A Lifetime of Headers, Part II

Hey Poptropicans! Slanted Fish here.

As we celebrate the PHB’s upcoming 9-year anniversary with the Poppies this month, I thought it’d be interesting to look back on how far we’ve come in a visual way: our lifetime of site headers.

About 8 years ago, then-PHB “graphics guy” Codien released a post reminiscing all the headers that had gone up on the PHB over the life of the blog, many of them designed by himself. He has since moved on to other things, but the PHB has continued his practice of adorning the top of the site with a graphic that tells who we are.

This post is here to commemorate the many designs we’ve had since his post, and as it’s been 8 years, there are many! Most were designed by me, with some graphic assets from Poptropica mixed into most. Other contributors have also been credited on their respective headers. Hover over each image for captions, click to see in full-size, and enjoy!

Well, there you have it! PHB’s headers from 2009 onwards. Don’t forget to catch Part I here, which in addition to Codien’s brilliant designs, includes my awkward attempts at a header from when I first created the blog in 2008.

How many of them were you around to see? Which ones did you like most? Do you feel like the designs have improved over the years? (I personally do.) Share your thoughts and feedback in the comments!

Thanks for sticking with the PHB. Here’s to many more years.

Keep on popping,



My Place in Poptropica: Quick Sky

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Quick Sky, who runs her own Poptropica blog at Poptropica FeverSee below for details on how to send in your own MPIP story!

mpip quicksky

Hello! You probably don’t know me, but my name is Quick Sky. I love Poptropica (and this blog!) so much that I decided to create a MPIP. I hope you enjoy it!

2010 | Fashionably Late, As Usual 🙂

My humble beginnings start in the tiny two-room apartment I lived in – one that I would soon have to share with yet another sibling. Most early memories are foggy, but I remember, as clear as day, the first time I went on Poptropica as a clueless 5-year-old.

I was in my kitchen with my older sister on the new, fancy computer, playing on the Funbrain Playground. We saw an ad for Poptropica and there we were!

I made my account first. Despite being 5, I remember thinking “well, I am very mature for my age… so I guess the website won’t mind if I say that I’m 15.” Well, 15 it is, then! 😂

For my username I typed something random: “ddf”. Of course it was already taken, so I modified it: “ddf224” (friend me on Poptropica if you’d like with it!). And with that, Quick Sky was born.

2011 | And So the Adventure Begins!

I have very few memories of actually completing islands at this time – all I had done was Reality TV Island with the help of my sister, and later on, Cryptids, thanks to the amazing Thinknoodles on YouTube. Despite this, I went on Poptropica every day. Thanks to the photo album, I can truly appreciate my old, god-ugly costumes! 🤣

However, my parents began to get annoyed that I was on the computer so much. And when they finally had enough, they put their foot down. No, parental control on the computer wouldn’t do. They wanted done with Poptropica!

So they changed the password to the computer and gave us kids a different account that only had access to “parent-approved websites” …which were basically all math websites. Seriously, like, you couldn’t even use Google on that account. Google!

So all my dreams of completing islands and being the best Poptropican ever (ha!) went down the toilet – er, hole of Omegon.

2012–2014 | Nothing. Just… nothing

I think the title speaks for itself here. I still liked Poptropica – I recommended it to lots of people – but I just couldn’t play it.

However, I do remember, in 2013 when I was in the third grade, I begged my parents to give me $10. With it, I could buy a Poptropica book about mythology from my school’s book sale – the first and only Poptropica merch I ever got.

2015–2017 | Out of the Hole, and Into the Blogging World

In late 2015, I began playing Poptropica on my school Chromebook, but the school district was constantly blocking games on it, so I was back in the hole. Again.

Luckily, I pulled myself out of the hole one last time in the spring and summer of 2017. My parents gave me the password to the all-access account after so many years so I could learn coding. Finally, Finally, FINALLY!! I was FREE!

My sister was upset about this, because now she wasn’t the only kid in the house who knew the password, and plus now she couldn’t blackmail me with it either. But she got over it. Though, did I? Heck no!

I made a vow to make up for lost time just this summer by completing ALL the islands. And I’ve pretty much succeeded!

While on my quest to completing every island, I landed on the PHB. I was impressed, read it every day, and one day I decided to make a new email address (I’d deleted my past ones) so I could comment on the blog.

The PHB has inspired me to create my own Poptropica blog – poptropicafever.wordpress.com – and for that, I’ll forever be grateful.

Present Day

So that was it! This is the story of the girl who pulled herself out of the hole only to be kicked back in. This is the story of the girl who didn’t want to stop playing Poptropica, not ever – but she was forced to anyway. This is the story of – okay, okay, I get it!

But seriously. I loved this game yesterday, I love it today, and hopefully I’ll still love it in 70 years, if I live that long. And that’s My Place in Poptropica! Thanks for reading!

–Quick Sky

P.S. Don’t tell my parents I started playing again or you’ll start seeing less of me! ;)

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story!

If you haven’t already, we invite you to send in your own. Please include your username and a minimum of 550 words, typed with good spelling and grammar, and divided into labeled sections. If you send in your story, we will continue to post new community MPIPs!

~the Poptropica Help Blog

Who dis? Not Skinny Moon, who we sure miss…

Hey Poptropicans, it’s Slanted Fish here.

Attentive readers of the official Poptropica Creators’ Blog may have noticed something amiss lately: the newest posts are no longer being signed by Skinny Moon, the resident Poptropica social media manager of the past year and a half. In fact, they don’t have sign-offs at all. Take a look:

new blogger

Who’s the new guy, and why doesn’t he put his URLs into hyperlinked key words?

Based on the game screenshots in this month’s Creators’ Blog posts, what we can tell is that whoever is posting identifies as a light-skinned, yellow-haired male character. However, he has yet to formally introduce himself. So, the question remains: who dis?

Skinny Moon’s last Creators’ Blog post was on June 28, in which she posted a picture titled #WhereIsTheHare? Stay tuned to find out! Well, it’s not clear when we will ever find out… and since then, Mr. New Blogger has made three posts, starting from July 10. Still, we have no idea who’s taken over (yet).

Dr. Hare buried in sand

So, #WhereIsSkinnyMoon? Well, Skinny Moon is evidently no longer managing Poptropica’s social media. She did contact the PHB on her last week, in June, to inform us of her departure and changes with “new social media people” (implying more than one, though perhaps one is on the blog while others are on other channels). But she asked us to keep the information on the down-low until she’d made an official announcement.

However, as it has been three weeks and three blog posts without her since then, as well as a number of social media posts on their other channels made by the new people/person, we may as well call the conspicuous situation to light – with apologies to Skinny Moon for being the ones to break the news first. She says she’s “off to new adventures,” but hopes to “work with Poptropica again in the fall in some capacity.”

If you want to keep up with Skinny Moon, you can follow her on Twitter @PopGirlJess.

As for the new social media people – we hope you’ll introduce yourselves soon and get involved in the fan community, continuing Skinny Moon’s efforts with commenting on fan blogs, popping into Discord chat servers, and more!

What advice do you have for the new Poptropica social media people? Last words for Skinny Moon? Share your thoughts in the comments!


These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things, On and Off the PHB!

Hey Poptropicans, Slanted Fish here.

So, big news: the PHB is turning 9 years old this month, and that’s a long time to be blogging – nearly a decade! Over the years, we’ve written over 2000 posts, and we thought it might be time to curate a collection of our “greatest hits.”

Under the About tab, you’ll find a new page called Greatest PHB Posts, which is exactly what it sounds like: a list of our best blogging work! Check it out!

greatest posts phb

That’s not all! We like our non-Poptropica entertainment, too, which is why we have places like the PHC on Discord and our Off-Topica chat page for Poptropicans to talk about other things that catch their fancy, Poptropica or otherwise.

Off-Topica has been around for a long time, but it’s recently been updated to include more of my personal recommendations for games Poptropica players might like and more, along with some cool pics to go along with each. Check out the new Off-Topica!


In addition to these things, we’re celebrating our anniversary month with The Poppies, our annual Poptropica community awards event. Be sure to vote for your favorites, and stay tuned for party details, when we’ll announce the winners on the blog’s birthday!

Enjoy the new site updates, and thanks for sticking with the PHB! 😀 Now enjoy a little parodical rhyme for fun…

Not having noses
And a Creator who listens
When updates hasten, and being crawfish gluttons
Jumping to places with powerful swings
These are Poptropicans’ favorite things!


It’s Time to Master the Remastered 24 Carrot!

Update: Our 24 Carrot Island Guide for Worlds is here!

Hey Poptropicans, look what’s popped up on the map…

map 24c

Bubble Witch 3 Saga!

Wait, uh… no one cares about that. But there is something else that’s new on Poptropica Worlds: 24 Carrot Island! 🥕

As we’ve rumored, it’s not a copy-and-paste version of the 24 Carrot from Poptropica Original, but rather a remastered version of the classic island. Those on the PHC who’ve already played the island have remarked that the differences include: an extended plot, improved scenery, and a new carrot museum. Considering the visitors’ center on Crisis Caverns, it looks like a museum will be a regular feature to new islands on Worlds!

We’ll be adding We’ve also just added a guide page for the new 24 Carrot, complete with a written walkthrough and other tidbits, as soon as possible here on the PHB. (You are welcome to help us out!) You can also find it on our Island Help page.


On Home Island, you’ll meet a new character named Scarlet who’s a fellow adventurer like you – what does this mean for the Poptropica universe?

In other news, you can now buy swords for your house for 1 coin! That’s quite the bargain, even beating out the previous “cheap favorite,” the potted cactus (4-5 coins depending on whether you’re a member). It can be placed repeatedly with no limit, but will not save once you leave your house.

Update: This item seems to be gone now.


Finally, the clothes shop is currently promising 8 new summer outfits, but upon scrolling all the way to the end, I (and others) have yet to see any such new outfits. A glitch, perhaps?

8 summer outfits

Anyway, it’s great to finally get some updates on Worlds – a retake on an old favorite, no less! What did you think of the New New 24 Carrot Island? (24 Carrot first came out in 2008, then re-released as a SUI in 2013, and is back again, remastered, in 2017!)

Share your thoughts in the comments – the Creators tend to read them! 😉

Beware the hare.


Pop 5: Big Things That Happened to Poptropica

(Hello, Poptropicans! This is a guest post written by Magic Sinker, who has her own site called The Poptastic Blog. Keep in mind that this list represents only the author’s opinions. Enjoy!)

Hi, Poptropicans, Magic Sinker here! Today I am going to do a Pop 5 post, which is, if you had no clue, a post in which a Poptropican writes a list about a topic on Poptropica, which in this case is Top 5 Best things that have happened to Poptropica! Let’s start!

#5: In the year 2007, Poptropica was released!


Behold, the inevitable truth that many overlook. Yes, this may seem like a small fact to you, but it’s the foundation for everything we’re talking about here!

Also in this year of 2007, this was the year Poptropica founder, Jeff Kinney, published the first Wimpy Kid book! The debut of the game also came with its first and only island at the time: Early Poptropica.

#4: The First Sound-Updated Island, Episodic Island, and Sponsored Island was released!

These three Islands are: Virus Hunter Island (first SUI), Survival Island (first episodic adventure), and Big Nate Island (first sponsored island). All three of these Islands are — believe me — very different when you first take a look at them, but even with their differences, they were all special in their own ways.

Personally, my favorite Island out of these three is Virus Hunter Island.

#3: Skinny Moon became the main author on the Creators’ Blog and the social media manager!


To all the new Poptropica players, there used to be a few other authors on the official Creators’ blog, such as Dr. Hare and Captain Crawfish, but now there is only one: Skinny Moon. This didn’t only happen on the Creators’ Blog, though.

For all the fans of Poptropica over the age of 13, the Poptropica Creators are on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, and a few other social media platforms. Skinny Moon herself has also been known to stop by Discord on occasion!

#2: The Poptropica Help Chat moved to Discord!


Some of us know that the PHC, which is the PHB’s chat hangout, used to be on Xat, but I think that Discord is the more convenient server option. You may already know about Discord, since the PHC recently had a party for Pride Month, but still, this is big!

Thanks to the ease of use with Discord, many more Poptropicans (including myself) were able to discover and chat with the friendly community of fellow Poptropicans.

#1: Poptropica Worlds arrived at last!


Yes, we definitely all know this and, sorry to say, but if you didn’t, where you hiding under a rock this past time? We had been waiting for a little more than a year, and a few months ago, the Poptropica Creators posted the sneak-peek teaser video which gave us the name Poptropica Worlds, instead of the mysterious “New Poptropica.”

Anyway, in May, the long-awaited reboot game finally debuted! Yay!

So, I hope you guys enjoyed my little list, and please tell me your opinion in the comments below. Bye!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Magic Sinker! If you did, be sure check out her site, The Poptastic Blog.

The Poptropica Help Blog welcomes interesting Poptropica insights from anyone in the Poptropica community with thoughts to share. You can find some tips and guidelines on our Write for the PHB page. We also encourage sharing blog posts on the PHC.

If you have an idea for a PHB post, send it in to staff@poptropicahelp.net:)

In the Eyes of a Newbie: Poptropica Original vs Worlds

This post originally appeared on The Pop Blog and is being shared on the PHB courtesy of the author, LillySparkle$. See the bottom of this post for how you, too, can write for the PHB!

newbie eyes

Hey guys, today I am here with a rather unusual yet interesting post: we’re going to see Poptropica from the eyes of a newbie who’s never played before.

Since most of us reading this have probably been with Poptropica for a while, our opinions about the new Worlds are heavily influenced by the Poptropica we’ve gotten to know. But have you ever wondered what Poptropica looks like in the eyes of a little kid playing for the first time? Which would he like better: the new or the classic?

We’re going to dive in by introducing my friend Super Bug (that’s his Poptropican name) – a seven-year-old boy who’s never played Pop – to the game of our childhoods.

To keep things even, this commentary is only about his play-throughs of one island on each: Monkey Wrench on the original, and Crisis Caverns on Worlds.

Poptropica Original

I got Super Bug started on this one first because I think it’s always better to start with the originals. I helped him pick a name and get the basic customization. Then, he went to the tutorial of Monkey Wrench Island and figured things out on his own.

He said he enjoyed the action, specifically when the Red Baroness throws the wrench at the airplane. He liked the controls of the game, like climbing and jumping: “I felt like a ninja playing it!” He thought that “the floating head is sorta creepy and sorta funny!” His favorite parts of playing were the action, solving problems, and the puzzles, such as the one with the rock and the crab.

His only complaint was that the Red Baroness was “mean and didn’t want them to win the race.” When I asked for any final word on the game, he gave the descriptive answer of “it was good.” So there you have it!

Poptropica Worlds

Design-wise, Super Bug said he liked Poptropica Worlds because they had “necks which made them less scary.” Like the original, he said he liked the mini games and challenges. He had so much fun!

He loved the geysers (water-shooting rock formations) you could jump on in Crisis Caverns. He enjoys the jumping because it was “much further than a human jump” and made you feel “like a superhero!” He loves the idea of houses as well and had lots of fun playing around with his!

He doesn’t like the difficulty of controls that was different from the first one. Overall, he said it was “good.”

The Verdict

Before I tell you which Poptropica he picked as the winner, I want to add in how Poptropica could actually be quite educational for kids. I never really noticed it before since I am older, but Super Bug had tons of fun reading the characters and giving them specific voices. He loved solving the problems and thinking of solutions. It was a really cool thing to see, and it took me by surprise!

So, when asked which one he liked better, he chose… both!?

And I am not making this up or anything. He played through both and said he couldn’t pick! He liked both for different reasons, and he thought the game was so fun! He loved every minute of playing both games! I am really excited to see him completing more and more islands.

Well that about sums up the first taste of both Poptropicas, as experienced by a seven-year-old. And because he is only seven, his answers and reviews on Poptropica aren’t the most complex or detailed, but that’s fine. What matters is that he had fun and enjoyed the game!

Hope this was an eye-opener for you guys! Let me know in the comments if you remember any first thoughts you had about Poptropica as a kid, or just your thoughts on the whole ordeal!

 Signing out,

Lills (Maroon Jumper)

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by LillySparkle$! Be sure to check out her site, The Pop Blog.

The Poptropica Help Blog welcomes interesting Poptropica insights from anyone in the Poptropica community with thoughts to share. You can find some tips and guidelines on our Write for the PHB page. We also encourage sharing blog posts on the PHC.

If you have an idea for a blog post, send it in to staff@poptropicahelp.net:)