the other side of the board without being trapped on all sides by the Hunter pieces.

Once you beat the game, he will let you pass. Go up and there will be a foot in the snow. Use your camera to get a Photo of Snow Track.

cryptids5 copy

Go back to the Mews Mansion and show Mews the photo. Turns out, it’s just a snowshoe footprint.

Get on your helicopter, and head to Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico

Talk to the farmer. He will give you seeds to take to his brother, and lend you his jeep. Get on the jeep and drive north, to the top right hand corner star. Give the other farmer the seeds, and go left, to grab the Unidentified Fur.


Head back to the lab at the Mews Mansion to test the fur, making sure to follow each step at the lab station carefully. And… you’ll find that it’s just coyote fur.

Fly back to Puerto Rico, and drive your jeep to the star in the top-left corner (farthest from the beginning). Talk to the farmer there, who will tell you that the Chupacabra only feeds on goats that are brown with white spots. You’ll need this tip in a while.

For now, climb up the branches to the right, until you reach the top of a cliff. Pick up the Bolt Cutters.


Now, get back into your jeep and drive to the area indicated by the middle star. Using your jeep, herd three goats that are brown with white spots into the grassy patch next to the bone-like cave area.


Once you’ve herded the three goats there, exit your jeep at that spot and go right until you find the first farmer you met earlier. Hide with him by the boulders. You will hear a THUMP!

Go move the box. Suddenly, it will shake and open, and out pops… the CHUPACABRA!!!


It will growl at you, run away, and leave you in the ground with stars circling your head. Go where the Chupacabra was, and grab the Chupacabra Tooth. Head back to the Mews mansion, and… yay, confirmed! But, wait! You still have to find Bigfoot!

Now you can go to New Jersey.

New Jersey

When you arrive, jump on top of the gas station. Cut the girl free using your gardening shears.


That motorcycle by the gas station looks tempting, but first, you’re going to need instructions on where to go. Next to the motorbike is a dumpster. Cut open the lock using the Bolt Cutters you picked up from Puerto Rico (see above).

Dig out the old bathroom door from the trash, then enter the gas station bathroom and match it with the other old bathroom door. Your character will copy down the completed Bathroom Door Message.


These are the instructions for where you’ll be taking the motorbike. Here it is for your reference:

Now that you’ve got that, it’s time to jump on this sweet ride!

Follow the instructions above, and you will finally come to a small clearing (see picture below). Get off the bike here by clicking on it to look around.

Enter the gate, and through there, enter the house and start heading up. On your way to the attic, you’ll hear a noise, and when you get upstairs and keep walking, you’ll find that it was just a raccoon. Next to it is a Grappling Hook – you’ll want to take that.

On your way down, you should see a monster. Could it be… the Jersey Devil?!

cr jd

Go outside, and the Jersey Devil will fly away. Use your grappling hook to reach its nest and pick up the Broken Egg Shells.


Now head back to Mews Mansion and test the egg shells in the lab, again being sure to follow the steps carefully so the DNA extraction is successful.


And… yes! The egg confirms the existence of the Jersey Devil.

Mews will tell you that Bigfoot has been spotted in the Pacific Northwest, and that he’s installed the location in the helicopter. Go to your helicopter, and head for the Pacific Northwest.

Pacific Northwest

When you arrive, Bigfoot will be running around. Follow him in your helicopter, and don’t lose sight of him! He’ll eventually scamper off into a cave.


Mews will send you a message, but Gretchen will listen in on it and catch Bigfoot first.

Now you have to stop Gretchen. Jump on her helicopter, and let all the fuel out by clicking on the circle near the front (the opening for her helicopter’s fuel tank).


Next, jump down to Bigfoot’s cage and use your gardening shears. You and Bigfoot will float down to safety in a parachute. Yay!


You and Mews will talk for a bit, and being the good-hearted person you are, you just can’t take that million-dollar reward because he wants to use it to help build a good habitat for Bigfoot. Aw well. At least you get your medallion and credits to spend in the Poptropica Store! Congrats! 😀

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂

Album Photos

These pictures are collected in your Poptropica photo album in the profile section. Click to enlarge.


  • Cryptids Island is Poptropica’s 16th island. It was released to members on December 20, 2010 andJanuary 18, 2011 for non-members.
  • Common room: Bert’s Bed & Breakfast
  • The island’s plot is centered around hunting legendary creatures – Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster,the Chupacabra, and the Jersey Devil. Many players have reported being deathly scared when they first saw the Jersey Devil on Cryptids Island.
  • The house in New Jersey where you sight the Jersey Devil has the number 666 on the front gate (the last 6 is hanging upside-down so it looks like a 9). 666 is considered to be the number of the beast (the devil).
  • Starting from December 2, 2010, players could visit a preview version of Cryptids Island, where they could look through a viewfinder once a day for a chance to spot Nessie. If you saw her, you’d win a special Nessie Hat. Other interesting sights included seeing Balloon BoyCaptain Crawfish’s ship, a carrot, bag of popcorn, all kinds of dogs, toy sailboats, fish jumping out of the water, a seagull, pelican, motorboat, helicopter, etc.
  • Now, if you look through the viewfinder at Loch Ness, you can spot planes, Balloon Boy, and even a fishing boat that matches the one on the docks of Counterfeit Island, called Ribica.
  • An external website for the Mews Foundation ( was launched by the Poptropica Creators to promote Cryptids Island.
  • Players visit real-world locations while hunting cryptids: Loch Ness (which is in Scotland),Himalayas, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and the Pacific Northwest.
  • If you have the Garden Shears, you can click on the untrimmed hedge next to the well-dressed lady in the rich housing estate next to Mews Mansion and trim the hedge however you like. Make something artsy!
  • The yellow jeep at Loch Ness says “Lema” – a reference to former Pop Creator James D. Lema.
  • The fence beside the gate to the Mews Mansion is patterned with a foot motif.
  • The Bigfoot Fanatic costume was released in the Poptropica Store on December 22, 2010.
  • There’s a sound when the Chupacabra escapes from the trap.
  • A book for Cryptids Island was released on April 4, 2013.
  • The name “Harold Mews” may be derived from the phrase “Herald News”.

don’t be messy
be cool like nessie



  1. Thanks to Super Thunder for writing this Cryptids Island walkthrough, AND providing pictures! Also thanks to EmoEyedFreak for sending in her own version of the guide and Spotted Dragon for some of the pics! 🙂 We hope this guide is helpful!

    • Thanks Hi.Juyo for adding in my fail-tastic parts! 🙂

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      • After I give mews the Jersey Devil eggs and confirm it is real, Mews never tells me that bigfoot has been spotted, so he never adds a place to the helicopter PLEASE HELP what do I do???

        slantedfish: Make sure you’ve done all the other parts prior to that point! Have you finished all the other areas yet?

    • Blue Raptor says:

      Hey Hi.Juyo! I’m Blue Raptor and it seems that I can’t find the Jersey Devil’s location. What do I do?

      Hijuyo: If the guide’s instructions are confusing, try watching a video to see how it’s done. 😉

      • Yellow Monster says:

        Hey blue raptor make sure that you are going the way that shows the y kind of shape and then when youget to the bit like on the photo click look aroundand make sure you have your lantern on!

      • i am using it now

      • Shiny Seal says:

        use your match sticks you found earlier to light up your lamp and enter the gate with 669 an go inside the house
        also you may want to friend me my username is: SharneeMae

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      • Director snowball is having fun today at the pool in the secret nanabot hide out where only nanabots know where it is. says:

        Goto your helecopter, goto new jersy then get the bolt cutters from puerito rico in the farthest star, use them to cut the look of the bin, then get the bathroom door message, go in the bathroom and your poptropican will write down a note. Go on the motor bike and follow the directions. Then light up your lamp with the matches and enter the house (get the lamp from himalyas and the matches from lochness)
        Hope i could help!

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      • Be sure to press ‘look around’ to find the house!

      • I can’t find the lanterm

      • MonkeyPirate says:

        The house number isn’t 669 it’s the number of the devil (the 3rd 6 is rotated) and I won’t say it even though I don’t believe in demons and devils and it might offend someone.

    • thr blue orange says:

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      • Nessie, Biggy and Chupa Chups was cute. And JDevil, despite being terrifying, probably wanted to go home. Here’s a theory-The JDevil wanted to go home, but he wasn’t big enough to get in! So all this time he’s trying to get into the house! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

    • Comments on the Island
      “-Cryptids Island isn’t even scar–– HOLY CRAP THE JERSEY DEVIL IS ON THE WINDOW”

      -When you’re at the pub in Loch Ness and try to grab a bottle of liquor, the drunken man will shoo you away

      -You can cut the rich lady’s fern, but she’ll get mad at you. You can do it many times tough

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      BTW add me I am luckypotterhead

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    • happy bird says:

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      • Zippy Bubbles says:

        To find the bolt cutters, you go to the top- left corner. When you get there, you just go all of the way right and go on some branches that you jump on. When you get on the top, go to the right.

      • I am sooo mad i was looking at this then I thought you had to do something and what I did messed up the whole thing and I had to restart I was on Puerto Rico and I had to RESTART just because i didn’t look at this uggg

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      • the whistle is when u beat the guy at darts with the better darts 🙂

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        lily, first you have to check if you have the lantern from himalayas and the matchstick from lochness. Once you have them, click use on the matchstick

    • Please help me! When i went to the farmer to get the seeds i checked the guide to see what to do, and when i looked in the bag thingy that you keep your stuff in and it wasn’t there! I tried to talk to the farmer again but he just told me to give the seed to his brother.HELP ME!!!

      • donutgiraffe says:

        You don’t actually get the seeds from the person. You just go to the brother’s farm and he says that he got them.

      • i do not know if you need this any more but the seeds are in the jep.

    • You have to ride the jeep to the star on the upper north star, and the farmer’s brother just takes it and tells you how his brother is a good guy

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      I’m having a little bit of trouble with the game with the monk in the Himalayas. Does anyone care to help? 😦


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    Hijuyo: You can view it on our Poptropica Help Videos YouTube channel playlist here.

  3. um i figured out that you go back and talk to the guy with the fake-nessie, after you show Mews the evidence, he leaves, and you explore an island place with his boat!! you go back and talk to the guy at the pub, and you play darts to win a submarine ticket! thats all i got so far 🙂

  4. you go through deep waters, and take a pic of “nessie” show it to the guys at the pub, (its a fake!!!
    just a boat that sank) then you do a rematch of darts with the guy you beat earlier, play till you win!
    (he got WAYY better)… it took me forever, i got it eventually 103-77 😉 you recieve a penny-wistle from the barman, go to the rowboat, and ride it, keep going left untill you’re at the island. Blow the penny-whistle, and the REAL lochness monster comes up! Take a pic, and i goes back down. Go back to the right of the rowboat. Go back to Mews, and show him the pic.-You confirmed Nessie!!

    • CaNdYcAnEz says:

      Nessie looked cute. xD

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        Yeahhhh…. she really was a cutie wasn’t she! 0_o
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  5. ok so now you drive the jeep, and you chase them with your jeep into the rock section, when there is three, you exit jeep. you find the guy, and he made a trap, the animal escapes!!! Get its tooth that it left behind by the truck! Go show its tooth to Mews! You’ve Confirmed the Chupacabra!!

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      Wow. Go you. 0_o
      Awww, sorry Jaggeyy1235 you do rock – no really! Well done!!!!!
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  10. Popular Cloud says:

    Very nice guide! I’m very impressed! 😀

  11. Dfoofnik the Twiddler says:

    The easiest way is just to go to Loch Ness first, get the camera and matches, and the fake Nessie tires photo. Then the Himalayas. Then Puerto Rico for the barbed wire fur. Then to New Jersey where you already have the matches and lantern. Then take all of the stuff back to Mews at once. You only have to go back to get the real Nessie photo, and then catch the Chupacabra, and you are ready for the Bigfoot finale.

  12. okay i am going too start over on this guide since this is a very poor example that i am ashamed of
    first talk to the guy in front of the souvenir shop holding the soccer ball, he will give you a harold mews flyer. now go east to the area with all of the rich people and go to the end of the block and jump in the tree in between 2 branches there is a 5 dollar bill. Now go back to the general store and buy a energy drink then once again go back to the rich neighborhood and talk to the landscaper next to the overgrown bush and give the drink to him. now he will give you a pair of shears and go west to where you find the people ready to take off in blimps, hang gliders, balloon chairs that look like they were pulled out of the movie up and jump up the light house and get in the hot air balloon and use the shears to cut the rope. now you get the leftover nylon rope. go over to the free kite store (if only that was real) and talk to the lady giver her the nylon rope and pick out the kite surfer x250. now go over to the kite area and use the kite surfer where shortly afterwards grimlock burns your kite where you are rescued by mr mews

    • you will find yourself in a bed in mr mews’ mansion after talking with you he leaves the room. click the glass of water on the bed stand next to you and get out of bed and leave the room. now go to the bottom right part of the mansion. now just go through and watch all of the videos (you dont have to watch them completely but they are entertaining) now after all of this mr mews will appear after talking to him now go outside and use the helicopter. now fly off too scotland and get the camera. too do this walk over too the man whose truck is stuck underneath the bridge. after talking too him click on his left tire and click the valve stem too flatten the tires. afterwards he gives you a camera.

      • now that you have the camera go too the himalayas and talk to a sherpa (not in camp he is on a cliff a few rocks below the second rope which says “you cannot go up without a guide”) now jump across a series of gaps and tie the rope to the ring by clicking on it. now if you mess up just climb up the rope if the guide is tied on. or you may have too start over. now when you get through there and you are in front of the monk temple. jump up yet another series of rocks and talk too the monk standing on top of a building. after talking too him you have too beat him at a game of yeti vs hunters. the rules are simple make it too the opposite side of the board without getting boxed in. you can move in the directions the dirt lines are pointing from the place you are at. after beating him he will allow you too enter the temple. now talk too the monk inside and he wont let you take a picture of the yeti scalp and he will give you a lantern. now jump up back too where you met the monk you met earlier and continue going upwards by jumping from the top of the monk temple too some cliffs. eventually you should reach a cliff with some bushes with pink flowers at the top. go too the west end of this and you will find a possible yeti foot print. take a picture of it and go back too the mews mansion. after giving the picture too mr mews and getting the lantern you are now finished with the Himalayan region.

    • Nice Penguin says:

      dude its an awesome guide
      i ALWAYS use these

  13. now fly off too puerto rico. when you get there you will see the person you helped earlier in the hot air balloon stuck in a tree and a guy with a mustache will help him. when he is finished talk too him. after a short talk he will give you the keys too his jeep and ask you too deliver some corn too his brother. you don’t have too immediately deliver the corn. now drive around two 2 areas on the north west part of the map. one place is full of goats. talk too the guy that is on top of the cliff he will say that chupacabra will only attack goats in groups of 3 or more. and then go too the next area. there you will talk to a guy with a slightly torn up hat. he will say it only attacks goats with spots. while you are in that area go east and you will find some logs protruding out the side of a cliff. jump up those until you reach the top. there you will find some bolt cutters which will come in handy in new jersey.

    • now drive too the mustache guy’s brothers place and talk too him. he will say that the chupacabra attacked and go check out the fence. there you will find some hair. collect that and go back too the mews mansion and have it analyzed. the results will say it is coyote hair. fly back too Puerto Rico. when you arrive mustache guy will say he is going too trap it and leaves. jump in his jeep and herd 3 spotted goats into the area next too the river near the center of the map. too herd them just chase them with the jeep and run them into the middle of the rock formation. afterwards you leave the jeep and talk to mustache guy. he tells you to hide behind some rocks and wait for the trap. you will then capture the chupacabra and he will ask you too push the crate into the truck. the chupacabra will break the crate and escape, but it leaves behind a tooth. go back too the mews mansion and give it too mr mews, he will say this is considered indefinite proof and confirm the existence of the chupacabra. you are now finished with puerto rico.

  14. now go back too loch ness and go to the pub. when you are in there you will have to do 3 things. 1 pick up the book of matches on the bar counter. 2 talk to the two people arguing over the existence of the loch ness monster. and 3 beat the guy standing next too the dart board and beat him at darts so you can have his rowboat ticket. to play darts click the spot the tip of the dart is pointing at and hold the mouse button. this will pull the dart back and determine the power in the toss. after beating him at a game of darts you will get his boat ticket. now go back to the dock and use the ticket. after small voyage the (so called) loch ness monster will appear. take a picture of it with your camera and go back too mr mews and give him the picture. he points out it is a fake and there is a thing in the background. go back too the loch again and talk too the man in the rowboat. you will point out he is a fake and he will run away leaving it so that you can take his boat out whenever you want. go back too the pub and talk to the two people arguing again and beat the younger one at a game of darts. afterwards you will get his darts and a submarine ticket. use the submarine ticket and take a picture of a sunken movie prop at the bottom of the lake that is not too far from where you started. after your underwater adventure. go back too the pub and show the picture. then the kid will say look at the newspaper clipping on the board. click the small one in the center. and exit it. now try too exit the pub. before you leave the guy who lost too you earlier will appear and will demand a rematch at darts. after you defeat him he will storm off calling you a teacher. talk too the barkeep and he will give you a penny whistle. go back too the dock and use the rowboat. go out farther than you did with the rowboat captain and use the penny whistle. slowly but surely the loch ness monster will rise out of the lake and will leave after you take a picture of it. go back too the mews mansion and show mr mews the picture. he will say that this is the clearest nessie picture he has ever seen and confirms it. you are now finished with that area.

  15. and finally. go too new jersey use the garden shears and cut down the person in the hang glider. you will get nothing but it is a nice gesture. go too the dumpster next too the bathroom and use the bolt cutters and pull out the bathroom stall door after sifting trough some garbage. go into the bathroom and use the door both of them will combine then and you will get a note of some sort with the directions too the log cabin. after driving the motor cycle there make sure you combine the lantern from the Himalayas and the match book from the pub and light it. now enter the gate and walk through the house. go too the top floor and you will a lot of large thumps in the attic. to get there push the dresser and jump on that to get into the attic. go too the end of the room and you will find a barrel shaking. inside you find the terrible, the horrifying raccoon. now go past the barrel and pick up the grappling hook next too it. leave the house and grapple too the tree you see the jersey devil fly up towards. in there you will find a lot of mysterious egg shells. pick one up and have it analyzed at the mews mansion. afterwards he will say this proves its existence again and leaves it at confirmed. you are now finished with new jersey. now go over too the helicopter. and try to use it. you will get a message from mr mews to track a bigfoot sighted in the pacific northwest. after following the thing for a couple minutes it will run too its home. mr mews says thank you and confirms it. where suddenly grimlock appears on the monitor and tries to steal the bigfoot. run your helicopter into hers before she escapes. now jump on the back of the helicopter and jump above the main blades. you will get hit by them (its unavoidable) and you will land on part of the landing parts. walk over to the gas cap and take it off the helicopter. jump off the helicopter and go too the bigfoot cage. use the garden shears and cut the rope dropping the cage. afterwards you are on the ground and you will use the bolt cutters on the lock for bigfoot’s cage. releasing him/her/it. go back too the mews mansion and talk too mr mews. you have now finished cryptids island

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      On the bottom floor, just close your eyes(in real life) and run left(in the game). Wait about ten seconds and then head out the door. Then close your eyes again. Wait for about twenty seconds to make sure and get to the top of the tree. You’ll never have to see him.

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    Hijuyo: To move the rowboat, move your cursor to the right and click to “Go Right.” (Or left to go back.)

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    Hijuyo: They are on the farthest farm in Puerto Rico.

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      Hijuyo: Actually, you do need the bolt cutters because you can’t drive around New Jersey without the bathroom door message in your inventory.

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        Hijuyo: Well, it’s just more complete and easier if you do get the bolt cutters which ultimately gives you access to the bathroom message.

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    Hijuyo: As you attempt to exit the pub, one of the men will demand a rematch of darts.

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      Hijuyo: There’s no “Chupacabra” button. However, the Chupacabra is located in Puerto Rico, which should always be available for you to go back to on the helicopter.

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    Hijuyo: Check to make sure you’ve confirmed all the other cryptids – Loch Ness, Chupacabra, Jersey Devil, fake Bigfoot print – then go back to Mr. Mews and he’ll add Pacific Northwest as a helicopter location.

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    Hijuyo: He’ll tell you to go to the Pacific Northwest AFTER you have confirmed ALL the OTHER monsters. Make sure you’ve done everything, not just the snowshoe print.

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    • For the goat one, you have to herd the goats into this dark green patch of grass near the PFB. It will tell you when you already herded one goat. The goat thing was really confusing for me.

    • Aurora Glaze says:

      Hey, Nessie was cute….to me anyway. But I can’t say the same about the Jersey Devil.

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      Don’t actually run over the goats, just go slightly behind them. It’s easier if you go slow.

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    Hijuyo: That’s awesome! Don’t be afraid to share God in your life too; you just might encourage someone! 🙂

    • I’m trying, but I’m not perfect, although that has always puzzled me. If we become one of God’s children, then he calls us holy enough to be his! We are new, not the same person we used to be. (2Corinth. 5:17) And Paul writes to the Romans that we cannot be condemned anymore because we are His. Well, as mind blowing as it is, it IS REALLY COOL! 😀 THank you. My friend and I have some BIG plans for sharing God’s word, and we are already carrying through with some of them.

      Hijuyo: No one’s perfect except God, but that doesn’t stop us from being an example of having God in our lives. So cool that you and your friend are eager to spread the good news. 🙂

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    Hijuyo: Simply letting people know you have God in you and then living a Christ-like example is already a great way to get people to notice! 🙂

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        Jesus is my Saviour!!!!!

        Hijuyo: Just keep in mind that breaking rules isn’t cool with God, even if it seems to impress others! Ultimately we should live for our Savior, rather than give in to what others want if it’s not what God has in mind for us.

      • I’m thirteen too, but i’m kind of jealous of how others seem to have such an easy time with their faith. I just can’t keep any bible studying schedules!!! It’s getting on my nerves.

        Hijuyo: Christianity isn’t always easy, and it might seem that some people have an easy time with some areas, but everyone has their weaknesses they struggle with. But the cool part is, God’s there to help. 🙂

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    Hijuyo: I’m glad you enjoy this blog! We also try not to allow profanity in the comments section either, so hopefully you won’t see any of that.

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    Hijuyo: One of the cryptids, the New Jersey Devil, seemed particularly scary to the people whose comments you are referring to. You may or may not think it looks scary when you see it, but just keep it in mind as you go along with the guide.

    • Scary Catfish :) says:

      Its not that scary – in my opinion. (I don’t get scared much) Also if your afraid a video on youtube has a scary face in it, just read the comments. If there is any complaints of scary faces you’ll know. Another Tip: Don’t believe those chain-mail comments that say Oh Bob is gonna get you. (Bob XD)

  119. scarlett says:

    awesome info but the motor bike ride thing was pretty hard because i have NEVER found that clearing i think there r just too many directions. I LOVE these poptropica island tour they help me sooooooooo much I would have NEVER won a medal without the island tours.


  120. scarlett says:

    I HATE THE JERSEY DEVIL he or she or what ever it
    is scared me!!!!!!!!!! I recon i liked the loch ness monster
    the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Scary Catfish :) says:

      I liked the Jersey Devil! 😀 Why? Cause its the scariest/coolest thing on Poptropica! (Well it didn’t scare me that much but I see it frightened a lot of you guys :P) When I did it in early access, at first I thought that thing in the bucket was gonna be the Jersey Devil, but it ended up being a Raccoon! 😄 Then I was like, It has to be outside. Then I was standing next to that window and at first I didn’t see the Jersey Devil. After one minute of looking around I saw it in the window and kinda was a tiny bit scared,(my shoulders jumped a little) but not as much as other people. I remember right before Cryptids island was released, I bought a book about cryptids that had a photo-shopped picture of it.(It looked real!) Also Fun Fact: According to Myth, if you look into the Jersey Devil’s eyes, they will paralyze you. (anybody notice the sign in the front of the house that said 666, but the last number had lost a screw causing it to say 669) And um..that’s all i can think of! 😄 Bye!

      • Yeah I noticed the sign. It really freaked me out when I saw the Jersey Devil in the window, but when I went outside it was ok. The loch ness monster was the best part in my opinion.

  121. scarlett says:


    GO……… POPTROPICA YAYAYAYAYAYAYYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. when you said it was cute i was like “Its Gonna be cute!” but when i saw it was like oh……
    Btw the New Jersey Devil iz a girl Cuz it Had an Egg! 😄

    Hijuyo: In some species, it can be the male who lays eggs. Also, since it has not been proven that a New Jersey Devil really exists, we can only guess.

  123. THE JERSEY DEVIL SCARES ME!!!! YOU WERE RIGHT!!! THE JERSEY DEVIL IS SCARY AND THE LOCK NESS MONSTER NESSIE IS SO CUTE!!!!! Have you ever saw Big Foot the Yeti on Poptropica Cryptids Island?

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    nessie is offense but nessie is also very cute in a way XD.. the jersey devil part creeped me out,you know… but cryptids island is like the most interesting island so far..

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  126. Alex (Icy Catfish) says:

    Know what’s really creepy about the Shroud House? If you return to the attic after using the rope, there it will be again, neatly coiled up where you found it.

    Who put it back? Does someone still live here? Is Mother Whatsherface haunting it? Or did you ever really take it in the first place? Was this all a halucination? Are you going crazy? More importantly, why is the rope also still hanging in the tree outside? AAAAAAAa!

    • Scary Catfish says:

      Mother Leeds you mean? Mother Whatsherface was a good one… 😄 Maybe the Jersey Devil has a rope collection,or maybe they bought it at some kinda Bargain Mart place.. We may never know..DUN DUN DUN!
      P.S. I remember when i whent back after i finished the island,the Raccoon thing repeated itself..XD Raccoons Must Love Hiding in that barrel..

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  129. Its me, Prickly Dolphin’s best friend, Hazy Girl. By the way, thanks alot for writing the guide. Um, I have two poptropicans Hazy Girl and Massive Bang. They both completed the island. Oh boy! I need one more island before Mystery Train comes. Um, I am not a member not even Massive Bang. But Prickly Dolphin is! – Hazy Girl

  130. Um I have two poptropicans too. Prickly Dolphin and Lazy Fish. I was the one who wrote the comment something like AHHHH THE JERSEY SCARES ME!!! Something like that.

  131. Help ! See the problem is that i was playing Cryptids island and i took the picture of Nessie and when i came out of the submarine there was no picture of Nessie in my items so i tried to take it again but she said “i’ve already taken the photo” so now i have no picture and my character wont take another one …………..i tried refreshing the page and loging out but nothing is working . HELP !!

    Hijuyo: If all else fails, you may have to resort to restarting the island.

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    Hijuyo: If you’re stuck on any part of an island and there’s no way forward (glitched), you can restart the island.

  135. Wow. This was really helpful! 😀
    Thanks for taking the time to write this all out to help like a hundred people! I found it extremely useful! 😀 Good Job!

    ❤ Bigfoot ❤

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  137. how do u even do the darts? i keep getting 0

    • You set the target with the dart pull the dart back and release the left button on the mouse and heres a tip to get bullseye pull the dart back straight to the first end of the table not the second

  138. Can some help me with the part where we need to throw the darts? I am terrible at that part. Please

  139. Hey guys, when I was doing the darts thing for the lil ness boat ticket, I scored 50 points and I won. Here is a tip, Take the dart, click on the dart at the bottom and pull back little bit or alot. Sometimes you will miss and sometimes you will get points Please note that this is true

  140. WHOA I got 111 points when earning for the submarine ticket. I got lucky!!!! Lets see if I could more than 111 and 50 points

  141. 50? 111? Wow!!!! Thats a lot of points. I got the whistle and I am now on the part when you have to get the goats in Puerto Rico in the place where you find the chupacabra.

  142. Finally, I completed the island. I am going to play darts again. Oh by the way, after you have done darts three times, you can play again but you won’t get any more prizes. Have fun!

  143. Can i ask u sumthing ? where did u get the cheese ur poptropican is holding ?? just curious 😄

    Hijuyo: The Mouse costume on the Poptropica Store.

  144. For the Chupacabra, when you need a trap, which farmer is the ‘main’ farmer?

  145. Wild Storm says:

    also, on 1st round, bulseye than 70 points! 120 total!

  146. I’m stuck… PLEASE HELP MMEEEEHHH!!! lol xD anyway, im stuck where it sais “Go find the main farm guide. He will help you. Hide next to the boulders. You will hear a THUMP!”. If you can help please reply! 🙂

    • please… HELP 😦

      • Go to the middle star and exit your Jeep. There you will find Mr.Farmguide. He said he set up the trap for the Chupacabra. He hides behind the Chupacabra’s cave. Follow him. A couple seconds later……. THUD! Mr.Farmguide tells you to push the box with chains into his Truck. ( Close your eyes for this!! 😮 ) Push the box into his Truck. BOOM! Chupacabra snarls at you and knocks you down. You crash-land on your butt. Walk to the place where the Chupacabra was standing. You find a tooth. Click or walk by it and it goes into your backpack. Go inside the Jeep and go to Mr.Farm guide’s farm and go inside your helicopter. Click Mew’s Mansion. Go to the lab inside his museum. Give him the tooth.

        Hope that helped you!

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    • Lollipop31 says:

      I know I’ve done the island before but I made a new person. So I close my eyes every time when I pass the window.

    • when i saw the jersy devil at the window it scared me a lot
      but the racoon was cute

      • rainbow ponies says:

        when the racoon poped out it scared me and also when i went back down he was in the window!I said oh geez!And when the chupacabra poped out of the bow when i was pushing!

        Peace+Love+Happiness+Hugs=ME!!!(and rainbow ponies!)

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      Peace+Love+Happiness+Hugs=ME!!(and rainbow ponies!)

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  155. Ok so I was at the Himalyas and I accidently clicked an ad on the side of the Poptropica page, and the ad takes you to the Chipmunk thing. I returned to Cryptids island but now I can’t get back into the mansion, what should I do???

  156. Blue Raptor says:

    I somehow can’t find the chupacabra. I was following the directions, but the guy said “I can’t take the chupacabra! I’m going to trap it.” So now I can’t find the chupacabra. What shall I do?

  157. Blue Raptor says:

    The note didn’t help me find the place. It took me to a place like it, but it wasn’t the REAL place.

  158. Why the heck does big foot move I going to kill big foot if he does’t move in 10 seconds!!!!!!!

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  160. it wont show “pacific northwest”!

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    Anyone notice that when you enter the Jersey Devil House, the address is supposed to be 666, except the last 6 is upside down? 666 is bad…and yeah? Anyone get my point?

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    • donutgiraffe says:

      Click use on the grappling rope at the base of the tree. Then climb up the rope (you’ll have to jump.) There’s a branch on the right side of the tree at the top. Edge out on it so you won’t grab the rope as you jump and jump up to the nest. You should get the egg.

  170. Haha, I need to start dressing my Poptropican like that again! I looked so cute! 😀

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  173. go near the bottom left area and you should find it.

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    Peace+Love+Happines+Hugs=ME!!(and rainbow ponies)

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  182. Poptropican says:

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    • Icy Speck says:

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      • Kristen Nethercott says:

        Yeah. None of them scared me immensely. No, I shouldn’t know that word. I am in the 5th grade and I was in the regional spelling bee last year 🙂


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  192. Poptropica says:

    If you are trying to get the Northwest location, show mr. mews the picture of the Yeti print again, and he’ll give you the location. It’s Much easier than trying to start all over again!

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    • Kristen Nethercott says:

      The Jersey Devil isn’t THAT creepy.  In fact, it didn’t scare me at all.


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    • Haha. Also, the shifty guy (who tricks you) said he was taking a vacation. He was wrong (they say holiday in Scotland). Also, in 24 Carrot, Charlie calls her cat “she” before you find it and “he” afterwards 🙂

  213. itstoostrangeforme says:

    I was like,” What?! I wanted a million bucks tho!”

  214. Orange Sky says:

    what do I do after I get the blue darts???
    I thought I was supposed to get the whistle
    I also tried talking to the guys again but they just say stuff

    • Refer to the Loch Ness section of the guide above. The first time you win at darts, you’ll get a Rowboat Ticket; the second time, the Submarine Ticket; the third time, the Penny Whistle. After that you can keep playing darts if you want to, but you don’t have to.

  215. OMG! When I cut the guy loose for the ballon to go away, the guy fell and i talked to him again and he gave me ANOTHER nylon rope! Now I have 2 nylon ropes! 😄

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    Slanted Fish: Make sure you’ve completed all the steps prior to that point.

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    Slanted Fish: Make sure you’ve done everything prior to that point, and if you have and it still doesn’t let you continue, contact Poptropica about the problem.

  235. zippy turtle says:

    I’m SO confused! Whenever I enter the helicopter, there is no space to click on “pacific northwest” ! I completed everything else at the other places, but it still doesn’t work.

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  237. Angelica-Fresh says:

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    Uh, I think my game is messed up. I had to restart the island, and when I went Cliff Park, I was in the water, and the guy in the balloon had already fallen, even though I never cut the rope. And went to make sure, no one was in the basket.

  239. Angelica-Fresh says:

    I can’t give the other guy the seed because it’s not in my inventory! HELP!

    Slanted Fish: Get the seeds from the farmer in Puerto Rico. If you already did but it’s not there, contact Poptropica about the glitch.

  240. this wont let me throw the darts!!!! help

  241. Short Monster says:

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    Slanted Fish: The monks at the Himalayas will give you one.

  242. Short Monster says:

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    • I cant finish the dart thing for the submarine. I am not click to hold the dart back but it goes automatically and when i click it doesn’t wok. I have reloaded a bunch of times and it still doesn’t work. Please help me!

  246. hatersloveme2490/hatersloveme4897/hip hop lover/17-time winner of Reality TV island/Poptropica girl with 2576 friends with membership/has all 35 medals/knucklehead5249 call me any of that. says:

    the jersey devil isn’t that scary but i had a nightmare about it

    i was in a forest at midnight then i saw a shadow of a tall creature with wings,i was freakin’ scared so i flashed my light on its body and i saw something green then i flashed it on his face and BAM!!!!!there it was,i was like “aw crap” then i started to run but it ate me!

    i was going to play this island but i remembered the jersey devil

    now i’m freakin’ scared to look through a window!

    • Orange Grape says:

      That’s a scary dream! In Poptropica, none of the creatures freak me out (except the Jersey Devil sometimes) but when I find the Jersey Devil last, I’m all like WHOA! But then I’m fine, don’t be scared, anywhere out of the Jersey Devil’s sight is nothing to be afraid of.

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    Slanted Fish: Direct them there with your jeep. 😛

  257. queeeeeeen says:

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    i dont want the money i just want to help bigfoot .
    and you get 50 instead of 1000000
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  264. RagingSlime_957 says:

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    Slanted Fish: Try playing darts again, or restart the island if you can’t get the ticket again.

  265. RagingSlime_957 says:

    Whenever I try to extract the coyote fur it takes forever to develop and when it is done it tells me I did it wrong, I’ve done it 5 times ( I counted not estimated) and it won’t let me do it
    is it a glitch?

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  270. Orange Grape says:

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  275. Maggie's sister says:

    I think loch ness is cute. So is bigfoot. But the chubacapra and jersey devil REALLY freaked me out. JERSEY DEVIL WAS SOOOOOOOO SCARY OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!! I think I ate too much sugar.

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  278. Maggie's sister says:


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  282. AJStrawberryStarToontownLPS says:

    Thanks. These walkthroughs are a load full of help. and when I saw the Jersey Devil I screamed like I saw it in real life!
    Anyone can add me if you want: Username: princessstella19

    • AJStrawberryStarToontownLPS says:

      Also the picture of the Old Lady in the house is in the Ghost Story Island hotel. I literally just noticed while playing this island again.

  283. hi! i have a question, when the part where i get to ride the motorcycle, i followed what my poptropican wrote and it led me to the right spot! but the problem is,i cant find the house!
    i found a gate but i cant get in it! nor click it! plus i dont know where to get the lantern!
    anybody PLS help!!!! (i mean reply)
    -HappyFISH 😉

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    – Mooimacat2

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  286. Anyone remember the comment about giving the crooked boatman a good paddling by the bartender or whatever he is in the loch ness part in the pub?
    What exactly does giving someone a paddling mean??

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  288. actually, the jersy devil is creepy,scary and cool at the same time

  289. I thank the person who did this. Well here’s the bad news. I already played the game with out help and I climbed with the guy in the Himalayas, but somehow I must of quit because now it won’t let me do it again. All it says is “It was great climbing with you,” and I want to climb again. If you know how to stop my problem, please let me know. If not, that’s okay, just let me know. Thanks!

  290. Never mind. I got it.

  291. I hate te ginger guy at the pub he is so braggy

  292. HarryPotterOlympusRocks says:

    Where is the general store? I don’t see it on Main Street.

  293. Martin_85 says:

    For the Jersey Devil you need the matches and lantern the matches are in the oub and the lantern is in the temple on the Himalayan mountains just talk to the monk in the temple..

  294. super snowball says:

    the tire on the truck in loch ness is a pun on the brand GoodYear

  295. these guides are awesome i use the all the time but this one was good just the dna test thing takes forever i can wait an hour and it wont be done

  296. goddessrenae says:

    I can’t get into the house… My poptropican says that she can’t see anything

  297. Thanks for the guide!

    Whats another good island to play?

    Slanted Fish: Check out our Island Help Walkthroughs page for a list of islands and their descriptions! 🙂

  298. sewmini thilaksiri says:

    thankyou sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!

  299. thx it was so much fun but the jersey devil is creepy

  300. Popular Heart says:

    WARNING: You will only understand if you watch the show”Supernatural”
    I personally think that this island should be called “Supernatural Island” if we are hunting monsters

  301. Popular Heart says:

    that darn chupacabra scared me so much when he got out of the box that my whole body jumped and my hand flung and x’ed out the window!

  302. Poptropican person says:

    Doesn’t anyone else think herding the goats is hard?

  303. Poptropican person says:

    Do you have to herd 3 goats or can u just herd 1?

  304. Poptropican person says:

    Also, what do u do when the goat goes into the bush?


  306. HELP ME PLEAZE says:

    HI i really need help when everything was confirmed execpt for the bigfoot Mews didn’t tell me anything and now im stuck please please help and I got everything even the furs.

  307. Spyro9036 says:

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  308. lolagreen2015 says:

    I am stuck on the motorcycle part

  309. its such a coincidence that the house where the jersey devil is house number is 666

  310. I Love This GUIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  311. when im in himalayas i disapeer when im on that rope segment what can i do

    • If your character has disappeared completely and isn’t coming back no matter where you move the mouse, you can fix this glitch by going to your Store Items and teleporting to the Haunted House (free in the Store). You can leave through the hole and go back to Cryptids Island on the Map. Take the helicopter back to the Himalayas and pick up where you left off.

  312. This is one of my favorite islands. great plot, great story, and all around fun.

  313. Funny Seal says:

    Er… I tried to ride the Lil’ Nessie, but it says I need a ticket ( which i do have one. ) I tried to use the ticket, but all whats happening is my character just ducks.

  314. A Raptor Passing By says:

    I cant count how many times i tried the darts game with a lie prize but i did it 😄

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  317. ♦♬ Melody Kitty ♬♦ says:

    I gave the so-called-fancy bush a haircut— more like a SHAVE. 😄 I still don’t understand why the woman calls the ”shaggy mess” ”classy” 😛

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  326. I got the matches and the guy came back i won the dart match but when i came back after the submarine tour (i did take a photo) i did not have the photo in my items,and the guy is gone again. Plz plz tell me what to do. BTW My username is greatpumpkinvampire

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    slantedfish: Try watching the video guide on our Cryptids Island page to see exactly where to go. 🙂

  330. Sissyfuss says:

    I herd the goats and I get out of the jeep and theres no farmer ? Help!!!

    • Have you tried going to Mews Mansion and analysing the coyote fur? When you come back to Puerto Rico, the farmer who loaned you the jeep says he’s gonna catch the beast, then he runs off. THEN you go to the place where you herd the goats and then exit the jeep and you go right and the farmer is there. Don’t worry, I made the same mistake. 🙂

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  335. happy crab says:

    @Negan: U should do it before u get in the mansion… that’s what I did. Hope it helps! 🙂

  336. happy crab says:

    Who else believes in any of these cryptids? I believe in Nessie and a little of the Jersey Devil. My 3rd fav. island! Thanks PHB!!! 🙂
    BTW, there’s an X Files episode on the Jersey Devil.

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  338. better than you says:

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  339. Rick Riordan Fan says:

    Brave Tomato, have you ever seen a Jersey Devil? 😛

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    I have 17 medals so far how bout you guys?

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  343. djscratchstep says:

    Fun fact: From the Poptropica creator’s blog, this week five years ago Cryptids Island was released. That’s why I’m playing this one.

  344. djscratchstep says:

    GLITCH REPORT: I got the nylon rope, and when he went off, I came back on here to see what to do next. The guy in the balloon came down, and when I clicked on him, he disappeared, with his original text bubble still up. Lol

  345. djscratchstep says:

    Noting everything I see and referencing it to something: The picture of the pink unicorn by the lab room = pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows. lol

  346. Kittty Kat says:

    It doesn’t let e pop the wheel on the truck. That’s why I even got on here, wanted to see maybe I was doing something wrong, but still, it won’t let me. What do I do??? Thanks!

  347. little red says:

    in new jersey i cant get through the gate ??

  348. Invisible Lizard says:

    Did anyone notice that on the gate in New Jersey, the 9 is tilted, making me think that it was actually a six? If it was 666, that’s the devil. THE JERSEY DEVIL!!!

  349. wait if i drowned when the villain sunk my kite, then how did i get dehydrated??

  350. What farmer do u hide with?

  351. Mews doesn’t tell me about the new location to look for big foot. what do i do ???

  352. ShyPanda13 says:

    I keep having to restart the island because everytime I go to start the helicopter, I get a bubble saying I don’t have permission to use it, then I go back inside, then come out again, then I transport outside the mansion, with no way in.
    What do I do?

  353. chips_is_life says:

    I keep getting locked out of mansion gates. what do I do???

  354. ShyPanda13 says:

    this is the last island I need to finish have done them all except this one

  355. melmel9358 says:

    The author forgot to say in the New Jersey part: Open your inventory and use the box of matches to create a fire in the lantern. This will help you to see in the dark when you get to the gate of the spooky house.

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  358. I am finishing it but it says its wrong and I am doing everything right!!!!!!!!!!

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    i got it

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  361. Shoeless Dolphin says:

    I’m having trouble with the lab procedures?
    I’ve done everything slowly and carefully, and every time it says I’ve failed. I’ve been making sure of every step, and it doesn’t work. I actually had my sister try it, it still fails. Anything like that happen to you guys? If so, any tips?

  362. Jordan Lopez says:

    Oops I meant so much not do much. Lol 😂

  363. wild flame says:

    i herded the goats but were do i go next?????? i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  364. I is not letting me open the gate for the house in the jersey devil

  365. Trusty Panda says:

    I freaked out when the chupacabra escaped!

  366. damiendietz says:

    it keeps on shootin before i click 2

  367. rebekah livingston says:

    my laptop isn’t showing the last place here the Yeti is and i have already tried reloading
    please help,

  368. THE FARMER Doesn’t appear for me!

  369. LoL! if you look at the fake picture of nessie close, you’ll see nessie in the backround!! 😉 ;p

  370. its riged the darts


  1. […] Body: You can costumize this suit from Harold Mews, the billionaire inhabiting the mansion, on Cryptids Island. You will have to complete just a tidbit of the island to do so, but not much. A full written walkthrough with pictures can be found on the PHB! […]

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