My Place in Poptropica: Messy Knuckle

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Messy Knuckle, a hardworking Poptropican who overcame her fears for tough Islands. See the bottom of this post for details on sending in your own MPIP!

mpip messyknuckle

2010-2011 | Watching Boys Play & Figuring Things Out

The way I found out about Poptropica was thanks to some boys from my class. I was in first grade at the time. During lunch breaks, they opened the game through the teacher’s computer and reflected the screen to the smart board. At first I didn’t really care about whatever they were doing, and chose to watch them play instead of play it myself. I watched them complete some of the Poptropica islands, and sometimes teased them discouragingly to make them mad.

One day, for no reason I can think of, I decided to make my own account at home and complete the island that they had completed in school, but on my own. The island was S.O.S. Island, by the way. I felt like I accomplished something very important when I managed to finish it, because I was so frustrated in the underwater places. My English was also pretty bad at the time, so I couldn’t understand most of the dialogue.

Sadly, after a while, the teachers’ computers no longer accepted student accounts and Poptropica was blocked from the school internet, so my school hobby to watch Poptropica gameplay became history.

With the naivety of a first-grade student, I made the mistake of continuously pressing “New Character” instead of “Returning Character”, losing all the progress from previous accounts, and ending up making like ten unnecessary accounts in the process. However, I eventually figured out that I should keep using the Returning Character button, and as I played more, I got addicted, then got a membership.

2012-2013 | The Rise and Fall

Over time, I became very good at Poptropica, due to getting used to the mechanics and getting used to the English. In fact, I had improved to the point that I started making deals with kids at school – I would complete an island for them, if they completed one for me. We exchanged usernames and passwords, and changed passwords after the job was finished.

However, there came a point where I started to play less and less, due to the classic reasons of finding the game boring or having other things to do because of my parents. I started becoming much of a coward when it came to Poptropica, unable to finish the islands whenever I thought I couldn’t win the boss battle. Because of this, partially-finished islands like Steamworks Island and Mystery Train were left unfinished for years on my account. I just spent most of my time wandering around already-finished islands, or leaving the browser open for hours without doing anything.

Eventually I got addicted to another children’s game I was addicted to way before, and forgot about Poptropica in the process.

Late 2014 | Remembering

The way I remembered this game I so adore is… interesting, I guess. I remembered it on the last day of summer school. Our “lesson” involved computers, and the teachers allowed us to play games. What I realized was that half the people were playing Poptropica, much to my surprise.

I decided to assist one of the kids in a place they were stuck in on Poptropica, and soon enough, everyone starting asking for help at the same time. I took full advantage of this – of course – and bragged about my Poptropica knowledge, in an indirect way. I had even made up this quote: “You’re talking with the master of Poptropica!” And I felt like I was so cool too!

Since that was the last day of summer school, I could freely play Poptropica during the remaining time of the summer holiday. I used the time to find ways to convince my parents to buy me membership again.

Interlude: Poptropica Friend

I also had a real life friend who would play Poptropica with me. This friend is actually a girl I met before. Her mother used to come to our house on weekdays to look after me (basically a nanny) while my parents were at work, and she sometimes came with her. I always came home excited, hoping to see her either inside or hiding behind the doorway. I introduced her to Poptropica, and we started working together to complete islands for her account.

When she made the account, she had told me the username and password so I could get some work done every so often. Currently, I don’t know of her whereabouts, though it looks like she isn’t playing anymore. Her account was untouched for like two years, and the appearance of her Poptropican is still the same today.

Late 2015 to Early 2016 | Getting Stuff Done

When it came to Poptropica, my inspirations were Thinknoodles and Graser10, whose videos I watched to help me complete Island quests. Even though there are no islands left for me to complete now, I still adore Thinknoodles’ channel, and seeing his failed attempts at solving Islands in his RTCT (Road to Captain Thinknoodles) series makes me laugh.

I completed like 20 islands during this time period, and save beautiful outfits to my closet, ready to be worn anytime (as long as I’m a member, of course).

I also got over my fears and completed those islands I was too afraid to return to – and I was impressed with myself that I could finish them on the first try. In fact, I sometimes got so bored that I restarted some semi-hard islands and re-completed them.

2016 – now | PHB & A Little Encouragement

Very recently, I stumbled upon the Poptropica Help Blog while looking for the Avatar Studio Glitch. I found out about the actual glitch itself through a fan-made Poptropica wiki, where they talked about it a little bit when they explained their costume-collecting method. I started making my own ASG accounts (such as SanyakuASG and ShrinkShotSpikerock) and used the existing ASGs to create new combinations.

With all Island Medallions in hand, and a full closet, I think I’m ready for the future of Poptropica – the New Poptropica, which the Creators hinted to us to through a gif of Poptropican feet on the Creators’ Blog. I’m excited for it. Hopefully it isn’t terrible!


Well, what about you guys? Have you finished all the islands you’ve been trying to finish? If you have, I am happy for you. I like it when people accomplish things. But if you couldn’t, don’t focus too hard on it. Just like all (well, “most”) games, the main purpose of this one is to enjoy. Don’t get mad because of an island! Be happy with how far you have come, and ignore the rest. That’s what I did!

As you can see on my account “perin10”, with all medals, a full closet, and over a hundred photos, you can tell I worked hard. But I wouldn’t work for it if I didn’t enjoy it, would I? Right, I wouldn’t.

I like Poptropica so I’m not leaving it. What about you? Will you keep playing the game?

Love you all,

– Messy Knuckle

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! Feel free to send in your own (please include a minimum of 550 words, type with good spelling and grammar, divide it into labeled sections, and include your username). Look out for more community MPIPs in the future!

~the PHB

My Place in Poptropica: Maroon Popper

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Maroon Popper, a creative Poptropican who loves to write. See the bottom of this post for details on sending in your own MPIP!

mpip mp

Hi Poptropicans! My name is Maroon Popper, and my username is Andventurer. I’ve decided to write my own MPIP, considering lots of people have already done so. Hope you enjoy reading it! Anyway, here goes…

2009-2010 | Poptropica with Mum

I guess Poptropica is kind of important to me because it was basically the first computer game I ever played. Before that I practically didn’t go on the computer at all, I preferred playing outside, that sort of thing. I discovered Poptropica during the Christmas holidays of 2009, when I was nearly eight years old. I was really unhappy at school, and my parents had just decided to homeschool me.

My mum and I were looking at educational websites on the computer and I think I must have clicked on an advert for Poptropica by accident or something. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I created an account anyway and started playing Nabooti Island. I remember it took me weeks to complete it! (When I replayed it a few years later, it took me about an hour.)

I used to play Poptropica with my mum. We’d sit together at the computer and puzzle over the islands together, which was quite nice. I quickly became a fan and I showed the game to all my friends. None of them knew about it (I live in England and I guess Poptropica isn’t as well known here as it is in America) and I don’t think most of them were really interested in it. I had a shared account with a friend for a bit, but I think he got bored of it after a while.

2011-2013 | Playing On/Off and Getting Creative

I sort of played on and off for a couple of years. I also went on other sites, so sometimes I’d spend a few weeks playing some new games, but I’d always come back to Poptropica in the end. I still really enjoyed the game – in fact, I thought it was much better than the other games I played.

I also liked to make Poptropica-related creative stuff. I wrote stories, made comics, drew pictures, wrote Poptropica island guides, I even started my own Poptropica magazine, though I think I only ever finished the first issue and that was it. Yeah, I was kind of obsessed. Unfortunately I can’t find the majority of those things… they must have gotten thrown away over the years, which is sad.

In late 2013 I played Mocktropica Island, which was the first larger screen island I played. I didn’t like the new format, plus the island was really glitchy, which wasn’t like Poptropica normally. I was kind of disappointed with that and stopped playing Poptropica for a few months.

2014-2016 | Back at it, and PHB magazines

At some point in mid-2014 I thought, hey, I’m going to play Poptropica again. I played a few of the new islands, and I decided that the new larger screen thing wasn’t so terrible after all. I got kind of hooked on the game again, and I’ve been playing quite regularly ever since.

I guess it’s weird that even though I’ve been on Poptropica for so long, I only really discovered the PHB at some point last year. Before that, I did go on the PHB for island guides, but I wasn’t really interested in the actual blog. But last year I started looking through it and I thought, this is pretty cool. Then I discovered something even better: Popcorn Magazine! A magazine full of stories and drawings made by fans, just like I used to do! Creative writing and Poptropica: the two best things ever!! I decided to write my own Poptropica story, and it got published in the Spring 2016 issue, which I’m really proud of.

Well, I guess that’s it! Hope you enjoyed reading this My Place in Poptropica story!

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! Feel free to send in your own (please include a minimum of 550 words, type with good spelling and grammar, divide it into labeled sections, and include your username). Look out for more community MPIPs in the future!

~the PHB

Wheel, what do we have here?

Hey Poptropicans,

Wheel wheel, what do you know, Poptropica has stepped up its game, and we actually got three Daily Pop sneak peeks this month! Thanks, Creators! Now, to analyze: what do we have here?

What we see is a wheel of fortune for us to spin for prizes, a street beggar whose feet are better clothed than the average Poptropican, and the attic of a barn. Well, subject matter so far is more impressive than the month of May’s rat animation. But what to make of it all?

Could the barn be for a new island, either for Classic or New Poptropica? As for the beggar, his legs and footwear indicate that it’s part of the art style for the New Poptropica – among the few things we know about it, legs have a little more substance and shoes are a thing.

Mean-wheel (no? okay), the wheel looks like it might fit in as a new prop for Home Island, as a daily incentive to log in and spin for prizes. I think that would be a great addition to the game!

It looks even cooler in light of this exclusive sneak peek from Pop glitcher idk, showing a behind-the-scenes test of the wheel of fortune. Please note: Test scenes do not always reflect what Poptropica will add in the game. With that being said, this still gives us an insight into things they’re considering!

Here we see a more primitive design of the wheel, and above it is a bit of text that pre-determines the prize you’ll get. After the wheel is done spinning, it gives you your prize. A list of possible prizes and the chances of receiving them are on the right (obviously, this will not be shown in the final version). I’ve also listed them below this picture, and I have to say, it looks wheely good.


Possible prizes and their chances (remember that this is not final, as this has not been released):

  • A low amount of credits (15, 20, or 25) (20% chance)
  • Costume (costume 1, 2, or 3) (10% chance)
  • A medium amount of credits (50, 60, or 75) (25% chance)
  • Rare Follower (rare follower 1, 2, or 3) (2% chance)
  • A high amount of credits (100, 125, or 150) (20% chance)
  • Rare Costume (rare costume 1, 2, or 3) (3% chance)
  • Credits Jackpot (200, 250, 300) (15% chance)
  • Follower (follower 1, 2, or 3) (5% chance)

Sounds pretty promising to me! Now, I don’t know what we’ll need so many credits for (especially for those who are members), but who knows, Poptropica might add more reasons to want credits in the future. Also, the costumes and followers sound like great prizes – especially “rare” ones for people to collect! Maybe they could even rotate the prizes so you could win different ones in different seasons of time. Wheel have to see (sorry not sorry).

On a different note, here’s another test scene sneak peek from idk – in this tree-lined space, you can move around only on the platform you start on, and if you press the magnet in the left corner, you can get the magnetic black ball to stick to you as you move. The magnet icon was seen previously in a Crisis Caverns Daily Pop, but they could also just have recycled it for something else. I wonder what it’s for?

trees magnet

Any-wheel, that’s all for this post. Share what you think in the comments below!

Stay popping,

– 🌊 slantedfish 🐠 –

Poptropica Glitching Eras & ASG Requester Update!

This is a guest post by Poptropica glitcher WimpyKidFan, who is expanding on the PHB’s Overview of Poptropica Glitching page to bring more insight into the history of glitching. At the end of the post, he also explains his improved ASG Requester service. Enjoy!

Hey Poptropicans! It’s WimpyKidFan here, and today I am gonna be dividing the Poptropica glitching years into eras. Something new and unique that has never done before. Before I begin I would like to thank Red Lizard for helping me out with the specific years of the eras. (He’s been around a lot longer than I have.) Anyway, without further ado, here they are!


Early Glitching Era (2008-2010)

Our first and earliest glitch era of Poptropica is one I’ll call the “Early Glitching Era.” The Early Glitching Era was from 2008-2010. During this time the earliest rares were given out during The PHB 1 Million Monster Competition. The PHB gave out rare costume parts that had leaked, which included: unicorn horn, scrawny wings, face polka dots, dragon spikes and tail, dragon wings, bubble brain, dragon wings, goat horns, dragonfly wings, body stripes, body dots, and devil horns.

Click here to find out more about the leak.


Around this time an early Poptropica glitcher and PHB author by the name of Codien hosted his “Spray on Beard” contest. More info here. As you might be able to tell, “rares” back then are common to us now! Pretty cool huh? Anyway during this time a hack was founded to make your Poptropican a dummy, which meant they would be a totally customizable mannequin Poptropican! This hack brought us to the next era. The dummy era…

The Dummy Era (2010-2012)

Dummies were a huge thing back in the day! Big time glitchers found out how to create their own custom dummies from using the same method that the Creators used to create the original six Poptropica dummies which were on Super Power Island.


Originally, there were few dummies that were created by players, glitchers, hackers, etc. However, shortly after the creation of dummies, a website was created to order your own custom dummy! It was called the Dummy-Tron and you can visit the website by clicking here.


Although no longer in use (the Creators have since patched it), back in that time this website gained a TON of popularity. And pretty soon, before you knew it, there were Poptropica dummies everywhere.

Yes, dummies were a big hit back in the day but sadly the Poptropica Creators patched Dummy-Tron. Poptropica dummies were also patched. If you logged onto a dummy account, it would be turned back into a normal Poptropican! Alas, most Poptropicans didn’t know this until it was too late. They logged on and bye-bye went the dummies.

However, some Poptropicans heard about the dummies becoming patched, and a few of the oldies are still remaining today. Well, after the dummies, another hack was found to let you customize anything you wanted from your friends and from a SUI NPC (sound-updated-island non-player character). This brought us to the FCEG era…

FCEG Era (2012-2013)

The FCEG lifted a lot of Poptropicans’ hearts after dummies were patched.

During this time a glitch was founded that was called the FCEG. It stood for the “Friend Customize Everything Glitch”. This hack was only known be a few top glitchers.

Quite a number of people felt angry and mad about the FCEG. These people thought that glitchers were robbers, stealing their costume designs, rares, etc. This was a pretty crazy time until the Creators patched the FCEG. This lead to the next era…

Trade and Hack Era (2013-2015)

Possibly one of the most boring eras for the normal everyday Poptropicans. For the glitchers however – that was a completely different story! Many secret methods were found (I can’t mention what these were as some are used today) by glitchers.

In general, this era went by mostly unnoticed as we knew we couldn’t make the same mistake we made so many times before. (That is, leaking our methods.) So we kept the methods to ourselves.

Trading still wasn’t over though (for the most part) because of another glitch called the SUI CEG glitch. The SUI CEG glitch stood for the “Sound Updated Island Customize Everything Glitch”. This glitch was extremely simple to perform and many people found it without actually asking anyone. (Finally!)

Video on how to perform the glitch:


As the SUI CEG became more popular, trading on Poptropica chats became worse than ever before! There were fights, drama, and people hacking each other’s accounts for rares. Many of these drama-filled events left people quitting Poptropica and becoming banned from the PHC. These times were rough until Poptropica patched the glitch.

Trading still went on after that, but with way less drama than before. The other methods were still safe (and are still today). That’s when a few glitchers decided enough was enough and there was a big surprise for everyone in the next era…

Leak Era (2015–present)

Boom! In late 2015, a big surprise happened for glitchers, thanks to the PHB. Red Lizard, Grumpy Wolf, and Zerror – working with the PHB – gave a huge gift to the Poptropica community. The Avatar Studio Gift was revealed!

ASG gift

This Christmas gift to the Pop community gave away more than 100 rare costumes to the public. This made [almost] every rare costume from having rare status to becoming common. In fact, the Avatar Studio Gift is still adding costumes and rares every day! Check it out here.

That brings me to one last thing: the ASG Requester is getting an upgrade! You may remember when I posted about the Poptropica Island ASG Request-er. Well that was sure a big hit! I’m not kidding guys, we received a LOT of requests, which have been added to the PHB’s ASG page over time.

Well, there’s good news: We now take requests for membership costumes, store costumes, and we still take island costume requests! We have a shorter URL now { }, a bigger team, and can make dummies with packs on them (such as jetpack, cape, and so on)!


I also wanted to make clear a few things:

  • We are never going to ask you for a username for the requested ASG. We make our own usernames. (It’s easier that way.) In the “name” section, give the name of the character (eg. Captain Crawfish, Betty Jetty).
  • Don’t request for items/Poptropicans we don’t offer! (ex. ad costumes, mobile/app costumes, etc.) Please just request for either: Store Costume ASGs, Membership Costume ASGs, or Island Costume ASGs.

Thanks everyone, and request on!

And without saying too much, you’ll want to check out the PHB’s Cheats page for all the other glitching goodies out there. With everything going on right now in the glitching world, Poptropicans can easily get all the rares they want, whenever they want. It just takes a little digging!


Thanks so much for reading to the end of this post!!! Ugh, I know it was long. I hope I taught you something on the history of Poptropica’s glitching. Comment down below in the comments with questions for me, if you agree/disagree with anything, think there’s going to be another era, and so on. I’ll answer as many questions as I can!

Anyway, that’s all for now. Until next time!

– WimpyKidFan

Recap: PHB’s 25M & Summer Kickoff 2016 Party!

phb party summer16

Hey Poptropicans… IT’S SUMMER*! (*Or winter, for those of you in the southern half of the world!)

Earlier this week, the PHB kicked off the summer* solstice (and simultaneously, celebrated our recent milestone of 25 million site views) with a Poptropica party that we invited everyone to check out. As you can tell from the collage above, it was a fire-cracking blast! 🌴🎉

The party took place on the PHC (Poptropica Help Chat – the PHB’s chat hangout on Discord, the first time we’ve had a PHB party since moving chat servers!) and of course, several Multiverse party rooms on Poptropica! After counting down to the official start of summer*, the festivities began with lots of chatting on our Discord server and Multiverse rooms for everyone to add friends and challenge each other in head-to-head game battles. Of course, we also blasted off lag-inducing special effects like fireworks, shamrocks, and even umbrellas to shade from the summer sun!

Lots of Poptropicans showed up, and it was great to see both regulars and new faces as well! Several PHB authors joined in the fun as well – Mighty Gamer, Brave Tomato, Spotted Dragon, Ylimegirl, and yours truly (Slanted Fish) were there. But the biggest celebrity of the party popped in about two hours into the festivities: Poptropica Creator and social media manager Skinny Moon!

As you can imagine, she was floored with messages, and for the hour that she stayed, the party turned into a Creator Q&A session, Strawberry Moon Party Edition! You can read all about it in this PHB post.

strawberry moon

Other highlights of the party include Poptropican doodle requests being taken by Pop fan-artist Ruby (criaha) – can you find some in the recap pic above? – and attempts to push down the tree in the enchanted forest Multiverse, reminiscent of the legendary Club Penguin iceberg tipping. We didn’t get that tree to fall, but we sure got a lot of Poptropicans in on the action!

To get a feel of a typical PHB party, check out TallMelonisCool’s video by clicking here. In it, he records his computer screen while enjoying the party, from chatting on our PHC Discord server to battling Poptropicans in Multiverse rooms! You can skip around the video of course, and although the video is under an hour long, this party went on for several hours, with Poptropicans coming and going!

Anyway, that wraps up this party recap. Thanks to all of you who came to celebrate, and for those who couldn’t: don’t worry, there will be more opportunities in the future! Plus, the PHC is always open for Poptropicans to hang out in, to Poptropica and chill – so pop on by!

🌴 Thanks for 25 million hits here on the PHB! 🎉


– the PHB team –

Creator Q&A: Strawberry Moon Party Edition!

Hey Poptropicans! Did you get to enjoy the Strawberry Moon last night? 🍓🌔

Well, I sadly didn’t see it in my part of the world – but for those who attended the PHB’s 25M Hits & Summer* Kickoff Party (*or winter solstice, for those in the southern hemisphere), we were treated to a different, but very special, type of Moon: Poptropica Creator Skinny Moon! Which brings us to this…

strawberry moon

Yup, just a week after our impromptu Discord Q&A session with Skinny Moon, she’s back at it again to meet and greet more fans online! In this post, we’re reprinting most of the questions and answers that took place, so everyone has the chance to check it out. Note that this post is a little long and does not recap the party itself, which will have its own separate PHB post!

Skinny Moon showed up for about an hour, between around 8:40-9:50pm EST, taking questions she could answer (generally, not much could be revealed yet about New Poptropica) from those who were online. As she was on her iPhone, she could not join any of our Multiverse rooms, but it was still a fun time! Check out the Q&A below!

By the way, if you have a question for SM, you can let her know by tagging her on Twitter or other social media (if you don’t have any, message a PHB staffer on the PHC to ask them to pass it on!).

Poptropica Game Questions

“Sorry everyone, I can’t answer most of these questions. Plans for current Pop and New Pop are still top-secret! There are so many questions I’m just going to answer the ones I can and not responding to the ones I can’t answer.”

PoptropicaPerfectSky: Hey Skinny Moon, I don’t know if you can answer this but will we be able to access our old store items in the new Poptropica?
Skinny Moon: Don’t know that yet, sorry!

Jumpy Feather aka MP: What would the new poptropicans look like in the new pop?
Skinny Moon: That’s still top secret. 😉

Shaky Skunk: Will our clothing be accessible? Like my cool shirt
Skinny Moon: Can’t give out info yet on current/new Poptropica specifics.

Cool Octopus: When will Poptropicans get an eye color change?
Skinny Moon: Can’t comment.

Slanted Fish: How involved is Jeff Kinney with Poptropica?

Skinny Moon: Jeff is involved with every creative decision. If it’s important, he’s involved with it!

Silver Wolf: Is there a possibility more Poptropican names will be added?
Skinny Moon: Yes I think there will be more in the New Pop.

WITHER STORM: Will E. Vile come back?
PoptropicaPerfectSky: Personally, I’d love if Ringmaster Raven came back.
Skinny Moon: I told the team that there are lots of requests to bring villains back! They like the idea (but no guarantees)!

Hyper Gamer: Are nonmembers every going to be allowed to submit realms?
Skinny Moon: Hmmmm, I don’t know. Sorry!

SydVC: How will our current accounts be “transferred” to new Poptropica? Will they basically be the same?
Skinny Moon: Can’t comment on plans for new Pop yet.

WITHER STORM: Any new Pop Quizzes? Because I haven’t seen any in 2 years.
Skinny Moon: I will ask my team! (*later response: “Prob no new Pop Quizzes anytime soon. Working on some NEW cool social features for the New Pop!”)

Pastelia: Why did you guys decide to design the characters like that?
Skinny Moon: Good question. I will ask! (*later response: “Pop characters weren’t designed in a particular way for a particular reason – that’s the design the original Creators liked in the end!”)

Yandari~Sama: Will there be any Create Your Own Island again?
Skinny Moon: Not sure, I will ask! I have a much smaller contest coming soon, though! (*later response: “Probably not another Create Your Own Island contest anytime soon. I am launching a much smaller-scale but definitely fun contest this week!”)

Sammeh (Samwow5): How many islands approx will be coming out the rest of the year? I have found over the years that Poptropica islands have decreased every year and I’m wondering if they might increase again soon also ;p
Skinny Moon: I can’t say anything about that. I know this year hasn’t been typical but we are going to launch cool stuff on current Pop and new islands will come to the New Pop!

“About Skinny Moon” Questions

“I’m on Twitter a lot. I do get TONS of messages and am tagged a lot, so I may not respond – but I see your tweets!!!”

Hyper Gamer: What made you want to be a Creator?
Skinny Moon: I started out managing Galactic Hot Dogs blog and social media. Poptropica asked me to take on their social media too, and I was thrilled to!

shirokurokuma: What role did you play in creating Poptropica?
Skinny Moon: I didn’t create Pop – I started working with the company in January 2015.

Shaky Skunk: Are you evil? like are you the true Poptropica villain
Skinny Moon: Not one bit evil. Pretty nice, actually. 😀😀😀

shirokurokuma: SM, do you know where the name Poptropica came from? Have you watched any Perfect Sky movies? If so, which ones, and how did you like them?
Skinny Moon: I’m not 100% sure but I’m almost positive Jeff Kinney came up with the name. It’s his creation!

PoptropicaPerfectSky: Do you watch Poptropica videos?
Skinny Moon: I watch some videos. Best way for me to notice videos and blog posts is to tag me on Twitter!

Yandari~Sama: Have you watched Balloons by Perfect Sky? If so, what did you think of it?
Skinny Moon: I haven’t seen a @PoptropicaPerfectSky movie. Tag me on Twitter and link to one!

redpanda1677: Do you know Jeff Kinney?
Skinny Moon: The first time I met Jeff Kinney was when I interviewed him during the launch of the MOTM book. As you can imagine he is SUPER busy. But when I have a question he finds time to answer my email. He is a super nice guy!

idk: Are you in constant contact with the developers of Poptropica?
Skinny Moon: Yes, we talk every day. We use an app called Slack for communicating and have daily video conferences.

InnerBeast(CO): How did you get a job at Poptropica headquarters?
Skinny Moon: I knew someone who worked there who told me about the job opening, and I applied and got it!

Ruby: Who is your favorite villain in Poptropica?
Skinny Moon: Captain Crawfish, my blog buddy – naturally!!!

Hyper Gamer: Why are you the only creator who joins things like Discord chat, comment on PHB?
Skinny Moon: I’m the social media manager so this is kinda my thing. 😀

Slanted Fish: What’s a typical day in the life of the Pop social media manager? 😄
Skinny Moon: Oh wow. Every day is different. I check all out social media channels (not just Poptropica), manage email, think about what to post, attend meetings, plan fun things for the community, write blog posts, read people’s comments and questions and ask the team for answers when I don’t know the answer… Right now I’m planning a fun contest for the summer, too!

Slanted Fish: Are the meetings online or in the Poptropica HQ?
Skinny Moon: The team is all over the country – even out of country – so meetings are in HQ and virtual.

InnerBeast (CO): Do you have a private office in the Pop headquarters?
Skinny Moon: No, I am not located at HQ.

Yandari~Sama: Can you promise more visits soon?
Skinny Moon: I can’t promise anything but I don’t see why I wouldn’t visit more! 😀

DJScratchStep: Just a random question, what’s your favorite fast food chain?😄 had nothing else
Skinny Moon: I have a weakness for McDonald’s fries and cheeseburgers. Lol. It’s an occasional treat. 😉

Yandari~Sama: Will you be my Senpai?
Skinny Moon: I’m honored! I wish I could! 😀

Hyper Gamer: What do you like to do when you’re not working on Poptropica?
Skinny Moon: I like to write, read, and hang out with my family and friends!

PoptropicaPerfectSky: Do you ever just hang out in common rooms or multiverse rooms?
Skinny Moon: Yes!

WITHER STORM: When did you make your Skinny Moon account?
Skinny Moon: I think this past August.

Silver Flame: What is your favorite island?
Skinny Moon: I like MOTM a lot! Choosing a fave island is like asking me which kid is my fave.

Slanted Fish: How did you decide on the name Skinny Moon? Do you like it or would you change it?
Skinny Moon: I took the first name Poptropica gave me. I liked it! Seemed very “Poptropica.”

shirokurokuma: Do you like Danganronpa?
Skinny Moon: I haven’t seen/read it, sorry!

PoptropicaPerfectSky: Do you ever add people on Poptropica if they tell you their usernames?
Skinny Moon: Sure, I’ll add people!

Ruby: Silly question, but do any of the islands tug at your heart strings?
Skinny Moon: Lots do!!!

And perhaps the best Q&A of all…

TechWizard: Do you like Pringles?
Skinny Moon: OMG OF COURSE

At about 9:50pm EST, Skinny Moon wrapped up her time on the PHC with, “Okay, I have to go. Sorry I can’t answer all questions! This was fun!!!” It was indeed! Thanks for popping by on this night of the Strawberry Moon, and thanks to everyone who participated!

Also, you may notice that a few of the questions have a “later response” tagged onto them in parentheses – at about 11am EST the following day, Skinny Moon popped back on the chat to deliver some answers to questions she wanted to get back to, which you can see above.

She also added, in response to a question Young Hippo asked her privately: “Yes, Lunar Colony and Mission Atlantis are connected – they have the same alien race.” Pretty interesting! Signing off, she messaged on the PHC, “I have to go – lots to do today – have a great day everyone!!!”

Thanks for checking out this Q&A! Hope you enjoyed all the insights Skinny Moon provided both about herself and Poptropica, and hope you’ll check out (or continue to visit) the PHC – you never know what friendly faces you might meet! If you were at the PHB party, thanks for coming – a recap will be made in a separate post on the PHB, so be on the lookout for that!

As always, stay popping, Poptropicans!

– 🌊 slantedfish 🐠 –

Teen Titans Go for a Crossover Show

✨ Hey Poptropica heroes! ✨

There’s a new common room ad on Home Island’s Main Street for the upcoming Cartoon Network television crossover special event between Teen Titans Go & Powerpuff Girls – aptly titled Heroes vs. Heroes; or, as one might point out, Reboot vs. Reboot. Thanks to Yujo_Jacy_the_Jumpy_Coyote for the ad write-up, and both Yujo and Hyper Gamer for the pictures!

The advertisement seems to restricted in some way, since it is possible you may not see it at all.

Poptropica Heroes! vs Heroes ad

The waves at the bottom are animated, even allowing your Poptropican to swim. Clicking on Beast Boy’s snail form at the top right corner will give every Poptropican in the room a temporary Beast Boy floatie, which will vanish once you leave the Common Room.


Grabbing Cyborg’s Foot at the bottom left will earn you the Teen Titans Costumes item and grabbing Beast Boy’s fish form will earn you the Beast Boy Power. The Teen Titans Costumes item allows access to costumes of Robin, Cyborg, and Raven respectively. The Beast Boy Power is a hand held item that will display Beast Boy transformations of either a dog, a gorilla, or a tyrannosaurus rex once spacebar is pressed.

Poptropica Heroes! vs Heroes prizes

Oddly enough, both items are Teen Titans Go themed – even clicking on the outside of the ad will link to a Teen Titans Go webpage. Perhaps the Powerpuff Girls already had their fair share of advertising items from their last appearance on Poptropica.

In addition, Poptropica glitcher WimpyKidFan has been able to load the ad into Poptropica Realms- albeit on a blank dark blue background.

On the subject of ads, Poptropica Creator Skinny Moon has been hanging out in Home Island’s Arcade common room with Poptropicans wearing the Finding Dory ad prizes! Check out her tweet:

In other news, Poptropica glitcher idk recently shared with us some item cards from the currently-cancelled Crisis Caverns Island: a button for the fictional Caldera State Park and an Island Medallion.

Also, Cool Octopus recently found a way to play the Poptropica Adventures DS game on his iOS device (such as iPhone). To do so, you will need to download a DS emulator for your device and find the Poptropica Adventures game from there.

Here at the Poptropica Help Blog, we have not tested this option, but it does appear to be possible, and if you would like to try it out, try this guide for downloading Nintendo DS games on iOS.

Anyway, don’t forget about the PHB Summer Kickoff Party this Monday on the PHC – more details in our invitation post! We hope to see many of you there!

Stay popping!

–slantedfish 🌊🐠

My Place in Poptropica: Lucky Snowball

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Lucky Snowball, a frequent commenter within the PHB community. See the bottom of this post for details on sending in your own MPIP!


2013 | Cautious Discovery

One day in third grade, I was playing on Funbrain, and after losing many times on the game Mighty Guy, I was utterly bored. So, as the story goes, I looked around the site and found Poptropica. I was always warned by my parents not to click on ads, so I was cautious for a day or two. Then, finally, I just thought, oh, what the heck, and I clicked on Poptropica.

I made my first avatar, but at the time I was sort of clueless, and I didn’t figure out how to save my game until a month later. In that time, I had made many many accounts (of which none were saved). Finally, I finished Zomberry Island and Early Poptropica, and I really wanted to save my game, because I was happy with my progress. I looked around for a way to save my account and finally made one. I believe my username had something to do with my pet parakeet, but I’m not sure…

Anyway,  I remember nothing about this account. No, wait. I remember, I finished all the islands up to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (This was quite a while ago, so all the islands were still open to non-members.)

2014 | Boredom Leads The Way

I am sorry to say, that after discovering Poptropica, I became almost completely inactive on Poptropica for about half a year. I got into a new game called Animal Jam that me and all my friends played. By this time, I was in fourth grade. Our school district had chosen our class for a pilot experiment where they gave us all Chromebook laptops. Then, one day, Animal Jam was blocked, and in my boredom, I rediscovered Poptropica.

I convinced some of my friends to do a Multiverse with me. Since I had forgotten my first account, I made a new one, happyhappy760, one of which I still use today. The avatar’s name first came out as Dizzy Lizard, and I thought it was a good name, but not great. Finally, after a million”change all”s, I plunged back into Poptropica as Lucky Snowball.

2015 | Discovering the PHB

By 2015, I was an avid player, and I was pretty smart, so I solved most the islands by myself. But, when I finally attempted Steamworks Island, my mind went blank. So, I looked up guides on the internet, and I found the Poptropica Help Blog. At that point in my life, I really did not understand blogging, so whenever I came across the blog, I would think, This is annoying, why do the pages keep changing? Finally, a friend explained to me how it worked, and I started to really like the PHB.

I also discovered Keith Sammut’s Poptropica glitches blog, which I also really liked. Finally, I decided to make my own blog. It’s called The Poptropican Journalist.

Anyway, I grew to really love the PHB. I found myself checking for new posts twice a day, until finally I restricted myself and said, hey, I’ve got to stop – I’ll check every other day.😛 Also, thanks to the PHB’s fantastic guides, I’ve finished every island! Basically, the PHB was my one and only guide to Poptropica for a long time (and then I discovered Poptrickia and other blogs, and I got hooked on various Poptropica fansites because of the awesome stories. I was so looking forward to Giant Hawk’s Adventures!😦 ).

2016 | Today, And Why Things Are the Way They Are…

(That was a long heading!) Today, I still avidly play Poptropica. Middle school, pets, and priorities take up a lot of my time – but, I still find that free time to play (until ten at night), and it (almost) never gets boring.

As for “why things are the way they are”… First, I’ll explain my costume. It sort of looks like a punk-angel pirate. I primarily liked this because it was a fusion of my absolute favorite Poptropica costumes: the Angel, the Biker, and the Skullduggery Pirate. (I find the pirate rather creepy actually, considering the fact it has a weird skull face…)

It also sort of describes myself. I feel like sort of like a devil/angel. I am very nice most of the time, but when things go wrong, I jump in, looking for adventure. (I know that sounds cheesy.) Like, because that’s what a pirate does. Always looking out for things to do. I’m also a part of the Wildfire tribe, which I really like, because of the grand piano in the common room. That’s literally the only reason I joined.😛

Also, these days, I write lots of stories, about many different things in Poptropica. I wrote about Speedy Sam’s past, Lucky Snowball’s adventures, and my brother Short Eagle’s adventures. That’s about it for My Place in Poptropica!

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! Feel free to send in your own (please include a minimum of 550 words, type with good spelling and grammar, divide it into labeled sections, and include your username). Look out for more community MPIPs in the future!

~the Poptropica Help Blog


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