The Poptropica Costume Contest!


EDIT: Skinny Moon just commented on this post to add another rule! Hi Jessica, love your work.

One more addition: I forgot to say 3 entries per person, max. And entries have to be original, not a mashup of Poptropica costume parts. I edited the blog post to say that! 😀

Your regularly-scheduled post continues below.

Heyo readers!

BIG news today – Poptropica is holding another art contest!

This one is quite different from the last few held – the #MyPoptropicaCostume contest asks you to design your dream costume. If it wins, you’ll get a 6 month membership and it will be made into a real Poptropica costume and sold in the store, as well as being worn by an NPC on Home Island! How cool is that?

And yes, Skinny Moon did include a meme in her post.


Of course, there are some guidelines for this contest, as listed below:

  • You can use our template (find it here) to draw your outfit. Or draw your Poptropican’s outfit freehand (here’s a guide). Or draw your creation using your computer or tablet. Whatever you want!
  • Use your imagination! Get inspired by your favorite movies or TV shows and put your own original twist on them. Or think about your favorite activities, sports, and hobbies, and base a costume around one of them. Check out your favorite magazines and take a cue from the latest trends. The sky’s the limit!
  • Don’t forget about fun accessories and powers that your costume could have!
    When you design your costume, be sure it could be reproducable as a Poptropica Costume. Teeny tiny details would be hard to recreate for a store costume.
  • Give your costume a name and put your Poptropican’s name on it, and if you want, your age. Do not include your last name or where you live. For example, your entry could say something like “Winter Fun Outfit by Happy Catfish, age 14.”

Like the last few contests, you have to submit your creations through a social media account with the tag #MyPoptropicaCostume. If you don’t have a social media account, and don’t know anyone (adult, friend, etc) who can post for you, fret not – we at the PHB would be more than happy to post it for you on our Twitter – just contact the PHB to let us know.

The contest ends on December 31st with the winner announced in January. That means we have about a month and a half to make some fabulous costumes – get drawing!

The creators leave us with two costumes created by Perfect Sky as inspiration, if needed.


Good luck to everybody! I know I’ll probably enter (if I get around to it).




  1. *runs off and starts drawing*
    I’ll be here if anyone needs me!!


  3. One more addition: I forgot to say 3 entries per person, max. And entries have to be original, not a mashup of Poptropica costume parts. I edited the blog post to say that! 😀


  5. Friendly Whale says:

    Awesome! Now, if you all will excuse me, I have to research all of my parents’ 15 magazines for inspiration *runs off*

  6. This is really, really awesome. I don’t really care about the 6-month membership so much – I’d just be so honoured to have a costume of mine in the Poptropica Store. 😀

  7. ☠Jacob_Da_Boss☠ says:

    Having zero artistic abilities won’t get me far at all in this. I guess I’ll see what costume gets chosen. Does it have to be gender neutral so it’s accessible to everyone?

  8. greedyshadow says:

    Has anyone forgot about Slanted Fish’s swag contest and a random person will win the promo code that came with the swag? I really wonder who won.

    Also happy birthday Fishy! 🎉🎉🍰🍰🍰🐟🐟🐟

  9. I wonder if the winner will be allowed to get the costume for free?

  10. Pokesquirrel says:

    Everything is online right? I don’t have to put y address to put prize?
    maybe just email?

    • Everything in this contest is done online. If you do win, you won’t have to give an address – Poptropica will probably contact you through whatever online medium you posted your entry on.

  11. Uh, bye. I am not creative. Boo hoo. Lalalala ok I feel bad for myself *cries in corner*

  12. lucky bird says:

    IS THIS A DREAM???!!! *pinches myself* nooo! not a dream!! I really really want the membership! Catch u later! *Runs like the wind muttering costume ideas*

  13. lucky bird says:

    hey phb, I cant call u, but I’m commenting, can u send my entry? and is there any other way other than calling you?

  14. Silver Bear says:

    Will the creators be able to have it finished before thanksgiving? Because one of my ideas in thanksgiving themed.

  15. i won it!!!

  16. Zany Panda says:

    I dont live in america i live in the U.A.E is it still fine to join?

  17. I’m good at drawing,but I suck at colouring. Don’t even get me started on my computer art programme skills….

    Because they don’t exist.

  18. why this barely gets so much comments for a fearured post?

  19. Yellow joker says:

    How do you submit it ?

  20. Yellow joker you have to have a tiwwer account.

  21. I wonder whos going to win?

  22. little Monser says:

    poptropica is the best ever!!!!

  23. Magic Snowball says:

    Hmm.. I’m too lazy to enter 😄 Good luck to whoever did enter, though! 🙂

  24. Zany Panda says:

    if ur poptropican drawing is to detailed can the creators change it a bit?

    • They’ve said they are less likely to choose super-detailed costumes because it would be difficult to see the details. They would have the right to change a costume if they wanted to, but they would probably try to stay close to the submission.

  25. When are they going to announce, do we know?

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