SkullBook – New Promo Code for Skull Pirate!

You’ve assembled your crew, bought the best ship that money can buy, and have prepared yourself a nice meal of crawfish and rum – but wait! You’re not ready to sail the briny seas until you’ve put on the Skull Pirate costume your mother bought you!

Just kidding about that last part. You can actually get this costume just by entering the promo code skullbook in the top-right corner of the Poptropica Store! So easy. Thanks to Meow for the tip.

This code, which should work for everyone, comes from reading the Funbrain sample of the Poptropica: Skullduggery Island book. Plus, you can press the spacebar to swing your skull-tastic sword around to ward off enemies! Fantastic.



  1. thanks fishy for giving me the credit 🙂

  2. ★Brave Tomato★ says:

    Okay… THAT is CREEPY.

  3. Mad Scientist, Mad Tornado says:

    meow, you were ALMOST right with the code. You said “skullboy” and the code was “skullbook”.

  4. I can’t help but think of Pirates of the Caribbean when I see this…

  5. That kinda looks like Captain Crawfishes wife.

  6. Aw ROFL LOL!!! 😆

  7. strange beetle the pokemon master and haunter+pikachu 0-0 says:

    i hope i dont turn into him oh wait too late

  8. is there a code 4 astro knights?
    also i have all the books, but where r the codes?

  9. That costume is really cool, but why would a skeleton need an eyepatch? It doesn’t have any eyes anyway!

  10. Renald Yacob (boys just rock) says:

    I just got a glitch. Guess what. Jump higher with the Skull Pirate. *wipes sweat off forehead* Now maybe we can reach the flag in Early Poptropica faster, without the……………………..uhh………..ummm………wait. Yeah-no. Ok, without the parachute thingy. Forgot what you call it. Fishy, this actually works.

  11. Fishy u know that widget on the side. Well, i’m adding it on my blog, and it won’t embed. How did u do it?

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