Of Gods and Monsters – October’s Islands of the Month

Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and welcome to the ever so spooky month of October!


Well, in Poptropica nowadays, a new month mean a new duo of Islands of the Month, where people have the opportunity to play an island for extra credits – no matter if it’s your first time playing it or you’re playing it again.

Since it is a new month, that means Mystery of the Map and Virus Hunter Island will no longer be giving extra credits upon completion.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s see which islands the Creators handpicked to be October’s Islands of the Month!

Monster Carnival

Not too surprisingly, Monster Carnival is the first of the two Islands of the Month this month. After all, Halloween is slowly approaching and a spooky island like such would fit right in to this month.

Captain Crawfish has even uploaded a new video walkthrough for the island:

If you’d prefer a written walkthrough, check out the PHB’s Monster Carnival Island Guide here!

Mythology Island

The second island, which may seem like a stranger pick at first, is Mythology Island. It seems like the Creators specifically are picking sound-updated islands (SUIs) to be islands of the month, and out of the remaining SUIs, Mythology is one of the few that also has a classical creepy vibe to it (especially in the Underworld).

Captain Crawfish has made a new video walkthrough for Mythology as well:

If you’d prefer a written walkthrough, check out the PHB’s Mythology Island Guide here!


Like with the previous IotMs, the first time you complete either of these Islands of the Month, you will attain 500 credits, and for one more time following that, you will attain 300 credits. Still beats the regular 150 credits from non-IotM islands!

So with this news in mind and guides in hand, go ahead and face off, whether it’d be a carnival full of monsters or the dangerous world of Greek Mythology!

Until next time, BT out!

Credits for all – at least 100 credits for replaying an island once!

Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and I’m here with a quick post about today’s update to the Creator’s Blog!

In the wake of long-time Poptropicans complaining about not getting any of the newly-increased credit amounts for playing an island they already played, they answered! The latest post by Skinny Moon, in a nutshell, is best described by this picture:

100 credits.png

Now, players who have replayed Poptropican islands get to join the first-time island players in the money pile as there is now a bonus for replaying a Poptropica island (but only once)! Now, this is how the island credit reward system works:

First time finish (Island of the Month): 500 Credits

First time finish (any other island): 300 Credits

One replay (Island of the Month): 300 Credits

One replay (any other island): 100 credits

This month, the islands of the month are Mystery of the Map and Virus Hunter Island, so if you want the extra credits, play either of those, whether it would be for the first time or as a replay! On the PHB, you can find the MotM Guide here, and the Virus Hunter guide here.


Once again, I’d like to acknowledge that in the postscript, Skinny Moon made a shout out to this very blog, the Poptropica Help Blog, once again, as well as popular Poptropica YouTuber Thinknoodles. However, this time around, it’s with a disclaimer-y touch.

“Our friends Thinknoodles and the Poptropica Help Blog also have lots of Poptropica walkthroughs (but note that we haven’t wanted them all).”

I private messaged Skinny Moon asking about this statement, and she explained to me that she had to do this when talking about other people’s walkthroughs since they are not personally responsible in case there’s anything inappropriate or any misdirection within the walkthroughs. We assure you our walkthroughs are trustworthy though.😛

Skinny Moon also dropped us some comments in our earlier post about IOTM, letting other Poptropica bloggers and content creators know that if you’d like her to notice your work, you should tweet her @Poptropica!

So now that island finishers can join in the fun, what do you think? Was it a smart move, or are the Creators just cashing in to the fans? And also, will the Creator’s do a ninth birthday event this year? Share your thoughts in the comments!

BT out! 

Graphic novel news: Lost Expedition, Mitch Krpata, and book 3!

The lost expeditionHey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and this set of news is not just some ordinary wheel or fancy pair of sneaker-related news for once. This will be interesting… as long as you’re a fan of the Poptropica graphic novel series.

Let’s start off about Book 2, The Lost Expedition, which will come out for the world August 16th. After over a year of not hearing from them, Oliver, Mya, and Jorge are back for a brand new adventure in the world of Poptropica.

The novel will be written by Mitch Krpata (I’ll get more into him later) and illustrated yet again by Kory Merrit. If you need a reminder, the summary is as follows, according to the Barnes and Noble page:

In book two,The Lost Expedition, Oliver, Mya, and Jorge continue their search for home, with a few hilarious stops along the way. As the friends set sail for new sights, they find the evil Octavian is still hot on their trail, and he’s determined to get his hands on their magical map. To make matters worse, a mysterious organization is keen on expelling the three friends from Poptropica. As the pals travel, they find that each island is filled with its own unique brand of peril, and the mystery surrounding the map and Poptropica itself begins to unfold. Will our trio be able to once again outfox Octavian and discover the identity of this secret society?

So with that up ahead, of course it’s going to get some minor coverage. This news article by the MetroWest Daily News may seem like an ordinary news article showing off the graphic novel, but if you look into it deeper, you’ll find not just the standard summary. The news article confirms that the Poptropica graphic novel series is on a four-book deal. It also says that Mystery of the Map will the only one of the four that’s written by a different person (Galactic Hot Dogs author Max Brailler) and Mitch Krpata will write out the rest of the series.

There are also some interesting quotes said by the man himself in the article. He describes The Lost Expedition as a novel that would teach about “accepting the responsibility” of a leadership role, as well as mixing in the more action packed parts of the books. He had been with Poptropica since its beginnings in 2007, calling the franchise his “life’s work” and he desires it to “survive and outlast [him]”. Check out the article here if you’d like to read about his inspirations and other information.

However, strangely enough, the news article itself isn’t the biggest plot twist of this post. It’s the video that should be drawn attention to as well. It’s only 28 seconds long, but it’s not entirely about the content- it’s about what you hear. (Although at the end of the video, it does show a preview of one of the pages.) You can find it on the news article, so take a good listen to how Mitch sounds.

Sound familiar? Well, if you don’t hear it, Mitch here sounds quite a lot like our favorite blogging and YouTubing pirate, Captain Crawfish! For reference, here’s one of his videos.

Captain Crawfish’s identity had been a major secret for years, and now that the identity has practically been revealed to us, we have yet another mystery off our backs. All those years of crawfish-nomming jokes have been worth it. (And thank you so much for shouting out to me on the Reign of Omegon walkthrough!)

Now, let’s get into the future here, because, everyone, I found the title, cover, release date, and summary of the third Poptropica graphic novel.

*Warning: There might be potential Book 2 spoilers ahead, especially in the summary, so tread carefully.*

[Read more…]

We bare (photo) booth bears

Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and here’s yet another advertisement post! This time, once again, the trio of the Cartoon Network show We Bare Bears have come to the scene! (Thanks, WimpyKidFan, for notifying us and providing us pictures!)


Unlike many advertisements we normally see in Poptropica, this one is a themed Photo Booth. That means just like with any other photo booth, you can save and share your completed picture!

The photo booth comes with four new backgrounds and eight new stickers, which will give those who enjoy the show plenty opportunity to enjoy composing a picture. If you want to find this photo booth, you can find it in the open ad areas on nearly any of the islands, so create away!

Oh, and if you haven’t already, nominate your picks for the 2nd annual Poppies Awards! The deadline is tomorrow, so don’t tarry!

BT out! 

Happy Fourth of July from the PHB!

Hey guys, BT here! On behalf of the PHB, I’d like to wish the American viewers of the blog a happy Fourth of July (Independence Day in the USA)!

To celebrate, the PHB has a gift for everyone – no matter where you reside. Check it out below!

4th of july pop

Poptropica glitcher WimpyKidFan is offering a special Avatar Studio Glitch for you all, and it’s not just the standard costume or Poptropican modification. Today, celebrate with an ASG for the Exploding Gum from the Johnny English: Reborn ad from 2011!


If your Poptropican is a boy and you want this gum, perform the ASG on the username Happy4thBoy, and if your Poptropican is a girl, it’s Happy4thGirl. For an explanation of how ASGs work, and for tons more ASG usernames for costumes out there, check out the PHB’s Avatar Studio Gift page here!

BT out with this quick wish, and once again, happy Fourth of July to those who celebrate! 🎉

More Gigantic Advertising: the BFG Ad #2

Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and I’m here with a new post about an advertisement on Main Street – this time, yet again, about the upcoming BFG movie!

(Thank you, Hyper Gamer, for the alert and the pictures.)

Now, before you start accusing me of being so desperate to get a post here that I copy someone else’s post, let me tell you that this is about a different BFG ad. This post will talk about the video ad. If you want to see the post about the BFG advertisement game, check out HPuterpop’s post here.

There are two videos packaged in this advertisement, and each video gives a different prize.

The left video will give you something called a “Dream Trumpet“. When you activate it and press the space bar, you’ll shoot out either a purple, yellow, or green dream orb. If you shoot it at another Poptropican, it’s basically acts like if you shot them with a paintball gun and it colors the entire character (except for the eyes and mouth) one of the three colors.

The right video will give you something called the “Stride By” power. When activated, if you press spacebar, the titular giant will walk by on the screen– although you could only see his legs.

So, with these gigantic (I’m so sorry) prizes, as well as the game advertisement, there’s no denying that The BFG is making its mark in the game- coming to theaters July 1st.

BT out! 

Keen in green – the final Feats of Speed race!

Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and I’m here to tell you guys about what’s happening!

Once again, another sneaker color had gone out of trend – blue is old news, and now, we have what the Creators say will be the final Feats of Speed race: a race for…wait for it… green sneakers!

Although sneakers for our Poptropican have grown to be routine at this point, it was interesting to say the least. Once again, Speedy Sam is waiting for you over on Home Island, and is ready to challenge you to the final race: this time at the Galactic Hot Dogs Ghost Ship!

Spooks and creeps are about in this maze as a test of concentration is bestowed upon you. Don’t pay any mind to any of the terrors that the ghost ship would jump out at you with. Instead, focus on the race. If you manage to make it to the space zombie pirate captain in under 30 seconds, you’ll earn yourself a pair of green shoes! (For a video of this event, click here for a video by Pinku Randomness!)

As it was before with the previous week’s sneaks, the sky blue shoes are now available on the mobile app to those who can scale Mocktropica’s Mount Funshine faster than the world record!


Either way, these green shoes signify the end for the Feats of Speed event here on Poptropica. What will come for us in the future, then? Will it be more information about the New Poptropica? Will it be some other event to keep us occupied? Tune in here to find out, and we’ll let you know when we hear more!

BT out!

Blue is the new maroon – the sneaker race of the week!

Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and I’m here with an update on the sneaker race of the week!


Did you hear? Maroon is sooo last week! This week, Speedy Samwow has a new pair of colored shoes to offer us if we beat this week’s race and world record. This time, we are heading towards the self-aware island of Mocktropica as we scale up Mount Funshine!

If you are able to scale this test of endurance and reach the Jardine Juniper Tree in under 40 seconds, you’ll earn those good ol’ Poptropica-blue shoes!

However, despite all the flack I’ve given maroon, you still have a chance to get them – on the mobile app that is! Now, you can race Speeding Sam at the Arabian Nights lair of thieves on the Poptropica app!

So as we wait for more details on anything related to New Poptropica, at least we still have the opportunity to make “What are thooose?” jokes for just a bit longer.

BT out!