I Don’t Wanna Fall Another Moment into Your Gravity….

Hey guys! 😀
So it’s been one day since the release of Wimpy Boardwalk to all! How many of you finished it easily? How many of you need a little help? 😉
Well, the Creators have released a sneak peek into the new and upcoming island (Or technically not an island), Lunar Colony!

“I guess traveling into outer space is one way to lose weight… ” ~ Poptropica Creators

I wonder what this picture depicts and what role it plays in the quest! It looks like a space greenhouse of something… Tell us your opinions in the comments!


The PHB’s 4 Year Anniversary is in 6 DAYS! 😀 Can you believe this blog was started 4 years ago? Well, here’s a little reminder of what’s gonna take place:

We hope to see you all there! 😉 If you have trouble figuring out the time it will be for you in your time zone (if it’s not either of the times up there), type in one of these times in Google and see! 😀


Well, that’s all for me today! 😀 Have a great summer!


*(Song reference in the title: Gravity by Sara Bareilles)



  1. the morning for me coz i live in australia.
    hey this is the day after my birthday! 😀

  2. This must be a training to be a astronaut! I think.

  3. realvoldemort says:

    I can’t come 😦

  4. I wonder if floating will be like swimming in SOS island

  5. 😮 Defying Gravity!

    It’s time to try defying gravity,
    I think I’ll try defying gravity,
    and you can’t pull me down!

  6. Noisy Seal says:

    It could be a forest-y type thing……….in space. Yeah weird idea 🙂 But Whatever.

  7. вaтcaт cσcσ says:

    First thing I thought of from the title of this post was Gravity by Sara Bareilles.

    Cool post.

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