PHB Pop-over Special: Lex Luthor & Superman

(Hope you’re having a great day! Enjoy this guest post by Lazy Runner. -Fishy)

Hey Poptropica fans!

I’m Lazy Runner or MetusNui. I just found out how to dress like the Man of Steel and Lex Luthor on Poptropica. I emailed the PHB and if you’re reading this, they liked what I wrote. So here it is.

Lex Luthor

  • Get the suit from the secretary on Spy Island.
  • Then, get the bald head from Ex-Director D in the cage.
  • For a Kryptonite Gun, pick up the green gun from Laser Tag on Wimpy Boardwalk.
  • If for some reason, you cannot do this, or you can’t be bothered, friend LexLuth and costumise his outfit.


  • Get the blue pants and the red cape from the second blue costume from Capes and Masks on Super Power Island.
  • The Superman Shirt is more complicated. Either create a new character, or friend ManO’Steel.
  • For the hairpiece, costumes the retired hero on Super Power Island.
  • If for some reason, you cannot do this, or you can’t be bothered, friend ManO’Steel and costumise his outfit.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Giant Rock says:


  2. Nice.

  3. shortleafpoptropica says:


  4. Who is man’o steel?

  5. This is really cool since the new Superman movie “Man of Steel” comes out next summer!

  6. Shaggy Tornado says:

    Nice post and great costume ideas! 😀

  7. Muddy Axe says:

    I found more Poptropica books!
    Books based on Poptropica Islands!


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