Although this is a Poptropica blog, and there are plenty of Poptropica resources abound on our website, this is the one spot you can use to deviate from Poptropica. In the comments section, you can chat with other kids about anything you want to as long as you abide by the PHB’s Comment Policy (sans rule 1). If you’re continuing a conversation, use the Reply button, otherwise create a new comment.

our off-topica recommendations

Listed below are 15 free, great web resources you can check out in your spare time which the PHB team hopes you’ll enjoy. We don’t benefit from advertising them; we just want you to benefit from them!


  • Animal Jam – an online playground filled with fun and adventure, by National Geographic
  • Bearville – a virtual world where you can play quests, bring your Build-a-Bears to life, & more
  • Club Penguin – a virtual world where you get to hang out with friends, have parties, & more
  • Neopets – own virtual pets, train or dress up your pets, play flash games to earn neopoints, etc.
  • Poptropica – you should know what this is! explore, collect, compete!


  • – anyone can learn to code in an hour
  • Crash Course – educational videos with cool animations, taught by Hank & John Green
  • Free Rice – for every question you get right, 10 grains of rice will be donated to the hungry
  • Funbrain – the website that debuted Poptropica, containing games, books, comics, etc.
  • SciShow – exploring our world with interesting science videos (concepts, history, news)


  • Grim and Jake Films – a YouTube series of random short videos created by four friends
  • Party With Hobos – an episodic story series created by former PHB author MT
  • Pixlr – a feature-full online image editor (Express is simpler; Editor is more advanced)
  • Pottermore – exclusive Harry Potter content from its author, J.K. Rowling
  • – create your own blog for free (that’s how the PHB got started!)

Other Games Like Poptropica

These games are downloads that may cost a bit, but if you’re looking for point-and-click adventures like Poptropica, these gems of the gaming world are worth checking out!

  • Broken Age – It’s a timeless coming-of-age story of barfing trees and talking spoons. Vella Tartine and Shay Volta are two teenagers in strangely similar situations, but radically different worlds.
  • The Silent Age – Help Joe as he travels between the groovy present of 1972 and the apocalyptic future of 2012 to discover the truth behind humankind’s extinction—a quest entrusted to him by a dying man from the future.
  • Sword & Sworcery – An elegant music-inspired adventure created for a broad, literate audience. It tells a short, dreamy story about a lone woman warrior on a tragic quest in a lush, haunted mountain wilderness.

off-topic chat starts in the comments below!

Remember, this is the only place on the PHB where you can talk about anything non-Poptropica (you can talk about your birthday presents, pets, favorite music, TV show, whatever!)

There’s a separate Chat page for general Poptropica discussion. Please refer to the first paragraph on this page and our Comment Policy for guidelines. Have fun and don’t forget to be awesome! 🙂


2,523 thoughts on “Off-Topica

  1. Slanted Fish says:

    Here in the comments of the Off-Topic Chat, you can chat about anything that isn’t Poptropica related! Start your own topic or reply to someone else’s! Have fun! 😀

    Here’s a question: What’s your favorite animal and why?

  2. Spotted Dragon says:

    I love Adventure Time!!! Who here is an Adventure Time fan??? I love Poptropica & Adventure Time so much that my blog isn’t just about Poptropica, it’s about Adventure Time too!!! 😀
    My favorite character is Marceline. Then BMO. 😉

    • Liam says:

      Starcat, as you’re gravatar profile says, you like Bridgit Mendler. I have a friend called Hamish who is in LOVE with her. He has dreams about her and all. P.S. Poptropica is my life too! I have 4 accounts!

      • StarCat says:

        😆 that’s funny about your friend and i HAD 4 accounts but 1 was deleted cause i was inactive but 3 is good too!

      • Silly Pelican says:

        Funny,I have no idea how many account I have me,but i’m sure they are too much becaaus I forgot their usernames! 😆

  3. Spotted Dragon says:

    EVERYONE! If you like Poptropica so much AND Adventure Time, visit my blog! It’s about both Pop & AT! 🙂 I’m still working on it, but so far it’s kinda awesome. 😎

  4. Comical Turtle says:

    Now that this page is here I feel like a whole new world of evil has opened up to me MUUUAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *cough cough* I mean fun. Just Kidding 😉 Am I the only one that feels like this?

  5. dragonitelovers567 says:

    i can’t wait till two days until *gasps* the land before swine! on june 28th (reference to land before time, anyone?) also, on july 12th, the dreamscapers! of course, this is for the U.S.A… sorry Fishy!

  6. Cool Smarticle says:

    EPIC ❗

    1. Who watches and likes Dr. Who with Matt Smith?
    2. Who likes Sonic? And who are your favorite characters?

  7. Liam says:

    Hi, Slanted Fish, i don’t know if you remember me, but i’m the one who was getting frustrated because u wouldn’t reply my comment but then you did reply. P.S. i am like the BIGGEST fan of poptropica EVER! (except for thinknoodles of course!)

    Slanted Fish: Well, hi Liam! 😛

  8. Cyborg Shark says:

    Who’s your favorite character from Monsters, Inc. or Monsters University? Mine is Randall Boggs. He’s awesome. And blends in. And he’s awesome! My second fave is Mike Wazowski, he’s so funny. And funny.

  9. Spotted Dragon says:

    Has anyone read the Maximum Ride series? By James Patterson? 🙂
    It’s my FAVORITE book series of all time. I don’t usually cry, but it made me cry. My favorite character is Fang. 😎

  10. dragonitelovers567 says:

    did anyone expirence the power outage last friday? i missed my recorded show 😦 also new topic: Things to do this summer! (beach,pool, camp, etc.)

  11. Young Flame says:

    I had the weirdest glitch! I was playing Cryptics and I checked the blog to see what to do next and when I flipped back to Potropica, my GIRL character was replaced by a boy character, the island had restarted from the mansion part. it hadnt yet beed saved. i forget the username, i think something like random50416 and the password is helllo. i dont care if u log on

  12. Shaggy Tornado says:

    Hey guys! If you have time (and a Facebook!), please help my aunt win a contest by clicking on the link above (or copy/paste) and liking the picture there, Thanks! 😀

  13. Slippery Dolphin says:

    1. Okay, my favorite animal (if it were REAL) would be a Phoenix bird or a dragon. They look AWESOME! 😀 If it has to be a REAL animal it would be a dolphin probably, because dolphins are so cute and helpful! 🙂

    2. Um… I don’t really know anything about TV shows or video games, but I like Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario! I also like tomboy girls, but they don’t really make very good girl characters these days! All the boys are the super heroes (not that there’s anything WRONG with that, and no offense to the boys!). 😦

    3. Am I one of the only people that thinks super speed would be a cool super power? I mean, you can dodge anything, you’re practically invisible (if you go fast enough), AND you can walk on water! Not to mention you can play little tricks and harmless pranks with it, because you’ll be so fast that no one would see you. Besides, you can get away quicker if you have all of that speed. 😉 I would like invisibility as well, but I personally think it would be better for CREATING crime than stopping it. I think besides speed, my second power would be to walk through walls and stuff, like Shadowcat on X-Men. 🙂 Still, I also want Storm’s super power (she’s my favorite). 😀

    • Cool Smarticle says:

      2. I LOVE Sonic. 😀 My favorite character is Blaze. 😀 Although I’m not really girly……. But I still like her. 😀

    • Super Comet says:

      2. I created two female superheroes, Super Comet and Super Star.
      3. If I were a superhero, my power would be the ability to turn into animals. I’d LOVE to be able to turn into a cheetah, hummingbird, peregrine falcon, or seal. (Those are my favorite animals)

      • bl mt cs au says:

        *smiles weakly* yes, if I was a superhero, I would be able to find anyone I wanted. people from my last… eh, journey, perhaps.

  14. Cool Smarticle says:

    Anyone here play any instrument(s)? And if you do, which one(s)? 🙂

    I play the recorder. since it was required, but I haven’t touched it in awhile. xD The main one I play is the Clarinet and I have to say I’m pretty awesome at it too. 😎 Since I’ve been playing it for almost 3 years. 😎 And yes I do take classes in school. 😛

  15. Bane says:

    I’m Bane, yes, that’s my name.
    When you hear the name Bane, I guarantee the pain.
    I’m coming after you, Bruce Wayne.
    I’m stronger, smarter, and clinically insane.

    I’m Bane, yes, that’s my name.
    Bruce Wayne and the Batman are totally the same.
    I broke his back mortal comBAT smack,
    then I cracked my ’28 Krug champagne.

    I’m Bane, yes, it’s a shame.
    I declare martial law, and you all complain!
    I laugh when you ask why I wear the mask.
    I’ll explain. It’s because…..

    I’m Bane, yes, that’s my name.
    You say it too much, the name becomes inane.
    Of course! Some think my plan lacks gain.
    If you say it too my face, I’ll crash your plane.

  16. Sticky Horse says:

    Can you guess the actor who played “Thor” in the avengers movie?
    (Hint: His name starts with the letter C)