My Place in Poptropica: Cassandra

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Cassandra, who enjoys making fanart for her fandoms, including Poptropica. See below for how to send in your own MPIP!

2007 | Starting Out

I was in third or fourth grade when Poptropica came out in 2007. I was on the computer, supposed to be playing some math game on FunBrain, but instead I found Poptropica. As you can guess, I created my avatar, beat islands… and then, I found out about glitching.

I wasn’t a glitcher or anything, but I was a kid who didn’t realize there was hacking of accounts going on. When I did realize, I stopped. Soon after, I found the PHB – yes, I was reading the blog even then. That brings us to my middle school years…

2011–2012 | Middle School

Middle school began with me as my normal fifth-grade self, with a huge grin on my face because I was now in middle school. Well, I took a long leave of absence from playing Poptropica, but I still read the PHB.

At that time, I started liking the Percy Jackson books. Also, I started making art. I didn’t really create Poptropica fan art, but I learned about the Poptropica art style from the Percy Jackson fandom. I still liked Poptropica, but not enough to create fan art for it.

Then came high school…

2013–2016 | High School, part one

In the first two years of high school, I didn’t have many interests, not even Poptropica. I don’t remember much about how much I was involved with the Poptropica fandom.

However, in 2016, I started getting back into Poptropica – and this is where the interesting stuff happens! I saw that Poptropica Worlds was introduced, and to me, it was a new beginning. So, that’s why I wanted to wait until Pop Worlds came out to do my own MPIP story on the PHB.

I also wanted to build my art portfolio on DeviantArt. After a few months of thinking about it, I thought, well, why not just do it? So, at nearly 11 p.m. on a Sunday night, I decided to do it. And, that brings us into June 2017…

2017 & beyond | Decisions, Decisions…

First, now, I’m getting back into Poptropica. I was waiting until Pop Worlds came out before I actually started playing again. I wanted to see what it would be like, and I do have some theories and questions.

I also am doing Percy Jackson stuff, but that’s for a different place than the PHB. I still think Poptropica is awesome. Pop Worlds is out, so I’m slowly starting to play Poptropica more. I really liked Pop Worlds (customization is awesome!) but I wish they had more islands to play and stuff to do other than just admire Home Island. I really like the running animation. I hope to draw more fan art and do cool things in this fandom.

In the future, I’d like to be an active fanartist and fanfic writer, and also have a DeviantArt page set up so I can post my original art as well as fanart. I hope to be a professional artist one day, and even still, continue to make fanart for both Percy Jackson and Poptropica.


Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story!

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My Place in Poptropica: Friendly Hopper

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Friendly Hopper, a current college student who has rekindled her childhood passion for Poptropica. See below for how to send in your own MPIP!

Hello everyone~ I’m Friendly Hopper, currently a 19-year-old student attending to a university in Hawai’i. In this story, I would like to share my journey in Poptropica from beginning to now. Without further ado, let’s get started!

2008 – 2009 | A Beginner’s Step

Around the year 2008, I was attending to an American school located inside of a military base in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. During short breaks in class, my classmates and I would get to use the class’s computers to visit online game sites such as Funbrain.

I came across a classmate who was playing Poptropica. On closer examination, I saw that she was playing Time Tangled Island, specifically in the “Mount Everest” period. I watched to see of how she was using the computer’s mouse to move her character around to avoid the falling icicles and climb up the mountain. From that moment on, I became entranced by the game, and I begged her to teach me how to play it.

At home, I started my own Poptropica account and chose the name “Friendly Hopper” for my character. During that time, I convinced my sister to play the game and create a Poptropica character as well. Slowly and steadily, my fascination about Poptropica grew.

2013 – 2015 | Brief Rediscovery

In later years, I couldn’t visit Poptropica again as I became busy with moving to different schools and places. Eventually, my family and I settled in Hawai’i. It was around a certain period during the year 2013 that I rediscovered Poptropica through the Internet.

It was the summer after my freshmen year of high school that I suddenly had a strong urge, from the back of my head, to check my Poptropica account. At first, I was worried about my preexisting account being deleted because I had not used it for a long time. However, when I tried logging back into Poptropica, it worked! Thank goodness!

Next, I started to catch up and began to complete various islands such as S.O.S Island and Monster Carnival Island. It did take several weeks to finish all the quests I’d missed, but the outcome was worth it~

Also, it was around the year 2014 that I found Thinknoodles‘ channel on YouTube. I found most of his Poptropica videos entertaining, not only for the narration, but also his humorous comments and friendly attitude which created a positive vibe.

2017 – present | Looking Ahead

For the next two years, I became busy again with school and preparing for college. Furthermore, once I became a college student, I had even more homework assignments to do. I couldn’t keep in touch with Poptropica for longer periods, since earning my associate degree was a top priority in my life.

Throughout my semesters in college, I had some free time to browse the Internet to go on social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram. Eventually, I came across some interesting webpages that brought nostalgia. On DeviantArt, I typed in the keyword “poptropica” out of curiosity to see if any artwork was posted. Surprise! There was a ton of Poptropica-related art from various artists such as BlazingAngel123 and SmileyFaceOrg.

As I continued searching, I discovered the PHB as well. I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t found it sooner! Nevertheless, meeting numerous users on the PHC (on Discord) provided a fun and exciting atmosphere~

Based on these events, I made a decision: that I would visit Poptropica again, once I completed my remaining assignments in college. And so, during April and early May, I focused only on finishing my schoolwork. It took some time, but I was able to make it. Next, updated the appearance of my Poptropica character and explored the newer islands.

Currently, I play Poptropica on certain days and am often on the PHC. As I reflect, I must say I am thankful that an online game such as Poptropica continues to exist and is made available to everyone. I cannot imagine how my childhood would be without Poptropica.

Thank you for reading this story about “My Place in Poptropica.” My username is life575, so feel free to add me as a friend on Poptropica~

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story!

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My Place in Poptropica: Young Spinner

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Young Spinner, a longtime on-and-off player whose favorite costume is the Lumberjerk. See below for how to send in your own MPIP!

ys mpip

Hi, guys! My name is Young Spinner, and this is My Place in Poptropica; the full story of my Poptropican life. Enjoy!

2007-2010 | The Beginning

I remember pretty clearly the day I first discovered Poptropica. It was just before the Christmas holidays when I was in second grade. During a technology class, our teacher wrote up some games on a whiteboard that he thought were appropriate for our age, and as you might have guessed, Poptropica was among the list (even though I now know better – Pop is for all ages!). I can’t remember any of the other games from that little list now, but in any case, I was intrigued when I saw the name ‘Poptropica’ – it sounded quite interesting to my seven-year-old self.

So, I visited it, created my first-ever Pop account (whose name was Shaggy Goose) and played Early Poptropica. Upon completing my first island, I fell in love with Poptropica. And that was back when there was only one island and almost none of the features Poptropica has today – so imagine how much more I love the game now!

I continued playing Poptropica up till sometime in 2010, and then I stopped. How and why, I cannot remember, but I definitely have zero memories of playing Pop in 2011.

2012 | The Lumberjerk

When I was over at a friend’s house for the first time with her, I re-discovered the joy of Poptropica! This was on the very day that Twisted Thicket was released to members, and my friend told me about Poptropica, not knowing that I had played it for four years straight previously! I had forgotten about the game, and so I watched my friend play Twisted Thicket on her computer using her Poptropican, who was named White Bee. As a member, she was probably one of the first people to play Twisted Thicket (though evidently not in the top 10).

This was also when I realised Poptropica had memberships that would enable you to get a great deal of cool paraphernalia within the game. I don’t know how I didn’t know about it before, since memberships began when I was still playing Pop in 2009, but I digress. I saw the limited edition Lumberjerk costume in the Store, and with one look at it, I decided I wanted it so much, with that rumbling chainsaw and helmet with a changing light – but it was only for members! It was so close, and yet so far.

Naturally, I begged my parents for a membership, but they refused. After that disappointing incident, I returned to checking into Pop everyday – not just to play islands that I had missed out on during my hiatus from the game, but to gaze longingly at the Lumberjerk card in the store (which probably didn’t help my despondency) until it simply disappeared from the Store as soon as I (and other non-members) could play Twisted Thicket.

Poptropolis Games arrived a little while after, and I knew this was certainly not a normal island as soon as I had to select my Poptropican’s tribe (forever Nanobots!) at the start. The events in the island weren’t too hard for me, except for Triple Jump. My friend White Bee suggested Poptropica Secrets’ Poptropolis walkthrough, created by a Poptropican called Fierce Moon, which did indeed help me complete the island. Even though I was just about on the brink of discovering the rest of the Pop community then, I did not go any further than going to Poptropica Secrets that day.

The other thing that resulted from Poptropolis Games was that my mum watched me play part of the island and evidently thought that Poptropica was a good game, because she bought me a six-month membership! Although it, of course, never got me the Lumberjerk costume I’d always dreamed about having, it did get me a limited edition, members-only Zaggy Moondust costume from Lunar Colony, whose hair I absolutely loved, and I still wear it to this day on my Poptropican.

2013 | The Blogs

One day when I was pretty bored in the summer of 2013, I started searching up more Poptropica blogs. I ran across about ten different Poptropica fan blogs, but finally landed upon the PHB, since most of the other blogs I had gone through had mentioned it several times as a sort of superior site when it came to Poptropica blogs.

From what I gathered from the other blogs, only the best Poptropica bloggers made it onto the PHB team. But even with that knowledge, weirdly enough, I didn’t even look through the PHB’s posts – all I did was somehow find the Xat PHC, and afterwards I forgot about checking out the PHB again. I went on the Xat chat a few times weekly, under the name BunkerPums (or something like that), although I didn’t chat a lot on there. But still, it was a relief for me to know that I wasn’t the only 13-year-old out there to play and love Poptropica!

However, I only lasted for a month or so on the PHC and with playing Poptropica because of the new and ever-infuriating sound-updated islands (SUIs). Most of the time I couldn’t even visit those islands because of the never-ending lag. All in all, they pushed me away from playing Poptropica for a good while.

2017 | The Fashionable Return

On a chilly February day this year, I decided to go back to Poptropica after a four-year hiatus from the game. But when I tried to log into Shaggy Goose again, I realized that I had forgot her username, and therefore could not log in. I was quite anguished for two minutes, until I decided to make a brand-new account: Young Spinner!

Between my long hiatus, there were so many islands I had missed out on (20+ new medallions to get!), and there was something new I had just missed seeing in 2013: episodic islands! At once I began the steady process of playing all of these new quests.

Then I remembered the Lumberjerk card, and along with that the ‘glitchers’ I had encountered back on the Xat PHC, who knew about how to perform glitches in order to obtain ‘rare’ costume parts. I surfed the internet again until I found the PHB’s Avatar Studio Gift, which had the very ASG with the costume I’d dreamed of having for five years straight: ASGbyEvra#2!

After about a week enjoying my fabulous new Lumberjerk dress-up, I took notice of the costumes of Slanted Fish and Happy Lobster, who both had amazing, signature, original looks, not just an outfit that was mostly from one common costume (sorry, Lucky Joker 😛). So, I returned to the PHB’s ASG page and rifled through the multitudes of ASGs until I assembled an original costume that I really liked. You can find the costume of yours truly on this post’s main graphic!

Moving away from my fashion dilemmas, I decided to check out what else was on the PHB beyond their ASG page, and came upon the homepage with all their blog posts! As soon as I read a few of them, I realized why it was that only the best Poptropica bloggers got to work there. The PHB was one of the most superb sites I’d laid my eyes on – and this was made by people who were, on average, quite close to my age!

On that note, I plan to open my own Poptropica blog in the very near future for all to enjoy – so keep your eyes peeled!

See you around!


Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story!

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My Place in Poptropica: Fierce Flyer

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Fierce Flyer, who has his own Pop blog at Fierce Flyer Adventures and once won a Poptropica contest. See below for how to send in your own MPIP!

Hello guys, Fierce Flyer here with a My Place in Poptropica story! This was originally posted on my blog, Fierce Flyer Adventures, as a Monthly Memory story. If you like this story, check out my last one – it’s a story about when I got my entire class to play Poptropica. Alright, let’s go!

Early Oct 2016 | Getting Acquainted with #PoptropicaArt

I had been playing Poptropica for a while, but my entrance into the community started about half a year ago, in October. One day I randomly opened up MS Paint and thought hmm, maybe I should draw a Poptropican. I’d never done fan art of Poptropica before. Ever. But hey, You’ve got to start somewhere, right?

Well, in case you’re wondering, it was… bad… so bad that I’m actually having second thoughts on showing you… but heck, here it is:


The cringe! (I’ll probably do a redraw of this garbage art someday.) Heh. Anyway, around that time, I remembered seeing an art contest for Poptropica somewhere – it was the #PoptropicaArt contest. Time was running out to enter, so I thought I would submit this piece. And it sparked something in me.

I submitted two more pictures for the contest and hoped for the best, although, unfortunately, I didn’t win. Of course, I felt deflated, because I had put a lot of effort and time into the three pictures I entered, and not seeing them even place was disappointing. However, looking back at this, I realize just how far I’ve come in my art.

Late Oct 2016 | The Halloween Photo Booth Challenge

With the art contest over, I had no more use for the Facebook account I’d created to enter the contest, so I ditched it. Until… a new contest arose from the ashes!

I read the post on the Creators’ Blog, only to find that you had to submit entries using either Twitter or Instagram. But no Facebook! Yes! (Honestly, I dislike Facebook, with the way they keep notifying me every two minutes with “Do you know this person?” So, I was thrilled to switch to Twitter! You can follow me @MWare55.)

Anywho, the contest being held was the Halloween Photo Booth Challenge, and I was #ready! So, I submitted tons of entries (at the time I had no idea that winners would be randomly selected) and even made a comic! And yes, I still have it. Check it:

one hundred percent.png

Not bad, am I right? I teamed up with my brother Sporty Boa, and together we submitted over 10 entries! And we won – oh wow!

When I fount out, I literally ran around the house in triumph pumping my fist. (I also had the same reaction when Poptropica followed me on Twitter.) I was finally going to have a membership! So I direct-messaged Poptropica, waiting for the 1-month membership, and a couple days later, they got back to me. Now, I had wanted for my brother SB to get in on the membership too, but this is what they wrote to me word-for-word:

Hey there, Your membership was applied to your account yesterday. Your name was randomly picked for the membership and we can only award the membership to the actual users whose names were picked. Have your brother enter the new #MyPoptropicaCostume contest!!!

Although my brother didn’t get a membership, he was okay with it. He said I deserved it. SB, you the real MVP.

So I went on my account but… I still didn’t have a membership. So, that was a bummer, but I didn’t get back to Poptropica about it, because I didn’t feel like I needed it (besides, I don’t blame them for not getting my super long username). I didn’t mind not having a membership, but I bet it’d be awesome if I did.

Anyway, after that contest was over, a new one came up: the #MyPoptropicaCostume contest. As most of you know I didn’t participate in that one, but my bro did, and that was probably the beginning of his Pop community adventure.

December 2016 | Fierce Flyer Adventures

So I was browsing Twitter one day when I came upon another Poptropican Twitter account, Purple Claw’s (@Donatloul). I’d heard of him before, but not much until that day. I decided to check out the blog he had linked to in his Twiter bio. I’m pretty sure it made me go “woah!”

It was amazing to see news and all this cool stuff on a Poptropica fan blog, but I didn’t start my own blog right away. I decided I needed to study and learn more about different bloggers in the community first. Thus the search began! I studied and read and read and went non-stop…

It was the day after my birthday that the thought came to me to actually start my own blog, and so I created Fierce Flyer Adventures!! I made a welcome post first, and the very first person to comment on it was Purple Claw! Just seeing his name had me jumping from my couch and running around the living room four times before I came back to see what he had commented: “Welcome to the blogging world!”

I beamed with joy. Today, I’m still writing on my Poptropica blog, Fierce Flyer Adventures, and you can friend me with username muuuuuuuuuuu4.

As always,


and I’ll see you next time. Fierce Flyer out!

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story!

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My Place in Poptropica: Kassi (Purple Tiger)

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Kassi, or Purple Tiger, whose Poptropica mission is to complete every island (she did it once!). See below for how to send in your own MPIP!

2011 | My 12-Year-Old Self’s Dream

As a kid – before I became a teenager – I played a lot of games online: Club Penguin, the Pixie Hollow multiplayer game, and various mini games on the Nickelodeon website. I was around 12 when Poptropica was introduced to me.

I was at my aunt’s house, just doing my own thing, when I noticed her son playing a really cool-looking game on the computer. This was about the time when Red Dragon Island came out, and he was playing it. I asked him what it was, and he immediately lit up and began telling me about the awesome game that would later take up a lot of my time. He helped me set up an account and taught me how to play.

The first island I played and completed was Red Dragon Island. I thought it was so cool that I could play a game based off of one of my favorite book series! Soon after that, I was hooked. I don’t quite remember my player name or really anything about that account, but I do remember using all of my free time to play it.

Some time later, I had completed all of the islands they had available at the time. It was a bittersweet moment; I had achieved my 12-year-old self’s dream, but in doing so, I had nothing left to do on Poptropica – so I stopped playing.

2013–2016 | The Awakening

Later, when I was 14 years old and thinking I was queen of the world as I reveled in my new “teenagership,” I started reminiscing my old life as a little kid (which was literally two years prior :D). I was thinking of all of the things that I used to do – and that’s when I remembered Poptropica.

I quickly took to my laptop and started up the old game. I was a little discouraged when I realized I had forgotten my old username and password. I tried every single combination I thought 12-year-old me would use but came up with nothing. So, I made a new account with the name Purple Tiger and the username Kassi_Loves15 (which I still roll my eyes at… seriously, I really wish 14-year-old me came up with something better).

Once I was back in the game, I was greeted with some new islands, and from then on I was hooked again. I spent the entire summer of 2013, and the years to follow, trying to complete every island there was, trying so hard to accomplish what I had two years before. And I did it – well, sort of. Poptropica later made some islands for members only, and it was just my luck that I hadn’t completed some of them and couldn’t get a membership. 😦

2017 | Waiting on Worlds

Now, I am eagerly awaiting Poptropica Worlds, playing the members only islands whenever they are featured during the Islands of the Month, and occasionally replaying some of my old favorites. I check the Creators’ Blog and some others every other day, or at least once a week, to keep up with all of the big news. I’m still loving Poptropica as much as the day I first played, and I’m so happy that my cousin introduced it to me.

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story!

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My Place in Poptropica: Silver Wolf

I (Silver Wolf) have been blogging on my own site, Poptropica Tips For Poptropicans (PTFP), since 2013, and have recently joined the PHB team as an author. It seems appropriate that I share my own My Place in Poptropica post to introduce myself to all of you. For details on sending in your own MPIP story, see the bottom of this post!

2008-2009 | Exploring Poptropica

I think 2008 was the year that I first discovered Poptropica, and for some reason, I remember the exact moment very clearly. It was after school, and my friend wanted to show me a game they had found from FunBrain. Of course, I followed them into their mom’s office and saw on their screen a game called — you guessed it — Poptropica! My friend had already completed some islands and told me that I should play too. Back then, there were barely any islands – in fact, there was only one page on the map!

For awhile, I was pretty invested in Poptropica, but I was also very young. Spy Island was a bit too hard for me in particular, and I had to get help from my brother and dad. I even printed out the official Decoder Kit! I wasn’t familiar enough with the Internet back then, either, so I didn’t know you could look up how to complete islands. I actually think that’s what my brother did instead of doing them himself. 😛 Sadly, I’ve since lost all my old Poptropica accounts. I was never a member back then, and quickly moved on to other games.

2012-2013 | Beginning to Blog

I rediscovered Poptropica a few years later, and only a few days after that day, I decided to create a blog: Poptropica Tips for Poptropicans (PTFP)! I’m not sure what was going through my mind when I did that, but I knew that I wanted to start one. The whole process of creating it was ridiculously quick.

I remember the first blog I found, which ultimately inspired me to create my own, was Icy Comet’s Blog. I’m not sure what made me decide to click that one out of the many that popped up on my Google search, but maybe if I had clicked another one, I wouldn’t be here today.

I started the PTFP in late December of 2012, so I don’t think it was until 2013 that I discovered the Poptropica Help Blog. Besides my own, the PHB has been the blog I’ve been most active with.

At some point in 2013, I joined the Poptropica Help Chat (PHC), which was on Xat back then. I soon became a moderator and was on there almost daily for over two years! Since I was in middle school, I had a lot of free time and posted very, very frequently on my blog and chatted on the PHC almost constantly. I made a lot of great friends, most of whom I’m still friends with on the PHC now, including Spotted Dragon, Rue, and Obiwan.

2014-2016 | Getting Busy, But Remaining Thankful

For the next three years, I was busy in many ways. School became harder, I gained more friends online and offline, and when I had free time, I created a lot of new pages and posts on the PTFP. I also posted a lot on another blog with my close friend Spotted Dragon, Adventure Time Pop, which is sadly no longer active. For a while, blogging was going really well, but slowly old authors started leaving and I started to post less. Trust me, I still cared about it a lot, and I still care now, but I did lose a lot of motivation. Around this time, I also started up the PTFP’s Twitter and my own DeviantArt.

One of the things I’d like to point out in this section is that I owe a lot of my blogging career to other people. My biggest thank-you is for Spotted Dragon, who has been with me since the very beginning, and we’ve basically done everything together. But there are so many others who have gotten me here! Some whom I can think of at the top of my head are: Perfect Dolphin, Samwow5, Starving Cereal (SC, or as I knew him, Sticky Clown), Cool Smarticle, Nameless Undefined, Tough Spider, and Brave Sky. Thanks to all of you, the PTFP’s current authors, and everyone else that has been with me!

2017 | The Future Awaits

What has happened in 2017? Hmm…let me think… Oh, I’m just kidding, I know the answer: getting invited to the PHB!

I have been content with just my own blog and a couple of others along the way, but still, being invited to the PHB has been one of my biggest dreams since 2013. At one point, I even subscribed to get emails for all the comments on the PHB… yeah, that only lasted a couple of months (unsurprisingly, there are a lot!).

It’s taken a lot of work to get here, but it was worth it, and I can’t wait to see what else happens in the future. I’m more motivated than ever, and I’d like to thank Slanted Fish for letting me join. 🙂

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading!

-SW out

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story!

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My Place in Poptropica: Torterrified

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Torterrified, or Hyper Eel, who has had a Poptropica song stuck in her head for years, has been playing on and off, and now has her own Poptropica blogSee below for how to send in your own MPIP!

2007 | Poptropica Party

It all started at my best friend’s birthday party. All of my friends were surrounding the desktop playing Poptropica, but I was playing Pokémon Diamond. They told me to come check it out, so I did, but I thought it looked stupid. The only game on the computer I was interested in at the time was Club Penguin.

But since I had nobody to play with, I decided to just give it a try. I sat down and made an account by the name of Scary Peanut, who had unkempt hair and buck teeth. I giggled at how ridiculous she looked, and since I didn’t know how to change it, I jumped straight into the blimp.

I landed on Early Poptropica and found all the missing items, but I didn’t know you had to talk to the NPCs at the end, so I exited the game without saving my account.

Then I forgot about it… until a few years later.

2010–2014 | Reignited

I had lost interest in Poptropica after that day, but that changed when I saw saw someone at school playing Wimpy Wonderland Island.

At the time, Diary of a Wimpy Kid was one of my favourite book series. Feeling inspired, I logged back into my Scary Peanut account, and this time, I completed all the islands. I finally figured out how to finish Early Poptropica, too!

Yet, even after finishing all the islands and getting a membership, I still felt… bored. Less people were in the common rooms, and islands were taking more time than usual to come out. But I didn’t want to give up on this game just yet.

So I entered ‘Poptropica’ into my search bar to see if there was anything left to do, and that’s when I saw it: the Poptropica Help Blog. I clicked the link and was amazed. From that moment on, I’d check this website every day, and even joined the PHC Xat and met some awesome people, who I’m still friends with to this day. 😉

I was in the community for a few years back then, until the arrival of SUIs (sound-updated islands). I wasn’t a fan of the bigger screens, music and glitchy controls, so I decided to quit. Still, there was always this weird feeling in the back of my head.

2017 | Nostalgia

I realised that the weird feeling was a song. I had no idea where it was from, but I remembered a few notes from it. I spent months looking through soundtracks of all the games I played as a kid until I finally remembered: it was from Poptropica!

Wanting to get back into the game, I quickly registered an account with the name Hyper Eel, with the username Torterrified. I was shocked to see that Poptropica would soon turn into Poptropica Worlds. Nonetheless, I played through every island until I finally found the song: it was Fiona’s violin melody from Ghost Story Island. I admit, I nearly cried. This song has held a special place in my heart for years now.

I’ve also recently decided to pick up Poptropica blogging. You can check out my site here: Thanks for reading!

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story!

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