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Get ready for a whole new type of online virtual world adventure on Poptropica. Enter the comic strip world of Big Nate – a wisecracking kid who holds the all-time record for detentions at this school. You’re on a mission to find a long-lost time capsule which, if found, can save the school from demolition. You’ll need help from Nate and his friends to complete your online virtual world quest!

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Released: February 12, 2009
Common Room: Cap’n Salty’s
Preceded by: Nabooti Island
Succeeded by: Astro-Knights Island

  • Synopsis from Poptropica
  • Island Extras
  • Video Walkthrough
  • Written Walkthrough
  • Album Photos
  • Trivia

Island Extras

Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page!

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough written by Codien
Special thanks to Fierce Moon, PopBuddies, Lucky Joker, & Slanted Fish

Table of Contents

1) Comic Strip Frame Locations
2) Big Nate Island Guide

Comic Strip Frames

  1. Pop-In Shoppe – on the green couch, on the top floor.
  2. Klassic Komix – talk to the guy to receive the frame.
  3. Photo Studio – on top of the light, to the right.
  4. Main Street – on a telegraph pole, to the very right of the street.
  5. Inside the School – on a speaker, on the top floor.
  6. Science Lab – on the Planet Mobil, to the left.
  7. Outside the School – on the wooden scaffolding, to the right of the school.
  8. Playground – floating in the air, on top of the climbing wall.
  9. Puffin Point – on top of the lighthouse.

bignate comic

Big Nate Island Guide

With only a Lobster, a pack of Stale Gum, and some Peanut Butter Crackers, you can find a Time Capsule any day.

Main Street

First, to get onto the island, hop into the yellow blimp (located on Main Street of whichever island you’re on right now) and travel to the island named “Big Nate.” When you arive at the Main Street you will be greeted by Big Nate. He will tell you that he is on a search for a time capsule hidden a hundred years ago. Let’s join the hunt!


Head to your right and enter the shop named “Pop-In Shoppe”, a store run by Nate’s dad. At your left there is a bulletin with some background information on the time capsule. If you go to the top floor, on the green couch there is a comic strip frame. There are nine of these frames hidden around Big Nate island and they all join up to make a comic strip that will help you later in the game.

Go back outside and go to your right. Enter the “Klassic Komix” building, which is full of comics and other cool stuff. Once inside talk to the guy. He is looking for a comic he lost, he will provide you with a comic frame for it. Exit the building.

Pass the “Cap’n Salty’s” building, which is the island’s multiplayer room, and then enter the Photo Studio (the large camera), a building run by the “School Picture Guy”. On the right there is a comic frame sitting on a light. Pick it up then go back outside. Now on the right of the “Photo Studio” there is a telegraph pole you can climb. Climb to the the top to obtain another comic frame. Jump back down and go right.


You are now outside the school, where there is a large bell on the top (more information can be found later on in the guide). Head to your right and go inside the school. Inside there is a science lab, some rundown lockers, a detention hall, and a secret room. Go to your right, jump up the stairs and grab the comic frame. Enter the door labeled “Science Lab” on your left.

Once inside the room, make your way next to the science geek, a boy named Francis. Click on the chemistry set next to him. Turn on the heater to 4, then pour half of the beaker with blue liquid and half with yellow, which will make a greenish color. This will produce a Stink Bomb. It will be useful later.

Go over to your left towards the Mr. Bones skeleton model and grab the comic frame on top of the planet mobile. Make your way out of the science lab and out of the school.

Climb up the wooden scaffolding on the right of the school. Grab the comic frame on it. Now go right to the Playground.

Playground & Kids’ Club House

Climb to the top of the playground and head left so you are on top of the climbing wall. Floating above you is a comic frame, so grab it. Go right and enter the ‘Kids Only’ house. Win the “Go To Jail” game to obtain the Peanut Butter Crackers.

gotojail bignate

If you want to, you can win at “Table Football” to obtain a book called Big Nate’s Pratical Jokes (note: You don’t have to play Table Football, but you do need to win Go To Jail). Go back outside and travel right to reach “Puffin Point”.

Puffin Point & Big Nate Comic

Go right and climb up the Lighthouse. On the very top of the light house is a comic frame, grab it. You now have collected all the comic frames. Click on your Inventory, then examine the Big Nate Comic. Arrange them so they spell: “Nine Three Zero Five” in between the strip.

bignate comicfull

This is the order they are in (going from left to right, top first, then the bottom):

  1. Uh… excuse me… | Hm?
  2. I’m new here, and… um… I’m sort of lost. | Ah! Nate Wright at your service, dude! Where do you need to go?
  3. I’m trying to find the art room. | Art room! Gotcha! Stand here!
  4. Uh… here? | Right there! And don’t move!
  5. But… | Klik!
  6. FOOOMM!
  7. Well? | You overshot. He reached the nurse’s office.
  8. Dang! | …Which is probably a good place for him to end up.

You have formed the Big Nate Comic! Now exit the comic strip. Ask Mr. Rosa, the man who is painting, if you can look through the telescope. Look through the telescope and you’ll see that to your right, there is a scroll under a rock. Exit the telescope.

To the left of the lighthouse is an old picture floating around in the wind. Try and grab it by jumping around starting at the lighthouse ladder. This may take a couple of tries.

Once you have collected the Old Photograph, head back to Main Street by going left.

Scuba Diving, Jet Skiing, & a Lobster

Keep going left, left, left, until you reach the Photo Studio building (the large camera). Enter the building. On the left you’ll find the ‘School Picture Guy’, who has a golden scuba suit he will trade for a photo. Swap the photo for the Scuba Gear.

Now leave the building. Walk left and enter the building “Klassic Komix”. Talk to Gordie (the shopkeeper) again, and tell him you found his comic. He will be so glad that he will let you keep the comic and let you have a Stale Pack of Gum as a prize.

Exit the building and go right. Make your way back to Puffin Point, so go right, right, right, right…until you reach it. Head right past the lighthouse and talk to Cap’n Salty. He needs your help to rescue the lobster trap from under the water. Go into your Inventory and put on the scuba gear.

Jump off the dock and dive down. Swim all the way to right until you can’t go any futher, then swim down until you reach the Lobster Trap. Pick it up and wait until your oxygen runs out.

Once you are back at the start, swim up. Talk to Cap’n Salty and tell him you have his trap.

He’ll let you have two items – the Lobster and Jet Ski Keys.

Jump on the skis on your right and ride away. Big Nate will challenge you to see who can get there first. The best way to beat him is to try keep your computer’s mouse as far to the right side as you can and to move farther and gain some distance from him. Be sure to jump over obstacles by clicking when you get near one!


Once you arrive at the rocks (it’s called Sealsaw Rock on the Map) jump on the tilting, seesaw-like rock. Push both of the cute seals to the left side of the rock.

Now you can jump down and take the scroll. The scroll is the Map to Capsule. Ride back to Puffin Point. Climb back up the lighthouse to the light. Go to your Inventory, select the “Lobster” item card, and click “Use” to your lobster to turn the light around.

It will scare away the bird at the top of the school bell. Jump off the lighthouse and go left.

Nate’s Locker

Go left to the Playground. The capsule is here but it is guarded by the girls. Go left, enter the school building, and jump up to the second floor. Run left to the lockers and click on one spilling with papers. Enter the locker code found on the comic – 9305.

Once the locker empties itself, click on the papers again. You will find the School Blueprint. If you examine it you will see that there is a secret room. Now the only way to move the girls is to ring the bell, but the bell is missing its clapper. The bell clapper is hidden in the secret room.

Secret Room

To get to the secret room you have to go through the detention room. To enter the Detention room stand outside the detention room door and chew on the gum by going to your Inventory, selecting the item card “Pack of Stale Gum,” and clicking the “Use” button. The teacher, Mrs. Godfrey, will take you inside. The secret room is through the filing cabinets.

Use the stink bomb to move the teacher. Go to the right and click on the filing cabinets. It will reveal a hidden ladder. Then go down. Once you’re down at the bottom turn on the power by clicking on the power lever. On the right above the work bench should be a bronze bell clapper.

Jump up and grab it to obtain the Bell Clapper. Make your way back up the stairs and outside of the school. Go to the top of the school, use the bell clapper, and ring the bell. The girls will now leave their place.

Uncovering the Time Capsule

Go to the Playground and stand between the two posts, between the monkey bars and the logs. Open your items and use the Peanut Butter Crackers. The dog will then dig a hole, showing the time capsule hidden underneath.

Click on the hole and pull the capsule from it. Click the lock to open it. Watch the dialogue between Big Nate and his friend Jenny, who convinces Nate to use the valuable pearl inside the capsule to save the school even though he doesn’t really want to.

Once the newspaper (called “The Clam Courier”) appears, click close at the top-right corner of the gamescreen. You will then be confronted by the teacher who will award you with the Big Nate Island medallion and credits to spend at the Poptropica Store!

Congratulations! You’ve completed Big Nate Island. If you are looking for more things to do, take a ride in the blimp for a new adventure on another island. Or check out the multiplayer rooms located on Main Street, where you can chat and battle with other Poptropicans!

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂

Album Photos

These pictures are collected in your Poptropica photo album in the profile section. Click to enlarge.


  • Big Nate Island is Poptropica’s 8th island, released on February 12, 2009.
  • As of July 10, 2015, the island became locked to members only, with a demo for non-members.
  • Big Nate is a comic strip by cartoonist Lincoln Peirce. You can check out more about it in the Klassic Komix building on Main Street. The characters on this island and the style of drawing are consistent with the comic. Also, that means none of the characters are customizable.
  • Common room: Cap’n Salty’s
  • In the school basement, Artur can be seen by the heater. However, when the lights are turned off, he is not there.
  • Cap’n Salty was created just for this Poptropica island; his character does not appear in the Big Nate comics.
  • Artur never gets detention in the comics, so it’s strange that he’s in the secret room within the detention room.
  • Geography errors: In the detention room, the world map is missing Australia, Indonesia, the Caribbean islands, Greenland, and Siberia. Also, the continent of South America and Africa is shaped differently and Antarctica is smaller.

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    I have a problem. When I get to the lighthouse, I turned the light to the seagull & he went away. I went to the bell & put the bell clapper back in & I was supposed to just go right to the jet ski to get the map of the treasure capsule. Now when I try to get on the jet skis my Poptropican says “I don’t see any reason to cruise around the open seas right now”.. is there any way I can fix my mistake? Thanks– this is driving me nuts!

    Scary Tomato: Yes. All you have to do is climb up the lighthouse at Puffin Point and look through the telescope. Make sure your character notices something under a rock, which will give them a reason to go jet skiing. For more details read the guide up at the top. 😉

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    – Aicul434

    Scary Tomato: Thanks. 😉

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    -Angry Leopard

    Codien: Its just Poptropica

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    Scary Tomato: You need the school blueprints from Nate’s locker to open the filing cabinet. 😉

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    For anyone that has questions, take a look at the Big Nate Island Page Comment # 6 and 7. A lot of questions have been answered there!:smile:

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    maddypie3: If Mrs. Godfrey has left, you can only open it if you click on the bottom drawer, not the top.🙂

    Hope this helps.

    P.S. Look at the Big Nate Island Page- there’s a Q and A there!!!:grin:

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    Scary Tomato: He doesn’t. Don’t worry about him. 😉

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    For anyone that has questions, take a look at the Big Nate Island Quest Page Comments # 6,7, and 13.:grin:

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    aicul434: It dosen’t really matter which way you move the seals. They’ll both balance it to one side, and you can come around on either side to obtain the paper.
    It works in real life-just put something under a two-pan weight, then put something heavy on one pan. It works both ways!

    • Shifty Crush says:

      No, the paper is slanted to the right, and the rock is more flat to the right, and will only make it impossible to do it until you do it onto the left.


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    Scary Tomato: Yep, as Fearless Paw says below, try diving again to see if you can get another lobster trap. 😉

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    Scary Tomato: Every time a new island comes out we try to get the news and guides up as soon as we can, so don’t worry! 😉

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    Scary Tomato: They’ll just move to the left. Nothing special, but the point of moving them to the right is to take the map, so that’s why you need to shift them. 😉

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    Scary Tomato: Just let us know if you don’t understand something – we’ll try to help! 😉

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    Artmaniac333:I’m not Codien, but try diving again. It may just be a glitch, and if it is a glitch, I won’t be surprised if you find another lobster trap

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    Scary Tomato: Are the comic frames stuck together to form the complete comic? All you have to do is click and drag each piece to the right locations and they’ll stick together. Try again! 😉

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    Scary Tomato: The guide does tell you the answer to what you’re asking. You’re not reading carefully. Use the crackers where the girls were standing a while ago, in between the 2 posts on the Playground floor.

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    Scary Tomato: The answers are just above you. Our Big Nate guide is on this page – just scroll up! 😉

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    Codien: There is no special medal because there is always more islands coming out. And Poptropica will keep making islands, until they stop making the game. 😥
    Scary Tomato: I don’t think Poptropica is planning to close. Don’t worry. 😉

  134. Fearless Paw says:

    Rachel: This is only a blog created by other poptropica fans. They are not
    the creators of

    I myself can tell you that you do not get anything other than satasfaction, medals, and boredom (since there are no more islands to solve), as I have completed all the islands.

    Poptropica probably will continue on. As you’re most probably aware, new quests are always coming out.

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    I’ve tried to get the comic piece that you said was on the lighthouse on the playground, and it wasn’t there. I tried to get it on both of my characters, ‘Hyper Hammer’ and ‘Crazy Hawk,’ and it didn’t work! Even though I don’t have all the pieces, I can still see what the combination says, 9-3-0-5. And, on one of my characters, I made a stink bomb, and the next day, it wasn’t there! Scary Tomato, Smockers, or Codien, waht do you think I should do? Sincerely,

    Codien: The only thing you could do is send your characters details (User/Pass) to
    We will get the items for you.

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    Codien: You don’t. You use the light on the light house to scare it of. Read some of the other comment questions. It will be answered many times. :p

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    Scary Tomato: I’m 12, Codien is 15, Smockers is 12 too. It’s on the About page. And of course we have Poptropica accounts! 😉

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    Of course they have accounts! how would they know how to finish the islands.And how would Codien make the PHB Sneak Peeks?

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    Codien, Smockers, Scary Tomato?? What should I do?

    Scary Tomato: Look through the telescope on top of Puffin Point’s lighthouse and have your character notice the scroll hidden under a rock. 😉

  152. Crazy Bubbles says:

    O NVM. I just figured it out! Thanks for the guide!

  153. Where is the power switch? I keep falling and not being able to get up! Please help!

    Poptroicagal: To make the stink bomb, click on the test tubes. Then, take the blue capsule, pour some in, and do the same with the yellow. Then, turn the dial on the bottom to 4. The rest will happen!

    Scary Tomato: It’s below the stairs in the secret room. 😉

    • I can’t see any stairs but I found the power switch! It’s at the bottom left corner of a paper with numbers.

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    Scary Tomato: Sorry, nope. The frog is just decoration. There isn’t even a “Gina’s desk” on Big Nate Island. 😉

  156. I love this game! I’ve been playing Poptropica from the beginning and have never had a problem with it until now. When Spitsy digs up the time capsule I can zoom in on it, but when I click on it I can’t pick it up. I’ve tried leaving the game and reentering but it doesn’t work. I have to have the dog dig it up again and the same thing happens. Help please!

    Scary Tomato: Try clicking and DRAGGING it out. Hope that works. 😛

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    Can you pleease help ASAP as it is really bugging me!!!


    Scary Tomato: Try seeing if you can use the skis even without the keys. If not, go diving again to see if this time they will allow you to have the keys. 😉

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  161. Hey guys! I found an awesome cheat! I call it ” Underwater Surprise!” I figured it out on Big Nate Island. Scary Tomato, Codien and Smockers, I don’t know if you have ever done this before, but this is how it goes:

    1. Put on your suit with the helmet and go to Puffin Point

    2.Go underwater

    3. Go to the little suitcase containing your items and click take off for the suit!


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    Scary Tomato: Sorry, but you can’t copy and paste these words. The most you can do is put the link to this page on your site. Thanks for asking. 😉

    • Big Scorpion says:

      Umm…sorry, did you understand what Scary Tomato just said? I looked at your website ( and you copied the exact Big Nate Island guide from Poptropica Help Blog. 😦

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    Scary Tomato: You’ll need to piece together the whole comic strip first. Show it to the guy at Klassic Komix and then return to the locker. 😉

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    I tried to finish Big Nate Island, but I had to leave right when I put down the stinkbomb. I tried to get on later, clicked on the file cabenit, but nothing happened. So I went out of detention and decided to try later. But then when I looked at my inventory, the stink bomb wasn’t there and I thought it would still be there. So I chewed the gum again and went in detention. the stink bomb wasn’t there.

    I DID go back there on another account and did beat the game, but I wish that I could beat it on my main poptropica person.

    If there’s anyway anyone could help, PLEASE do!


    Scary Tomato: Make a new stink bomb in the science lab. Then place it on the detention room floor. Go back and make sure you have all the comic frames, and assemble them together. Give it to the Klassic Komix guy for the gum. Also, open Big Nate’s locker to get the school blueprints to be able to open the file cabinet. For more info, see the guide above. I hope this helps! 😉

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    P.S Scary Tomato,Codien and Smockers ur guides r DA BOMB!!!!!
    Keep up the good work!

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    • Fearless Paw says:

      EIGHT MINUTES? How is that possible? Iy takes that long to go back and forth in between places.
      Maybe you meant 80 minutes?

      Scary Tomato: Eight minutes is fast, but it’s probably possible if you can move your cursor really quickly and if loading doesn’t take a long time. 😆

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    Scary Tomato: Don’t worry, Poptropica Help Blog always tries to write a guide as soon as a new island is released!

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    Scary Tomato: Unfortunately, you can’t. 😐

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    Scary Tomato: I occasionally read them too. Don’t feel left out! 😉

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    Scary Tomato: Grumpy Wolf recently joined the PHB staff. Astro-Knights will definitely rock! :mrgreen:

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    Scary Tomato: If you followed the directions above in order, you’d know what to do – you have to open Nate’s locker first to get the school blueprints.

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    Hijuyo: Remember, you need to piece the comic panels together (in order), just like a jigsaw puzzle. 😉

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    Hijuyo: Nate won’t be at Puffin Point until you click to ride the jetski. Once you do that, he will suddenly appear out of nowhere and run towards you. 😛

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    Hijuyo: Make sure you have completed all the other steps leading up to this part. You may be missing something, and you can’t enter the detention room until you have done everything you should first.

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    Slanted Fish: Hijuyo and Slanted Fish are the same person, but thank you. 🙂

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    Slanted Fish: Use the lobster with the lighthouse light to scare the seagull away. 😛

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    • As it says in the guide: Go to the Playground and stand between the two posts, between the monkey bars and the logs. Open your items and use the Peanut Butter Crackers. The dog will then dig a hole, showing the time capsule hidden underneath. Click on the hole and pull the capsule from it. Click the lock to open it.

    • Striped Hero says:

      I got stuck too.(And still kind of am) But I peeked in the video and actually you’re supposed to put on the RIGHT side….

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    • Hey Fast Crumb! I customized the hair from someone, and if you want to, you can customize it from my character (just click the tiny blue shirt button on my Friends profile). Check out the PHB’s Poptropica Cheats page for how to have no eyes (plus other cool glitches).

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    Slanted Fish: You need to use the lobster on top of the lighthouse to turn the light around so the seagull will go away.

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    just sayin

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    Slanted Fish: You need to use the lobster at the top of the lighthouse to scare the bird away with the light.

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    Slanted Fish: Try contacting Poptropica about the problem, and if you have to, restart the island via the Map.

  302. Well.. I accidentally used the pack of stale gum before the guide said to use it and now I don’t have it… so now how do I get into the detention room.. I’ve already tried the classic Popgum, and its not helping…Help?

    Slanted Fish: Try contacting Poptropica about the problem, and if you have to, restart the island via the Map.

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    LOL remember what Nate said at the end?

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    Slanted Fish: There’s a video guide on the PHB’s Big Nate Island page. 🙂

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    O.o.. Friendly Fish or (SlantedFish) lives in China and he or she has completed 8 islands!! Is slantedfish busy or wut?

    Slanted Fish: My slantedfish account has less islands done because it’s new, but my main account is hi.Juyo – also, I live in Hong Kong. 🙂

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    Slanted Fish: Sounds like a glitch; try contacting Poptropica about it.

  308. Striped Hero says:

    I don’t get it…. I’m on the time capsule digging out part but…. when I click it there’s nothing about a lock. Tell me if my laptop is slow or…..

    Slanted Fish: After you pull out the capsule, you’ll need to click it to unlock it.

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    You don’t need to get the old photo and the scuba gear. Just customize it from the poptropican Trusty-Bird (first friend her) and you don’t need to get the diving suit. I did it this way, too.

  337. Awesome guide! I finished without it.

  338. Is hi.juyo a girl?

    slantedfish: Yup. I go by “slantedfish” now though. 🙂

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  345. Cece Key says:


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