Wild West resources are here!

Update! Our Wild West Guide now has pictures – thank you Super Thunder!

After much work, the Poptropica Help Network is pleased to announce that all our island resources are updated for the new release of WILD WEST ISLAND!

Wild West: Defeated!

Our Island Help page now includes links for:

Hopefully at least one of these resources will be helpful to your adventures in the wildest, most western place there is on Poptropica! And don’t forget, WILD WEST ISLAND opens to the public for free on March 14, 2011!




  1. Shy Bug/RJCoolgirl says:


  2. Can’t wait for the 14th!

  3. Juyo, I’m done with the walkthrough. The one PoptropicaSecrets made is really good, but mine has pictures, and if you wanna use it, feel free.

    Hijuyo: Awesome, thanks Super Thunder. 🙂

  4. Great. I can’t believe us non members have to wait that long. (EL has a new evil cousin(XD))

  5. ☮Αυθδξα☮ says:

    Can’t wait for the new island!!! Its gonna be FUN! Watch out El Mustachio Grande-

  6. I can’t wait for Wild West Island to come out for non-members! It sounds so cool! 😀

  7. MARCH 14!!!!!!??????? i cant wait that long

  8. Barefoot Raptor says:

    To El Mustachio Grande: O RLLY? I’M CHUCK NORRIS!

  9. I’ve beated the island already. The hardest part was the train robbery, btw. :\

  10. ☮Αυθδξα☮ says:

    Oh yeah and your welcome for the official date 🙂

    Hijuyo: Although they changed it to March 11th. 😛

  11. wild wild west is awsome

  12. Friendly Star says:

    Lol when it said “No Horses Allowed” on the train thing you can have horses on the train thing. Lol I tried it and they allowed horses.

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