Some achieve greatness – and some have scarves thrust upon them

Hey Poptropicans!

The last prize of the Timmy Failure Island giveaway has been released, and it’s a code! You can enter the promo code LOSTPANTS to receive 75 credits – which you can then use to buy a new item from the Store! The Creators have added two new items you can buy — the billowing Timmy Failure Scarf (for everyone) and the Greatness Flag (members only*).

*Non-members can still get the Greatness Flag for free by scrolling to the end of the Store’s gold card items even though it’s intended for members only. Hurry before this gets patched!

Starting next Thursday, the 17th, members will get to play Timmy Failure Island. Be excited! 😀 Plus, check out our BTS Overview & Theory post for Timmy Failure for a behind-the-scenes look at what to expect, only on the PHB. 😉

Over on the Poptropica mobile app, you can now pick up a free color-changing 8th Birthday Balloon! (Thanks to FairyTale for the tip.) It will be released soon for the online version too, but not until at least September 15th according to a tweet from Poptropica. (Unless you have the Balloons item from the Store – then it’s part of the package! Thanks to Shaggy Tornado for that tip.)


(UPDATE) To pump up the excitement for 8th birthday celebrations, Poptropica also shared this gif of a jumping pixel pig on their blog (you may recognize this creature, but without the party hat and “8” marking, from Early Poptropica Island)!


On a fun note, Poptropica made a little something for fans of the band 5 Seconds of Summer (well, just Luke Hemmings) over on Twitter… the things they do for the fans! 😉


In case you missed it, the latest issue of our PHB fan magazine (#25), The POPCORN, is here! Head over to my last post to check it out. Stay popping, Poptropicans! :mrgreen:


Bear-y amazing hats and costumes!

Hey guys! Slip here, your bear-er of amazing news!

WARNING: Be pre-beared. This post contains a lot of bear puns so bear with me. 😛

This is bear-ly the beginning, okay?

First off, there’s a new advertisement around Poptropica’s Main Streets featuring the newest Cartoon Network series, We Bare Bears! You just need to watch a video and you’ll get a Bear Stack hat! There’s too much bears, I can’t bear it. We’re bear-y sorry but this is only for younger players.


If you can still bear the puns, better prepare for a panda-monium!

Next up, there are two new bear-y amazing cards over at the Store! Let us paws for a moment and celebrate. They’re the Hat Trick and the Capes ‘n’ Cowls! They only cost 75 Poptropica credits and comes with three different variants (Hat Trick hats are different for girls and boys).

Meanwhile on Twitter, Poptropica has recently made a bear-y relevant reference to the movie Mean Girls and a Poptropica remake of Taylor Swift‘s 1989 album cover! Oh it’s unbearable.

The voting round for the Poppies is still on and you can’t bear-ly miss the post. I can’t paws-ibly win Best Author because Fishy, HP and BT are bear-y amazing. I bear-ter stop. 😛

That’s the end of the post (made with my bear hands)! Thank you for bearing with me and being my bear witness. Now I’d bear-ter go hi-bear-nate before I go bear-serk.

Leave a comment and enjoy this gif of a bear dancing!


– 🐻

Seven Islands become members only!

Okay… so I got some bad news, guys. Remember the whole Nabooti demo thing and how Nabooti Island is only for members now? Well, more islands have joined the members only club.


There may be over 40 islands, but now 7 of those islands are exclusive for members. The seven islands are all sponsored islands (islands that are based on a franchise/not completely original), with the exception of the more recent Galactic Hot Dogs Island, which isn’t on the list:

Non-members can still play a demo of each island, but nothing beyond that. With Timmy Failure Island coming up, we have to wonder if that will eventually be locked to members only as well, since it’s also a sponsored island.

Yes, what we have feared is true. I just hope Poptropica won’t become completely membership oriented. 😦 Let us know in the comments what you think!


Home car, Templar Knight price hike, & more

Hey guys! There are some new updates on Poptropica – let’s check them out!

First, there’s a new “Home” ad (for the Party Edition of the Dreamworks movie) on Poptropica Main Streets (such as Game Show), and you just have to click on the ad to collect an untitled Car Follower!

home car followerOn another note, PHB reader Muddy Kid recently noticed that the Templar Knight in the Store now costs 410 credits (costumes are usually only 75 credits, and some are even free). It seems like the Creators are having a price hike after giving us a raise, but so far, this seems to be the only item affected with a higher price.

templar knight 410 credits

Also, we’ve received a bit of an explanation from the Creators regarding the sudden change of Nabooti Island being for members only. They put their response in an image since it couldn’t be contained in the 140 characters max that Twitter allows. It’s not much, but the basic idea is that Poptropica continues to evolve, and one experimentation isn’t the end of the world. Read it here:

Poptropica will always be awesome no matter what. What do you think? Leave a comment!


Raise to 150 credits & membership to play Nabooti

Hey Poptropicans! There’s good news and bad news –

First, the good news: Poptropicans are getting a raise! Instead of the measly 50 credits we usually get for completing an island, the reward is now being bumped up to a whopping 150 credits.


In earlier years, Poptropica used to give out 100 credits for an island finish, but this is even better! Like before, the reward only applies for the first time you complete each island. Also, the amount of credits you had before this update remains the same, so if you’ve finished every island already, you’ll have to wait for the next one to come along to enjoy the bonus.

Why are the Creators doing this? Perhaps they’ve realized how hard it is to earn enough to save up for the many items available in the Store, and implemented this change out of the goodness of their hearts. Or are there going to be changes made that will make us wish we had more credits to spend?

There’s cause for suspicion, and here comes the bad news: remember how Nabooti Island recently became just a demo version to non-members, with a prompt to get membership to play the full island?

Well, the plan isn’t to make this the next SUI. It’s another ploy to make buying a membership more enticing, because here’s the thing: Nabooti Island, which has been free to play for years, now requires membership – and more changes to membership are to come, according to these tweets:

Will more islands follow the same fate as Nabooti? (Is that why we have the chance to earn more credits – before more islands are locked on us?)

Of course, this isn’t an issue to members, but this could be potentially damaging to the current balance in the offerings between membership and free-to-play: it could mean more members, or it could mean more quitters if there is too much emphasis on membership. Possibly both.

We’ll have to see what’s in store (literally? 😛 ) – but tread carefully, Poptropica.

Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Mega-After-Map Costumes!

Hi Gs,

Lots of stuff to go over, let’s get right to it;

First of all, to celebrate the newly released Galactic Hot Dogs book, the Creators put in a new promo code for a crazy looking Mega Dog Costume, along with a Jupiter Jolt sauce gun! The code is GHDBOOK, so run fast liek sanic over to the store to redeem the card.

megaDog2 copy

Next, there are a handful of new cards that you can obtain by logging in for the Whatever After book series. While I shudder at the thought of the books, I must admit that the cards are pretty cool – one is a Prince (boys) or Beauty (girls) to Beast costume, and the other is a Magic Mirror.

The prince/beast (or beauty/beast) costume is pretty simple – when you put it on, you turn into a prince (or princess) – but when you press space bar, you turn into a beast! Cool costumes, me like. 🙂


The magic mirror is a bit simpler – equip it and press spacebar to say some quotes from… somewhere. Honestly, this item is pretty peculiar.

Next, the first installment of the Mystery of the Map graphic novel is going to be over tomorrow, and I have a feeling that’s when they’re going to be announcing the upcoming island. If you didn’t know already, you can go ahead and read tomorrow’s page today with our Comics archive. 😀

Lastly, there are a few new items in the store, pertaining to Mystery of the Map. They’re technically not able to be bought yet, as they won’t appear in your inventory, but they’re still pretty cool. (Psst! There’s a glitch going on right now where nonmembers can buy a ton of Member’s Only cards! Run fast liek sanic!!)

So, are you going to be reading the new GHD book? And are you excited for MotM Island? Tell me in the comments.



PopCon 3: Reign of Omegon now available for members!

pcon3 members

There comes a time in every Poptropican’s life that a special kind of challenge faces them. Tyranny may try to rule, but it is our sacred duty to protect the world no matter the cost.

Reign of Omegon, PoptropiCon’s epic final chapter is now available for members! The guide for this episode isn’t avaliable yet, but stay tuned for it coming soon! In the meantime, if you’re having trouble with the previous two episodes, check out our PopCon guide here! (Reign of Omegon’s guide will be there too when it’s complete!) 

Non-members, the prediction according to Poptropica is that Reign of Omegon will release for all April 19th. Think of it as more time to prepare your battle gear. 😉

As for members, go ahead and join the resistance! A hero is needed! And after your done, don’t forget to see your ranking on the world champion map!

BT out, and have fun! 🙂

GoRealms code, Poptropica on Pinterest, & PopStorm 18

Hey guys! Quick post to announce that Poptropica Realms recently got a big upgrade of features, which we’ll be getting into soon here on the PHB. For now, you can enter the promo code GOREALMS to get your own free Realms Builder costume!


Also, the Poptropica Creators officially have their own Pinterest board.

pop pinterest

Instead of Zeus being the face of their account, Master Mime (also known as Jon Pitcher, as you can see on our Creator Database page) is the star. You can view and follow it here, but unlike their other social media sites, they’re more focused on re-pinning random Poptropica things from others. (Update: They’ve started posting some of their own fun stuff, like this St. Patrick’s Day promo!)

pinterest pop

Of course Jon Pitcher also has his own Pinterest account, which has a board that features all of the Creators’ PopStorms!

Speaking of PopStorms, number 18 has been released! This one, entitled Classes of Glasses, depicts many Poptropicans with glasses that match their own style. 😛

popstorm 18

Last but not least, Poptropica says they’re hoping to get their mobile app out to Kindle Fires by June 1. Great news for all the Kindlers out there!

Anyway, have a great weekend and be sure to check out other recent PHB posts for the latest happenings in the Poptropica community! 😀