PHB Pop-over Special: Stranger Things


“Friends don’t lie.” This is no lie – we’ve got new costumes for you!

Crossing over between Poptropica and another franchise is back and under a poppin’ new name: Pop-over! (That’s ‘Poptropica’ and ‘crossover’, by the way.) You can check out past Pop-overs we’ve done here on the PHB in the new Pop-over category here.

And for this post’s Pop-over – as you can tell – we’re crossing over to the world of Stranger Things! Perhaps you’ve heard of it – Stranger Things is a Netflix-original drama (encompassing supernatural, science fiction, horror, mystery) that was released this summer and has since received wide acclaim.

Those of you who are fans of the show might enjoy this collection of costumes from the PHB – and the best part is, most of these parts are customizable! All you need to do is add the usernames shown in the picture above (or listed below) and use the Costumizer in your friends panel.

(If you didn’t already know, we have tools like iPop and MAP on our Glitching page that make it easy to customize your character – plus our ASG page is full of rare costumes!)

Stranger Things is currently out with just one season (8 episodes), so you can catch up in one weekend if you’re curious about this suspenseful story set in the ’80s!

It’s become a favorite among some of us on the PHB team, and we’re excited to share it with you. (Just keep in mind, there are some elements that may not be suitable for everyone – such as flashing lights, guns, and profanity. Generally speaking, it may not be your thing if you’re epileptic or under 13, but use your discretion. That being said, the storyline and setting is excellent, so check it out if it interests you!)

Hope you enjoyed this Stranger Things/Poptropica crossover! Let us know what you think of the show in the comments below, and as always, stay popping, Poptropicans! 😁👻

My Place in Poptropica: Dangerous Eye

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Dangerous Eye, who first started playing what she called “Poppilliar” at school and now loves the community. See below for details on sending in your MPIP!

mpip de

Hey guys, I’m Dangerous Eye, and welcome to my lovely lovely “My Place in Poptropica”. Enjoi :3!

2010 | Poppilliar

I was a young lass in 1st grade, and it was second semester. I was a very smart girl in school so I attended some 2nd grade classes as well. :3 I met my best friends David and Dezirae there, and we all played this one game we loved called Poptropica, but I had trouble pronouncing things and called it Poppilliar – dumb, right?

Anyway, we joined right when Skullduggery Island was added, and back then a lot of kids started a rumor that after they beat the game, a second, more difficult version of Poptropica would open up. I believed them at the time. I also didn’t know you could save your account, until this 4th grader named Kennedy told me and my friends. She also told me that it was called Poptropica, not Poppilliar.

Over the summer, I stopped playing Poptropica for a while, and only started again when I went back to school for the first half of second grade. I remember I had no clue what the PHB was, but every now and then I’d go to Poptropica Secrets for walkthroughs and watch Thinknoodles videos, back when it was the Insiders Network.

2011 | Poptropica at the Academy

So I wasn’t the angel of the school, and I got kicked out. In my second semester of second grade, I went to another prestigious private school, but little did I know I’d love this school. It was like a fictional paradise in the real world, with a really interesting aspect: every kid there loved the game Poptropica, and I loved it! I loved playing with my friends with Poptropica, and I started to love Poptropica for the story of the islands, the difficulty of the islands varying and the villains.

By this time, Poptropica had became my life and my favorite island was Red Dragon. I would always help everyone at my school with Poptropica, because everyone called me The Poptropica Pro – okay, nobody called me that, but I dreamed they did… anyway, I was one of the best players at my school.

The day Red Dragon Island came out, I refused to watch a walkthrough. Everyone had watched Thinknoodles’ video, but I wanted to do it myself. I strived for at least a month to complete the island of Red Dragon, and it was one day when I was about to give up that I finally beat the island. It’s one of my best Poptropica moments. Honestly, I loved 2011, because I was on top of the game, but little did I know what would happen next…

2012 – 2014 | Mega Poptropica Hiatus

Starting from third grade, I took a long break from Poptropica. Also, my account got hacked.😦 This account had every island completed until Shrink Ray and I just didn’t want to restart. I had no motivation to redo every island including the (in my book) infamous Red Dragon, which had became my favorite island.

Because of that, I just quit Poptropica and forgot about it. I thought this would be my last time playing Poptropica but I sure was wrong…

Late 2015 | What Has Happened?

I came back to Poptropica expecting the well-plotted game I knew and loved. At this time, I was a hardcore gamer in the seventh grade. I loved video games and decided to give Poptropica another try because my newest friends Devin and Donna loved the game.

I really couldn’t believe what had happened to the game, and the changes sickened me. I missed the old Poptropica, but even though I hated Poptropica now, I found the amazing community, and that helped me. Thanks to that, I found out about all the amazing things happening with Poptropica.

I also fell in love with the Poptropica YouTuber Perfect Sky (if you are reading this, PS, can Perfect Sky x Dangerous Eye be canon? :3 ) I also found the PHB, which I would check every now and then.

2016 | Year of Pop

This is the best year for Poptropica by far. I am following Orb Legend, PoptropicaPerfectSky, and so many blogs. I joined a blog as well, and I became known as Kaliscene or Yandari~Sama on Discord, where the PHC is. I love being part of this community, and I absolutely love the PHB. So many good things have come from it.

I’m thankful for Poptropica making me the social person I am today, even if it’s just on the Internet. The best part of Poptropica for me now is the PHB. So many of the bloggers have inspired me, especially in that one vlog in the PHB’s April Fool’s Day joke where Brave Tomato played the piano… that’s how I got started in piano!

Poptropica surely has evolved – not always in the best way possible, I think – but I can always play the islands I love and remember the old Poptropica I loved and played. My favorite island will always be Red Dragon but the runner-up for me is PoptropiCon because I love superheroes.

So, all I have to say is thank you for reading my MPIP, and thank you all for making me the Dangerous Eye you know today!

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! Feel free to send in your own (please include a minimum of 550 words, type with good spelling and grammar, divide it into labeled sections, and include your username). Look out for more community MPIPs in the future!

~the PHB

Creator Pop-In: Skinny Moon Meme Edition

Hey Poptropicans, what’s popping?

Earlier tonight, some strange shenanigans went down on Twitter and the PHC Discord: Skinny Moon memes! It got the attention of the Poptropica Creator herself – and so, curious about the pics, Skinny Moon popped on the PHC at about 9:40pm Eastern and stayed for a quick chat.

Because these kinds of things don’t happen too often (although you can catch up on a few of these Creator sessions by scrolling here), we’ve recorded a lot of her messages here for your benefit. What can we say? She’s a Poptropica celebrity and we need to obsessively document the good stuff.

By the way, here are some more of those lovely memes. You can thank idk, Yujo, and kenny for the oddball amusement:

And now for the exclusive (and somewhat esoteric) chat sesh:

idk (not your lime): Did the lime get delivered safely?

Friendly Foot: Hello?? What’s going on with all the color changes on Home Island?
Skinny Moon: We are just mixing things up a little on the Home Island. Just for fun!

not your lime: Can you join our lime kingdom?
Skinny Moon: I’m dying laughing and I’m so confused.

kenny: (attaches meme)


Skinny Moon: That Spongebob dude totally swiped my turtleneck.

Short Feather (TANGERINES): is the phb the only poptropica blog you read?
Skinny Moon: I’ll read any Poptropica fan blog if you tweet me your posts!

Spoopy Skunk: Do you like birds?
Skinny Moon: Sure

Yujo: Is this just a bird-specific set of questions now?
Skinny Moon: I’m partial to Labrador Retrievers, tbh.

not your lime: What happened to that New Poptropica sneak peek you were talking about?
Skinny Moon: It’ll happen, we just have a ton to talk about first on the blog. I have had to post twice today! Sneak peek sometime this month. It’s a small thing, not like the house poll.

Tall Cactus (Happy Bday To Meh): hey. It’s my bday
Skinny Moon: YAY!!! Happy birthday! My b-day is next week! #GoLibras

MissEligon: If you had to choose of all four villains: Dr. Hare, Black Widow, Captain Crawfish, and Binary Bard Who would be your favorite?
Skinny Moon: You really want me to choose???

TANGERINES: are you aware of some of our craziness and cheese and clam obsessions?
Skinny Moon: I am not aware and am slightly scared. lol

Friendly Foot: What do you think of limes?
Skinny Moon: Limes are awesome

Tall Cactus: how often will you come on Discord?
Skinny Moon: well I got lured in by IDK and crazy lime talk tonight

not your lime: So, have you ever heard of the Poptropica developer “Gabriel Jensen”? His account got deleted after it was hacked. :frowning:
Skinny Moon: Sounds familiar, but before my time

felisha: when will new pop be out
Skinny Moon: I can’t give that info out, sorry! Sometime this year!

Yujo: Will the Adventurer’s Saloon, as well as the rest of Sky Dock, be incorporated into Poptropica at some point?
Skinny Moon: If that’s stuff taken from our files I have no comment.

In response to several comments from Poptropicans worrying about the upcoming New Poptropica update, Skinny Moon also had this to say:

Don’t worry, there’s something coming to the store for members that Poptropicans have been asking for and only members will get, so you’ll be happy! Don’t be apprehensive about New Poptropica. It’s going to be awesome and will stay true to the spirit of Poptropica! Old Pop won’t just go away.

Eventually, after popping in for about fifteen minutes, she wrapped up with a final message:

Okay all you crazy kids. I’m tired. Gotta go. Have to work tomorrow so we can keep bringing you cool stuff on Poptropica! Bye! So fun seeing you all!

But to quote Yujo, a PHC regular: “She’ll be back at one point. The moon always orbits back around.”

Why limes? Only Ylimegirl knows. Speaking of which, be sure to check out her post about the #PoptropicaArt contest winners and Halloween on Poptropica:ylimepoker~1:

See kids, this is the kind of fun you can have when you join us on the PHC. It’s a fun chat hangout for all Poptropicans, and you’ll get to interact with lots of awesome people in this community, including the occasional Creator! Join us on the PHC Discord!

With apologies to your eyeballs, perhaps it’s fitting that we conclude with one last Skinny Moon meme (thanks for the gif, DJ-Rosietta and Yujo!):


If that doesn’t convince you to join the PHC, we don’t know what will.

POPCORN, the PHB magazine: Fall 2016 issue!

Hey Poptropicans, the butter is back!😀

The Fall 2016 issue, #32 of our Poptropica fan magazine, is now ready for viewing. Check out the fall 2016 issue now! (Or download it to read offline!)

This season’s issue features Lucky Joker on the cover, a current PHB staffer and longtime Poptropican (you can read his story here). LJ recently received the title of MVP at the PHB’s Tribal Tournament. In addition, he is also a writer for the Poptropica blog People of Poptropica, which received the Fansite Spotlight in this issue! Without further ado, here is the magazine:

Issue #32: Fall 2016

We’re always interested in seeing your Poptropica fan work, whether that be stories, art, or other cool creations. For your chance to have them selected for the next magazine, be sure to submit them to our our subreddit and DeviantArt group! While we may not choose every entry, just posting them online will give your work some exposure and the chance to have them chosen.

Anyway, enjoy this fall/autumn issue of The POPCORN! To read past issues, check out the PHB’s Magazines page. Stay popping, Poptropicans! 🐠🐠

My Place In Poptropica: Brave Hero

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Brave Hero, who first found Poptropica through the app earlier this year but loves playing online too. See below for details on sending in your own MPIP!

mpip bh

Hi everyone! It’s me, Brave Hero. Since a lot of people have been sharing their stories, I’ve decided to send in my own. I haven’t played Poptropica for a really long time like others have, but I still would love to share my story with you. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s actually quite interesting.

My username is smartcute5, for those who are wondering. So, without further ado, let’s get started on my story…

February 2016 | Discovering the Poptropica App

It was an average Tuesday at school. I was at art class, just drawing some random stuff.  While I was drawing, I overheard one of my friends say something about “Poptropica” and something about “credits.” “What is Poptropica, an app or something?” I wondered. I was filled to the brim with curiosity, so after school, I grabbed my tablet, searched up “Poptropica,” and found the Poptropica app.

After downloading it, I opened it, and then I saw little people running across the screen. I clicked on “New Player,” and created my character. Her name was Silly Sun, and she looked just like me, except the clothing choice. After creating her, I started a tutorial, where I had to collect some missing shards to make my first medallion.

When the tutorial was finished, I started playing some of the islands. I immediately fell in love with that game, but then realized that some of the islands were hard. I needed help, so I used video guides (mostly Thinknoodles) to help me complete the islands. I thought this phase would never end until…

March 2016 | Hiatus

I’m not sure why, but Poptropica just got away from me by the following month, in March.  Maybe because some parts of certain islands seemed impossible to complete, or Poptropica just got more boring to me as time progressed. Also, since I had school, I really had little free time.

I thought I was going to be off forever, but soon, something made me want to go back on…

April 2016 | The PHB & Brave Hero’s Beginning

I was just going on my computer, when I suddenly remembered Poptropica. I searched it up and found the website for it. But before I clicked the link, something else caught my eye, something called “The Poptropica Help Blog.” I went on the blog, and found out that the blog was like a Poptropica guide and fun place. It brought back so much nostalgia from my previous Poptropica-playing.

After scrolling around the blog, I went on Poptropica, and created an account online. After selecting my age and gender, a little person busted out of a box. Finding the perfect name was quite hard and took a long time of clicking, but I finally found one: Brave Hero! Then, I landed on Home Island, and I completed my very first island, Monkey Wrench Island, which gave me my first medallion.

May 2016 | Finding Fashion!

Nothing really happened in May, except for me just completing islands and getting new costumes and all of that stuff. I was looking for some way for my Poptropican to look nicer, instead of wearing a classic pink shirt and skirt and a bare smile.

That’s when I found out that the PHB had two posts, one with loads of cute outfits, and another with a mountain of ASGs with awesome and rare costumes. It was perfect! Now, my Poptropican usually wears a pink one-shoulder shirt and belt, a white skirt, coral sunglasses, and a pink cape (to empathize my name, Brave Hero).

June 2016 – present | PHC and Beyond

I was just scrolling around the blog when I came across the PHC, which is the PHB’s chat hangout area on Discord. I created an account and started to chat with others. At first, I wasn’t that active on it, but over time, I met other Poptropicans and became friends with them. Now, I’m basically always online.

Right now, I’m very thankful for joining the community. I have been on Poptropica a lot, and as of now I’ve completed somewhere around 24 islands. My favorite island is Super Power Island, mostly because of my name, Brave Hero. I’m also excited about the New Poptropica, but also sad because it de-emphasizes the Old Pop.  I’m mostly hyped about the shoes, which I find weird.

And that’s My Place In Poptropica! If you want to friend me, my username is smartcute5. Bye for now!

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! Feel free to send in your own (please include a minimum of 550 words, type with good spelling and grammar, divide it into labeled sections, and include your username). Look out for more community MPIPs in the future!

~the PHB

Fall Fashionables, Member Merits, and PHC Emojis!

Hey Poptropicans, you’re looking good! Ready to look even better?

The Poptropica Store has just been stocked with some all-new autumn attire! If you find yourself falling for these Fall Fashion fittings, cleverly named from 1 to 4, head over to the Store to pick up your new wardrobe pieces. They’re free for members, or 275 credits apiece for non-members.


You might feel like trying on that pink ombre hair or those geometric headphones. Something in here might even inspire a costume for Halloween – and that’s coming up! These looks will also soon be on the app.

If you’re needing more credits, the easiest way to accumulate some is by spinning the prize wheel on Home Island every day! In fact, the prize wheel guy even has something new to say, in celebration of Poptropica’s 9th birthday this month. (Thanks to Friendly Foot for the tip!)


Another way to earn credits (anywhere from 100 to 500) is by finishing islands – even for replaying islands!

On the Creators’ Blog, Skinny Moon couldn’t help but throw in a promotion for membership – but a couple of lines did hint at something worth bringing up (bolded for emphasis below):

Of course, membership has its benefits. Everything in the store is included with membership. And sometimes our especially cool items are for members only… hmmmm, I wonder if that may happen in October…😉

Well, looks like members are soon to get something for their money after months of nothing new, member-benefit-wise. (Now, before you let out a cry of outrage about how not everyone wants to or is able to pay for membership, remember that Poptropica does need the business it gets from membership as part of what keeps the company running. For all that Poptropica offers for free, it’s not outrageously unfair for them to offer a little extra to their patrons!)

Anyway, with apologies to Dr. Seuss, want to know what’s cooler than a cat in a hat?

Over on the Poptropica Help Chat (PHC), we’ve recently added almost fifty new custom Poptropica emojis that you can use in your conversations! Here is just a taste of some of that awesomeness:


A full list of our new emojis can be found in the PHC’s #tutorial channel.

In case you’re not familiar with the PHC on Discord, it’s a great place to meet, hang out with, and start parties with other Poptropicans, including PHB staff and other faces in this fun community! Check it out!

Have a great weekend, Poptropicans! 😁


#PoptropicaArt finalists – round 5 (from Facebook)

(Hey Poptropicans! This is a guest post about a new update, and it’s written by Silver Wolf, a Poptropican who also blogs over at Poptropica Tips for Poptropicans (PTFP). Enjoy!)

Hiya, Silver Wolf here, with more updates on the #PoptropicaArt contest finalists!

If you’ve been keeping up with news recently, then you would know that the Creators announced an extra round of finalists – and now they’ve announced another round coming up, because there were so many great entries! Next time there will be 10 from Twitter, and today’s round is from Facebook.

If you haven’t seen all of the finalists, make sure to visit round 1, round 2, round 3, and round 4.

If you haven’t seen all of the finalists, make sure to visit round 1, round 2, round 3, and round 4.

Congrats to Creepy Goose, thiswarriorisagirl, Theo, Ilkyoung K., and Maryann P. for all making it to the finals! I really like the colors Creepy Goose and Maryann P. used, and the mood of thiswarriorisagirl’s is perfect, but I also love how imaginative Theo’s is and Ilkyoung’s great drawings of Poptropica characters.

What do you think? With how awesome these are, I can’t wait to see the next batch from Twitter!

Thanks again to Silver Wolf for her guest posting appearance on the PHB!

In other Poptropica news, Mitch Krpata, author of Poptropica: The Lost Expedition, was at Blue Bunny Books in Dedham, MA this Saturday, and here is a tweet from the bookstore with some pictures!

Looks like it was a fun event! Stay popping, Poptropicans!


My Place in Poptropica: Brave Dolphin

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Brave Dolphin, an avid Poptropican who’s played a role on several blogs and on the PHC. See the bottom of this post for details on sending in your own MPIP!

mpip bd

Late 2008 – early 2009 | Finding Poptropica

Hey there, Poptropicans! I discovered Poptropica at the beginning of second grade. At the time, we’d go to the computer lab to do online school assignments. When we completed our given assignments, our teacher would let us play on Since I enjoyed using Funbrain, I may or may not have sped through my work just to play on it.😛

Anyway, one day, I noticed an ad on the side of the website. This ad was for a wonderful game you all know as Poptropica. Being curious at the time, I clicked it. I was actually pretty nervous, since I’d been told not to click ads before. But back in second grade, I was pretty rebellious. The minute I clicked it, a classmate of mine (let’s call him Jack) sees me and immediately shouts, “YOU CAN’T PLAY THAT! IT COSTS MONEY!” I was pretty alarmed, so I decided to just close it.

But, I was still curious as to what this mysterious, blue-screened game was. I decided to wait until I got home to play it – no one could stop me there! Later that day, I got on the computer at home, and went on the Funbrain website. I see the Poptropica ad, and, of course, click it. I found out that it did not cost money to play. The next day at school, I informed Jack that Poptropica did not cost money (HA, in your face, Jack!), and soon, several of my classmates began to play it.

Late 2010 | Exploring Poptropica

I took a bit of a break from Poptropica halfway through 2009, but I soon came back in late 2010! This was mainly because I forgot about Poptropica and was busy with lots of other stuff. Before my break, I’d always play islands on new accounts, rather than play on one account and save it.

Once I came back to playing Poptropica, I finally made and saved an account. I don’t quite remember the username or password of it (and it’s long gone anyway), but I do remember the name: Cuddly Wolf. I remember clicking “Change All” so many times when making my account, just to find a cute Poptropica name. I played as Cuddly Wolf from late 2010 to early 2013. I took another break from Poptropica, and unfortunately forgot my login for Cuddly Wolf. Goodbye, Cuddly Wolf.

2013 | Creating Brave Dolphin & Finding the PHB

I’m not quite sure about the date Brave Dolphin was created, but I believe it was shortly after I lost Cuddly Wolf, so it would’ve been late 2013. At this point, I focused on completing islands. With the help of my brother, we completed tons of islands, and he soon made his own account (Wild Hawk).

After a while, I decided to see what Google had to offer about Poptropica. I began looking up Poptropica and things related to Poptropica on Google. Then, I found Poptropica Secrets, the first Poptropica blog I read. I began to view it more frequently, and shortly after, I found the PHB. After discovering that there were many Poptropica blogs around, I decided that I wanted to blog on one.

2014 | First Blogging Experience

After lots of asking around and trying to be on a Poptropica blog (I asked so many people ^^;), I finally got invited to a blog. It was a blog many of you know as Poptropican Awesomeness. Every time I look back on my first blogging post, I realize how much I’ve changed. (I mean, my grammar was pretty weird back then…)

2014 Brave Dolphin was pretty odd. After this, I began commenting on lots of blogs, and soon after, began working on many more. I even made my own blog, but I deleted it. I think I worked on about 7 or so Poptropica blogs that summer. I also began going more frequently to the Xat PHC, where I met lots of friendly community members. As that summer came to a close, I left blogging, but continued to comment on blogs and chat on the PHC.

At this point, I had been playing Poptropica for quite some time, and I decided that I deserved membership. :’) So, after a few weeks or so of pestering my parents, I was allowed to get a renewing membership on both my and my brother’s accounts! This was such a great day for me – my reaction when I saw my inventory after buying all the store cards with membership was priceless.

2016 | Now, and The Future

In 2016, I returned to blogging! Unfortunately, I didn’t stay for long. School preparations (yes, I’m a nerd), homework, and studying are super important to me, and I’ve decided to focus more on that. But I do still play Poptropica! And now, I’m proud to say I’ve completed all the islands, and Brave Dolphin is still my current main Poptropica account. I am also proud to say I’ve never made a Club Penguin account of my own.

After years of Poptropica, I’ve finally gotten to where I’ve wanted to be. This year, the PHC on Discord was created, where I’ve also met lots of new people, and made some good friends. Nowadays, I can be found frequently on the PHC. I don’t play Poptropica as often as before (I used to play it so much every day), but I do still enjoy playing through new islands (and critiquing them with friends), creating new costumes, checking out awesome Poptropica blogs, and occasionally Multiversing with fellow Poptropicans.

Poptropica has made up a big part of the 14 years I’ve been alive. It is the game that I’d sneak to play on the computer, when I was supposed to be asleep. The game that made me rush through my schoolwork, just to play when I finished in class. And, it was the game where I met the awesome community that you are all a part of. The community has grown so much – I never imagined we’d have something like Poptropican Meme Face Mondays (which, by the way, are awesome!). I’ve made friends along the way – you guys know who you are! I’m not sure when exactly my time in the community will end, but when it does, I definitely will not forget it. If you read this, thanks for reading!😀

–Brave Dolphin❤

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! Feel free to send in your own (please include a minimum of 550 words, type with good spelling and grammar, divide it into labeled sections, and include your username). Look out for more community MPIPs in the future!

~the PHB