A peek into the beastly Pelican Rock

Hello, everyone!

Lucky Joker here sharing some cool schematics and animations of one February’s Islands of the Month, Escape from Pelican Rock, that came from the Creators’ Blog earlier today.


This post contains minor spoilers about the plot and characters. If you’d rather not see the behind the scenes material, I suggest you scroll past. Now onto the good stuff!

Just in case you don’t know, a schematic is usually a simple drawing or diagram showing and explaining how a game will be played.

As for EFPR, the creators gave us two bits of the schematic for our viewing because, of course, they don’t want to spoil everything for those who haven’t played the island yet. Anyway, check it out! (For the best quality images, see the post on the Creators’ Blog.)


As you can see, the island was originally referred to as Prison Break Island. There’s a lot of detail for events that are triggered, and it’s even confirmed in the notes that the coastal city is modeled after San Francisco, as we’ve suspected.


Once the schematic has been altered and finalized, the designing can commence! Take a look at these images one of the artists illustrated of the escape scene at the end:

After the designing process, animations are done to bring the island to life!

Check out one of the animator’s concepts of a flood light searching for any hopeful escapees.


Awesome, right? Well, that’s all of the behind the scenes looks for now. Hopefully, we’ll get more soon!

Remember: For this month only, first-time finishers of both, Escape from Pelican Rock and Reality TV Island, will receive 500 credits and those who are replaying them will earn 300 credits. (If you need some assistance on EFPR, check out the PHB’s walkthrough!)

In other news, there’s an ad for Beauty and the Beast on Home Island. Check out the trailer video, and you’ll be given a Lumiere Follower. Once used, pressing the spacebar will activate a cool glow effect that illuminates a yellow circle around you while keeping everything else dark.


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#PoptropicaLove Contest Winners Announced!

Hello, everyone!

Lucky Joker here sharing the results from the official #PoptropicaLove contest, which ended at midnight ET on Valentine’s Day. The winners were announced today!

The Poptropica Creators randomly selected five winners from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram who will each win a 1-month membership(You can click on the images below to get a better view.)

And the winners’ names are…

  • AClarice C. from Facebook
  • @Toxic_Lexia819 from Twitter
  • @Dane07074 from Twitter
  • @plays_koalas from Twitter
  • @queen_bean_marie_carlin from Instagram

Very exquisite entries indeed. Congratulations!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, did you enjoy the pink makeover and header on the PHB for the occasion? We hope you’re feeling loved! 😉

What would you like the next contest to be? Bring your suggestions to Poptropica on social media!

Thanks for reading, I’ll talk to you soon. Pop on!

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We have a Crisis: the End of Time?

Hello, everyone!

Lucky Joker here sharing some pretty lovely Poptropica material with you guys today.

Former Poptropica creator, Abraham Tena (aka Gamer Guy), has recently uploaded a video featuring a few animations he did for Poptropica over on his Portfolio website – some of which were never used in the game.

All of the animations are amazing, of course, but perhaps the most noteworthy is the power drill from Crisis Caverns. Pretty interesting, I must say.

It’s unfortunate Crisis Caverns never became an Island in Poptropica, but could it be playable in Poptropica Worlds?

Also, it looks like the subtitle for Book 4 of Poptropica’s graphic novel series has been revealed! On the Barnes and Noble website, you’ll see that it’s been named The End of Time and is projected to release on September 12, 2017.

What might this title suggest? There are a couple of possibilities: Either book 4 will be the end of the series (hopefully not), or it’s simply just a title relating to the plot of the story. We’ll have to wait and find out…


There’s no picture nor description for the book yet and usually the title and release date are subject to change, so stay tuned to stay updated!

Just a reminder, Poptropica’s Valentine’s-themed photo booth contest ends tonight at 12 am ET, so make sure you enter using the hashtag, #PoptropicaLove, on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram. There have been many lovely entries so far!

Well, that’s it for now, Poptropicans. What do you think about the PHB’s makeover for Valentine’s Day? To die for, isn’t it?

Thanks for reading, I’ll talk to you soon. Pop on and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Poptropica Puppy Pics!

Hello, everyone!

Lucky Joker here bringing you some adorable puppy pics straight from Snapchat and the Creators’ Blog – let’s take a look!

As mentioned in this tweet below, and on the official blog, it was a snow day today over at Poptropica HQ in Boston, Massachusetts, as well as places all over the Northeastern US.

Ah, we all know snow days – a day off from school, working from home and… sharing puppy pics on the internet? Why not, right?

Some of the Poptropica Creators’ pups enjoyed the wintry weather today and Skinny Moon was kind enough to post them on social media for all of us to admire. Here were the snaps from Snapchat:

And from the Creators’ Blog:

Aww, look at those canine cuties!

Also, a question I wanted to place on the table: Who’s Red Lightning? None of us have heard of this Creator before.

It’s kind of interesting to know of another Creator who goes by an ordinary Poptropican name (Skinny Moon being the other) and to see a non-Poptropica related post on the Creators’ Blog.

Well, that’s it for now. Which picture did you find the cutest? Was it a snow day for you too? Let me know in the comments section below!

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#MyPoptropicaCostume Results: Top 10 Runner-ups Finalized

Hello, everyone!

Lucky Joker here, sharing the results from the voting round of the #MyPoptropicaCostume Contest.

First, let’s recognize once more the grand-prize winners, who were announced last week. The prizes (which include 6-month membership, having their costume sold in the Poptropica Store and being worn by an NPC on Home Island) go to Creepy Peanut’s Ocean Princess and Speedy Toes’s Hip-Hop Boy for their outstanding ideas – check them out below:

And yes, there will be a version of each costume for both genders. 😉

Now to the new results!

There were over 9,600 votes and the top 10 runner-ups have been determined. The winners will get a free 3-month membership and have their costume sold in the Poptropica Store later this year. (You can click the images to get a better look at the designs.)

In the collage above, the winners are, in order from left to right, top row to bottom row:

  1. “Celestial Mage” by Invisible Biker
  2. “Cyber Angel” by Bashful Sword
  3. “Diwali Inspired” by Lucky Joker (a PHB staffer – yours truly!)
  4. “Gamer Chic” by Fearless Dragon
  5. “Elemental Beasts” by Red Paw
  6. “Jazz Musician” by Perfect Sky (another PHB staffer!)
  7. “Rainbow Unicorn” by Cool Sword
  8. “Watermelon Threads” by Shiny Penguin
  9. “The Dreamer” by Friendly Kid
  10. “Witch and Wizard” by Young Heart

Congratulations to everyone who won and great job to everyone that participated! Can’t wait to see all of the amazing costumes in Poptropica. If you’re curious about how each costume fared among the 20 runner-ups, check out the (now closed) poll here.

Skinny Moon ended the winners announcement on this note:

Now it’s time to decide what our next contest should be. What do YOU think, Poptropicans? Let us know on social media!

Got any contest ideas for Poptropica? What do you think about the results? Which one’s your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comment section below, and please, keep it positive. 👍 

Thanks for reading, I’ll talk to you soon. Pop on!

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#MyPoptropicaCostume Contest Results: Vote Now!

Hello, everyone!

It’s Lucky Joker here bringing you some poptastic news regarding the #MyPoptropicaCostume contest!

Yes, it’s the announcement we’ve been waiting for – Just a little while ago, the two grand prize winners, along with 20 runner-ups (which I’ll talk about later), have been announced on the Creators’ Blog! There were over 750 costume entries submitted, but in the end it was Creepy Peanut’s “Ocean Princess” and Speedy Toes’ “Hip Hop Boy” costumes that took the grand prize!

As promised, each of their costumes will be created by Poptropica, sold in the store for a limited time and worn by an NPC on Home Island. Additionally, they will each receive a free 6-month membership. Now onto the voting information!

Again, 20 runner-ups have been chosen by Poptropica, and now the ones that become real costumes are up to us! Vote for 10 of your favorite costumes and make sure to do so before February 7, midnight ET over on the Creators’ Blog.


Each of the ten runner-ups will win a free 3-month membership and also have their costume sold in the Poptropica Store for a limited time later this year! (Hey, that’s what they said about New Poptropica too…)

As seen in the collage above, the runner-ups are, in order from left to right, top row to bottom row:

  1. “Witch and Wizard” by Young Heart
  2. “Cyborg” by White Coyote
  3. “Watermelon Threads” by Shiny Penguin
  4. “Winter Explorer” by Maroon Ring
  5. “Elven Chic” by Little Ghost
  6. “The Hipster” by Slanted Fish (the PHB’s very own founder!) *
  7. “Elemental Beasts” by Red Paw
  8. “Jazz Musician” by Perfect Sky (a PHB staffer!)
  9. “Diwali Inspired” by Lucky Joker (another PHB staffer – yours truly!)
  10. “The Dreamer” by Friendly Kid
  11. “Starlight Dress” by Mystery Poptropican
  12. “Mad Scientist” by Invisible Biker (one of two!)
  13. “Skater Pro” by Golden Berry
  14. “Gamer Chic” by Fearless Dragon
  15. “Cyber Angel” by Bashful Sword
  16. “Fire Flier” by Invisible Wing
  17. “Sports Vendor” by Fast Lizard
  18. “Rainbow Unicorn” by Cool Sword
  19. “Psychedelic Steampunk” by Bronze Fire
  20. “Celestial Mage” by Invisible Biker (congrats on placing twice!)

*Side note and update: “The Hipster” replaced an earlier runner-up, “Technology Girl” by Tall Hero, after it was pointed out to Poptropica that it was not an original drawn/invented costume. They decided to disqualify and replace it.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go on the Creators’ Blog and vote today!

Thanks for reading, I’ll talk to you soon. Pop on!

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Escape Reality with February’s IotMs

Hello, everyone!

Lucky Joker here, as well as two new Islands of the Month for February!


This month’s featured Islands are Escape from Pelican Rock and Reality TV!

Reality TV Island

Uh, reality check – Reality TV won last month’s Island of the Month poll and can now be played for extra credits! (Although, after the deadline for voting had passed, Super Power managed to overtake RTV in the poll!)

Here’s the video walkthrough Captain Crawfish has made if you’d like to use it:

If the video doesn’t fit your preference, go ahead and check out the PHB’s written walkthrough instead.

Escape from Pelican Rock

Ah EFPR, the island where you do the time for a crime you didn’t commit and… well… escape from Pelican Rock of course. 😛

Here’s the video walkthrough Captain Crawfish has made if you’d like to use it:

If you’d prefer to use a written guide, check out the one here on the PHB.


Remember, first-time finishers of these islands will receive 500 credits and those who are replaying them will earn 300 credits, so make sure to take advantage of the boost while you can!

Thanks for popping by, I’ll talk to you soon. Pop on!

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A plethora of poptastic updates!

Hello, everyone!

Lucky Joker here and today I’ll be sharing updates regarding the #MyPoptropicaCostume contest, the Poptropica app and more! Skinny Moon has seen most of the FAQ on Poptropica’s social media and decided to answer a few today on the Creator’s Blog, so let’s get right to it.

Creator's Blog 1.png

Regarding the #MyPoptropicaCostume contest, here’s what she had to say:

We haven’t forgotten about the #MyPoptropicaCostume contest. Au contraire, my popping peeps. We are almost done combing through all the entries and hope to open up voting for the runners-up later this week!

You read it right—Voting could open up as soon as this week! When the voting process commences, we’ll let you know. Can’t wait to see all of the amazing runner-ups!

She also mentioned Poptropica Worlds in her latest post and is fully aware of all of the questions we have. Expect a FAQ post to appear on the blog in the near future. 😉

Also, don’t forget to vote for February’s Islands of the Month. Voting ends tomorrow January 24 at midnight ET, so be sure to do so soon. Here are the results so far:


It’s pretty neck and neck here. Which one will you vote for?

On the topic of Islands of the Month, make sure to go finish January’s Islands of the Month and take advantage of the usual credit boost. You have a week left to play!

Skinny Moon hasn’t only been blogging as of late, but snapchatting as well under the name “Official Poptropica”. Check out these snaps from earlier today:

As for the Poptropica App, there appears to be a new ad (acknowledging Poptropica’s latest comicWeek 32) with a couple of prizes to be earned! Though it may be on the desktop version as well, I was only able to find it on the app. Anyway, let’s pop right into it!

I’ll admit, the game is pretty difficult  but it’s still fun nonetheless! To earn your prizes, slide your finger across your screen to dodge falling objects which include bananas, barrels and carrots. (It makes much more sense if you read the comic. 😛 )

Poptropica App ad.png

The broomsticks up on the top left corner signify the amount of times you can get hit with an object before you lose. The bar on the left shows the progress you’ve made on your way to the finish.

Upon completing the game, you’ll win the Flying Monkey Costume and the Banana Peel!


(Click here if you’d like to read more Poptropica Comics)

Well, that’s it for now! Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk to you soon. Pop on!

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