Poptropica Credits, Stats, Store, Stuff and More!

A big WOW!!!

Poptropica Creator Shark Boy has just revealed a major update that will be coming soon. We don’t know a whole lot about it, but here’s what Shark Boy said on the Poptropica Creators’ Blog:

 We’ve been working on a bunch of “super-special” outfits, new abilities, and some other awesome stuff that we will be offering for Poptropica credits. You can earn FREE credits for each island you beat, or you can purchase more credits. Poptropica credits can be used to get some cool stuff from our store. Stay tuned, coming soon!

Looks cool. From SB’s post, we gather this info:

There will be a new interface called “Stats”. This will have/show:

  • Your character’s Poptropica name (such as Invisible Foot in the picture)
  • A picture of your character’s current look
  • Your battle ranking from playing multiplayer games in chat rooms
  • The number of “Poptropica Credits” you have, and a button to be able to purchase more of these credits.
  • An option to change your account’s password
  • Which island medallions you have
  • Your recent Poptropica activities – whether it’s just logging in or winning/losing a multiplayer game
  • A box telling you what’s happening around Poptropica: the example talks about Astro-Knights coming up!
  • Poptropica Store: you’ll get to spend your credits on cool rock star outfits and more!

There’s also going to be a “Store” tab. So far, this is what we know:

  • Poptropica will be having a store for buying in-game items and powers. The “super-special” costumes they are working on can be bought here, as well as some new abilities (possibly Comic Kid’s new emotes from the many previous sneak peeks?) and other awesome stuff!
  • To shop at the store, you need “Poptropica Credits”, which are going to be Poptropica’s “money”, or their type of currency.
  • Some free credits can be gained from completing island quests.
  • You can purchase more credits, most likely with real-world money, such as American dollars.

Lastly, there will be an interface titled “Stuff”. We don’t really know what this is, but maybe it’s a new type of inventory. Maybe all your equipment from Time Tangled, 24 Carrot or whatever island will be moved to this tab. (Just a guess.)

So now we know what the “super-special” outfits were for. At least we get credits for finishing an island too, so even if you aren’t allowed to buy stuff off the Internet, you’ll still get a chance to spend a few. Magic Monster suggests that maybe winning multiplayer games might also get you credits, because they mention winning and losing Soupwords and Balloons in the “Recent Activity” section. However, that could mean we could get credits just for logging in – which is a bit unlikely, but we don’t know for sure. What do you think?

Also, as Incredible Fish noted, you will soon be able to change your Poptropican’s password! So when this update comes, please don’t give away accounts on the Poptropica Talk page (or anywhere else on this site) to the public, or it may become out-of-date very quickly because there are people out there who like to mess up accounts. Other people won’t be able to use most of our Poptropica Talk accounts soon, so enjoy them while you can!


Snapshot Sagas
Vlad encounters a “visitor of mysterious origin” in this next episode of Snapshot Sagas! Check it out:

I had such a relaxing week! I was sipping some coconut milk at the Coconut Cafe and taking in some sun on the tropical Shark Tooth Island beach. My relaxing time didn’t last long however, because I ran into something out of this world on my latest trip to the Coconut Cafe! It was a Poptropican named Striped Hero, but I couldn’t be sure if he was really from Poptropica because I had never seen anything like him before! He was just as friendly as any other Poptropican that I have met, and I was able to take a photo with him, but his origins are still a great mystery to me!

Congratulations Striped Hero! You have been the latest visitor of mysterious origin featured on Snapshot Sagas!

Keep looking for me anytime you visit an island! You could be the next Poptropican (or mysterious visitor) featured on Snapshot Sagas!

Congratulations from the PHB, Striped Hero! And as Cheerful Claw said, we definitely won’t have to worry about them delaying Astro-Knights any longer because they’re acknowledging the fact that the cyborg-face is out. Take a look at The Mechanical Fever news post to learn more about this metallic mask!


  1. Prickly Dolphin says:

    And multiverse, I hope they post more outfits in the store soon!!!

  2. nice job!

  3. How now to go to status….?

  4. how do you look at you stats 2013 like the 1 that is up there?

    • I don’t think they have it anymore…. If they do, it would be there when you push, “Log out.”

    • The particular format you see up there is no longer in use. Currently, we have separate tabs for the Store and Friends. With Poptropica Friends (which did not exist even after the Stats/Store/Stuff was released), you can view your island medallions, character, etc but with the new format. The Welcome page (the Home button) also shows some of your friends’ recent activity (the place where it offers you a profile quiz question).

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