My Place in Poptropica: Smart Flame

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Smart Flame, who played Poptropica when he had a computer to do so. See below for details on sending in your own MPIP!


2010 – 2011 | Start & Pause

It all started in 2010, when I was only five years old. I saw my brother playing a game with a title I couldn’t quite yet pronounce, and I wanted to play as well.

That led me to create my first account, Fierce Eagle.  I instantly fell in love even though I couldn’t beat an island. Unfortunately by the end of the year, our 2008-model computer was practically busted, and with my brother glued to the other computer, playing Poptropica wasn’t an option for me.

By January of 2011, I had stopped playing. I forgot about the one thing that brought me to the game, that me and my brother had this in common. I didn’t even bring the thought of Poptropica to my mind throughout 2011.

2012 – 2013 | New Technology & An Afterthought

In the year 2012, we got a new computer, since the old one finally bit the dust. Although at this point I didn’t remember Poptropica, my brother brought it back into my life. With Fierce Eagle forgotten, I then became Blue Eagle, which leaves me still wondering, why two eagles?

But that passed, and now all I could ever wanted happened: I beat Reality TV Island and Super Power Island. I also was able to get farther progress on the other islands, making me get to the challenging parts of the islands, which kept me more interested.

I also discovered common rooms, and I was instantly amazed. The thought that there so many other people playing Poptropica, and that I could interact with them, started my journey into the community. Poptropica was once again the best thing ever – well, until 2013.

I began to take school more seriously, and I hung out with my friends a lot, so Poptropica became an afterthought. Also when my brother stopped playing, I had no one around me that played, so I wasn’t motivated to play. Another reason was that I had beaten the easier islands, and the ones that were left were too hard for me. Plus, my brother needed the computer for more important matters, so I rarely had computer time to play.

2014 | A New Chromebook & The PHB

In 2014, I got my own personal Chromebook laptop computer, and I randomly joined Poptropica with my Blue Eagle account.  The memories came back, and I realized that I missed so many changes in Poptropica.

I tried looking up guides for islands like Astro-Knights, and Skullduggery, when I came across the PHB. I started reading the blogs, becoming a stalker who read every post and comment ever written. I was especially interested in the costume contests because they involved Poptropicans so much.

During this time I also picked my two favorite islands, which are Mission Atlantis and Reality TV island.  I really grew into knowing what Poptropica is all about and completing everything I could. I felt like I had grown further in my journey to becoming a part of the Poptropica community.

2016 | The Community & Medallion Domination

I finished my 51st island in April, which to me was a major accomplishment, considering for that for two years I couldn’t beat a single island.

Fast forward to October, when I decided to comment to enter the PHB’s Halloween costume contest. And something surprised me – Slanted Fish replied to my comment! Even though it was just to tell me my link didn’t work, I was ecstatic. For years I had felt like only royalty could be witnessed by her, but here I was squirming with excitement. I didn’t waste any time to reply, indicating my excitement, and made sure my link worked this time.

After that, I continued to comment everywhere. But the place where I felt the most like a part of this community was the PHC, where I talked a lot and still do. On the PHC I found other players, and what was even cooler was our ability to talk about anything we wanted to.

My current account, Smart Flame, is my favorite, and my username is LMSEC if you want to friend me. Someday, I plan to make my own Poptropica blog and continue to grow in this community.

Smart Flame out.

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! Feel free to send in your own (please include a minimum of 550 words, type with good spelling and grammar, divide it into labeled sections, and include your username). Look out for more community MPIPs every weekend!

~the Poptropica Help Blog

Celebrating the Holidays, the Poptropica Way


(This is a guest post by Tall Cactus, who regularly blogs on her own site, Tall Cactus’ Poptropica Blog. In this post, she’ll share ways to enjoy the winter holidays on Poptropica. Enjoy! –🐠)

Hey guys, TC here. Let’s just say, I’m in a great mood. Why? The holiday season is finally here! Also known as my favorite time of the year. And it doesn’t just have to be a thing in real life. Today I want to share some tips with you all on how to celebrate the holidays, the Poptropica way.

“Pop 5” Icy Islands

With snow days and winter breaks, you may find yourself a bit bored, just sitting around. But don’t worry, because you could always play some islands on Poptropica! While each island is special in its own way and totally deserves to be played, some are particularly fitting for the cold season, and some just take a while to complete, which is perfect for days off from school.

Below is my list of the best 5 islands to play when you need entertainment on a snowy day, or just any day during the holiday season when you’ve got some free time. Remember, this list is just my opinion!

1. Wimpy Wonderland Island

Although this island is a bit lacking in my opinion, it does take place on a snow day – and that’s the theme we’re going for here!


2. Astro-Knights Island

I have to say, Astro-Knights is one of the best islands overall. However, it takes a long time to complete, and some parts can be very difficult. That’s why it’s perfect to play when you have a lot of time on your hands. And guess what? There’s an ice planet!


3. SOS Island

You’re trapped on an iceberg that has just wrecked a titanic ship. How much more ice do you need?


4. Skullduggery Island

Sure, Skullduggery has no snow or cold weather whatsoever, but it has to be the longest island to finish. All that trading really takes time and patience. So if you have an upcoming holiday break, and you haven’t completed Skullduggery Island yet, this may be a good time to take it on.


5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory takes place in winter, and there is lots of snow all around. And don’t forget about all the chocolate and candy – there’s a lot of that around, too!


Festive Costumes

The Poptropica Store has a wide selection of holiday themed costumes available. You can even mix and match different parts and make your own.

pop xmas costumes

I’m the kind of person who loves making outfits for each major holiday on Pop, and doing it for Christmas or Hanukkah or other winter holidays is especially fun.

And I still haven’t made mine yet. I better do that soon…

Holiday Parties

The celebration doesn’t just have to be in the game. Many blogs throughout the Poptropica community, including the PHB, hold holiday parties as Christmas gets closer. Here’s a recap video of a PHB Christmas party from two years ago. The PHC was on Xat back then, but this is the first year the Pop winter parties will be on Discord!

Even when there’s not a party happening, you can still hang out and talk on the PHC and other Discord servers to get in the holiday spirit.

Farewell to 2016

New Years’ may be far away, but before we know it, we’ll be saying goodbye to both the holiday season and 2016. So let’s try to make the most of the last month of this year!

As for 2017, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next. Always expect the unexpected.


–Tall Cactus

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Tall Cactus!

The PHB welcomes guest posting from anyone in our community if you have something to share, whether it be sneak peeks, My Place in Poptropica stories, or any other ideas you might have. We also encourage sharing on our subreddit and the PHC.

If you have an idea for a guest post, send it in to

My Place in Poptropica: Short Dolphin

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Short Dolphin, a Poptropica blogger at The Poptropica Fandom. See below for details on sending in your own MPIP!


2012 | How I Found Poptropica

I discovered Poptropica from a girl in my class. Let me say we were not friends (in fact, we kind of hated each other). We always fought and competed. One day, she was bragging about beating an island on Poptropica. “What’s a Poptropica??” I thought.

I had to find out, and that is when I found the game. I made my first account and started playing all the islands. What started as a competition to beat that girl ended up being a new hobby I absolutely love.

2013 -2014 | Playing in Silence

For the next few years, I still loved Poptropica. But I did not know anyone who played it anymore, so I never talked about it. Playing Pop was something I did when I was bored, and in that time, it was no longer a big thing in my life anymore.

2015 | My Account is Gone!

In early 2015, I took a break from Poptropica. I was really busy and I just did not have time to play. In May of that year, when I tried to log onto my account again, it didn’t work! I tried to retype the username and password I always had so many times, and it still said incorrect password.

I was so mad that I rage-quit and left Poptropica… until a few months later. In September, I missed Poptropica. I decided to make a few accounts so I did not need to worry about losing one. I connected my accounts to my email so I could reset my passwords and prevent myself from rage-quitting again, lol.

Early 2016 | I’m a BIG FAN!

In 2016, I discovered the Poptropica community. I started to watch Poptropica videos on YouTube, and I read blogs too. That’s how I discovered the fandom within the community.

I have always been more of a “fan” type of person. What I mean by this is, for example, I don’t want to be a singer, but I like listening to other people’s music. I don’t want to be an actor, though I like watching movies.

I like being in fandoms, and I became very interested in all things Poptropica fans do, like making theories, fanart, and fanfiction. However, I hadn’t met anyone in the community yet, because I silently read blogs like the PHB without commenting, and I did not have a WordPress account (although that’s not required to comment on blogs).

Summer 2016 | Discord and Community

Just a few months ago, this summer, I noticed a link to the Poptropica Help Chat here on the PHB. I didn’t know what it was at the time, but I decided to join it. That is when I made my Discord account, and from there, my experience in the community only got better.

Soon after, the PHB held their Poppies event. I was really excited, and little did I know that I’d even get to meet Perfect Sky – a Poptropica YouTuber whose videos I’d become a huge fan of mere months before! I talked to her the day Poppies nominations started, and we became friends. Also on Discord, I met my favorite blogger, Tall Cactus, as well as the PHB authors!

In August, I was talking to my friend Bony Fox in a YouTube DM. We decided to start a blog together. Our blog is called The Poptropica Fandom, and our goal is to unite the fandom side of the Poptropica community. We have an art gallery that anyone can contribute to, so please share your art to be featured! :)) Thanks for reading my story!

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! Feel free to send in your own (please include a minimum of 550 words, type with good spelling and grammar, divide it into labeled sections, and include your username). Look out for more community MPIPs every weekend!

~the Poptropica Help Blog

Recap: PHB’s Thanksgiving Party 2016!


Hello, everyone! What are you thankful for?

Yesterday, the PHB announced the 2016 Thanksgiving Party to give thanks to the amazing Poptropica community (whether you celebrate Turkey Day or not)! Despite the short notice, we’re thankful that a number of Poptropicans were able to attend! Check out the recap collage above – and thanks to Pea Sea (Purple Claw) for helping out with pictures!

The party took place in a few Multiverse rooms on Poptropica as well as the Poptropica Help Chat on Discord. It began at 3 pm EST (although some eager Poptropicans rallied up a few multiverse rooms a little earlier) and went on til about 5 pm EST. Within the duration of the party, we enjoyed a plethora of lagging in Multiverse rooms with the activation of store items like sneezing powder, popgum, fart guns and fireworks. Some rooms even crashed from all the activity!

A few PHB authors also made an appearance, and we enjoyed chatting, battling and seeing many of you come out and make this party another success! It was also nice to see a few festive Poptropicans dressed in foodie and autumnal attire as well. If you weren’t able to make it, that’s okay! The PHC is always open, so feel free to stop by anytime and make a few new friends: it’d be a pleasure to have you!

Thank you for continuing to show your support and thanks for coming out! Hope to see you next time, and happy feasting!

Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

– from the Poptropica Help Blog –

You’re Invited: PHB’s Thanksgiving Party 2016!


Gather around the table, Poptropicans… because you are all cordially invited to the PHB’s Thanksgiving Party of 2016! With apologies for the short notice, we still hope many of you are able to make it, as it will take place Wednesday afternoon (the day before Thanksgiving, as the day and weekend itself will probably be busy for a lot of people). Here are the details to know:

  • 🤓 WHO: Everyone! Whether you celebrate Turkey Day in real life or not, come! Even the Canadians – we know you guys like to do Thanksgiving in October, but hey, that’s cool too.
  • 🎉 WHAT: Partying and playing games in Multiverse rooms on Poptropica, and chatting on the PHC with friends, including some PHB staff! If it’s your first time, you’ll meet lots of cool people!
  • 🕒 WHEN: Wednesday, November 23rd @ 3pm Eastern – 2pm Central – 1pm Mountain – 12pm Pacific (for those who don’t live in the US, use a time converter to check when that’ll be in your time zone! In some parts of the world, it may be Thursday rather than Wednesday.)
  • 💬 WHERE: the Poptropica Help Chat (PHC) – click here to access it!
  • 🦃 WHY: We’re thankful to have such an awesome Poptropica community to party with!

For those who are unfamiliar with the PHC, that’s the Poptropica Help Chat, the official PHB hangout. It’s a great place to chat with other Poptropicans anytime, not just when we’ve got a party going on, and sometimes you might even get to talk with PHB staff. Check out recaps of past parties here!

The chat is moderated for safety and we do have rules to maintain harmony, so be sure to familiarize yourself with our chat policy, ranks, and even fun Poptropica emojis on the #tutorial tab of the PHC. Also, it’s okay to chat about other topics besides Poptropica while you’re on the PHC. 👍🏼

See you soon on the PHC at Discord for a fantastic full-course meal of Multiverse mania, Discord dialogue, and crawfish-stuffed turkey! Thanks for being awesome, Poptropicans! 🦃❤️

– the PHB team –

My Place in Poptropica: Shavone101

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of shavone101, who at first wasn’t sure about Poptropica, but then discovered the greatness of the game – and its community. See below for how to send your MPIP!


Hoi yo peeps, wassup – it is the savvy Shavy here with my own ‘My Place in Poptropica’! Before we get started, if you want add me on Poptropica, my username is shavone101 – and with that, let’s begin!

2010 | my initial apprehension

In the year 2010, it seemed that everyone was into Poptropica – I heard it talked about a lot. I had never seen anyone play it, but for some reason I assumed it was something lame that only the nerds played.

Anyway, I became friends with a kid named Calvin. He was a good friend, but sadly, now he doesn’t even remember me (I wish he did!).😦 In second grade, I went over to his house and watched him play Animal Jam on his computer, and then, of course, Poptropica. My first thought was, oh brother.

Calvin told me that Poptropica was made by Jeff Kinney, and to be honest, I’m not a fan of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, so that made me even more apprehensive. However, I gave it a shot…

…and I loved it! Soon, I was playing it like mad both at school and at home. I just kept making new characters, since I thought all you could do was walk around the islands doing nothing (of course, I was wrong).

Since I wasn’t doing much, I soon lost interest, which I now deeply regret. Fortunately, I returned six years later…

2016 | back again, with orange flipper

Earlier this year – April 21, 2016 to be exact – I fell sick. Like, super sick, the vomiting kind.

Since I couldn’t do much, I started browsing the Internet. Poptropica was just a tiny speck in my mind, but somehow it found its way to the surface of my thoughts, so I gave it a go. It took me a while to remember the name, but then it flashed in my mind: Poptropica!

I clicked ‘Create new character’ on Poptropica, and out came my new best friend: Orange Flipper. There was now a tutorial – Monkey Wrench Island – to show me that there was more to the game than walking around. I soon beat the island, and moved on to another one – Shrink Ray.

However, that one was super hard, so I looked up a walkthrough… and that’s when I found the PHB.😀 Thanks to this site, I beat Shrink Ray and a bunch of other islands. I’ve got to say, my favorite island is Survival.

I loved this Poptropica Help Blog so much that I finally made a WordPress account and joined the fan community. Now, you may see me often in the PHB comments and on the PHC on Discord. Like many others, I’m still hoping to one day be a PHB author. I am very familiar with the community and I am happy that I found Poptropica again. By the way, I might even make a Poptropica blog with some people (I don’t think I could do it alone😛 ).

I would like to thank UiPE (Ultimate iPad Expert), Giant Raptor, Giant Hawk, Cuddly Brain, Tall Cactus, Happy Lobster, Perfect Sky, Short Feather, Magic Flipper and Small Carrot: you all have made a big, positive difference in my life, so thank you.🙂

That is my Poptropica story – thanks for listening, and I hope I didn’t go on and on and on and on and on and on… whoops, there I go again…

– the savvy shavy –
a.k.a. shavone101

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! Feel free to send in your own (please include a minimum of 550 words, type with good spelling and grammar, divide it into labeled sections, and include your username). Look out for more community MPIPs every weekend!

~the Poptropica Help Blog

Poptropica Pup, Contest Idea, and Code Winner!

Hey Poptropicans!

Last week, Skinny Moon posted several pics on Poptropica’s Snapchat (@PoptropicaSC), which you can check out below. Unlike Poptropica’s other social media, snaps disappear after 24 hours (as do Instagram Stories, also below), so we’ve saved them for more permanent viewing!

Of special interest is Toby, Skinny Moon’s pet dog, and the designated Poptropica Pup! The last two pics are from the Stories feature on Instagram, and the one of Toby is captioned: It’s tough being a Poptropica Creator’s dog and having to stay inside while she works. #Toby #bored #walkme #sorrybuddy

Cute right? The other is a reminder that if you’re entering the #MyPoptropicaCostume contest, your account needs to be public, not private.

Keep up with the latest by following them on the ‘gram (@poptropicaCreators)!

Speaking of Skinny Moon, earlier today, she popped into the PHC for a quick chat with those who were around! It started around 4pm Eastern time and she started with a “Hi everyone!” and “What’s going on with you guys? USA Poptropicans getting excited for Thanksgiving break?”

Some people shared their plans for the holiday, to which she responded, “Yay for vacation!!!” Here are a few more fun Q&As that occurred:

idk: Do the Poptropica creators get time off for Thanksgiving/Christmas? There are some jobs that don’t allow it. (Well, unless they gather vacation time earned from working.)
Skinny Moon: We do! Lots of people take extra days off, too. I am taking the whole week off!

idk: It was said somewhere in a Creator’s blog post that the New Poptropica would release “by the end of this year”. Is that still going to happen?
Skinny Moon: I can’t get into specifics, sorry! I really wish I could!

(Hmm… looks like the Creators are no longer positive that New Poptropica will be ready by the time originally planned. Hopefully the wait won’t be too long…)

idk: In your opinion, who is the meme king/queen?
Skinny Moon: Oh, jeez, I don’t know!

(The PHB declares Ultimate iPad Expert our resident Meme King. Of all other Poptropica spheres and female cultural image monarchs, we cannot comment.) 

jester noveenʳᵉᵏᵗ: skinny moon what did you have for lunch today
Skinny Moon: I realllllly need to go grocery shopping so I had boring leftovers from dinner last night. :ill~1:

But the main point of her visit came in the form of an idea she proposed: “So here’s a question. If I launched a contest where you had to record your gameplay in Poptropica (for like 10 seconds), would you do it? Would you know how to do it?” adding, “If you have a Mac you can use Quicktime.” People gave mixed responses, but personally, I think it’s a creative idea to integrate into a contest!

She also asked, “Are you all going to enter the #MyPoptropicaCostume contest?” – implying that yes, you should! You can find out more details about the contest in this post.

Skinny Moon stayed for about 20 minutes, wrapping up with, “Okay, I have to run. Have a great rest of the day everyone!” So, everyone, if you like chatting with Poptropicans and getting surprise visits from a Creator, you should definitely join the PHC!😉

In other news, it’s time for me to announce the winner for my Dr. Hare toy code giveaway from my Poptropica Package post! The randomly selected winner is MariotropicaX, who said his favorite Store item was the Legendary Swords card, which is a mini-quest that was sadly removed earlier this year.

Mario, be sure to check your email for the prize code. Thanks to everyone who left a comment on this giveaway!😀 Be sure to check out the #MyPoptropicaCostume contest as well for even more fun.


Keep on popping on, Poptropicans!


PHB Pop-over Special: Yer a Poptropican, Harry!


PHB Pop-over is back, and this time the crossover franchise is an old favorite: Harry Potter! You can check out past Pop-overs we’ve done here on the PHB in the Pop-over category here.

Harry Potter, for those who aren’t familiar (but really, who isn’t?), is a fantasy novel series written by J.K. Rowling, with eight films to complement the seven books. It’s about a young wizard, the titular Harry, and his adventures in the wizarding world. Highly recommended!

If you’re a fan, we hope you’ll enjoy these Poptropica costumes of various characters, of which many parts are costumizable (although some won’t be, but fear not, instructions await below).

For costumizable parts, just add the usernames shown in the picture above (or listed below) and use the Costumizer in your friends panel.

  • Harry Potter: HarryPotterPHB (bottom robe from girl in Astro-Knights barn – but Grim Reaper from the end of the Haunted House mini-quest is a possible substitute, pack ID is pmagic1 though MasterCapeASG offers a red cape, item ID for wand is sponsorwizwand3)
  • Ron Weasley: RonWeasleyPHB (black cape from *cloud*5, robe and wand same as Harry’s)
  • Hermione Granger: HermionePHB (hair from SlantedFishASG, book from everything173’s closet)
  • Albus Dumbledore: DumbledorePHB (hat comes from African trader on Nabooti’s Main Street, robes from NyxASG, beard from keithsammut’s closet, item ID for wand is sponsorwizwand2)
  • Severus Snape: SnapePHB (robes and cape from the dummy WKF_Dummy_Thief1, item ID for wand is sponsorwizwand1)
  • Draco Malfoy: DracoMalfoyPHB (robes from the dummy WKF_ASG_Thief, item ID for wand is sponsorwizwand3, shirt from wwGambler)
  • Lord Voldemort: VoldemortPHB (item ID for wand is sponsorwizwand4)
  • Rubeus Hagrid: HagridPHB (beard from Grand80000000, pink umbrella from PeachSMB., hair from SlantedFishASG, clothing from WKF_ASG_BraisedBasher)
  • Dobby the Elf: DobbyPHB (all major parts come from SmeagolASG)

(Tools like iPop and MAP on our Glitching page make it easy to customize your character – plus our ASG page is full of rare costumes! These tools are especially handy for getting gender-restricted costume parts on either gender, as well as picking and choosing parts you want using IDs.)

Hope you enjoyed this Harry Popter/Poptropica crossover! Let us know what you think of the magical series in the comments below, and as always, stay popping, Poptropicans! 😁✨

*drops floo powder into fireplace and vanishes*