Charlie and the Chocolate Factory island confirmed!

‘Ello fellows, ready for some jolly good Poptropica news?

Just in time for September 13’s Roald Dahl Day, the Creators announced that they are working on an island based on everyone’s favorite childhood tale, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – as predicted by our good mate Brave Tomato in previous posts here and there. Now that’s sure to have you gobsmacked.

In case you’re too daft to know, Roald Dahl was the chap who wrote classic stories such as James and the Giant PeachMatildaThe BFG, and of course, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Absolutely nuts! 😀

(And yes, Roald Dahl was British. Ace.)



  1. awesome roald dahl’s books are awesome, and a awesome new island! so, know we know two islands that havent came out yet, and they look so epic!

  2. The new Members Only Super Villain Island Items are here!

  3. I hope it comes out soon!!!!

  4. hi

  5. hey does anybody know when it comes the day it comes out?

  6. To be serious i realloy dont know
    have you completed all the islands? (:

  7. I HOPE IT COMES OUT SOOON!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Super Comet says:

    I LOVE THE MATILDA MOVIE! *fangirling scream*


  1. […] Roald Dahl Day, the Creators confirmed what we had been suspecting: an island themed after Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Lots of […]

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