Mega-After-Map Costumes!

Hi Gs,

Lots of stuff to go over, let’s get right to it;

First of all, to celebrate the newly released Galactic Hot Dogs book, the Creators put in a new promo code for a crazy looking Mega Dog Costume, along with a Jupiter Jolt sauce gun! The code is GHDBOOK, so run fast liek sanic over to the store to redeem the card.

megaDog2 copy

Next, there are a handful of new cards that you can obtain by logging in for the Whatever After book series. While I shudder at the thought of the books, I must admit that the cards are pretty cool – one is a Prince (boys) or Beauty (girls) to Beast costume, and the other is a Magic Mirror.

The prince/beast (or beauty/beast) costume is pretty simple – when you put it on, you turn into a prince (or princess) – but when you press space bar, you turn into a beast! Cool costumes, me like.🙂


The magic mirror is a bit simpler – equip it and press spacebar to say some quotes from… somewhere. Honestly, this item is pretty peculiar.

Next, the first installment of the Mystery of the Map graphic novel is going to be over tomorrow, and I have a feeling that’s when they’re going to be announcing the upcoming island. If you didn’t know already, you can go ahead and read tomorrow’s page today with our Comics archive.😀

Lastly, there are a few new items in the store, pertaining to Mystery of the Map. They’re technically not able to be bought yet, as they won’t appear in your inventory, but they’re still pretty cool. (Psst! There’s a glitch going on right now where nonmembers can buy a ton of Member’s Only cards! Run fast liek sanic!!)

So, are you going to be reading the new GHD book? And are you excited for MotM Island? Tell me in the comments.



PopCon 3: Reign of Omegon now available for members!

pcon3 members

There comes a time in every Poptropican’s life that a special kind of challenge faces them. Tyranny may try to rule, but it is our sacred duty to protect the world no matter the cost.

Reign of Omegon, PoptropiCon’s epic final chapter is now available for members! The guide for this episode isn’t avaliable yet, but stay tuned for it coming soon! In the meantime, if you’re having trouble with the previous two episodes, check out our PopCon guide here! (Reign of Omegon’s guide will be there too when it’s complete!) 

Non-members, the prediction according to Poptropica is that Reign of Omegon will release for all April 19th. Think of it as more time to prepare your battle gear.😉

As for members, go ahead and join the resistance! A hero is needed! And after your done, don’t forget to see your ranking on the world champion map!

BT out, and have fun!🙂

GoRealms code, Poptropica on Pinterest, & PopStorm 18

Hey guys! Quick post to announce that Poptropica Realms recently got a big upgrade of features, which we’ll be getting into soon here on the PHB. For now, you can enter the promo code GOREALMS to get your own free Realms Builder costume!


Also, the Poptropica Creators officially have their own Pinterest board.

pop pinterest

Instead of Zeus being the face of their account, Master Mime (also known as Jon Pitcher, as you can see on our Creator Database page) is the star. You can view and follow it here, but unlike their other social media sites, they’re more focused on re-pinning random Poptropica things from others. (Update: They’ve started posting some of their own fun stuff, like this St. Patrick’s Day promo!)

pinterest pop

Of course Jon Pitcher also has his own Pinterest account, which has a board that features all of the Creators’ PopStorms!

Speaking of PopStorms, number 18 has been released! This one, entitled Classes of Glasses, depicts many Poptropicans with glasses that match their own style.😛

popstorm 18

Last but not least, Poptropica says they’re hoping to get their mobile app out to Kindle Fires by June 1. Great news for all the Kindlers out there!

Anyway, have a great weekend and be sure to check out other recent PHB posts for the latest happenings in the Poptropica community!😀


Reign of #Dressgate: black + blue, or white + gold??

The dress is everywhere – and now it’s on Poptropica too.o_O

If you log in now, you’ll automatically get a limited edition Dressgate item – which isn’t actually a dress, but it does reference the striped garment that has recently taken over the internet in a costume that comes in two variants: white + gold, or blue + black. (By the way, it’s the latter!)

Anyway, what color did you see the dress as? Feel free to vehemently defend your position (or question your vision) in the comments section.😉

In other news, the Poptropica Creators have also released a bunch of freebies over on the PoptropiCon tour page for the upcoming third and final episode: Reign of Omegon.

There’s a henchbot paper craft, screensaver (a Poptropica first!), and also a desktop wallpaper featuring the fearful Omegon himself. You can also find links to these on the PHB’s PoptropiCon trivia page.

Stay awesome, Poptropicans.😀

Biome hats, Remarkable Realms, & more!

Hey Poptropicans! Remember the sneak peek of biome hats that was tweeted with the launch of Realms? They’ve just recently hit the Store – for free! Five of these Biome Hats are available to everyone, but just like in Realms itself, the Fire and Crystal ones are for members only.

biome hats

For more information about the features in Realms, such as the biomes that inspired this headwear, check out the PHB’s Poptropica Realms Guide.🙂

Speaking of Realms, here are this week’s Remarkable Realms creations featured on the Poptropica Twitter. There were a couple of neat water parks (perhaps inspiration for the abandoned WaterThrill Island?), and Chilly Ring’s ship was also on the Creators’ Blog. As always, click to enlarge pics.

Regarding sharing Realms with friends, Poptropica confirms that they are in fact working on it! They also hope to bring Realms to the app in the next six to ten months.

In other news, Arabian Nights – Episode 2: Lair of Thieves is now available as a mobile app update on Google Play! If you need a guide, we’ve got you covered.


Finally, the Creators tweeted Popstorm (Poptropica brainstorm/doodle) #14 – exaggerated emotion! There does seem to be a lot of feeling behind this one.

popstorm 14

Anyway, that’s all for now! Stay popping, Poptropicans.😀

Arabian Nights Ep. 2 & items for members, plus Jeff Kinney interview

Helloooo Poptropicans! As of 4pm EST on Thursday, Arabian Nights: Episode 2 (Lair of Thieves) became available to members, which marks the release of the 50th medallion! If you need help, check out our Arabian Nights Island Guide, now updated with a written walkthrough (with pictures) for Ep. 2.

arab2 members

For more insight into the episode, check out our behind-the-scenes info post or trivia page for Arabian Nights Island. Plus, members can also collect two new freebies in the Store: a Shield and Scimitar!


After you make it to the end of the episode, remember that you can check your finisher’s rank on the World Champions Player Map. Congrats to PHB author Samwow5 for making it to the top ten!

samwow5 #10 arab2

In other news, a news site called BellyFeel recently posted a ten-minute Skype interview they had with Jeff Kinney, Poptropica’s founder (and Diary of a Wimpy Kid author). Check out the video below, or read the transcribed conversation on their site.

In the video, Jeff discusses some of the thought processes behind Poptropica, including scrapping the idea of our characters having their own home/apartment, the decision to switch to episode format due to the popularity of mobile gaming, and even a confession about the original name of Poptropica – “Poptropolis” – being altered due to Nicktropolis, as Brave Tomato theorized in a previous post.

And don’t forget the PHB is having a Christmas party next Saturday (Dec 20th) – we’d love to see you there! Check out the invitation post below for more details.😀

Shrink Ray SUI: out for all Dec 4th! Ahhhhhhh!

Hey guys! Just a quick post to let everyone know that the sound-updated Shrink Ray Island (SUI) will be out for everyone on December 4, which is this Thursday! If you’re having a little trouble, check out our Shrink Ray Island Guide. Plus, remember that the Shrink Ray (gun) is now free in the Store!😀

In other news, since the release of the Poptropica App on Android, the amount of downloads has been amazing: a rate of nearly 6,000 per day! Now that’s pretty cool.

The Creators have also released yet another piece of Poptropica art on Twitter (click to enlarge):

sneak peek

It’s a bit more difficult to tell what this is for. Along with the image, the Creators tweeted: “Behind-the-scenes at Poptropica. We too get that busy, overwhelmed, confusing feeling.”

That also doesn’t give anything away, at least not for me. However, if this is not a sneak peek, this could just be something they put together for fun to lament the busy times. Then again, they did say “behind the scenes”, and the font used in “AHHHHHHH!” looks like it may be for Galactic Hot Dogs. What do you guys think? Comment below!

Well, that’s all for now! Stay popping, Poptropicans!🙂


Best of Land: Haunted, Shrink Ray re-release, & hair PopStorms

Hey Poptropicans! Now that the final “Best of Land” challenge has ended, the Land public preview is now over (alpha version 2 is back to being members only). On Halloween, while we here at the PHB announced the winners of our 6th Annual Costume Competition, the Creators featured the best “Haunted” Land entries they received – and here they are (click to enlarge):

Captain Crawfish sure enjoys incorporating alliteration in his captions.😉 You can vote for your favorite over on the poll in the sidebar of the Creators’ Blog. Right now, Brave Owl’s intricate tree and Fast Lizard’s grass monster are in the lead. Here are the results thus far:

  • Brave Owl (24%)
  • Cuddly Ring (4%)
  • Dangerous Tooth (5%)
  • Fast Lizard (24%)
  • Fearless Lizard (10%)
  • Friendly Raptor (3%)
  • Invisible Octopus (3%)
  • Popular Fish (3%)
  • Prickly Fish (10%)
  • Red Singer (11%)

Also, congratulations to Silver Lightning for being the readers’ choice for best “Obstacle Course” Land!

From Silver Lightning (another repeat Land challenge champ), this multi-screen course is truly a-maze-ing!

From Silver Lightning (another repeat Land challenge champ), this multi-screen course is truly a-maze-ing!

Poptropica Land is currently no longer available to non-members, but the Creators have stated that, with the help of our feedback and Land creations, they’re preparing for an official launch early next year – which may even be available to everyone (we’ll have to see)!😀


As mentioned earlier, Shrink Ray Island will soon be re-released as a SUI (sound-updated island), with bigger screen, sounds, and all the gimmicks of the newer islands! According to an official tweet, this update is coming in November – sometime this month! The official Tour page has even been given a makeover, now with a desktop wallpaper and printable poster (see below):

Oh look, it’s the protagonist CJ, from whom my Poptropican got that awesome striped hoodie!:mrgreen: And… I know we’re miniature, but that’s a creepily big cat.😮

Also, Members can now claim two new free Store costumes: the Milk Box and Bottle Cap!

(Maybe you recognize them from a sneak peek related to one of the “Inside Poptropica” videos. Speaking of videos, they’ve also re-uploaded the Shrink Ray Island trailer, but it is basically the same as the previous except for the “now with sound” emphasis and new soundtrack composed by Jeff Heim.)

As a classic island, Shrink Ray will come as a one-part story, rather than episodic (multi-part) – and according to Poptropica, more one-part islands will be released for both online & mobile starting January 2015. However, whether this means new one-part islands or just old ones re-hashed into SUIs remains to be seen. Hopefully it’s the former.😛


Over on Poptropica’s Twitter, two new sneak peeks called PopStorm (Poptropica brainstorm) have surfaced – perhaps a continuation of the Hair Potion idea? I still think it’d make a cool gold card item or something, and these sketches look goofily grand.😀

Last but not least, plans for an Android app are looking steadier! According to this tweet, it will be ready in just 5 more weeks, which at this point means it’ll be available in the first week or so of December.

That’s all for now – be sure to catch up on the posts below for all the latest Poptropica news and more! And here’s the popping bad pun for this post: Pop on like popcorn, Poptropicans.😀