Limited Edition Robin Hood! And a mask…

Golden Eagle popping in from a school day. Homework, check. Read a chapter of my book, check.  Study for quiz…QUIZ? Oh yeah, check. 😀

Anyway, there has been a new costume reported in the Poptropica Store. It’s another LE one (Limited Edition). This time its Robin Hood, and it comes in two colors, a first for the LE costumes.

For the post:

Attention Protectors of Sherwood Forest!

The wardrobe for the Nottingham legend has expanded! Limited supply of fabrics or the new styles has caused a shortage of costumes to distribute, so grab yours while you can!

  Vlad The Viking

Since that picture from the Creators Blog shows the black version, I’ll show the white version.



This LE costume also seems to have a Limited Number ticket onto it. Noo!!!

Not BUYERS IMPULSE!!! *faints*

I also went to a Multiverse room today, and was I lucky! I got to meet one of the Creators, Hazmat Hermit! 😀


In the picture you can see Hazmat Hermit, of course. You can also see Shaggy Tornado (who visited the party as Tall Ice), me, Deathstalker (there as Big Bird, in the corner of the picture) and Serious Fox (Blue Ring in this picture). She’s been wanting this for a while, so I’ll give it to her. Visit her Poptropica Blog here.

I also took some other pictures with the other people at the party (I had a little trouble….).


You can see me, Shaggy Tornado, Moody Skull, Golden Butterfly (also known as Maroon Fire), Cool Fly, Eddie305, Rolling Moon, and Serious Fox’s main account.

The mask Cool Fly has may be a Lego Bionicle mask (according to Deathstalker, and I’ll believe him because it looks like he knows what he’s talking about most of the time). Or, some people say it came from the limited number Golden Pop Star outfit, which is no longer on sale.

Anyway, I’m out.




  1. Obiwan2324 says:

    Awesome, first comment. YOU FORGOTZ ME!D:

    Golden Eagle: I had some trouble making the pics, so I only published the one that turned out right. Sorry… 😦

  2. Cool Wing (Element) says:

    Awesome! I met Binary Bard once in just a plain Multiplayer Room!

  3. I iz in 2 pictures! Yay! Great post GE!

    BTW for the people commenting, we said on the chatbox HI MR.LACY!! He came 2 times into our multiverse room. i wonder how…

  4. Obiwan2324 says:

    He seemed to be sick and angry and sad and happy and all that goodie stuff, lol.

  5. Cool! Thanks For The Update G.E! 😀

  6. Serious Fox says:

    whoo! I’m in it!

  7. there are a ton of new limmited edition things coming out…

  8. Smart Berry says:

    How did he get that Bionicle mask? I love Bionicle and I really want to get it!

  9. icy typhoon☼ says:

    its like poptropica is making more and more limted costumes

  10. I have that mask! It came with the Limited Number Pop Star outfit. Anyway, I’m Wild Wolf/Trusty Jaguar/Tough Skull on Poptropica, so hope to see you around!

  11. When someone says “sorry, im busy right now,” it means they are on the store, items, the map, entering a friend code, or costumizing someones outfit

  12. NOOO! I never make it into these…maybe I should be on the PHF chat more often. CURSE MY BUSY SCHEDULE!!!

  13. Sparkle Star/Green Seal says:

    The Bionicle mask is from the Golden Pop Star outfit. For some reason, there was a glitch, and the mask got onto the outfit. On the PHF we talked about it here:

  14. Strange Joker says:

    Hey Arnold! was kinda cool.Invader Zim was better…But anyway “Nooo, noy BUYERS IMPULSE!” LOL I KNOW! Heehee you guys are funny!

  15. my mask is gone

  16. blue robot says:

    that sucks that you can’t buy thelimited edition popstar outfit anymore and nice update ge! My first day of middle school was yesterday and I might cause of homework only be able to check back on weekends!

  17. sonicrider says:

    HEY! I was there too on my sisters account. On the top of the hazmat picture.

  18. popularthunder says:

    I like both colors.

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