Mocktropica Island?

Hey guys, BT here with an update.

So I’ve been looking through some of the Daily Pops and I remembered this one Slanted Fish posted about, specifically the “islandception” one.

operating system

I noticed that on the top of the screen, there was a file that read “Mocktropica”.

With that in mind, I randomly typed ” ” into the URL… and it lead back to Poptropica!

So I did a “Whois” search and found out that Pearson had bought that URL on April 8, 2013! So is “Mocktropica Island” the name of Poptropica’s 36th island? Well, we’ll see.

Anyways, I think I somewhat have an idea on what this new island would be about. from the Daily Pops recently (not the Battle Bot or the Poptropolis Games-looking ones), I think the Creators are gonna parody THEMSELVES and their jobs creating new Poptropica islands and features. That’s all I can really say right now. In the meantime, here are a couple of unreleased Daily Pops I think would be related to “Mocktropica Island”, one even parodying the old Microsoft virtual “assistant” Clippy:

(Idea Generator: Spin to win, try your luck.)

(Poppycock: Nothing like a virtual assistant who’s virtually useless.)

So yeah. How do you feel about “Mocktropica Island”?

BT out!



  1. It looks really cool, but it confuses me on what it is about…

  2. Cool!

  3. That is really cool! At first with the first picture when I saw Zeus I thought he was creating an evil island, but now that I look at it again, he probably isn’t in control. If you see the new Daily Pop Today, It shows a picture of what looks like a never released Poptropolis Game. It is called “Go with the Flow” and it says “You’ll erupt with joy when you find out what’s happening here.” Does it really mean Poptropolis Games is “coming back” to land but with new features? (Going underwater and games)

  4. Cool Smarticle says:


  5. This is going to be either an easter egg, or your character and all the other ones discover they’re in a game.

  6. Mocktropica Island sounds like a clever idea. Depending on how they do it, though, Poptropica might be breaking the fourth wall. Nice find on the island name! 🙂

  7. Maybe we can break the fourth wall like Fishy said or make our own island!

  8. Magic Onion says:

    Actually, I think that 24 Carrot BETA Carrote Island is being considered the 36th island. At least for now…

  9. Today I beat the 24 carrot BETA Carrotene Island

  10. Hey guys! Im back! Look what I found today:
    Could Poptropolis Island be coming back? I don’t know but it looks like it! Maybe we have to save it? What do u guys think of this?


  11. spotted drummer says:

    The only thing that confused about mocktropica is how will we get the medallion???

  12. Clean Shark, News Reporter says:

    Maybe the Creators kept their New Years Resolutions and kept the New Features promise, and they’re finally making a special Island that our Poptropicans can help create and there could be houses using the Lost Levels of Poptropica settings for the inside, you can maybe build shops and restaurants and like you can get credits and get the same features as the Common Rooms, but twice as better! And there will already be a Poptropica Mall where you can get stuff like beds and furniture and new (Casual) clothes, and you can get a laptop or a computer, where you can play minigames and get on a new feature called Pop-Book! A safe, Poptropica version of Face-Book where you get Pre-Scripted words, and you can combine them to tell everyone that your having a party at your place, and you can get a camera to take pictures, and like you can tell everyone which house in Mocktropica is yours so they can hang out! What-What? I think Mocktropica is going to be the best Island ever! 😀

  13. That would be awsome!

  14. it is the 37th island 24 carrot then mocktropica u faker

    • ★ Brave Tomato ★ says:

      I didn’t know at the time- it was June 2013 when I wrote this.

    • Actually, Mocktropica is in fact the 36th island, as BT wrote (and no need to call anyone a faker here). Virus Hunter (the previous island) was the 35th, 24 Carrot was the 4th (the Beta Carrotene/upgraded and current version does not make it a new island), and Poptropolis Games was the 27th (it was released in 2012 but disappeared and then resurfaced with an upgrade in 2013, but I wouldn’t count it as a completely new island, since the 2012 version isn’t here anymore).

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  3. […] June 20th: Beta Carrotene is released to members. Also the name of the latest Poptropica’s Island is uncovered, Mocktropica Island. […]

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