Introducing: PHB Community Creations!

Why hello there Poptropicans! Curious about the title? Allow me to explain a bit. No, this isn’t just another update post even though I do make those a lot. This post has a bit more… creativity. Do I have your attention? Good!


This is a new little series I like to call “Community Creations.” In this series I will be writing up a post at the end of every month that will feature YOUR creations! That’s right, your artwork, your creepy fan-fiction, your Poptropica costumes, Realms, etc. Basically anything relating to Poptropica that you make!

You might be thinking… “SD, is this just a lame excuse to post more often due to how inactive you are?” My reply to that would be “Whaaaaaaaat? Of cooooourrse not…” Don’t go looking into my ulterior motives! The point is that I think this series is a cool, interactive idea that supports imagination. Who doesn’t love art?

So here’s the deal: each month will have a different theme, whether it be a popular TV show, holiday, etc. Specifically, I will post around the last day of every month recapping the art/stories/others that were sent in. Don’t worry because I will be taking suggestions for these themes! In the monthly post, I will feature 5 creations that stood out to me in relation to the chosen topic. They do still have to relate to Poptropica though, as that’s the point.

Maybe this is actually starting to sound interesting. So how do you enter? That’s the easy part!

  1. Upload your creation wherever and just send me the link. Post it below in the comments or send it directly to me on my Twitter, DeviantArt, or Discord (note that I might not see it right away on the latter).
  2. I will always let you know once I’ve seen it if you specifically send something to me or tag me in something. That being said, I will also keep an eye out on the We-Love-Poptropica DeviantArt community for honorable mentions.
  3. Bonus points if you have a short written backstory/meaning to go along with your art, poetry, songs, stories, realms, costumes, I could go on. I mean, we don’t keep track of any points, but deeper meanings always catch my attention (though silliness is not frowned upon).

Now that we have all the rules and technicalities out of the way, let’s get to the series! If you have any questions or theme suggestions, please post them below. Don’t worry if you forget the rules, as I will recap them in each month’s post.

The next month’s theme is… *drumroll* SHIPPING! What better way to kick off the series? You shouldn’t have expected anything less from me since it’s going to be Valentine’s Day soon.

Start drawing, typing, writing, or whatever you’re going to do as soon as you want! I will take any and all submissions before the end of February, although the sooner the better, as I will have a better chance to think over your submission. Already made something cool relating to the theme? Sure, send that in too!

You can submit an endless amount of entries too, there are no limitations to your creativity! However, as this theme is shipping, please be respectful. I give you guys full permission to draw/write about me/my poptropican since I don’t mind being shipped with whoever. However, others might see shipping differently so if you include any real people in your creation(s), get their permission first! Poptropica NPCs and your own OCs are fine of course.

Anyway, see you at the end of the month and every month after that! I hope lots of you join because, while talent might have an impact on my decision, it’s really the content that matters. Make your creation catch my eye! 😉



Introducing… Poptropica Worlds!

Let’s get right to it!

Apparently the Creators are going to be showing use a whole new world soon. *cough* Aladdin references aside, we seriously do have some news on New Poptropica! Finally!

Well, we already know that New Pop, or should I now say Poptropica Worlds, didn’t get released in 2016 of course, like it was first expected to be. However, we now have a new time frame to look forward to! While “Spring 2017” is fairly broad, at least it’s something. And generally speaking, when given a seasonal release date we can safely assume that the exact date is towards the beginning of said season, in this case Spring.

Apart from the release date, we can actually tell a lot from this video announcement! For one, the normal Poptropica art style we have come to know and love is just slightly different. It looks like we will be keeping the signature round head, eyes, and absent neck, but we will now have more detailed hands/arms and legs/feet!

In addition to these new looks, according to the Creators, we will have a ton of other new features to look forward to as well:

  • New, exciting Worlds to explore
  • Favorites from the original Poptropica, remastered for Poptropica Worlds
  • One account for everything Poptropica!
  • Your very own customizable home (remember this poll?)
  • More costumes than ever
  • Daily prizes and awesome games
  • And more to come…

Since “only test dummies are allowed into Poptropica Worlds right now,” we will just be getting some sneak peeks of what’s going on behind the scenes until New Poptropica officially comes out!

In addition, keep an eye out on the Poptropica Help Chat (PHC) around 8:30-9:00 EST tonight – Jessica said that she will visit there around that time! (Check out our recap about her visit in this post, where she answers questions about Poptropica Worlds!)

I know that there has been a lot of suspicion circulating around this huge update, but based on this preview I say we keep an open mind for now. Who knows, this could be great! Heck, hopefully we might even get some more information on the entire Poptropica Universe and its backstory… 😀


On Inspiration: Snap Stories and Wimpy Stories

Hello everyone! I finally got to a post before LJ or Fishy, aren’t you proud? I know I am because honestly 2016 has had too much horrible stuff happen already. We need some more positives.

Aside from the Carrie Fisher tribute, thankfully, the Creators’ official Snapchat also featured pics on a happier note: some #MyPoptropicaCostume contest entries! Check them out below.

The entries shown include “Sports Vendor” by Fast Lizard, “Diwali Outfit” by Lucky Joker (a PHB author!!!), and “Grunge Girl/Boy” by Spotted Dragon (another PHB author obviously, because that’s me!!!). I can’t really fairly talk about how great my own costume is, but the others are definitely pretty cool. Perhaps they’ll inspire you to enter something into the contest!

Remember that you can create your own outfit that might end up in the actual Poptropica store by posting it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #MyPoptropicaCostume, or directly to their Facebook page. Some updates to how the contest will end were mentioned just the other day, so be sure to check that out! The contest ends tomorrow, Dec 31 at midnight EST.

Moving on, we have a story other than that of Snapchat. This one, in contrast, focuses on Diary of a Wimpy Kid in an interview with Jeff Kinney conducted by Raymond Arroyo.

In the first half of the video, starting around 4:14, Poptropica is briefly mentioned, though no significant new information regarding the game was ever touched on. Here is Jeff’s commentary regarding Poptropica:

Poptropica really is a direct descendant of the Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck books that I read as a kid where Carl Barks, this cartoonist, introduced me to my world. My whole basis of understanding of the world started with those comics – religion, psychology, psychiatry, you know; geology, history, everything came from those comics to start with, and I knew that we had this privilege – the privilege of the responsibility to communicate the kids’ world back to them. And they were reading about, they were experiencing things like Greek mythology for the first time. We had the chance to do that, so that’s why it’s been very edifying, rewarding to know it’s a lot of fun for kids.

The entire interview is mainly about the Wimpy Kid book series and Jeff Kinney’s inspiration for it. Still, if you’re a fan of his work, it’s worth the watch. 😉

And with that my friends, I have to leave you because it is literally 2 am where I am. Goodnight! Good morning!


Found Footage of Track & Find

Why hello there everyone! SD here to bring you a cool video that idk put together for us. Yes, in fact idk has tracked down some footage of the unreleased “Track & Find” game that has not been found before. *contains possible spoilers*

From the video we see that to play this game, you would need to find whatever character you’re given in a lineup. Carefully though, since you only get one chance per character and the lineup always looks very similar. Get 5 points first and you win! Kind of like an odd game of Hide-and-Seek, don’t ya think? Obviously Track & Find was meant to be a battle option in common rooms, but it has yet to see the light of day.

The battle seems a tad slow, but still fun, so who knows? Maybe it will one day be available to everyone. Until then, check out some of idk’s other cool Pop videos on YouTube! 😀


October Occasions: IOTM, Skinny Moon’s Birthday, & PHB Contest!

Hey everyone! Spotted Dragon here again (I know, it’s like once in a blue moon these days) and it’s October, so you know what that means…


Well, yes it does mean it’s time to binge watch Over the Garden Wall, but that’s not the point of this post. The point is that it’s a new month and that means a new Island of the Month! And that island is…


Monster Carnival! And for this spoopy time of year, I’d say Monster Carnival is a perfect choice. Remember that since this island is currently featured, it gets special advantages! 😀

  • First-time finishers get 500 credits instead of the usual 300
  • Repeat finishers get a one-time 300 credit bonus instead of the usual 150
  • There’s a brand-new walkthrough (by the Creators) for Monster Carnival to help you if need be
  • Some cool IOTM lost art and/or throwbacks will be posted throughout the month on the Creators’ Blog and social media
  • The IOTM’s exclusive members-only items are back in the Poptropica Store for a limited time (including the Ringmaster costume which was previously only available during early access)

Of course, we did already figure out the Islands of the Month – the other is Mythology Island – the Creators just finally got around to blogging about it (and mentioning the upcoming lost art!).

If you are interested in any of these, head over to Monster Carnival Island right away! I’m very excited to see all this “lost art,” aren’t you?  However, that’s not all that’s special about this month…

It’s also Skinny Moon’s birthday today! Yep, October 13th to be exact, so be sure to wish her a happy birthday. From all of us here on the PHB, happy birthday, Jessica! We all love and appreciate you very much, so we hope you had an amazing day. 😉

I’ve also been told to share this video with the lucky birthday girl… (very funny ylime) 😛

Other than these cool celebrations, remember that Poptropica is celebrating Halloween in other cool ways. Plus, be sure to enter in the PHB’s very own Halloween/Fall Costume Contest!

It’s our 8th annual this year, and it’s very special this time around because… the Poptropica Creators are sponsoring us by giving a one-month membership to each of the 10 winners (in addition to the prize of being featured on the PHB)!

Now you have to enter, right? Just do it!


Anyway, stay spoopy Poptropicans! >:)

~Spotted Trickster

New Pop, New Pad: Voting Time!

Hello everyone, Spotted Dragon here again with a Poptropica update!

As you already know, Poptropica will be experiencing some big changes in the upcoming future. We aren’t completely sure what this “New Poptropica” has in store yet, but we do know that we will be getting pets, shoes, and more cool stuff. And ya know what else? We’ll also be getting houses!

bachelor pads

Yep, you heard right! The Pop Creators have shared a few cool designs with us that we get to vote on. And houses are only the beginning!

“The Poptropica Creators are hard at work on the New Poptropica that’s coming later this year — and we need YOUR help! Over the upcoming months we’ll be asking for your opinions on a bunch of different exciting things that relate to the New Poptropica.”

Now that’s some big news. First, New Poptropica is still on track to be released this year! There aren’t too many more months to go in 2016, so this big update seems to be coming very soon! Or at least before 2017, which is something I guess. Maybe some new islands will be released soon after the update?

Second, this isn’t the only part of New Pop that we get to help decide on. Aside from houses, apparently we get to vote on many other features over the next couple months! Of course, they’ve casually asked our opinions on some features, like shoes, over on Twitter before, but we actually are starting to see what they’ve been working on!

So, be sure to vote on your favorite house design by clicking here. From top left to bottom right in the image above, we have Landmark, Rustic, Beach, Tudor, and Castle to choose from. Personally, my favorite is Tudor. 😛

Remember that the poll closes this Sunday, the 28th, at midnight EST. Vote before then! 😀


Unreleased Store Items: from Amazonian to White Out

Hello everyone! This post is proof that I am not dead, no matter how socially awkward I may be.

Anyway, today’s post features several unreleased items from Poptropica, that we may or may not be seeing in game. Thanks to idk for the pictures by the way.

As you can see, these items (costumes) consist of the Amazonian Woman,Loon’s Head Cane, Secret Society Trooper, Shakespear in Love, Stun Baton, Terror Captain, and White Out.

To me, these all seem like costumes that would be found as bronze cards in the Store, but we may not even end up having any of them. I say this because the “Stun Baton” reminds me of the ZMB Unit costume that was for members only when Zomberry Island was first released, since that costume includes a similar handheld item. It would seem repetitive to make such a similar item available.

Still, all these costumes and items seem pretty interesting! Tell us what you think of them in the comments below. 😛


Crisis Caverns, Deep Dive, & Membership Makeover

Heyo everyone! SD here with another update. So let’s get to it!

First up, credit to idk for an entire album of Crisis Cavern themed Daily Pop sneak peeks! Too many to list in fact, but they’re there, so I suggest you check them out! 😛

crisis caverns sneak peek

Second up, credit also goes to idk for finding two cool test scenes for Deep Dive Island, now known as Mission Atlantis of course.  In both, you can explore and interact with a few things, but it was just a test so there isn’t much else to it.

deep dive test

While on the topic of Deep Dive Island, or Mission Atlantis, an unused diving suit was also found! As you can see below, it was all black instead of the yellow one that ended up being used. Pretty neat, huh?

deep dive suit

Lastly, credit goes to WimpyKidFan for noticing that the Membership page for Poptropica has a new design! While it does look new, improved, and sleek, is this really what we want the Creators’ to be focusing on? Don’t get me wrong, it looks pretty cool! But it does seem like a small step towards “New Poptropica.” And don’t get me started on new islands.

membership redo

Anyway, that’s it for now guys! If you’re already on summer break, I hope you’re having a blast! Or at least relaxing. If you’re almost there, I believe in you! Hang in there! If you don’t have a summer break… then, uh… *shrug*