Popspiracy: Munch on the New 24 Carrot!

(Hey Poptropicans! This Popspiracy theory about a remade 24 Carrot Island is a guest post by Shaky Skunk, who regularly blogs on her site, Poptropica Skunk Blog. Check it out, and enjoy! – 🐠)


Wait – hold the phone… 24 Carrot Island is going to be remade for New Poptropica?! I’ve got compelling evidence to think so. Who knows, maybe other islands could also get remade! 😀

Our first piece of evidence is this sneak peek that was released on the Daily Pop a while back:

Hay There: This one is a real barnstormer.

Hay There: This one is a real barnstormer.

Take a look at the setting of this image. The skies are brown and it’s located inside a barn, just like the one on 24 Carrot Islandthe barn we can’t enter in the current version. The text on the barrel and crate have incomplete lettering on them – enough to speculate that it reads “Funny Bunny”, which is the name of the farm according to the sign there. Additionally, the man in the picture is wearing a hat with two pink rabbit ears.

Just the day before, there was another sneak peek – that of a homeless man. There is a bit of a similarity between the new design and this character from the current 24 Carrot – could the new guy be a remake of him?


Plus, remember those rat sneak peeks on the Daily Pop we all complained about? And how there’s a rat inside the factory on 24 Carrot? The newer rat might just be that critter.

Our final piece of evidence is a minor detail I found at the top of the monster worm picture from the recent New Poptropica sneak peek. Oddly enough, they’ve removed the pic from the official Creators’ Blog post, but you can still see it below. Among the file names up top, there are four that sound like they could belong on a new 24 Carrot Island – “”, “”, “”, and “”.

If you don’t remember Crazy Comet, he’s one of the four children that got kidnapped by Dr. Hare to become one of the drones working in the factory. As for the Cook character(s), they may be workers in the Carrot King Diner.


What do you think? Could the worm be related to 24 Carrot Island, and steal/protect the carrots? Who knows… I’m just sad that the first island wasn’t something like Early Poptropica, but you never know.

– Shaky Skunk 🐼



  1. Thanks for posting. 😀

  2. Sounds interesting, in my opinion, I think this could be true.

  3. So could the “old_lady_parts” file be the waitress in the Carrot King Diner? Maybe the “part” in the title could be the glass of milk she was holding?

  4. wow cool theory this really can be true you are smart!

  5. Very compelling theory! You really may be on to something…

  6. the worm is stealing all the carrots! *GASP* It must be destroyed!
    *The Worm pops up in front of Lucky*

  7. HP approves. This is highly likely, and super awesome.

  8. That’s quite an interesting theory, and it looks like you may be right. 😉


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