The Rabbit and the Spider

Okay, first, the spider. Remember the Art Attack daily pop? Well it turns out that Black Widow IS returning to Poptropica.

Web of Deceit: Now things get interesting. ~ Black Widow

Last week, Dr Hare was revealed to be coming back. Earlier, for fun, I put the pics next to each other, and they actually fit together like a jigsaw puzzle! o.o

See what I mean? What in Poptropica are these two up to? Are there more past villains involved in this dastardly plot? Only time will tell.

BT out!



  1. does anyone see the sail on the right?

  2. Muddy Axe says:

    I bet the villains are teaming up…

  3. Poptropicaddict says:

    Cool! 1st comment, and BLACK WIDOW & Dr.Hare?!
    I guess that’ll be some kind of sequels of islands or a brand-new all villains island!

  4. SillymonstaCheats says:

    In the dr. Hare picture there is a tiny piece
    Of art.

  5. uh….. revenge island? lol. keep fitting em together

  6. oh look closley at dr.Hares suit its has stains. BRING BACK DERECTOR D. POPTROPICA

  7. shifty hopper says:

    I have a bad feeling E.Vile will return.

  8. Shaggy Tornado says:

    Good thing you thought of putting them together! But 3 villains teaming up? That spells trouble. 😮

  9. Can't say. says:

    lol but what would Captain Crawfish be doing in that time period? xD

  10. When you think about it, this really makes sense. Not everyone, but a lot of people agree that the four best (or most popular) villains are Dr. Hare, Black Widow, Captain Crawfish, and Binary Bard. With the exception of Binary Bard, they would all be easy to bring back. Someone rescues Dr. Hare from space, Black Widow from jail, and Captain Crawfish from the island (assuming he is the next villain to be reveled to be coming back since you see the sail in Black Widow’s photo). Perhaps it is Binary Bard rescuing them or it will just be Dr. Hare, Black Widow, and presumably Captain Crawfish…?

  11. The picture fitting is really cool. We know Dr. Hare may be in Lunar Colony because of the Rabbot’s appearance in the 40-second mark on the trailer video, so maybe Black Widow and possibly more villains will show up in LC? 😮

    • Poptropicaddict says:

      Well, I think the villains will return in different island, but that only the creators know; anyway, someone said the next island after LC will be “Electric Power” (or kind of) and a sneack peek shows lightning…
      Is he right?

      Slanted Fish: Unless the Creators announce an island name officially, which they have not yet done for any after LC, all such statements are only speculations and probably wrong.

  12. Wait, Where is Shark boy, Director D, Captain Crawfish and Binary Bard?

    • Fierce Star says:

      Shark boy? xD
      He isn’t a villain.
      It looks like they are showing who’s coming back in order of the date the islands they are came out.
      Dr. Hare – 4th island
      Black Widow – 10th island
      Captain Crawfish – 13th island


  14. strange beetle says:

    wow~ this island is going to be villianous! i hope that the villians from sp come back!

  15. Whoa, that’s so cool! Maybe the villains team up and try to mess up whatever you have to do in Lunar Colony! …Possibly…
    Awesome idea about putting the pictures together, BT! I would never have thought of that.

  16. SillymonstaCheats says:

    can i use these photos in a youtube video?
    i will give you credit in the description.

  17. wow from daily pop im gonna assume it’s binary bard, black widow and dr. hare but hopefully others! villain island

  18. Poptropicaddict says:

    Hey! Try putting Dr. Hare left of BW… I think it fits.

    Slanted Fish: That’s what she did in the post…

    • Poptropicaddict says:

      Oh, my… It DOES fit, and if you look at the left bottom corner of BW’s picture you’ll see a part of a box with carrots!

  19. Poptropicaddict says:

    It’s almost obvious that captain CF is returning, because little clues of the next villains are a side of the photo

    • who knows, could be Captain crawlfishe’s long lost brother, co captian sword fish

      • Fierce Star says:

        Well in the Daily Pop there was a picture of a Ghost Pirate, who knows, that could be Captain Crawfish’s ghost returning!

  20. Probably members only.

  21. Fierce Star says:

    I sure hope this isn’t the last island…I doubt it…But it’s possible…

  22. strange beetle says:

    there werent ANY villians throughout lunar colony (c)

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