Meteor Showers in Store!

UPDATE: Even more news! The iCostume has been updated! =D

Today’s weather forecast: 90% chance of meteor showers! Recently, Poptropicans all OVER the PoptropVerse have been developing mutant abilities! Reports have said that whenever these Poptropicans get VERY angry, they can cause extreme meteor showers! Islands with these mutant Poptropicans have been warned to STAY INSIDE! Poptropica’s top scientist dealing with these types of events, Hazmat Hermit, is working around the clock to find a cure! Stay tuned! *screen fizzles out*

Have you been experiencing those annoying attacks on your island?
Evil aliens? Mad scientists? Evil hares? Giant robots? Well worry no more!
We are a special team of Poptropicans with lots of experience in solving these
problems and more! So give us a call today at SAV-US-PLEZ!

And we’re back! New developments have arrived! It appears that the evil Dr.Hare is selling a new product called “Meteor Shower” on the black market! Unfortunately, the product has a dangerous side effect – it spreads and infects like wild fire! Currently it is being sold for 250 credits. Hazmat Hermit has been working hard to find a cure, with no success yet. Spy Island agents are…shaking the info from numerous sources, trying to discover Dr.Hare’s location. No one is sure yet how Dr. Hare escaped from his eternal orbit in outer space.

Look out!

And so ends our report! See you next time, it’s Coder Kid.

*PHB news jingle plays*

Update credit goes to Johnny!

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  1. shaggy tornado says:

    Lol good news report. and love the tags!!

  2. Sparkle Star/Green Seal says:

    Awesome post, Coderkid! 😀 Can’t buy the Meteor Shower, though… not enough credits. xD

  3. Orange Tummy says:

    LOL awesome post!

  4. lol! the zach song!

  5. Awesome!

  6. Slippery Gamer says:

    Dr. Hare will not get away with this!!!! lol 🙂

  7. Neat Whale says:

    When I first saw this post I was like, WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON AROUND HERE?! xD

    Lol, niceeee. I’m not all that interested in meteors…but they’re a cool thing anyway. 😛

  8. I bought his, evil protect!!!

    👿 I will take over the sky, and Reality tv will be hit all over, bwahahah!

  9. messy sword says:

    codien can you put the beard on my guy

    • Cuddly Crush says:

      I know! I can’t wait! I check every day to see if my Poptropican has his beard yet.
      I kind of wish I had put it on my main account, though, it’s a girl and I think that would be awesome!

  10. nervous lizard says:

    When I first saw the post I was rushing to Poptropica to check for a new advert!

  11. I hope someone doesn’t get a coma. 😆

  12. Happy Storm says:

    LOLZ, Nice post/News Report! Sign up for CNN! NOT FOR UPDATE, FOR NEWS!!! Must catch Mr. Hare….

  13. ☼KittyCat§CoolWing☼ (Element) says:

    Dude when I saw this, I was like, Whoaz.
    I don’t have enough credits despite me having 20 accounts x)

  14. Llama Lover says:

    Today’s my birthday! !!
    Bring out the lawn gnomes and the marshmallowa!

    Hijuyo: Happy birthday, Llama Lover! But please try to stay on topic. 😉

  15. LOLZ that is so funny,especially the tags!
    a meteor crashed through my roof,IT HIT MY CAT!,were all gonna die.
    That is so funny!

  16. purple heart says:

    Exallent post! I would love to see a real meteor shower. Oh and I need 250 more creds to buy it.

  17. Lone Dragon says:

    Awesome! I used my counterfeit money for this!

  18. Lol. For the people who couldent figure out what the warning after the commercial said, here is what it says: WARNING: MAY CAUSE SIGNIFIGANT AMOUNTS OF DAMAGE TO YOUR ISLAND. WE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES, NOR WILL PAY FOR THEM.

    P.S. Coderkid what is the link to the MAP and why did you change it? 😦

  19. clubpenguin4607 says:

    OMG! Is it the end of Poptropica? Lol easy question… NO! 🙂

  20. enclosed lightning says:

    I have another cheat.First go to counterfeit and get a balloon. go to the light in the center of the cave.Go up the pole.When your balloon flies away, go left.Enjoy your adventure! 😉

  21. Huh? I thought I was the first to say that in the comments

    But is that what actually happens with the meteor shower? xD

    • And also, with the Contest winner email, it said the moustaches would be put on in less than 3 days, but its been like 4 now…

  22. Friendly Coyote says:

    The tags are hilarious!

  23. I bought Dr.Hare`s product.Now CI will be hit by a meteor attack,lead by no other poptropican but me!MWAHAHHAHAHAHAHA-GRRRRRRRRRRRR!”save us please!AHHHHHHHHHHHH!”I hit it!

  24. Orange shell & Shiny Crumb says:

    OMG!!Will this be the stat of a new island that all the bad guys or creators like Dr.Hare, Shark boy, Comic kid…! Well, you get the point..

    P.S. what happend to TV Reality island???cuz its almost new years…Creators, if you are reading; make NOT POSTPONEING a new years resolutions…I love Poptropica and all but this is getting kinda anoying….

    Hijuyo: The Creators told us, ”For those of you expecting Reality TV Island… Stay tuned.” We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next. 🙂

    • Cuddly Crush says:

      The creators say it will come out soon! Patience, young one.
      I think I might buy the Meteor Shower.

    • Orange shell & Shiny Crumb says:

      …..AHHHHH-WAIT..OHhhhh..hmm i see…AN EARLY ACSESS PASS AAH-…WHAT?!?!500 CREDITS?1?!?! OK 450 credits to go! 7…8…9…AaahhhhhhhhhhAHHHHAHHHHAHHHAAAHHHHHH!Every time I read that…*sob*,a meteor just crashed through my roof,IT HIT MY CAT!!! I SPAZZED OUT-what r u talking about? i DID NOT spazz out-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!

      • Orange shell & Shiny Crumb says:

        AND WHATS THIS ON DOUGHNUTS?AHHHHHH…OHh..*crunch* wait-food faling from the sky OH NOZZZ…I CANT EAT IT! D:.

  25. enclosed lightning says:

    HORRAY! Tomorrow’s Christmas!

  26. Orange shell & Shiny Crumb says:

    im jewish…YAY! last week was chanukah!

  27. lol! the zach song!cool post coderkid and mery/happy holidays!!!

  28. mellozjelloz says:

    😀 Cool! I don’t have enough credits for it though. :/

  29. Every time I read that…*sob*,a meteor just crashed through my roof,IT HIT MY CAT!!! I burst out laughing! Anyway,awesome meteorites!

  30. zippyfish4 says:

    That picture in the newscast scares me…

  31. that is really funny hahahahahahahaahha

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