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  2. If you are experiencing a glitch with the game, please contact Poptropica instead. 
  3. Check Poptropica’s FAQ, the PHB’s FAQ, and use the search bar in the top-right corner to see if your questions can be answered there. Also, don’t send us spam or irrelevant messages.
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  1. How do I send a picture to you guys? I saw a few poptropicans on my Friends tab have hair that sticks out as branches from their head and ends with leaves! It’s the same color as their hair, and saved in their Costume Closet. When I try to click on them to customize it, the customizer doesn’t load and it brings me back to Poptropica! I wanted to show you because I took a picture of it using Snipping Tool. How can I send that to you?

  2. I love this website! It helps me with all my poptropica needs!

  3. Red Stomper, Pirate Captain says:

    Hey Slanted Fish, can I have a story on the pop magazine, please… (cute pirate face)

    Slanted Fish: Of course, just email your entry to phbpopcorn(at)gmail(dot)com🙂

  4. Red Stomper, Pirate Captain says:

    Oh and em… do I have to plan it first… eh?….😕

    Slanted Fish: You can plan as much as you need to, but please only send it in as a finished product.🙂

  5. Mrs. Porkupine says:

    Hey slantey, Im from ze german town ov Helpenburg, so I vant to know vot i will hef to do if,,, excuse me *clears throat* I wanna join ya wiki? * coughs *I VANT TO HOIN

  6. Yo Slantey, me again(Mrs.Porkupine im actually male) so Can i reguarly contact phb for ideas or information to put on the wiki or is that a no no and u will kick my british butt if i do do that? anyways im going to be putting little pieces of trivia and some other stuff.😀 Peace Im out.

    • You’re more than welcome to edit the Poptropica Wiki without informing us directly every time, and if you’re using our site to find information, please refrain from copying directly unless it is trivia, which is shared on both sites.

  7. oh forgot to mention that its me emailing u

  8. pinku904 says:

    u guys r awesome😛

  9. striped dolphin says:

    whenever I try to get to the attic of the mill (astreoknigth) it wont bring me there no matter what I try to do.

  10. Big nate island is only for members now

  11. Shiny Catfish says:

    hputerpop your acount is so awesome on pop!!! and i would rly like to trade with you reply as soon as you can thank’s and peace out;)

  12. Shiny Catfish says:

    Hputerpop i only want one thing from you can we plz plz pretty plz trade? reply as soon as you can thank’s & peace out man;)

  13. nothingmuchgoingon2007 says:

    I love your blog… its cool! Anyways, I’m a first time commenter. Nice to meet you, Poptropica Help Team!!!

  14. Do we send our MPIP applications here?

  15. Popular Singer says:

    Finally commenting again! I’m loving the memes. *starts rolling on the floor laughing*

  16. halosunshine230 says:

    How do i submit my own My Place in Poptropica? It sounds complicated😀

  17. This is the place to send in your my place in poptropica

  18. Calm Star says:

    Can I make a guest post for phb

    • Yes, we welcome guest posts as long as they’re Poptropica-related and well written (with at least 500 words, including pictures highly recommended) – contact us using one of the ways mentioned on this page!🙂

  19. my user is diamond eye got swag. so um every time i log in and go to the map it just loads and loads can you fix this please i really want to do arabian nights part 1 and 2 i did part 3 already.

  20. you kidding me? the poptropica loading screen is broken and your doing nothing about it?why did i quit animal jam and think this is my favourite game its turning into a nightmare for me.

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