Join us for the Poppies 2016 Party and Livestream!

Hey Poptropi-ladies and Poptropi-gents,

You’ve nominated, you’ve voted… and very soon, it will be time to reveal the winners of this year’s Poptropica Community Awards, or as we affectionately call them, the Poppies!

Like last year, we’ll be celebrating with a party on the PHC while announcing the winners via a livestream. Everyone’s invited to attend, and here are the details below!

poppies16 party

As detailed in the invitation above, the party is this coming Tuesday, July 26, the date of the PHB’s anniversary – which had the most votes during the voting round!

It’s going to be the PHB’s 8th birthday, so I guess you could say that makes us the PH8 (because 8 looks like a B, get it? ha, ha). But despite our pH level, I promise it’ll be anything but basic.

The party begins at 7pm EST (that’s 6pm CST / 5pm MST / 4pm PST) on our chat, the PHC, and the livestream will also begin at around that time. If you live in a time zone that’s not listed, use a timezone converter to figure out what time that may be in your area (in some places, it may be Wednesday morning). We hope you can make it, or at least pop in at a later time!

The livestream link will be posted on the PHC during the party, so check there when the time comes if you’d like to watch along! Don’t worry about missing it, the video will still be viewable later. The awards presentation will be hosted by us PHB authors, so be sure to check it out if you have the chance!

At the same time, you can also chat with Poptropicans on our Poptropica Help Chat on Discord, meeting up in Multiverse party rooms and having a good time! We’ve seen a lot of awesome Poppies formal outfits from many you guys, and now’s your chance to dazzle everyone on the big day! Dress up your best in tuxes, ties, dresses – and of course, the 8th birthday balloon (if you have it) to celebrate the PHB’s 8th birthday! It’s going to be a poppin’ time, so see you there!

If you have any questions at all, comment below and we’ll answer them for you!

– the Poppies Help Blog –

My Place in Poptropica: Young Singer

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Young Singer, a young and enthusiastic Poptropican who frequently comments on the PHB. See below for details on sending in your own MPIP!

mpip young singer

Hey, PHB Poptropicans! I’m Young Singer, and my username is NachaaRules! (With the exclamation mark, yes. Don’t judge!😀 ) Anyway, this is my story. Enjoy! :3

| How I Found Poptropica… and Lost It.

For me, it started when I was talking with a boy at school in kindergarten. He liked a game called Poptropica, while all the other kids liked another game site. Anyway, I decided to try out Poptropica, and… I fell in love with it instantly.

I forgot the username I chose, but I completed 6 Islands on my first account, and I had at least 45 friends on there. I played Poptropica so much that I got in trouble for doing just that!

Then, summer came, and it felt like I was in Poptropica heaven. I completed 14 more Islands! My main costume looked like a normal girl… brown hair… some freckles… blah. I did a lot of “MiniQuests” like Shrink Shot, the Sumo game (Prepare for Impact!), and so on.

However, after a few years, school got harder, and so did finding the time and effort to play, and so… I basically gave up on Poptropica for a while.

| I’m Back! / Finding the PHB

One day in third grade, our teacher let us have “ indoor recess”. I went on the computer, and at that moment, I remembered Poptropica. I decided to make a new account. I loved to sing back then, so my Poptropican’s name became yours truly… Young Singer.

I couldn’t figure out how to beat Spy Island. So, I looked it up online, and I came across something called the “Poptropica Help Blog”. And because of the PHB, I gained my 15th medallion! From then on, I was a fan of the blog.

After half a year of commenting on the PHB with no WordPress account, I made one called Unicornz100 (don’t ask why…). I went by many names… too many, in fact. And that was the beginning of Young Singer. To this day, I still like to comment on the PHB.

Yes, I know this sounds a little like a fairy tale, but who cares? Let’s get on with it!

| Why I Love the PHB

First of all… the PHB staff (authors) are so generous… they always answer your questions and keep you updated on Poptropica news! Then, there’s the commenters. Shout-outs to:

Popular Wolf , Muddy Kid ^_^ , Lucky Wing, Some Guy, and every awesome commenter out there!

All the support is amazing, I can always count on you guys to help us. I can’t start chants, but I’ll do it anyway. PHB! PHB! PHB! No? Fine…

And lastly, I love the art! The PHB’s DeviantArt collection is amazing!

| Present Time: Who I Am

Now, I’m just a random commenter on the PHB, someone you probably have no idea about.

Until now, as you read this. So… I am 11 and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE art, food, and Poptropica.

I also like to make jokes. Sometimes. Mostly, they’re jokes about myself… I cri everitiem. (poetry book falls from the sky, into my hands) {reads} “I cri everitiem ~ Young Singer” Wow. They make books about EVERYTHING. That’s why I love ’em!

I’m about to move on to middle school. Oh, wait! I’m not! I’m getting homeschooled until high school. Yay me. I’m also a book freak. Once a book is in my face, it STAYS in my face. Seriously. I think I have a few pages up my nose. The doctors call it “a cold”. I think not. Too far? I can keep going. I also love cooking, but so far, all I can make is scrambled eggs and PB&J. I’m learning how to make a cake, thanks to Mom. I also am a big anime lover. Naruto, Attack on Titan, you name it! I used to play a game called “Animal Jam” when I forgot about Poptropica. Until… I got hacked on that game.

Well, it’s time to say goodbye. So… here it goes…

Farewell, Poptropicans! (bows as flowers hurdle towards me)

“AHH! ROSES! THORNS!”  (runs offstage)

(mic drop)

Stay poppin’, Poptropicans!

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! Feel free to send in your own (please include a minimum of 550 words, type with good spelling and grammar, divide it into labeled sections, and include your username). Look out for more community MPIPs in the future!

~the PHB

Cats and graphic novels are out of the bag!

Hey Poptropicans! 🐠

Before we get into the Poptropica news, there’s a quick announcement I’d like to make – over the next couple of days, as we prepare for something, there may be (temporary) difficulties in loading our site – if this happens, please use our URL instead. Thanks for your patience!

Anyway, let’s pop in to see what’s new on Poptropica! There’s currently a new ad on Main Streets for the upcoming movie Nine Lives, and in it you can watch a trailer and play a game where you have to run away from this cat, Mr. Fuzzypants, who’s chasing you.

At the end, a cat whisperer takes care of Mr. Fuzzypants, and you’ll win a Mr. Fuzzypants Follower and Cake Toss power (press spacebar to shoot cakes on other Poptropicans). Also, after the mini-game, your Poptropican will have cat ears that only show up in the Nine Lives ad room. (Thanks to Friendly Foot for the update and Koi and Yujo for the ad pictures below!)

Over on Home Island, the Mystery of the Map Photo Booth from before has returned, this time to encourage sales instead of pre-orders! (See this PHB post for more about this Photo Booth!)

motm photobooth

In other news, it looks like Poptropica – well, its graphic novel series at least – has a spot in the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con! (If any PHB readers are going, let us know!)

According to this publisher’s tweet, Mitch Krpata, Pop Creator and author of Poptropica: The Lost Expedition (the second Pop graphic novel after Mystery of the Map), will be at SDCC’s Booth #1216, where you can get a copy of the book before it’s officially released on August 16th.

Lastly, voting for the 2016 Poppies is now closed. Stay tuned to the PHB for details about the Poppies party and livestream, coming soon!:)

My Place in Poptropica: Perfect Sky

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Perfect Sky, who makes creative Poptropica videos on her YouTube channel, PoptropicaPerfectSky. See below for details on sending in your own MPIP!

mpip perfectsky

2008 | What’s this game my sister keeps playing?

One afternoon in February 2008, I noticed my sister playing a computer game. I recognized it from Funbrain, and from seeing kids at school playing it. But honestly, I had no idea what it was. So I walked over, sat next to her, and just watched her play. After a while, I decided I would play too. At first, I didn’t even know how to save an account, so I just kept re-creating the same Poptropican.

Finally, I made my first account with a character named Sticky Foot, who looked nothing like me or my current Poptropican, but I just thought she looked funny. When I explored the few different islands, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know that we were supposed to complete quests, so I’d just hop around on buildings. When I finally figured out that each island had a quest, I began an attempt to complete them right away. I made my current Poptropica account some time in 2009. I played Poptropica a lot for the next few years.

2010–2011 | Mom, Poptropica isn’t working!!

One day, while my computer was getting kinda old and a lot slower, Poptropica just wouldn’t work. I tried to log onto my account, but it wouldn’t let me access the game. Since my mom is really good with computers, I asked her to help me fix it. But it wasn’t a simple fix. In fact, it took her days doing all kinds of stuff to get it to work (probably just because the computer wasn’t so great). She got it working again, but I got a new computer the next month anyway.

2012 | Membership

In April 2012, I began to get tired of all the advertisements for Poptropica membership, because I wanted one. I must admit, I can be a little (or a lot) jealous at times, and I was pretty jealous of all the people who had membership. I beat all the current islands, so I didn’t have any more credits to buy the things I wanted.

So, I decided to just ask my mom. She actually said yes right away, and I got my first membership game card (back when that was still a thing). Once I activated it, I immediately bought a bunch of items from the Store that I had always wanted.

2013 | Making Poptropica Movies

In early 2013, I noticed the Poptropica blogger community, but what affected me more was the Poptropica YouTube community (which is still small). I’m not talking about the people who do walkthroughs, because there are a lot of those, but I mean people who made edited Poptropica movie-like videos. The few of those that I saw inspired me to make my own channel.

On June 1st 2013, I created a channel called PoptropicaPerfectSky. Through my channel and other related accounts, I began to meet other Poptropica players.

2014 | A huge surprise!

On February 1st 2014, just about 6 years after I started playing Poptropica, I made a video that was different than usual. Rather than making a video with a storyline as I normally do, I made a tour of Poptropica Labs (the early version of Realms).

One morning while checking my comment notifications, I saw several people talking about the Creators’ Blog. To my surprise, my Poptropica Labs Tour video was featured on the Creators’ Blog! I was just so shocked, and I immediately emailed the Creators to thank them.

2015 | More Poptropica & More Editing

In 2015, I was very active on Poptropica. I began to catch up on a few of the episodic islands that I forgot to complete.

As far as my YouTube channel goes, I got some really good editing software and began making longer, more complicated Poptropica movies, fashion shows, and a Poptropica cooking competition show. One of my favourite parts out of this whole thing is talking to other Poptropica players.

2016 | Busy, but also not so busy?

Yes, now that I’m older, I am a little busier than when I first started playing Poptropica. But actually, that doesn’t stop me from being active on Poptropica. Many people say that high school keeps them so busy that they can’t do anything they used to do, but it really doesn’t (at least not for me). I mean, who spends 24 hours a day studying? I still have plenty of time to play Poptropica (and other games) and I’m not planning on stopping any time soon.

This year, I also discovered some amazing things like the Avatar Studio Gift, which I used to get some really cool outfits, thanks to the people here at Poptropica Help. Thanks for reading my story!

–Perfect Sky

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! Feel free to send in your own (please include a minimum of 550 words, type with good spelling and grammar, divide it into labeled sections, and include your username). Look out for more community MPIPs in the future!

~the PHB

“Adventure Pig” App Review with Poptropicans!

(This is a guest post co-written by Poptropicans Tall Cactus and Marshmallow about the new game Adventure Pig, released by Poptropica’s parent company, StoryArc Media. Enjoy!)


Hey, PHB readers! Tall Cactus here (I’m the one on the left above, and Marshmallow is on the right). If you have gone on Pop recently, you may have noticed the Adventure Pig ads. You know, the app being made by StoryArc Media, Poptropica’s new-ish parent company. Adventure Pig released to the Netherlands and Ireland less than two months ago, but now – good news, it has released worldwide!

And, don’t forget about me! Marshy’s here too, with more information on the new app! After downloading, and seeing the StoryArc Media logo, you might recognize the background music from somewhere familiar: it’s the starting music to the Poptropica app, with some trumpet mixed in there too.

Yeah, and the clicking noise is the exact same as the Poptropica app’s. Oh well, the music that actually plays during the game levels sounds original, at least.

You also get to choose your age at the beginning of the game, possibly to set the difficulty throughout the game. You can choose ages 1 through 99, so I’m pretty sure this is available for the whole family, as the description of the game says. There are 150 levels in all, and they seem pretty basic. Your goal is to get the Adventure Pig to land safely on the landing without touching the mud. You click on items underneath the pig to have him fall all the way to the landing at the bottom. There’s also a chicken next to Adventure Pig… you might get an extra star for having the chicken land safely, but we’re pretty sure if the chicken lands in the mud, it won’t affect your score.

It’s actually a bit harder than it looks, at least for me! (Marshmallow seems to be much better at it.)

You can download Adventure Pig from the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store for Androids. There is a free version of the app, and an ad-free that costs US$1.99. For the purpose of this guest post, I went ahead and downloaded the free version, but free to buy the full version if you really love the game. There are currently 4 chapters, with 40 levels total.

Even though I’m still stuck on Level 4 (don’t judge), you can see that up ahead there are some different settings for your pig to land in, such as Swine Dining in a restaurant and Pig Apple (Big Apple) in a city like New York. Sounds cool!

You can even find a list of StoryArc Media people – some of them Poptropica Creators as well (Nate Greenwall, Mitch Krpata, Jen MacLean, Jennifer Wood…) – in the credits! Others on the list may or may not be as well, but we’re not so sure.


Another thing is, the graphics of the game are actually really nice looking, except for the pig and chicken’s creepy eyes, of course! That, Marshy had to keep pointing out. While it looks similar to Poptropica, it seems a little different. Is this what the New Poptropica’s graphics will be like?

Final Thoughts

Tall Cactus: While this game has great graphics and can be a challenging puzzle game, I’m kinda bored by it. There isn’t really a story for it or anything. Then again, this is a game that’s meant to be played for short periods of time, and it’s probably meant for younger kids (it says ages 9-11 in the App Store description). So if you’re bored somewhere, you want a challenge and you like pig puns, this game is for you. But if you’re home for a long period of time on your desktop computer, you should just play more Poptropica.

Marshmallow: It actually seems like a pretty fun spin of a simple game mechanic, because there are games pretty similar this on the App Store. So, I would say, nice job, StoryArc Media! But, please, make level 7 a little easier. I’m already stuck this early in the game!😛

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Tall Cactus and Marshmallow! 

The PHB welcomes guest posting from anyone in our community if you have something to share, whether it be sneak peeks, My Place in Poptropica stories, or any other ideas you might have. We also encourage sharing on our subreddit and the PHC.

If you have an idea for a guest post, send it in to!:)

Unveiling… The Poppies 2016!


*majestically brandishes unicorn horn wand in the air*

Welcome, ladies and gentlepoptropicans, to the second year of the Poptropica Community Awards, affectionately known around here as The Poppies! I’m your host, Slanted Fish, and I’m here to explain this whole shebang. Don’t mind my flowing fishy kimono, it’s all part of the show! As you can see by the site header, the PHB team dresses well for the occasion – and we sure hope you’ll join us!

If you were around for the first Poppies last year, you might remember how this works. The Poppies begins with a round of nominations for potential winners of certain award categories, this begins today and will end next Friday, July 15. This round will be followed by a round of voting once nominations are narrowed down, this will take place between July 16 and July 22. And finally, we’ll be announcing the winners as we celebrate the PHB’s upcoming 8th birthday on July 26th, 2016.

First up is the nomination round. How this works is we’ll announce each award category, followed by a brief description (see below). In order to keep nominations a surprise, we’ll be doing it a bit different this year: you put your nominations in a survey, and the Poppies team will take a look at the most popular nominations, as well as give their own input on deserving options, to create the voting options for the next round. Start filling in the survey now!

You can nominate for as many or as little awards as you like. Plus if you want to, let everyone know in the comments section who or what you feel is worth an award! To strengthen your nomination, you can also include a quick reason why you think they (or it) deserve(s) the award.

Without further ado, the awards up for grabs are:

  1. Best Poptropica Character: Whether it’s a jolly fellow on Main Street wishing you well or the biggest, baddest villain of the island, which NPC (non-player character) would you vote as the ultimate best created character? From character costume to execution, this category may be broad, but it’s your chance to pick your favorites for “Poptropican of the Year”! (Note: Don’t nominate fellow players.)
  2. Best Popular Island: Poptropica defines the most popular islands on their homepage as the following: Wimpy Boardwalk, Poptropolis Games, Mystery Train, Shrink Ray Island, Wimpy Wonderland, Cryptids Island, Skullduggery Island, Mythology Island, Astro-Knights Island, Spy Island, Super Power Island, 24 Carrot Island, Time Tangled Island, and Shark Tooth Island. Nominate your favs!
  3. Best New Island: Poptropica defines the newest islands on their homepage as the 17 most recent islands, which includes the following: Monkey Wrench, Escape From Pelican Rock, Timmy Failure, Mystery of the Map, Galactic Hot Dogs, Arabian Nights, PoptropiCon, Mission Atlantis, Survival, Monster Carnival, Mocktropica, Virus Hunter, Back Lot, Night Watch, Zomberry, Super Villain, and Lunar Colony. Nominate the best from the list!
  4. Best Classic Island: Poptropica defined the rest of the islands as “Classic,” so many among this list are memorable islands. These include: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Twisted Thicket, Vampires Curse, S.O.S., Ghost Story, Game Show, Red Dragon, Wild West, Great Pumpkin, Steamworks, Reality TV, Counterfeit, Big Nate, and Nabooti. Which ones were the greatest?
  5. Best Sponsored Island: Some of Poptropica’s islands are “sponsored”, meaning they are created with another franchise in mind (i.e. not Poptropica originals). These include: Nabooti, Big Nate, Great Pumpkin, Wimpy Wonderland, Red Dragon, Wimpy Boardwalk, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Galactic Hot Dogs, and Timmy Failure. Which one is most worthy of being played?
  6. Best Poptropican Name: What Poptropican name combination sounds the best? For a list of possible Poptropica names, click here. (Last year’s winner was Golden Dragon.)
  7. Best Soundtrack from a New Island: Which of Poptropica composer Jeff Heim’s soundtracks deserve the title of ‘best’ with regards to islands that were released with music? (These SUIs, or sound-updated islands, would be Virus Hunter and any island that came out after it.)
  8. Best Soundtrack from a Remade Island: A few of the Poptropica favorites have been remade from non-SUI to SUI over time, giving each some impressive music that followed your adventures. These are: Time Tangled, 24 Carrot, Mythology, Poptropolis Games, and Shrink Ray. Pick a soundtrack from these islands that you think stands out!

In addition to Poptropica-specific awards, there are also categories for those in the Poptropica community/fandom that you know and love!

  1. Best Current PHB Author (besides Slanted Fish): We’ve got a host of staff members here who regularly deliver news and other improvements to the PHB, but everyone’s different in their own way. The current staff are Brave Tomato, HPuterpop, Mighty Gamer, Spotted Dragon, Slanted Fish, Slippery Raptor, Ultimate iPad Expert, and Ylimegirl – and all of us (except me, as I won last year) are automatically nominated!
  2. Best Former PHB Author: Outside of the current PHB staff, which PHB author of the past do you think served this community the best? You can find a list of all of them, with their names linked to their posts, under the “Past PHB Authors” section of our About page. Shout out the ones who you want to win!
  3. Best ASG: We’ve got a plethora of ASGs (Avatar Studio Glitch-able accounts) over on our Avatar Studio Gift page, a haven for glitchers. Of the hundreds of ASGs available, which deserves the title of ‘best’?
  4. Best Active Fan Blog (outside of the PHN): The Poptropica Help Network includes this blog, the PHC (chat), our Twitter, videos, and wiki, but outside of our network lies a realm of other Poptropica fan sites as well. Nominate your favorites – just to be clear, this is for blogs that aren’t included in the list mentioned in the previous sentence. This category looks for sites that are currently active.
  5. Best Fan Art of 2016: Poptropican artists the world over have created many pieces of fan art, but which pieces have you seen that might deserve the title of ‘best’? The PHB magazines and our DeviantArt group are good places to start scouting for fan art! This category looks for works that were created/published in the year 2016, to give more current Pop artists a chance at the award.
  6. Best PMFM Round: Here on the PHB, Ultimate iPad Expert works hard to deliver yet another round of Poptropican Meme Face Mondays every week. Of the 30+ rounds that have premiered on this blog, which is the best? (Look back on every PMFM here!)
  7. Community Appreciation Award: Outside of the PHB staff past and present, many amazing Poptropicans make up our community, whether they’re frequent commenters, fan artists, PHC regulars, fan bloggers, or just someone well known in the online Poptropica community. Tell us who you appreciate most!

Now for some funny awards!

  1. Okay-est Island: Not the best, not the worst… just okay. Which island in the vast seas of Poptropica makes you go “eh, that was ok, I guess” – neither impressing nor disappointing you, and that you wouldn’t really miss if it were (gasp) taken out of the game?
  2. Funniest Poptropican Name: You have to admit, Poptropica names can get pretty ridiculous sometimes. But which combination of words that form Poptropica names is the silliest of them all? (Last year’s winner for “Worst” Name: Big Belly.)
  3. Weirdest Poptropica Moment: So you’ve seen a lot of things in your adventures on Poptropica. What takes the cake for the strangest of them all? Was it when you crossed a wide chasm on a horde of Narfs in Mocktropica? Or maybe Katya and Christopher’s kiss at the end of Vampire’s Curse? You decide!

Nominations will take place starting now, so sound off in the survey who or what you think deserves the awards! Please limit your nominations to a maximum of three per award.

If no nominations for a certain award are made, the Poppies team will use their own judgment to come up with some options. Next week’s poll options will be based on the most popular nominations, so check back then for the next round and cast your votes then! Plus, stay tuned on the PHB for details on our next birthday party and winner announcements. But for now…

Start nominating on our Nomination Survey!

Keep popping in for the Poppies going on throughout this month!

My Place in Poptropica: Clean Shark

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Clean Shark, who began playing Poptropica since it first began and enjoys being part of the community. See below for details on sending in your own MPIP!

mpip clean shark

2007-2008 | Poptropica’s Early Days

Back in 2007, I frequently visited the Funbrain website. I found an advertisement for this thing called Poptropica. My older sister told me that she played this game at school a lot, and she introduced it to me. I decided to try it out, immediately got hooked, and played it frequently, even though the only island was Early Poptropica at the time. I remember there not being a blimp at all.

I wondered if the game would ever update with something new, and I think I saw a “Coming Soon: Shark Tooth Island” on the home page. That got me excited, and soon enough Shark Tooth came out. It was fantastic, even though I didn’t know how to beat it for a while. However, I figured it out and I replayed that and Early Poptropica frequently.

Now that there was a blimp and a map, I could see the upcoming islands, Time Tangled and Monster Carnival. I knew that I would enjoy this game for a long time. Island after Island came out, and the game just got bigger and better. I figured out how to save my account, and I got costumes from the new Poptropica Store. It felt amazing.

2009-2011 | That Unimportant Middle Part

Honestly, nothing truly interesting happened during these years. Sure, the map was enormous and I completed every island using the Official Poptropica Guidebook, but other than that I don’t really remember anything too interesting going on.

I think the coolest thing that happened at this time was when Wimpy Wonderland came out, because I was a huge Diary of a Wimpy Kid fan at the time, and seeing my favorite book and favorite game come together was amazing.

2012-2013 | Discovering the Community

Twisted Thicket Island, I swear. I wanted to beat it so badly since it had just come out, but I had no clue how to complete it. Just when I was about to give up, I realized something: What if I just looked up a guide on the internet?

It was then that I found the Poptropica Help Blog. I looked around and found the guide to Twisted Thicket, and I soon joined the community as “clean shark”. Not the most interesting name, heh. I used guides on tons of islands I didn’t know how to complete, and I knocked out every single one. It felt amazing.

Through the PHB, I found out all sorts of stuff about Poptropica. I learned about the Mystery of Monster Carnival Island, the island that had disappeared years before. I found out all sorts of information about Poptropica. I was completely invested.

2014-2015 | Losing Interest

Before this time, I thought I’d never stop playing Poptropica. Boy, was I wrong! About a couple of years later, I just completely lost interest in the game. I started thinking the game was becoming terrible, with episodic islands and such. I could care less about it, but I occasionally logged on to keep my account active, since I had some valuable stuff in it.

However, the Poptropica Help Blog introduced me to communities on the Internet, and I eventually made friends online on sites like Google+. I didn’t know if I’d ever come back to Poptropica, but I thought I might since I knew people regain interest in stuff they liked when they were younger. And speaking of regaining interest…

2016 | Returning to Poptropica

Near the end of the school year, I found Poptropica on the App Store. Since I easily got bored at school, I downloaded the app and played some of the older, classic Islands on there, 24 Carrot and Time Tangled respectively (now converted to SUIs – sound updated islands).

I saw a new Island called “Escape from Pelican Rock”, and it was about breaking out of prison. I thought it sounded rather interesting, and so I played it. I fell in love with it, and I thought that perhaps I was wrong about Poptropica going downhill. I played the other Islands like PoptropiCon, which I loved as well.

After that, I decided to return to the Poptropica Help Blog to get out of spots where I got stuck, and I eventually came back into the community. I have a bad habit of typing overly-long comments, though, haha. I’m a pretty big fan of Poptropica again and I’m eager to see how Poptropica 2.0 turns out.

To conclude, I’m a longtime fan of Poptropica, and being in the Poptropica community led me to become an internet star! (not really… just kinda well known on Google+…) Anyway, my name is Clean Shark, and this was My Place in Poptropica!

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! Feel free to send in your own (please include a minimum of 550 words, type with good spelling and grammar, divide it into labeled sections, and include your username). Look out for more community MPIPs in the future!

~the PHB

PHB Sneak Peeks: Quick Q&A with Creator & More Dev Rooms!

(This is a guest post by TechWizard, in which he shares a quick interview he had with Pop Creator Skinny Moon, as well as some more developer rooms from Poptropica’s files. Enjoy! –🐠)

tw guestpost

Hello Poptropicans! T—wait a minute, has someone been messing with my notecards? Well then…

Anyway, hello Poptropicans, TechWizard here with rooms, graphical bugs, and a quick question-and-answer session with a chubby sun! …No, not a chubby sun, a Skinny Moon! That’s right, it’s dat girl! I asked her a few random questions, and this is what I got. Her replies are italicized below.

> What’s the best part about working at Poptropica HQ?

I love being the social media manager and interacting with the fans. It really is so great seeing how much you all love Poptropica and how much you care about it! Also, the entire Poptropica team is AWESOME! Everyone is so creative and truly cares about the game and its fans.

> Do you like Pringles? If so, what’s your favorite flavor?

I like sour cream and onion best!

> Do you drink any soda?

I used to love Diet Coke but I don’t drink it much anymore. I drink a lot of half iced tea-half lemonade. And coffee. Lots of coffee.:-)

> Satellite or cable?

Cable — Verizon FIOS!

For more Q&As with Chubby Sun Skinny Moon, check out this PHB post as well as this one!


Well, hope you enjoyed that little Q&A with Skinny Moon! Onto the next part: I’ll be showing some more developer rooms from Poptropica’s files. (Please note: These are not meant to show up in-game, and are used by Pop developers for testing.)

Our first room is actually an add-on to a mass dialogue room I showed in another guest post here. In this room, you can receive a crowbar to take to a crowbar-loving NPC (non-player character) who’s offscreen. This is to test item receiving and giving.


Our second room looks like a roller coaster. Not much goes on, except for some boxes and orb things that randomly spawn here.


Our third room is… oh no! Where’s the floor?! Well, it’s invisible, and talking to an off screen Afro Guy will change the tile-set that’s visible here.


But wait, that’s not all! Call now and I’ll throw in one graphical bug for the low, *low* price of $20.99!

While playing around one day with a secret rectangle capable of infinite powers, I stumbled upon this lovely bug. Where is the crystal? Where is the throne?? Let me explain!

Obviously, you’re not intended to be here after you’ve finished PoptropiCon: Episode 3 (but by my ways, here I am). Because the game doesn’t know what to do here, some parts don’t load, mainly because Omegon’s throne and crystal have been destroyed.


That’s all for this time – hope you enjoyed this post!

– TechWizard


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