Good grief, Pumpkin Island!

Today on the Creators’ Blog, Captain Crawfish revealed the Great Pumpkin Island map – or some of it, anyway. We still don’t know much about the island, but there are seven areas – a lot less than most other islands, but still pretty cool! Here’s the image below. What places do you think we’ll get to visit?

Good things do come in small packages, after all.

And at the end of his PCB post, Crawfish hints that there are plenty of mini-games and adventures on GP Island that don’t appear on the map, so it’s more than it looks! The PHB has also updated its Island Help page to include resourceful links about Great Pumpkin Island, so be sure to check those out! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Good grief, Pumpkin Island!

  1. Neat Tornado says:

    Lets see….
    Easy map + creators showing map preview for the first time = MADDNESS!
    They are probily trying to trick us. I mean the map will be that way, just it will be hard to finish the island. This island will be rated medium or hard, probaly not easy.

  2. Arketa says:

    I think this is going to be a MEMBERS ONLY island, not just avalible early with membership, because it says ‘coming soon for members’

    Hijuyo: After it comes out for members, it would say that it’s coming soon for everyone else. Previous islands, including the recently released Steamworks, also had its info page “Coming soon for members” before it was released. As of right now there are no “members-only islands.”

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