My Place in Poptropica: TylerMaster

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of TylerMaster, a longtime Poptropica glitcher who continues to discover new things to this day. See below for how to send in your own MPIP!

mpip tyler

2007-2009 | The Start of My Adventures

I started playing Poptropica in 2007, very close to when it first came out, and I was seven years old at the time. I discovered the game at school and I had lots of fun playing it.

When I first started playing Poptropica, there was no friends list or anything like that. But I still had lots of fun beating islands.

Then one day, in 2009, I saw that they had added something new: the Store! So I saved up as many credits as I could get so that I could get lots of items. I had lots of fun doing that, but eventually got bored of it, so I took a break for a while.

2009-2010 | Returning and Discovering Glitching

So one day I was bored at school and decided to revisit Poptropica – and I immediately fell back in love with it!

As I was playing one day, I figured out some of the keyboard commands, such as Ctrl + Shift + S which changes your skin color (only works on non-SUIs). From there, I wanted to learn more cheats, and thus began my adventures in glitching. I learned all I could, from the ASG (Avatar Studio Glitch) to the CEG (Customize Everything Glitch, now done with MAP or iPop).

One day, I learned that there were different websites dedicated to glitching, such as DummyTron and MAP. Creating dummies was a ton of fun. I also used websites like PoptropAds to teleport to various retired advertisement buildings and games.

2010–2015 | Zombie Eyes

At some point I got bored of Poptropica again, and took another break. A whole year passed before I decided to come back to Poptropica.

When I returned, I found out that most of the glitches I’d enjoyed had been patched, although some of them were still around, like the ASG.

Anyway, one day I came across the PHB’s chat hangout, the PHC, and decided to join. My first friend on there was Red Lizard, also known as RL, and my second friend was NinjaDude, or ND. I really wanted to get zombie eyes on my Poptropican, so RL, ND, and I started poking around with Poptropica’s files trying to find some way to get them. Every day, our mission seemed to get more and more hopeless – until one day, RL made our first breakthrough! He’d found a temporary way to get the zombie eyes.

Eventually, as we got more people involved in our project, we decided we would only share our findings among each other. One day, I made the final breakthrough with figuring out a way to get zombie eyes permanently. But there was this one person who kept bugging me about them, so I gave in and shared my method. Well, wouldn’t you know it, the first thing that person did was turn around and leak the secret to the world.

2015–present | The Glitching Journey Continues

Seeing all my involvement with Poptropica, my parents decided that I should take a break from it for a while. So I did, for a few months.

When I returned, the PHC had moved to a different website (Discord instead of Xat), but it was still the PHC. My friend RL had made many more breakthroughs with glitching, including figuring out how to make dummies again. And there was now a tool called iPop, developed by Santorno, which RL had pro access to (which gives a few extra options that the public access key doesn’t).

Well, back when we had been working on obtaining dummy eyes together, we’d made a pact that we would always share new discoveries with each another. So he taught me about making dummies, but I was not allowed to get the pro access to iPop.

Anyway, I continued to spend time on Discord, and we made many more breakthroughs. We discovered the developer console and used that for a while, until the password to the dev console changed one day. But that was ok; we had discovered other things, like leaks for the rumored Crisis Caverns Island, how to make custom costume parts, and how to unpatch old costume parts.

To this day, the joy of glitching continues, and we are still discovering new things. And that’s My Place in Poptropica. If you’d like to add me, my user is jellal2876534.

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My Place in Poptropica: Lone Bird

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Lone Bird, who shared Poptropica with everyone she knew, despite her own computer being unable to play it. See below for how to send in your own MPIP!


2007–2013 | Playdates & Poptropica

Okay, so unlike most Poptropicans, I didn’t discover Poptropica through Funbrain (in fact, I had no idea what it was, and I just learned last year).

Instead, for me it all began when I had a playdate with my BFF, Comical Berry. I remember going on her computer, and then she showed me a game that would change my internet life. When I saw the little character with the big head, I immediately knew this was a game I needed to try out. You see, I’ve always been a fan of games where you can customize your avatar, but Minecraft was the only game I knew; however, I couldn’t get it. Instead, I was stuck playing PBS Kids games.

So as you can imagine, when little me saw a Poptropican in a Magic Tree House-themed island (The Magic Tree House series was my all time favorite book series back then), I was super excited! I asked my BFF what the game was called, and she replied, “Poptropica! It’s fun!” I immediately made a note of this, and then we began to play Poptropica in real life together. Meeting characters like the emperor and Annie on Red Dragon Island was when I realized that I had a bright gaming future ahead of me.

After being introduced to Poptropica, I quickly made an account, Lone Bird, which is the one I have to this day! Poptropica quickly became the game, the one that you play every single weekend, and the game you’re addicted to. I loved it so much that I began to write stories about my best friend and me in Poptropica.

2014 | Computer Crash

Then one day, on a dark and stormy Saturday, I was playing PoptropiCon, the newest island. This memory is so vivid in my mind. I was at the part where you race Cheetah Girl when the unthinkable happened. The game froze and the screen came up with a not-so-touching message: Adobe Flash Has Stopped. And with the most pleasant-looking robot avatar! And then the screen went black… forever. Yup – my computer was dead. (RIP Connor the Computer, 2006–2014)

I was devastated. Little me was all like. “W-What?! No, m-more Poptropica?!” This, frankly, made me take matters into my own hands… I could only play Poptropica at school when we were having “technology parties.” There went my gaming future… *sniff*

2015–2016 | Sharing Pop & Finding the Fandom

Even though Poptropica was no longer something I could enjoy frequently anymore, I decided I would share Poptropica with my friends and family. I introduced it to all my friends at church, who made accounts and enjoyed it! (Well, until they got bored..) I then introduced it to my BFF (a different one from the one introduced me to Pop), Popular Snowball.

After introducing Poptropica to a lot of my friends in school, Pop became the “it” game in my class for a few weeks! I didn’t stop there, oh no, I made an account for my sister – and then even one for my mom. (Don’t even ask why I made an account for my mother…) So even though I lost Poptropica for myself, I helped a lot of people find Poptropica!

Okay, so I loved Poptropica, but as it happens with many people, there were some islands I could not complete. That’s when I found the help of YouTube! (Thank you, YouTube! ^.^) I remember the first video tutorial I ever found was on Survival Island. I don’t remember the YouTube channel, but I think it was Fierce Moon from Poptropica Secrets.

Anyways, her walkthrough was good, but I wanted to find something with better quality. That’s when I found the king of the Poptropica YouTube world, Thinknoodles! After watching one of his videos, I was hooked! They were funny, and I thought his “Road to Captain Thinknoodles” series was (and still is) awesome! I liked seeing his reactions as he played islands for the first time. I thought it was neat!

Now for how I found the PHB! Okay, so I always read the PCB (Poptropica Creators’ Blog) and when you search it up online, the PHB is listed as well. However, I always thought it was some kind of hacking blog because of the word “cheats” in the description. But one day I decided to click on it, expecting the worst. To my surprise, it looked fantastic! I was immediately hooked, reading as many blog posts as I could. From there, I found out about all these other amazing fan blogs! So that’s where that began.

2016–beyond | Epilogue

I now have a computer, finally! However, as we all know, Poptropica has been quietly lately as they work on Poptropica Worlds, so I haven’t been playing it as often. I still love it, though lately I’ve been playing more Roblox than Pop. If you want to add me on Poptropica, my username is Bellaisa55.

Anyway, that’s my MPIP! I hope you enjoyed it. And now a word from my sister: “I love you, Fishy!!”

Thank you for reading! I hope I didn’t make you fall asleep…

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My Place in Poptropica: LillySparkle$

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of LillySparkle$, who runs a Poptropica fansite called The Pop Blog with her friend Mia. See below for how to send in your own MPIP!


Hi, I’m Lilly, and this is my detailed MPIP. I love this series so much and I thought it would be fun to write one myself – so here we go!

2010-2011 | Fun for the Whole Family!

Back in first grade computer lab, our teacher let us go on Funbrain. I played the fun mini-games they had for a while, and soon an advertisement popped up for Poptropica, which also looked fun. I asked my teacher if I could play it, and to my surprise, she said yes! The whole class soon got in on the action.

Eventually, the school blocked the game – but that didn’t stop me from playing at home. My sisters caught on as well, and unlike me, they actually played the islands – whereas I would just run around on Poptropica and do a lot of customizing. Later, my cousin also got in on the action, and it was pretty fun!

2012-2014 | A Million Accounts?!

I played Poptropica continuously throughout elementary school, eventually learning to complete islands by watching and pausing YouTube videos. My favorite island at the time was Cryptids Island.

Most people remember their first account like it was yesterday, while I – well, let’s just say I wanted credits to buy a costume, so I saved so many accounts and always forgot the password.

Slowly, starting around 2014, Poptropica faded away from my life: with school, friends, and other activities, I never really found time for it. My siblings, as they grew up, also grew out of Poptropica and forgot about it with time.

2016 | Coming Back, Better Than Ever!

One fateful day, I got sick and had to stay home from school. After several TV show marathons, I got bored and went on the computer. I was trying to think of a game to play, and then it hit me: Poptropica! I made a new account, LillySparkle$, and started Escape From Pelican Rock Island.

The next day, I was talking to my friends at lunch about it, and my close friend Mia said, “Oh yeah, I remember it!” She found her old account, and soon started playing Escape From Pelican Rock as well. We helped each other through the island, and it was a ton of fun!

Since we had so much fun helping each other, we decided to share our love with Poptropica to the world – by making a blog! That was how we started The Pop Blog, which you can check out here.

Anyway, when we first started The Pop Blog, we would play Poptropica at school. One random time when our teacher let us play games, I immediately went over to Poptropica and continued where I had left off with Lunar Colony Island. A boy walked up behind me and asked, “Are you playing Poptropica?” I thought he was going to laugh at me, but then he got on his computer and started playing Poptropica as well! It reminded me that no matter how old we get, we are still kids and should embrace what we love.

As the islands we attempted got tougher, we stumbled upon the PHB’s guides – they are so helpful! It’s great how this blog updates you right away about anything new in Poptropica.

I love Poptropica, not only because it’s a fun game, but because anyone can be a hero and save the day. No matter what gender or age you are, you can be important. In Poptropica, everyone is different, but together, we make ourselves one, and we are all heroes.

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! Feel free to send in your own (please include a minimum of 550 words, type with good spelling and grammar, divide it into labeled sections, and include your username). If you send in your story, we will continue to post new community MPIPs!

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My Place in Poptropica: Magic Sinker

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Magic Sinker, who introduced the game to several friends and blogs about it on her fansite, The Poptastic BlogSee below for how to send in your own MPIP!


2012 | Funbrain

One day in third grade, when I was playing some random game on Funbrain in the computer lab at my old school during our free time, I noticed an advertisement with some Poptropicans on it. Of course, at that time I did not know what Poptropicans were, and I ignored the advertisement and continued playing the other game.

A few weeks later, while I was on the Funbrain website again reading a book called Tessa’s Tree, the advertisement was back. This time, I decided to press it just for my curiosity to be fulfilled. The new game opened in a new tab, and went straight to the log in page. I made my first account, Cheerful Heart. You can friend her, the user name is flowerfriends8, though I no longer use the account.

2013 | From “What do I do now?” to “Welcome to the PHB, Cheerful Heart!”

Since at the time I did not know how to play the islands, all I did was buy one costume (the Rockstar) and costumize off of her. I went to Wild West Island, and started playing it. Just then, a light bulb went off in my head… use a guide! To this very day, my old account still has the hat for one of the cowboys of the island.

At that time, I started using the PHB for help, and I have completed Mystery Train, Wild West, and Mystery of the Map Island on that account. Also, this was the time when I was obsessed with Poptropica, and tried to beat all the islands. I told most of my friends about Poptropica, too! Back then, I was quite young and not very good at playing the islands, and it was no wonder I was not able to complete even ten of them.

2014–early 2016 | Poptropica on Hold

I put Poptropica on hold for a couple of years as life got busier: I moved schools, was busy with schoolwork, and so on. Poptropica became just a memory to me; I never thought about it anymore. I have not used my Cheerful Heart account since 2013.

After a few months, I did remember Poptropica – I always wanted to go back to it, but I did not have the time (or internet) to play. I kept on checking the PHB for updates, but I never actually played the game.

Late 2016 | My Friends and a Golden Era

Once I got into middle school, I started playing Poptropica again! A new girl joined my school (her Poptropican’s name is Nice Snowball, and her username is starphire88), and I thought: I should make her feel comfortable by playing a game with her!

I didn’t know what game we could play together, but then it hit me: Poptropica! I felt just like I was yelling Eureka! We went onto the Chromebook laptops, and I taught her the basics of the game. At that point, I also made a new account, which I still use now: Magic Sinker (username is shayshaygamer). I also taught my other good friends how to play, and now they are part of the fandom!

2017 and Beyond | Back to Poptropica…

As of this new year, I have completed 10 Islands on my new account, and I am working on completing more. I have also made a Poptropica blog with my friends called The Poptastic Blog, and I am active in the community.

That is it for now! Thanks for having me.

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! Feel free to send in your own (please include a minimum of 550 words, type with good spelling and grammar, divide it into labeled sections, and include your username). This has been the first MPIP of 2017, but as of now, we have no new community MPIPs scheduled. If you send in your story, we’ll continue the series!

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My Place in Poptropica: Magic Snowball

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Magic Snowball, who has found many things to obsess over, including fan fiction, which led her back to Pop. See below for how to send in your own MPIP!


Oh hello there Poptropica people! In case you haven’t seen me before, I’m Magic Snowball (kkool223 if you want to add me). It’s been a while since I’ve been in the community, so I decided, let’s write about my Poptropica journey! *slow clap*

2009 | Seeing the game for the first time

So I was visiting my cousin and he showed me this game called Poptropica, which I’d never heard of before. He showed me how to customize your Poptropican and all that junk. I was still young and I didn’t really understand this game, so I just watched in wonder.

2012 | Finding it again

I was at home, hanging out on the Funbrain website. That’s when I saw this ad for a game called Poptropica, which didn’t ring a bell. So, I decided to check it out – and that’s how my addiction began.

I started creating random Poptropicans but with no accounts, until I eventually figured out how to make an account. My memory wasn’t great, so I couldn’t remember any of my accounts’ passwords or usernames. Oh, and I had no idea how to complete islands.

2013 – 2014 | Magic Snowball and the PHB

I finally decided to create a permanent account, and for the first time, I wrote down my username and password. This Poptropican I made was called Magic Snowball, and she’s my current Poptropican. Now that I had a Poptropican, I was ready to complete islands, though I didn’t even know how to complete Early Poptropica.

I discovered the PHB while searching for guides, and that’s when I realized that this guide-filled website had a lot more than just guides. Soon, I started commenting on the blog – though my comments are probably the most cringeworthy ever. I also sent in my own fanfictions (which are terrible), and this was the beginning of my obsession with writing.

With Poptropica, I had only completed the easiest islands, because I had been too cowardly to do the harder ones. One day I just decided to complete all the harder ones for goodness’ sake, and used the PHB’s walkthroughs for help.

2015 | My Pop blog and other occupations

I was still playing Poptropica a few years later, and even made my own Poptropica fan blog. However, I was also playing another game, which was Club Penguin. I actually had a bit of obsession with Club Penguin as well, and I had been playing that longer than I’d been playing Poptropica.

I even made a YouTube channel about Club Penguin. However, my screen recorder stopped working one day, and I couldn’t make videos anymore, so I stopped playing Club Penguin. Plus, my membership ran out. I still had YouTube, however, and that took my attention away from Poptropica. In fact, I wasn’t playing Poptropica much, and barely visiting my blog anymore. Eventually, I deleted my blog and went off to other websites.

2016 | FanFiction, DeviantArt, and back to Poptropica

I came across a website called “”, which is where you write fan-fictions. I made an account and soon become obsessed with the website. I forgot all about Poptropica and the PHB, only focusing on FanFiction and YouTube. However, I soon started losing interest in YouTube. I still loved FanFiction though, and continued to write stories.

I also created a DeviantArt account, so I could draw stuffs for my stories. I was also occupied by my obsession with My Little Pony and the need to go to school and grow up (how boring).

On my FanFiction account, I decided to write a Poptropica story, which sort of got me back into the game. I explored the PHB again, and updated my WordPress a little. I replayed Mythology Island, and I’m planning to replay islands I haven’t played in years. As of right now, I’m starting to visit the PHB again, and checking out the Discord thingy, the PHC (my name there is iHateFridays). And here I am, writing this MPIP, ready to reconnect with one of my favourite and earliest fandoms.

Ladies and gents, my name is Magic Snowball and thanks for reading!

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! Feel free to send in your own (please include a minimum of 550 words, type with good spelling and grammar, divide it into labeled sections, and include your username). As of now, we have no new community MPIPs scheduled. It’s been a good MPIP-filled year, and we thank you for writing in and reading them.

If you send in your story, we’ll continue the series!

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My Place in Poptropica: Fearless Peanut

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Fearless Peanut, whose Poptropica playing was influenced by a rivalry with her brother. See below for details on sending in your own MPIP!


2011 – 2012 | Brother & Beginning

It was way back 2011 when I first saw my brother playing Poptropica, and that’s how I discovered it. For some reason, it was kinda weird for me because when I was watching him play, I felt so familiar with it, like I’d played it before or maybe I dreamed about something like it before I discovered it. Weird, right? But it didn’t stop me from being curious about it.

I asked my brother what he was playing but he wouldn’t tell me, instead saying something like, “This is game isn’t for you.” I was disappointed by his words, yet I still watched him play. After I watched him finished the islands (it was Mythology Island and Red Dragon Island) I said to myself, I’m going to play it whether he likes it or not.

And the very next day, I created my very first account (which is I don’t remember anymore). The first island I ever played was Red Dragon Island. Being a beginner, I didn’t know what to do – I was so clueless that I created another account and put it on the same island again and again.

It wasn’t until I saw my brother watching a walkthrough of another island on Poptropica on YouTube that I started figuring things out. After I saw him do that, I went on YouTube and typed in the YouTuber’s name (it was Graser10). Then I watched his walkthrough on Red Dragon Island and I was so happy, finally knowing how to finish that island.

I created another account which I used, although I regret my embarrassing username. Anyway, the name of my Poptropican is Fearless Peanut, which I figured was a very decent name at the time, especially as I had been listening to Taylor Swift’s song “Fearless”.

2012 – 2013 | The Rivalry

It was the following year where I started having a Poptropica rivalry with my brother. Every time he finished another island, I would go there as well, watching one of Graser10’s walkthrough videos so I could finish it by the end of the day. My brother knew about this and decided to have bet with me: the first person to finish all the islands would win.

Being a player and a fighter myself, I took on the challenge. It was one of my most memorable days because every time I finished an island he hadn’t finished yet, I always helped him with it, and as time went by, we almost forgot about the bet.

2013 – 2015 | The Hiatus

As far as I can remember, this was the year where I started getting bored on Poptropica. After finishing all the islands, and repeating all of it again and again and waiting for another island to be release, I started losing interest.

I figured I should stop and leave Poptropica for a while until a new island came, so I stopped playing Poptropica for a while and played other games on the computer.

For a whole year, I didn’t played Poptropica. I totally forgot about it, plus I was so busy with other things in my school life and my personal life, since it was my first year of high school and it wasn’t going great.

2015 – 2016 | The Comeback

Little by little, I got myself back to Poptropica again. During my computer period at school, I would see about a quarter of my classmates playing Poptropica when it was our free time.

While watching them from the far corner (I like corners because people don’t see me – I’m a self-proclaimed anti-social person… sorry), I noticed there were new islands on Poptropica. I was so excited about it and planned to play them, but got distracted with other school things and forgot about it.

However, during this time I also lost my brother, the only person who would play Poptropica with me – my Poptropica rival. One reason I didn’t feel like playing Poptropica was because I didn’t want to be reminded of this.

2016 – present | The Golden Age

I eventually got over it and started playing Poptropica again, deciding to become part of its fandom. This started around my summer vacation when I was surfing on to find some fan fiction to read. I suddenly wondered, just for fun, if there were any Poptropica fanfics on the site. There were, so I started reading those fanfics (my favorites were written by PoptropicaGirl79). I started to remember those memories I had when I was playing Poptropica before.

I was so excited to find any fanfics related to Poptropica that I kept looking for more. I searched on DeviantArt, and not only did I find fanfics, but I also found a lot of Poptropica fan art!

That same year, I also discovered the PHB! At the time, I didn’t realize it was the same blog I keep searching when I didn’t feel like watching the walkthroughs on YouTube. Anyway, even now, I keep coming back here every day to see if they have the latest news about the New Poptropica (which I’m so excited for!), or random posts like the MPIP stories, and much more!

I also enjoy drawing my Poptropican and other Poptropica characters, which has led me to discover many interesting Poptropica stories! I’m glad my love for Poptropica is back.

Without much thought, I have become part of Poptropica fandom. I’ve met many amazing people in this community, and I’ve also joined the PHC under the name FearlessPeanut_Osoko. At first I was totally scared to chat on the PHC because I was worried about offending people or saying things that would be boring, but I’ve gotten over it! You can chat with me if you like – don’t worry, I’m easy to befriend!

So that’s all about me! Thank you for reading MPIP!!

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! Feel free to send in your own (please include a minimum of 550 words, type with good spelling and grammar, divide it into labeled sections, and include your username). Look out for more community MPIPs every weekend!

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My Place in Poptropica: Purple Claw

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Purple Claw, a Poptropica blogger who enjoys being in the community. See the bottom of this post for details on sending in your own MPIP!


Hey there! I’m Purple Claw, a Poptropica fan blogger and community member. Before I start telling you my story, I would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog, Clawtropica (! Now, let’s get started!

2012 | Before Poptropica

I was a normal kid like everyone else, living in a small town in Greece. In my free time, I used to read the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. I was (and I still am!) a big fan of these books! I didn’t know what Poptropica was, so I didn’t have a life. 😛

Back then I used to play tons of games, but can’t remember all of their names. The only ones I can remember were: Minecraft, Animal Jam, and a few random games on my tablet. However, Poptropica is the only game I play now.

2013 | Discovering Poptropica

One rainy day, our class was at the computer lab, and one of my classmates introduced me to an awesome game: Poptropica! 😉 I made an account, jumped into my blimp, and started my first adventure on Early Poptropica Island! Unfortunately, I soon forgot all about Poptropica, but I started re-playing it after I moved to the UK…

2014 | Re-Discovering Poptropica

At my new school in England, a lot of people used to play Pop, and someone re-introduced to the game.

When I went home, I opened my computer and searched ‘’Poptropica’’ on Google. I clicked on the first result, and I remembered the game I’d forgotten all about. I made a new account and played the first episode of Arabian Nights Island: How Bazaar.

Since I was bad at beating islands, I used Thinknoodles’ YouTube walkthroughs to help me out. I used this account until the end of 2014, which was when everyone else at my school stopped playing Poptropica.

2015 | The Birth of Purple Claw

Since I couldn’t remember the username and password of my previous account, I made a new one. The username I chose was ‘’donatloul’’ (which is my current account) and my Poptropican’s name was Purple Claw. I actually hated that name because purple isn’t my color. I didn’t know you could change your name by clicking ‘’Change All’’ so I was forced to stick with Purple Claw. I started beating islands like the good, not-so-old times. 😛

That July, something terrible happened: 7 sponsored islands became members only! I was really upset because Red Dragon was the only island I hadn’t beaten. You might think I stopped playing Pop this time too, but no. I wanted to beat all the islands, so I continued playing the other islands, and after doing that, I could beg my dad to get me a 1-month membership. By the end of December, I had 37 island medallions on my medallion list.

2016 | The Poptropica Community

In February, I discovered the amazing Poptropica Help Blog, the home of the Poptropica community. The authors were so fun and creative, the graphics were magical, and everything about the PHB was just awesome! I began to check the PHB every day, and I still do!

The following month, in March, something awesome happened: we could vote to unlock one of the 7 members only islands. Since most of people voted for Red Dragon, I was really glad I could finally earn all the island medallions.

In April, I joined the Poptropica Help Chat (the PHC). I met some amazing people and I made tons of friends. I would like to give a shout-out to my closest friends: Shaky Skunk, Happy Lobster, Tall Cactus, Perfect Sky, White Ice, Hyper Gamer, Short Dolphin, and Young Singer. Thank you for being my friends!

On May 13, I decided to create my own Poptropica blog: and so, Clawtropica was born! I have to admit that at the beginning, it looked really bad, but after making some improvements, it got better.

That summer, Clawtropica was nominated for the PHB’s Poppies Awards 2016. I would like to thank everyone who helped us make it to the voting round. We ended up in third place! 😀

In August, my friend Hyper Gamer had a wonderful idea: to connect active Poptropica blogs in one big network, the Poptropica Bloggers Network! I helped him set up some stuff, and voila, the PBN was created. You can check out the PBN here (

The Pop community might be small, but it’s my true home. Everyone here is so nice! I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. Without you, I wouldn’t be a bad artist, a blogger, a PHC staff member, and heck, I wouldn’t even be myself without you guys! Everyone in this awesome community is wonderful. ❤

Hope you guys enjoyed my MPIP! See you around, bye!

–PC out!

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! Feel free to send in your own (please include a minimum of 550 words, type with good spelling and grammar, divide it into labeled sections, and include your username). Look out for more community MPIPs every weekend!

~the Poptropica Help Blog