Popspiracy: Speculations on Villain Backstories

(Hey Poptropicans! This is a guest post written by Smart Flame, who also runs his own site, The Smart Way to Poptropica. This post is just theory and not to be taken as fact. With that said, enjoy! –🐠)


Hi guys, it’s Smart Flame. In this post, I’ll be inventing a backstory for various Poptropica villains and exploring possibilities as to how they turned evil.

Note that since some villains already have backstories explained by the game (such as Ringmaster Raven or Binary Bard), I will not be covering those. Well, let’s get right into it!

MYRON VAN BUREN (Survival Island): Myron wanted to be the greatest hunter alive, and in order to accomplish that, he needed to top his ancestors’ accomplishments by finding a new and bigger hunt: Poptropicans. He’s never lost a chance to catch his big hunt… until you came along.


BLACK WIDOW (Counterfeit Island): Even in her youth, she was the creative culprit, the elegant embezzler, the stylish stealer. When she was a child, she ruined things; she was messy and disgusting. When her parents told her to be neat, she rebelled. She used what she considered an artistic ability to vandalize places and things, which eventually led to vandalizing some of the world’s greatest art pieces.

black widow ice

DR. HARE (24 Carrot Island): Mad scientist Dr. Harvey Hare loved experimenting – especially on carrots. With a carrot farm just a mile away from him, his experiments never lacked his favorite ingredient – that is, until he started buying the whole harvest of carrots. To save their farms, the farmers started limiting his supply shipment. As a solution, the scientist put on a rabbit costume and starting stealing the carrots, becoming known as Dr. Hare.


CAPTAIN CRAWFISH (Skullduggery Island): When James and Samuel Ridley were boys, their father was the leader of their island at Fort Ridley. When their father died, one of them had to assume Governor, so, James, being the oldest, assumed head governor. Sam was angered by his brother’s decision, left home, and headed to the seven seas. He become a ruthless pirate known as Captain Crawfish. The one place he knew where there was treasure, enough for him to automatically assume the head governor position, was Skullduggery island, which was where he set sail for.

This really sticks in my craw.

This really sticks in my craw.

OCTAVIAN (Mystery of the Map Island): Octavian was once a poor child captured by the knights on Mystery of the Map Island, until he was offered freedom if he double-crossed his friends. His freedom was granted, but he still worked for the knights, double-crossing everyone worth more than a dime.


DIRECTOR D (Spy Island): David D. Denali was an unpopular citizen who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Walking home from work one day, he was kidnapped by some B.A.D. agents. They convinced him to become their commercial leader; the face of their operations (the one everyone would see), and he accepted because he wanted fame. But soon he realized that he was stuck there and he’d be tortured if he left, which was why he carried out so many dastardly plans.

director d bad

OMEGON & TESSA TURNCOAT (PoptropiCon Island): Omegon was the son of a powerful leader. His father wanted him to realize that the great power he’d have one day would also be a responsibility. But when his father saw the greed in Omegon’s eyes, he banished him from the planet. Out of anger he disobeyed his father’s greatest rule, responsibility. Meanwhile, Tessa Turncoat was a classic fan girl who fell in love with Omegon. After vowing her life to his, he messed up her mind and tortured her into doing what she did.

SHOGUN (Red Dragon Island): The evil Shogun and Basho were brothers. When Basho did exceedingly well in karate and impressed their father immensely, the Shogun-t0-be son was jealous.  He felt the only way to impress his father was to create an empire in which everyone lived in fear – and that’s what he did.

red dragon10

COUNT BRAM (Vampire’s Curse Island): In the early 1800s, Bram Stoker fell in love with a fair maiden. But soon he was attacked by the vampire’s curse, which ended all love he could ever have. He locked himself in a castle waiting for the day of his maiden’s return, and grew angrier with each passing day.


RED BARONESS (Monkey Wrench Island): Grace Earhart, sister of Amelia Earhart, never lived up to her sister’s fame.  When the big race came around, she knew it was her chance to ruin her sister’s fame and claim fame for herself.


40 THIEVES (Arabian Nights Island): The 39 poor people of the kingdom, a collective who survived together, had gotten a new leader: Scheherazade.  She was a good speaker who could make anyone listen to her. She created her own dynasty by turning the beggars into thieves. Their legacy was unstoppable; that is, until you came along.

Alert: Be careful in a den of thieves.

Alert: Be careful in a den of thieves.

FRENCHIE (Mystery Train Island): The French reporter, known as Frenchie, was amazed by everything she saw at the Paris World’s Fair. When the Chicago World’s Fair was announced, she was furious, because she thought they were trying to show up the one in Paris. Not wanting the Chicago one to be better, she tried to sabotage it.


EL MUSTACHIO GRANDE (Wild West Island): El Mustachio was the marshal until he was kicked off the job because of violence towards the citizens, but he was angry because he thought he was fired unfairly. He got on his horse, took off, and formed a gang greater than any other, seeking revenge on the Diamond Plains.

Wild West: Defeated!

Wild West: Defeated!

GRETCHEN GRIMLOCK (Cryptids Island): Gretchen was the daughter of an eccentric billionaire. After her father died, she got none of the money – it only went to Harold Mews.  She would’ve done anything for the money. After she heard of the million dollar reward, she felt that it was rightfully hers, and would stop at nothing to get it.


COPY CAT (Super Power Island): Copy Cat was a singer on Pop-Tube (Poptropica YouTube), but she wasn’t popular at all.  She wanted to be a big-time singer, and tried to achieve this by plagiarizing from popular songs and calling them her own.

Copy protection gets tougher all the time.

Copy protection gets tougher all the time.

SPEEDING SPIKE (Super Power Island): Speedy Spike was used to driving on a highway where the speed limit was 120 miles per hour. When he drove on regular highways, he went way too fast, and disregarded the police’s attempts to accost him.

They really need to clean up these subway cars.

They really need to clean up these subway cars.

SIR REBRAL (Super Power Island): Sir Rebral stole people’s identities by playing mind games on them to confuse them. When the cops figured out what he was doing, they tried to stop him, but he played mind tricks on them too. However, one cop outsmarted him, and he was arrested.


RATMAN (Super Power Island): After Ratman robbed a store, he was caught by the police.  To cover for his crimes, he blamed his friends to get out his situation, but when his friends were out of jail, he had to go into hiding because he’d betrayed them – which is how he ended up living in the sewers.


CRUSHER (Super Power Island): When Crusher and his friends visited the natural museum of endangered animals, they visited the bug section. Crusher was bored, so he decided to smash some of the bugs – which turned out to be the last of their species – and was arrested for his crime.

Screenshot at Jul 17 09-28-50

BETTY JETTY (Super Power Island): Betty Jetty failed her final exam at flight school, failing to get her flying license. Since she couldn’t get hired for a job without it, she printed a fake one. But when her new employers saw how badly she flew their planes, they knew she was a fraud.


MR. SILVA (Shrink Ray Island): With CJ as his student, he was always jealous of her inventions. He was so envious that he wanted to have them, and one day he decided that he had to steal it.


POPTROPICA ADVISORS (Mocktropica Island): After having their jobs denied as Poptropica animators, they wanted to destroy Poptropica. So they got jobs as the different advisors and tried to ruin the fun Poptropica experience.

ZEUS (Mythology Island): Zeus was an ignorant boy who always thought he was the best of his brothers. But when his father split the power over Mythology Island equally between them, he was mad. He wanted all the power he could get, and would try and get it in any way possible.

zeus defeated

BOOTED BANDIT (Escape From Pelican Rock Island): Your Poptropican and the Booted Bandit were twins – but you were two minutes older. Your mother always favored you because you were the oldest. This made your sibling angry, and they decided to run away from home. When they had no money left, they decided to start stealing.


CONSTRUCTION CREW (Twisted Thicket): The head construction worker once ventured too far into the forest with his daughter. When they entered the Nokken territory, the hungry Nokken took his daughter away from him. The construction boss was so deeply mad and sad that he forever held a deadly grudge against the forest.


Thank you for reading, and I hoped you enjoyed these villain backstories. This was also posted on my blog, which I encourage you guys to check out []. See you around!

–Smart Flame

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Smart Flame!

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Pop 5: Features for Friends that’d be Fancy

(Hey Poptropicans! This is a guest post written by TallMelonisCool, a Poptropica player in the community. In this post he’ll be sharing his ideas for features that could be added to Friends. Enjoy! –🐠)


Hey guys! So we all know the Friends feature, released back in 2012, that changed Poptropica forever, allowing us to keep up with our Poptropica friends. But over the years, I’ve been thinking that there are some features the Creators should really add to make friending a lot more fun. Let’s get onto the Pop 5 list of potential features for friends that would be improvements!

1) Showing friend’s Realms stats

I’d like to see how my friends are doing in Realms. There could be a new box on the profile for Realms stats, and clicking it would show things like:

  • what level your friend is at
  • how much Poptanium they have
  • when was the last time they visited Realms
  • how many Realms they’ve made, as well as the ability to visit those Realms
  • all the public Realms your friend has liked

2) Battle stats (wins & losses)

Another feature that would be cool to see: clicking on a friend’s battle ranking on their profile to show their wins and losses in the common room games. You’d be able to tell which games they liked more, which games they were stronger at or weaker at, and perhaps there could even be a setting for displaying your favorite game.

3) Dates in which they accomplished things

Date statistics would be interesting to see, and this could apply to various things, like:

  • the date your friend first started playing Poptropica (maybe even with a footnote for status of new player, old player, or somewhere in between)
  • the date they last played Poptropica (it’s good to know if an account has been inactive for a while)
  • the date they completed an island (or perhaps when they got each photo in their album, like photo timestamps)

4) A “birth” video

This is a small feature, but I think it would be cool to see what your friend’s character looked like when they first started playing – even before their first island photo or costume saved in a closet.

What did they look like fresh out of the box they popped out of when their account was made? That I’d like to know, and I think we should have a “birth video” on each friend profile to show us just that. You know, for the memories.

5) Knowing who friended you

As Perfect Sky mentioned in a post of hers, Pop 5: Features We’d Love in New Poptropica, one more feature that would be awesome would be to see who has friended you.

This would be cool because I can also friend those who’ve friended me back. Plus, I’ve got some big game achievements (like completing Early Poptropica about 500 times, and Shark Tooth about 100), and I want to know who gets to see it!

Well, that’s my list! What features do you want to see added in Poptropica Friends? Do you disagree with anything I said in this list? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Hope you have a great poppin’ day, and goodbye!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by TallMelonIsCool!

The PHB welcomes guest posting from anyone in our community if you have something to share, whether it be sneak peeks, My Place in Poptropica stories, or any other ideas you might have. We also encourage sharing on our subreddit and the PHC.

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POPCORN, the PHB magazine: Winter 2016 issue!

Hey Poptropicans, the butter is back! 😀🍿

The Winter 2016 issue, #33 of our Poptropica fan magazine, is now ready for viewing. Check out the winter 2016 issue now! (Or download it to read offline!)

This season’s issue features Silver Wolf on the cover, a longtime Poptropica blogger and a respected staff member of the PHC. She is best known for heading the Poptropica blog Poptropica Tips for Poptropicans (PTFP), which has been around since 2012 (that’s 4 years now!), and is the recipient of this issue’s Fansite Spotlight! Without further ado, here is the magazine:


Although Silver Wolf, or Wolfy, chooses not to share her username publicly, you can often find her on the PHC, and possibly even a Multiverse party. Moving forward, the PHB would like to continue to focus on giving the cover spotlight in our Popcorn issues to noteworthy Poptropicans who may not necessarily be PHB bloggers (though they can be), yet are active in our community.

We’re always interested in seeing your Poptropica fan work, whether they are stories, art, or other cool creations. For your chance to have them selected for the next magazine, be sure to submit them to our DeviantArt group! While we may not select every entry for the magazine, just posting them online will give your work some exposure and the chance to have them chosen.

Anyway, enjoy this winter issue of The POPCORN! (Well, summer for southern hemisphere dwellers.) To read past issues, check out the PHB’s Magazines page.

🐠 Stay popping, Poptropicans! 🐠

My Place in Poptropica: Magic Snowball

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Magic Snowball, who has found many things to obsess over, including fan fiction, which led her back to Pop. See below for how to send in your own MPIP!


Oh hello there Poptropica people! In case you haven’t seen me before, I’m Magic Snowball (kkool223 if you want to add me). It’s been a while since I’ve been in the community, so I decided, let’s write about my Poptropica journey! *slow clap*

2009 | Seeing the game for the first time

So I was visiting my cousin and he showed me this game called Poptropica, which I’d never heard of before. He showed me how to customize your Poptropican and all that junk. I was still young and I didn’t really understand this game, so I just watched in wonder.

2012 | Finding it again

I was at home, hanging out on the Funbrain website. That’s when I saw this ad for a game called Poptropica, which didn’t ring a bell. So, I decided to check it out – and that’s how my addiction began.

I started creating random Poptropicans but with no accounts, until I eventually figured out how to make an account. My memory wasn’t great, so I couldn’t remember any of my accounts’ passwords or usernames. Oh, and I had no idea how to complete islands.

2013 – 2014 | Magic Snowball and the PHB

I finally decided to create a permanent account, and for the first time, I wrote down my username and password. This Poptropican I made was called Magic Snowball, and she’s my current Poptropican. Now that I had a Poptropican, I was ready to complete islands, though I didn’t even know how to complete Early Poptropica.

I discovered the PHB while searching for guides, and that’s when I realized that this guide-filled website had a lot more than just guides. Soon, I started commenting on the blog – though my comments are probably the most cringeworthy ever. I also sent in my own fanfictions (which are terrible), and this was the beginning of my obsession with writing.

With Poptropica, I had only completed the easiest islands, because I had been too cowardly to do the harder ones. One day I just decided to complete all the harder ones for goodness’ sake, and used the PHB’s walkthroughs for help.

2015 | My Pop blog and other occupations

I was still playing Poptropica a few years later, and even made my own Poptropica fan blog. However, I was also playing another game, which was Club Penguin. I actually had a bit of obsession with Club Penguin as well, and I had been playing that longer than I’d been playing Poptropica.

I even made a YouTube channel about Club Penguin. However, my screen recorder stopped working one day, and I couldn’t make videos anymore, so I stopped playing Club Penguin. Plus, my membership ran out. I still had YouTube, however, and that took my attention away from Poptropica. In fact, I wasn’t playing Poptropica much, and barely visiting my blog anymore. Eventually, I deleted my blog and went off to other websites.

2016 | FanFiction, DeviantArt, and back to Poptropica

I came across a website called “”, which is where you write fan-fictions. I made an account and soon become obsessed with the website. I forgot all about Poptropica and the PHB, only focusing on FanFiction and YouTube. However, I soon started losing interest in YouTube. I still loved FanFiction though, and continued to write stories.

I also created a DeviantArt account, so I could draw stuffs for my stories. I was also occupied by my obsession with My Little Pony and the need to go to school and grow up (how boring).

On my FanFiction account, I decided to write a Poptropica story, which sort of got me back into the game. I explored the PHB again, and updated my WordPress a little. I replayed Mythology Island, and I’m planning to replay islands I haven’t played in years. As of right now, I’m starting to visit the PHB again, and checking out the Discord thingy, the PHC (my name there is iHateFridays). And here I am, writing this MPIP, ready to reconnect with one of my favourite and earliest fandoms.

Ladies and gents, my name is Magic Snowball and thanks for reading!

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! Feel free to send in your own (please include a minimum of 550 words, type with good spelling and grammar, divide it into labeled sections, and include your username). As of now, we have no new community MPIPs scheduled. It’s been a good MPIP-filled year, and we thank you for writing in and reading them.

If you send in your story, we’ll continue the series!

~the Poptropica Help Blog

Pop 5: Villains of Poptropica

(Hey Poptropicans! This is a guest post written by TechWizard, who’s here to share his favorite five Poptropica villains. Keep in mind that this list is purely his opinion. With that said, enjoy! –🐠)


Greetings, magnificent people of Poptropica! It’s your boi, TechWizard! What do I have today? Another Chubby Sun meme? No! A Top 5 list! A Top 5 Villains list, to be more precise! I know, right? Awesome! (By the by, this list contains spoilers, so read at your own risk.)

#5: Dr. Hare

Starting off with number 5 is Dr. Hare! I’ll admit, we all forget the originals sometimes. Dr. Hare certainly paved the way for Poptropica’s iconic villains. He’s 24 Carrot Island’s main bad guy, and this dude seriously did some bad stuff. He took some carrots from an entire island and hypnotized kids! That’s pretty darn villainous. Although, he doesn’t look so evil when he’s hula hooping on the loading page.


#4: Zeus

Continuing on, my opinion of the number 4 best villain is Zeus! Zeus deserves every aspect of attention here. He’s popped up more than he should have. And by too many, I mean two islands: Mythology Island and Super Villain Island.

In Mythology, he’s after the 5 sacred items. So you, being the innocent Poptropican, go and get them. Turns out Zeus is bad so the gods send you to go deal with him. You succeed in the end and all is right. And in Super Villain, well, let’s just say he’s the big plot twist.


#3: E. Vile

Number 3 on my list here is E. Vile! E.Vile is truly a forgotten villain., casted away into the shadows of forgotten Poptropica stuff. But let’s explain him some more. He’s the main villain of Legendary Swords, one of Pop’s mini-quests, which is no longer available (though you can still play it if you got the item card before it was taken off the store).

E. Vile sends out robots of all kinds to go attack you. So you fight back with swords! He’s also got super huge robots that you gotta defeat. When all that’s done, he taunts you via hologram and then you fly off into the intergalactic sunset.


#2: Captain Crawfish

Number 2 for this majestical list is Captain Crawfish! Captain Crawfish is your textbook pirate. He raids, craves treasure, and has a ship crew. His ship is so great that it would make any pirate run for the cargo hold. But what makes him different from the rest of the pirates is that he’s also a Poptropica Creator!

Of course, add in the Crawfish.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for! The number one villain in Poptropica is…

Narf. Yup. Narf. This furry, orange nuisance is a minor villain in– nope, I kid!

#1: Mega Fighting Bots!

The TRUE number one villain, in my opinion, are the Mega Fighting Bots developers! You never see true teamwork amongst villains. And besides, these guys rule! They worked amongst the shadows, at first acting so friendly towards you, disguised as mere developers. Perhaps you didn’t suspect a thing as you explored the unfinished realm of Mocktropica, trying to find the former Poptropica staff so they could right the wrongs of this broken island.

It’s only at the end that they’re revealed as the baddies, and they show up with their own mechs based off of their Mega Fighting Bots. And the mechs can form into a super mech! AWESOME!

Well, that’s my list. Agree or disagree? Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below! Anyway, tally ho!


Hope you enjoyed this guest post by TechWizard!

The PHB welcomes guest posting from anyone in our community if you have something to share, whether it be sneak peeks, My Place in Poptropica stories, or any other ideas you might have. We also encourage sharing on our subreddit and the PHC.

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Recap: PHB’s Holiday Party 2016!


Merry Christmas and happy holidays, Poptropicans! 🎄🎅

Or, as Santa-Myron Van Buren would say, “Tally ho-ho-ho!” (You can thank Purple Claw for that joke.) If only Survival Island featured such a battle cry – it certainly has the weather for it!

Anyway, for those of you who came out to our 2016 Holiday Party this weekend, we hope you had a blast! The PHB team had a lot of frosty fun hanging out with everyone on the PHC (our Discord chat server) and various Poptropica Multiverse rooms, playing games and admiring Christmas costumes. You can check out a selection of them in the recap collage above, as well as in the recap video below!

As the video shows, life is popping in the Poptropica community, and for those of you who are still lurking in the shadows, hopefully this PHC promo encourages you to dip your toes in a little further and join in the fun! The PHC is always open for Poptropicans to hang out and chat about anything, even when we’re not currently throwing a party (you could even throw your own!).


Once again, the PHB team would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy holiday season! Thanks for reading and supporting this blog, and as always, stay popping! ❤️


– the Poptropica Help bloggers –

15 Poptropica Characters That Truly POP!

(Hey Poptropicans! This is a guest post written by Teen Arachnid, in which he shares his favorite Poptropica characters. Note that this post is purely his opinion. With that said, enjoy! –🐠)


Hey y’all! It’s Teen Arachnid, and I’m here to share my Top (or Pop) 15 favorite Poptropica characters! The list will include their names (of course), pictures, and what Islands they appear on. I’d like to thank the PHB’s Poptropica Wiki for most of my information and the pictures.

This will be a list that goes by in descending order, from 15 (favorite) to 1 (FAVORITE!) Players like you and me are not qualified for this list. Before I begin, here are some honorable mentions (HMs) that didn’t make it to my top fifteen…

HM: Hestia (Mythology Island)

Since she is in statue form on Mythology Island, I had to put her in Honorable Mention. However, if she was in normal Poptropican form, she would’ve been in my Top 3. Why? Because Hestia is one of my favorite Greek gods, mainly because many people don’t know or like her, which makes me feel sympathetic. Plus, she is the Greek goddess of hearth, which means “floor of fireplace”, which means warmth during the cold times – isn’t that awesome?


HM: Tessa Turncoat (PoptropiCon, Episodes 1–3)

I used to be obsessed with this character, but not so much now. However, since I used to adore her, I had to give her a spot in Honorable Mention.


HM: Bearded Townie (Cryptids Island)

Even though he is just a normal civilian, I just always loved seeing him on the Main Street of Cryptids Island. Plus, I love his simple but stylish design.

bearded-townieNow, onto the main part of the list….

15: Flo (24 Carrot Island)

Flo, the waitress in the Carrot King Diner, is really cool. She reminds me of the classic sassy waitress in the old-timey diners. Also, she carries a pitcher of milk! I love milk!



14: Queen of Arturus (Astro Knights Island)

The Queen of Arturus is kinda cool. I just adore her costume and design. Not to mention, she is royalty! Obey the queen! Hmmm… Hashtag moment! Comment down below #ObeyTheQueen if you think the Queen of Arturus is cool.


13: Omegon (PoptropiCon Episodes 2-3 & Photo Booth)

Omegon is pretty cool. I love his overall design, and his role in PoptropiCon Island.


12: Donna Disco (Zomberry Island & Home Island Photo Booth)

Donna Disco is my favorite Zomberry! I love her dress and large hair. When I make a photo in the Photo Booth on Home Island, I like to include her.


11: Red Baroness (Monkey Wrench Island)

I like the Red Baroness. She seems cool. I like her design, and I especially like the goggles piece around her neck. Wait, Poptropicans don’t have necks. Then how do they breathe? Uh….


10: Sir Gawain (Astro-Knights Island)

Sir Gawain is my favorite knight out of the three knights from Astro-Knights Island. I love his ice-themed design.


9: Sally Score (Reality TV Island)

Sally Score is my favorite contestant on Reality TV Island. I love her jersey!


8: Scheherazade (in genie form) (Arabian Nights, Episode 3 & Photo Booth)

I love Scheherazade in her genie form! It looks AWESOME! That’s all I got to say about her.


7: Tunnel of Love Worker (Monster Carnival Island)

This is my favorite carnie from Monster Carnival. I love his hair and his cool costume. I even love how he turned into a puppet-like monster at nightfall.


6: Binary Bard (in Princess Elyana disguise) (Astro-Knights Island)

Binary Bard’s disguise as the princess is so awesome and hilarious at the same time! Plus, it has a purple and yellow color scheme. And you’ll know why I like those colors when you see my #1 favorite character.

bbprincess5: Aeolus (Mythology Island)

While Aeolus isn’t my favorite Greek Mythology character, I still love his design in Poptropican form! His hair looks cool, because it looks like it is being waived by the wind: fitting for a dude selling bags of wind.


4: Bonsai Wu (Red Dragon Island & Photo Booth)

Bonsai Wu is awesome! I love her clothing, and her design is so cute! She is a cute little old lady! I love old people!


3: Winston (Survival Island, Episodes 4 & 5)

Though Winston the butler may be Myron Van Buren’s henchman and an evil dude, I still love him! For two reasons. First of all, I LOVE OLD PEOPLE! And second of all, I like how he shows that even the oldest, most “innocent” looking, cutest, loyal-acting person can turn out to be EVIL!

winston2: Mr. Silva (Shrink Ray Island)

Mr. Silva is awesome! I loved his role in Shrink Ray Island. I also love his overall design.


And finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. My favorite Poptropican is…



Just kidding. The winner, at least for me, is…

1: Teen Arachnid (PoptropiCon, Episode 2-3)

Just to clarify, I’m talking about Teen Arachnid from PoptropiCon: Episode 2, not my Poptropican, which I named after him. I like Teen Arachnid’s color scheme, him being a parody of Spider-Man, and, well, uh…. I can’t think of anything else. But I love him!


Also, I’d like to extend a congratulations to Perfect Sky and Happy Lobster for becoming PHB authors!

One more thing, I just wanted to say that I wrote this guest post a week after my grandfather and great uncle died, so this guest post is in remembrance of them.

That’s all for this post! Share in the comments who YOUR favorite Poptropica characters are!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Teen Arachnid!

The PHB welcomes guest posting from anyone in our community if you have something to share, whether it be sneak peeks, My Place in Poptropica stories, or any other ideas you might have. We also encourage sharing on our subreddit and the PHC.

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PHB’s Holiday Party 2016: You’re Invited!

 The party has ended, but the PHC is always open! Stay tuned for a recap!


O come, all ye Poptropicans, joyful and triumphant! The holidays are upon us, and we’d like to invite all of you to celebrate with us at this year’s 2016 PHB Holiday Party – Christmas, Hanukkah, the winter season, other end-of-year holidays, and, uh… unthawing Slippery from the block of ice he’s in?

Whether you’re a frequenter of PHB parties or have never been to one before, we think you’ll have a holly jolly time at this one. (Just take a look at last year’s holiday party!) Here are the event details:

  • ⛄️ WHO: Everyone – you’ll get to chat with Poptropicans and even PHB staff!
  • 🎉 WHAT: Multiverse parties and lively chat on the Poptropica Help Chat (aka the PHC: join in at – with a holiday twist. Bring your Santa hats, candy canes, and of course, your holiday cheer!
  • 🕕 WHEN: December 23, 2016 (Friday) @ 6pm Eastern / 5pm Central / 4pm Mountain / 3pm Pacific (If you do not live in any of these time zones, use a time converter to find out what time it will be in your area! In some places, it may be Saturday morning.)
  • ❄️ WHERE: The Poptropica Help Chat hangout, better known as the PHC –
  • 🎄 WHY: To spread holiday joy throughout the Poptropica community!

As noted above, the party takes place on the PHC (Poptropica Help Chat), and along with chatting on Discord, we’ll be sharing Multiverse codes so we can meet on Poptropica! To access the chat, click “Chat” in the navigational bar at the top of this blog or go to

The chat will be moderated, so it’s a safe environment. Just be sure to follow the rules as outlined on the PHC’s #tutorial channel to avoid being kicked or banned from the chat.

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions! Hope to see you there!

– the PHB team –