We won wimpy gold!

Hey poptropica peeps. New posts to report. Lets get started!

Post 1:

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Poptropolis Games is now available!


Get ready to compete for the glory of your tribe. Visit Poptropica now to play Poptropolis Games!

avatar image


Well, good luck to you members. The non-members can play a demo, if they wish. The only event that you can play is shot put.
(BTW, I’m loving the way that the island rises out of the ocean on the map! Awesome!)
Time for post two.

Congratulations to the first 10 finishers of Poptropolis Games!

We’re already seeing lots of Poptropica Members going for the gold in the Poptropolis Games. Congratulations to the 10 Poptropicans who crossed the finish line first!
1. Barefoot Noodle 
2. Orange Fox 
3. Friendly Crown 
4. Lone Comet
5. Beefy Crush
6. Yellow Dragon 
7. Clean Skull 
8. Massive Snowball 
9. Purple Kid 
10. Rough Shell
Good luck to everyone else who’s still trying for that number-one spot. We’ll see you out on the field!0110011101101111001000000110011001101111011100100010000001110

10001101000011001010010000001100111011011110110110001100100avatar image

The binary code at the end of the post translates to ‘go for the gold’. Which is reasonable, seeing as how if you don’t win you tribe will go through ULTIMATE SHAME AND DISHONOR. Or words to that effect. 😉
Final post:

Friday, May 25, 2012

Guess who?


This is a tough one!

avatar image

Oh, gee. I have no idea! Who could this mystery person possibly be? Santa Claus? Buzz Lightyear? Dracula?
Wait a minute, that body shape, those three hairs, that nose!
It’s… it’s…
Barack Obama!
Lol jks, it’s Greg Heffley. From the Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Written by Jeff Kinney. The creator of poptropica. Diary of a Wimpy Kid? You know, the bestselling series that was likely to be named the most popular childrens series since Harry Potter and then sold about half a million more copies of books than Harry Potter?
You may have heard of it.
GB out. Cya!


  1. True.

  2. We all know it’s Greg Heffley from Diary Of A Wimy Kid coz’ we remember his 3 hairs, body shape and his nose. 🙂

  3. jcwarw3 says:

    Maybe a new island or a Mini game. Involving Diary Of a wimpy kid?

  4. DAIRY OF A WIMPY KID!!!!! I love the movies and the books are EVEN BETTER!!

  5. Tough Raptor says:

    It is another Wimpy Kid Island
    Read this link for proof:

    Hijuyo: Nice find, Tough Raptor! 🙂

  6. scarycatfish says:

    Another Wimpy Kid Island? I’m still waiting for a Harry Potter Island but I know that will never happen..

  7. Wimpy Wonderland Part 2, I reckon?

  8. Can someone help me!! My poptropican turned into a boy!! Please help me someone!! 😦

    • Tough Raptor says:

      It may be a glitch, if not I think there maybe is a code/effect to change genders in Poptropica. I think you should check out the “Cheat Codes” page or search it on Google. Good Luck!

    • matthewergc2014 says:

      If you press ctrl+shift+r, your character will be randomized. You can do this to change your gender. You’ll lose what you’re wearing though…

  9. From the Daily Pop scenes, it might be a carnival theme Wimpy land

  10. duh wimpy kid 7th book.

  11. Greg will finally say the 7th book of diary of a wimpy kid on wednesday may 30 in the afternoon ok zeez how dumb are you people?!!?

    • Shaggy Tornado says:

      That’s a pretty rude thing to say you know. And the link that Tough Raptor told us about CLEARLY SHOWED the existence of a new Wimpy Kid island. And the 7th book releases on November 13th. Get your facts straight. :\

    • Just because we didn’t know, doesn’t mean you can call us stupid. Give some respect.

  12. Brock Obama…seriously? 😉

  13. DylPickle says:

    If you guys want to add me in Poptropica my username is denverbroncos2001

  14. Jumpy Skull says:

    1. Golden egg
    2. Give the egg to the giant
    3. Jet pack
    4. Give the prized porker back
    5. Medallion
    1. Key ingredient
    2. Calming potion
    3. Feeding the potion to Booga
    4. Medallion
    1. Give the declaration to Jefferson
    2. Give the notebook to Edison
    3. Give the missing piece to the queen
    4. Medallion
    1. Return the cat to Charlie
    2. Bunny Ears
    3. Type in the keycode
    4. Medallion
    1. Beat Copy Cat
    2. Beat Speeding Spike
    3. Beat Crusher
    4. Beat Betty Jetty
    5. Medallion
    1. Chamelon Suit
    2. Fingerprint
    3. Grappling Bowtie
    4. Medallion
    1. Win the fox, chicken, and feed puzzle
    2. Shovel
    3. Take pics for Big Zeke
    4. Ride in the diamond mines
    1. Lobster Trap
    2. Jet Ski
    3. Stink Bomb
    4. Medallion
    1. Merlin
    2. Crashing Excalibur
    3. Fire Dragon Fight
    4. Medallion
    1. Balloon Boy
    2. Getting the job
    3. “Stealing” the painting
    4. Medallion
    1. Meet Bucky Lucas
    2. Fill out the Application
    3. Lose the game
    4. Medallion
    1. Minotaur’s Ring
    2. Hydra’s Scale
    3. Cerbeus’ Whisker
    4. Medallion
    1. Getting the ship
    2. Defeat Captian Crawfish
    3. Medallion
    1. Wake up Sprocket
    2. Use the mallet to break the window
    3. Get the mech working
    4. Medallion
    1. Win the pumpkin roll mini-game
    2. Defeat the Red Baron
    3. Carve the face on the pumpkin
    4. Medallion
    1. Catch the Devil
    2. Take a picture of Nessie
    3. Spot the Chupacabra
    4. Medallion
    1. Tame Elmer
    2. Become Shariff
    3. Beat Annie Oakley
    4. Medallion
    1. Bike
    2. Beat Twisted Wizard
    3. Win at Bingo
    4. Medallion
    1. Go to Japan
    2. Get the ninja tools
    3. Defeat the army
    4. Medallion
    1. Get shrunk
    2. Flush the thumb drive
    3. Drive the car out the window
    4. Medallion
    1. Steal the device
    2. Grainy picture
    3. Save Houdini
    4. Medallion
    1. Jet Remote
    2. Win Brainiacs
    3. Win Spin For Riches
    4. Medallion
    1. Look through the telescope
    2. Get the ghost hunting gear
    3. Break out of the prison
    4. Medallion
    1. Save the first passenger
    2. Save the second passenger
    3. Save the third passenger
    4. Medallion
    1. Fall through the window
    2. Shoot the cannonballs
    3. Make the serum
    4. Medallion
    1. Lesovyk Rune
    2. Defeat the tree monster
    3. Outrun the goblins
    4. Medallion
    1. Win diving
    2. Win Javelin
    3. Win long jump
    4. Medallion

  15. Has anyone noticed that the next Wimpy island is in color? Or at least the Batter up! picture on Daily Pop was in color

  16. Woah!
    Never thought someone would win wimpy gold!
    Anyway, can I post, you know, something?

  17. if u want to add me,my username is brittany2933.

  18. It has been announced! Wimpy Boardwalk! It is going to be in full color!

  19. DylPickle says:

    Poptropica should have music. Their composer for the trailers is great! I especially love the Skullduggery one!

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