Munch on this!

The Creators recently mentioned on their blog that the painting “The Scream,” which plays a big role on Counterfeit Island, sold for a record $120 million dollars! Gotta scream with joy at that.

There should be a lame joke about munching somewhere, but the Norwegian name is really pronounced “moonk.” Hehe. 😛

On the subject of interesting art, did you know that this painting shown below, by Russian artist Malevich, sold for a million dollars?

Black Square (1913)

Yup. Really. What do you think?




  1. That painting should’ve been sold for at least a billion! 😛

  2. I feel mad. I drew lots of COLORFUL squares the other day; I should get two million for it.

  3. Come on. I can’t believe that a big black square could sell for that much. I mean, if something is gonna sell for that much money it should be for something extraordinary. Anyone can make a big black square.

    • Yeah… I hate how awesome art work on the side of a building is called vandelism and something like the Black Square is considered “art”.

      • the difference is that one is on canvas and the other is on private property.

      • Zey-shomi says:

        You think it’s not art, but you don’t know the true meaning behind these types of paintings.

  4. Shaggy Tornado says:

    LOLWUT! I wonder who would be crazy enough to buy that for a million. Or maybe we’re too young to appreciate the simplicty. 😛

  5. legodirectorfilms says:

    This was the Poptropica Creators’ very first attempt at designing the friends profile page. Here is the link for the picture.

    • matthewergc2014 says:

      “Soft Taco collected the invisibility cloak from Skulduggery Island,” one of them says. I don’t remember there being an invisibility cloak on Skulduggery Island.

  6. Here’s a tip. If you look up on it,you can see that it is a tree 😉

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