Time To Move On

Hey, everyone. You could probably tell by the title of this post that I am resigning, only for my own personal reasons.

It was a pleasure to add my contributions to this helpful blog. I’d like to thank Hijuyo for giving me this opportunity, but I believe it’s time for me to leave to let someone else’s dreams come true. I’ll still promise myself to be writing Party with Hobos , but I will no longer be on the PHC. Good luck in future islands, Poptropicans! I was pleased to help you & this blog. I’m just kind of out of words right now, so I apologize that this is so short. But yeah..



P.S. : To Shaggy Tornado, I hope you’re proud of yourself.



  1. Nooooooo

  2. Mentally Samtarded says:

    Oh No. How can it be.

  3. No! Nononononono NO~! MT, I’ll miss you too much! Please don’t leave! You’re gonna make me cry. D:

  4. 😦 I’m gonna miss you so much, MT! You’re an amazing author! I hope you change your mind.

  5. I’ll miss you MT 😦 ❤

  6. You were one of the greatest authors…Farewell, I hope you enjoy your journeys of life…

  7. NOooooooooooooo! I feel the world is ending 😥

  8. realvoldemort says:

    Why would Shaggy be proud?

    And :((((((

  9. Golden sponge says:

    MT NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You were one of the greatest authors, nice posts,nice walkthroughs. I hope you enjoy your journeys of life well Hijuyo will need a new author…. choose me!!!

  10. ★Brave Tomato★ says:

    Aw, gosh darnit. 😦
    You were pretty cool, and your decision is respected. We’ll miss ya at the PHB. Bye 😦

  11. Goldensponge says:


  12. Bye MT, you were a great author. We’ll miss you. Never forget us. 😉

  13. bey MT. i’ll miss u!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xd

  14. It was awesome having you on the PHB & PHC, and we’ll miss you. Bye, MT. 😦

  15. Bye MT ._.

  16. Bye D:

  17. u will alwy be in mai hart <4

  18. masterdjay says:

    Bye MT 😦

  19. MT, you forgot about MEMBERSHIP!8-0

  20. D:*goes online and sees this*
    MT NO!

  21. We will miss you MT-. 😥

  22. What’s up with the P.S?What did Shaggy do?


  1. […] author MT recently resigned from the blog for personal reasons. If you would like to say goodbye, click here to go to his farewell post. We’ll miss you here, Tacoz. Rate this:Share this if you love it! […]

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