Cloudy with a chance of apple pie

There’s a new promo code floating around – enter POP6BIRTHDAY for a cool new Applebee’s Apple Pie Costume! (Thanks, TheCloneDrone.) This month marks Poptropica’s 6th birthday!


Also, there’s a new ad on Main Streets (such as on Back Lot Island) for Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, in theaters September 27. (Thanks, jpf0904 & ayman351.) What you’ll need to do is cross the Breakfast Bog by jumping on platforms. Watch out for obstacles, and every time you land in the honey, keep clicking until you pull yourself out.

cloudy ad

At the end, you’ll receive two prizes – a Piece of Cake! power that gives you a cake costume until you turn it off, and a costume (Sam Sparks for girls; Flint for boys). Enjoy!



  1. Yay! Poptropica’s going on 6 this month! I actually brought it up in an earlier post.

  2. Happy Birthday Poptropica!

  3. Yay!

  4. Cake! Yummy! 😛 Happy Birthday Poptropica! :mrgreen:

  5. Comical Turtle says:

    Can’t wait to dress up like pie!

  6. What’s u with Applebees?

  7. transpeter97 says:


  8. Cool Smarticle says:

    Happy Birthday Poptropica! :mrgreen:

  9. 10th comment!

  10. ios game poptropica forgetten islands out now

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